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  • safe - French Dictionary Translation bank - bet - blessing - break - burglar-proof - clear - crack - custody - distance - drinkable - environmentally - fail-safe - feel - force - from - hand - haven - look - option - otherwise - pass - protect - rifle - safe bet - safe-breaker - safe. — “safe - English-French Dictionary ”,
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  • Protect Your World with Sentry®Safe. Home Safes, Business Safes, Gun Safes, Data Safes, and Auto Safes. Sentry®Safe uses extremely rigorous, UL and ETL testing standards to ensure that your irreplaceables are protected from fire, water and theft. — “Sentry Safes”,
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rolled over and resulted in 10 deaths give urgency to a new advisory urging users of these vehicles to take specific steps to keep occupants safe. — “Home | Safercar -- National Highway Traffic Safety”,
  • Welcome to SAFE. SAFE is a nonprofit organization of leaders, activists and survivors of domestic violence whose mission is to break the cycle of violence. SAFE strives to provide programs to create stability and self determination for individuals seeking empowerment and education. — “SAFE - Stop Abusive Family Environments, Inc. in Southern”,
  • Online retailer for safes and other home security products including key cabinets, fingerprint locks, and garage door remotes. Safe & Security for Home and Busniess. Welcome to , a leading online store for home and business safes where you can find anything from home safes, drop safe,. — “”,
  • Definition of safe in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of safe. Pronunciation of safe. Translations of safe. safe synonyms, safe antonyms. Information about safe in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. wall safe, floor safe, safe. — “safe - definition of safe by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • Safe Software develops spatial data transformation software. Our FME solutions enable organizations to restructure, reformat and integrate data in 250+ formats. Safe Software can help you access and use it where, when and how you need to. — “Safe Software”,
  • Free Shipping on all safes including gun safes, drop safe, depository safes, combination safes, security & fire proof safe to home or office nationwide. — “”,
  • safe adj. , safer , safest . Secure from danger, harm, or evil. Free from danger or injury; unhurt: safe and sound In the USA, both the writing of standards for fire-resistance and the actual testing of safes is performed by Underwriters Laboratories. — “safe: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Online provider of safes and safe products. Catalog includes drop, wall, floor, burglary, fire, depository, media, and gun safes, as well as electronic keyless locks. — “Safes Etc”,
  • A typical home safe. hotel safe. A safe (also called strongbox, coffer or kist) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face removable or hinged to form a door. — “Safe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of safe from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of safe. Pronunciation of safe. Definition of the word safe. Origin of the word safe. — “safe - Definition of safe at ”,
  • "Safe" has been described as a horror movie of the soul, a description that director Todd Haynes relishes. I watched Safe for our coverage of 1980s's health movements and the. — “Safe (1995) - IMDb”,
  • Safe Kids USA a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to eliminating preventable childhood injuries, the leading cause of death and disability to children ages 1 to 14. Safe Kids USA has 600 grassroots coalitions across the United States. — “Safe Kids USA”,
  • Safe definition, secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk: See more. — “Safe | Define Safe at ”,
  • SAFE is the ultimate tool for designing concrete floor and foundation systems. Generating pattern surface loads is easily done by SAFE with an automated option. Design strips can be generated by SAFE or drawn in a completely arbitrary manner by the. — “Computers & Structures”,
  • Welcome to our website, which we hope will introduce you to the activities of SAFE and to the SAFE members, who are various European patient organisations dealing with stroke prevention and care. SAFE represents a strong patient and carer voice. — “Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE) > Home”,

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  • Westlife perform Safe - The X Factor Live results 6 (Full Version) The X Factor 2010: No strangers to The X Factor stage, with manager Louis as one of the judges, and having helped him with his acts before - Westlife return to perform their brand new single Safe!
  • --5-- Why Safe Maxed Berserker Pure Pk Video 5 - K8rl Pk Video 5. From My Pure - Why Safe. Maxed Zerker Pure. 99 99 45. 52 99 99 99. Perfect Pure. Comment Rate Sub. Songs: Escape The Fate : Beautiful. Lamb Of God : Grace. Static-x : Awake. I Do not claim To own any of the music or video captions in this video, It is for entertainment purposes only. Risk It For A Biscuit!!!
