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  • 1UFP: Crystal Structures of Artificial Metalloproteins: Tight Binding of Fe(III)(Schiff-Base) by Mutation of Ala71 to Gly in Apo-Myoglobin Crystal Structure of an Artificial Metalloprotein:Fe(III)(3,3'-Me2-salophen)/apo-wild type Myoglobin. — “RCSB Protein Data Bank - Structure Summary for 1UFP - Crystal”,
  • N'-bis(salicylaldehyde)-ethylenediimino cobalt(II)] and Co(salophen) [N-N'-bis(salicylaldehyde)-1,2-pheny (salophen) in the absence and presence of oxygen are revers. — “Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Cobalt”,
  • Functionalized binaphthyl salophen crown ethers as models for the enzyme urease ( 1993) Functionalized binaphthyl salophen crown ethers as models for the enzyme urease. — “Functionalized binaphthyl salophen crown ethers as models for”,
  • Salophen. I like this molecule. I like the symmetry of this molecule. I Salophen (4-acetamidophenyl) 2-hydroxybenzoate. 4'-Hydroxyacetanilide salicylate. 4. — “Salophen”, sci-
  • PubChem Compound Summary Salophen. Acetaminosalolum. Spectrum_000157. Acetaminosalolo [DCIT] Spectrum2_001431. Spectrum3_000936. Spectrum4_001035. Properties Computed from Structure: Molecular Weight. 271.26802 [g/mol] Molecular Formula. — “salophen - PubChem Public Chemical Database”,
  • Mn(III)-salophen has been shown to protect E. coli colonies against oxidative stress but was untested in a eukaryotic system. The visual protection with Mn(III)-salophen is accompanied by a partial loss of the calcium homeostasis, a. — “Title page for ETD etd-42298-152744”,
  • salophen = N,N'-bis(salicylidene)-o-phenylenediamine and oxine = 8 (salophen) is not light sensitive since the primary electron transfer is. followed by recombination which is facilitated by the. — “Excited State Behavior of Uranyl Complexes with Salophen and”,
  • Titolo: New Insight into the Mechanism of the Conjugate Addition of Benzenethiol to Cyclic and Acyclic Enones and of the Corresponding Uranyl-Salophen-Catalysed Version complex, whose formation results from the reaction of a (weak) thiol-base complex with a (strong) enone-uranyl-salophen complex. — “CNR-->Istituto IMC --> Articoli JCR”,
  • electroactive Schiff base ligands derivated from salophen. In this contribution we have. first synthesized a hydroxyl-salophen-copper complex containing a hydroxyl group on. the two salicylidene moieties, which serve to form a hydroquinone cooperating with the. — “Electrochemical detection of DNA cleavage induced by Hydroxy”, event08.ise-
  • HIC-Up files for compound YOL ((2,2p-(4-carboxy-1,2- phenylenebis(nitrilomethylidyne))bis(phenolato))(2-)- n,np,o,op)-iron; salophen-10-carboxylate iron chelate. — “HIC-Up files for compound YOL ((2,2p-(4-carboxy-1,2”,
  • The Role of Attractive van der Waals Forces in the Catalysis of Michael Addition by a Phenyl Decorated Uranyl-Salophen Complex Specific Sensing of Poly G by tha Aluminum-Salophen Complex. — “Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza”,
  • A highly selective PVC membrane electrode based on a cobalt-salophen complex was prepared. Keywords: iodide ion-selective electrode, anti-Hofmeister, cobalt-salophen complex, potentiometry, anion sensor. RESUMO. Neste trabalho foi preparado um eletrodo altamente seletivo de membrana de PVC com o. — “Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society - Iodide-selective”,
  • Acetyl-p-aminosalol. Phenosal. Salophen. Identifiers. CAS number. 118 Salophen. ChEBI. 250620. SMILES. CC(=O)NC1=CC=C(OC(=O)C2=C(O)C=CC=C2)C=C1. O=C(Oc1ccc(NC(=O)C). — “Acetaminosalol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Salophen also was encouraged for the maintenance of genitourinary tract health and promised to relieve the symptoms associated Click on heroin for the artistic, aspirin to travel to other worlds, lycetol for the historic and salophen for the eccentric. — “the beneficent utility of illusion”,
  • SALOPHEN The meaning of SALOPHEN. What SALOPHEN stands for. The definition of SALOPHEN. — “What does SALOPHEN stand for? SALOPHEN meaning and definition”,
  • 4-Hydroxy salophen; [(OH)2-salophen], complex of manganese, grafted on the walls of MWNTs have been investigated as catalysts for the aerobic oxidation of para-xylene in the absence of added halogen promoters and using tert-butylhydroperoxide (TBHP) as the initiator at low temperatures. — “Dalton Transactions Articles”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'Salo' salophen. salpingectomy. salpingemphraxis. salpingian. salpingian dropsy. salpingioma. salpingion. salpingitic. Salo. in context | images | on twitter. Salo Noun. Salo. About this Bilingual English-Spanish Dictionary. DISCLAIMER. — “Salo - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish”,

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