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  • roast v. , roasted , roasting , roasts . To cook with dry heat, as in an oven or near hot coals The king loved his roast for the same reason people still love roasted meat: roasting develops and improves the flavor, color, and aroma of food. — “roast: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Roast definition, to bake (meat or other food) uncovered, esp. Roast. Learn How to Make Delicious Beef Dinners w/ Recipes Betty Crocker®. /MeatyDinners. Recipes. Try A Simple, Delicious Recipe Free From Kraft Kitchens - Visit Online!. — “Roast | Define Roast at ”,
  • Definition of roast in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of roast. Pronunciation of roast. Translations of roast. roast synonyms, roast antonyms. Information about roast in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. roast beef, pork roast. — “roast - definition of roast by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Michael Symon's Roast Restaurant located in Detroit, MI Porterhouse for 2 Roast steak sauce, pickled green tomato $59. (please allow 30 minutes). — “Michael Symon's Roast Detroit - Dinner Menu”,
  • Just because a cut of meat has "roast" in the name does not necessarily mean that roasting is an appropriate cooking method. For less tender cuts such as chuck roast, chuck-eye roast, eye of round roast, top round roast, or pot roast refer to braising. — “Texas Beef Council - Cooking School - Roasting”,
  • Beef roast is the main ingredient and flavor of the dish. — “Beef Roast Recipes - ”,
  • When cooking roast beef it is important to use the correct beef cooking times. Learn which cuts are the best to select when roasting beef. — “Roasting Beef: Easy How-To Cooking Tips & Advice: ”,
  • Roast is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee roaster. — “Roast Magazine”,
  • Shop for roast at Target. Find products like roast pan, roaster and more. Choose from Chicago Metallic Bake 'n' Roast Pan, Bialetti Extra-Large Roast Pan with Rack and other products. — “roast : Target Search Results”,
  • Beef pot roast recipes - pot roasts include several for the crockpot and slow cooker. A variety of pot roast recipes. — “Pot Roast Recipes - Recipes for Beef Pot Roasts”,
  • Discover delicious and easy to prepare pot roast recipes from the expert chefs at Food Network. — “Pot Roast Recipes”,
  • Roast coffee - 68,618 results from 4816 stores, including Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3), Starbucks Coffee Espresso Roast, Whole Bean, 12 oz, Jim's Organic Coffee Whole Bean. — “Roast coffee - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Cranberry Pot Roast. Submitted by: amywilliams. Cranberry sauce flavors beef chuck in this This roast cooks with vegetables and beef bouillon for up. — “Allrecipes - Recipe Search”,
  • Most roast cuts of beef can be considered "roast beef." It is roasted in the oven and typically served as an entree. Roast Beef is served "rare" or "pink", meaning that the center of the joint is warmed, but not cooked and keeps the red color. — “Roast Beef”,
  • In addition, large uncooked cuts of meat are referred to as roasts. Roasting is a much slower method of cooking. A roast joint of meat can take one, two, even three hours to cook - the resulting meat is tender. Roasting is suitable for slower cooking of meat in a larger, whole piece. — “Roasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Looking for Sunday roast ideas? Need a basic roast beef, crispy roast potatoes, lemon or garlic infused roast chicken, roasted leg of lamb, roasted garlic or roasted root vegetables?. — “Roast recipes - All recipes Australia NZ”, .au
  • Minimal effort, simple preparation, succulent flavors - these are just a few of the reasons why roasting is so popular. 97 results for oven rump roast. Result Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next. OVEN BAKED RUMP ROAST. Make small slits in roast on top and and 2 cups water. — “ - Recipes - Oven Rump Roast”,

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  • Standing Rib Roast-Food Network Tyler Florence prepares a horseradish-and-garlic-encrusted prime rib. This video is part of All Star Holiday Spirit show hosted by Tyler Florence . SHOW DESCRIPTION :If your holiday ho, ho, ho has turned ho hum, your Food Network favorites are here to help.These great recipe ideas are just in time for your holiday celebration! From starters and mains to drinks and dessert with a few surprises in between, featured recipes come from Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Alton Brown, Giada Delaurentiis Sandra Lee, Ina Garten and Tyler Florence.
