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  • Kumoi Rokudan, one of the revisions of Rokudan was composed by Chiyoda Kengyo of the Yamada School of koto. Kumoi Rokudan, one of the revisions of Rokudan was composed by Chiyoda Kengyo of the Yamada School of koto. — “Kumoi Rokudan”,
  • Listen to Nanae Yoshimura – Rokudan for free. Rokudan appears on the album The Art of the Koto, Volume One. Nanae Yoshimura is a famous Japanese koto (koto-japanese harp) player. From her childhood Nanae Yoshimura was tought by her teachers. — “Nanae Yoshimura – Rokudan – Listening & stats at”,
  • The Passing of Kenneth Bunji Tamai, Rokudan. January 13, 1933 to June 30, 2004. As many of you know, my father Kenneth Tamai, passed away on June 30, 2004 at 2:00 am in Honolulu Hawaii. He was found to have a very advanced cancer of the pancreas which spread to his liver and into his kidneys. — “The Passing of Kenneth Bunji Tamai, Rokudan”,
  • COOK01132_201. Rokudan: 16th Century Kengyo Yatsuhashi. Track Artist Koto virtuoso Shinichi Yuize performs imperial court music dating as far back as the early 16th Century in addition to his own contemporary. — “Smithsonian Folkways - Rokudan: 16th Century Kengyo”,
  • Grand Rapids Kendo Kai, the best Kendo club in Grand Rapids Michigan. Chief Instructor: Yutaro Matsuura - Rokudan (6th Dan) Grand Rapids Kendo Kai meets at the Toyoda Center. Time:. — “Welcome to Kendo in Grand Rapids Michigan”,
  • Martial arts supplies including uniforms, Martial arts supply, karate equipment, sparring gear and martial arts weapons at wholesale prices. In Judo and Ju-Jujitsu, the fourth, fifth, and sixth degree is known as the Rokudan belt. — “RONIN BRAND ROKUDAN BELT (TOP PIC RIGHT)”,
  • San Shi Judo Club founding member Fred Nuthall has been promoted to the rank of rokudan by the United States Judo Federation. Pictured are (from left to right) our guest Jerry Hays, rokudan and USJF archivist; Fred-sensei; our guest Mr. Roy Moore, USJF shichidan; Ernie Matsubara, USJF godan and. — “Promotion of Fred Nuthall - ”,
  • Rokudan Main performer: Hiroshi Miyagi Release Date: 2007 Previous: Rokoko - Romantik Next: Roland Dahinden: Flying. — “Rokudan: Information from ”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: Rokudan's Photostream”,
  • View and enjoy rokudan's Art. — “rokudan - ”,
  • Rokudan [Solo Ranked 5v5] Malzahar 1. League of Legends. 39:17 | 166 views | 0 votes views | 0 votes. Rokudan. Show More Videos. Search. About Us. Company Info. — “own3D - Runeterra [id:441] Archive (2010-11-21 07:47:11 - 08”,
  • rokudan on Dailymotion promote rokudan. create a jukebox. create a videowall. Profile Comments (0) Become rokudan's friend and be the first to leave a comment. Contacts (1) nyana. 0 videos. Clip of the Day. Nothing to see here. Dailymotion. — “rokudan on Dailymotion”,
  • American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu is a system of self-defense in which people learn how to end a confrontation. It is a no-holds barred system of self-defense. Children in the Martial Arts by Chet B. Chesher, Rokudan. — “AMERICAN KENPO BU-JUTSU of Arizona”,
  • Yondan/Godan/Rokudan Application (revised August 2006) Instructors wishing to recommend a candidate for the rank of yondan or Either an exam date will be set, the applicant will be promoted by. — “California Aikido Association”, ai-ki-
  • A quick note to say that our instructor Steve Bishop passed Rokudan today in Nagoya, Japan (16th May). This makes Steve the most senior active kendoka in Scotland today (and only the second ever Scottish-based kendoka to reach this level). More details/pics and I'm sure a blog to follow. — “Edinburgh receives new Rokudan " Edinburgh Kendo Club”,
  • Koto Sound Dictionary term Rokudan no shirabe Rokudan no shirabe is a traditional koto piece composed by Yatsuhashi, Kengyoo (1614-1685). The composition consists of 6 sections, each with 52 beats. It was originally written for the koto, but has become popular to play also on the shamisen. — “Koto Sound Dictionary: Rokudan no shirabe”,
  • Extensive information on the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, its performers, recorded music, history, schools and related information. This piece has the same characteristics as Rokudan in terms of the size of each section and melodic movements. — “ - Recording: Fascination of the Koto 2”,
  • Rokudan (六段) is an abbreviation for Rokudan no Shirabe (六段の調), one of Yatsuhashi Kengyo's famous pieces. It was originally a soukyoku, a kind of chamber music with the koto playing the leading part, but nowadays the part of the koto is more widely known than the original. — “Rokudan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Famous piece from 1600's Japan by koto player Yatsuhashi Kengyo Is there a different Tozan version of Rokudan? There are certain embellishments that I was taught and that yes, I tend to play in a Gaikyoku piece. — “YouTube - Rokudan”,
  • Successfully passed Rokudan grading in Tokyo, Japan under the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei. Cat Maneker - Rokudan (Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei- 2010) 1980 became Zen student of Robert. — “SHIN KEN KAI IAIDO”,

