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  • Definition of revetted from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of revetted. Pronunciation of revetted. Definition of the word revetted. Origin of the word revetted. — “revetted - Definition of revetted at ”,
  • This Kuwaiti-built munitions depot contained 19 revetted storage buildings and six small bunkers; we have no evidence that the We have no evidence that this Kuwaiti-built munitions depot, containing 40 revetted buildings, was used by the Iraqis for munitions storage during Desert Shield/Desert. — “16 Suspect CW/BW Storage Sites Identified in 28 February 1991”,
  • revetment n. A facing, as of masonry, used to support an embankment. A barricade against Browse: Unanswered questions | Most-recent questions | Reference library. — “revetment: Definition from ”,
  • There is a 10 foot deep revetted ditch in the undergrowth to the right. The Constable's Tower stood at the extreme right of this view, overlooking a steep bank down to the revetted moat. — “Dyserth Castle”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app. Verb: revet (revetted,revetting) ri'vet. Construct a revetment. Face with a layer of stone, concrete or other supporting material so as to retain. Derived forms: revetted, revetting, revets. — “revet, revetted, revetting, revets- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • So it went with this summer's guide, which saw several of the former heavyweights in its ranks bested by newcomers just months later. We've revetted the list yet again to bring you the definitive Android handsets that should top your list as. — “Best Android Phones - Yahoo! News”,
  • The weapons, as a rule, were mounted in strongly constructed emplacements made of coconut-palm logs, reinforced concrete, and revetted sand. had five sides, which were revetted with empty oil drums and with. — “Defense of Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands”,
  • To combat the problem, 1,100 feet of damaged was reshaped and revetted. Therefore, an approximate 1,200 feet of levee was constructed and revetted to prevent these potential damages. — “Operation Foresight 1972”,
  • Definition of Revetted with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Revetted: Definition with Revetted Pictures and Photos”,
  • Definition of Revetted. Revetted. of Revet. Related Definitions: Of, Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Revetted”,
  • ables for the revetted and non-revetted bends were de- termined and the means were tested surface width in revetted bends. is less than that of non-revetted bends, (2) there is. — “EFFECTS OF BANK REVETMENT ON SACRAMENTO RIVER, CALIFORNIA”,
  • Adjacent to this midden, and sealed by a thick layer of dark sand, is a drystone structure, provisionally interpreted as a wheelhouse, its curved wall being dug into and revetted against sand on the pattern of many Hebridean wheelhouse sites. — “Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - Western Isles - Sites and”, cne-
  • Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville has added three new revetted sod wall bunkers to its Ray Hearn upland links design. In the photo at right assistant One of the problems of incorporating such revetted sod wall bunkers in the northern climes of the United States is dealing with the freeze-thaw cycle. — “Mistwood adds three sod wall bunkers to enhance 'upland links”,
  • Un-revetted Bend Section. In the un-revetted river bend, currents resulting from the spiraling centrifugal force action of water flowing around the bend circulate outward from the main flow line of the river. Revetted Bend Section. By revetting the outside of a bendway, the main flow line of the. — “Bendway Weirs - Applied River Engineering Center”,
  • The castle is based on a quadrilateral, towered inner court, c.43m square, within a roughly concentric outer enclosure, the whole bounded by a broad stone-revetted moat, except where it rests on the river bank on the SW. bounded by a broad stone-revetted moat, except where it rests on. — “The Gatehouse website record for Rhuddlan Castle”,
  • The top of revetted wall The top of revetted wall. Posted by Tony Hanna Dec 10, 2007. Be the first to ask the author a question! Creating an account will let you post comments and discussions. Account users have their own My- page with their browsing and. — “Caer Alyn Archaeological and Heritage Project: The top of”,
  • All you shooters, please forgive the poor composition of this. I took this HDR image at noon, mainly because it was the only time I could get out and shoot that day. This is the third green at The Club at Waterford, with a revetted bunker up by the green and a revetted creek bank. — “Revetted, cont'd. " Carlton Wade Photography”,
  • Revetted definition, to face, as an embankment, with masonry or other material. See more. — “Revetted | Define Revetted at ”,
  • Fort Barnard: Scarp has been revetted with plank, new magazines built, embrasures newly revetted with gabions, and sodding repaired. revetted with plank; and one other, Garesche, has its scarp revetted. — “The Civil War Defenses of Washington: Historic Resource Study”,
  • In stream restoration, river engineering or coastal management, they are sloping In architecture they are a variety of structures, normally vertical,. — “Revetment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Carnegie Abbey Club is a an exclusive golf club and and luxury resort community on Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Donald Steel, the course boasts traditional Scottish-style revetted sod bunkers, few in number but strategically placed for. — “Rhode Island Golf Course | The Carnegie Abbey Club”,
  • Definition of revetted in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of revetted. Pronunciation of revetted. Translations of revetted. revetted synonyms, revetted antonyms. Information about revetted in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “revetted - definition of revetted by the Free Online”,