  • Roast Of Donald Trump - The Situation Bombs Watch CHRIS BROWN FLIP OUT ON Good Morning America HERE For More of my videos go here PLEASE RATE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE PLEEEAASE! Roast Of Donald Trump - The Situation Fails
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  • Eye of Round Roast Beef Steaks Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys If not cooked correctly, real lean beef steak can be tough eating, for sure. But even steaks cut from the Eye of Round Roast can be real tender and juicy, if you follow these few simple tips by the BBQ Pit Boys.
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  • Cajun Smoked Turkey and Pork Roast by the BBQ Pit Boys This Cajun style Turkey and Pork Loin holiday roast, smoke tender and moist, will give your guests a Holiday or Thanksgiving Turkey and Pork dinner they'll never forget. It's that good. Watch how easy it is to do with a few tips and techniques by the BBQ Pit Boys.
  • The Roast of Mario (featuring Patrick Warburton) WATCH OUR COMPLETE LIBRARY & NEW RELEASES AT: New videos one month earlier,site exclusives and videos we can't show on YouTube! More scorching than a Fire Flower. For more CH and updates: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUNES PODCAST:
  • Obama Roast McCain @ Alfred E. Smith Dinner Part 2 Obama Roast McCain @ Alfred E. Smith Dinner Part 2 We all really enjoyed this video.. Honors for this video (43) #80 - Most Discussed (Today) #17 - Most Discussed (Today) - News & Politics #56 - Most Responded (Today) - News & Politics #87 - Most Viewed (Today) - Australia #25 - Most Viewed (Today) - Canada #70 - Most Viewed (Today) - United Kingdom #36 - Most Viewed (Today) - Ireland #62 - Most Viewed (Today) - Israel #11 - Most Viewed (Today) #48 - Most Viewed (Today) - Netherlands #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Germany #14 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Australia #10 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Canada #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - United Kingdom #10 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Ireland #11 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - India #20 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - New Zealand #8 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Israel #6 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics #30 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Spain #7 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Mexico #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - France #55 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Italy #60 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Japan #23 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - South Korea #10 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Netherlands #33 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Poland #25 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Russia #34 - Most Viewed (Today) - News ...
  • Hasselhoff Roast-Lisa Lampanelli Lisa mocks everyone
  • Roast Beef Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys You don't need an expensive Rib Roast to serve up a moist and tender Roast Beef from the grill. Our simple grilling technique uses Beef Rub, searing, roasting at a high temperature for the first 45 minutes, and then cooked "low and slow" for about additional 2 hours. This inexpensive, lean cut of beef is perfect for the tailgating party and family picnic, and is one of our favorite beef recipes for the grill. -BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this recipe at
  • Rob Reiner Roast Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
  • Classic Beef Pot Roast Check my new website, , for story, recipe and more details. Enjoy!
  • Julia Child's Roasted Chicken - Roast Chicken Recipe Get the full story! Visit to get the ingredients, and watch over 300 free video recipes. Leave me a comment there. If you have questions, ask on the website. Thanks!!
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  • Obama Roast Donald Trump! 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner Obama Roast Donald Trump! 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner "Donald Trump is here tonight," the comedian in chief said, grinning. "Now, I know that he's taken some flack lately, but no one is prouder to put this birth certificate to rest than The Donald. Now he can get to focusing on the issues that matter. Like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened at Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?" "the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from Omaha steaks, but you recognized that this was a lack of leadership, so you fired Gary Busey." "These are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night." Owned.
  • Bill Gaither Roast the week that they filmed this, bill turned 60 years old. so the gaithers decided to have a suprise bill gaither "roast". features kevin williams, chonda pierce, george younce, vestal goodman, jeff silvey (doing a DEAD ON bill impression) mark lowry, etc.