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  • Kenpo Kai - Kihon Kata Yodan Kara Rokudan Competition kata teaching by kaicho Chiaki Ohashi. www1.bbweb-/righttec/ikko.html
  • Taikyoku Rokudan Shotokan Karate Kata Taikyoku Rokudan, Dennis Kipper, 1. Dan, Sensei Karl-Hans König, 5. Dan, Shotokan Karate Kata, Shotokan Karate Dojo Maulburg, www.shotokan-karate-
  • Rokudan No Shirabe (Music of Six Steps) This is a classic koto piece performed in the 17th century by Kengyo Yatsuhashi, an epic figure in koto music history who created a new style for the instrument.
  • Louis Martin, Rokudan, Seibukan Jujutsu Footage put together of my 6th dan demonstration. December 6th, 2012. I do not own any rights to the music in this video.
  • Koto Music of Japan-Rokudan PLEASE READ While watching this video, I want you to relax! Forget your troubles! Forget your worries! Comment and tell me what your favorite picture was!
  • Rokudan No Shirabe Performed by John Singer: Honte (basic melody) and Yamato Shudo: Kaete (alternate melody) in Kita Kyushu, Japan in May of 2009.
  • Yvonne Jordan at iaido rokudan exam (Nov 2009) European Kendo Federation iaido 6th dan examination dd 21. November 2009 in Mierlo (NL). Pass rate: 12 candidates 0%.
  • Sunrise (Rokudan) 20/01/2009. temp:5C. I wanted to make this one shorter, since the sky changed to a "normal" blue. However, I didn't want to cut the music :P The black specks are crows and swallows flying to work. Music: Rokudan By Zumi-Kai group.
  • Traditional japanese music - Rokudan (fan video) You can feel the japanese in you during the song and watching the incredible photos made by talanted photographers. たのしい! PS: these photos are not mine.
  • rokudan no shirabe rokudan no shirabe
  • Civilization 5 OST - Oda Nobunaga War - Japan - Rokudan no Shirabe Original Civilization V soundtrack by Geoff Knorr and Michael Curran.
  • Learn to Play Shamisen - Rokudan Fast Speed - Do you like tsugaru shamisen? You wanna play tsugaru shamisen? You wanna make your own tsugaru shamisen? You gotta get Shamisen of Japan! Go to When you can comfortably play Rokudan at a decent clip, try in on high-er speed
  • Classical Japanese Koto Music - Izumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group - Rokudan From the liner notes: "Japan owes its music, as its culture in general, to the Chinese. Not only, however, have the Japanese actively developed this heritage, but they have also preserved many elements of older Chinese music which have been lost in its home country. The music of the Japanese can be divided into main categories which correspond to the sacred and secular fields of Western music. In the former category we find: (a) Gagaku. This is the ancient Chinese temple music which was introduced into Japan around AD 600 and which marks the beginning of Japanese musical history. It is orchestral music, performed by small shawms (hichiriki), flutes (shakuhachi), mouth organs (sho), lutes (biwa), drums, and gongs. - (b) Ka(n)gura. This is the indigenous Japanese temple (Shinto) music which is used today for the most solemn worship. It originated in the 13th century when Japan became conscious of its aboriginal culture, and may well contain elements of a tradition prior to the Chinese influence. Today it is played on the koto and flutes. It is a recitative confined to a few tones. To the same category belongs the Saibara songs, autochthonous songs used at the Emperor's court and executed by a soloist, a small group of singers, together with sho, hichiriki, and fuye (flute). - (c) Halfway between sacred and secular is Nogaku, or No. This is a musical play which may be compared to the liturgical drama of the Middle Ages with which it was coincidental in rise (c. 1000-1200 ...
  • Roku Dan, Secrets unveiled! Tsugaru Shamisen for Karl H. on Bachido well these are not exactly "Secrets" but I thought it sounded cool for the title. Hope you enjoy this. It is made for Karl Hedlund in SWEDEN and the bachido community. Please visit us to find out more about Tsugaru Shamisen and join a community of Shamisen players, fans and enthusiasts from all around the world. bachido . com.
  • California Guitar Trio - Rokudan California Guitar Trio - Paul Richards, Bert Lams and Hideyo Moriya perform the 17th century Japanese piece "Rokudan" on Saturday, April 10, 2010 at historic St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville, Ohio. (on-screen time is accidentally labeled "AM" - concert occured in the evening)
