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  • Probably one of the most iconic forms of public transportation during the Fifties and Sixties was the Greyhound Scenicruiser. The Scenicruiser was almost 11 feet tall and 40 feet long. — “Hemmings Motor News: Greyhound Scenicruiser”,
  • 1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser - Modified Rear End Gears 1954 General Motors Coach GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser From Range Riders. — “Photos of Buses in USA, Canada & the Americas | Classic Bus”,
  • Scenicruiser parts I am locally invloved in doing some work bringing Roy Halls Scenicruiser up to snuff. there are some things it will no doubt need. — “Scenicruiser parts”,
  • Illustrations from "The Big Book of Real Trucks," a children's book published in 1950. Illustrations by George J. Zaffo. — “Scenicruiser | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • 9:14 Add to Added to queue Fred Rayman drives my Scenicruiser April 10, 2010by pd45017714,447 views 1:31 Add to Added to queue GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-498. — “YouTube - GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-771 Video #3”,
  • [B39] Same Post House with 4104 at entrance and Scenicruiser in side driveway [B40] Same Post House with Scenicruiser at front entrance [B41] Same Post House with 4106 at front [B108] 1960's Detroit terminal with a Scenicruiser, a 4104 and a 4106 parked in front. [B109] Greyhound and. — “Don's Greyhound Bus Memories”,
  • Greyhound GMC PD4501 Scenicruiser - By Jim Groeneweg. Here's another shot of the MEK Greyhound Scenicruiser bus kit assembled and painted by Canadian modeler Jim Groeneweg. Also shown in Photo Gallery 90. Home | Previous | Photo Gallery | New. — “Greyhound GMC PD4501 Scenicruiser”, 1-87
  • For Sale: GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-791 unfinished conversion project. GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-791 For Sale (Price included) For Sale: GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-791 unfinished conversion project. — “Scenicruiser21 : Messages : 3573-3602 of 5560”,
  • restored Scenicruiser #771 in front of the Greyhound bus depot in Blytheville, Arkansas Tom McNally contacted us to let us know that there will be a Scenicruiser "reunion" of sorts in April. — “Scenicruiser at Hemmings Blog – Classic and collectible cars”,
  • The GM 4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser has been the most popular though. Presented in special retro Anniversary packaging, this Scenicruiser in Bicentennial colors includes a wood effect plinth, the Corgi Anniversary history booklet and a. — “Corgi US54415 - 4501 Scenicruiser Diecast Model, Greyhound”,
  • Scenicruiser. The GM Buffalo bus models were strongly influenced by the PD-4501 Scenicruiser, produced by GM exclusively for Greyhound Lines between 1954 to 1956, in The Scenicruiser was a split-level model, with a lower level at the. — “Gm PD encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • chaching 1948 Anglia Nostalgia drag racing 1955 Greyhound Scenicruiser. The "ChaChing" Anglia, is the vehicle we are best known for, and has been featured in many publications, world wide. This steel bodied, blown gasser is a great crowd pleaser running 8's in the popular Nostalgia Gas classes. — “VehiclesB”,
  • The GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser, manufactured exclusively for Greyhound Lines, was a three The high-level design concept of Scenicruiser may have been inspired by the passenger. — “PD-4501 Scenicruiser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Re: still looking for a Scenicruiser by mike davis. My email is black_petal (at) Scenicruiser. mike davis. 1-12-08. Re: still looking for a Scenicruiser. — “still looking for a Scenicruiser”, rv-
  • Walker Private Coach not only creates custom bus conversions, but we also offer free advice for the do-it-yourselfer The Scenicruiser, first introduced by Greyhound in 1954 quickly became an icon of American bus travel and raised its passengers - literally - to. — “Scenicruiser”,
  • Chrysler gives its Crossfire a swift kick. You may need to bring a fanny cushion. Lows: Vision-blurring ride, no manual available, blind spots will hide a Scenicruiser. — “Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 - Road Test - Auto Reviews - Car and”,
  • Greyhound®, Scenicruiser®, the Greyhound® "running dog," the Greyhound® "running dog and shield," the Greyhound® "running dog and highway," Ameripass®, Go Greyhound®, and Lucky Streak® are among the registered trademarks used on this site. Use. — “Scenicruiser Home Page”,

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  • Scenicruiser pd4501-855 we set out on the open road loaded down with tools and supplies to collect pd4501-855
  • 1971 Greyhound Scenicruiser TV commercial
  • Fully restored 1954 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus PD4501-083 An American Icon. I have a vintage 1954 split-level Greyhound Scenicruiser bus, restored back to the original specifications of new. This incredible Greyhound coach has undergone a full restoration to return her to her former glory and can seat 43 passengers. I have a full gallery of images to show you just how lovely she is at This Greyhound Scenicruiser is available for hire for use within the film, TV and music industry for any photo or video shoot although anything will be considered. The Greyhound Scenicruiser is based in Baltimore on the eastern side of America and can be driven within a reasonable distance from Baltimore, however, for any longer distance the Greyhound Scenicruiser will be transported on a low-loader, after all she is in retirement. The Greyhound Scenicruiser is also available in the UK with a reliable shipping line from Baltimore to Southampton. For more information on hiring this clasic Greyhound bus then contact Roy Hall on (+44)1634 372418
  • Gordos Scenicruiser "1954" at Gateway Gordo and Tony brought his GMC PD 4501 numbered up as "1954" around the Gateway Plaza and I got a few shots and this quick video. Its a motor home inside but aside from the A/C on the lower deck the outside looks original. Serial number pending...