  • Jeff Ross Roast of Emmitt Smith -- Jeffrey Ross Roasts Emmitt Smith and Shaq
  • Roast Beef Recipe Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys Rib Roasts getting too expensive? Then try this real tender and moist, but real quick and easy to do, Beef Round Roast using some simple techniques demonstrated by the BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at ---
  • Katt Williams - ROAST Flavor Flav Katt Williams live at the Pearl Concert Theatre inside the Palms Casino in Las Vegas July 5 '08 Talking about racism at the Flavor Flav Roast.
  • Roast Of Donald Trump - Snoop Dogg Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump - Snoop Dogg
  • ROAST of JOAN RIVERS Arrivals Maximo TV - License this clip http Comedy Central 'Roast of Joan Rivers' Red carpet at CBS Studios in Studio City,Ca July 26, 2009 Interviews with Tom Arnold, Claudia Jordan, Gilbert Gottfried, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Melissa Rivers, Kaylee Defer, Robin Quivers, Whitney Cummings, Greg Giraldo, Jeffrey Ross, Megan Garber, Iliza Shlesinger, Jeffrey Ross, Dr. Andrew Orton and Gary Valentine Red Carpet interviews byDana Ward ***This footage is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for more information at for proper clearance. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ / MAXIMO TV - MAXIMO TV - MAXIMO TV
  • Jimmy Stewart Roast with Rich Little.
  • French Roast French Roast: The oscar nomination for: The Best Short Film (Animated) 2010 Visit the creators' website:
  • Political Roast : Obama Emanuel 2005 CSPAN rebroadcast a roast from 2005 where Barack Obama takes on his future White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
  • Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson - Bea Arthur Bea Arthur reads excerpts from Pamela Anderson's book 'Star Struck'. Best book reading ever!
  • Obama Roast McCain @ Alfred E. Smith Dinner Part 1 Obama roast McCain at Alfred E. Smith Dinner 10/18/2008 Honors for this video (32) #44 - Most Discussed (Today) - News & Politics #40 - Most Responded (Today) - News & Politics #98 - Most Responded (This Week) - News & Politics #56 - Most Viewed (Today) - Canada #81 - Most Viewed (Today) - Ireland #21 - Most Viewed (Today) #83 - Most Viewed (Today) - Netherlands #18 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Germany #23 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Australia #14 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Canada #26 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - United Kingdom #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Ireland #21 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - India #38 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - New Zealand #19 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Israel #11 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics #78 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Spain #28 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Mexico #18 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - France #92 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Japan #34 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - South Korea #19 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Netherlands #53 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Russia #58 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Hong Kong #69 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics - Czech Republic #81 - Most Viewed (This Week) - News & Politics - Canada #100 - Most Viewed (This Week) - News & Politics - Ireland #51 - Most Viewed (This Week ...
  • Comedy Central 'Roast of Larry The Cable Guy' March 1, 2009 Exclusive interviews with Gary Busey, Iliza Schlesinger, Maureen McCormick, Kyle Cease, NIck DiPaolo, India De Beaufort, Marques Ray, Jeffrey Ross, Larry The Cable Guy, Rebecca Corry, Gary Valentine, Nick D'Agosto and Vicki Roberts at Comedy Central Presents 'Roast of Larry The Cable Guy' at Warner Brothers Studio Lot in Burbank, California March 1, 2009 Red Carpet Interviews By Dana Ward Maximo TV © Ricomix Productions Maximo TV Networks
  • Roast Beef Ingredients: 1 top sirloin roast about 3 1/2 pounds kosher salt about a tablespoon pepper This is not a pot roast XD
  • Don Rickles on Dean Martin Roasts : Bob Hope The Master of Venom gets his shot at the great Bob Hope on Dean Martin Roasts.
  • Jamie Foxx Destroys Doug Williams in Comedy Roast Jamie Foxx completely owns Doug Williams when he makes a lame attempt to be funny.
  • Roast of Pamela Anderson - Greg Giraldo The Roast of Pamela Anderson, from 2005, Greg's part.
  • No, THIS is why Norm MacDonald should roast Obama, Part 1/1 Norm MacDonald doing a Weekend Update style routine at the White House Correspondence Dinner, Part 1/1. 4-10-1997
  • The "ultimate" Roast Chicken The secret is a lemon, garlic and herb compound butter UNDER the skin!