  • Vanna - Safe To Say Distributed by WMG Safe To Say
  • Robotic Safe Cracker This device can successfully crack a Sergent and Greenleaf 8500 lock by trying the minimum number of physically viable combinations. These locks are classified as "manipulation proof" by their manufacturer. More infomation is available at
  • How to make a secret, disguised safe. Shirts: Website: Live www.ustream.tvDisclaimer: As with this experiment and all other HouseHold Hacker videos. We cannot be held responsible for damage or mistakes made if attempting the experiments. These projects are for demonstration purposes only and should not be attempted at home. By watching our videos, you have agreed to the terms listed in the disclaimer. In this episode, we show you how to disguise a common household item as a safe to hide all your goodies in. You need a can (soda, bug spray, beans etc) a hot glue gun, can opener, imagination, and time. Music by: Yellowjacket_OSX
  • Homemade Bungee jump Submit your video at and maybe it will appear on main page. Don't worry it's my official site, so no risks. ... Sometimes you just have to make your own fun. Like bungee jumping off the roof of a dilapidated Russian tenement building.
  • Please drive safe - a heart touching video [ORIGI NAL] PLEASE RATE THE VIDEO Name of Song : Evanescence - My Immortal
  • Be Safe-The Cribs (w.lyrics) I couldn't find a version of this song that wasn't live so I figured I'd upload one. Sorry some of the lyrics may be tough to read and the timing might be a bit off. I am also aware I made a mistake with one of the lyrics saying "ten" instead of "dead". I apoloize but I cannot fixit. I don't own any of the music or pictures. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. edit- thanks for all the views everyone. and i just wanted to apologize to the two people whos comments were ACCIDENTALLY removed. sorry, reply and remove button are too damn close for my tired eyes. sorry again guys =( also, if you guys have a request for another song and video. just leave a comment and i'll do my best to make it thanks again everyone =)
  • BE SAFE!!! MY FACEBOOK: MY TWITTER: Did You Like Today's Show? Tweet it OUT!: ------------------------------------------ Check out Today's New Vloggity: Check out the new awesome stuff @ Today's Stories ---------------------------- Giffords Shot New-Yorkers Don't Like Babies: Facebook Shutting Down LOLZ: Britney Spears Song Leaked:
  • James Blake - Tell Her Safe Tell Her Safe from the Klavierwerke EP R&S Records
  • Todd Haynes: SAFE intro Video introduction by Todd Haynes for his movie SAFE--screening was at the NWFC in Portland, OR
  • How-To Repair Blue Screen and Safe Mode This video will explain how to start your computer in safe mode. Which can be helpful if your pc will not start normally. One of my next vids will delve into the registry and show you how to delete errors or virus entries while in safe mode. This is a link for the latest edition of Ad Aware spy ware scanner, Very easy to setup and run. It is safe to delete all errors found with this scan.
  • "Safe" by Phil Wickham feat. Bart Millard (with lyrics) The hands that hold the world are holding your heart.
  • Westlife - Safe [Full song]+Lyrics Finally a full version of Westlife's upcoming single "Safe". The single will be officially released on 7th of November. Lyrics: Hard to find a way to get through It's a tragedy Pulling at me like the stars do You're like gravity Even if the wind blows It makes it hard to believe How ya gonna love How ya gonna feel How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real And If you lost your way I will keep you safe We'll open up all the world inside I see it come alive tonight I will keep you safe Doesn't even matter to you To see what I can see I'm crawling on the floor to reach you I'm a wreck you see When you're far from home now Makes it hard to believe So how ya gonna love How ya gonna feel How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real If you've lost your way I will keep you safe Well open up all your world inside Til you come alive tonight I will keep you safe We all fall down We all feel down Cus rainy days and summer highs The more we pray the more we feel alive How ya gonna love How ya gonna feel How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real How ya gonna love How ya gonna feel How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real If you've lost your way I will keep you safe Well open up all your world inside So you come alive tonight I will keep you safe Well I will keep you safe I will keep you safe
  • Is it safe? dr. szell wants to know... is it?
  • Is it Safe? Is it Safe? oO
  • Is it safe?! from Clerks the Animated Series: this is one of the funniest things ever! get these dvd's, it is an amazing show!
