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  • road map n. A map, especially one for motorists, showing and designating the roads of a region. A set of guidelines, instructions, plans, or A roadmap may refer to: A map of roads, and possibly other features, to aid in navigation. A plan, e.g. Road map for peace, to resolve the Israeli. — “road map: Definition from ”,
  • Roadmap. — “Roadmap”,
  • Roadmap For Peace in the Middle East:Israeli/Palestinian Reciprocal Is the 2003 Roadmap an acceptable solution to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict? Hanan Ashwari on expected text of the Road Map written October 28,. — “Road map for peace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Roadmap for America's Future | The Budget Committee Republicans Q & A. a roadmap for america's future. budget committee republicans. rss. facebook. youtube. — “A Roadmap for America's Future | The Budget Committee Republicans”,
  • Firefox Roadmap. Roadmap. Projects. Coding. Module Owners. Hacking. Get the Past Roadmaps. Firefox 1.0 - shipped November 9, 2004. Firefox 1.5 - shipped November 29,. — “Mozilla Firefox 2 Roadmap”,
  • Roadmap. Philosophy. Statistics. After the 2.1 release, we decided to adopt a regular release schedule every 3-4 months with the features primarily driven by ideas voted on by our users. Here are the current planned releases, and links to their respective milestones in our bug tracker. Version. — “WordPress " About " Roadmap”,
  • The Roadmap for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA Roadmap) addresses the The roadmap outlines the technologies to map controls, AJAX live regions, and events to. — “Roadmap for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA”,
  • Roadmap. Demo. Download. Documentation. Documentation. Screencasts. Support. General Support Roadmap. OpenCart Roadmap. Below you will find a list a development goals for future. — “OpenCart - Roadmap”,
  • The Freespire Roadmap contains the main feature list for upcoming versions of the Freespire operating system, as well as other ( You may also wish to review the section for understanding Freespire version naming to better understand this Roadmap. — “Freespire Roadmap - Freespire”,
  • Road map definition, a map designed for motorists, showing the principal cities and towns of a state or area, the chief roads, usually tourist attractions and pl See more. — “Road map | Define Road map at ”,
  • Use MapQuest for driving directions and maps. See local traffic and road conditions, find nearby businesses and restaurants, plus explore street maps and satellite photos. — “MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map”,
  • Firefox/Roadmap. Page. Discussion. View source. History. Search. Personal tools. Log in / create Firefox/Roadmap" This page was last modified on 22 June 2010, at 07:. — “Firefox/Roadmap - MozillaWiki”,
  • Road Map. The GNOME Roadmap. The GNOME Community Roadmap is a big-picture view of functionality we expect GNOME to include in short-term and long-term future. The roadmap is based on feedback from current GNOME developers and other community members. — “RoadMap - GNOME Live!”,
  • This is the roadmap for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and Delphi Prism. — “RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap”,
  • Definition of road map in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of road map. Pronunciation of road map. Translations of road map. road map synonyms, road map antonyms. Information about road map in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “road map - definition of road map by the Free Online”,
  • Online map service and location finder. Features dynamic, draggable maps and directions, as well as satellite imagery by region. — “Google Maps”,
  • Buy roadmap, Books items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Music items and get what you want now! Related Searches: road map, trail guide, road atlas. Include description. To view this page properly, your Web browser needs to run JavaScript. If your current browser settings do not allow. — “roadmap items - Get great deals on Books, Collectibles items”,
  • (Redirected from Roadmap) openSUSE:Roadmap. tagline: From openSUSE Here you can find the roadmap for the next release which is openSUSE 11.4. — “openSUSE:Roadmap - openSUSE”,
  • This page is to provide a general roadmap for future InspIRCd development. Development/Roadmap/2.1. Planned Features. New Modules. These features may be included as. — “Roadmap - Inspire IRCd (InspIRCd)”,

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  • Riz Khan - Throwing away the roadmap to peace? As Israeli-Palestinian talks reach a deadlock, we ask if the US is losing its grip on the peace process.
  • A Roadmap for America's Future 2.0
  • Paul Ryan Unveils "A Roadmap for America's Future" Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-01) introduces his comprehensive plan to fulfill the mission of health and retirement security, lift our crushing burden of debt, and strengthen American jobs and competitiveness for the 21st century. May 21, 2008
  • Hong Kong's EV roadmap: Begin Here Can electric vehicles become a reality on Hong Kong's streets? That's the question we will explore in this South China Morning Post video series. In the following six episodes we talk to prominent government figures, manufacturers, academics, green groups and business people. We ask them whether EVs are the answer to rising fuel prices and the city's worsening roadside air quality. Please make sure YouTube's annotation feature is turned on, and continue onto the main menu.