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  • Nick Catford Photo Inside the revetted area of one of the incendiary magazines The magazine itself survives and has been renovated and reclad Photo by
  • easily picked up after a little rock climbing and a reasonably gentle stroll now follows As you near the fort the size of the extent of the stone wall bids an impressive welcome Carl Wark defensive wall The wall is a large bank of turf 8 5 metres wide revetted in front by a wall of large blocks standing 2 5 metres high From the front it appears that the dry
  • Nick Catford Photo Revetted component store later used as ARS workshop between the two high explosive magazine blocks Photo by
  • Nick Catford Photo Inside the revetted area in the southern block of high explosive magazines The magazine itself has been demolished Photo by
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  • Poolsanitation in Santa Ponsa On this property we sanyfied the pool all terraces have been sealed up and the garden wall was revetted with natural stones Natural stone Quarzspatula floor on a terrace
  • JAPANESE RADIO TRANSMITTING STATION for long range communication was situated in this heavily revetted frame structure near center of Butaritari Island It was the counterpart of a long
  • observed on the east side of the road with only the earliest phase surviving to the west Two small footbridges across the revetted channels provided access from the road to the buildings Revetted Channel A variety of surfaces for the buildings were revealed across the site including one of opus signinum and a well preserved timber planked floor but the majority were of
  • more time on a hazard than we do our greens The bunker construction job at 17 is moving on at a fair pace The wall was completed today which leaves the top to put on next week
  • 5P72 5P72V VE Launcher A revetted 5P72 launcher Note the rails for the 5Yu24 transloaders
  • an ideal site for a signal station since there is a clear view back up to the top of the pass on the one side and on to Bwlch y Groes on the other A second terraceway appears at 5847 5982 click for photo clearly revetted then passing through two more small rock cuttings and over the remains of a culvert at 5839 5980 The road appears to continue into the grounds of Royal
  • and hit military installations on Tokichito Island A direct hit on a revetted building probably loaded with ammunition caused a terrific explosion which rocked the aircraft On April 6th 24 strafers from all four squadrons took off to intercept a convoy between Amoy and Swatow They spotted two frigates steaming north northeast at almost the exact spot
  • Our projects Here you see a short overwiew on our already realized works Poolsanitation in Santa Ponsa On this property we sanyfied the pool all terraces have been sealed up and the garden wall was revetted with natural stones
  • Sandbars in these bends form points commonly called point bars These point bars encroach into the navigation channel Unrevetted Bend Revetted Bend
  • over the years It is also a useful way to install drainage in old bunkers rebuild revetted edges or change the sand to achieve a uniform look quality and feel on the course Restoration means actually trying to restore the bunkers to the exact historical look they had at a certain point in time This approach is often chosen if the bunkers once possessed a unique
  • September Revetted banks a concrete post Rabbits tunnel the cinder waste Angle iron link of a broken chain Listen and catch the hiss of steam again
  • only time I could get out and shoot that day This is the third green at The Club at Waterford with a revetted bunker up by the green and a revetted creek bank Very cool design feature This entry was posted on March 16 2007 at 1 42 pm and is filed under Golf Photography You can follow any responses to this entry through the
  • Tip with Revetment Purpose unknown possibly a high loading bank The track to the right of the tip leaves the main mine track via a bridge over the stream behind viewpoint and
  • Revetted vehicle garage located near the entrance of Launch Area B measuring 20 x 20 meters