  • Safe (Phil Wickham).wmv
  • --1-- Why safe Maxed Zerker Pure 45 Defence Vid 1 Comment and rate please. These Video Captions Belong To Jagex You Can Try This Game At the music Belong's to they's owners. drowning pool-step up godsmack - awake pendulam- slam you Can Purchase they's at there websites.
  • Ron Paul: Why Government Cannot "Make Us Safe" by Mandating Security Please sign the Ron Paul 2012 Petition: Please like, share, subscribe & comment! http 01/17/2011 Why Government Cannot "Make Us Safe" by Mandating Security by Ron Paul The terrible violence in Arizona last weekend prompted much national discussion on many issues. All Americans are united in their sympathies for the victims and their families. All wonder what could motivate such a horrible act. However, some have attempted to use this tragedy to discredit philosophical adversaries or score political points. This sort of opportunism is simply despicable. We are fortunate to live in a society where violence is universally denounced. Not one public official or commentator has attempted to justify this reprehensible act, yet the newspapers, Internet and airwaves are full of people trying to claim it was somehow motivated by someone else's political rhetoric. Most disturbing are the calls to use government power to censor certain forms of speech and even outlaw certain types of criticism of public officials. This was the completely apolitical act of a violent and disturbed man. How sad that the attempted murder of the Congresswoman who had just read the First Amendment on the House Floor would be used in efforts to chill free speech. Perhaps some would feel safer if the Alien and Sedition Acts were reinstated. Also troubling are the renewed calls for stricter gun control laws and for government to do something to somehow prevent similar incidents in the ...
  • Bloodpit - For You To Be Safe Brand new music video of Bloodpit. Order the albums and merchandise from www.bsa-!
  • AC/DC - Safe In New York City Safe In New York City off the Stiff Upper Lip album.
  • Safe Landing Ends Atlantis' Final Flight STS-132 Commander Ken Ham and his five crewmates: Pilot Tony Antonelli and Mission Specialists Garrett Reisman, Steve Bowen, Mike Good and Piers Sellers are safely back on Earth after space shuttle Atlantis glided to a picture-perfect landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla. on Wednesday morning, May 26. It was Atlantis' 32nd and final flight, traveling a total of more than 120 million miles. The 12-day, STS-132 mission delivered the Russian Mini Research Module-1, Rassvet ("dawn") to the International Space Station.
  • Lego NXT - THE ULTIMATE SAFE Check for more instructions. The display shows 5 small locks... When you turn the dail AND change direction, the Safe "accepts" the code that was on the display just before you changed direction... One small lock (in the display) opens to confirm the code entry. After doing this five times you wait... It starts laughing when you took a wrong combination! So the lock accepts 5 numbers by changing the rotation direction of the wheel. And, dailing 45 to the right is not the same as 45 to the left. So you have 5 entries of "-99to +99". It does not tell you what code is correct...
  • Best Colon Cleanse Is it Safe What exactly is a homemade colon cleanse or a cleanser? Not many people are aware of the fact that the colon and its health are crucial in controlling the health of that person.
  • Gold Motel - "Safe In LA" (Official Video) Gold Motel "Safe In LA" Summer House Dir. Eddie O'KEEFE DP. Lane TEICHLER
  • Safe ~ Phil Wickham This is exactly how I have felt in a special way the last couple of weeks, safe in the arms of God! ~ I recommend checking out story behind if you haven't already
  • Veil Of Maya - It's Not Safe To Swim Today Official Live Music Video This live music video for "It's Not Safe To Swim Today" was filmed live @ Club Loaded in Farmingdale NY by the Abstrakt Pictures ™ team.
  • Gun Safe Video with "Dye the Safe Guy" http Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here again, to talk about gun safes. So you want to buy a gun safe to store your guns and all your valuables in right? No! Gun safes are primarily engineered and designed for guns and some valuables. But Im going to show you today the...
  • Stay Alert, Stay Safe - Bert & Gert All of The SASS PSA in there full form ripped off the original tape
  • Security on Sale Gun safe Prying video Short movie of the actual security of a low end safe like those seen in a Large retail store.
  • Westlife - Safe (With Lyrics) NEW SINGLE 2010! Lyrics to SAFE, the first single from Westlife's new album. Released 14th November Digitally/15th November Physically No copyright infringement intended!
