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  • Definition of seedeater in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of seedeater. Pronunciation of seedeater. Translations of seedeater. seedeater synonyms, seedeater antonyms. Information about seedeater in the free online English dictionary and. — “seedeater - definition of seedeater by the Free Online”,
  • The Seedeater Inn is a bed and breakfast located in a historic home in Zapata, Texas. Stay at The Seedeater Inn when visitingSan Ygnacio looking for the White-collared Seedeater and other South Texas specialty birds. — “The Seed Eater Inn Home Page”,
  • Seedeater definition, any of numerous small, tropical American finches, esp. of the genus Sporophila. See more. — “Seedeater | Define Seedeater at ”,
  • eBay: Find Wounaan Tagua Seedeater Bird Carving-Panama #23992 in the Crafts , Home Arts Crafts , Woodworking , Woodcarving , Other category on eBay. — “Wounaan Tagua Seedeater Bird Carving-Panama #23992 - eBay”,
  • Birds of the open, humid lowland tropics encounter challenging thermal conditions--high temperatures, high humidity, and intense solar radiation. I examined how one such species, the Variable Seedeater (Sporophila aurita, Emberizidae), responds. — “ENERGETICS AND THERMOREGULATION BY SMALL PASSERINES OF THE”,
  • Portal Site Connecticut Military Support Program. Terrorrism Tips Hotline. Save Energy: Pledge to do OneThing. MORE > Home | Home | Send Feedback | Ask a Question. — “ Portal Development Site”,
  • English Translation for seedeater - German-English Dictionary. — “ | seedeater | English Dictionary”,
  • This White-collared Seedeater was discovered and photographed by Richard Ditch on 03 October 2008 at the Gilbert Water Ranch where the bench overlooks the southern end of Pond 7. It was also photographed a few days later by Brendon Grice and Pierre Deviche. — “White-collared Seedeater”,
  • Great seedeater and sparrow pictures photographed in Costa Rica. — “Photo Gallery of Seedeaters, Sparrows and Siskins of Costa Rica”,
  • Male Variable Seedeater (Sporophila corvina), a true seedeater from the tropical Americas The Plain-coloured Seedeater (Catamenia inornata) is less close to the true seedeaters than to other tanagers. Atypical seedeaters. — “Seedeater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for seedeater in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “seedeater - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • White-collared Seedeater: Small finch with short, thick, curved bill, yellow-gray overall with black head, wings, and round tail; the back is gray. Wings show two white bars. Eats seeds and insects. Weak fluttering flight, alternates rapid wing. — “White-collared Seedeater - ”,
  • Definition of seedeater from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of seedeater. Pronunciation of seedeater. Definition of the word seedeater. Origin of the word seedeater. — “seedeater - Definition of seedeater at ”,
  • Birds are bipedal, warm-blooded, oviparous vertebrate animals characterized primarily by feathers, forelimbs modified as wings, and hollow bones. White-collared Seedeater, Sporophila torqueola. — “Seedeater”,
  • seedeater n. Any bird that feeds primarily on seeds, especially a finch of the genus Sporophila. — “seedeater: Definition from ”,
  • seedeater (bird), broadly, any songbird that lives chiefly on seeds and typically has a more or less strong conical bill for crushing them. In this sense, the term includes the sparrows, buntings, finches, grosbeaks, canaries, weavers, and. — “seedeater (bird) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • White-collared Seedeater. Sporophila torqueola. — “White-collared Seedeater (Sporophila torqueola) Photo”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Seedeater - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Learn more about the Black-and-tawny seedeater - with amazing Black-and-tawny seedeater photos and facts on ARKive. — “ARKive - Black-and-tawny seedeater videos, photos and facts”,

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  • Clear Visual of the seed eater thumper eating bbq seeds
  • Funny Hamster the seed eater! / hemstir / хомячок so cute hamster. lovely funny
  • Near-Endemic White-naped Seedeater - Dolospingus fringilloides - .avi So here we are with the so cool White-naped Seedeater (Dolospingus fringilloides)!!... This video is the first one of the superb especialties from our trip to the Guyanan/Amazonian... The seedeater you are watching is very tough to get, not very common, and restricted to Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and a spot in Guyana ( www.xeno- ). More videos from this superb trip and new birding area will be uploaded soon. More info at our website
  • Plumbeous Seedeater
  • Talking About Peccaries Here I was on one of the many trails at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica where I came across a common inhabitant of the area, the peccary. Troops of peccaries move seamlessly through the area and have no prominent predator which has allowed for their prosperity. I mention this in the video and the resulting effects of their abundance on seed prosperity. As I mention and as you can see in the video, the peccary is a seed eater and because they are so abundant they have been depleting the available seed count which in turn hinders other seed eaters as well as the recirculation of those seeds into the ecosystem to allow continued plant growth. Unlike many seed eaters which do not digest the entire seed and release them in their feces acting as a dispersing agent, the peccary crushes the entire seed preventing any possibility of dispersal.
