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  • Operates nonprofit retirement communities that offer activities, services, and programs in California, Texas, and Oregon. — “Pacific Retirement Services”,
  • Retirement -- Get information on retiring, saving money, pensions, benefits, social security, and much more. — “Retirement:”,
  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management Retirement. Advanced Search. This page can be found on the web at the following url: Retirement Information & Services. Main. Pre-Retire. Post-Retire. Insurance Benefits. Related. — “Retirement Information and Services”,
  • Links to information on retirement. HHS Retirement Calculator for Employees Covered by the Civil Service' Retirement System. HR Information and Benefits System (HRIBS) OPM Retirement Facts Brochures (all. — “NIH/OHR - Benefits - Retirement”,
  • retirement - definition of retirement - The period of a person's life during which he/she is no longer working, or the commencement of that period. The standard age for retirement in the. — “retirement Definition”,
  • The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are benefits from pensions, savings To help you plan for retirement, each year we send you your personal Social Security. — “Retirement Information”,
  • Look for the best IRA, the latest news and rates. Learn about retirement planning and whether to choose an individual retirement account. — “IRAs - Current Rates, News & Information for the Best”,
  • Retirement savings strategies & advice, calculators to plan your retirement, 401K tips and more from . — “Retirement Plans and Planning - Savings Plans - Money”,
  • Looking for information on IRAs and ROTH IRA accounts? offers current retirement information and trends. — “Retirement - Individual Retirement Account and ROTH IRA Account”,
  • User-created article on retirement that describes what it is, the retirement age, support and funds, as well as life after retirement. Includes some related links. — “Retirement - Wikipedia”,
  • Retirement - Articles, Calculators, Tools, and Advice at Yahoo! Personal Finance. — “Retirement Calculators,Planning,Articles,Tools,& Advice on”,
  • Retirement definition, the act of retiring or the state of being retired. See more. — “Retirement | Define Retirement at ”,
  • Estimate how much would remain after paying income taxes and penalties if you took an early distribution from a retirement plan. Retirement Collaborative LLC is a registered investment advisor. — “Retirement Collaborative LLC”,
  • Retirement Planning at TD Ameritrade. Use the Retirement Center to learn about IRAs, retirement account distributions and more at TD Ameritrade. We deliver resources to help you learn about IRAs, retirement account distributions, Social Security. — “Retirement Planning - TD Ameritrade – Retirement Center”,
  • Definition of retirement in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of retirement. Pronunciation of retirement. Translations of retirement. retirement synonyms, retirement antonyms. Information about retirement in the free online English dictionary and. — “retirement - definition of retirement by the Free Online”,
  • Rolling your 401k Contributory IRA Versus Rollover IRA, Americas Social Security System is in Desperate Need of Reform, Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement?, Minimum Required Distributions Tips and Information, Saving Your Pennies Can. — “Our Guide to Retirement Information”, money-
  • Jennie L. Phipps Nov 22nd 2010 @ 11:00AM EST Filed Under: Retire, Retirement Advice. Kay Reimer and Nancy Welsh share a home in Pittsburgh. At 68 and 74, respectively, they are two retired, widowed show dog enthusiasts who find living together a lot more fun than living alone. — “Retirement Help and Investments - WalletPop”,
  • Life Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Long Term Care, Real Estate and Retirement Services from Prudential Financial. — “Prudential Financial”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Calculate How Much Money You Need to Retire. Many people seek retirement destination where the cost of living is low, usually where the weather is forgiving and the economy is mid-paced. — “How to Calculate How Much Money You Need to Retire - wikiHow”,
  • Forbes' site for retirement and planning news and advice. Share ideas about IRAs, 401(k)s, Social Security, pensions, annuities, college savings and financial aid. — “Retirement and College - Advice for Saving and Investment”,
  • 2011 COLAs for Retirement Plans. Cost-of-living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for retirement-related items. Form 5558 Requests for Extension That May Have Been Inadvertently Denied. Procedures for plan sponsors who received extension denial letters in error. — “Tax Information for Retirement Plans Community”,
  • AXA Equitable provides retirement products, including annuities; for asset growth potential and retirement planning. — “Retirement and Retirement Planning Products and Services”, axa-
  • Everything you need to know about retirement planning on a single Web page. — “5 Retirement Must-Knows [: Retirement Center]”,

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  • MadTV - Krumpin at Retirement Home Hype!!! Jingleberries!!!
