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  • Explore performer Laurie Monahan on 10 classical music works CDs to buy at CD Universe, including sound samples, songs, biographies, reviews, and more. always, the Camerata's singing is excellent, and the group is accompanied beautifully in the later works by the Boston Shawm and Sacbut Ensemble. — “Performer - Laurie Monahan at CD Universe”,
  • . Home. Search: 25-Sep-2010. Posted by admin | edit this As the expenses are on the rise, everyone wants to go by those brands that are either cheap or those offering huge discounts. The. — “”,
  • Sacbut - Define Sacbut at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Sacbut. Look it up now!. — “Sacbut | Define Sacbut at ”,
  • The Republic of Sacbut is a tiny, devout nation, notable for its strong anti-business politics. Sacbut's national animal is the axolotl, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the severed head. — “NationStates | The Republic of Sacbut”,
  • No results found for "sacbut" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “sacbut definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • The term survives in numerous English spelling variations including sacbut, sackbutte, sagbut, shagbolt, sacabushe and shakbusshe. Musica Antiqua's Sacbut page History, photos, and sounds. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public. — “Sackbut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [[Image:Sackbutt.jpg|thumb|300px|Four sackbuts: bass, alto, tenor, bass]]The Sackbut (var. The name is derived from the Middle French ''sacquer'' and ''bouter'' ("push" and "pull") and the term survives in numerous English spelling variations including sacbut, sagbut, shagbolt and shakbusshe. — “ - About Sackbut”,
  • The music played by the New York Consort of Viols and the New York Cornet & Sacbut Ensemble on Sunday at Corpus Christi Church lay at the boundary of our common conception of secular, non-operatic repertory music. The instrumental works from. — “MUSIC NOTED IN BRIEF - MUSIC NOTED IN BRIEF - Consort of”,
  • Clipart illustrations of various instruments from the Middle East, most notably the kinura. The instrument called sabbeka in the Hebrew Scriptures has been erroneously rendered as sacbut by the transla. — “Middle East Musical Instruments - Clipart ETC”,
  • Sacbut (unknown) Sackbut English? Sakbut (unknown) Grove describes this as a name occasionally used around 1550 or 1850 for "big reed stops" Sackbut 32', Pedal; York Cathedral, England; Hill 1833. Audsley reports that this stop was removed in 1903, but as of 2001 it is. — “Encyclopedia of Organ Stops”,
  • The Everyman Guild is dedicated to the performance of sacred and secular music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. — “”,
  • Anthems in Eden/Amaranth Artist: Shirley Collins Rating: Release Date: 1999 Type: Compilation (best of) Genre: Folk Review Considered a landmark Roger Rigden (Dancer), John Rodd (Arranger), Colin Sheen (Tenor Sacbut), Adam Skeaping (Violin), Adam Skeaping (Violone), Adam Skeaping (Bass. — “Anthems in Eden/Amaranth: Information from ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Sacbut. Information about Sacbut in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Sacbut definition of Sacbut in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • After all, there are still people who don't know that the sacbut is the forerunner of the modern trombone, was used to swell professionals of kings and dukes, and blared brightly from the balconies of Venice during the golden age of that musical city. — “The Sacbut / The Christian Science Monitor - ”,
  • click image for sacbut sound (124kb wav) or here for same in mp3 format. However, for the lowest contratenor parts, and often for (includes sacbut on third verse) Many names have been given to the Renaissance trombone, including sackbut (literally "push-pull"), saqueboute, shakbusshes, seykebuds,. — “The Sacbut”,
  • 1030pm @ Local269 houston/suffolk FREE allstar dub jazz show w/ ClarkGayton @sacbut members of Skatalites, Toots & Maytals, 1 month ago. EID at the Posted by sacbut on August 24, 2009. What to expect. What should you get for a big show at a large room? Well, there is a union scale, but not only is. — “Getting Paid – or Beer Does Not Equal Rent " The View from”,
  • Sacbut. Viols. Rauchefife. Pipe & Tabor. Medieval Bagpipe. 15th Century Cup Bells. miscellaneous percussion. The reproduction music recorder viol krumhorn sacbut band concerts special events. — “The Locrian Early Music Ensemble of Eastern Virginia - (757”,
  • Members of Musica Antiqua play ancient instruments for madrigal dinners Want to hear a mean sacbut solo? By: Laura Pieper/The Tribune. 01/17/2008. Updated 01/25/2008 12:06:06 AM CST. Email to a friend Post a Comment Printer-friendly. Crumhorns, rauschpfeifen, sacbuts, hurdy-gurdys and shawms; they might. — “Mid-Iowa Newspapers - Want to hear a mean sacbut solo?”,
  • Find out about the instruments played by The QuintEssential Sackbut and Cornett Ensemble The name of this instrument has gone through many different versions including sacbut, sagbutt, shagbut and shakbush. — “QuintEssential : Instruments”,

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  • After Thanksgiving Part 4: Solid Waste Here we have my usual trash driver, #191!! This was my grandparents' cul-de-sac, but can you guess which brown bin is theirs??