  • Near-Endemic White-naped Seedeater - Dolospingus fringilloides - Another video of the near-endemic Dolospingus we found in the white-sand belt forests near Mitu.. amazing bird! - This clip is part of our set of 11 videos from our last trip to the Amazonian/Guyanana lowland forests in and around Mitu (in Vaupes department in the border with Brazil). Some pictures at and more info about birding in this area soon in our website .
  • Ecuador Choco 2009 Part 6 This clip starts at the Mirador Rio Blanco where we see orange-bellied euphonia, silver-throated tanager, rufous motmot and orange-billed sparrow before heading to Milpe where we have ornate flycatcher, wedge-billed woodcreeper, spotted woodcreeper, female green thorntail and then female and male green thorntail. Next day we start at Rio Silanche where species are pale-mandibled aracari, a lizard, acdadian flycatcher, blue-chested hummingbird, purple-chested hummingbird and masked water-tyrant. Following a long drive we reach Canande Lodge and the Jocotoco Foundation Canande Reserve where we see howler monkeys, tawny-crested tanager, female then male dot-winged antwren, female green-crowned brilliant, female white-flanked antwren, cinnamon becard, female white-bearded manakin, variable seedeater and yellow-bellied seedeater.
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  • White-bellied Seedeater
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  • Plumbeous Seedeater Finches Sound of Plumbeous Seedeater Finches.
  • Yellow Rumped Seedeater(Serinus xanthopygius) X St. Helena Seedeater (Serinus flaviventris) Yellow Rumped Seedeater Male cross with a Female St. Helena. Lovely song. Very hard hybrid to come by. He is 3 years old this spring 2011. Your comments are welcome.
  • Guan. Birds of the Rain Forest, Amazon, Bolivia 15 Days / 14 Nights of Intense Birding with Michael Blendinger Nature Tours in 4WD to Important Birds Areas and Protected Areas of Eastern and Southern Bolivia. Dry and Flooded Savannas, Tropical Dry-forest, Chaco and Amazonian Forest. Like BW 64-IN plus Camiri; Kaa-Iya NP and Aguaragüe. O viceversa. Like BW 64-IN plus Camiri; Kaa-Iya NP and Aguaragüe. Specialties like BW 64 and: Chaco Chachalaca, Spot-winged Falconet, Black-legged Seriema, Military Macaw, Tucuman Parrot, Blue-tufted Starthroat, Crested Gallito, Checkered Woodpecker, Great Rufous Woodcreeper, Streak-fronted Thornbird, Stripe-backed Antbird, Black-bellied Antwren, White-throated Antpitta, Olive-crowned Crescent-chest, Sclater's & Buff-banded Tyrannulets, Rufous Casiornis, Rust-and-yellow Tanager, Dark-throated Seedeater, Many-colored Chaco-Finch, among others. Duration: 16 hs/Day. It includes: professional birding guide and tour leader (trilingual biologist), local guides; snacks; every breakfast, lunch, dinner, in restaurant or picnic, according tour description; fruit; bottled water; poncho; hotel or camping equipment, according tour description; entrance fees; and private transport throughout the excursion. Also with laser pointer, binocs, scope and tripod, spotting light and full color fieldguides. (given the need, the guide also takes with him recording and playback equipment, digital video and digital photo camera attachable to the scope).
