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  • We have all seen these scene kids before- the boys and girls at music shows with the tight jeans, ratty hair, and over sized sunglasses. Scene kids are often stereotyped as "emo kids;" this is a common misconception. — “How to Be a Scene Kid - wikiHow”,
  • scene n. Something seen by a viewer; a view or prospect. The place where an action or event occurs: the scene of the crime. — “scene: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The Awards will return in 2011, but after having the event at the same location for 8 years, the time has come for us to move and renew ourselves. We are delighted to announce that next years award ceremony will be held at The Gathering in Norway. — “ - news”,
  • 324,370 Scene stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Scene Stock Photo Images. 324,370 scene royalty free images”,
  • SCENE is an entertainment rewards program brought to you by Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment. Movies. Fun. Fast. — “SCENE – The movie reward program from Scotiabank and Cineplex”,
  • Definition of scene in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of scene. Pronunciation of scene. Translations of scene. scene synonyms, scene antonyms. Information about scene in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. behind the scene,. — “scene - definition of scene by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • typical "scene" girl: -choppy hair -usually black -septum ring -has a myspace with pictures of her from crazy angles with a TUFF face on because sh. — “Urban Dictionary: scene”,
  • ok love here we go:) Audrey Kitching. Jac Vanek. HannaBeth,Avista amuyan. Just 4 of the million scene queens and scene queen wannabes in this universe. You've seen their pictures, and now you have finally read their buzznets. And in this moment. — “How to be a Scene Queen? how do you become a scene queen or”,
  • Northeast Ohio's entertainment weekly. © 2010 Cleveland Scene: 1468 West Ninth Street, Suite 805, Cleveland, OH 44113, (216) 241-7550. Logos and trademarks on this site are property of their respective owners. — “Scene Magazine”,
  • View 213599 scene Pictures, scene Images, scene Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own!. — “Photobucket | scene Pictures, scene Images, scene Photos”,
  • We offer hundreds of Scene Hair pictures & tips to get that Scene Boy or Scene Girl look. Our site also provides articles & videos on how to do scene hair. Get inspired for a new Scene Hairstyle today!. — “Scene Hairstyles | Scene Hair | Scene Haircuts”, scene-
  • Definition of SCENE. 1 : one of the subdivisions of a play: as a : a division of an act presenting continuous action in one place b : a single situation or unit of dialogue in a play c : a motion-picture or television episode or sequence. 2. — “Scene - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Read about Louisville's entertainment scene -- including movie, restaurant, theater, arts, dance, concert and album reviews -- in The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky. — “courier- | Louisville Entertainment | The Courier”,
  • Scene and emo fashion, scene hair styling and more. Tutorials, music reviews, shopping, forums, live chat and much more. Anything you need to get you looking scene as well as communicate with the emo culture. — “Scene Styles - Scene and Emo Fashion”,
  • scene use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with scene. scene in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. arrive (up)on the scene (of something) and arrive at the scene (of something). — “scene - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Definition of scene from Webster's New World College Dictionary. the place in which any event, real or imagined, occurs: the scene of a battle. — “scene - Definition of scene at ”,
  • Scene definition, the place where some action or event occurs: See more. — “Scene | Define Scene at ”,

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  • The Scene - Blauw The Scene - Blauw clip by Sjoardm Blauw - The Scene The Scene - Blauw
  • Best action scene ever. ever. ever. -- Endhiran (Robot) 1 - Best action scene in the world ( ) from Indian movie Endhiran
  • Scene Emo Hair I DO NOT OWN NOR DID I CREATE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC. this is how alyssa abscission does her hair! /punk_transistor FAQ: 1) What's the song? -Lemon Meringue Tie by Dance Gavin Dance 2)How many layers do you have? -too many to count ;) 3) What hairspray do you use? -Rave OH AND please check out Larra, she'll be uploading videos to this channel soon! subscribe to her channel & follow her on twitter!
  • Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race Music video by Fall Out Boy performing This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8548491. (C) 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group
  • How to be a scene kid by:AngelicAcid453 *fan made * NO copyright intended SKELANIMAL SHIRT LINKKKKK!!!!! 1. I made the video during the summer for fun before I knew what scene really I thought it was just a fashion statement but after awhile I i firgured out the truth about scene kids. The scene style was was created in Japan not America. I dont care if someone's fashion sense is influenced by another culture but dont steal it and try to make it your own. I am still searching and wonder who created the scene style and how did it get so popular in the US Other then that I know what scene is. I could choose to dress up like a scene kid but Im not high maintenance and I dont like scene music. I will keep this video because some of you have save it on your youtube pages/profiles, this video was not to be taken seriously in the first place, if your going to take it seriously good for you, if you dont like the video dont comment on it cause your wasting your time . 2. im not trying to turn you guys into scene kids, whats the difference between a visual slide show and website explaining how to be a scene kid I really dont need to explain myself to anyone. 3. Im not a scene girl this style is not for me... 4.Be who every you want to be.. no matter what anyone says 5. I never said this was scene music, I put these certain songs cause they were my favorite at the time paramore is not a scene band I put Hayley in the video because she is wearing a skelanimal tee shirt 6. I dont ...
  • GoodFellas Full "Billy Batts" Scene DVD Ripped Full "Billy Batts" Scene
  • Blockhead - The Music Scene Taken from the 2010 Blockhead album 'The Music Scene', more info at Animated/Directed by Anthony F. Schepperd.
  • The Dark Knight: Hospital Scene The Hospital scene from The Dark Knight. 01/02/2010 [1000000]
  • Katz's Delicatessen - in "When Harry Met Sally" You always wanted to know more about it... One of the fragments from "When Harry Met Sally" shot at Katz's. This scene, one of the funniest ones in American comedy for last 30 years, certainly gave Katz's a new lease for life - the present ownership has just started, and lasted for 20 years next year, making it altogether a proverbial Jewish 120 years Once I have moved my production into HD and interviewed several people of note (I don't like the word "celebrity"), I haven't figured out a way to post some HD teasers here, but feel free to check a sample at mynyco(dot)blip(dot)tv More film clips to be posted soon.
  • Detroit Jit (The Scene) The scene (Detroit Back in the day) Jit, Funkateers, Erroll Flynns
  • Selena Gomez and the Scene - Falling Down - Official Music V The new music video for Selena Gomez and the Scene's debut single "Falling Down" available on iTunes now!
  • The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof Alternate take of Batman and the Joker's first conversation in The Dark Knight. Follow me on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: HEY MONKEY AND APPLE FANS! PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK. Buy "The Dark Knight-Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof" Shirts and Other Merchandise HERE! And here Are You Speaking Bat (Dark Shirt): Mens: Womens: Are You Speaking Bat (White Shirt) Mens: Womens: Pure Fists Shirt: Mens: Womens: *Okay this question's getting asked a lot so just to be clear: I play the Joker, and I play Batman. Same guy. I did everything except punch myself in the face, which came compliments of my friend Robert (I think you can see how much he enjoyed it). Thank you all for watching. Outtakes: Party Scene Spoof:
  • ♥How to be a Scene Queen♥ i will be making more vids soon...mall hauls, how tos and contortion=)enjoy!
  • Tron Lightbike Scene
  • Relaxing Nature Scenes - Relaxing Nature Scenes - Relaxing Piano Rain Music - Nature Scenes 1 New FaceBook Fan Page Scenic Videos come join the discussion! This music and nature scenes is to focus on you, help you concentrate, calm you down and relieve you from stress. Music available from "Still" from the album Lunar Khandro by Jai Larkan Astronomy Records These beautiful scenes are from India. I have been working with a zoologist there for a few months now by exchanging clips. He provides me with great scenes from India and I provide him with clips of animals from my part of the world so that he may teach his students about these beautiful animals. I have also been working with Astronomy Records. They have given me permission to use their great relaxing sounds in return for credits. This is just another great way YouTube has brought three people together to create a beautiful mosiac of art. Thank you!
