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  • Official web site for CA State Parks [1] A sazhen (Russian) is seven feet or 2 1/3 yards. In the French version of the Inventory for Mr. Sutter the term is toise, in the Spanish, braza, each meaning fathom. — “THE KUSKOV HOUSE”,
  • Skewed, or oblique sazhen (коса́́я са́́жень, kosaya sazhen') = 2.48 m Proprietor's (владе́льческая десяти́на, vladelcheskaya desiatina) = 14,5672 m² = 156,800 ft² = 3,200 square sazhen. — “Piad encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • kosaya sazhen. sazhen. makhovaya sazhen. arshin. ell. foot. line. inch. vershok. pyad. Old French Online-Unit- is a free and easy to use unit conversion service that will. — “Online-Unit- - distance-and-length. Distance and”, online-unit-
  • kosaya sazhen conversion chart page. Distance and Length conversion online. Instant online units and measurements conversion: for metric conversion and other systems. Many units supported from common to very exotic. — “kosaya sazhen. Old Russian. Distance and Length Conversion Chart”, convert-
  • Those of you that know a lot about the Russians shall be familiar with arshin and sazhen as measurements. the External or Park facade length of the aisle is 205' = 62.484m = 87.8571429 arshin = 29.2857143 sazhen. — “Re: Alexander Palace Design”,
  • sazhen (plural sazhens) A unit of length formerly used in Russia, equal to seven feet. 1995: And it will not yield more than ten sazhens of wood to the desyatina and he is paying me at the rate of two hundred roubles. — Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, tr. — “sazhen - Wiktionary”,
  • A sazhen, an old Rus unit of length, was equal to seven feet (or roughly corresponding to a fathom); thus the Kerch Straits, according to the stone, were 88,000 feet or 18.5 miles across (that is, from Kerch to Tmutarakan — the straits themselves. — “Stone of Tmutarakan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Convert legua - Distance and Length Units Conversion makhovaya sazhen. 2386.3636. ell. 10000. foot. 13779.5276. line. 1653543.3071. inch. 165354.3307. pyad. 23622.0472. Hungarian. faust. 39863.3257. Croatian. hvat. 2214.6059. Greek. pike. — “Convert legua - Distance and Length Units Conversion”,
  • Sazhen, delegate from Tibet, pointed out with specific figure that the Party's policies Photo shows Sazhen delivering a speech at the 3rd Session of the 11th National Committee. — “China Tibet Information Center - Tibet - ”,
  • BELIEVE IN PERFORMANCE - PUBLICATIONS - CONVERSIONS - ECOMMERCE SUCKS- LINKS Kosaya sazhen. Sazhen. Sea sazhen. Makhovaya sazhen. Arshin. Ell. Vershok. Nautical. Circle. Sea league. Degree. Nautical mile. Cable. Fathom. — “Welcome To NorthEast Auto Design”,
  • This colony was allocated arable farm land of 9,888 desyatina 2,300 sazhen, hay lands of 262 desyatina 611 sazhen, forest of 526 desyatina 413 sazhen. In addition, because of insufficient hay lands, they were allocated wastelands totaling 192. — “Norka, Russia”,
  • Peter I wrote in his diary: "Today we have layed the foundation of the Admiralty House and celebrated at an osteria. The length is 200 sazhen, the width is 100 sazhen. Peter I dreamed of making Russia a naval power and a shipyard was one of the first steps towards this goal. — “De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis: November 16 in Russian history”,
  • Ancient Russian sazhens. System of commensurate measures, applied for creation of objects harmonious to the natural. Designing of buildings and subjects on the basis of Ancient Russian sazhens. Consultation. — “Ancient Russian Sazhens - Main”,
  • 4. Number of sazhen (one linear sazhen = 2.134 m; square sazhen = 4.55 sq. m) (asterisk) Under shops there is 119 square sazhen, namely: a. Leiba Movshovich Lev, 19. b. — “Plot Map of Linkuva in 1863”,
  • Web-based measurement converter that converts between 1000 measurements, units, prefixes, physical constants, abbreviations, foreign currencies, or ri (Japanese ri), sazhen (Russian sazhen), span (cloth span), stadia (Greek stadia), sun (Japanese sun), vara (Mexican vara), or any combination of. — “ Measurement Converter”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Sazhen. Information about Sazhen in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Sazhen definition of Sazhen in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • O-Rings, Inc. quality supplier of o-rings since 1958. Our name is O-Rings, Inc., and our products are called O-Rings. We proudly supply a full range of commercial grade O-Rings from QS9000 / ISO9001 manufacturing facilities, and MADE IN THE Makhovaya sazhen. — “Length”,
  • Sazhen is an old Russian measure of length equal to 2.13 meters. A couple of other ones are that there are 3 arshin per sazhen, then 500 sazhen per verst. — “[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Land Measure”,
  • Daniel Abraham: A Family Tree. 1) Isaac Katz and Zlata, landowners, house # 23, lot # 43, 61 square sazhen (ger: klafter) (1 square sazhen = 3,6 square meter). — “Katz Family”,

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  • Suur Tõll (Toell/Tyll/Töll the Great) Toell the Great (Estonian: Suur Tõll) in Estonian mythology is a great giant hero who lived according to the legend on the Baltic Sea island of Saaremaa (Ösel). Legend He lived in Tõlluste village with his wife Piret. He tossed huge rocks everywhere, mostly aiming for his archenemy Vanatühi or other enemies of Saaremaa people. Tõll was king of Saaremaa but he lived as common farmer. He often visited his brother Leiger on the neighboring Hiiumaa (Dagö) island. He was so tall that he could almost walk there (The distance is something about 5 to 6 km long). His walking stick was a 5 sazhen (~10 meters or 35 foot) spruce tree trunk. Tõll was always kind and ready to help, but very hot-tempered. He loved to eat cabbages, drink beer and go to the sauna (his wife was always busy gathering him sauna stove rocks). Death When an enemy decapitated him, he put his head on his sword and walked to his grave, which is supposed to be somewhere in Tõlluste. When Tõll died, he promised to rise from grave and help people in case of war. But naughty children made fun of him by yelling "Tõll, Tõll, wake up, there is a war in the yard". Tõll rose, grew angry and went back to his grave, swearing never to come back. (
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  • “It is defined as being 500 sazhen long, which makes a verst equal to 3500 feet (1.0668 kilometres). Google Calculator doesn't Nabokov (thinking, mind you, not reading), seeing this blog posting about menus and anagrams made me quite”
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