  • Frank's Retirement Flight in HD Best watched in HD. Blogged about this trip here: Flew many flights with Captain Frank, and this is my way of paying him back. Come along with us for Frank's retirement flight from Boston to Paris and back. Look at the blog post I wrote about this trip here:
  • How to Set Up a Retirement Savings Account Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Real4Reel and more videos in the Retirement Planning category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at It's never too early — or too late — to start saving for your retirement. To complete this How-To you will need: An investment provider Money to contribute Step 1: Know your rights Realize that even if you are already contributing to your company's 401(k) plan, you are free to establish an individual retirement account, or IRA, as well. Step 2: Think about a Roth IRA Weigh the advantages of a Roth IRA. Taxes are taken at the get-go so you can withdraw money tax-free in your golden years. You may remove money, penalty-free, before age 59.5 for certain reasons, like buying a home, you may keep your money in it as long as you like, and you may continue paying into it past age 70.5 if you have earned income. Step 3: Consider an IRA Consider a traditional IRA, which lets you defer paying taxes on the money you invest until you start withdrawing it at retirement. You can't contribute to an IRA past your 70th birthday, and you must begin taking distributions six months after that. Tip: To qualify for a Roth IRA, your modified adjusted gross income can't exceed a certain amount. Check the Internal Revenue Service website (at ...
  • Patrick Wants To Up Retirement Age For State Workers The leaders of the Massachusetts political establishment proposed a second round of changes to the public employee retirement system on Tuesday.
  • Magic Johnson announces retirement Nov 7, 1991
  • Tim Campbell's Retirement: A Working Man's Story Thanks to Alexia Brown (acting, production), Brian McCauley (Awesome Voice-Over), Mary Margaret Campbell (historic Record and Mother), and of course, Tim Campbell (Great father and all around awesome dude. Happy retirement Dad!!!
  • Phil Esposito retirement day Espo retired at the Garden
  • Bill Gates' spoof retirement video Bill Gates' CES keynote featured a funny retirement video that included cameos by Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Brian Williams.
  • US retirement benefits to be cut? Campaign to cut Social Security and Medicare takes off under fears of debt crisis. President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and others join Billionaire Peter Peterson in supporting new commission to solve long-term deficits. For more visit . Produced by Jesse Freeston.
  • Troy Aikman retirement retrospective. .
  • William Regal Announces his retirement William Regal Announces his retirement at a WWE house show at The London O2 Arena in London - England - 09.11.10.
  • American Retirement - French and Saunders Clip from French & Saunders Back with a Vengeance
  • Air Michael Jordan Nike Commercial retirement 1999 A nice commercial from Nike displaying MJ's life backwards.
  • Ricky Carmichael Retirement Tribute A collection of clips from Ricky's more recent races.
  • Minnesota Wild Wes Walz Retirement First and foremost thank you Wukwinn . This video would have NEVER been made if not for him...he sent me ALL the footage so I could piece this together...thank you much!!! Also thanks to OldTimeHockey (on the wild message boards) who provided the picture at then end Thanks! That being said this is a tribute to one of the original Minnesota Wild team members Wes Walz who sadly retired earlier this year. I hope you see this Wes b/c you are missed and will be missed playing for our team!!! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Song is "All these things I've done" by the Killers *Lyrics* When there's nowhere else to run Is there room for one more son One more son If you can hold on If you can hold on, hold on I wanna stand up, I wanna let go You know, you know - no you don't, you don't I wanna shine on in the hearts of men I want a meaning from the back of my broken hand Another head aches, another heart breaks I am so much older than I can take And my affection, well it comes and goes I need direction to perfection, no no no no And when there's nowhere else to run Is there room for one more son These changes ain't changing me The cold-hearted boy I used to be Yeah, you're gonna bring yourself down I got soul, but I'm not a soldier (x10) Over and out, last call for sin While everyone's lost, the battle is won With all these things that I've done All these things that I've done If you can hold on If you can hold on
  • Joe Sakic Retirement Tribute TSN Joe Sakic, 1988 2009 Quebec Nordiques & Colorado Avalanche. Games Played: 1378. Goals: 625. Assists: 1016. Points: 1641.
  • GOP: Raise Retirement Age, Cut Social Security DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. New TYT Facebook Page(!): Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: Follow us on Twitter: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Larry Bird's retirement with Magic Johnson (Part 1) Also see: stage6 stage6
  • Lampard and Becks on why Heskey's retirement is great news! For the rest of talkSPORT
  • MAC DRE Early Retirement 1.Press play 2.Go Dumb
  • Kid CuDi Speaks on His Almost Retirement CuDi speaks on his premature retirement and why he was considering stepping away from the game. One of our SXSW classic interviews. Check out more at and cop the album "Man on The Moon - The End of Day" this September.
