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  • Online store providing top of the line sewing and embroidery machines, vacuum cleaners, and sewing notions at discount prices. — “Sewing Machines Plus”,
  • Find sewing projects and sewing instructions for homemade blankets, pillows, clothing, toys, and more from Martha Stewart. — “Sewing Projects and Crafts - Martha Stewart”,
  • Your guide to sewing related web sites on the Internet. In this category you can find free printable sewing patterns, sewing lessons, tips and techniques, and other sewing how-to information, a variety of sewing supplies including notions, equipment, and sewing patterns available for purchase, along. — “Craft Site Directory: Sewing”,
  • Discover how to sew along with easy sewing patterns from the experts at . — “Sewing Patterns: How to Sew”,
  • Sewing and needlecrafts. Information on sewing, sewing supply, embroidery, quilting, needlepoint, knitting, crochet and cross stitch. Learn the basics of each and find out which is right for you. — “Sewing | How to Sew | Needlecrafts | Sewing Supply”,
  • Looking for Singer, Brother, Industrial, Husqvarna Viking or Janome sewing machines? Pop over now!. — “Sewing Machines Shop | Singer Brother Industrial Husqvarna”,
  • Home sewing projects show everything from sewing the basic to the advanced and throws in a few savvy sewing patterns as well. — “Sewing - Home”,
  • sewing n. The act, occupation, or hobby of one who sews. The article on which one is working with needle and thread;. — “sewing: Definition from ”,
  • Heirloom/vintage sewing, Sew Beautiful; mail order books, videos, laces, fabrics, sewing notions, back issues/subscribe to magazine online. Child, doll, adult, plus-size patterns. — “Martha Pullen Company”,
  • Free Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine Help at AllCrafts! Your guide for all types of crafts. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much more! 20+ craft categories. New free projects added weekly!. — “Free Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine Help at AllCrafts!”,
  • Resources and content for people with interest and skill in sewing at all levels. Includes message boards, links, events, and more. — “”,
  • Specialty fabrics, lace and trim, patterns, instruction books, buttons, notions, thread, and heirloom sewing supplies. — “Sewing Studio, The”,
  • Sewing is the action of stitching cloth or other materials together with a needle and thread. The primary product of sewing is clothing and household furnishings such as curtains, bedding and upholstered furniture. Most modern sewing is done. — “Sewing”,
  • Sewing tips, trends, free projects, sewing class and retailer locators, a calendar of events, press releases and trade membership information. — “Home Sewing Association”,
  • Definition of sewing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sewing. Pronunciation of sewing. Translations of sewing. sewing synonyms, sewing antonyms. Information about sewing in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. sewing machine. — “sewing - definition of sewing by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • 100 Sewing Links - Browse the links of the Best Sewing Sites on the web! Browse the Sewing Links to find some of the Best Sewing Sites on the internet!. — “100 Sewing Links - A variety of sewing related sites on the web!”, 100
  • THE place to find free sewing patterns and projects, sewing information, learn how to sewing, sewing machine information and trouble shooting, sewing techniques, sewing tips, commercial sewing pattern links, free sewing lessons for anyone who. — “Sewing At About - Free Sewing Patterns & Projects, Learn How”,
  • Sewing - Shop now and save on high quality sewing supplies at discount prices! You'll find a great selection of sewing products. — “Sewing - Save on discount sewing supplies”,
  • Hem Marker Sewing Supplies. How Do You Sew Patio Chair Cushions. How to Make a Fleece How to Sew a Fleece Hat. How to Sew a Hem. How to Sew Baby Clothes. M. — “Sewing - LoveToKnow Crafts”,
  • For thousands of years, all sewing was done by hand. The invention of the sewing machine in the 19th century and the rise of computerization in the later 20th century led to mass production of sewn objects, but hand sewing is still practiced around the world. — “Sewing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sewing Machines, Sergers, Embroidery. — “Sewing | Sewing Machines and Sergers”,
  • Offers sewing machine and pattern reviews and sales, classifieds, and online classes as well as technique discussion forums, tips, and knowledge base. — “”,

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  • How To Sew A Blind Hem Stitch ~ Watch and learn how to sew a blind hem stitch step by step. A blind hem stitch is the perfect stitch to use when hemming your draperies.
