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  • If you have any questions about our product line or how to set up a planted riparium, send us an email today. New from Riparium Supply! Tank PlantersTM. Tank PlantersTM are a new method for growing aquarium plants. The Tank Planter system. — “Tank Planters at Riparium Supply”,
  • A PLANTS profile of Bryum riparium (streamside bryum moss) from the USDA PLANTS database. — “PLANTS Profile for Bryum riparium (streamside bryum moss”,
  • Amblystegium riparium is a polymorphic moss that may look quite different in slowly Amblystegium riparium, photo Russ Kleinman & Karen Blisard, Pinos. — “Plants of the Gila Wilderness-- Amblystegium riparium”,
  • Riparium Update. January 5th, 2010. It's been a little while since I've talked about my Riparium, but it's been doing fairly well as of late. The biggest improvement has come after I suspended a 4x24W T5 + 250W MH pendant overtop of the tank, which used to light up my old 54G aquarium. — “Riparium Update-- Guitarfish”,
  • Tonight I had a chance to repot the St. Ouen' for planting in the South America riparium. I potted the plant in a Riparium Supply, Large Hanging Planter. — “Hydrophyte's Blog”,
  • Eupatorium riparium (Asteraceae): species information from GCW. Information on Eupatorium riparium as relevant to Pacific Islands is provided by the Global Compendium of Weeds (GCW). Full-text articles. Alien plant invasions in native ecosystems of Hawaii: Management and research. — “Eupatorium riparium (Asteraceae) - HEAR species info”,
  • A free workshop on how to build a riparium is being offered at PetSmiths, 8124 E. 126th St., S. Bixby , 1 p.m., Saturday February 26. A free workshop on how to build a riparium is being offered at PetSmiths, 8124 E. 126th St., S. Bixby , 1 p.m., Saturday February 26. — “PetSmiths offers new fun event:Free workshop, building a”,
  • If you have any questions about our product line or how to set up a planted riparium, send us an email today. In planted ripariums the roots of the semi-aquatic, emersed riparium plants develop in the water, while their stems, leaves. — “Riparium Supply”,
  • riparium (Ångstr.) Lindb., Musci Scand. 12. 1879. Plants grayish or yellowish green, in loose tufts. Stem cortex in 2–3 layers, hyaline cells thin-walled, without fibrils and pores; central cylinder not much differentiated from cortical layers, pale yellowish green. — “Sphagnum riparium in Moss Flora of China @ ”,
  • Sphagnum riparium. The stem leaves with an obvious tear and the irregular to elliptic, Sphagnum riparium is an early colonizer of wet, disturbed sites across the boreal, but. — “PEATNET, sponsored by Southern Illinois University Department”,
  • There are many, many species and varieties of plants that one could grow in the semi-hydroponic conditions inside of a planted riparium. However, the aquarist's principal goal in planting a riparium display is to create and aesthetically pleasing representation of a riparian habitat,. — “Nine Really Great Plants for Riparium Displays - Hydrophyte's”,
  • Riparium. Taxiphyllum. Vesicularia. Floating. Bacopa. Nymphaea. Limnophilia. Crinum. Microsorium Leptodictyum riparium - Stringy moss. RIPARIUM. Mercedes Parts. — “Leptodictyum riparium - Stringy moss”,
  • aquatic moss (Amblystegium riparium) Cultured, wild-harvested, or both: wild-harvested substrate for shelter and egg deposition in the refugia for. listed. — “aquatic moss Amblystegium riparium Modified on 4-Feb-04”, haccp-
  • My lifelong interests include wetland ecology, tropical forestry, In looseleaf RIPA I published some names which long have been neglected, and also. a. — “RIPA, RIPARIUM, oevergemeenschap”,
  • Category:Sphagnum riparium. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, Sphagnum riparium st 61,132 bytes. Sphagnum riparium.jpeg. 129,753. — “Category:Sphagnum riparium - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Philodendron riparium is a species of plant in the Araceae family. Philodendron riparium. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 23 August. — “Philodendron riparium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It wasn't till I saw Hydrophyte's Riparium Supply website that I started getting really excited. The whole concept of a riparium is that you are simulating the bank of a riverbed or pond, without actually creating any physical dry ground (that. — “Aquatic Eden: Ripariums: Riverbank Aquascaping - Aquascaping”, aquatic-
  • Dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. 918-369-0291. Home. New Additions. Snap Shot. Contact Us. This page was last updated: February 21, 2011. Watch for More Workshops. Riparium. Website Building Software & Website Design Tools. — “Home”,