  • Lyfe Jennings talks Album, Retirement, Calls Out Raheem Devaughn & offers advice to D'Angelo! Ms. Drama sits down with Lyfe Jennings to talk about his upcoming album, I Still Believe and his plans for retirement. Lyfe explains why this is his greatest album and why he's not focusing on the features. He also brings up Raheem Devaughn's challenge and calls him out asking why "he would stunt on [him] like that". Lyfe explains that if the challenge is to him, he would be up to remixing Raheem's entire album. Lyfe also offers up and coming artists advice as well as comments on D'Angelo current situation. A candid interview with Lyfe Jennings!
  • Ben Stein Talks Retirement -- Part 1 Retirement Planning: Getting Started (Part 1) First video in a three-part series on retirement planning, Ben Stein outlines basic steps to begin the retirement planning process, from the use of retirement planning calculators to tips on finding a financial advisor.
  • Bobby Orr Retirement Ceremony (Part 1of 5) Broadcast on TV38 January 9, 1979
  • Elena Dementieva Announces Career Retirement Elena Dementieva announces her career retirement from the WTA. "Elena Dementieva" dementieva tennis tenis retirement speech WTA ATP sports women match girls Doha champs championships 2010 end career lifetime retire retires
  • Joe Montana Retirement Scenes from his retirement
  • GOP: Raise Retirement Age To 70 New TYT Network channel: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Unemployment compensation-- the new early retirement & 3rd rail of American politics Schiff Report video blog August 13th 2010
  • Texas Senator Announces Retirement Republican US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas has announced that she will retire after her current term expires next year. (Jan. 14)
  • C-141 Retirement (LAST FLIGHT) The final flight of C-141 # 66-0177 (Hanoi Taxi) at Wright-Patterson AFB on May 6th, 2006
  • Merrill Wien's B-29 Retirement Flight This was my dad's last flight as a check pilot in June of 2001. He was fortunate enough to fly the Commemorative Air Forces B-29 called "FiFi." It was (and still is) the last flying B-29 in the world. Since he never got a proper sendoff from the airline flying he did for so long, we thought it would be fun to celebrate his last B-29 flight. This was my first editing attempt using Apple's iMovie. I rode in the back seat of a T-6 with the canopy removed and my brother was in the fire truck. It was quite a thrill. The inside B-29 shots are from a flight I took in June of 1997. Note the Boeing 307 parked on the ramp as the B-29 taxis in. That was shot two weeks before that same Boeing 307 took a swim in Puget Sound. The 307 is on display now at the Smithsonian and the B-29 flies from Midland, TX. Take a look at their site: If you get a chance to see this airplane fly, don't miss it. Music: The first song is "String of Pearls" and the second song is "In the Mood." Both are by Glenn Miller. Special thanks to the volunteers at the CAF for making this possible. They're a wonderful bunch.
  • Doctor Who "Timelord Retirement Club" - Gallifrey Masquerade 2009 The tenth doctor comes across his former selves in this skit performed at the 2009 Gallifrey Convention that won "The Judges Choice Award." FAIR WARNING: This was a sketch comedy written specifically for Doctor Who fans so there's a ton of inside fanboy humor. If you're not familiar enough with the subject matter, you won't get the jokes. You have been warned. original sketch written by Bob Mitsch Original opening music by Scott Sebring ( I gave myself permission to use my own bloody music, thank you)
  • FedEx Express Ad: Retirement - FedEx is a proud partner of multitaskers. We see how often our customers are crunched for time—that's why FedEx Express® is the perfect solution.
  • Ben Stein Talks Retirement - Part 2 Retirement Income: How Much and How Do I Get It? (Part 2) Second video in a three-part series on retirement planning, Ben Stein gives guidance on the estimated amount of retirement savings the average couple will need, and highlights key investment tools to bolster retirement savings.
  • Retirement - Kaiser Chiefs By popular demand for a video like modern way, I have decided to make another one. This one is from the 2nd album "Yours Truly Angry Mob". Please say if you would like another.
  • Vlade Divac #21 Jersey Retirement Ceremony Vlade Divac's Jersey retirement during halftime on March 31, 2009.
  • 200 retirement westjet retires the last 737 200
  • Baby Boomers Facing Retirement Crisis As part of our continuing series "Senior Moment," Anthony Mason reports on the new crisis facing baby bombers that has ignited a debate on Capitol Hill: increasing the retirement age.
