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  • The pinning process is fundamental to commercial mushroom production. It is the process by which the vegetative growth of the compost or nutrient base converts the life cycle of the organism into th It is the medium through which the rhizomorphic mycelium grows and the surface where the. — “The pinning process and first flush pinset management.(spore”,
  • Related: Richard Pinhas - Félix Guattari - French philosophy - Mille I was introduced to the work of Gilles Deleuze in the late-1990s via his musical. — “Gilles Deleuze (1925 - 1995)”,
  • Cubes Thanks for the sweet spores dude! Can't wait to Examine! Viewing rhizomorphic's Ratings (2 General: 5.0 | 1 Trade: 5.0 ) Display: [ All | General | Trade ] Sort: [ Rating | User | Date ]. — “Viewing rhizomorphic's Ratings - Shroomery Message Board”,
  • There are three basic types as viewed in 5% KOH mount: rhizomorphic cables that look like bundles of translucent rope throughout the peridium All Pacific Northwestern species of Amylopogon have peridia of rhizomorphic cables (Fig. 1), and the spores tend to hang onto the. — “Key to Common Western Oregon Species of Rhizopogon”,
  • Rhizomorphic Model of. Information Seeking. — “Rhizomorphic Model”, tgers.edu
  • Fungi Perfecti offers intensive seminars on the professional cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, taught by Paul Stamets. A rhizomorphic strand of Stropharia rugoso-annulata mushroom mycelium. — “Fungi Perfecti: mushroom cultivation seminars”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. Rhizomorphic Resonance by *CorpusCallosum. — “deviantART Shop Framed Wall Art Prints & Canvas | Traditional”,
  • In the wild these mushrooms are extremely rhizomorphic with an excellent pinset. If you like the Vietnam or Ban Hua Thanon then give this one a look under your microscope. — “Spores101: Hanoi Psilocybe Cubensis”, spores101.com
  • This strain has its origin in Brasil. A very rhizomorphic and strong colonizer with medium sized mushrooms. It fruits very fast and appears in clusters counting a large number of mushrooms. No need to isolate this strain to get good results!. — “Psilocybe Cubensis Brasil Print Or Syringe | Materiaal Voor”,
  • Rhizomorphic mycelium can be observed creeping over leaves, and spreading out into the surrounding leaf 3 under the ash tree, is still looking healthy, and there are plenty of thick rhizomorphic mycelium creeping out. — “Erowid Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Cultivation : Parameters”,
  • Rhizomorphic. Rhizomorphic is the homepage and lifestream of J. F. Pickard. A research associate at the University of London, Pickard's work focuses on the intersection of technology, politics, and everyday life. He also dabbles in freelance journalism, pervasive games, and speculative fiction. — “Rhizomorphic”,
  • EJ597552 - Rhizomorphic Reading: The Emergence of a New Aesthetic in Literature for Youth. — “Rhizomorphic Reading: The Emergence of a New Aesthetic in”, eric.ed.gov
  • Rhizomorphic Reading: The Emergence of a New Aesthetic in Literature for Youth The associated "rhizomorphic reading" presupposes an active, sense-making reader who understands the significance of establishing connections, appreciating heterogeneity,. — “Library Quarterly Volume 69 Number 4 October 1999”,
  • Psilocybe azurescens is a psychedelic mushroom whose main active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin. Mycelium surrounding stipe base densely rhizomorphic (i.e., root-like), silky white, tenaciously holding the. — “Psilocybe azurescens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rhizomorphic lycopsids are distinguished by their centralized rootstock (rhizomorph), which permitted bipolar growth; both aerial and subterranean This trait and the newly acquired ability to produce wood allowed many rhizomorphic lycopsids to form large upright trees, with trunks up to 115 ft. — “Lepidodendrales: Definition from ”,
  • Interpretation here manifests a rhizomorphic procedure of travelling. by Freud, is informed by mycological and rhizomorphic structures; likewise dream formation is informed by the. — “Rhizomes 15: Jason Groves”,
  • Rhizomorphic Ambiguity. In quiescent Now. undifferentiated, hormonic luxury. pushes forward. somewhere these stories cross Pomp, Ceremony, and Shopping - a small town in the mountains prepares for a Great Duck Race. PC&S Study Questions - Teachers! Get thee to an Internet Go!. — “Rhizomorphic Ambiguity”,
  • Rhizomorphic GmbH Rhizomorphic Organisation. Accessibility · ACT · Adventure Game · Against Loneliness · Agile · Architecture · Attractors · Austin TX · Awk · Basel · BASF · Bifurcation · Böblingen · C · C++. — “Rhizomorphic Organisation - Rhizomorphic”,
  • These specimens demonstrate unequivocally the existence of the isoetalean lobe-and-furrow rhizomorphic growth pattern as early as the Late Devonian. They were found in an Archaeopteris- and Rhacophyton-dominated flora at Red Hill, an outcrop of the Duncannon Member of the Catskill Formation. — “"A Late Devonian Isoetalean Lycopsid, Otzinachsonia”, repository.upenn.edu
  • Bateman (1994) cites this ontogenetic sequence of Nathorstiana as evidence that the bilaterally symmetric, isoetalean rhizomorphic lycopsid taxa are evolutionarily derived from radially symmetric, stigmarian rhizomorphic taxa, based on principles established by von Baer. — “A Late Devonian isoetalean lycopsid, Otzinachsonia Beerboweri”,
  • Armillaria root disease, also known as shoestring root rot, shoestring fungus rot, rhizomorphic root rot, mushroom root rot, toadstool disease, resin flow, and resin glut is caused by the fungus Armillaria ostoyae. — “Armillaria Root Disease”,
  • For this experiment, the fastest and most rhizomorphic strain was colonized out, along with the slowest and most cottony strain. How many germination sites are rhizomorphic and how many are cottony. — “Mycotopia Web Archive: Strain Isolation, Can Cubensis Benefit”,

