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  • Side-Wise 8's LIAPTDE live @ Kimo's .m4v Side-Wise 8's "Live In A Place That Doesn't Exist" performed live @ Kimo's Bar and Penthouse lounge San Francisco. All sounds were created and manipulated live using only an electric bass, multi-effects processor and loop station (live recorder). Join "Side-Wise 8" on Facebook to be notified of upcoming performances. /side-wise-8 to listen to studio recordings.
  • Sidewise - Teaser Teaser is a cool song by Sidewise. It's off of their Siren album of course. Let's see, it was created, sung, and is owned by Sidewise. Another live picture, sorry that some of them aren't as good as others. I like this one though, it has a pretty neat purple lighting.
  • Sidewise on Zuda Comics - Trailer Read at We also have some wallpapers: Banners and avatars:
  • Sidewise - Crutch Sidewise singing Crutch off of their Digest the Moon album. Sidewise is the creator of the music and the owner, not I. Enjoy.
  • Sidewise - Sections of the Mind This is a music video for Sidewise from Lawrence KS. These guys came down to florida and needed a music video conceptualized, shot and edited in 4 days. It was a bit of a challenge but we pulled it off and they were very pleased.
  • Sidewise - Karachi Disco Bar 3, Rockford, IL 3.26.10
  • Sidewise - Upon Deaf Ears Upon Deaf Ears by Sidewise. The song is owned by Sidewise and is off their second album Siren.
  • Bird Box Crab The big unveiling. Made for the BBC Three Funny in 15 Competition Promo
  • Sidewise OFFICIAL Promo Video Here it is, the OFFICIAL promo video for Sidewise! Live shots, behind the scenes, interviews and more!! Be sure to add Sidewise as a friend on Facebook and Myspace, and visit /sidewisemusic for the latest tour dates and videos!
  • Sidewise - Downpour Sidewise's Downpour. This song is off of their album Digest the Moon. All credit for this song goes to the band of course :D
  • Sidewise - Karachi Disco Karachi Disco is off of the album Siren and completely owned by Sidewise in every shape and form : ) I hope you like it! Thank you David Bickley for having such a lovely picture! I hope you don't mind that I'm using it.
  • Quad Cities Air Show 2009 - Fighter Plane Moving Backwards, Sidewise And Landing Vertical Quad Cities Air Show 2009 in Eldridge Iowa, Military US Army Fighter Planes etc. Videos taken by Kushal Paudyal for
  • Sidewise - Karachi Disco Awesome video flyer!
  • Sidewise - Ascention Ascention by Sidewise. Digest the Moon, their first album, is the one this song is off of. The Band created and owns this music not me. I'm just sharing it with the world. Love it......!
  • Sidewise - Interlude The second and shortest Interlude off of the Siren album (not that the length matters or anything). It was created by Sidewise and that is all that matters :D Have fun listening!
  • Sidewise - Rising Ocean Rising Ocean by Sidewise off of the album Digest the Moon. Music is owned by the awesome band and I take no credit for it. Enjoy.
  • Sidewise - Dissolve Off of the album Digest the Moon. This is Dissolve. The music is created and owned by the band Sidewise and not by me :D Have fun listening!
  • Sidewise - Lego Bar 3, Rockford, IL 3.26.10
  • SideWise™ Coaching by Michael Dobson SideWise™ Institute President Michael Dobson brings his unique approach to performance improvement to individual coaching. SideWise™ Thinking provide a fresh path to problem solving, personal improvement and professional growth. More information on Michael Dobson and the SideWise™ Institute is available at:
  • Sidewise - Demon Demon from the album Digest the Moon. The music was created, sung, and is owned by the band Sidewise. Thanks for listening.
  • Sidewise - Hemlock Hemlock by Sidewise. The song is off of the album Siren. This song is owned and was created by none other than Sidewise. It's really hard to be original with these descriptions every time : P Have fun listening.
  • Sidewise - Ambitionist Ambitionist by Sidewise is off of the Siren album. Thank you Sidewise for being such good sports about me putting your songs on youtube :D You guys rock and I hope this gets you some more listeners.
  • Sidewise - Abandon Ship Abandon Ship is my personal favorite of the songs off of the Siren album. The reason the song is so awesome could be the fact that it was created and sung by Sidewise who are also awesome. So there.
  • Sidewise Grandmas playing Lego! Sidewise playing Lego @ Destrophy's Halloween CD release show at The House Of Bricks in Des Moines, IA.