  • : The Eye - Glenn Jones (3 of 3) Glenn Jones is probably known more for his guitar work in Cul de Sac but his second album, Against Which the Sea Continually Beats is gaining a lot of critical acclaim. Here he talks about partial capos, work with Jack Rose, recording in Martha's Vineyard, and other things. Recorded at WZBC studios March 19, 2007.
  • Ed Edd N Eddy Movie Trailer #2:Captain Melonhead READ DESCRIPTION-This is my second and FAKE eene trailer,Ed Edd N Eddy Movie Trailer #2:Captain Melonhead. In this trailer eddy loves to scam inocent kids in the cal-de-sac but the only person eddy hasnt scam was johnny and johnny wants to put an end to his scams. then thats when johnny becomes captain melonhead and then captain melonhead ruins one of eddys scams and eddy doesnt want captain melonhead to get in his way so eddy become the most evil super villian, Professer Scam then Professer scam sets a trap on Captain melon head and the its Captain Melonhead vs Professer Scam. Who Would win? and also please rate and comment this video
  • Lake Purgatory Land Durango Colorado Real Estate Picturesque Colorado mountain property within 5 minutes of the ski area at Durango Mountain Resort. Enjoy your privacy from this large 1.35-acre heavily treed, corner property in Lake Purgatory Estates. Neighboring homes are all custom built and consistently in log or timber frame mountain styles. Drive past a winding Creek wet against the backdrop of the Needles Mountain Range as you approach the property from the North. Loaded with lush mountain foliage, healthy stands of Aspen, Douglas Fir and Pine, with the occasional Blue Spruce. Multiple building sites are evident which take in the views of the jagged Hermosa Cliffs or Twilight Peak to the Northeast. A wetlands area at the corner of the property provides a seasonal pond and a watering hole for wildlife in spring and summer. Walk down the road and have access to Lake Purgatory for fishing and canoeing. Access to the property is year-round with well maintained roads. This particular property is located towards the back of a quazi cul-de-sac, but near the front of the subdivision, so it is totally private, yet is very easy to get in and out. Low Colorado property taxes. Value priced at $145000. This is your opportunity to own near the ski area and enjoy summer recreation at an affordable price.
  • Bean Bag Furniture Like Love Sac Bean Bag Couches Bean Bag Sofas at - If you are looking for bean bag furniture that is like a love sac then this is the place. Our bean bag sofas are the highest in quality that you can find. You could buy a love sac but you they are double the price if not more. Bean bag furniture from us are the best bean bag couches that you can buy. Visit us now!