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  • 12 X 10 riparium video II
  • turtle and oscar riparium update 4 as requested a video of the tank at night, partly with no lights on. I woke up these creatures at 2am for some camera time. The turtle always loves the attention. The oscar was grumpy and was hiding behind the plants trying to avoid me and the lights.
  • Red Eared Slider turtle and tiger oscar riparium
  • 4 Gallon Betta Riparium A 4 gallon hurricane holds emergent plants, bamboo, and a Halfmoon Betta.
  • 15G - Riparium 15G Riparium: Equipment: 15G tall Modified Eheim 2213 Hanging Lamps - 52W (6500K X2) Substrate: Pool Filter Sand + Gravel Flora: Peace Lily Nerve Plant (red and white) Purple Queen Giant Hygrophila Fauna: 4 Endlers (males) 1 Guppy (male) 4 Neon Tetra 8 Indian Whisker Shrimp
  • My Riparium Riparium with my African dwarf frogs, snails Tylomelania, Red cherry shrimp and Paracheirodon innesi. and some post horn
  • Turtle and Oscar Riparium with Other Residents (update 6) its been a while since II have made a update video of this tank, a lot has changed. there are a few more fish in there, they are all doing very well in that tank together with only slight aggression between the smallest of the fish, but nothing to be concerned about. the turtles are growing well, they are almost the same size now. the oscar is pretty much maxed out, looks like hes just getting fatter. All of the fish eat hikari cichlid gold as well as hikari sinking cichlid excel and some bits of tilapia fillet with vitamin/garlic supplement. There are a few new plants at the top and they are slowly growing, helping me with nitrates. I use just a little bit of osmocote every few months and some seachem flourish as fertilizer. I am aware that I am overstocked so my weekly maintenance is a 50-60% water change. The bare bottom also helps a lot. All of the food gets eaten, and all of the poop gets removed during water changes.
  • 40 Gallon Breeder Riparium "Underconstruction" This setup was featured in Tropical Fish Hobbyist's "Planted Ripariums" blog post. The light fixture will be hung eventually, and more riparium plants will be added.
  • 20gH S. American Biotope Riparium This is a video of my 20gH S. American Biotope Riparium. If you have any questions leave a comment. Take a look at my blog, The Planted Fish Bowl to see more.
  • My low cost riparium / paludarium in HD my riparium/ paludarium. low cost set up. around 85 bucks spent if you count all the stuff I already had (tank, light, filter).
  • New Riparium! Give me feedback please!
  • 12 X 10 riparium planters demo scratch I
  • ADA 60-P Amazon Bioptope Riparium ~Sneak Preview~ More plants to come!
  • Riparium fish schooling 2 Schooling during a waterchange. In the centre the Labeo Bicolor is visable and ofcourse the groups of roodkopzalm (Hemmigrammus Bleheri) and kegelvlekbarbeeltjes (trigonostigma Espei) sometime joined by the botia sidthimunki (Botia Sidthimunki) and the newly added antennebaarsje (microgeophagus ramirezi vh apistogramma ramirezi) Visable on the surface are the halfsnavelbek snoekje (Dermogenys pusillus) chasing in the water flow.
  • Walstad Riparium 2
  • Red ear slider turtle and oscar riparium with oscar and new toys I have put in a new driftwood piece with fake plants on it as well as a slate rock bottom and also an ultrasonic fogger that creates mist over the water.
  • 10 gallon riparium this is my aquarium at my work office. It is a riparium style tank with DIY hanging planters. the Tank is used as a growout tank for my various cichlid fry. Right now it houses 4 yellow tail acei that are about 1.5 inches long and 15 red zebra cichlids that are all under an inch long. The plants from the left to the right are: -peace lilly -pothos vine -1 red mangrove tree -dracaena -spider plant -lemon dracaena -spider plant -4 red mangrove trees -lucky bamboo -arrow plant -Pilea involucrata -amazon sword (underwater) I have a small 107GPH internal filter that is also aided by a 6 watt air pump which provides great filtration and aeration for the plants and the fish. The office has great big windows that let in a lot of indirect sun on both sides so I do not need any added lighting for the plants. I also put in some osmocote brand plant fertilizer pellets every few months for the plants to thrive. other than that this tank is very low maintenance and is a treat to have next to me at work.
  • 12 X 10 riparium planters demo scratch II
  • 20g Riparium Biotope & 2.5g Malaysian Biotope Here is a video of my 20g (H) South American biotope which is going through some troubled times plant wise, and my under construction 2.5g Malaysian Biotope. Thanks for looking! Please comment!
  • 90 Gallon Riparium - January 3, 2012 Video showing my DIY rain system, Mist King misting system, and ultrasonic fogger in my 90 gallon Riparium. TO SEE HOW I BUILT IT: Please e-mail me at pgr1010(at)cox(dot)net for a quicker response if you have any questions.
  • Riparium Riparium 300x40x50cm. Build in an old feeding trench in an old farm in my office. Appr 550 ltr, with 2.800 ltr of pump&filter, partially outside, partially in the water aswell as a UV filter. These are the fish inside; On the suface 6x (Dermogenys pusillus) Everywhere 35x (Hemmigrammus Bleheri) 25x (Trigonostigma Espei) 1x (Labeo Bicolor) 8x (Botia Sidthimunki) 8x (lryptopteterus bichiris) On the bottom 20x (Corydorai Zwartzii) 6x (Caridina Japonica) 6x (Pangio Kuhli) 5x (Hymenogechirus Boettgeri) 4x (Ancistrus Dolicoptherus) There are no living animals yet in the planted area above the water.
  • 50-gallon Riparium Cryptoheros cutteri and Ilyodon furcidens munch algae wafer
  • turtle and oscar riparium update #5 new turtle friend I finally put in the little lady(maybe guy) into my big tank along with the bigger male. they are best friends now, like to swim together. the little one's vigurous attitube is contageous and my once semi-shy male is now in my face any time I come around.
  • Fake Riparium I've decided to make a fake riparium for the time being until i can make a real riparium. They are old plastic plants for decoration you can find anywear from walmart to family dollar. Sorry about the lack of real plants, but things will get better for my tank.