  • How to Sew Zippers : Sewing Right Side for Invisible Zipper Save cash and sew on zippers yourself! Learn how to sew the right side for an invisible zipper with expert sewing tips in this free craft video clip. Expert: Karen Weisman Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division. Filmmaker: Karen Weisman
  • American Sewing Expo, Hoodie, Threadbanger WOOHOO! Rob and Corinne invade the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan and get a sweet tutorial from the new winners of the Threadbanger/Janome Sewing Machine.
  • Sewing: Beads and Sequin Creative beads and sequin embroidery
  • Sewing Machine Techniques : Basics of Using a Sewing Machine Using a sewing machine requires preparation, such as winding the bobbin, loading the bobbin, loading the spool of thread at the top, threading the machine and setting the right tension for the fabric. Understand a few basics of using a sewing machine with instructions from a sewing craftsman in this free video on sewing. Expert: Sam Lewis Contact: Bio: Sam Lewis is an Austin-based artist and craftsman who works in clothing, leatherwork, photography and wood. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Sewing Machine Demo Pam Cortese Demonstrates how various machines work
  • How to Sew a French Seam How to sew a French Seam
  • No Sew Fleece Blanket Project Linus instruction video on how to make a fleece blanket for seriously ill or traumatized children without sewing.
  • How to Sew: Using a Serger : Examples of Work Using a Serger Sewing Machine Different samples of sewing projects with a serger sewing machine; learn about this and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor. Expert: Neal Jones Bio: Neal Jones is the owner of A Perfect Fit Alterations in Burleson, TX. He has over 30 years of experience in mechanics and sewing machine repair. He is an expert at knowing how machinery operates. Filmmaker: bobby Hester
  • How to Sew a Cloth Diaper... Here's a quick tutorial on how to sew a cloth diaper. A link for the pattern is listed below. Please click "more info." Make the healthiest, most environmentally friendly choice for your baby- make your own! For those who are interested: This diaper is a 'Rita's Rump Pocket', pattern and info found here: Thanks to Rita for making her great pattern available at no charge. Thanks for watching!
  • Speed Sewing - COMMENT AND SHARE! this is the link to all the bags! 3 minutes of lightning-fast sewing and painting, and you've got an awesome shoulder bag. I make a lot of bags, mainly out of old clothes and things I find. I started doing this while I was living in Paris a couple years ago. i was doing art shows and painting a lot, but even at the most successful shows you couldn't expect more than a couple hundred people to come see your work. So I decided to start painting on clothing and bags (a perfect format) because then I could wear my art in public and have shown it to several thousand people in the course of a day. I've made about 50 bags now, and sell them in San Francisco. Hopefully it will catch on. Live art in all you do; spread it everywhere. Make masterpieces of your simple routines.
  • How to Build A Cheap Sewing & Quilting Table #1 How to make a custom table for sewing quilts, kites, sails for about $100. Please watch video #2 on how to change this for sewing a very large project - it really works great!
  • How to Join and Sew Together Crochet Granny Squares This will show how to sew together crochet granny squares. For additional patterns and techniques, please visit my crochet blog. Crochet Patterns crochet- Crochet Tips crochet-mania- Crochet Hats crochet-mania- Granny Squares crochet-mania- Crochet Flowers crochet-mania- Single Crochet Half Double Crochet Double Crochet Crochet Chain Crochet Slip Knot
  • Sewing Stretch-Knit without a Serger / Overlocker How to sew stretch-knit fabrics on a sewing machine that has no fancy stretch stitches. Brought to you by knitting-
  • How to Sew a 20 minute Baby Blanket How to Sew a 20 minute baby blanket. Quick and easy and cheap. Great gift!
  • How to Quilt : Using a Quilt Sewing Machine How to use a sewing machine for sewing quilt binding; get expert tips and advice on making a quilt in this free instructional video. Expert: Shelly Cordsen Bio: Shelly Cordsen has been sewing and crafting for years. She offers classes around the Southwest demonstrating many different advanced techniques. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
  • Sew a Tiered Tutu Skirt How I made a four-tiered tutu skirt. This is NOT a no-sew project.
  • Portable Sewing Machine Lets Sweatshop Employees Work On Go From our Bangladesh channel: The Smart Stitch is being hailed as a revolutionary garment factory that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • How to make tutu no sew Julie Figueroa shows you how to make a tutu for a little girl. This method can also be used to make an adult tutu.