  • CARLSBAD Pool Home for SALE! Home for SALE in Carlsbad, CA Stunning 5 bedroom pool home for sale in CARLSBAD, CA 92008 REDCUDED over $200k!!! Huge lot, 11200 sf, pool, spa, lawn, dog run, RV parking, Avocado trees! The home has been completely remodeled and shows like a MODEL HOME, with over 2900 sf. Great location, close to beaches, walk to schools & parks! Currently on a Cul De Sac, but will eventually be nexy to homes starting at $1200000!!! Priced for immediate sale. This home is the lowest priced, 5 bedroom pool home in 92008! Seller will entertain offers from $699000 to $739000. Call 24 hour FREE recorded message at 1-800-990-2473 ext 464 or go to
  • Kavaklar - duo Haring/Attema Duo Astrid Haring and Brandt Attema playing Kavaklar by Sezen Aksu. Arranged by Astrid Haring, performed live at the ITF 2009 in Aarhus.
  • LIFE AS WE KNOW IT EPISODE 4 PART 2 [IN THE LAST EPISODE: KEVIN ASKED ARIANA IF SHE WANTED TO LIVE IN LA WITH HIM & OF COURSE ARIANA ACCEPTS...WELL IN THIS EPISODE:ARIANA BREAKS THE NEWS TO HER COUSIN & KEVIN SPILLS ALL TO HIS BROTHERS] *GIRLS* *ARIANA: hey guys, umm... you probabyly know by know the boys' situation... *KIM: ya? what about it? spill... *ANGEL: mhm..dont hid anything from us? *ARIANA: well...umm, kevin asked me to move in with him...*worried about what they might say* *KIM'S JAW DROPS* *ANGEL: wait you mean you're leaving Sac? but... *KIM&&ANGEL: but what about us? (author's not: the girls have been close since kids, separarting is going to be hard) *KIM: are you serious about this? like... *ARIANA: ya kind of? me & kevin talked about it.... *KIM: *TEARS* but... *SO UPSET SHE STANDS UP AND WALKS WAY* *ANGEL&&ARIANA: KIM!!! *SIGH* *ANGEL: you can't blame her...we've been together forever...are you sure about this? *ARIANA: ya *tears* but i dont want to leave you guys*holding on to her dog tag*but i want to be happy. *ANGEL: regrets! i want you to be happy too. *ARIANA: regrets *BOYS* *KEVIN: guy... can we talk? *NICK&&JOE: ya sure... *KEVIN: well u know how we are leaving soon..umm well.. *RING RING* *JOE: sorry..i have to take this *stands up and goes in to his room* [ON THE PHONE WITH KIM] *KIM: *crying* joe..ariana... *JOE: *worried* you ok babe? what's wrong wit ariana? *KIM: well...she said her &kevin talked & she said she has agreed to move in with him. *JOE: what?! okay ...
  • What the FAQ? - Bald ::: Bedrock Parody Smooth-E answers the FAQ, "How did you get so bald?" What's the best use for a bald head? Comment below. Do you have a question for What The FAQ? Post it in the comments below and I might answer it. This is a new series I'm testing. Beta. Written, performed and edited by Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E. http Studio setup shot on Canon 5D MK II by Les Schwartz aka Dad. Comedy Club shot on location at Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. http "Dreadlocks" parody of "Bedrock" by Young Money. Lyrics: OOH BABY, STICK EM ON MY HEAD WITH GLUE, BABY WATER THEM AND THEY'LL TAKE ROOT, BABY COVER UP MY BALD SPOT CALL ME MR. RASTA I CAN GROW THEM DREADLOCKS I'LL GROW THEM DREADLOCKS, JUST SIT BACK N WATCH IT'LL TICKLE WHEN YOU PUT ME IN A HEADLOCK MY HAIR DON'T GROW IN FRONT, BU IT GROWS IN BACK IN A SEMICIRCLE, KINDA LIKE A CUL-DE-SAC BUT IF IT'S BALD ON TOP, I'LL LOOK LIKE SUCH A FAKER I'LL LOOK LIKE MICHAEL BOLTON, IF HE WAS FROM JAMAICA I'LL HAVE TO WEAR EXTENSIONS, OR A COOL BANDANA MAYBE I'LL ROCK A WIG. IT WORKS FOR HANNAH MONTANA OOH BABY, STICK EM ON MY HEAD WITH GLUE, BABY WATER THEM AND THEY'LL TAKE ROOT, BABY COVER UP MY BALD SPOT CALL ME MR. RASTA I CAN GROW THEM DREADLOCKS Bedrock Dreadlocks Young Money Lil Wayne Drake Nicki Minaj Smooth-E Eric Schwartz Bald comedian comedy rap music standup
  • AR Drone with Contour HD 1080p Sunny fall day in Seattle. Flying the AR Drone around our cul-de-sac but for the fun of it wanted to see how high/far it could go. Got nervous as it was a bit windy and the drone was being carried away.