  • 10 gallon riparium update #3 (1 year) as requested here is an update of this riparium tank in daylight. Its been about a year since the first video. the vegetation has exploded. this has been a big success in my book. The tank inhabitants are now a lone juvi flowerhorn and a small pleco. They get along well and eat up all of the food without destroying the roots. I have also added two lucky bamboo shoots which have now doubled in size and are the tallest plants in there. the pothos vine is almost overwhelming, I had to send off the vines away from the tank, there are now 4 vines around the tank. The peace lily has flowered well this spring.
  • 28-I-13-Hillstream-Riparium Malay Peninsula - Hillstream Riparium
  • 12-X-10-riparium-video-III.m4v Riparium Planting Accessories: Magnetic Small Hanging Planter and Nano Trellis Raft with Plants in 50-gallon Planted Riparium
  • "El Riocuario" - Riparium By Jacob Jung The Rivaquarium, a 40g breeder riparium by Jacob Jung. This tank has been entered into the AGA 2011 aquascaping competition. Time will tell if it does well.
  • Riparium Update & Info Quick little summary of the riparium.
  • 29-XI-11-Riparium-Supply-I An Introduction to Planted Ripariums - Riparium SupplyTM
  • DIY custom canopy for 55 gallon turtle and tiger oscar riparium this is my DIY canopy that I designed and built. I made it in order to maximize the water level of the tank, yet still have space for the turtle and for plants that are out of the water. the canopy is not air tight but it does retain enough moisture and warmth for the turtle and the plants. The plexiglass level is 12 inches tall, and the wood level is another 6 inches of height. the total material cost was around $80 without the light bulbs.
  • Riparium How To This was a request I had, so here it is. Riparium planters are from riparium supply.
  • Tiger oscar and red eared slider riparium setup update 3 I just moved my tiger oscar to my upper 55 gallon tank, he has more space there and the koi that is shown in the video is already sold and will be rehomed in a couple of days, for now the oscar doesn't seem to mind the koi. The oscar is abour 8 months old and is close to 8 inches long. He eats shrimp, pellets, fish fillet and sometimes scallops. the turtle eats mostly veggies and calcium powder covered turtle pellets. the turtle has a 40 watt basking heat lamp right over the basking platform thats made of silicone covered cork. there are two repti-glo 5.0 lightbulbs to provide UVA/UVB rays for the turtle, plus additional 5500k compact fluorescent lightbulbs to help the plants grow. the plants are mostly red mangroves that I have had for a year, a few lucky bamboo shoots, a few pothos vines recently planted in the planter, along with an arrowhead plant. I am hoping to have more plants in the next update. the filtration is done by an odyssea cfs 500 canister filter which has the flow rate of 500 gallons per hour, giving a nice current to water surface. It is connected to an underground filter tray with a 4 point pvc adaptor that I put together myself. Clean-up is easy, I do minimal scrubbing because most of the light is absorbed by the plants. I just do a weekly water change of about %30-40 of the water. I'm hoping to have a few new tankmates in the future but for now they're growing out in other tanks.
  • 40g Breeder South American Biotope Riparium A quick video of my 40g Breeder South American Biotope Riparium. Filter: SunSun HW-302 Heater: 200w Hydor Inline Fauna: None Check out The Planted Fish Bowl for more
  • Walstad (el natural) riparium Awful Iphone video of my walstad riparium. 25 UK Gallons with 14 Flame Tetras. 24W HO T5.
  • Turtle/Oscar Riparium Before and After (update 5) overall I wanted to make the tank look cleaner and neater. I cut most of the pothos and arrow plants out and replaced it with a variety of new plants, the black should make them pop out more too. anyone interested in the planter designs let me know I can send you a link to a forum where I show you them in detail. list of things changed: -black painted background (had to dump out most of the water and move the tank.) -3 new planters made from plexiglass and vinyl mesh. -5 new plants (peace lily, bromelaids, lemon draconia, 2-3 others I cannot recall) -painted all of the pvc plumbing black so that it doesnt stick out like a sore thumb
  • Cool Mist humidifier into 200G Square Riparium--DBoyer Incorporated a cool-mist humidifier onto my aquarium to obtain a nice fogging effect.
  • 10 gallon riparium (half year update) its been about half a year since I shot an update of this tank. It has grown very well, plus a few new plants were added. The tank is still naturally lit and this video was shot in the evening so some things may be hard to see. I will try to get a video during the day next time. The tank inhabitants right now are a small pleco, a juvenile green terror(I suspect), and 2 johanni cichlids which are almost ready to go into my adult tank at home. one thing that I have noticed is that the water evaporates a lot faster now that the plants are big, but this only means that they are doing their job, denitrifying the water as they grow. The Pothos vine is very long, about 4 feet now, its wrapped twice around the back of the tank and now sticking out at the front.
  • View inside Riparium -Terrarium for philippine Water-skink (Tropidophorus grayi) View inside Riverside aqua-terrarium for philippine Wasserkink Tropidophorus grayi . Sometimes they hunt Guppys & Watersnails but have Peace with Makropode (Macropodus opercularis) The Plant is a Pepper ( Piper crocatum )
  • Polypterus riparium, how to use plants as a filter diy In this video I show how to set up a polypterus riparium, to help filter water with plants. Thanks for watching This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • AcquariofiliaF: scambio marsilea hirsuta conLeptodictyum riparium 'Stringy M : Vendita piante per acquario
  • AcquariofiliaF: scambio marsilea hirsuta conLeptodictyum riparium 'Stringy M: Vendita piante per acquario Statistiche : 2 Messag...