  • GREYHOUND SCENICRUISER BUS - NOSTALGIC TIN TOY The Grand Era of Classic Bus Travel Preserved - The Hearts and Minds of Kids were Captured with this Tin Replica of the Famous King of the Road. Enjoy the video set to an old diddy from WAYYYYYY back when.
  • Vintage Greyhound Scenicruiser commercials Several vintage Greyhound commercials.
  • Scenicruiser PD4501-322 PD4501-322 video shot June 12, 2010. This coach has the "Greyhound Personalized Radio Service" AM radios for each passenger located above each seat in the overhead parcel rack. Rental headsets cost one dollar. Only 50-60 (of 1001 made) Eastern Scenicruisers received this Greyhound installed add-on around 1962. None of the 1001 produced from 1954 thru 1956 had these AM radios from the factory.
  • GLI Scenicruiser Super 7 #7107 Credit for this video goes to Youtube member Metroktransit
  • Scenicruiser pd-4501-476 paint part three...going back to the old Hound colors PD-4501-476 Part three of our return to Greyhound Super scenicruiser colors for our 1955 Greyhound that once served San Francisco Depot on Market and Seventh street now long gone. Thanks for watching
  • My 1950s Tootsie Toy Greyhound Scenicruiser - 720p My 1950s Tootsie Toy Greyhound Scenicruiser. Enjoy!
  • Scenicruiser PD4501-719 Stops in Peoria My buddy, Jeff Wiley, stops by my place in route from Las Vegas to New Jersey. He was delivering PD4501-719 to a new owner for restoration. Video shot 3/24/12
  • Greyhound Scenicruiser PD-4501 Bus # 476 exterior paint and lettering update Update on our exterior paint, lettering,greyhound dog painting in progress.Even thru in an old 45 rpm record playing with "Nowhere Bound On Greyhound" Thanks for watching ! and I thought Noah had it tough building a 40 cubic Ark...Until next time..
  • Scenicruiser #107 Driving
  • scenicruiser PD4501-476 1955 scenicruiser in the paintshop. backing up in time to 1961 Supersscenicruiser colors and the 871 Blown Detroit smokin Jimmy diesel.................And the Greyhound instructor Colt.
  • GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-498 Michigan Part 1 visit to Michigan salvage yard 9-24-08 to view GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-498. Former church bus was reportedly driven into yard about 5-8 years ago. Engine and trans were sold soon after arrival. I and others have bought many parts from this bus. Not much left. Enjoy. Video shot 9-24-08 Tom Mcnally PD4501-771, PD4501-1001
  • Special transport: GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-900 This Scenicruiser is imported to the Netherlands for a personal project. The transport was from the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium to Autobedrijf Krijn Blaasse (owner) at Goes, The Netherlands. Transporter was Kuzee Trucktransport, with their Terberg. That's the heaviest salvage truck in The Netherlands.
  • 1956 GMC Scenicruiser 858 walk around 1956 GMC Scenicruiser 858 walk around. Pd4501-858 pd4501858. This is a walk around that I did on March 31, 2012. In Utica, IL. I now own this bus.