  • Massive Attack - Safe From Harm Music video by Massive Attack performing Safe From Harm.
  • Westlife - Safe Official Video 2010 The Brand New Video for Westlife's new song Safe! Check Out:
  • rebelution safe and sound safe and sound by rebelution
  • Fail-Safe (1964) Ending If this doesn't make your hair stand on end, nothing will.
  • News Report - Safe Electronic Cigarette is essentially an electronic smoking device or an electronic cigarette (E-Cigarette) as it is sometimes referred to. It is a completely non-flammable product that uses state of the art sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users a real smoking experience without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in real cigarettes but provides the user healthy nicotine for their fix. It Looks like a cigarette, Feels like a cigarette, Taste like a cigarette, But it isn't a cigarette. It's just so much more. It is truly a healthier alternative.
  • How To Make A Baby! (Safe For Work Version) Raunchy Version: Episode #13: How To Make A Baby! ** Three Steps To Success ** Answering life's harder questions... in three simple steps! Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow - but someday, you're going to want to be a parent. Our resident father, Riley McIlwain shows you the ropes on how you too can create your very own child... in just three simple steps! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Support ideo Productions! Merchandise: Facebook: Live Show: Donate $$: Jon's Twitter: Jory's YouTube: Music by Matt: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Starring: Riley McIlwain Filmed & Edited by: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production - © 2010. ~
  • aqifrezza16: @aidaireena haha tweet me if anything. Have a safe flight.
  • oluchola: Am praying to GOD for my friends in tripoli to be safe,cos I haven't hear from them in days
  • promocodeshop: Save 20% off Safe Eyes Parental Control Software. At InternetSafety see coupon code here http:///3yco527
  • rafnialverina: Pry sini dong pry suit suiiiiit RT @onlyonky: I wanna run to you, Won't you hold me in your arms and keep me safe ...
  • DJAlBoogzZ: RT @Sharpie_Says: Have a safe trip bro have fun! RT @DJAlBoogzZ: Boarding On The Plane. http:///p/79160518 <- Thank U! My Brother!
  • gabriellaopaz: @ZoeLawrence just very glad to hear that you're safe and sound :) We were in New Delhi when Mumbai bombings occurred. know the feeling #chch
  • Uce_LEE: @LoezyDime na ur fams is safe ;) . thats all up here in auckland on the north island. the quake was in south
  • TonyFaccenda: @kendallmunns Haha put an extra shot of whisky in just to be safe :)
  • min2khanna: RT @AutoTransportFL: RT @AutoTransportFL We offer reliable and safe Car Transport services at competitive rates! Visit
  • Martindoidge: So glad that Paul is safe after the quake in New Zealand.
  • mauriceravelas: I hope my uncle and cousin are safe in libya. What's happening to the world?
  • AroundPittsburg: Check @WPXITraffic Right Now For School Closings And Delays. GoodMorning #Pittsburgh Have A Safe And Blessed Day
  • kimmcgtweet: Have just heard our friend in New Zealand is safe & sound, can stop worrying now :)
  • lessheppard: I always felt very secure and very safe with real estate. Real estate always appreciates: Ivana Trump
  • Raviprakash45: @sardesairajdeep Main conspirators always safe in this country
  • RumiNagase: RT @danactive: @RumiNagase it took me two attempts but Tokyo finally let me go. I'm home safe
  • oscarandmatilda: To my beautiful NZ friends. I hope you are safe. This is horrible.
  • SallyStubbs: @KBirkenfeld Be safe - the world does care for you all during the horror of the Earthquake
  • havenroad: New street lights going up on Pinecliffe Rd. Poss paranoid but heavy police presence about BH13 currently. Safe as hses? Excuse the pun! :-)
  • _sarah448: @JessicaRoost No problem. And thanks,it's terrible news here, just grateful everyone I love is safe.Wish everyone in Christchurch was too :(
  • keithredruth: RT @planetshakers: Pray for the ppl in Christchurch nz after devastating earthquake.ppl lost lives.pray 4 Gods peace & that ppl under rubble will get out safe
  • noplain: @SophArAway Psh, you have to wait until the change from day light savings for goodies like that! Safe Steps!
  • siggidori: Nice to hear you're safe. @herasings Yes we are safe, this felt much bigger than the 7.1 there is water everywhere so much is broken..