  • Roadmap Hearing: Chairman Markey's Q&A Chairman Markey's second question and answer period during the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hearing, "Roadmap to Copenhagen - Driving Towards Success". The hearing featured testimony from Todd Stern, US Special Envoy for Climate Change, US Department of State.
  • Bob Ehrlich for Governor TV Ad: Roadmap
  • Google Wave API Overview (including API roadmap) In this presentation, API engineer David Byttow introduces each of the Wave APIs - embedding, gadgets, robots, and extensions, and he then discusses the roadmap for each of those APIs. See the slides here:
  • iPhone SDK Roadmap Event: Short Version The recent iPhone and iPod touch SDK roadmap event cut from 1 hour and 15 minutes to just over a minute. Honors: 3/9/08 #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology #17 - Top Favorites (Today) - Science & Technology #62 - Top Rated (Today) - Science & Technology 3/10/08 #41 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Science & Technology
  • Open XML SDK demo and road map Technical chat with Eric White (Open XML Technical Evangelist) & Zeyad Rajabi (Office Program Manager) at Microsoft, presenting a quick introduction of the Open XML SDK and the road map. More on and
  • India Economic Summit 2009 - A Roadmap for India's Next Generation of Growth 10.11.2009 A Roadmap for India's Next Generation of Growth India has the potential to emerge as one of the world's four largest economies by 2020, but it will require coordinated efforts by current and future leaders from government, industry and civil society to address pressing challenges. In this closing session, the Co-Chairs of the India Economic Summit outline the enablers and challenges for India's next generation of growth and suggest the actions required by industry and government leaders. Special Guest Palaniappan Chidambaram, Minister of Home Affairs of India Discussion Leaders Shumeet Banerji, Chief Executive Officer, Booz & Company, United Kingdom; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Renault Nissan, France; Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit William D. Green, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Accenture, USA; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit Baba N. Kalyani, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Forge, India; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, ICICI Bank, India; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit; Global Agenda Council on the Gender Gap Indra Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, USA; Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum; Co-Chairman of the India Economic Summit; Global Agenda Council on the Role of ...
  • Palestine: Roadmap to Peace? For decades we have heard almost everyone talk about peace in the Holy Land. What is certain is that no one needs peace more than the Palestinian people. Since before 1948, the Palestinian people have been living under the threat of wars and massacres, under occupation and oppression, deprived of their basic rights. But it is real peace that the Palestinians seek, in contrast to the false peace that is being sought at the expense of justice. As if humanity haven't learned from the millions killed due to the lack of justice. One would think it would have been obvious by now that there is no peace without justice, and that no people will accept to lie down and accept injustice upon their children. Palestine is no exception. Let there be one or a hundred peace processes. Let there be one or a hundred alternative remedies. Real peace will only prevail when justice does.
  • Martha Roby "Roadmap" Martha Roby's first television ad of the general election. For more information visit .
  • Secretary Geithner on the Roadmap Congressman Nunes asks Secretary Geithner about the Roadmap for America's Future.
  • Roadmap for Russia-US relations is 'years overdue' The idea of setting a strategic roadmap for the relation between Russia and the US is several year overdue, but it's better late then never, believes Andrew Kuchins from the Center of Strategic and International Studies in Washington.