  • Bullitt - Steve McQueen Famous Car Chase */ To see the high quality version, add '&fmt=18' behind the url. Minus the quotations /* Bullitt is a 1968 thriller film starring Steve McQueen. It was distributed by Warner Bros. The director was Peter Yates. The story was adapted for the screen by Alan Trustman and Harry Kleiner, based on the novel titled Mute Witness (1963) by Robert L. Fish (aka Robert L. Pike). Lalo Schifrin wrote the original music score, a memorable mix of jazz, brass and percussion. The movie won the Academy Award for Best Film Editing (Frank P. Keller) and was nominated for Best Sound. Writers Trustman and Kleiner won a 1969 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. Bullitt is most-remembered for its central car chase scene through the streets of downtown San Francisco, one of the earliest and most influential car chase sequences in movie history.[1] The scene had Bullitt in a dark "Highland Green" 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback, chasing two hit-men in a "Tuxedo Black" 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum. (In honor of the Mustang in the film, the Ford Motor Company produced a limited edition 2001 Ford Mustang GT "Bullitt Mustang," which took styling cues from the '68 movie car and even mimicked its exhaust note).
  • How to get "scene" hair. :D HOW TO GET SCENE HAIR + CRAPPY MAKEUP. Add me on facebook: Made as a response to a challenge from a friend. And the song is called Why am I always right by Nightmare of you. ^_^
  • How To Be Scene (Basic Guidelines) i made this a while agooo when i was bored and mostly just cause i love scene stuff and lots of people are just getting to learn what it is so thats why i made this video also. this one is mostly for girls... sorry boys. ;) this vid includes awesome hair, the latest bands, and how to chose your scene name! ((: this is the basics, scene is a way of life not just a style. mix it up a bit, make it your own! ;D i put everything i know into this vid and it took me 3 days so please please watch it. I even bought the songs just for this video! haha HATERS: back off. how many times do i have to say this. NO, if someone wants to be 'scene' they do not need to follow this exactly. yes, this is a guideline. YES, this may help, NO i do not expect people to even listen to this! people can follow as much or as little of this as they want to. so go ahead if i STILL didnt reach through that thick skull of yours, comment this vid. all your doing is adding comments and views to my video. so.. fail on your part. :) heres the link to the teasing vid... this is a pretty basic way of doing it.... and heres a makeup one... its the same way i do mine so yeah.. its good.. haha :) the first song is damned if i do ya (damned if i dont ) by all time low the second song is weightless.. also by all time low
  • HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES! MORE Deleted Scenes: Creepiest Outtake EVER: The following never-before-seen clips were removed from the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. ----------------------------------- Hey it's our very own website: Oh and our Facebook page Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can:
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene - Naturally Music video by Selena Gomez & The Scene performing Naturally. (C) 2009 Hollywood Records, Inc.
  • Worst Fight Scene Ever It's intense.
  • HOW TO BE SCENE you like it? write me a comment! you don't like it? tell me why
  • TWILIGHT Scene It Game!!! Lauren and I test out the new TWILIGHT Scene It game! FOLLOW ME for more Twilight news: BUY THE GAME: Check out Lauren at the official Twilight Facebook: Music by Kevin MacLeod
  • Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 2 TWILIGHT POKEMON CARDS: DRAWING TWILIGHT CHARACTERS FROM MEMORY: Part Two is even more shocking! We got our hands on deleted scenes from Twilight: New Moon that were removed for their inappropriate nature - watch them for the first time! http
  • Light Warfare - Behind the Scenes A brief glimpse behind the scenes for Light Warfare. Tutorial:
  • How to become scene A small non-serious guide, to what you can do, if you want to look like a little scene kiddie. Non of us are real scene kids, so-called "emos", punks or hippies. We are just Benedikte and Ina, and we are quite satisfied with that. Music used: Fer Sure - The Medic Droid. Find out who I am: Watch my art:
