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  • Scimitar for sale, buy Scimitar. — “Scimitar For Sale | Used Scimitar | Cheap Scimitar”,
  • Definition of scimitar in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of scimitar. Pronunciation of scimitar. Translations of scimitar. scimitar synonyms, scimitar antonyms. Information about scimitar in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “scimitar - definition of scimitar by the Free Online”,
  • Scimitar is a private equity and venture capital firm that invests primarily in eDGE markets. eDGE markets are characterized by some form of financial, structural or geo-political Distress, have tremendous Growth potential, and require an insider's Expertise to manage the risk/reward potential. — “Scimitar”,
  • The Reman warbird Scimitar was a massive warship constructed under the command of Shinzon as part of a secret plot to overthrow the Romulan Senate and liberate the subjugated natives of Remus. — “Scimitar - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • . — “”,
  • The term scimitar is a broad term that encompasses all thin, curved swords from Southwest Asia and the Middle East. The scimitar sword is an ancient sword, dating back to 1600 BCE by Egypt's 18th dynasty. — “What is a Scimitar Sword?”,
  • The elves & gnomes at Scimitar are here to ensure that your entertainment requirements are confidently met with our cutting-edge solution. At Scimitar we realise that attention to detail is imperative, and we take pride in our ability to add that personal touch that you have been looking. — “Scimitar Productions”,
  • The word scimitar, known in English since 1548, derived from Medieval French cimeterre (15c. A possible origin of scimitar is from the Persian shim- or shamshir. — “scimitar - Wiktionary”,
  • The Scimitar was a prototype Scimitar class Warbird in operation for a short period of the late 24th century until its destruction in 2379. — “Scimitar - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • Scimitar Games, Inc. - Where Strategy Reigns Supreme!. — “Scimitar Games Home Page”,
  • Future fins scimitar - 23 results from 9 stores, including Future Fins SCIMITAR, Future Fins Scimitar Quad, Future Fins Scimitar Pivot Rear Natural Composite Fin Set, Future Fins Scimitar Quad Rear Fins, Future Fins Vector 2 Quad - Scimitar,. — “Future fins scimitar at TheFind - Search, discover and”,
  • scimitar ( ) n. A curved Asian sword with the edge on the convex side. [French cimeterre and Italian scimitarra , both perhaps ultimately from Persian. — “scimitar: Definition from ”,
  • After a long and arduous search, Scimitar would like to welcome David Douglas as our keyboard player! Scimitar is a five piece Metal band from Victoria BC. They were formed in mid 2008 by Angus Lennox, Clayton Basi and the Anstey brothers (Noel and. — “Scimitar”,
  • Buy scimitar, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Toys Hobbies, eBay Motors items and get what you want now!. — “scimitar items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Toys”,
  • TORONTO - CANADA. — “SCIMITAR RECORDS - Leigh Cline - Canada”,
  • Shop for Scimitar. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Scimitar - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Go to this site providing information about the facts, history of the Scimitar. Fast and accurate facts about the Scimitar.Learn about the history of the Scimitar. — “Scimitar”, middle-
  • After a tornado devastated much of the town of Mena on April 9th, the Scimitar Shrine was there to help. Welcome to Scimitar Shrine. Shriners, or Shrine Masons, belong to the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America. — “Scimitar Shrine”,
  • A scimitar (pronounced /ˈsɪmɪtər/) is a backsword with a curved blade, originating in Southwest Asia (Middle East) The kilij is a scimitar used by the Turks and the Ottoman Empire; it appeared around the 15th century. — “Scimitar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sharp as Saladin's legendary blade, the sleek, classically curved Cold Steel® Scimitar® places the power of the sword in your pocket. Our craftsmen have captured the timeless quality of superior cutlery and united it with the finest in modern materials. — “Scimitar : Tactical Knives, Folding Knives, Pocket Knives”,
  • Scimitar definition, a curved, single-edged sword of Oriental origin. scimitar - 3 dictionary results. Scimitar. Save on Scimitar Swords, Lowest Price Guaranteed, Buy Now! /Scimitar-Swords. — “Scimitar | Define Scimitar at ”,