  • ARIS TV - 7 - SAP's Roadmap to BPM and ARIS How to develop a BPM roadmap and how to integrate BPM with SAP's Enterprise SOA approach? Today we provide you with a new episode of ARIS TV. In episode 7 I had the chance to interview Ann Rosenberg, BC Global Practice Owner for Business Process Management and Senior Strategic Business Process Management Consultant at SAP. I had this interview with Ann during ARIS ProcessWorld 2008 in Berlin. Ann is responsible for BPM consulting at SAP and she is author of an upcoming book with the title: "Roadmap to Business Process Management". I wanted to have more details regarding this BPM roadmap and the use of ARIS within the roadmap. Ann gives a great overview about how to benefit using ARIS for your BPM approaches and how ARIS can be used within different use cases together with SAP software and applications (ie SAP Implementation with SAP Solution Manager, SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP Enterprise Service Repository...). More info regarding the book you will find here:
  • President Obama Highlights Paul Ryan's Roadmap Wisconsins First District Congressman Paul Ryan continues his push for alternative solutions, garnering praise from President Obama for putting forth his Roadmap for Americas Future. The President went out of his way to commend Ryan for his Roadmap proposal, calling it genuine, detailed and a legitimate plan to tackle our fiscal crisis. President Obama spoke at the GOP Retreat in Baltimore earlier today, and discussed entitlement reform and additional budget challenges with Ryan. President Obama: I think Paul [Ryan], for example, the head of the Budget Committee, has looked at the budget and has made a serious proposal. Ive read it. I can tell you whats in it. And theres some ideas in there that I would agree with but theres some ideas we should have a healthy debate about because I dont agree with them. The major driver of our long-term liabilities, everybody here knows, is Medicare and Medicaid and our health care spending. Nothing comes close. Thats going to be what our children have to worry about. Now, Pauls approach, and I want to be careful not to simplify this, I know youve got a lot of detail in your plan, but, if I understand it correctly, would say, were going to provide vouchers of some sort for current Medicare recipients at the current level No? Congressman Ryan: No we protect the program for Americans 55 and above [those in and near retirement] Obama: I understand theres a grandfathering in.Thats why I said I wanted to make sure that ...
  • Inglis - Roadmap to Stop the Spending Congressmen Inglis (R-SC) testified at the Budget Committee on the need to cut spending and pay down the debt. We are at a crossroads with all federal tax revenue going to pay for mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, interest on the debt), and borrowing to fund the entire rest of the government including defense. Inglis puts forward Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) "Roadmap for America's Future" as a responsible plan to get entitlement spending under control.
  • A Roadmap for America's Future - Introduction Press Conference Paul Ryan, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-21), and other supporters announce the introduction of new legislation. More information at
  • IDF 2009 SF: New roadmap - to 22 nm and 15 nm
  • Roadmap 2050: AMO Roadmap 2050 is a proposal to set in motion an invisible revolution in the energy sector which would stabilize the Earths climate. The project is a design for a feasible and affordable Europe-wide power infrastructure which can be implemented by 2050 with existing technology. With the political will and capital investment needed to realize the design, Europe could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, and set an example for the rest of the world.
  • VMware 2009 Roadmap Video - Fault Tolerance (FT) For the high resolution version of this demo: download3 VMware Extends Virtual Infrastructure into a Virtual Datacenter Operating System over the course of 2009. For more details on FT visit: Please let us know what you think of this video!
  • Trading Plans: Your Roadmap To Success A trading plan defines your approach to trading. A properly constructed trading plan will leave no room for human judgment, because it will clarify your actions, regardless of any circumstances that may arise. Successful trading is not dissimilar to any other successful business. Every successful business has a business plan and so do successful traders.You may have already realised this from the previous chapter, when I mentioned that successful traders have a systematic way they approach the market. Start designing your profitable trading plan today. Visit
  • Fiji On A Roadmap To Somewhere (Part II) Produced by Selwyn Manning: The governments of the Pacific, led by Australia and New Zealand, are determined to force Fiji to hold free and fair elections be March 31 2008. But will Fiji's military leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama honour his commitment and comply with the dictate? ScoopTV examines this most crucial Pacific standoff and explores whether Fiji's military regime had good reason to toss out what it says was a corrupt Qarase government.
  • Roadmap to Recovery On June 8th, 2009, the President and Vice President announced the Roadmap to Recovery -- a summer initiative designed to accelerate the Administration's recovery efforts. Ten major projects, from job creation to increasing health care access to natural park restoration, were announced. To learn more about the recovery projects happening this summer in your neighborhood, visit (public domain)
  • AMD Adds Triple-Core Processor to Roadmap Leslie Sobon, Director of Desktop Marketing at AMD details plans to add Phenom triple-core processor to the roadmap.
