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  • Te waikamihi Ormsby-At last (maori NZ) Just playing around on a Cloudy day :) this is dedicated to my beautifull cousin Rawinia Hereima Phillips xo.
  • Train 239 Passing Otorohanga Train 239 heading south through Otorohanga on Saturday 10th March 2012.
  • Redwood from the cab
  • Enter In Teaser Join us on 15 - 17 April 2011 at Narrows Park, Rukuhia as we celebrate the fifth year anniversary of CFC Youth for Christ - Hamilton, NZ. Music by Chris Toml...
  • Waiata Tamariki - Tena ra Koe Takaroa e Papa, Papa me haere ki te hi ika Mama, Mama, me haere ki te ruku Kia tere, kia tere, tikina ka taputapu Aho, matau, maunu e E hi, e hi tamariki ma Rukuhia, r...
  • WW2 plane lands on highway (Reuters) Jul. 24 - A police dashboard camera caught a World War 2 plane making an emergency landing on a Wisconsin highway. According to the Wisconsin state...
  • Kotiro Maori Kotiro Maori e, taku ripene pai - Maori lass, my gay ribbon O makawe hoki nga ngaru ate tai - your hair is like the ripples of the tide Ko te pare huia - a t...
  • KiwiRail Northern Explorer south through Rukuhia DC4571 pulling the southbound Northern Explorer south through Rukuhia shortly after leaving Hamilton on Saturday 7 September 2013.
  • Secret Crown Government facility Hamilton NZ .m4v New Zealand is part of the Five Star Alliance between Great Britain, United States, Canada and Australia, and this facility controlled by the Crown Governmen...
  • 221 and some 'tooting' Train 221 rolling south through Paekakariki with DXB's 5097 + 5108 on Saturday 21 July 2012. The train tooting that can be heard in the background is coming ...
  • KiwiRail Train 229 through Porootarao Train 229 with EF's 30111 and 30226 coming into the Porootarao tunnel on its way south to Wellington. Friday 6th September 2013.
  • De kids op de schommel Lekker gek doen op de schommel.
  • bhojpuri new album @june 2012. Download
  • Denise wast de auto. De beste carwash van de wereld.
  • Addiction Dance Intermediate Class The Kentucky, Double Over Throw, First Move Stop and Back Hander Stop combination at Rukuhia Hall.
  • NORTHERN EXPLORER DC 4692 Pulls out of Huntly heading north with the Northern Explorer.
  • WW2 Aircraft Wrecks + A collection of WW2 aircraft wrecks from all over the world... Enjoy... Audio = Soldier Warriors by Syenta (creative commons license) http:///fil...
  • WW2 Boneyards After the end of World War 2, 10s of thousands of aircraft were no longer required. Rather than be put into storage or sold cheaply to dubious national airfo...
  • Wairarapa train at Masterton
  • Northbound Xplorer at Tarro Northbound Xplorer tears through Tarro, with the driver blasting the horn.
  • Jaromir sproeit de tuin Jaromir helpt ons met de plantjes in de tuin water te geven.

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