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  • Scariest TV logos from our childhood! Remember seeing these as a kid after your favorite shows? creepy synth music, black backgrounds, weird CGI shapes, jarring effects.. they have it all! If you find at least one of these logos creepy, ive done a good job :) ps ubu is for comic relief ;) **List of Logos** Viacom (V of Doom) Paramount Television Hanna-Barbera PBS (Weird Popping face) Simitar Entertainment Inc. Worldvision Enterprises DIC (kid in bed) Childrens Television Workshop Genesis Wireless Global Enterprises Screen Gems ITC UBU (who doesnt remember UBU?) Metromedia Television NET Rankin Bass WGBH (Best tune ever!) Worldvision Home Video Edit: I did not upload these logos and i want to thank those that put the time and effort into uploading them.
  • 70's and 80's VHS Distribution Patrick Allen, The Voice of Authority, introduces twenty five or so logos for VHS video distribution companies, as seen at the start of countless tapes bought and rented in the UK from the 1980's onward. This is in response to the overwhelming popularity of the Guild Home Video logo, we posted up a few years ago.
  • Programs for Television, Inc. Logo Some rare logo I found. The company is 'Programs for Television, Inc.,' and the only place on which I remember seeing this logo is 'The Main Event with Rocky Marciano,' when it aired on ESPN Classic in the 1990s (then Classic Sports Network). That happened way back when I was a little girl. The bombastic fanfare of this logo reminds me of (later) logos like the Viacom 'V of Doom' and Simitar Entertainment's 'Other S from Hell' given how dramatic those fanfares sound. I have no idea what to call THIS logo, but I'm considering 'The Spinning 'PTI' Panels of Doom' as a possible nickname given that the three letters 'P,' 'T,' and 'I' spin around, and the word 'Presentation' zooms in as the dramatic fanfare builds up. It's cut off at the end, unfortunately, but hopefully someone will find a more complete and better quality version. DISCLAIMER: This logo is the property of its respective owners, and is here for entertainment/nostalgic purposes only.
  • I Believe In You Vertical Horizon Burning the Days Release 9-22-09
  • Simitar Entertainment Remake The scary Simitar Entertainment logo is back! Custom-made jingle on GarageBand.
  • Simitar Logo From "The Chinese Connection" (1972)
  • Los Alegres De Teran- La Mesera
  • Simitar Entertainment Inc. In G-Major Like it wasn't scary enough... I haven't found any of these, so I thought I would do it myself. Simitar logo owned by Simitar Entertainment, Inc. I claim no ownership and no copyright infringement is intended. Edited with Sony Vegas and Windows Live Movie Maker. ...Man, did this take a long time to upload.
  • Simitar Entertainment In G-Major (Better Version) (1080p HD!) The demonic Simitar Entertainment logo remade better than ever! Simitar Entertainment Inc. logo owned by Simitar Entertainment Inc. Edited with (in order of importance) Audacity, Sony Vegas and Windows Live Movie Maker. Uploaded via Windows Live Movie Maker.
  • Simitar Entertainment Simitar Entertainment logo.
  • simitar effects the simitar logo with effects
  • Dreams of Gold -- Beginning .sg Dreams of Gold The Mel Fisher Story. Mel Fisher finally realizes his fabulous dream when he discovers the Atocha's brilliant treasure. If anyone out there has converted the book (written by William Stanley Moss entitled "Gold is where you hide it: What happened to the Reichsbank treasure" and published by Andre Deutsch, London, 1956) into an e-book, please post it to me.
  • Jigsy King & Jamie Irie - Sweet Sensimila Jigsy King & Wayne Wonder - Sweet Sensimila Good riddim,One of my Favorite's. - Sorry fidi years a misunderstanding, i know it was Jigsy King but nah change the name for long time. Jah Bless. ( can't put another picture in it with Jig & Wayne )
  • tsunami vs simitar tsunami attack 2 defence 3 control 5 scimitar attack 5 defence 3 control 2 enjoy
  • Simitar Entertainment Logo, ca. 1990 Simitar was a long-time leader in budget VHS throughout the 80s and early 90s. Reach Entertainment produced sports home video programs for Simitar. By April, 1997 Simitar was the first independent in the US with DVD releases. In 1999, Simitar's revenues rose from $5 million to $40 million in just three years. On March 9, 1999, Cherry River Music Co. sued Simitar Entertainment for copyright infringement of "WWF—The Music, Volume 3" and won. In 2000, Simitar folded/went bankrupt, due to problems in the music division. Simitar's Total Assets were $19570059. Simitar's Total Debts were $25556878. In 2000, Simitar auctioned off its movies. Brentwood Communications, Inc. (BCI) offered to pay $215000 to acquire Simitar's movies. Ed Goetz and Greg Glass went to BCI to start a DVD division. In October/November 2003, BCI was purchased by Navarre Corporation. -Wikipedia