  • How to Gather: a basic sewing tutorial Gathering is a technique used in many sewing patterns for such areas as sleeves, ruffles, and waistbands. This video tutorial teaches you the basics of gathering using a sewing machine.
  • Hand Sewing Stitches : Secure a Knot & Tie Off Thread Tie a strong knot to secure thread in the needle, doubling if desired. Learn secure a knot and tie off thread to hand sew stitches from a fashion designer in this free sewing video. Expert: Lauren Bradley Bio: Lauren Bradley is a professional fashion designer with many years of experience in various parts of the fashion industry. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • Start Sewing- How to Thread a Sewing Machine has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of sewing and dress making.
  • Sewing a blanket stitch Sorry for the poor video quality. I hope to do a new one better at some point. I taught myself this stitch so the technique may be wrong. But it has worked fo me so it might work for you.
  • Understanding & Making Sewing Patterns : How to Make & Finish a Sewing Pattern Learn how to make a sewing pattern and finish a sewing pattern in this free how-to video on sewing patterns techniques and clothes making. Expert: territurco Bio: Terri Turco is a clothing designer, interior decorator, consummate baker, and lifestyle diva. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • Quickie, How-to Sew on a Button, Threadbanger Watch the whole episode at: Not as straightforward as you think. For anyone who ever wondered how to properly sew a button on, wonder no more. Thanks to Tracey from tav- and music by Sojourn
  • How to Make a Coin Purse : Sewing The Zipper To A Coin Purse How to sew the zipper on the body for making a coin purse; get expert tips on sewing methods and techniques in this free instructional video. Expert: Lenee Alexander Contact: Bio: Lenee Alexander has been sewing since she was nine years old, and began making designer handbags at age 16. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • Sewing Machines, Best Web picks of 2007, Threadbanger Happy New Year ThreadHeads !!! For all you whos resolution it was to start making your own clothes and DIY'in, this week were taking a look inside the mysteries of the sewing machine plus a look at our 2008 top DIY web picks. Links in this episode: Readymade Craftzine Makezine Indie Craft Shows Craftster
  • The Sewing Machine (song) Opening scene from a 40s musical starring Betty Hutton. Hutton's most notable film role was the part of Annie Oakley in the 1950 musical of "Annie Get Your Gun." One of her best known songs, "Blow a Fuse" (later renamed "It's Oh So Quiet"), was covered by Icelandic artist, Bjork (Björk) This song appears on Betty Hutton's CD albums, "Spotlight on Betty Hutton" and "Satin & Spurs". Complete lyrics of this song, as well as, other oldies @ Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine A girl's best friend If I didn't have my sewing machine I'd a come to no good end But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle And wheel the wheel by day So by night I feel so weary that I never get out to play Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine A friend in need If I didn't having my sewing machine A wicked life I'd lead But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle And dream about romance So by night I feel so weary that I never get out to dance Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine Me pride and joy If I didn't having me sewing machine I'd a married James McCoy But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle And that's the end of Jim 'Cause by night I get so weary I don't even look good to him
  • Sewing Curves for Patchwork a Quilt See how to sew a curve for a Ghostwalk patch or a Drunkards Path patch; you will have a smooth curve and won't be pulling out your hair!
  • Sewing Tutorial Because of the high amount of questions that we get on how to make costumes, we decided to throw together a little tutorial on how we get started. Hopefully this will help answer questions you guys might have! ^_^ *PS: sorry for the horrible sound quality... we used Yuna's camera and it apparently hates us all. Expect for kolibri... it is still undecided about her ^^;
  • The Sewing Room If you're not into cosplay or sewing, then this footage will probably bore you. I uploaded it for the purpose of sharing it with my cosplay friends- a live view of my grandmother's legacy to the sewing world- her attic of AWESOME, also known as COSPLAY HEAVEN. Now before you tell me to clean it/organize it/whatever, keep this in mind: 1) It's in my GRANDPA'S house, not mine. 2) I'm a busy college student. 3) I've got a mom and 5 aunts who also never bothered to clean it up in there 4) And most importantly, IT'S NOT AIR CONDITIONED.
  • Start Sewing- Incorrect Thread Tension has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of sewing and dress making. Nathalie's website can be found at - check it out!