  • Rokudan a traditional japanese song, perfromed with traditional japanese instruments - koto and bamboo flute - by the Zumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group
  • Making of the Shamisen - Rokudan Updated Note: This was the very first attempt at making a tsugaru shamisen. Three years later, I've made an exact (at least, "close enough") duplicate of a tsugaru shamisen and have made a book to teach you how to do the same. This book, Shamisen of Japan, gives you full instructions on how to make and play tsugaru shamisen. If you are interested in tsugaru shamisen, check it out! Here is the final version of the home made shamisen . . . in action! Forgive the audio quality and keep in mind that I had not played for several weeks so I was a little rusty
  • Civilization V OST | Oda Nobunaga Peace Theme | Rokudan no Shirabe Civilization V OST by Geoff Knorr & Michael Curran: Oda Nobunaga Peace Theme
  • Kempo "Tahitu" Kata Saifa Rokudan Kempo Kata Saifa Rokudan.
  • Rokudan with One Finger - Rokudan Challenge With only 72 hours left in the Rokudan Challenge, I felt the greedy urge to submit another entry. Without further adieu, Rokudan with one finger!
  • Rokudan Rokudan is a famous sankyoku piece. I was learning Rokudan for a long time and finally decided to record a video. I know that I did a bunch of mistakes and pitch misses but I still hope that you will like this video. I used some solo koto Rokudan recording that my teacher gave me as a backing track.
  • Roku Dan, Clara Alicia Martinez (warm up) Clara Alicia Martinez, warming up at the KOTO before presentation at Toronto). Yatsuhashi Kengyos master piece Roku Dan. This is a production of Alfonso Mejia-Arias.
  • Japanese koto Rokudan no Shirabe - Shodan Japanese Koto
  • Learn to Play Shamisen - Rokudan Slow Speed - Do you like tsugaru shamisen? You wanna play tsugaru shamisen? You wanna make your own tsugaru shamisen? You gotta get Shamisen of Japan! Go to Let's learn the basic Tsugaru piece, Rokudan. So you can follow along, we'll do it slow as molasses.
  • Rokudan Kuzushi Makiko and Masuho This is not my video.
  • Rokudan Kuzushi Another spellbinding performance of traditional Japanese dance by Noriko Sakamoto, of the Tachibana Group.
  • Tamie Kitahara, Shen Ribeiro - Rokudan No Shirabe: Japan - Traditional Music (Short Ver.) Artist: Tamie Kitahara, Shen Ribeiro Album: Japan - Traditional Music BUY iTunes: BUY MP3: A captivating journey into eastern culture through traditional Japanese sounds. Japan Traditional Music presents music, with soft melodies and many soils in typical instruments in Japan. Track List 1. Kuroda Bushi 2. Guion Ko Uta 3. Kuro Kami 4. Sakura Sakura 5. Rokudan No Shirabe 6. Sotkyo 1 7. Midare 8. Sotkyo 2 9. Tsuru No Koe Domo Music Group:
  • Rokudan (slow speed) Yumiko, my shamisen teacher, plays Rokudan slowly so I can follow along. Any good Trini out there will see my meggie of white oak!
  • Yamagami Susumu and Kevin Kmetz "Roku Dan!" Yamagami Susumu is a great Tsugaru Shamisen master from Japan. Here he is in Seattle playing ROKU DAN with Amercan Shamisen pioneer Kevin Kmetz. march 2008.
  • Civilization V OST | Oda Nobunaga War Theme | Rokudan no Shirabe Civilization V OST by Geoff Knorr & Michael Curran: Oda Nobunaga War Theme
  • Rokudan Famous piece from 1600's Japan by koto player Yatsuhashi Kengyo
  • Rokudan - Ryo, Pierre and Kevin - Doyou like tsugaru shamisen? You wanna play tsugaru shamisen? You wanna make your own tsugaru shamisen? You gotta get Shamisen of Japan! Go to Ryo Hagiwara, Pierre Ono and Kevin Kmetz playing a peppy group ensemble (duh) of Rokudan.
  • Learn to Play Shamisen - Rokudan Medium Speed - Do you like tsugaru shamisen? You wanna play tsugaru shamisen? You wanna make your own tsugaru shamisen? You gotta get Shamisen of Japan! Go to When you can comfortably play Rokudan at a slow speed, try it at a moderate tempo.
  • Seibukan Jujutsu: James Campbell Rokudan
  • Blessed_Rokudan: RT @Addictd2Success: Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest.
  • Blessed_Rokudan: RT @pastorlarryafwc: The bigger you are the greater the target. Still, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper..." -Isaiah 54:17
  • Blessed_Rokudan: RT @BishopJakes: Take a swing every day is what I say!! RT @darrellpatrick: Stop screaming at the forest when God has blessed you with an ax!
  • Silver_One96: Rokudan no Shirabe ....六段の調