  • Graduate end scene My favorite scene from the movie... top 5 scense ever UPDATE 09-2009::: 207000 views... 500 comments.. My most popular video by far... OF COURSE this is not my video, It is own by another COPYRIGHT holder, I HAVE NEVER, and WILL NEVER claim to hold the copy right for this content, nor, would I think that any person in their right mind would believe that I made this.... With that said... I DO love this film.. as I said at first, this is in the top 5 endings in cinema history for me!!..!!..!!.. I want to THANK the NYTIMES Comp. for not taking down my video.. Go ahead ad Commericials IDC... I just really enjoy this 5 minutes of film ( not mentioning the hour and 45 minues before it).. THanks all and Enjoy!! :) -- NOTICE I GOT--- "Your video, Graduate end scene , may include content that is owned or licensed by these content owners: * Content owner: New York Times Digital Type: Visual content"
  • uncomfortable love scenes giggity giggity gigAty Man, making these noises was awful and I really hope that my mum and her mates don't get this. Hope you guys are all well and have a wonderful weekend x n
  • True Romance - Sicilians Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken in True Romance
  • Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene The stairs and pallet are made wood from the holly tree, the strongest material known to man. That should clear things up! CLICK TO RT! This is how an action scene should look like. No shaky-cam to make up for lack of decent stunts! Just a short video about what happened between me and some bad guys. If you think about it, the title makes PERFECT SENSE. The gun flares and smoke and hits are from Video Copilot's Action Essentials 2 pack: Blood is from our own personal library - red chalk dust on black and composited in. See the Behind the Scenes: See the Muzzle Flare Tutorial: And finally, check out my 2nd channel, with tutorials and behind the scenes:
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene - A Year Without Rain Selena Gomez's brand new album, "A Year Without Rain" is available now: (C) 2010 Hollywood Records, Inc.
  • Flower Warfare - Psychedelic Action Scene Click to Tweet! Behind the Scenes Rico is really serious about getting his stuff back! Alternate titles include "Flower Power" "Pushin' up Daisies" "Flower PS3 Fan Film" STARRING Nicole Wyland as Moonchild Logan Olson as Rico Jon Salmon, Jimmy Wong, Alex Reeves, Tyler Gattoni, Kyle Beck, and Kevin Klauber as goons SPECIAL THANKS TO Kevin Klauber - Location Lauren Haroutunian - Cinematography Juvi Segura - Van Karin Schneider - Camera Ruben Garay - Greenscreen Bong hit sound effect by cognito perceptu, used under CC-Sampling Plus 1.0 license.
  • lexiglam: lexiglam: One of my scenes in my story has a very interesting intermission scene between Adommy. hehehe
  • Miss_Ki_: Miss_Ki_: I really just did the whole "Rollin On the River" dance scene. I'm outta breath.
  • SheriBiesen: SheriBiesen: @chrisvognar Great film. That's a crazy scene. Wonderfully shot. luv 25th Hour.
  • stephsia: stephsia: @xcameronlee Really? I need to go to more house parties. I'm so sick of our not happening nightlife "scene". Was this in Langley!? haha!
  • cheapbmx1: cheapbmx1: Scene check: Crewe Track/Skatepark?: … A little while back I got to check out Crewe Skatepark/Race track. In sho...
  • am_sharma: am_sharma: RT @Karanbajaj: One of the best articles I have read of late - Arundhati Roy's blog .. Must read for those following Anna Hazare scene
  • EyesLikeMiles: EyesLikeMiles: @SkyHighBahram not jealous of the band. Jealous of the fact that you'll be around ridic amounts of scene girls.
  • jaayjenny: jaayjenny: @RUBYLLOVE @mariethonxo as long as you're not doing my scene, it's all good :)
  • westhecinephile: westhecinephile: @finalgirlproj I really love the lighting in the opening scene of that episode. #spaced
  • JeanHermione: JeanHermione: After Severus Snape's death, I'll never look at the scene in the Philosopher's Stone the same in which he looks at Harry for the first time.
  • ChadSavage: ChadSavage: Just watched the wine tasting scene from The Black Cat segment of Tales of Terror with Raven - Price & Lorre are like horror Laurel & Hardy.
  • dewyazura: dewyazura: Like it! Vampire ebook He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me - -SPECIAL ADDED SCENE IN ... #Wattpad
  • carlybb: carlybb: @awwthatsnice They used her song as the background music for a scene this week.