  • The Purrfect conclusion Part two of the Cat-Bat battle for Mark Andrews' cat collection, but first, Robin has to find a way to avoid being chomped to death by tigers and Batman has to find his way through a cat-de-sac, but, hey, no problem, what's a little stumbling block between two superheroes, eh?
  • Youtube poop:Nyamo Gets Pingas for her birthday here's the plot it was nyamo's birthday and guess what she gets then yukari wanted revenge So she told Tomo to reverse roll nyamo and then trouble in the cu de sac but ed's here to save the day from the V doom! the after ed save's the day he humps double d but then eddy finds a weird camera that plays i feel good when it flashes! and finally Yukari goes bezerk! and kills rolf with pencils and ed & eddy are scared to death! and that's it i couldnt think of anymore to add so enjoy!
  • Plant Reproduction Rap - IB Biology Created by Kris Casey for an IB Biology Project at Schenectady High School. Lyrics Got an ovule, receptacle, and sepals to boot. Got a pistil too, but not the type you shoot. From ovary to stigma, it makes a straight line. Got a style in the middle, but its not as fresh as mine. Petals so smooth and filament so crisp With an anther on its head, like a dear with a lisp. The Pollen tube is the center of the flour It can pollinate itself in under an hour That's 23 less than my man Jack Bauer Pollinations carried out by a polinator This little guy is like a terminatior He brushes by the anthers but does not killem But you can't really call him a villain He comes and picks up a pollen sac But unlike Arnold, He won't be back Drops pollen at the stigma, grabs nectar and chugs But there's pollinators, other than bugs Animals carry pollen from gender to gender Wind and water too, like the Last Airbender Sometimes they take pollen to different buds They're not all pure bread, there are some mud bloods For this type of pollination, I'm the boss. Cept its not called Kris, its close, its cross. Another form is self pollination Pollinate itself without variation This causes bad mutations, you see. Yes, bad, not good like the TMNT What happens next is called fertilization It'll get you so excited, have you shakin like a Haitian Pollen goes to ovary, like sperm for plants Except it has no tail, and doesn't stain your pants Dispersal happens to seeds, including nuts and beans They ...
  • I-Con 29 pre cosplay competition randomness my camera died unfortunately during the first skit, sorry. that happened last year too, maybe i should bring my charger with me next year. also yes i as the ash ketchum that saved pikachu from team rocket during the cosplay competition. what was annoying about that though is that i had to walk my best friend to her dad's car and we ended up leaving in the middle of the skits to run to the SAC but then we called him again and he was actually at the sports complex so we ran there. i ran back and was so tired and hungry that i didn't know what was happening when i sat down, till my friend who was being misty elbowed me and told me to chase team rocket. good times, good times. ~SakuraBlossom522
  • Baby Fish Growing Up I want to call it a yolk sac but it stayed attached for so long...
