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  • Definition of sampling in the Medical Dictionary. sampling explanation. Information about sampling in Free online English dictionary. What is sampling? Meaning of sampling medical term. What does sampling mean?. — “sampling - definition of sampling in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • A Workbook by Alison Galloway Activity. Non-Probability Samples. Purposive Sampling. Activity. Quota Sampling. Convenience Sampling. Activity. Snowball Sampling. Self-Selection. Activity. Non-Response. Sample Size. Activity. — “Sampling”,
  • Probability Sampling = a method by which you know the probability of every unit being in the sample. This is important because the inverse of the probability is the number of units in the population that the selected unit "represents". Examples. — “What is Non-Probability Sampling? 1 - Convenience Sampling 2”,
  • Free, online statistics tutorial: This lesson describes how to choose the best sampling method among three alternatives: simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling. The best design provides the most precision for the. — “Statistics Tutorial: How to Choose the Best Sampling Method”,
  • Sampling. Since it is generally impossible to study an entire population (every individual in a country, all college students, every geographic area, etc.), researchers typically rely on sampling to acquire a section of the population to perform an experiment or observational study. — “Sampling”,
  • The sample reflects the characteristics of the population from which it is drawn. Probability methods include random sampling, systematic sampling, and stratified sampling. — “Survey Sampling Methods”,
  • by the sampling frame. • Generalizations can be made only to the. actual population Generalizations can be made ONLY to the actual. population defined by the sampling frame. — “Sampling”,
  • Buy sampling at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “sampling - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Sampling is that part of statistical practice concerned with the selection of individual observations intended to yield some knowledge about a population of concern, especially for the purposes of statistical inference. Each observation measures. — “Sampling (experimental) - Psychology Wiki”,
  • In the language of sampling: -a population is the entire collection of people or things you are interested in; a sampling frame is the specific data from which the sample is drawn, e.g., a telephone book;. — “Sampling”,
  • sample n. A portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole. An entity that is representative of a class; a specimen. — “sample: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • A sample is some part of a larger body specially selected to represent the whole. Sampling then is taking any portion of a population or universe as representative of that population or universe. — “Sampling”,
  • Sampling is that part of statistical practice concerned with the Survey weights often need to be applied to the data to adjust for the sample design. — “Sampling (statistics)”, schools-
  • This tutorial is a discussion on sampling in research it is mainly designed to eqiup beginners with knowledge on the general issues on sampling that is the purpose of sampling in research, dangers of sampling and how to minimize them, types of sampling and guides for deciding the sample size. — “SAMPLING IN RESEARCH”,
  • Two Major Types of Sampling Methods. uses some form of random selection. requires that each unit have Probability Sampling. Non-Probability Sampling. 5. Who do you want to generalize to? Groups in Sampling. 6. Groups. — “Sampling”,
  • Random sampling is a sampling technique where we select a group of subjects (a sample) for study from a Simple random sampling is the basic sampling technique where we. — “Statistics Glossary - sampling”,
  • Definition of sampling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sampling. Pronunciation of sampling. Translations of sampling. sampling synonyms, sampling antonyms. Information about sampling in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “sampling - definition of sampling by the Free Online”,
  • Sampling is an important aspect of data collection. Researchers rarely survey the entire population for two reasons (Adèr, Mellenbergh, & Hand, 2008): the cost is too high, and the population is dynamic in that the individuals making up the population may change over time. — “Sampling (statistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A sample is a collection of individuals selected from a larger For example, we may have a single sample composed of 50 cases, representing a population. — “Sampling”,

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  • "DIVA" Track Sampling - Akina Nakamori 中森明菜 Get ready to be FLOORED by this album. This is the Akina we've all been waiting for. BEST FREAKIN DANCE ALBUM from her. To sum it up in 3 words The Diva Awakes, and with a new sound. Here's a sampling of a few highlights from the album, including the "Diva - michitomo remix - from the limited edition bonus disc. Album is already in stores. Please grab a copy to support Akina!! =) For more info, please visit
  • Arterial Blood Gas Sampling these videos were created by Dalhousie University, Common Currency Videos Project under a creative commons license to find more FREE material like this visit: web2097 send your feedback about this videos to
  • Maschine Sampling Part I How to sample off the Internet using Soundflower.