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  • “I am new here. I have never really grown palms but suddenly I want to start a collection. I live in a modest small house in USDA Zone 4b-5a, so my Give the Licuala spinosa a try in your riparium. The beauty of what makes this forum such an asset for us all - is that there is a strong possibility”
    — Please Suggest Unusual Small Palms - PalmTalk,

  • “Well riparium derives from the latin word ripa which means riverbank. So a riparium is a recreation of a river bank. To recreate this type of scene, hobbyists usually use plastic planters filled with planting material with plants Riparium Supply. The Planted Tank Forum. Hydrophyte's Blog. Followers”
    — The Planted Fish Bowl: Why Ripariums?,

  • “Would you buy or make some? Riparium Supply planter is just too expensive, $10 for three planters, plus the shipping to the UK it is just too expensive, if it was manufactured in the UK, for sure it would take hold”
    — Hanging planters? | ,

  • “I have a start on a new display. I don't have the tank in place yet, but I think I have a clear vision in mind. This new one will go into a 60-litre”
    — 60cm Riparium - Aquascaping World Forum,

  • “The riparium is housing two red ramshorns. This is also an experiment. for some updates of the riparium especially as the mosses mature and”
    — A Moss-Shrimp Riparium - AquariumMalta | Forums | 2.2. All,

  • “200-liter Riparium Setup for Synodontis Catfish. Re: 200-liter Riparium Setup for liter Riparium Setup for Synodontis Catfish. Re: 200-liter Riparium”
    — UK Aquatic Plant Society Forum,

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