  • youtube poop: everything is pretty screwed up... just shows an normal day in the Cul-De-Sac, but i can be wrong xD this is my first REAL YTP so be kindly, but i can take critism. and as usual i got bored while working on my other projects. Music used : Boney M - Daddy Cool Sound: lots of various clips now, see what awaits :D
  • P. metallica about to lay a sac, but possible problem! My P.metallica looks to be about ready to lay a sac and I did notice, in the bottom of her hide, a very small amount of mites. I am debating if I should rehouse her - which I really don't want to do so close to her potentially laying a sac or just leaving her alone and hoping for the best. The mites don't appear to be on top of the webbing she's already laid down, and she'll lay down a lot more. Still, I'd like some opinions on what you would do - 20 minds are much better than one!! Thanks!
  • A tribute to a Shotokan Legend Master Hidetaka Nishiyama is one of the most senior Instructors ever to study and teach shotokan karate-do. As a student of Master Gichin Funakoshi at the Shotokan, and a founding member of the JKA, he's author of the world's biggest selling Martial Arts book "The Art Of Empty Hand Fighting", which is in its 70th re-printing according to reports. Born on 10th October 1928, Hidetaka Nishiyama was always very enthusiastic towards the Martial Arts from an early age, taking an active interest in other Martial Arts including kendo, judo, and eventually started training under Gichin Funakoshi in 1943. As a member of the infamous Takushoku University from 1945, because of his impressive skill and ability he was named captain of the karate team, followed quickly by him receiving his shodan garde in 1946, then nidan in 1948. Nishiyama Sensei, co-founder of the JKA, was elected to the JKA board of directors a very impressive and important position, making him an incredibly influential man in the establishing of the first and most important organisation of Shotokan karate the world had ever seen. Beyond the JKA, he also aimed to promote the Martial Arts, and in 1952 was selected to be a member of the Martial Arts instruction staff for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Combat Training Program. Other Shotokan instructors involved included M. Nakayama (Former Chief Instructor of the JKA), and I. Obata, who visited the SAC bases to teach the art of karate. In 1960, Nishiyama Sensei's book ...
  • I shall be satisfied then american 2 part from the 1800s--written by a preacher...sounds medieval doesn't it? not a shaker tune. durer image of wing other images from great depression black and white gov. site /americanpirates Radio Friendly: Songs by American Pirates Aaron Jones - voice Adam Bregman - sackbut/sacbut
  • Ultrasound 5-weeks Yolk Sac So excited first ultrasound! Can only see a yolk sac, but still very exciting.
  • Atmosphere @ Grand Ball Room in San Francisco 5/8/08 Great show! Wish they would make a trip to Sac, but have car will travel. Singing Always "Coming Back Home To You"
  • cul-de-sac: the destroction and the Quest. it begin as a normal day in cul-de-sac. but there home is going to be destroyed.
  • teamwork.avi The first clip is one of the coolest sequences I've experienced in TF2: 1. I pick off the charged medic 2. Scout tries to kill me but dies to Sac's lucky poof'd nade 3. Demoman tries to sticky Sac but I headshot him 4. e-high5 And then for the rest of the game I went around headshotting that scout.
  • A Day in the Life of the White Ranger SAC Entertainment presents a day in the life of the white Power Ranger. Starring: Josh Arkin, Mike Contaldi Directed by: Ryan Sammartino This is the first production by SAC, but more are on the way in the very near future, so be sure to subscribe.
  • Reversing.mp4 This is me reversing the truck up a cul-de-sac, but also showing u how the gears are selected....... look for my other video named "dennis eagle" and u will see a similar video.
  • Aaron Clark 31 Leverett Place North New Brighton It may be a cul-de-sac but dull it's not. With 3 double bedrooms plus Sleep-out this family home is waiting for you. Enjoy "Alfresco dinning" on the terrace with your family and friends while soaking up the tranquility of your native garden. Whether your kids are big or small there's room for them all with a plethora of activities near your door. You are spoilt for choice with the beach, QE 2, a Bottle lake Forrest bike ride or swing a club at Waimairi golf course. Come home unwind and enjoy your sun drenched living and remodeled kitchen. Its ready for you so let me introduce you real soon. For more photos please visit www.open2 ID No. 189704. RV $310000. Price: $314990 Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms Bathrooms: 1 bathrooms Location: SPREYDON NZ Type: Residential House Floor: 130m² Total land: 680m² Car spaces: 1 Go to to find more about this property.