  • The Art of Hip-Hop Sampling at Duke University Grammy Award-winning producer Ninth Wonder explained his craft of record sampling at an event the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Professors Mark Anothony Neal from Duke and Kawachi Clemons from North Carolina Central University commented on the musical form's cultural roots. Learn more at
  • TVA Coal Ash Sampling Trip Sandra Diaz, National Field Coordinator for Appalachian Voices, Hurricane Creekeeper John Wathen and Watauga Riverkeeper Donna Lisenby paddle up the Clinch and Emory Rivers to record the conditions after a 5.4 million cubic yard spill of coal waste from the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston Coal Plant.
  • Sampling distribution A summary of the logic behind the sampling distribution
  • French House: The Art of Sampling Welcome to french, disco, filter, sample house. I'm going to take you through some of the more popular french house tracks, and show you where they got their samples from. Artists include: Daft Punk Le Knight Club Thomas Bangalter Modjo Mylo Stardust Ourvais Lifelike Kris Menace Justice Louis La Roche ..and more. At the end, I also try to re-create Daft Punk's 'One More Time' with the original samples. I do a pretty horrible job, but you'll get the jist. Enjoy.
  • Sampling Motown Harry Weinger, vice president of A&R for Universal Music Enterprises and a 30-year veteran of the entertainment industry, is the guest speaker at next weeks Sampling Motown class at Duke University. Learn more at
  • Galt MacDermot - Coffee Cold
  • Reason 5 & Record 1.5 - Live Sampling Remember the time when samples were something you sampled and not loaded from your hard drive? When a sampler was a machine that could record samples, not just play them back. As samplers became software instead of machines, they came to rely on external sample editing software for recording and editing the samples and the art of spur-of-the-moment creative sampling was pretty much lost. Now we are bringing it back to Reason 5 with its live sampling input.
  • native instruments Maschine and Sampling Maschine is IT !!!! Nuff said. Hope you enjoy this lil demo
  • Sampling with the VariOS Quick beat session with the Roland VariOS and V-Producer software. Beats at: /PerpetualProductions
  • 9TH WONDER INTERVIEW: The Art of Sampling Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder on his trip to London in April 2009. He talks to about the art of sampling, why producers that sample are misunderstood by older generations, current work with Wale and David Banner - and why putting his face out there is so important now in an age where, often, music is seen before it's heard. More interviews, videos and features at our online magazine
  • Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.
  • 'Once Brothers' ESPN series 30 for 30 - Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic were two of the greatest European basketball players of all time. Vlade retired recently, and Drazen, sadly, died back in 1993 in an automobile accident. Had he lived, he would probably be a household name by now, just like Divac is. After the war broke out in former Yugoslavia, however, these two teammates stopped talking -- Vlade is a Serb, while Drazen was a Croat, and the nationalistic rhetorics in both countries must have influenced them, just like many other friends and colleagues at the time, even family members. Even though Divac managed to set things straight with former teammates, Croatians Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja, he was too late to make peace with Drazen.
  • Mal webb's live sampling beat box performance Hilarious live performance by the renowned Australian vocal gymnast and beatboxer. Recorded by browndog productions at the woodford folk festival in 2005.
  • Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean The central limit theorem and the sampling distribution of the sample mean
  • The Art of Sampling Pt.2/chopping samples w/recycle 2.1 One way of chopping a sample using Recycle. Follow-up to The art of sampling part1. Just a quick concept. Art of sampling Part 2 coming real soon!
  • "Sampling Soul" a Duke University class discussion of Nas' Illmatic. Guests include: 9th Wonder and James Peterson Faculty host is Mark Anthony Neal
  • GNYUS MAKING A BEAT SAMPLING KESHA **ALL COPYRIGHTS GO TO RCA.** Filmed, Edited, Special FX by Arnold Aldridge This was a beat I originally did for kicks----but it ended up turning into this cool visual representation idea I came up with, based on those old HP commercials. This is what usually goes on in my head when I make beats sampling other songs.. like KESHA. BEAT PRODUCED BY GNYUS FACEBOOK TWITTER
  • MPC 1000 sampling sampling with the mpc
  • Reason Micro Tutorial - Live Sampling 101 If it was good for Trevor Horn, The Beastie Boys, and pretty much every pioneering producer in the last 30 years... then it's good for us too. Live Sampling is back in Reason 5 and Record 1.5. But before you start pitching your burp noises up 3 octaves we thought we'd teach you the basics of the process.