  • The moving of GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-1001 (EXP 331) 8-8-08 Moving of GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-1001 from Belpre, Ohio to Peoria, IL. 8-8-08 Full restoration will begin within two years. Must finish PD4501-771first. In 1953 GMC built EXP 331 an experimental prototype bus that would eventually become the Scenicruiser. This is EXP331 you see in this video. Prior to it's creation, a full sized plaster model mock-up was built. EXP 331 was based directly on this mock-up. Even before this, I believe in 1949 GMC built the GX2. Anyway, after all testing and styling was completed, GMC began production of the PD4501 Scenicruiser in 1954. At the end of the planned 1000 run production, in 1956, Greyhound wanted EXP 331 finished as a bus, and added to the end of the run. So, EXP 331 became PD4501-1001. So, the bus you see in this video could be considered the first and last Scenicruiser ever made! Due to an earlier regulation, EXP 331 was built with an emergency exit door on the left side. No other Scenic was ever built this way. Greyhound removed the E-door some years later. It also was equipped with a factory spot light.It then went into service with the other 1000 cruisers.It remained in service at least until 1974. It still appeared on the 1974 Greyound roster. At some point between 74, and 1978 Ridgley coach, a charter company from Washington DC bought 1001. I do not know yet if Ridgley bought it from GH directly or from some other private company. If anyone has any doctumentation either way...I would love to here from you ...
  • Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-900 Indiana 10-17-08 This is GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-900 located in Indiana. Video shot 10-17-08 by Tom McNally
  • PD4501 GMC Scenicruiser David Broeksma Holland Auto Sales Pasadena
  • Scenicruiser #670 For Sale PD4501-670
  • PD4501-771 GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser video#1 Shot from the rear of our car by my 10 year old son. Sound quality is terrible. Recommend muting sound. Anyway, we went out for a drive in our 1956 Scenicruiser. Enjoy!
  • Awaiting the Greyhound Scenicruiser Colt DeGraef and his friend Waiting to flag down their Scenicruiser bus ride home in Stanislaus County California
  • GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-498 Part 3 PD4501-498 Michigan junkyard Part 2 Removal of needed body parts for the restoration of PD4501-1001 (EXP 331). Video shot 10-16-08
  • Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-227 Cedartown, GA. SHOT 5/31/10 Cedartown, GA. Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-227
  • Scenicruiser commercial Greyhound Scenicruiser commercial
  • Scenicruiser PD-4501 #372 Firing up the old Detroit 8V71 in this 1955 Scenicruiser
  • GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-771 Video #3 More video shot by my son. Sorry for all the wind noise. I recommend muting.
  • Scenicruisers on freeway A group of Scenicruisers driving on I-40 between Adrian Texas and Amarillo
  • Moving the old girl. Scenicruiser PD-4501 #372 Time to move the old girl.
  • PD4501 GMC Scenicruiser 1955 PD4501 GMC Scenicruiser 1955 This one is sold to:
  • Fred Rayman drives my Scenicruiser April 10, 2010 In route to Oklahoma City, OK from "Scenicruise 2010" - Adrian, Texas. Fred takes the wheel of PD4501-771 from Shamrock, TX to Oklahoma City, OK. "Derf" is a retired bus driver with more than 30 years experience. It was an honor to have my friend Derf drive my bus again.
  • Scenicruiser #670 For Sale PD4501-670, 1956 Greyhound GMC Scenicruiser
  • GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-771 interior resto. part 5 Began lower level interior restoration in Oct. 2009. Completed March of 2010. My website is
  • Scenicruiser pd4501-855 moves to Alabama 2011 pd4501-855 moves from Agusta Arkansas to Sylacauga Alabama.
  • Modesto American Graffiti Parade 2011 Super Scenicruiser tour Lower floor video Crusin the Modesto Graffiti parade downtown, stoping and talkin to folks, video taken from lower floor of the Super Scenicruiser..Party on Wayne..Susan Adams our designated camera gal, Bobbi Potts ,Brealyn Spears,TJFeemster aka "Machine Gun"Crazy Tom Rob Mitchell Curt Guieterez Colt DeGraef Terry ,Rod and many friends riding along including people we picked up on the tour.
  • interior resto. Scenicruiser PD4501-771 PART 2 update video of interior restoration progress shot 11-7-09
  • "NIGHTFALL" 1957 Greyhound Scenicruiser scenes Thriller starring Aldo Ray, Brian Keith, & Anne Bancroft.
  • Scenicruise 2011 The Five Scenicruisers Scenicruise 2011 - The Scenicruisers Attending: 082, 151, 389, 468, 847
  • 1955 Scenicruiser Drive by Stanislaus County Modesto California Our 1955 scenicruiser greyhound bus8v71 detroit diesel smokin jimmy out for a run on a Sunday evening. Old San francisco Depot last stop, for her,restoring her back to the old Greyhound 1962 paint scheme
  • romona001: compare car insurance: The moving of GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-1001 (EXP 331) 8-8-08

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  • “This is his blog. 11/10/10. The Red Bull "Rock The Route" tour has ended and what a final blog about everything we experienced it'd fill a hundred blog entries,”
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