  • How to roast chicken - Roasted chicken recipe How to roast chicken - Roasted chicken recipe A good, simple, roasted chicken can be just what you're craving on a cold winter's night. Here's how to roast a chicken, from master chef Marc Bauer, who teaches at the famed French Culinary Institute in New York. Check out for more. Keywords: how to roast chicken roasted chicken recipes roast chicken recipe
  • Roast of Gabriel Iglesias (LCS Season 4 Ep. 6) Part Two As aired on Last Comic Standing; Season 4 Episode 6 (7/10/06) Contestants roast one of their own, Gabriel Iglesias. Part Two is the roast itself and Gabriel firing back.
  • Richard Pryor Roast 1/5 1977.
  • Lisa Lampanelli Roasts Gene Simmons! Lisa does here thing on the Gene Simmons Roast
  • Colbert roasts Bush Steven Colbert grills President to his face at the White House Press Corps Dinner
  • Sirtaggy: @ABPink Oi Now STOP it ! U are making Yorkshire Puddings so that means a ROAST DINNER U are cooking Oh WOW mouth watering key board all wet
  • Zawadin: Yumm, just stopped at what my sis calls #OdumaHeaven - that spot in Kijabe where u buy sweet roast maize! Kweli I've overeaten this wknd
  • NegusEsh: Wah gwa'an world? How is everyone on this bleeky #BritishSunday ?? Who had Sunday Roast, Who had Beans on Toast?
  • danpert: Roast chicken devoured, now to nap..... I hope to make this a regular weekly tweet!
  • MishaJewellery: @nat_tom_wedding well fed on roast turkey & sticky toffee pudding :)
  • themrswillimas: Stuffed after another lovely Sunday Roast at Palmers Restaurant, Roman Road. Mmm #foodcoma
  • Cupcakekiss: Making a roast and cakes for tea tonight. #yummy #excited
  • iamclairet: @aniamarsh @nuttymare73 @exit_above we are there !! Gettin in the mood with a vodka n DC @talk2KT on the sauce makin roast!!
  • seajo: @jmui Pot roast! We'll see how it goes!
  • onehauteplate: Field challenge: RT @oysterwine: See you at oyster roast. Rain or shine! RT @jennyneill: @mikerussellfoto @pennydelosantos @creativelive
  • DJAMO_ADROK: @PuckooCouture aqua best roast in BRS hands down.
  • mummsy2one: @ellsbellsc @SlimmingWorld preheat oven, boil potatoes til almost soft, drain well, spray frylite on them then roast in oven x
  • charlottiej: @bex_gore I've made brownies, taken my avon books out and looking at water activity booo :( but having a massive roast tonight :D xx
  • LorraineMX5: @MarkMoraghan hope your having a nice relaxing day off & get to watch the the Reds online! Good luck to the them hope they roast the Spuds!!
  • GeorgeEBlack: Roast pork that should read!
  • JesstheTWgeek: @blondelouis no serious, they are exactly like you all, same ages, Jack lookalike likes roast dinners too... Really just a coincidence???
  • dawbes: Time to prep roast chicken dinner for later *sigh* #work
  • annieewoodruff: Craving a roast so badly
  • nboswell: roast beef in the oven, time for a cuppa. Or glass of wine maybe?
  • GeorgeEBlack: roast port in the oven, potatoes par boiling.
  • NatashaPearce: @SusanNazari haha im only getting tama and pitta! Iv got a roast waiting for me so i held back!!! :(
  • GSDecoration: Great Sunday roast and 241 bargain (@ The Winchester) http://4/kmcpXS
  • fnoslvrvlvo4lif: @czarcASStic making a pot roast for a family gathering on my hubby's side of the family and then hanging ou… (cont)
  • EmilyJayne_xo: Hmm roast time :)
  • Super_Negra: The largest item on any menu in the world is the roast camel. #CrazyFoodFacts
  • gortinsteve: Time to roast some spuds. Cmon the Reds.