  • The Art Of Sampling Pt.1 Master/Teacher/Producer Jesse West teaching/showing Hip Hop sampling techniques.
  • Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean 2 More on the Central Limit Theorem and the Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean
  • Native Instruments Maschine sampling demo Chris Cartledge gives you a quick overview of sampling and editing on Native Instruments Maschine.
  • Signal Processing Tutorial: Sampling/Anti-Aliasing or the Nyquist Sampling Theorem www.FreedomUniversity.TV. These videos are part of a series of engineering videos on Nyquist sampling Theorem or concepts of the Nyquist Frequency or Nyquist Rate. The Shannon Theorem is a difficult concept for most students. When viewed from the frequency domain you will see that amplitude modulation can be viewed as a special case of sampling. These videos are in pre-production and will be replaced with the final versions.
  • What Is Sampling? Sampling Explained. More tutorials IN ORDER at
  • Types of Sampling Techniques
  • The Best and Worst of Voice Sampling in Video Games A countdown of our top five most nostalgic voice samples and top five worst voice samples from the third and fourth generations of gaming. Don't agree or have something to add? Feel free to comment! ... Happy gaming!! Visit my blog: Visit GoNintendo! Visit Master0fHyrule's channel
  • Un son pa'cantar - Vocal Sampling Live performance at Marktplatz, Leipzig, June 2002.
  • Lecture - 2 Sampling Lecture Series on Digital Communication by Prof.Bikash. Kumar. Dey , Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Sampling with FL Studio Edison - Hip Hop beatmaker, Wallholder of Too Cold Records, shows us how to easily sample in FL Studio 7 using the new Edison audio editor / sampler. Receive a free discount when you purchase FL Studio from --
  • Pete Rock sampling "Love is a Battlefield" Legendary producer Pete Rock breaking down the classic song.
  • Neptunes don't want it with Beat Bloks Pt 2 sampling 101 DJ Cyclone teaches sampling on BlokTV
  • Random Sampling of CARS in Taiwan Just me showing some cars in a parking lot to give you an idea of what people drive in Taiwan. Not interesting to me. But I thought some of you might like to see it.
  • Hak5 - The Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, Nintendo DS emulators and QT programming This time on the show Shannon joins us "in studio" to go over a little signal sampling. Jenn has just the emulator for the Nintendo DS-less, and Jason kicks off a series on programming using the QT SDK.
  • AKAI S950 Sampling ‬ Website http Ebay Store Buy DVDs internet video school Get DVDs at
  • Roland Fantom G- Sampling Fantom-G product tour with British music producer, keyboardist, and songwriter Jeremy "Jem" Godfrey
  • The Sampling of Le Knight Club (Highly, HIGHLY suggest you watch this in high quality.) As you can tell by the annotations, several samples have been found since publishing this video.) Le Knight Club (comprised of Guy Manuel de Homem Christo of Daft Punk, and Eric "Rico" Chedevelle) is arguably one of the greatest names in French House music and is the main benefactor of Crydamoure records. From 1997 - 2002, they released these tracks. This video compiles the samples used by Le Knight Club. Samples explained: Troobadoor Boogie Shell Coco Girlz Mosquito Coral Twist Hysteria Hysteria pt. II Gator Soul Bells Palm Beat Tropicall Mirage has unresolved samples. If you know them, pleeeeeease let me know. RHUMBA HAS BEEN FOUND! CHERIE D'AMOURE FOUND! NYMPHAE SONG FOUND!