  • SaikyoShayne: RT @InvisibleOZ: Sending love and prayers to our family in Christchurch, NZ and all affected by #earthquake. Stay safe #NZEQ #PMLive
  • yeahbaby341: Hope the people of Christchurch are safe. My thoughts are with you.
  • andijoe54: Wall Clock With Hidden Safe:  Wall Clock With Hidden Safe. Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a vi...
  • perfumesbarn: Wall Clock With Hidden Safe:  Wall Clock With Hidden Safe. Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a vi...
  • biaancamariee: I hope all the people are okay and safe in New Zealand
  • NikkiMarie17: Night everyone. Hope Christchurch doesnt have any more bad aftershocks overnight. Stay Safe and look after yourselves
  • Scuba_Travel: We are pleased to announce that all travel to Egypt has now been cleared as safe by the Foreign Office. There are...
  • ForexInfinity: Safe Haven Trades Gain Traction As Middle East Protests Expand: Risk off took center stage as increased geopolit...
  • hinemoana: @TeKaraka Kia ora Faumuinā - are you and yours safe and well? Sending prayers and love x x H
  • bannaua: Sleep is (hopefully) waiting for me, bye. Be safe and hug your loved ones.
  • JenTheTech: @MikaelaNBC4 that's good. I am trying to figure out how much extra time I will be giving myself to get to work safe/on time :)
  • IceNinjaSquad: @DMSmith27 Thanks so much for the support. All of my family in Christchurch is safe and accounted for.
  • cheapwomenshoes: AlleyOop Trampolines - When...
  • Chellezmusic: @rudy_kay i still can't believe ur leaving:*(. i can't believe u almost 4got ur macbook!!! omg! Have a safe trip & hit me when u get to JP:)
  • magessien: @PoshAgabi k! Thnk God ur safe!!!enjoy ur outing
  • BreitlingKev: Thank God I made it Home Safe....Rt!!! I almost was apart of the pile up on 96!!!
  • SAFENSOUNDSE15: If you no a young person that is bored this half-term why not tell them to come down to SAFE 91 Peckham High Street.
  • immabelieber070: New Zeland; I hope you are ok with that earthquake. I hope you & your families are safe <3
  • naeviaeu: Safe Weight Loss for Your Weight Loss Plan: SafeWeightLoss net is the best source of online healthy weight... http:///4f6pw99
  • secuobsrevueus: New trade association for the UK's safe industry #Security
  • marieorchid: RT @BPbreakingnews: All Thais safe in Christchurch #BreakingNews
  • PrincessZoey73: Mate in NZ just mailed to say they are safe and sound - still cant believe it poor #christchurch
  • almatroushiyah: RT @emiratweet: #UAE Ambassador in #Australia, confirms that the #UAE students safe after the quake, which hit New Zealand this morning and left 65 dead
  • jonohale: @Cameron_Betts wow crazy bro... is unreal! again good to hear you are safe! they will probably ring sometime tomorrow. praying for you guys!
  • NiKi1_: Christian to Sean: I think it's safe to say you can restart your modelling career. #LMAO <3 #niptuck
  • Lilliananana: @threalcaaaat thanks hunny ! Well it's all in God's hands. Pray your family is safe <3
  • jimmyti: @Jan_See sorry for the flight delay but might as well enjoy yourself for the rest of the night! :) Have a safe journey!
  • ceitidhTW: @NathanTheWanted have a safe flight!x
  • ceitidhTW: @SivaTheWanted have a safe flight!x
  • darcimonet: Thkful 2nite that God provides. Lil seester employed. Voice work & new students already on the way to me. Fam/friends safe & sound. Namaste!
  • ceitidhTW: @MaxTheWanted have a safe flight!x
  • proandi_: Needs to get back to bed. Go fast day k?safe.thanks
  • ceitidhTW: @JayTheWanted have a safe flight!x
  • purebubb1e: Safe, Gentle Foaming Face Wash with FREE Delivery Alcohol free! No SLS or parabens. Kind to your skin. Please RT Thx
  • lansports: Just when you thought it was safe. Bulletstormgate continues.
  • TheNRL: @williamcontrol smart. Please be safe. World /we needs you ~
  • pldonatto: Be afraid, don't play it safe with your life: That's a very Oprah way of saying it, but it means that you have t...