  • Gelido in ogni vena - Antonio Vivaldi This famous aria from the opera Il Farnace, was arranged by Hans van der Heide for the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. This is a live recording of the New Years Concert 2009. Brandt Attema is playing a sacbut build by the Thein firm from Bremen - Germany.
  • Tarjei Grimsby having a Frank Rosolino jazz trombone warm-up on the sackbut. Tarjei Grimsby having some fun, playing a jazz trombone solo on "Take The A Train" - on the sacbut!
  • Stunning Outdoor Living on Greenfield in Olympia, WA Looking for some breathing room in a central location? Enjoy an expansive but easy care, yard and deck along with savvy modern design in this spacious 3 bdrm/2.5 bath Olympia home. Set on a quite, park-like cul-de-sac but minutes to I-5, downtown and popular Olympia Schools, like McKenny Elementary, the location brings value and stability to your home investment along with style, comfort, convenience and affordability!
  • : The Eye - Glenn Jones (2 of 3) Glenn Jones is probably known more for his guitar work in Cul de Sac but his second album, Against Which the Sea Continually Beats is gaining a lot of critical acclaim. Here he talks about partial capos, work with Jack Rose, recording in Martha's Vineyard, and other things. Recorded at WZBC studios March 19, 2007
  • : The Eye - Glenn Jones (1 of 3) Glenn Jones is probably known more for his guitar work in Cul de Sac but his second album, Against Which the Sea Continually Beats is gaining a lot of critical acclaim. Here he talks about partial capos, work with Jack Rose, recording in Martha's Vineyard, and other things. Recorded at WZBC studios March 19, 2007.
  • I Am "Ed"gend Based on the hit movie, "I Am Legend", comes a story about the last Ed in the Cul-De-Sac. But he's not alone. Being the last kid in the Cul-De-Sac, Double-D must find a cure, while trying to stay alive. Can Double-D save the Cul-De-Sac, or is the show doomed to end. Not coming soon to a theater near you.
  • March 12, 2010: In which lizz has no idea what to talk about. It's true, I had no idea what to say this week. But you get to see my aunt cause she was here in Sacramento. Also, I love Sac, but it seems like not many people like it. John Green book tour, so need to be there. We all do. Ummmmm ... more animals this week. And Alice in Wonderland.
  • Wing Spirit, a Luxurious contemporary sanctuary Contact Elisa Andreis 928-2741521 for additional information. A striking contemporary presence against the backdrop of Cathedral Rock perched on a hilltop overlooking magnificent panoramic red rock views, the green belt and Oak Creek.The house sits on 1.4 acre in one of the best locations in Sedona. Secluded, private and on a cul-de-sac, but very close to town. The interior spaces allow for a loft feel combined with privacy while the open floor plan in the living/dining area open to the surrounding views with 25 ft windows and sloped wooden ceilings. An overall glamorous and yet comfortable feel. Remarkable custom stone wall accents, two wood burning fireplaces, flagstone floors throughout, custom cast triangular ceramic sinks and built in cabinetry. Two master suites and an office/bedroom with loft. Split level with flagstone stairs and water feature. Designed by renown AZ architects, Design Group, it is composed of intersecting triangles inspired by the Organic Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Steel frame structure with large glass windows. The full copper roof and trim and extended dramatic overhangs enhance the volumes and the contrast with the surrounding views and natural environment. Over 2500 sqft of breathtaking deck spaces.
  • RepoRich #137 03 Ram backed in driveway. Has brake club on and e brake on. Heavy pull out of cul de sac but got it from the front! WHEW...