  • TusharM: TusharM: Guide to Retirement Planning. via @allfinance
  • TestPublish2: TestPublish2: When retirement doesn't work
  • MunitaBraconnie: MunitaBraconnie: Softball Garden Judge Retirement Water Medicine Web Site
  • SarayNewlove060: SarayNewlove060: Water Oprah Paris Hilton Retirement
  • new_york_post: new_york_post: Movies: When retirement doesn't work: Back in 2007, reviewing the low-budget indie "Wild Tigers I Have Known," I...
  • TheyLooveNique: TheyLooveNique: So I honestly think that me & @ForeverSheenal will be bestfriend's forever. We are gonna live in the same retirement home when we get old :)
  • JuanSrchAllJobs: JuanSrchAllJobs: Senior IT Auditor job at SunAmerica Retirement Markets - Woodland Hills, CA #Indeed #jobs
  • rambling_shrew: rambling_shrew: Thanks to commentator on @AfternoonsRNZ. "we need to *talk* about retirement.".Annoyed that debate is continually shutdown by politicians
  • TheCoachingTime: TheCoachingTime: What happens to the boomers who get to 65 and find out their pensions are either not there or insufficient to support retirement?
  • housing4seniors: housing4seniors: Places to Live the American Dream Abroad -
  • Diva2ude: Diva2ude: @MissChantelle Love that you have your jersey retirement pic up... Won't ever forget your facial expression
  • juniordog89: juniordog89: @nfl his retirement
  • Waterford_Acc: Waterford_Acc: A retirement lifestyle based only on the age pension, means you probably won’t be able to buy or do much. Start a SMSF?
  • iTyBan: iTyBan: Brett Favre is a trend setter. Everyone is coming out of retirement now. The latest - Manny Ramirez.
  • LleanderWen0202: LleanderWen0202: Hawaii Compaq Newspaper Retirement Gardening The Office Brazil Relationship Corporate Leaders eBay
  • Luke_Townsley: Luke_Townsley: RT @CarbonIsGood: Ivan Henjak to Anthony Griffin: Bring Tonie Carroll out of retirement to play five-eighth... #NRL #NRLmanbri
  • BETSYWeglarz739: BETSYWeglarz739: Why Solid Pension Advice Could Save You From Retirement Poverty
  • Luv_Saving_Cash: Luv_Saving_Cash: Unique RETIREMENT GIFT for those born in 1946; or '50; or '48; or '47; or '49; (age 61-65) Especially OLD CAR FANS !
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  • Asperger_Mom: Asperger_Mom: I wish I was working that hard. RT “@CarriBrown: iPPP: Retirement is Hard”
  • tasmaniaonline: tasmaniaonline: Glenorchy Mayor Announces Retirement from Council: Adriana Taylor announced tonight she will not contest the upc...
  • OdellRutson0219: OdellRutson0219: Clock Tool Madonna Window Computing Technology Retirement France Telephone
  • Multiknowledge: Multiknowledge: How To Plan A Retirement House For Thailand - Essential Factors To Consider: Essential factors to consider...
  • MrFrecks_2you: MrFrecks_2you: @bnycole_fancy I can dig it I think I'm back outta retirement lol
  • IKE_DEVJI: IKE_DEVJI: Saving early for retirement is key
  • RethinkRetire: RethinkRetire: retirment goals with the financial self help e-book Rethinking Retirement
  • VibeWall: VibeWall: Peacefully assembling to bring about free post-secondary education, free health care, and secure retirement for all Americans here #vibeapp
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  • Joe_Schmuck: Joe_Schmuck: @Lita_Bee wait tho.....your husband works for the government. When he retires the government will pay his retirement, healthcare, GI Bill,
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  • CarriBrown: CarriBrown: I wrote this week's iPPP with @bellebeandog's love for the way my dad naps in mind.
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  • Ipraisewomen: Ipraisewomen: @whatTHa_DUCK it was under control last year, party got a lil crazy, but hey why not, ZT veterans will need to come outta retirement
  • DeJounFauci0619: DeJounFauci0619: Mathematician Game Vitamin Medicine Judge FreeBSD Retirement
  • 2people1life: 2people1life: RT @weddingsparrow: New blog post! Beach chic engagement shoot - I know, I know! I'm supposed to be on temporary semi-retirement from th...
  • teaHelsel: teaHelsel: @charlidacatfish Well...convo consists of them yelling "weebbb scchhitty", "woooo" and then simmers down with "we're a retirement home team"
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