  • Blade Runner: A Movie (sidewise ver) First question to get out of the way: Why in Hell is the camera on its side? Well, that's a bit of a long story, the short version of which is: it was an experiment. The slightly less short version (which was going to be detailed in a companion video) involves Brian Eno, mechanical television, and vintage arcade video games (but not in that order). This was shot using a Sony Digital8 Handycam, the TRV-480, but using its memory stick mode instead of tape, purely for the convenience of not having to capture footage through the firewire interface. The result, unfortunately, is that the resolution is only 320 by 240 (another reason for turning the camera on its side) and the frame rate barely exceeds 15 per second. It's still slightly better than the IPEVO (and was filmed before, anyway) and can actually record for longer than my Flip Mino (the one I recorded the Digital Backlot Retrospective with). Anyway, I decided to present this video here as opposed to its original home on Gamespot because this review was really the precedent for the IPEVO and Moleskine reviews. Like the introduction says, I've been trying to review items (mostly media) that are difficult to categorize. In this case, it's a book presented as a screenplay, but is really a dolled-up screen story for a movie that was eventually made, but in name only. It's a long and complicated story and probably one of the lesser-known aspects of the Blade Runner legacy.
  • Sidewise - Interlude Interlude is not a very long song, but it is a song all the same. It is the first Interlude off of the album Siren and was created by Sidewise. That's about it.
  • Sidewise Behind The Scenes The Sidewise "Behind The Scenes" part of the DVD. This is a 5 minute preview only.
  • Sidewise - Interlude The third and the scariest sounding of the three Interludes. At least I thought so. Created by Sidewise and on their Siren album.
  • Thinking SideWise™ - The Power of What If? SideWise™ Institute President Michael Dobson has been on the leading edge of project management since the early 1970s, when he helped build the Smithsonians National Air and Space Museum. He led creative and marketing operations for TSR, Inc., publishers of Dungeons & Dragons®. A popular keynoter and inspiring trainer, Dobson is the author of 21 books, including the upcoming Creative Project Management from McGraw-Hill. An extended version of this video and more information on the Institute is available at:
  • Sidewise - New Eyes New Eyes by Sidewise. Off of the Digest the Moon album. The song was created and is owned by Sidewise.
  • Sidewise - Lotion Sidewise's song Lotion off of the Digest the Moon album. Music is not owned by me, is owned by Sidewise. Also created by them. Thank you
  • Sidewise - The Hidden Another song off of Siren is this song The Hidden. The song is owned, sung, and was created by Sidewise. We owe our joy of listening to these songs to them.
  • Sidewise - Flying Worm Sidewise singing their song Flying Worm off of their second album Siren. This song is owned and was created by Sidewise. I do not claim to own any of it, I just put the picture and music together for the happiness of others. Enjoy :D
  • Sidewise Marketing for Small Business How to use online video to promote your small business. I presented this worked at the Selaco Business Conference, Thrive and Kick It Into Overdrive 04/2011.
  • Nic And Nico Acoustic- "Ambitionist" by: Sidewise Uploaded using PS3(TM)
  • Sidewise - Lego Lego by Sidewise. The first song off their first cd Digest the Moon. Music does not belong to me and all credit goes to the band. A special thanks to my friends for helping me get the video up, thanks boys : )
  • Sidewise - Nobody Robots 1st song off of their second album Siren. The song is fully owned by the band Sidewise. Enjoy this and more songs to come : 3
  • albino fly w/ nico from sidewise albino fly w/ nico from sidewise covering "The Pot"
  • Sidewise - 420 This song is 420 by Sidewise. The song also starts at the 4:20 point. I figured I wouldn't change that since that's the way it was on the Digest the Moon album. This song is owned and was created by Sidewise. I realize the picture I choose is of Nico singing and it just so happens that he doesn't in this song, but I decided to not change it cause I'm lazy :P Oh well, I hope you enjoy it.
  • Sidewise - New Addiction From their album Siren, it's Sidewise's New Addiction. Is it a mixture of New Eyes and Dear Addiction? Who knows? Maybe....., but the song is also owned by Sidewise and created by them, so maybe they know : P
  • PeregrinGlenn: Process Your Affair Sidewise Internet Online Weave Sales promotion Subordination: .rYb
  • radiorockcafe: #nowplaying Sidewise - This Time... -
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  • BetsyS48: Sorry it's sidewise. Those who can DO, Those who can do more, TEACH
  • OldShipChurch: RT @revsarahuu: Neo-Traditional Liberal Religion? A Sidewise Glance at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation via @sharethis
  • mesitiseryz: Curve, he was pitched sidewise into the lap of a stout woman.
  • revsarahuu: Neo-Traditional Liberal Religion? A Sidewise Glance at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation via @sharethis
  • vogelbeere: RT @RobertaWedge: Atheists and incense in liberal #religion. Zen #UU minister on "neo-traditional 20-somethings" HT @MargyUUA #Unitarian
  • RobertaWedge: Atheists and incense in liberal #religion. Zen #UU minister on "neo-traditional 20-somethings" HT @MargyUUA #Unitarian
  • MargyUUA: Zen #UU minister on the arrival of neo-traditional 20-somethings in his #Unitarian #Universalist congregation #religion
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  • UUFresno: another look at young adults...
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  • DBreeden: Neo-Traditional Liberal Religion? A Sidewise Glance at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation
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  • KellWilliamsII: I want to go out and see Sidewise, Decadent Nation, and Ghost in the Machine again.... Kick it with some old friends
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