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  • “"Rokudan" by Yatsuhashi Kengyo. This is a famous Japanese composition for koto and accompaniment. Submitted by Mr. OK Jazz on Sun, Mr. OK Jazz's blog. 2 comments. Read more. Tokyo Jazz Society - Oct 29th”
    — Blogs | Tokyo Jazz Site,

  • “SGJ was formed to promote and foster a spirit and understanding of Goshin-Jitsu. rokudan : sixth degree black belt. shichidan: seventh degree black belt (also, nanadan)”
    — Sekkinsen Goshin Jitsu Federation: SGJ-Federation,

  • “E.Clay Buchanan's blog. Argentina and Brazil trip report by Yoshiko A total of 38 archers took part, a number that the chief instructor, Yoshiko Buchanan, renshi rokudan, of the NCKF, noted”
    — E.Clay Buchanan's blog | American Kyudo Renmei,

  • “As well as rokudan's open letter to the executive committee of Finnish Judo Association, points up to godan and career details for rokudan, but I believe that there must be some”
    — -> Dans,

  • “Dog Blog. Store. Ask Us! Dog Photo Of The Day: Unlikely Pair. February 4th, 2009 by Dan. The is captured in this photo! Photo by Rokudan. Popularity: 1% [?] Posted in Ask the Dog”
    — Dog Photo Of The Day: Unlikely Pair | Dog Reflections,

  • “Short snippets and such can be found in my Tumblr blog, simply because the software over there is more friendly to snippeting. The leap in software releases required us to change the look of the blogs; we're not done with Katherine's TFM blog yet”
    — Katherine's Blog 2.0,

  • “rokudan has not posted any announcements. My Activity. November 16, 2010. rokudan joined Michigan Votes Forum. rokudan has not uploaded any files. Copyright © 2008 Mackinac Center for Public Policy”
    rokudan - Michigan Votes Forum,

  • “Only A Game Senior Producer Gary Waleik writes about his music selections for this week's program, further expanding his cultural horizons along the way”
    — Music Blog 2/6/10 | Only A Game,

  • “Robert Stroud sensei is a rokudan in kendo and a godan in iaido. His motto is "Train Hard, Have Fun." We are blessed that he moved back to Idaho from”
    — Senseis: Stroud sensei, kendo-

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