  • Sharpie_Says: Have a safe trip bro have fun! RT @DJAlBoogzZ: Boarding On The Plane. http:///p/79160518
  • PrincessDelap: RT @change: California Mom Leads Campaign to Get Prisoners Safe Drinking Water
  • maddddie: wish I had a place online to just spill out my feelingz about life, etc etc. But nothing is safe these days, anyone can read anything #sigh
  • boxofblue: RT @FamOnlineSafety: Mike Trucano's (World Bank) glowing review of GRID: What are developing countries doing to help keep kids safe online?
  • Paiskincare: Sending our sympathies to #Christchurch this morning, hope everyone's friends and family are safe and sound.
  • nichii27: Pray for #Christchurch, New Zealand. Let the people be safe and GBU all.
  • juliansetiawan: #christchurch earthquake but it's good to know that Mr. Royston and Jackie is safe. pray for them :)
  • HollaItsVC: @trishabrewer okie...have a nice flight <3 and a safe one too <3
  • MP3039Jewellery: Poetic Pieces St Christopher Safe Travel by MP3039Jewellery xox
  • bluelove33: @mjjeje tomorow i wish you have a safe trip to japan. good luck and enjoy your 4 days trip ^ ^
  • kvinnapavift: RT @Firas_Atraqchi: The West talks world security = Arabs/Muslims repressed, Israel safe, Islamists at bay. Arab democracy not part of lexicon #jan25 #feb17
  • Griggsy96: @pensfan8673 You're welcome. Finally back home safely here. Safe travels for you today, I hope. :)......
  • HotInHardware: Samsung develops mobile DRAM capable of 12.8GB/sec data transfers, making all other memory jealous -- Engadget
  • iamyashraj: New zealand earthquake. RonakK hope u r safe.
  • eskalate: @CacaRaen have a safe trip! Lapchu!
  • MyCooL03Mc: @Loodies ditch!!! Its ur babys bday!!! Yalla!! Drive safe if u go
  • AnnaShary: RT @difadippa: RT @AnnaShary: RT @BYErina: My prayers and thoughts goes out to Nieuw-Zeeland stay safe #christchurch
  • JontiEccles: Much love & well wishes to all my beautiful friends in ChCh, Aoteroa New Zealand today. Hope you're all safe & well #NZ #earthquake
  • MrMisterJ: Much love & well wishes to all my beautiful friends in ChCh, Aoteroa New Zealand today. Hope you're all safe & well #NZ #earthquake
  • MayoChii: RT @emiratweet: #UAE Ambassador in #Australia, confirms that the #UAE students safe after the quake, which hit New Zealand this morning and left 65 dead
  • Amanda_L_79: @lhughes9 a shell suit, says hey hey every two seconds and innit innit, safe! That would be a great comic relief sketch.
  • purplebint: @Tittch phew! he just emailed out to say that they're all safe. His side of the city was less affected this time, so relieved!
  • chacecastillo: Praying my friends in Christchurch are all safe, still have no word from anyone.
  • FirstStringEnt: Just touched down in the DMV and Its ugly out here. Snow.Snow.Snow Thank God for the safe travels.
  • ZenabTareef: RT @NickKristof: Congrats to @BenCNN for sneaking into #Libya. But, Ben, be safe!
  • dannygreg: Just reading up on the quake in New Zealand. Stay safe @polarbearfarm.
  • imarathontraini: Our thoughts are with all our friends in Christchurch, New Zealand. We hope you are all safe and well and continue...
  • mshunni185: i am glad o repot my family are safe in chch!! Bt still my heartaches forevry 1 else afected by the quake!!xo
  • cellband: Keep your phone safe while jogging. Use CellBand. Only $2.65 at
  • bradmarkham81: @JoyReidTVNZ Hey Joy. Been watching you in our Hobart newsroom all day. You're doing a fantastic job. Hope you and your family are safe.
  • HotAboutSoccer: BBC Sport - Football - Ferdinand & Anderson among Man Utd's Euro injuries
  • ceitidhTW: @TomTheWanted have a safe flight!x
  • shot6: @jeffbarr Great job! Fly safe to Seattle and see you soon:)

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