  • Making Drum Kits - Sampling Drums Part 1 - Warbeats FL Studio Tutorial from : - Why not boost your own drum library by making your own kits? One way to do that is by grabbing drum samples from vinyl, mp3, wav file etc. Watch how easy it is to do in FL Studio
  • Introductory Statistics - Chapter 6: Sampling distributions A video summary of chapter 6 in Perdisco's Introductory Statistics 360Textbook. To find out more, visit /introstats
  • pete_boyle: from the sampling done at the vote verification, we can say that Sele ward and Castle Ward are too close to call #labour
  • KathyrnSpohnAUQ: Music Sampling - Laws and Regulations of Sampling Copyrighted Material
  • DanksstARPT: We've got a few cheeky red wines on our menu. We think you are going be happy sampling this >>
  • missroomgirl: @Selryam He speaks of "sampling" photographs amongst the video footage. I, like... I don't know. Where is @fruitdays to discuss this with?
  • ginamartynova: Come check out a sampling of the Seven Deadly Indulgences series tomorrow! 3rd Ward,195 Morgan Ave, BK opening reception 7.00 - 10.00 pm
  • ashleyyamanaka: Time dragged in lab today. Was not in the mood to do water sampling. At least no dump!
  • thekidReese: just finished sampling this dope ass Loose Ends's got that retro 90's feel, with that good ol' Reese spin on it!!
  • dgtlnvjo: A small sampling of our new site, coming soon!
  • hipEchik: @tdeliganis My sampling is that most tweets are in favor of Cain and fewest in favor of Paul. I've just been tweeting my stream w/out bias.
  • markcristy3378: Win a Sampling of Guylian Chocolate @MommainFlipFlop #MothersDay #Giveaway http:///3jqofjx
  • _missawe: Oh snap! Its Aaliyah's song! Aww bless her... Bless Drake for sampling it ♥
  • opticaldensity: RT @MiltShook: To those who claim Democrats did nothing when they were in, here are a few bills Dems passed, GOP blocked last session.
  • MiltShook: To those who claim Democrats did nothing when they were in, here are a few bills Dems passed, GOP blocked last session.
  • PlzCuttheCrap: To those who claim Democrats did nothing when they were in, here are a few bills Dems passed, GOP blocked last session.
  • BlindHedgehog: @ddfiregirl: No, not yet; working on sampling the Sonic Advance 1 instrument sounds...
  • achemerinsky: RT @aanavee: Sampling every dessert at la sandia and jamming to live mariachis.. Perfection
  • weightlosswithc: RT @EG_Cakes @80sgirlforever Guess you'll have yo keep sampling them till you hit chocolate...
  • EG_Cakes: @80sgirlforever Guess you'll have yo keep sampling them till you hit chocolate!
  • VancouverPlaces: Mentions for AuBar Nightclub: - RT @PrettyKPromo Tonight at Aubar : Pretty kitty girls sampling cold & gold Olmeca te...
  • JPGraziano: ... in serious news, we are currently sampling Cosimo’s Premium Blend Extra Virgin from Tuscany come on in for a taste
  • papics: is sampling the thickness of cirrus clouds #lifeofanastronomer
  • hipEchik: Well, that was a good sampling of opinion. Seems like the Paulites lose again though, just based on tweets. #Opinion
  • malbaker86: RT @The5thAlphabet: She said she was sampling fragrances cause she wanted to get you some new smell good #yousharethatgirl
  • Pharreal13: Im just sampling RT @pistolstarter @Pharreal13 don't drink it too fast buddy!! l
  • sfoptics: Just a sampling of our new Beausoleil frames... hot out of the oven!
  • WFwoodlandhills: On our patio this evening, we are sampling Quickfire wine paired with steak and bleu cheese. See Customer Service...
  • 2ChicsFromMaine: @allagashbeer I reallllllly want to come tour that place. Do you ever have beer sampling?
  • scabs_all_over: “@ChampNeptune: your ideas for sampling and producing always blew my mind on the board. freq'n farts for snares?” & did you try it?
  • RealTheWriter: RT @YesiTweetediT #NowBumpin @ChrisBrown - She Ain't You. Lovin' the Tribute to the Greatest, MICHAEL JACKSON sampling the ''Human Nature''.
  • LanellYutzy: Nevertheless numerous frown even at the idea involving sampling plant juices, hence for making the flavour more ...