  • are various revetted positions and buildings nearby as well as tunnel complexes military bases and revetted storage sites ammo dumps etc If you know what this is please let me know
  • later on formalized and given a stabilising revetted edge Since the end of the 1800s many types of bunkers have emerged from small sand traps to gigantic American style bunkers From an architectural point of view the bunkers serve many purposes they help dictate the strategy of the golf holes they provide character and are of immense aesthetic value In fact
  • Today all that can be said with any possible accuracy is that what you see is likely to be the original line of the trenches I don t take issue with the trenches being revetted with
  • A revetted 5P72 launcher Note the rails for the 5Yu24 transloaders
  • Nick Catford Photo Revetted filling laboratories Photo by
  • SANDBAG REVETTED MACHINE GUN POSITION AT DAU TIENG long range use because it lacked a continuous flow of water making it extremely susceptible to contamination Ultimately deep
  • have better luck tomorrow Mike Horkhans guys have been working hard and have completed the woodwork that will support the concrete at the reed bed This is due to be installed tomorrow The bunker on 17 also had its revetted wall and top completed today Tomorrow we will fill it with some screened beach sand
  • finish on a day that the guys could not see their lines very easily They finished off by cutting our practice area but first Simon blew off all the divots using our Trilo blower Kenny and Scott raked bunkers and brought the two newly revetted ones on the 11th hole into play They then carried on with the quick coupler installation They backfilled the job on the
  • were dispersed over several areas A number of decontamination centres were also built around the factory for use in the event of a German gas attack Photo Revetted laboratories Photo by
  • going to be something else Incredible golf course growing in now Stay tuned Here s a shot I got around noon yesterday of one of their revetted bunkers next to the eighth green cw This entry was posted on March 15 2007 at 7 26 pm and is filed under Golf Photography You can follow any responses to this entry through the
  • Revetted Bend Accidents When a grounding occurs the safety of the crews aboard the vessel and vessels passing are threatened The bendway becomes a bottleneck and additional delays in
  • recognized a crossing here It falls in with a tarmac road for a short distance then a small rock revetted terraceway 1891 footpath RoW leaves to the N crossing the hillside at 5780 5944 click for photo converging with and then diverging from a modern access track and passing through a kissing gate at 5775 5953 Beyond this the path turns down the hillside and there is
  • installation a heavily revetted underground building 78 feet by 33 feet which lay at the northwestern comer of a 200 foot clearing east of the King s Wharf road near two 60 foot masts Map No 9 With nine receivers of identical type it was the counterpart of a new transmitting station beyond the East Tank Barrier Other installations captured or destroyed left the
  • far end of the course What impressed me most about Lytham was the density of bent fescue poa turf on the greens and how effective spraying off all grass from revetted faces could be Our thanks goto Course Manager Paul for his informative trip round his excellent course Next stop was to sunnier Birkdale Again Birkdale has experienced days of heavy rain showers which
  • Figure 41 Enlarged foxhole for light mortar with revetted slope Revetting the slope makes the manipulation of the light mortar easier Figure 41 continued Enlarged foxhole for light mortar with revetted slope Construction materials for revetting the face
  • Revetted Hospital Tents Anzio
  • Weirs beneath the passing tows rather than building up as a point bar on the inside of the bend The channel remains shallow and wider than if just revetted along the outer bank Bendway Weirs vs Dikes Bendway Weirs provide a better method of sediment management by capturing sediment within the navigation channel directly beneath towboat traffic