  • Yellow-Rumped Seed Eater.(Serinus Atrogularis) The "Yellow-Rumped Serin" looks like a cross between a "Grey Finch" & a "Green Singing Finch" Origin Tropical Africa,size 4ins(10cm),Drab gray in color with cream streaking throughout the body plumage.The males are excellent songsters rivaling that of a male Canary if not better.The tours are long and sings non-stop, & i might add, an Opera Singer of the Finch family.It`s very hard to have one in full song. This fellow is young only 5 months.Thank God for the birds!!
  • Birdwatching 2 Brown Seed Eater and Squirrel
  • Corbatita común/Double-collared Seedeater - Carlos Gonzalez Ledo
  • Sparrowhawk not a seed eater but an eater of seed eaters
  • alario di damara.wmv The Black-headed Canary is distributed on the southern tip of South Africa, preferring dry habitats from grassland to rocky areas at high altitudes. The adult male has a black color that extends from head to hips, with mantle and rump brown, sand-colored belly and hips that fades into the white undertail. The female replaces the colors of the male with brown in its upper parts and light coat and black stripes on its back. It feeds on small seeds of many plants and herbs.
  • sporophila intermedia (picoplat) gray seed eater
  • Gray Seedeater - Sporophila intermedia - Buena Vista Peak, E Andes This little seedeater was eagerly calling perched in the wires of the Buena Vista Peak where a magnificent view from the Colombian llanos is breathtaking!... This video was made while our last short trip to E Andes in June with a client from US. Pictures available at
  • mountain canary seedeater singing
  • UPDATE 1
  • Yellow-Rumped Seedeater - Serinus Reichenowi this is my reiche.. he is a good singer and love to sing everyday and everytime :) sorry about the poor quality of this video Sunday - 05 December 2010 08:30am
  • Seed-Eater sunflower harvesting attachment assembling procedure Disassembling and assembling procedure of seed-eater sunflower header kit on Case grain header. Seed-Eater auringonkukka sarjan poisto ja asennus casen leikkuupöytään.
  • Black and white seedeater Bird whistling
  • The Grey Singing Finch Aka: White-rumped Seedeater. Scientific Name: Serinus leucopygius. Native to Africa, south of Sahara Desert. This particular songster took a 1/2 year hiatus as a result of air-sac mites, got treated successfully and started singing again. The Grey Singer rocks!!
  • Black-and-white Seedeater - Sporophila luctuosa - Jardin, W Andes Close encounter with this beautiful male singing along the road ...These videos were made during our short October trip in the Eastern, Central & Western Andes + Magdalena & Cauca Valleys of Colombia for clide Carter, our first client refered by Mindo Bird Tours from Ecuador. All pictures of this trip can be found at:
  • MOV_11352
  • rudy breasted seedeater bath rudy breasted seedeater
  • bushy tail seed eater Rare new bird at my feeder.
  • seedeater raimondis yellow finch
  • Marsh Seedeater. Sporophila palustris.
  • Seedeater In the park with Daddy!
  • Gray Singing Finch, (White-Rumped Seedeater) In the finch world, the Gray finch "Serinus Leucopygius" is certainly one of Nature's dowdier creations: it resembles a washed-out sporrow.But the balance is equated by the fact that the Gray singer,is by far a superior singer to it's fine-feathered relatives.The male has a very sweet song,& is a very active bird.Thank God for the Birds!
  • Yellow-bellied Seedeater, Espiguero Capuchino (Sporophila nigricollis) 2
  • black and white seedeater black and white seedeater singing
  • Yellow Rumped Seedeater (Serinus Reichenowi) This is my young yellow rumped. Tame and very hardworking bird.
  • BB the Finch singing to recording of himself. This is my Yellow Rumped Seed Eater finch, BB, singing back to an earlier recording of his voice.