  • Giant Pimple Pop We originally thought this was some kind of pimple, but after changing the bandage my surgeon (Julia) pulled out the cyst sac, but as you can see it was already popped under the skin so its good we cleaned it out. Credit goes to my roomates for surgery and filming :)
  • Fire Officials Sorry For Dunwoody Woman's Death "Our family wants to tell you what a wonderful and kind woman my mother was." Ruth Bartlett and her two sisters and their children stand in front of the home their mother lived in for 41 years. The 74 year old Bartlett called 911 shortly after 1 am sunday morning to report that an oxygen device she used for a pulmonary condition had just set the house on fire. In a copy of the 911 call made by Bartlett you can hear her say her name and complete address. The operator tells her to evacuate the house and then Bartlett says "hurry!" before the phone was disconnected. The operator tried repeatedly to call Barlett back to no avail. Fire crews arrived just 12 minutes after the call but in a copy of a report from Dekalb County Fire Department Incident Investigation fire crews 'failed to establish incident command.' The report also says 'Houses on either side of 1687 Houghton Court North had visible addresses, and although not in exact sequence(1691 and 1686), should have provided a clue of the location of 1687 Houghton Court North. Ruth Bartlett, who met with County and Fire officials thursday morning,tells what happened when crews arrived. "Those on the scene said they looked around from their trucks here in the cul de sac but did not see any evidence of fire. They observed that our family home up the hill was dark. They did not get out of their trucks and their trucks left the scene at 1:22 am seven minutes after they arrived. No one walked up this hill to her house. No one ...
  • Sarah, 15, King's Crossing by Elliott Smith :) subscribe, pleezez? ^^^ gooood song. sorry for the random noises, the mail truck was chillin in the cul de sac. but anyway. sketchyyy.
  • rachelstiltzkin: My mom trying to think of the word "sacbut" as in a renaissance trombone: "buttsack. Sackhorn!" lol close enough.
  • scoobydoo_26: @LaurenDavisDV1D @sadiesw eh hem! HE'S MINE U SACBUT OF A SISTER :) #Sortofaninsult

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  • “Golden oldies: type sacbut, a trombone like instrument of appalling sound, rather than sucbut, or suckbut, a local name for a lady who prefers to play, shall we say, the pink oboe. 0. Back to top of the page up there ^ MultiQuote. Reply #5 Tony_Kath. Forum Deity”
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  • “Best 'modern' albums w/ just alto & tenor up front - organissimo jazz forums - The best jazz discussion forum on the web! trumpet, nor sacbut), but with just one tenor and one alto as the only horns, backed by whatever else - piano”
    — Best 'modern' albums w/ just alto & tenor up front,

  • “Profile | PM | Quote | Search | Copy | Favorite. Boojum wrote: A lot of the instruments they played on in the Medieval and that are virtually unchanged since then are the Shawm, a primitive oboe, and the sacbut, a primitive trombone”
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  • “Ross Butcher Ross Butcher (South Africa) began playing the trombone at the age of 13. In 2002 he completed a Bachelor of Music major in Orchestral Performance at the University of”
    — About Us - Moya Trombone Quartet,

  • “In the early music field he was a founding member of Calliope: A Renaissance Band and the New York Cornet and Sacbut Ensemble. I thought for my first blog entry I might describe my summer which might possibly be of some interest to our readers. Along with”
    — The Summer Life of a Trumpet Player - Norfolk Festival,

  • “Talk about I you could change your name? on WeGame. Top Forum Posters. Zorlac666. 5473. macrador. 4197. Zamros. 3504. hevgirl. 2912. Kromus. 2901. User Directory. Playing Now. Quizzes. Help. About Us. Our Blog. Advertising. Terms. Privacy”
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  • “First Prize - Handmade alto Sacbut by Daniel Fraize, donated by Daniel Fraize Throughout each of the coming days we will be updating our blog often, so please check back to hear about what is going on here”
    — International Trombone Festival 2009,

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