  • Cath_Tyldesley: Woah! Just gone really sleepy! Nap time before Sunday roast with @AnthonyJ_Knight methinks. x
  • NicdavishairSR: Done a quick haircut and a shop. Now cooking up pork belly with roast and new spuds and veggies. Giving babies a bath later. A good day.
  • FlyingTeatowel: @Iklefreak Yes! because I am very soon to have a roast smothered in graaaaaaavy, beeeeeefy!
  • sashaamonroe: Watching spirit waiting for my roast :)
  • ArsenalBabe_xo: @lilkym__1 Haha true i thought u might have got all the roast but yeah if u aint then its far too late lool xx
  • Hale_Me_Now: @QueenBrooke88 yo this guy is hilarious let him roast
  • sammymayers: Roll on the Sunday Roast!! #good times!
  • DustCobb: @IAmJBers #roast-ing?
  • robbynn: Full to the brim with roast dinner and gorgeous home made treacle sponge! Mm my mum is best cook ever!
  • Dbunzz: I am making Sunday Pot Roast in the slow cooker...first time. hope it tastes as good as my mom's!
  • obviate: RT @campfirewood via @obviate: "We used to roast Stay-Puft marshmallows by the fire..." #WhoYouGonnaCall
  • DJAMO_ADROK: Oooh by the way I'm not hungover & have just been to the gym. Feeling the sunday buzz. Time for a mega roast. #realfoodtalk
  • Laura_RC18: Only thing I'm looking forward to is roast :)
  • AmandaEAllen: Had a late dinner at Red Rock last night and woke up dreaming about the roast I must get going now, I am food obsessed! #hate
  • PuckooCouture: @DJAMO_ADROK @Emma_Tweetz where you guys going for a roast?? x
  • thebakertron: Stuck in traffic but I want to get the inlaws to watch #avfc vs #afc and have a sunday roast
  • jteramsden: Roast sirloin of beef with @ottolenghi carrot and pea salad
  • BusterDouglas4: @MrFantastiQ4 ur calfs look like a pot roast... Elementary teachers use ur teeth to show them geometry shapes and Ur right is effin up
  • Halfpennylondon: Enjoying a roast with @jamesleeduffy @Erin_O_Connor & Peashoot... so full... Eaton mess should be illegal!!!
  • persephone79: Sooooooo gonna have ta teach the kids to make a roast............knackered!!
  • simbapip: @GeorgeMichael I'm hungry waiting for my beef roast dinner and cherry crumble at my sister's where her boyfriend is cooking for us. How r u?
  • KTRNZ: Having a fili version of sunday roast
  • campfirewood: via @obviate: "We used to roast Stay-Puft marshmallows by the fire..." #WhoYouGonnaCall
  • HayleyAMatthews: Just made the best roast ever!Yummm! ♥
  • Mateface: Watched the game, wee roast dinner then work till hauf 10ish :) braw busy sunday
  • YOhahnLP: I liked a @YouTube video from @Qwerty95k Linkin Park : KROQ Weenie Roast 2007 (Full Show) H
  • little_quinny: Feel fresh after that jog... Roast time #cantwait xx
  • traynigga: @BRYCEB2790 lemme see sum of yo work roast sum1
  • Melissabennett_: i want my mum to cook me a big roast dinner :(!!
  • Stutakesphotos: Sounds great RT "@dc96: Cracking 12 mile walk in some of the best bits of Bedfordshire - now waiting for a Sunday Roast #mykindofsunday"
  • schoey85: Bets on for the footy now to me ma's to try an blag a roast!!
  • meefymeef: @RumaPR I'm in John Lewis. They do a roast but it looks neither good nor late.
  • mattdriley: @HelenJFisher And pheasant fat makes the best roast potatoes too, goose fat is a pale 2nd in comparison!
  • punkyscudmonkey: @SpodoKomodo those look like the perfect roast potatoes.
  • super_donal: Where is good for Sunday roast in or around Erdington?
  • AnnMarieCalvert: Finished a lovely roast lime, lemon, ginger and garlic pork with my dad @IanMCalvert and now watching tv and drinking hot chocolate.