  • Simitar Entertainment Enhanced with Diamond Audio Effect I DON'T OWN SIMITAR OR THE LOGO! Simitar Entertainment does. So there. Simitar logo undergoes the Diamond audio effect. I think it sounds pretty awesome. Edited with Sony Vegas.
  • Victims! VHS Review (1985, Simitar Ent.) Released onto VHS by Simitar Entertainment in 1985.
  • Wi-fi Battle #55/56? : Mahagon Vs. simitar/Regi Simitar dc'd...I dont know If I can take this as a win. Good Game Regi! He isnt a "double battler" so...xD Honors: #14 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education - Germany #87 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Germany #10 - Top Rated (Today) - Education - Germany #95 - Top Rated (This...
  • The Good Ol' Days : Nostalgic Logos Here's my logo collection. I'd like to thank people who uploaded these logos and brought me sweet (or scary) memories or simply made me laugh ! In order of appearance, these logos are properties of BBC, Bryanston Pictures, CTW, Walt Disney, FHE, Genesis, Golden Book/GoldenVision, Mark VII, OECA, Paramount, PBS, RCA Videodiscs, Renaissance Pictures, RKO, Screen Gems, Simitar, THX, United Artists, Viacom, VID TV (ВИD), View Askew, Weiss, WGBH and World Vision.
  • Scary, Creepy, and Weird Logo Party Part 3 More scary, weird, creepy logo goodness!
  • Simitar with a Lovely Pitch Effect! The Simitar Entertainment Logo (owned by whoever owns their company now, not me, and I claim no credit) gets pitched up! Now that I can animate effects, I was also able to apply a unique visual effect to the clip! Edited with Sony Vegas.
  • Pole_Star.wmv Polestar from the Simitar series by Bill Evans Scratch built, Foam wing, balsa fuselage OS 61, Weight 6 Lbs2 Oz
  • Mystery-SWV a rare track by SWV
  • Claudia Mia - Donna Summers remix - I Feel Love (Official music video)- Spanish Version Remake of I feel Love by Claudia Mia Allen Street/Records Thump Records, Simitar Entertainment
  • Simitar Entertainment, Inc. - REALLY CREEPY G-MAJOR VARIATION! It's coming to get you... Credits: Simitar Entertainment, Inc. Logo - Simitar Entertainment, Inc. Special Surprise Inside! - YouTuber SonicTheJackrabbit Programs Used - Audacity, Sony Vegas
  • Simitar Enhanced with Diamond Audio Effect - Awesome Version Now a pitch up, and new video effects. Simitar Entertainment, Inc. logo owned by Simitar Entertainment, Inc. (I claim no ownership). Edited with Sony Vegas (because Audacity produced an unfavorable fourth pitch when the audio was saved).
  • Alice In Flames fire dance with sword at Eleouthkia Botanical Gardens, Paphos Alice In Flames fire dance with Moorish simitar at Eleouthkia Botanical Gardens, Paphos. Music 'Desert of Yunus' by Shiva In Exile - Album: Nour.
  • SWV - Right Here Sisters with Voices, better known as SWV, is an American female contemporary R&B trio from New York. Formed in 1990 as a gospel group,SWV had a series of hits, including "Weak", "Right Here/Human Nature", "I'm So Into You". The group disbanded in 1999 to pursue solo projects, and reunited in 2005. SWV is currently ranked #100 on the Top 500 Pop Artists of the Past 25 Years. [edit]Albums 1992: It's About Time 1996: New Beginning 1997: Release Some Tension 1997: A Special Christmas 2010: It's About Time All Over Again [edit]EPs 1994 The Remixes (EP) [edit]Compilations 1998: Greatest Hits (RCA) (European Release) 1999: Greatest Hits (Simitar) 2001: Best of SWV 2003: Platinum and Gold Collection 2004: The Encore Collection
  • Logos In Reverse Part VIII 5000 VIEWS?! I didn't realize that this became popular. I thank everyone who has watched this video. For mqg96, the one who started it all. 16 logos are reversed for this saga, from Southern Television (1981), to the new 20th Century Fox Logo (2009).
  • Halloween2007,,party,fun,disco,police. Simitar Barrel Light plus an American Police Light Bar with lots of smoke just to see the effect
  • Garden Group Incorporated (80s fake ident) Here's a fake logo ident, like the one that you see in the old movies that you got on VHS maybe, that I decided to do using Blufftitler and Pinnacle Studio last night to fight my upcoming sense of bore. I got inspired by the various "retrologos" presentations here on the Tube and a little bit by the design of the Simitar Entertainment "S from hell" logo. And, yes, I tackled the logo inside a fictious opening credits with music by Styx. Hope you like =) NOTE: Garden group is a fictious company, or well, is one of my movie distribution companies that according to this logo is active since the early 80s