  • dewyazura: dewyazura: It's FREAKING AWESOME! You should try another funny stories like. Seriously, U ARE AWESOME WRITER! #Wattpad
  • Seewisahn: Seewisahn: ดูว่าวิดีโอนี้เป็นอย่างไร -- Selena Gomez & The Scene - A Year Without Rain via @youtube
  • dhiyey: dhiyey: Photoset: › Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Opening Scene
  • 1399miguel1399: 1399miguel1399: Check this video out -- Transformers 3 Scene Clip 7 via @youtube
  • AudreyDSailor: AudreyDSailor: RT @REDRUMRONNIE: “@myniggasanta: Can someone please ask @redrumronnie what music scene hes the king of ?” this one
  • Nyshalon1: Nyshalon1: I can watch that scene of eric throwing that drink in jen face ova & ova it neva gets old
  • AlexFranceschi: AlexFranceschi: #nowplaying The Party Scene
  • sarahtowle: sarahtowle: RT @islandrail: A scene never to be repeated again. @CityOfVictoria @VIA_Rail #yyj #nanaimo #courtenay #duncan #ladysmith #parksville....
  • emo_photos: emo_photos: How to cut Scene hair: Hey this is Jayme. Damn this video is old! Uhmm, I am wa better with the razor now....
  • miria3: miria3: @slytherinbunney yeah but such a scene should be emotional. how can it not be?
  • aMich21: aMich21: "The Help" bootleg was on point. Has a scene selection screen and everything. #fancy and the movie was great too
  • JulioRippin: JulioRippin: @alainakyrstin hiya Friend see this Private Intimate scene of justin at
  • PharaohTM: PharaohTM: @MarlonMinaj lol I be in my own lil zone havin a whole lil scene in my head ahaha
  • zoxomuwu: zoxomuwu: Street Scene 950-70215 04-10 CHEVY COLORADO, GMC CANYON EXTENDED CAB SIDE SKIRT KIT URETHANE: This item fits: ...
  • Dismuke78: Dismuke78: Tap dancer Paal Roschberg in a very unusual and memorable scene from the 1938 movie musical "Es leuchten die Sterne"
  • theCHEESTER: theCHEESTER: People are shocked when I tell them I be at home on the weekends . Not every girl is on the scene .
  • Burrbss: Burrbss: Rage life who said enorys social scene sucked
  • MattG1978: MattG1978: @charleycarey Mine too...He steals every scene he's in!
  • FionaJupp: FionaJupp: I am a Twitter beginner - not sure if it's my scene but doing it as part of a web 2 course #lismweb2
  • louby80: louby80: @channingtatum no favourite scene as I love it ALL, the realtionship between John and his Father is especially moving. Best film ever!!!
  • EBehnia: EBehnia: @LBear06 or Starship Troopers love the coed shower scene
  • MackPenn: MackPenn: Two tracks of ASAp Rocky in..he 'sposed to bring NY back on the scene???? ", no thank you" ~ random cartoon character on ComCen
  • LBardugo: LBardugo: @Kody_Keplinger @Jenn_Rush I thought the breakup scene with Jessica and Hoyt was heartbreaking. ADORE Pam.
  • _MarquisWoo_: _MarquisWoo_: @TommyGunz80 had a nightmare with a contemporary scene in front of # oneofthosecameraswiththepixels
  • mailtoedison: mailtoedison: WWDMagic: Chillin' in the Desert: The brasserie menu includes smoked salmon frittata, grilled black angus filet ...
  • Yupnmywhite_TEE: Yupnmywhite_TEE: Set the scene... 3000 degrees.
  • gnicko: gnicko: @bloodyMARlE oh they curved a bullet and some dove up to a roof of a neighboring building while dodging bullets like that scene from matrix
  • 12askal: 12askal: Downtown scene isnt fun anymore it's boring now
  • THElovelyMiSS_K: THElovelyMiSS_K: Had to delete that whole drama scene earlier. Smh... Females are CRAZYYYY!
  • fukkOUTTAhea_: fukkOUTTAhea_: the game been on the scene lately.