  • Dehoffren: @webwhore the roast is in (at last) and pud on the ay so all good, sounds sort of viral, take extra care of yourself though,
  • J_Watson14: Ohh I can't wait to after church to come SMASH these greens, sweet potatos, mac&cheese;, roast, & (cont)
  • evamodels: The Carvery sunday roast is the best ##just came out of one now my belly is full with four kinds of meat and veg.
  • lilkym__1: @ArsenalBabe_xo nothing now jus went shop to get a mag n sweets mias knicked me sweets n I'm thinking bout cookin a roast bt is it too late?
  • DJAMO_ADROK: @Emma_Tweetz umm I'm hungry! Roast needs to be eaten soonish. Are u up for it?
  • lisaloolar: @GemmaLemba haha I'm relaxing now, looking forward to a nice roast in a bit!! Still nothing, we're just waiting! T-9 days!
  • meefymeef: @RumaPR the dogs used to do a darn good roast
  • LovePork: RT @OurCowMolly: RT @LovePork We've got a juicy gammon roast in the oven - anyone else *want to come to ours for tea*
  • justbenwaters: Bit of gym, bit of a roast to follow perfect
  • Stacey_Daly: slightly feeling the effects from last night, hoping my roast dinner will sort me out!
  • LittleLizBear: Goats cheese & nut Wellington roast at the Ferry Boat Inn in Tottenham - tasty
  • sidoyle: Wife out doing cultural shizzle and I am home cooking a Sunday roast for when she gets back. #oncallweek
  • tubbsmcguire: @dandevlin Get your arse out of bed and come over. This roast ain't gonna eat itself.
  • eholden1: Roast pork at daddy's this evening yipeeeeeee!
  • natalie_joanne: Looking forward to going round @KittyClinton 's for a Sunday roast. Yum yum 
  • joegrantswishes: my nan made the best roast potatoes ever, I've never had any others that have been as nice as hers
  • thisislucyb: if only you could get a roast dinner from a takeaway.
  • ThatBoyMichael: LOVE my mum, she said there'll be a roast dinner on the table when I get in. I've hardly eaten in a week.
  • eatlivtravwrite: SO. JEALOUS! RT @SaltySeattle: Headed to @creativelive studio to roast oysters for @pennydelosantos during #Pe… (cont)
  • GwenTweetsss: Roast is smelling good, I love stuffing
  • sammyimp: off round to the parents for sunday roast yum yum oh yeah & to bring Rhys home lol
  • philthdj: Plan for the day: Sunday Roast and hench basslines
  • abbie_herbert: “@matt_cardle_uk: Cooked my first sunday roast today ! Get in. . Xx” you cooking one for @Mr_Grimshaw today as seen as you've mastered it?xx
  • t_witteringsam: Vegging on the sofa after a huge Sunday roast. Have a huge pile of DVD's to get through and I refuse to move until we've watched them all :)
  • renzaVermeulen: Sunday Roast @ Parrot Inn, Forest Green http:///h010395637j
  • paulmccourt: Lovely roast leg of lamb just been consumed and some left for later. Great salt crust and juicy.
  • anygivenfood: Step House Hotel is buzzing, coffee in the hand, have my eye on a free range spit roast baguette for lunch. #CFHF
  • robhoward505: roast dinner was good, well done mum
  • RachelWoffindin: I'd love a Sunday roast right now
  • risingsidford: All Roast Beefed out!
  • CarolineBmakeup: Looking at Adele's tongue on the front cover of Fabulous mag made me feel slightly queasy as I was tucking into my Sunday roast!
  • Lily_Sage: Amazing day: £100 earned at carboot, a sun tan and a yummy roast :-)
  • justohjay2: @emywabz barca wil roast that devil of a team. messi vs hernandez lol
  • cloemorgan: i have put so much mint sauce on my roast i'm basically just eating mint sauce and gravy.
  • stevecraine: Great bike ride to Fox House and back.Bit windy tho clinging onto the handlebars in parts:) chillin out now off out for Sunday roast later.

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