  • Paul Ryan Challenges Roadmap Critics Congressman Paul Ryan offers his gratitude to House Democrats for their focus and attention on an actual plan that reforms health care, saves Medicare, and solves our fiscal crisis. Unfortunately, that was not what the House Democrats voted to advance this afternoon. House Budget Committee Health Care Reconciliation Markup March 15, 2010 For more on Ryan's Roadmap:
  • HR 3585 Solar Technology Roadmap Act of 2009 House Chamber, Washington, DC October 22, 2009 I rise in opposition to the rule and in opposition to the underlying bill. And to explain why, I'd like to walk through a little history and a little math. Lets begin with history and two important years: 1978 and 1839. In 1978, the Wall Street Journal carried this headline: Solar Power Seen Meeting 20 percent of Needs by 2000; Carter May Seek Outlay Boost. Oddly, the same paper carried a headline in 2006 making the same promise this time for all renewable fuels only this time by 2025 but I digress. Billions of dollars were poured into research and development for solar technology, and an entire solar industry solely supported by massive subsidies arose to grab those dollars. And what was the result of all of this plunder of taxpayers and ratepayers? More than 30 years after that promise was made in 1978, solar power accounts for just one percent of electricity generation. Thats not for lack of subsidies its because despite billions of dollars of subsidies, the technology remains immensely inefficient and expensive. And that brings me to the second year: 1839. This is not a new technology. Photovoltaic electricity was first discovered by French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in the year 1839. This technology has existed for 170 years. And in those 170 years of scientific discovery and progress, and despite billions of dollars of subsidies to the solar industry, we have yet to discover a more expensive way of generating ...
  • Roadmap for Georgian peace drafted in Moscow A roadmap to stop all hostilities in Georgia and ensure continued security in the country's breakaway republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia has been brokered in Moscow. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave a joint media briefing to comment.
  • A Butch Roadmap Ivan Coyote performing at Speak Out! on April 10, 2010 at Center Women present. Video by Video Action Network.
  • A Cultural Roadmap for ITSM and ITIL This is an ITIL Implementation Model based on the cultural readiness of an organization to adopt service management concepts. For the full article please click through to my blog.
  • Rep Paul Ryan (WI-01) - "A Roadmap For America's Future" Paul Ryan discusses "A Roadmap For America's Future." "Hi, I'm Paul Ryan -- Congressman from Janesville, Wisconsin, and the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee -- and I'd like to talk to you about an issue of historic importance for us, and for our children and grandchildren. Today, America faces a choice between two economic futures. Currently, we are on a path of unsustainable Federal Government spending. The main problem -- and greatest threat to our nation's economic future -- is the looming crisis of entitlement spending. The well-intentioned social insurance strategies of the past century -- particularly Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid -- are headed toward financial collapse. And, as experts have long warned Congress, not only will these programs grow themselves right into extinction, they'll impose a crushing burden on our economy and budget -- piling massive amounts of debt on future generations, crippling our ability to compete in the international marketplace, and dramatically reducing Americans' standards of living. In fact, by the time my three kids are my age, they will have to pay double the taxes we pay today -- just to keep the government afloat -- no new programs, no new spending -- double the taxes just to maintain the status quo. Compounding this problem is a tax code that discourages work, savings, and investment -- and puts American companies at a significant competitive disadvantage with businesses overseas ...
  • HillCast: Roadmap Out of Iraq In her first HillCast, Hillary talks about the Iraq Troop Protection and Reduction Act, her new plan to stop the president's escalation plan and to start redeploying troops out of Iraq.
  • President Obama and VP Biden: Roadmap to Recovery The President and Vice President discuss plans to expedite Recovery Act spending on key projects over the summer to create more than 600000 jobs. June 8, 2009. (Public Domain)
  • Roadmap to new constitution It has taken close to two decades for Kenya to finally inch close to the dream of a new constitution. And despite several hurdles, this time around the dream is closer than ever, or is it? NTVs Robert Nagila takes a look at the timeline of the long journey to the present.
  • [GALAXY Tab] VCAM - Life Roadmap This is a user-created Samsung GALAXY Tab commercial (VCAM; Viewer Created Ad Message) official selection. To learn more about Samsung Mobile, check out their Facebook page: Maps are one of man's oldest tools. The Samsung GALAXY Tab is one of man's newest. Producer: Jeremy Doe (Psychomelody)
  • VMware 2009 Roadmap Video - vNetwork Distributed Switch For the high resolution version of this demo: download3 VMware Extends Virtual Infrastructure into a Virtual Datacenter Operating System over the course of 2009. For more details on vNetwork visit: Please let us know what you think of this video!
  • Floor Speech on Solar Technology Roadmap Act Congresswoman Giffords speaks on HR 3585, the Solar Technology Roadmap Act, upon passage on the House floor 10/22/2009 by a vote of 310-106.