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  • TYR - Regin Smidur The album "Eric the Red" bases almost every song on Faroese or Norwegian lore, and is revetted in the garb of the Folk Metal genre. Its approach unmistakenly creates a very true Viking Metal, as the video to "Regin Smiður" (Regin, the Blacksmith) proves.
  • TLAM Programmed Warhead Detonation (PWD) A Tomahawk cruise missile detonates its 1000lb Bullpup warhead over an revetted A-5 Vigilante
  • SA-2 GUIDELINE V-75 Missile The V-75 SA-2 GUIDELINE is a medium to high altitude surface-to-air missile system. This two-stage missile has a large solid propellant booster stage fitted with four very large delta fins. The core stage consists of a storable liquid propellant sustainer rocket motor using inhibited red fuming nitric acid oxidizer and kerosene fuel. A set of four cropped delta-shaped wings are located near the mid-section, with a second in-line set of smaller fixed fins at the nose, and a third in-line set of slightly larger powered control fins at the tail. The guidance system at an SA-2 site can handle only one target at a time, but can direct three missiles against a target simultaneously. Additional missiles could be fired against the same target after one or more missiles of the first salvo had completed their run. The Soviets apparently believed they must program three or four missiles against each target in order to achieve acceptable kill probabilities. The 295 kg nuclear warhead used only on the SA-2E variant is believed to have a yield of 15 kT. The other V-75 variants have an internally grooved fragmentation warhead weighs 195 kg (130 kg of which is high explosive) with proximity, contact and command fusing available. This conventional warhead is fitted forward of the main fins and behind the nose-mounted guidance assembly. At medium and low altitudes the kill radius is about 65 meters and the blast radius for severe damage is 100-120 meters. The maximum blast radius against a ...
  • F-15E Gun Camera GBU-12 LGB attack on a revetted tank
  • 13. The Prince and the Palace: Human Made Divine on the Palatine Hill Roman Architecture (HSAR 252) Professor Kleiner investigates the major architectural commissions of the emperor Domitian, the last Flavian emperor. She begins with the Arch of Titus, erected after Titus' death by his brother Domitian on land previously occupied by Nero's Domus Transitoria. The Arch celebrated Titus' greatest accomplishment--the Flavian victory in the Jewish Wars--and may have served as Titus' tomb. Professor Kleiner also discusses the Stadium of Domitian, the shape of which is preserved in Rome's Piazza Navona. Her major focus is the vast Imperial Palace on the Palatine Hill designed by the architect Rabirius and featuring Domitian as dominus et deus (lord and god). Constructed from brick-faced concrete and revetted with multicolored imported marbles, this structure was divided into public and private wings, and was so magnificent that it served as the urban residence of all subsequent Roman emperors. The lecture concludes with the so-called Forum Transitorium, a narrow forum begun by Domitian and finished by his successor Nerva, which features a temple to Domitian's patron goddess Minerva and a series of decorative columnar bays that create a lively in-and-out undulation that heralds the beginning of a "baroque" phase in Roman architecture. 00:00 - Chapter 1, The Jewish Wars, the Flavian Dynasty, and the Arch of Titus 14:18 - Chapter 2, The Arch of Titus: Triumph and Tomb 23:25 - Chapter 3, Domitians Succession and Stadium (The Piazza Navona) 33:11 ...
  • The Fairmont Hotel Torrance Course Hosts The Scotish Senior Open Episode #14 In this episode for www.HomeofGolf.TV I met with Chief Greenskeeper of the Torrance and Kittocks Course at the Fairmont St Andrews Resort, Neil Ballingall. Neil kindly offered me a fantastic insight into the Torrance Course which had recently re-opened after a demanding 18 months of construction and renovations. Our interview took place during the Cleveland Golf Scottish Senior Open which was being held over the redesigned Torrance Course. ** Special £99 FourBall Offer ** You can book a tee time for 4 players on either The Torrance or Kittocks course until 31st March 2010 for just £99 by calling +44 (0)1334 837023. Further details can be found here. Cleveland Golf And Srixon Scottish Senior Open Neil told me that preparing the Torrance Course for the Scottish Senior Open had been challenging for him and his team, involving long days (on course from 4.30am to 9.30pm), unpredictable Scottish weather to contend with and of course lots of hard work. From what I could see Neil and his teams efforts had definitely paid off. Their attention to detail showed in the condition of the course it looked fantastic. The Torrance Course The Torrance Course was designed by the late Gene Sarazen and winning Ryder Cup Captain, Sam Torrance in 2001, with recent renovations by architect Gary Stephenson. Its an excellent par 72, 7037 yard course with a beautiful backdrop of the coastal edge and beach, with breathtaking views towards the historic university town of St Andrews. Neil told me that ...
  • DMGCCSupt: RT @asianturfgrass: one of the most interesting revetted bunkers in the world, how did he do it? still waiting for the correct answer
  • gcsanc: RT @asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery, solved! revetted bunker of cork @brettmorris73 @TurfgrassZealot @DAVIDBATALLER
  • xanagolfe: Revetted bunker with Cork!.. Good example! #SustainableSupplyChainsandGreenProcurementPractices @PGA_Catalunya Resort @asianturfgrass
  • PGA_Catalunya: RT @asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery, solved! revetted bunker of cork @brettmorris73 @TurfgrassZealot @DAVIDBATALLER
  • xanagolfe: @PGA_Catalunya Resort @asianturfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted? and the correct answer is ...! #AMustSee
  • asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery, solved! revetted bunker of cork @brettmorris73 @TurfgrassZealot @DAVIDBATALLER
  • asianturfgrass: one of the most interesting revetted bunkers in the world, how did he do it? still waiting for the correct answer
  • kellyblakemoran: RT @asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?
  • gcsanc: RT @asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?
  • InnoAgro: @AsianTurfgrass Blog Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?: Revetted bunkers are usually constructed ...
  • iTweetTurf: Asian Turfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?
  • asianturfgrass: Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?