  • EazyElLoco: EazyElLoco: @PullOutEarly lol what footage? and yo I'ma be in Dayton this weekend and we wanna do a scene out there. You got some ladies we could use?
  • aliceclaire: aliceclaire: @annaskidmore Exactly what I've always said about the wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice. It's ep...
  • maypanida: maypanida: RT @CNBYonghwa: Cute!^^ RT @cnBlueAngel [HS PIC] Big head blush cheeks in the kiss scene! (as labelled)
  • KatyBerezny: KatyBerezny: ..if I wrote you a ♥ note and made u smile with every word I wrote. Would that make u wanna change your scene and want to be the one... my ♥
  • QuixoticQ: QuixoticQ: RT @NthCode: Joe Zhou nails the Beijing startup scene: "Startups in China, Why There Aren't Many Innovators"
  • iFonzy: iFonzy: Yuh defenatly cant date me if you are in the scene!. O hell naa lolz
  • _mUuna: _mUuna: @channingtatum the best scene is when john's reading the letter to his father... (>_<,) *sniiiiff*
  • JoseMorilloSG: JoseMorilloSG: RT @selenagomez: Selena Gomez and The Scene trending topic, you guys are the best THX. Sitting in my hotel reading letters from the show. I love you all.
  • jaayjenny: jaayjenny: @helloimcd oh you mean the credits? that's a really good scene. It's actually my favourite scene in fact :$
  • kitkatnat8: kitkatnat8: @lexaell I still imagine the scene where it came from. S2 was a good season.
  • FatBoiWoo: FatBoiWoo: @Jiggaman100 lol I work fridats bruh unless yu gon pick a nigga up den yea lol...but Saturday da Scene
  • beachBLASiAN757: beachBLASiAN757: @PhatPhab I know! The concert scene from the movie Notorious was really what they did
  • JenniferGoebel: JenniferGoebel: CLICK, VOTE & WATCH MY ACTING SCENE!! =D Thank you
  • LLivingLLegends: LLivingLLegends: RT @XzaysWorld: LLE Girls Were WALKIN DOWN The Mean Girls Scene Gave LIFE.
  • LuvMyTaTas: LuvMyTaTas: @selectaceddy242 No You aint pull scene YET
  • ButtaBaby: ButtaBaby: @sistamidwife That scene was soooooo gorgeous. Despite Allen's hairy booty. LOL
  • haruQ_6Q: haruQ_6Q: 『ICO』『ワンダと巨像』 Great Scene Sharing
  • fedak54: fedak54: TRYING to watch "The House Of Seven Corpses" on Off Beat Cinema, but they keep going to commercial right in the middle of a scene!!! WTF!!!!
  • LLivingLLegends: LLivingLLegends: RT @MsBree_10G: Sam Gross: LLE detention scene gave me life for the rest of this week!!!! The males went in tonight!
  • ajrLOVEly: ajrLOVEly: @KhokolateThunda ughhhh the shower scene -_-
  • SmileyChel: SmileyChel: @PenTherapee yes that was a rough scene. And that's a "watch only once" movie
  • auriast: auriast: Don't be shy, let's cause a scene
  • YosPWhoreV: YosPWhoreV: RT @LD_09Mrz: Check this video out -- Yes Or No deleted scene [kissing part] via @youtube
  • TracyJavid: TracyJavid: @alinacbris Watch Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder for the classic panda killing scene.
  • pep_pep_ooo: pep_pep_ooo: RT @CNBYonghwa: Cute!^^ RT @cnBlueAngel [HS PIC] Big head blush cheeks in the kiss scene! (as labelled)
  • Chris_Loves_LA: Chris_Loves_LA: Machine Gun Kelly got arrested at the mall for pretty much causing a scene lol
  • wuper_net: wuper_net: Latest Scene Release: Breaking Bad S04E06 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE - Download direct free links
  • jaayjenny: jaayjenny: @VTLJ_ Good scene (Y) You gotta be deep veejoe
  • tomthetwig: tomthetwig: @Scottydogg90 @brookzz18 @d_renwick @ashleykearsley @berger1111 @d34n0p @ndicko I'm leaving the twitter scene if that's the case

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