  • Congressman Ryan Responds to Misguided Attacks on Roadmap Congresswoman Slaughter misleads on the Roadmap. Congressman Ryan responds with the facts.
  • Roadmap 2050: Forward Ticking Clock A vision for how a European renewable energy grid might come about. Made by AMO, the think tank within the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), for Roadmap 2050: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe.
  • bugyrywaq: A Roadmap for Commercial Real Estate Syndications, Part 2 hmt: .YvJ
  • startingtrends: If you're an #entrepreneur than you need the @fundingroadmap in your toolkit
  • CRM_Buzz: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap
  • bjornlilja: If you saw your competitor’s roadmap would it matter? | A Smart Bear
  • bracco: @GrowlVoice cool :) should create public @trello public board for the product roadmap (like Trello does here:
  • socialmediamos: RT @webmusicguy: I missed it, but this month's Social Media Monthly magazine has a full-page spread of my Artist Roadmap to Social Media. Thanks @CarriBugbee
  • kimyko69: Marketing Roadmap Success
  • JeansBulletBlue: RT @RubyHenderson1: Your business plan is your roadmap for success, showing your initial requirements and long-term goals, including many possible factors.
  • glenn4pr: @burkeholland I cynically attribute Metro's simplicity to MSFT's planned obsolescence strategy. Roadmap:bevels, shading, transparency
  • askubuntufeed: Ubuntu Server: Post-Installation RoadMap: First off, I'm just looking for some general direction, not instructio...
  • PhUSETwitta: RT @assero_uk: WG 6 non-clinical: roadmap for nonclin data,endpoint predictivity, historical control, data integration, implementation...
  • GregLevenhagen: RT @AzureCloudNet: #Azure #Cloud Microsoft Reveals Dynamics to Azure Cloud Transition Roadmap ...: Microsoft delivered a much-await...
  • AzureCloudNet: #Azure #Cloud Microsoft Reveals Dynamics to Azure Cloud Transition Roadmap ...: Microsoft delivered a much-await...
  • SMedia_Dev: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap
  • mediaguy: Congrats @joeytrotz. Been doing great work for the 15 years I've known you.
  • OddieGETAH: RT @gamasutra: CryEngine's roadmap reflects game industry realities
  • msiegenthaler: RT @m_st: "Scala - a Roadmap" by @odersky « very exciting!
  • alyandrea: Roadmap for one of the most critical components of “getting out there”: VIDEO! How to use it, script it, etc:
  • dolphinvp: RT @brett_rojas: Microsoft Roadmap for 2012, giving us a small taste of whats on the menu this year! via @CRM
  • c_davies: @zpower It's actually already on the roadmap, albeit as the Samsung Galaxy Note Whoa-Mama. Oh, and it's 5.75".
  • Samantha_Hopper: @Tbroswaq I know I talked to #roadmap #bff lol
  • MobileActiveD: NSA Mobile Security plan roadmap for all mobile device security? | Mobile Active Defense
  • LizMcKeown854: Duncan Fraser speaking about the litigation roadmap...exciting....awesome....colloborative!
  • brett_rojas: Microsoft Roadmap for 2012, giving us a small taste of whats on the menu this year! via @CRM
  • PoliticalGuru3: The "Clean Break" has provided a more accurate roadmap of US policy than even the so-called "Roadmap for Peace".
  • jandbeyond: @nickbalestra still too early for the forms did you complete one? Are you coming to #jab12
  • ERPKnowledge: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap
  • AlainFoulon: Best of CSR platforms. Read this as step one of your roadmap. French article.
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  • helmuth5d: Roadmap To Genius - 75% Payout (hot New Niche, click here! #niche
  • homeandfamily15: I just posted What It Takes To Build A Successful Franchise – A Roadmap For Success, read it here: http://books.homeandfamilythings...
  • The_Makegood: Joey Trotz Drives Turner’s Advertising Technology Roadmap @joeytrotz @TBSInc
  • crowdfundingmap: Having a proper business plan could make or break your success
  • mariuusitalo: RT @JohnGreen2008: A picture of some joined-up thinking. Shows the size of the roadmap that some teams produce.
  • JohnGreen2008: A picture of some joined-up thinking. Shows the size of the roadmap that some teams produce.