  • Madstick Cliff - Old school Simitar Centron flying wing Got to go to Farren in Santa Barbara and shot some video of my Scimitar wing. It was a wonderful afternoon with some awesome lift! You can see it climb out far from the edge. Here is a link to the thread:
  • Simitar Enhaned with Earth Shaker/Psychedelic Clash Combo *Phwuum* Simitar logo owned by Simitar Entertainment, Inc. Edited with Sony Vegas.
  • Paul Applebaums World's Fastest Simitar 540 Turbine .avi 68" wingspan, standard Simitar balsa fuselage, balsa sheeted wing,, balsa leading and trailing edges, 1/2oz glass on all. Painted with Glasscote. Retracts. 12lbs. Fly's like a butterfly, turns like a bee! :-) Typical Simitar flight performance, faster and slower than most other designs all in one package. Paul said he has about $100 in materials in the fuse, builds up in a week or so. I used to knock out a glow version fuse in a night! Unless someone knows better, I'm going on record to say this is the fastest Simitar ever in history...and there have been some really fast glow versions. As the past national Simitar Squadron Cmdr, and likely the most prolific Simitar builder in its history, well maybe short of Bill Evans himself....Paul has done an amazing job and got rewarded for it. Incredilble airplane..and of course "No Tail To Tell!". :-) Tight Turns! You made Bill proud...again Video taken at Jets Over Kentucky, Srpingfield,KY 7/10
  • SWV Surprise Me SWV song Surprise Me
  • The Top 10 Scariest Logos OH SNAP OVER 1000 views! Expect a sequel coming for sure! Thanks guys! My list of the Top Ten Scariest Logos ever! I may make a list for runner-ups! Please like/share this video, check out my other videos, and subscribe.
  • The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West - Theme Song This is the original title sequence and theme song for the television movie "The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West" (1976) which simply strung together three episodes of the not very popular "Gilligan's Island" remake "Dusty's Trail" (1973). This video comes from the Simitar 2 tape VHS release of Rescue from Gilligan's Island and The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West. Seen the original Dusty's trail title sequence and theme song here: See the closing credits here: The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West () Starring: Bob Denver - Dusty Forrest Tucker - Wagonmaster Callahan Co-starring: Ivor Francis - Mr. Carson Brookhaven Jeannine Riley - Lulu McQueen Lori Saunders - Betsy Lynn Wood - Mrs. Brookhaven Bill Cort - Andy Produced by: Elroy Schwartz Written by: Sherwood Schwartz, Elroy Schwartz, Brad Radnitz, Howard Ostroff, Ron Friedman Directed by: Jack Arnold, Oscar Rudolph, Bruce Bilson, Earl Bellamy Executive Producer: Sherwood Schwartz Eddie Little Sky - Natuma Ernest Esparza III - Indian Boy Donald Barry - Marshal Buck Young - Rancher Jim Gammon - Hired Hand Dennis Fimple - McGirk John Quade - Jake Dick Peabody - Kyle Skullner Taylor Lacher - Luke Skullner James Jeter - Rafe Skullner Production Manager: Joe Wonder Director of Photography: Alan Stensvold ASC Film Editor: Jack Woelz Assistant Director: Bob Jones Production Administrator: Elliot Friedgen Creative Affairs Executive: Willis Grant Post Production Supervisor: Gary Gerlich Production ...
  • SWV - Mystery (Unreleased) A pretty unreleased song from SWV.It's SWV!
  • Simitar Logo + WGBH Theme A more fitting, less overwhelming remake of the Simitar logo...
  • jackie5ive: RT @hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston/Henry V by ~Simitar on @deviantART
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston/Henry V by ~Simitar on @deviantART
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Loki x Natasha // ...say it's not over... by ~Simitar on @deviantART
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Loki // Erase this monster by ~Simitar on @deviantART
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out It's only darkest before the dawn --chapter 1-- by ~Simitar on @deviantART
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  • TomsFans4life: "@hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston Romania by ~Simitar on @deviantART"
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston Romania by ~Simitar on @deviantART
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  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston/Henry V by ~Simitar on @deviantART
  • hiddlesarmyro: Check out Tom Hiddleston Vampire by ~Simitar on @deviantART