  • 3 ways to Sew Ruffles A ruff tutorial on sewing ruffles! Haw haw
  • Sew a Shirt How to Sew a Shirt. For this tutorial, I used Vogue pattern 7743. For more sewing tricks, tips and tutorials, visit us at !
  • Sew In Weave with invisible PART I This style is a sew in using 10 in human hair, cut in a bob using the invisible part technique..I used a razor comb and a straight razor to trim the hair and ceramic flat irons to complete the style
  • Start Sewing- Placing a Pattern has over 100 articles and videos on all aspects of sewing and dress making.
  • Making Fleece Blankets Without Sewing
  • Sewing & Fashion Design : How to Make Your Own Sewing Patterns To make your own sewing patterns, go off of clothes that already fit well, tracing them with a seam allowance for each piece of the pattern, and purchase pattern paper to cut out patterns that can be used over and over again. Create custom homemade patterns with a demonstration from an independent fashion designer in this free video on sewing. Expert: Rebecca Farrington Contact: Bio: Rebecca Farrington is a fashion designer and teacher who now has her own brand of clothing called Ferinta. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • How to Sew a Simple Pillow or Dog Bed In this tutorial, How to Sew a Simple Pillow (or Dog Bed) I show you how to make your own pattern and create a pillow using an old pair of jeans. This pillow is to be used as a dog bed, but you can use the same idea for making decorative pillows for your couch, chair or bed! To view the article associated with this video, click here: For more sewing tricks, tips and tutorials, visit us at !
  • HAPPENINGS1NOW: Opting for the Right Assistance On your Antique Sewing Machine—–Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair—–Sew-All Thread...
  • KidsDogsTicks: Did some sewing today.....I am happy...been too long since my sewing machine and I have seen each other!
  • Pastyg553: Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair: Discover the secrets of sewing machine repair as a hobby or as a business. Com...
  • 3tinyblessings: Working on cutting the next Big round of sewing....I have on the cutting board...Nikole G, April O, Kellie G,...
  • cjaxon: RT @BellaKarma: Vintage Fashion Lovers: You will be SEW in love with this book! The Complete Book of Sewing via @Etsy
  • BustaBusta: 31 black granny squares. Only 2/3 more to go...THEN 159 yellow to make. Then sewing together and then edging woo. >.<
  • sewcraftful: Vintage Coates sewing and dress manual book http:///how-to/vintage-coates-sewing-and-dress-manual-book/
  • oliveandollie: @CraftyDad You can never have too many sewing machines. :)
  • BangPopShop: been sewing curtains all day long. I actually feel a little dizzy.
  • yagarden: http:///racing-pk701-21200-racing-puller.html #sewing #machine #accessories #customer Racing PK/701-21200 Racing Puller
  • caraquilts: RT @heidepaneer: @aprairiesunrise @ws_on_etsy @RoadHomeQuiltn Nerds + Sewing + AWESOME. #gdas
  • sewinglinks: From craftgossip: Tutorial: Shirred Country Dress for girls: Jessica from Me Sew Crazy guest blogs at The Girl C...
  • pipelinebreak: @xconstants So there are lots of available tuts/patterns online, then? Also, where would I want to start with sewing machines?
  • pamelia09: Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair: Discover the secrets of sewing machine repair as a hobby or as a business. Com...
  • gooddan21: My mom is making a quilt using her sewing machine. She's making it from from all my old t-shirts. Gonna watch Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.
  • Oh_So_Crissy: finish in the damn sewing lab
  • lonibobonny: this is a sewing weekend!!
  • _sonofabrtt: I use to have a sewing machine.
  • salsclub: Sewing,Sheds,Sheet Metal,Shelving,Shipping,Shoes,Shower Doors & Enclosures,Shredding-Paper & Products, http://
  • JTabrys: @Angelized_1st I write for them its well its the internet writing equivalent of sewing sneakers together with your teeth for 5 cents a day
  • pipelinebreak: @xconstants Would it be worth investing the time/money in, like. Taking a sewing class or something? Or does a by-eye sort of approach work?
  • cleowillis: #3: Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2383 Toddlers' Dresses, A (1/2-1-2-3-4): Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2383 Toddlers'...
  • happenings_know: Industrial sewing machines------Hand Held Sewing Machine------Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair-----Singer Stitch Sew Qu
  • Vernita90: Sewing And Fitting Course eBooks: Discover a remarkable series of easy-to-follow sewing course books packed with...