  • janettefuller: Book Review: Roadmap To Revenue; How To Sell The Way your Customers Want To Buy @KristinZhivago
  • TheCR: Nice to hear how well Saba understands social adoption does not happen overnight...have a strategy and roadmap for next few yrs. #sabasummit
  • roninapp: @WebFactoryLtd right now we don't support multiple templates, but we have that as a planned addition on our roadmap.
  • KimLessley: Me and @IngramTalent met with #SAP & #SFSF product management yesterday to talk opportunities and #recruiting roadmap. Thanks @SankarParu
  • KenzeeDaBoss: RT @mhoggood: These curves will lead you to a roadmap of heaven
  • 219jondn: @nickbalestra @jandbeyond check out for more info on the roadmap session
  • chris_norcal: RT @zen_habits: A Vegetarian Guide to Your First Marathon I just gave this a read & it's very useful.
  • proops: @njitram liked your post on @cmswire; what kind of snippet management is on the GX roadmap?
  • balmer: @kevinwalzer Hate to use this phrase, but stay tuned. :) Working roadmap this week, along with some possible architecture tweaks.
  • Belinda_Clarke: Long but good day working on synthetic biology roadmap at workshop run by @IfMCambridge. Come on UK, make the vision a reality!
  • CraftIdeaLove: Crafting Colorado’s Digital Learning Policy Roadmap: A number of policy obstacles s
  • Blast_SMedia: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap
  • genejm29: "#Constellation" Lives - Via #NASASpaceflight - #NASA Exploration Roadmap: A return to the Moon’s surface documented
  • Fund_U_cation: RT @uheaa: Have #StudentLoans? Planning on borrowing for your higher ed? #BorrowWisely. An INFOGRAPHIC on the Roadmap to Repayment
  • gerferra: RT @m_st: "Scala - a Roadmap" by @odersky « very exciting!
  • IndicaForest: Wow.. my phones a dumbass. Roadmap??
  • KillerResults: Roadmap to Financial Freedom..
  • IndicaForest: Rushing me to leave then sitting on the side of the roadmap for an hour while I'm asleep<<
  • gregferrell: @jpaylor I use sequel pro <3. Just have navicat for the http tunneling until SP gets it (1.1 roadmap feature)
  • MusicVsWords: Daily music roadmap - IMPALA WELCOMES RUMOURED EC CONCERNS OVER UNIVERSAL’S EMI DEAL As the European...
  • Assero_UK: WG 6 non-clinical: roadmap for nonclin data,endpoint predictivity, historical control, data integration, implementation issues #fdacss
  • JDhywood: World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization
  • GMSHSFOutreach: RT @HSFNews: HSF & Princeton Review's College Roadmap designed 2 understand what needs to be done in high school 2 prep 4 #college
  • BigAgileToolkit: Pragmatic roadmap for larger organisations and larger projects No dogma #CFO Big #Agile Toolkit #Java #business #social
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  • xoxiwac: SAP R/3 Quality Management: Making it work for your business (SAP Press Business Roadmap) (Hardcover)
  • Judahe: This @boidapp looks great, looking forward to when they add features from the roadmap
  • yip_cheong: @JunaidiAsmara watch out for @gtp_roadmap tweets later today
  • yip_cheong: RT @UndiMsia: This Sat @PusatRakyatLB! @gtp_roadmap RT @UndiMsia! debates Government Transformation Programme @GTP_roadmap #UMGTP
  • Life_is_eARTh: Punk poetry doyen roadmap of era: By Nigel Benson on Wed, 21 Mar 2012 The high priest of punk poetry swaggers in...
  • MusicVsWords: Daily music roadmap - MEGA CHIEF COULD REGAIN ASSETS AFTER COURT ORDER ERROR MegaUpload chief Kim ‘Dotcom’...
  • twelvebean: Microsoft Shares Its CRM and ERP Roadmap for 2012
  • BasecampChat: #BasecampAnswers Are tags/categories on the roadmap for the new Basecamp?: We are really really missing categories...
  • BasecampChat: #BasecampAnswers Reply: Are tags/categories on the roadmap for the new Basecamp?: I agree - our files are a mess!
  • BRohmii: RT @amconparty: "The Roadmap would also eliminate the income and payroll tax exclusions for employment-based health insurance."|| $40-$80/mo TAX INCREASE
  • AbdoTounsi: Roadmap to Apartheid
  • yasu_cs: "Theory of Chage"workshop by Gwen Smith. "TOC is a tool/roadmap that helps u know how to design the change u r makin"
  • Techna_Scope: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap
  • TerryKibiriti: s'tyms its best nt to care abt pple even if they r ua new roadmap!!