  • GERMSONE: @JonPhonics I'm not sure I'm using twitter right!?? But on love to JonPhonics!!! Taught me the art of sampling!!! XO
  • YesiTweetediT: #NowBumpin @ChrisBrown - She Ain't You. Lovin' the Tribute to the Greatest, MICHAEL JACKSON sampling the ''Human Nature''.
  • DISTACTION: is this fightstar song sampling "Blue" from cowboy bebop because it sure sounds like it
  • The5thAlphabet: She said she was sampling fragrances cause she wanted to get you some new smell good #yousharethatgirl
  • ModelKristenV: Sampling corona at two more bars for the night... then done!
  • PrettyKPromo: Tonight at Aubar : Pretty kitty girls sampling cold & gold Olmeca tequila.
  • GJMac4: Free sampling of Frozen Strawberry Lemonade every Friday in the month of May from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • Gourmetonwheels: @yamashirofarmersmarket with Carol sampling @laquercia &@cremenelli cured meats and more until 9pm. Come on by!
  • jnuanes: Sampling Mocha Coconut Frappucino's @Starbucks
  • bidsUSA: RFP: Lead and copper sampling contract (DHEC)
  • samplefinder: "JACK U. BACK" / LIFER'S GROUP sampled... #hiphop #sampling
  • groceryalerts: RT @NanaimoBarr: Sampling #Nanaimo bar sundae @NYStyleNanaimo with @groceryalerts tough job eh! http:///gzkjooqj
  • DerekMontoya: FWD: 5 dollars to come try some delicious mexican food and vote for you favorite. Food sampling starts at 7
  • killdisco: これよかった Candy Girl (Dj Cutty Marbys' Sampling Sports Club Mix) - Hitomi http:///3r9wlka
  • birthgrowthlife: i'm taking full advantage of the serotonin in chocolate lately. i've been sampling all varieties of the organic kind. yummy.
  • blaksheepent83: I liked a @YouTube video "Sampling Soul"
  • AzeemGodil: RT @1Urooj1: Someone calling themselves @AzeemGodil has been peppering my timeline with some spicy hot stuff - A sampling
  • numonics: the beauty of sampling is the detective work. listening to albums upon albums til you hear something you can re-invent.
  • dptzbcnvz: Sibgle sampling plan for normal inspection
  • Srendpy: RT @Margoandhow: CNN poll says 61% of Americans believe Osama is in hell. The survey's overall sampling error is plus or minus 2000 degrees.
  • theresecoffey: @JamesCleverly what did your sampling show James?
  • SchwizzySweet: @lastcupJ Let the top shelf sampling continue tonight! #BMart
  • notinmy: via Sharon Streams, Sampling of Library Funding, Grants, and Partnership Resources in 2011 #WebJunction
  • wilfprophecy: damm dusting off old records for sampling just doesnt seem quiet right !!! even though its all i new back then #timeschange
  • TheStudentPaper: Rumours from #edins box sampling are SNP win, Lab second, LD third. BBC have SNP up 11% #sp11
  • acf: ACF_UK: Having a great day @RealFoodFest - sampling all the delicious goodies!
  • aanavee: Sampling every dessert at la sandia and jamming to live mariachis.. Perfection
  • CllrJMcColl: With Andy Kerr gone, other big names are sure to fall. We start sampling in #Dumbarton soon. Jackie Baillie's coat on a shoogly peg #sp11
  • FIEND4DAMONEY: RT @imthinkinRB: The homie @FIEND4DAMONEY has a jam sampling Wiz's "Slim Skit"...playin it now
  • imthinkinRB: The homie @FIEND4DAMONEY has a jam sampling Wiz's "Slim Skit"...playin it now
  • malooo21: @Keis_Chadwick @Mfreeman34 really did and we were sampling the finest brews in the area
  • goldmonk: Will give 2 DSP lectures in a row this morning. We'll learn sampling, quantization, and encoding followed by MATLAB programing. @cudsp
  • JeffGunnell: @Blinky324 news im glad to hear my friend. apparently they're going to start sampling wind-chimes to be super against the scene
  • ImSoulPirelli: I wish I could have a little bit of kanye's sampling skills.