  • craftysewing: Sewing Machines and Heather's Custom Sewing
  • ViongLabel: Friday night Rihanna/Kanye sewing party (of one)! Partner's working on his reel while I sew the ish out of some turbans #diy #keepitfresh
  • sewinglinks: From craftgossip: Tutorial: Literal burp cloths: Autie from iCandy Handmade shows how to make these super cute b...
  • JesSycAThis: Long night ahead of me sewing this dress. Work tomorrow too gah!!! I don't get paid enough for this stress.
  • MEGamillions_: who all wanna put together & buy me a sewing machine?? :)
  • PimpCiCi: is that sewing needle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • heidepaneer: @aprairiesunrise @ws_on_etsy @RoadHomeQuiltn Nerds + Sewing + AWESOME. #gdas
  • chantalalalalal: @jandco what are you doing... a sewing circle in yer house tonight?
  • ThatPanicGirleE: @Miss__Bratt I grew up sewing... thanks to my great-nana.
  • usairdoll: @oliveandollie good luck with "old blue" tomorrow .. Great find.. Many happy hours of sewing ..
  • chantalalalalal: @jandco why on earth are you asking about sewing?
  • cheapwomenshoes: How to Pick the Right Professional Sewing Machine
  • QUEEN_RAN_: 15min break before I start hand sewing.... Ish don't stop!
  • Evochan: What's goin on? Today was a nice day because I was off (holiday~) and made sewing progress, and yesterday might have been better... :o
  • jocelynfaithho: @thearriola @bernieyuen a no sewing required ing right up. no excuses now ladies!
  • billyblueorg: If I were a sewing kit, where would I be?
  • omgcarleee: haven't used my sewing machine in soooo long, i think it hates me. it never wants to cooperate with me anymore :/
  • bookpattern: craft book,freebies and giveaway: $5.00 Craft book sewing felt christmas toys
  • Lorendk19: Chinese Silks and Sewing Tools:
  • Caranisstore: Dressmaker Sewing Machine by Euro Pro, Factory Serviced #YARDSELLR http:///P1PV
  • Lynoth: @MsWoodhouse1816 LOL exactly. I am comfortably ensconced(sp?) with my sewing, she'll meander off on her own eventually!
  • Cutiegurl1070: I #poked my self with a sewing needle and didnt feel a thing lol
  • Lornabt07: Antique Sewing Machines:
  • LauraliLea: @greeneyedtengu Yeah. I have some more hemming & if the boys & I are going to have garb then someone else is going to have to do the sewing.
  • CraftGossip: Tutorial: Hoppy bunny softie: Lark Crafts shares a free tutorial for making this Hoppy bunny softie out of a woo...
  • ChristineRPena: first baking... now sewing? I'm having Jr. High flashbacks over here.
  • MiZSUNSHiN3: RT @GLAMandBeyond Nope she just started sewing it.|Damn what time u got there?
  • Thora40187: Sewing Machine Reviews - Secrets To Compare Sewing Machines Efficiency
  • ashleakoo: Parties are fun... Especially when you do things #handmade. Cupcakes up next... Then sewing!
  • stylesewsimple: Tutorial: Hoppy bunny softie: Lark Crafts shares a free tutorial for making this Hoppy bunny sof... #sewing #crafty
  • sewinglinks: From craftgossip: Tutorial: Hoppy bunny softie: Lark Crafts shares a free tutorial for making this Hoppy bunny s...
  • GLAMandBeyond: Nope she just started sewing it.
  • machallboyd: @LemarHaven Budget cuts are phasing it out, but I think it's vital! Sewing, maybe less so.
  • kayliewearshats: Sufjan and sewing is where it's at, man. It really is a #GoodFriday
  • saskatoo1001: Finishing up sewing for the night before I fly into a pleather induced rage.
  • heidepaneer: OK, found it! Q3 No snacks usually when sewing, just my dear friend Booze. Booze never lets me down. Or coffee before 6pm :) #gdas
  • bookpattern: craft book,freebies and giveaway: $5.00 Craft book sewing Christmas2 F044
  • BeadingNCrafts: Tips For Finding A Singer Sewing Machine Repair Shop
  • naturallyestes: Sewing Paisley's Easter dress (nothing like a last minute project), but I'm having some major issues!!! I might need a professional's help!