  • senthazalravi: @alaxitoo you must be using Nimbuzz for iPhone right ? trust me the Product manager already put that in roadmap and you will get it soon.
  • actionableitsm: SACM and CMDB Tools – Strategy and Roadmap Example from Actionable #ITSM
  • ryansalex: A little roadmap for fundraising of a new company via @entmagazine
  • jillfairbrother: Roadmap to improving leadership qualities. My fav: to be seen as trustworthy, be trustworthy.
  • iqugroup: CryEngine's roadmap reflects game industry realities @gamasutra
  • coatIzabeRome: kiribati observability: Online Marketing Roadmap - Knowing the ...
  • redstatesusa: Buy Gold And Silver Safely Book: Buy Gold And Silver Safely Provides A Financial And Economic Roadmap For The Fu...
  • ronaldmol: RT @BlackBerry4Biz: BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a simple & secure solution for Mobile Device Management #MDM ^L
  • 101articles: read more... New step by step roadmap for Auto Parts Online: The internet has verified itself m... Article Online :
  • MDsmartphone: @RichDunbar desperately need new hardware or a real hardware roadmap by hp or any potential oems Otherwise our great community will die :(
  • dgAlien: RT @stefanhoth: Listening to the closing note and roadmap for @mongodb here at #mongodbberlin. Great event with real knowledge gain!
  • leune: Hearing: roadmap, blah blah, strategic, blah blah, security, blah blah, privacy, blah. #industryevent
  • Tim_Loftus: Tape Roadmap by Information Storage Industry Consortium
  • TheOrbifold: RT @mmiroslavov: Just blogged - RadDiagram Q2.2012 Roadmap - #telerik @theorbifold #diagrams ;)
  • MPMsia: @gtp_roadmap Just for the record, I ended up waiting 5 hours at immigration today only to be told to come back tomorrow. After 5 hours!
  • miguelinlas3: Scala -a roadmap
  • webmusicguy: I missed it, but this month's Social Media Monthly magazine has a full-page spread of my Artist Roadmap to Social Media. Thanks @CarriBugbee
  • ERP_Globe: Arbitron Report: New New Media Consumer Roadmap

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  • “Posts Tagged roadmap' From the Japanese Blog: IT Japan 2010. Intel vice president Satoshi Tadashi Munakata Members of the Mainframe Migration Alliance are part of a community you can partner with to determine your unique roadmap for the future”
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  • “The Photoshop Roadmap Blog. A Superb Collection of 240 Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes. November 18th, 2010 By Enrique Flouret in Photoshop | About a year ago I published a comprehensive list of more than 800 Photoshop tutorials and downloads that was a hit”
    — The Photoshop Roadmap Blog,

  • “Thanks for stopping by our Wiki Roadmap Forum. Our project lead, Christian Einfeldt (me, the guy who not found any good software or tutorials on creating a roadmap, so if you have an idea how to create a roadmap, please, lead on!”
    — Wiki Roadmap Forum - Digital Tipping Point Wiki,

  • “Our current roadmap is to release the general language support with a couple of additional European languages (Spain will be The Dec release will also fix a bunch of bugs mentioned in this forum and in our feedback emails”
    — CooTek-TouchPal Forum: Roadmap,

  • “We get a lot of questions from dm Server users about what to expect in the next few releases. In this blog entry, I will outline the main features that we have”
    — SpringSource dm Server Roadmap | SpringSource Team Blog,

  • “New Power Architecture® Silicon Roadmap Signals Strong Growth in Existing and New Markets as Power Architecture Technology Extends Its #1 Worldwide 32-bit MPU and 32-bit CPU Market Share Leadership through 2009”
    — New Power Architecture® Silicon Roadmap... | blog | myblog,

  • “strategic roadmap for each organization to understand the impact of the new Internet IPv6 Forum. 2006. IPv6 Forum Roadmap & Vision 2010. 30/05/2006. Page 8 of”
    — IPv6 Forum Roadmap & Vision 2010, ipv6

  • “A blog about Identity & Access Management (Identity Management Roadmap)”
    — Identity Management Roadmap | Blog,

  • “This is an article I wrote on a former blog after seeing a unique artist exposition, in May of 2002. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Tags”
    — IM Roadmap,

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