  • Birds of Belize - Finches & Grosbeaks Thick-Billed Seed-Finch, Variable Seedeater, White-Collared Seedeater, Black-Headed Saltator, Black-Faced Grosbeak, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Yellow-Faced Grassquit
  • Ecuador Choco 2009 Part 4 Part 4 starts at La Cueva de las Tayas where we have a Pacific hornero, before returning the the Chontal Road for yellow-bellied seedeater, Choco toucan, summer tanager, slaty-capped flycatcher and collared trogon. Next we head back towards Quito to Lago de San Pablo where we have Andean coot, before moving to Yahuarcocha Lake where species are lesser yellowlegs, pied-billed grebe, pectoral sandpipers with lesser yellowlegs and snowy egret, Baird's sandpiper, Pacific cormorant, striated heron, southern yellow grosbeak, ash-breasted sierra-finch, scrub tanager, southern beardless tyrannulet and azara's spinetail. Next day starts on the Salinas Road where we see house wrenand vermillian flycatcher, then the Lita Road where we have swallow-tailed kite, masked tityra and blue-and-white swallow. These were stops en-route to Tundaloma Lodge in the extreme north west where we see red-legged honeycreeper, streak-headed woodcreeper, rusty-margined flycatcher, masked water-tyrant, a tyrannulet I've not yet identified, a snake, southern nightingale-wren, a squirrel, another unidentified tyrannulet, black-cheeked woodpecker and red-eyed vireo.
  • rebeccavoy: @PaganX seedeater! <---- hehe auto corrected from awwwwww. Either way she's an adorable seedeater
  • JoeSlavich: @koryhenke seedeater &hearts <3
  • ArgylePhil: When I write awwwwwwwwwww my phone tries to change it to seedeater! My phone is such a homophobe!
  • RamBear: RT @starmarked: iPhone auto correct just turned "awwwwwwww"into "seedeater" in a text to my nephew. #embarrassed
  • hoovman12: @andrew_fast awwwwwwww autocorrected to seedeater for some reason hahaha
  • hoovman12: @andrew_fast seedeater ok
  • MeowMixx6: @YoDaddy92 seedeater it's so pweciousss!! But my kitties are nice! But they do sleep in the sink and randomly run lol yeee!!!
  • Squigleylfc: @charlee018 @Tom7157 I don't recall saying that seedeater ;)
  • blissellacott: @charliebayliss I wrote sweet and it came up with 'seedeater'
  • Smillboy63: @lmikuta23 omg did you see the seedeater behind me
  • kroosh: No, autocorrect, when I typed WERD I did not mean SEEDEATER.

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  • “Bem-vindo ao fórum do site Biblioteca Digital de Ciências Double-collared Seedeater ( Sporophila caerulescens ) Any user registered in the site can create a new topic. A new topic can be edited or deleted by the owner in 24 hours. After this time,”
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  • “Reply :: Return to the forum. topic: cool (XC61291) Slate-colored Seedeater Sporophila schistacea. David Geale, Reply :: Return to the forum © 2005-2010 Xeno-canto Foundation. Colophon & credits | Terms of use | Contact. All recordings are”
    — xeno-canto :: bird sounds from around the world, xeno-

  • “Guyana now open,see prices below. Posted By: stuart. Post Response seedeater. Sporophila intermedia Grey seedeater. Sporophila lineola Line seedeater”
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  • “Hmmm, it's been almost a year since I created this blog and as you can see, not much here Follow them on their journey at http:/// to find the White-Collared Seedeater and other interesting feathered creatures”
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  • “. Amazonian advent Day 14. One of the many woodcreepers; this is a Lined Seedeater, male. Posted by Belgianbirding at 12/8/2010 6:00 PM. Amazonian advent Day”
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  • “It was another great morning at the dining area and feeders at Tandayapa. Can you have a bad morning with Booted Racket-tails? Variable Seedeater and Swallow Tanager. Purple-crowned Fairy hummingbirds seldom come to feeders. They”
    — 12 and 12 - Birding at the Equator - Tandayape to Milpe 5-Nov-10,

  • “Yellow Bellied Seedeater. D-80 with AF-S 70-300mm at 300mm. ISO 200. f10.0. 1/200. Steve. Blog: http:// 2. "RE: Seedeater & Flycatcher" In response to Reply # 0. Porthcawl, GB. Steven, I'm envious - there can't be a”
    — Discussion Forums @ Nikonians - Seedeater & Flycatcher,

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