  • natoyachantae: I need another sewing machine. Gaah!
  • kellyverduin: Gophers after dark raid of pizza, ice cream, and pixistix will keep us sewing thru the night #slumberparty
  • CraftyDad: I have too many sewing machines: old and new. Just ask my wife. No..nevermind, don't do that!
  • thisMelkills: It keeps her busy. She hates knitting and sewing, she said it's a waste of time when you could pay someone else to do it @GomezNOT
  • Limmenel: OW FFFF. Just stabbed myself with a sewing needle. Tried to pull my hand away and pushed it further.
  • Lakia_Fashae: i really should be sewing.....#lazytime
  • touchfuzzybug: This is a sewing weekday and not some creeper adding all of you
  • MapleLeafQuilts: got sewing machine?
  • ElvenArcher309: Photo: I MADE THIS BY MYSELF! JUST ME, SOME FABRIC & THREAD, A PATTERN, AND MY SEWING MACHINE. It’s my vest... http:///xfg289fecz
  • Wildflower1322: Sewing hood 4 bride. Make ready 4 wedding. Break. Walk out in2 rain. But i float over land. Special cookies. Old traditions.
  • BellaVendetta66: listening to danzig, making glitter/flower/feather hairpiece and sewing black/red chinese brocade fringed skirt.
  • iiMachine: Is This A Good Short Essay? - Elias Howe: Sewing Machine The sewing machine made it... http:///is-this-a-good-short-essay/
  • stkeys: SPblog: How to Make Easy, “No Sew” Fabric Christmas Ornaments: Lar how o mak asy “o sw” fabrc Chrsmas orams. No ...
  • saveshipping: Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125:   Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125  »»» Only ✔✔...
  • saleproduct: Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125:   Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125  »»» Only ✔✔...
  • SalesDiscount: Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125:   Brother Sewing/Quilting Machine LX 3125  »»» Only ✔✔...
  • BethSewAnyhow: HELP! Sewing 11yo dress and the pattern wasn't right. skirt WAY too big for bodice. No gather pattern. What do I do?!
  • _noirWIDOW: my sewing machine seems to be my stress reliever...that humming is like music to my ears.
  • lipstickNpumps: igotta do sumpt constructive... finna pull my sewing machine out, use my kreative niche
  • Vadar829: Sew More For U.: A Diy Sewing Companion, More Than A How To Sew Book.
  • caffeinated_mom: Looking into buying myself a sewing machine! RT @colormeroo: @BeautifulWreck2 sad you have to pay MORE money to dress your kids like kids.
  • MasterBates93: So pumped for sewing with mrs. Huber in the morning haha... Not
  • Danielleef87: American girl sewing kit Owl http:///4xumj7o
  • _noirWIDOW: thinking about sewing my entire wardrobe for next year....hmmm that would be cool.i will start as soon as summer break does.
  • Happiknits: Did some sewing today...Had *so* much fun :)
  • QuyenRenaker357: Pfaff Sewing Machines - Specialized Machines for Specialized Sewers
  • BuenaYokoyama76: Pfaff Sewing Machines - Specialized Machines for Specialized Sewers
  • SimoneDungee293: Now You Can Have an Electric Sewing Machine That Combines Embroidery And Conventional Sewing
  • JGCornerPub: @heartearth Yes, I made them all... I love to sew... I've been sewing since I was 11 years old. Don't have much time for that right now..
  • sewbutterfly: #Sew glad to go on a #sewing retreat with my bff tomorrow! I needed this outing #sew much!
  • ariel_newworld: @amiriaa http://shop2.genesis-/search/item.asp?shopcd=17256&item=pts3553 sewing this XD
  • Coryfr53: Adventure With Polarfleece: A Sewing Expedition:
  • KerriAnastasia: @pocketcarnival I love it when I'm sewing & I don't have to change thread colour.
  • abbeyedge: after spending over an hour failing to thread the sewing machine, I'm starting to doubt I'll ever make a quilt :'( Singer's a tricky lil guy
  • 5pr0ck37: @bibliogrrl NO! The PSN network is fux0r3d. No Netflix right now. Also, about to go out, get real good and drunk. Talk sewing, selling.
  • sfl_newproducts: VA0109 Pink Fantasy Variegated Exquisite Long Arm Cotton Quilting & Sewing Thread 3300 Yard Spool

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