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  • “SIMITAR RETAIL / MANUFACTURING HOWARD. If you sell control line goods on a commercial basis you may advertise Please do not conduct business within the forum itself”
    — Australian Control Line Forum • View topic - SIMITAR RETAIL,

  • “We're posting a new package Check this out . * 2 Day Hunt/2 Nights Lodging/2 Meals Daily/Guided * You may harvest any one hard horned animal: Axis”
    — The Dos is 6 years old and we're celebrating! |,

  • “about any of Bill Evans' Simitar designs, e-mail this guy FORUM RULES © 2001 - 2007 24-7 RC, LLC, all rights reserved. Charities we support that also need your help. Yorkie Rescue | Humane”
    — Do you know anything about this plane,

  • “Reawaken part 9 Legion merely watched, a black blade, three feet long and curved like a simitar, lay across his left shoulder. He was the epitome of relaxed. He spoke quietly to the man with the paper "I know these attacks”
    — Reawaken part 9,

  • “Anyone picked up the recent DVD of this from Stormovie in Italy? Features a widescreen print in Italian with an optional English dub. I've never seen i used to have the old U.S. simitar dvd which was a terrible print taken from a bad vhs, i thought it was quite boring but i'd be”
    — The 5th Day Of Peace / Dio è con noi (Giuliano Montaldo, 1969,

  • “Search Forum Help. DrumTalk " General Discussion. Re:Simitar Cymbals? Print post Forward Re:Simitar Cymbals? Rob. 201. May 25, 2005 10:38 AM. 347. Re:Simitar Cymbals? snarehead88. 198”
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  • “sports2win - the online sports club community This is a much faster than the chain Simitar attack in Twelvesky2, have more crit chance, but no it does not have the AoE skills”
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  • “Dark Side of the Highway. TAGS. BLOG. BLUEGRASS. BLUES/CLASSIC ROCK. CLASSICAL. ELECTRONIC. FOLK STONEWALL JACKSON: Classic Country (1998, Simitar Entertainment, out of print) STONEWALL”
    — WHUS,

  • “I was wondering if anyone knew what the OAR for the original Ishiro Honda Godzilla was. I've seen versions in Scope, 1:85:1, and Full Frame. They need to standardize”
    — OAR for Godzilla - Home Theater Forum Community,

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