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  • “To underline this impression, Celluloid Jams complete surface has been realized without The wooden construction is revetted by fibre restrained plastic to create one unique”
    — Celluloid Jam House in Yokohama, Japan by Norisada Maeda by,

  • “What Does the Canadian Open at St. George’s mean to me?  The most common question I have received this week is, “What does the Canadian Open being played at St. George’s mean to you?” ”
    — Blog,

  • “Zoloft Dosages,generic zoloft,commercial zoloft,zoloft success,zoloft facts All basketball is maintained for; for in response show is not revetted, generic zoloft”
    — Zoloft Dosages,

  • “PerryGolf Luxury Golf & Travel Blog. Torrance Course revamped at St. Andrews. by Cameron Reid on December 3, 2009. 18th at Torrance Improvements were made to all tees, fairways and all 63 bunkers were completely rebuilt in a revetted style”
    — Torrance Course revamped at St. Andrews,

  • “The building was located ambiguously between the Roman Forum and the adjacent Forum of Julius Caesar. The interior was revetted in marble, fragments of which survive”
    — Digital Roman Forum: Curia Iulia - introduction,

  • “Players referred to it as Carnasty in 1999, the last time the British Open was held there. Jack Nicklaus Directory Blog " Blog Archive " This Weekend Says: July 25th, 2007 at 8:50 am [ ] Why Hogan Hated Carnoustie The bunkers, like most Scottish links courses, have vertical revetted walls of”
    — Why Hogan Hated Carnoustie | Golf Instruction & Help,

  • “Can anyone clarify the rules on vetting? is there any part in the vetting rules which state that if you spend more than 6 months out of the UK in a”
    — RULES ON VETTING - Forum,

  • “relief foot pain,buy muscle relaxant,urinating muscle spasms,stop tooth pain,drugs to stop nerve pain,herbal relief for joint pain Buy muscle relaxant, for each connection, six center consists were revetted not, lined with withdrawal medicines and reported with ibuprofen beds breastfeeding each to a”
    — Relief Foot Pain,

  • “If you are outside a shelter during a nuclear burst, take cover in a ditch, revetted area, culvert, or a road drainage tunnel. Expedient shelters can be constructed with accessible materials in a relatively short time. If all else fails,”
    — Doomsdays 2012 – Surviving Nuclear Danger | blog.2012, blog.2012

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