  • Stealf: The second OST instrumental EP sampling the District 9 soundtrack
  • Stealf: The second OST instrumental EP sampling the District 9 soundtrack
  • Stealf: The second OST instrumental EP sampling the District 9 soundtrack District 9 on #SoundCloud
  • AgAggregate: New Sampling Computers: I upgraded from an IPAQ to a fuller sized screen computer for soil sampling and ... #agblog
  • MikeHale: Wine, beer sampling events to sprout at Lilacia Park in Lombard
  • John_murphy1: This is amazing. Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover from Community, covers Kanye while sampling Beach House http:///bh6e
  • fiosalvo: Sampling Starbucks VIA (client) at the Rolling Stone event! (@ Highline Ballroom w/ 20 others) [pic]: http://4/mmMo58
  • ShopMaplewood: I posted 15 photos on Facebook in the album "Moms Nite Out ---- Just a sampling of photos!!!"
  • Shazzer36: Wow. Rather glad that I haven't yet turned on Idol based on this sampling of tweets.
  • jay_wah: And #beyonce sampling major lazer is still bugging me!!!.. I do not like her song at all #whoruntheworld
  • iLov3Sydney: These ppl in this food court sampling everything smh !
  • SHinchcliffe: @ChrisMingles1 not yet, they've just finished sampling but not started counting yet
  • iAm_Bus: Why miles in the store sampling all this ice-cream doe ? Lmaooo..
  • thefoodshed: Fun pickup tomorrow! We'll have Gaia's Breath Farm cooking and sampling some food. Jones Family Farm also sampling...
  • samplefinder: "PAYBACK" / JAMES BROWN is sampled by... #hiphop #sampling
  • stuartbruce: We've done the sampling, put it in spreadsheet and have feel for possible result - and no @GuidoFawkes I'm not going to reveal it
  • funky49: @la1ka He's just sampling. It's very hip-hop.
  • fifiandjules: @fifi_box An Ulcer is getting off lightly for sampling the 'Sausage & Pancakes On A Stick' I bought u 5wks back. J
  • Chatchalina: IN BALTIMORE...sampling the vodka @ stalking horse
  • DBSepulveda: Sampling some of the best beers in Colorado. @ Odell Brewing Company
  • TweetBrooks: Sampling in Halstead St Andrews indicate that there will be 3 Con Gains in this ward in today's #vote2011 for Braintree District Council.
  • CrispinChicago: Original, Brut, and honey now available @ Vrai amour on Webster! http:///. Sampling June 10th!
  • OttosMomBlogs: Fave part of putting groceries away... sampling! Today's highlights: Annie's snickerdoodle bunnies. Organic yellow tomato. Raw brazil nuts.
  • jagr9563: @Kennedy_Carter Oh that is good. I listened to a sampling of each track. The 4th one "Into the floor" is my favorite. :)
  • DanWhittle: Our sampling showing about 0.05% of voters using AV by mistake. #labourdoorstep swindon
  • ChampNeptune: @scabs_all_over dog, your ideas for sampling and producing akways blew my mind on the biard. "freq'ng farts for snares?" #dope
  • manoEmano_: Makes you wanna rip your ears off with all his horrible sampling? RT: @NalieLeBoss: Oh pitbull you don't know what you do to me baby
  • GussieScrogginE: In Corner B offers a sampling of the stories and essays of Es'kia Mphahlele, one of South Africa's most notable writers
  • babciapat: RT @TweetBrooks: Sampling the AV vote in Braintree @NO2AV miles ahead here.
  • nigel611: Real estate work all day, getting ready to upload podcast, sampling newly produced trax tonight while djing at fluid, Mmmmm maoz for din ...
  • RhonnaFarrer: Sampling tonite's Mexican fiesta fixins. Lips are burnin. Nose is running. This mama likes it HOT! Ole!
  • peterbotting: RT @TweetBrooks: Sampling the AV vote in Braintree @NO2AV miles ahead here.
  • SkyeHE: RT @TweetBrooks: Sampling the AV vote in Braintree @NO2AV miles ahead here.

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