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  • Urban Survival Gardening Diary # 6 Making The Most Of Your Mycelium. Mushrooms, how to create a mycelial face, one method of expanding your medicinal gourmet mushroom mycelium.
  • Contamination Abound! Ive Noticed A Contamination Within My Orissa India Strain, A Rust Colored Infection Happening Throughout Most Of The Bottom Of The Jar. The Smell Is Off Too. On A Side Note Out Of All Other Jars That I Have Colonized, Orissa India Shows NO Growth Characteristics Whilst Others Show Vast And Rhizomorphic Growth! Unfortunate, Because I Really Like This Strain :(
  • Mycelium Time-lapse of a bag with mycelium. Made using a canon 20D camera connected to a computer using automator to set intervals of 10 minutes. This took about 28 days, 4200 stills, 34,7 gigs of data.
  • mycelium growth not green, it's brownish black
  • DeleuzeGuattari: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether. WhatEVAR!
  • MattTGrant: RT @DeleuzeGuattari: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether.
  • peablair: RT @DeleuzeGuattari: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether.
  • poetiscariot: RT @DeleuzeGuattari: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether.
  • DeleuzeGuattari: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether.

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  • “ spindleworm terminative ceylanite tendential bifolia gullishly unincreased nonsectorial unbountifulness micropantograph rhinolith malpublication gardenwise rechant rhizomorphic dragoman buro myelocoele Meissa semigroove silenaceous”
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  • “With "Touched" I was reading Deleuze and Guattari's 1000 plateaus and I was trying to see if some off their ideas about "the plateau" and "becoming" and "rhizomorphic structure" could be put on stage. to position "dance" as a real forum for research into what it means”
    — conversation with Jess Curtis " Joe Goode Performance Group,

  • “are added, new words to a blog, new missives from "friends" are received and publicly blog portion of site, and ranked number 3, behind "why I have the best f*ing blog on”
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  • “so i had an idea to make petri dishes with no agar. i saw a thread where someone said they had used chicken broth, yeast, and gelatin, to make a petr actually want your agar medium to have less nutrients in it to promote rhizomorphic growth when working with such species like psilocybe cubensis”
    — No-agar? - Shroomtalk,

  • “Mycelium and Condensation: a couple of jars have remained with the 'fuzz' mycelium while the rest have gone on to strong rhizomorphic growth, almost completely covering jar”
    — Mycelium and Condensation - The Corroboree, shaman-

  • “Read What needs to be done by Frynk Abbinanti on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. What needs to be done by Frank Abbinanti..namesp”
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