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  • Learn about Teaching Singing on . Find info and videos including: How to teach your nintendog to sing, How to Teach Children to Sing, How to Teach a Dog to Sing and much more. — “Teaching Singing - ”,
  • Singing is, by definition, when a person produces musical tones by means of the voice.http://www.merriam-/dictionary/sing?show=0&t=1282786987 Singing is basic to man, with its origins predating the development of spoken language. — “Singing”,
  • Custom karaoke discs,karaoke / kareoke MP3, forums, message boards, products, discs, hardware, machines, vocal training books & Disc On Demand In North Hollywood it connects with the Red Line subway making the Singing Store a quick ride from anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. — “Karaoke”,
  • singing (comparative more singing, superlative most singing) (music) Smooth and flowing. (of a kettle etc.) Producing a whistling sound due to the escape of steam. [edit] Translations. of a kettle etc: producing a whistling sound due to the escape of steam. music: smooth and flowing. — “singing - Wiktionary”,
  • Reviews of the best (and worst) singing courses on the internet Top Rated Online Singing Courses. At we've taken many of the web's. — “Singing Lesson Reviews | Learn Singing Online”,
  • Incorrect technique can damage your singing voice. Investing in an experienced voice teacher is well worth the money. If your voice is weak, this is usually caused by under-developed muscles or improper use of the resonators (the pharynx, the mouth, and the nasal cavity). — “How to Sing - wikiHow”,
  • Me singing about singing styles, for fun and different vocal techniques. Singing for singers is where voices come out of the closet!. — “Singing For Fun | Singing Styles | Learn To Sing”,
  • Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music known as songs that can either be sung a. — “Singing Information (Karaoke, Cappella, Lip) @ ”,
  • Singing tips and musical resources provided by a professional vocal coach. — “Your Personal Singing Guide”, your-personal-singing-
  • singing ( ′siŋiŋ ) ( control systems ) An undesired, self-sustained oscillation in a system or component, at a frequency in or above the passband of. — “Singing: Definition from ”,
  • Offers private vocal lessons for those wanting to strengthen their voice and develop their tone. Learn to sing all music genres using breathing and vocalization exercises. — “ - Singing Lessons”,
  • "To articulate or utter words or sounds in succession with musical inflexions or modulations of the voice, so as to produce an effect entirely diff. — “Urban Dictionary: singing”,
  • 1305 Singing Illustration. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art images, clipart. — “Singing Illustrations and Clip Art. 1305 singing royalty free”,
  • Shop for Singing. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Singing - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Shop for singing at Target. Find products like sing, karaoke and more. Choose from Life Size Animated Singing Santa, Audubon Singing Bird Clock - 8" and other products. — “singing : Target Search Results”,
  • Singing is probably the way that music started many thousands of years ago. When people sing they make their voices go high or low. If they do this in a way that uses notes of a scale then they make tunes. People who have singing lessons spend a lot of time practising "breath control". — “Singing - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Singing is often done in a group of other musicians, such as in a choir of singers with different voice ranges, or in an ensemble with instrumentalists, such as a rock group or baroque ensemble. Singing can be informal and done for pleasure; for example, singing in the shower or. — “Singing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Singing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Singing. Pronunciation of Singing. Translations of Singing. Singing synonyms, Singing antonyms. Information about Singing in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. cat. — “Singing - definition of Singing by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Provides online and private vocal training programs to improve singing ability. Located in Nashville, Tennessee. — “Brett Manning's Singing Success”,
  • Singing News, the leading Southern Gospel music magazine, features Southern Gospel lyrics, radio, news, Christian concerts, songs, artists, and more. — “Singing News Magazine”,
  • Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singing is often done in a group of other musicians, such as in a choir of singers with different voice. — “Singing”,

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  • Me Singing "Telephone" by Lady Gaga Heyy guys! Its been awhile, i'm sorry :\ but I'm back with a brand new video! I hope you guys like this one, I decided to show the piano because my rendition had a couple parts that i figured i could show you guys and you'd enjoy that :) i APOLOGIZE that the piano was alittle loud :( i realize that i messed up a few times. i didn't think that'd matter too much because we all mess up sometimes :] i hope you enjoy! :D The facebook thingy:
  • McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow @toddyrockstar on Twitter! Singing the order at McDonald's. Repost this and let's make this McDonald's New Theme Song!!! Check out my newest video "I WANNA BE ON GLEE!" Tweet it, Facebook it, email it! Do everything you can do to GET YA BOY ON GLEE!
  • Me Singing "Fireflies" by Owl City Hey guys! This song is obviously property of Owl City. not mine :D GREAT SONG. not my most vocally impressive song but its such a good song and everyone seems to like it as much as i do and that was an obvious sign to put it this video up. hope you like it ! BY THE WAY! Wanna laugh? this kid is hilarious. /therealmariolawrence
  • Baby Singing Justin Bieber! WHAT IS HAPPENING! THANKS FOR 500K VIEWS :O
  • Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude. I think he will be the next john Lennon.
  • Me singing Heaven Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Adams Communications - for original, exclusive performances by Bryan Adams, check-out the official channel at BUY MIAS AUTOGRAPHS NOW!!! .au - Shop Online - Mia Rose Official site: Official Twitter: /miaarose Official Myspace: /miaaroseonline Official Facebook: /Miaarose Official Australia Facebook: /pages/Bring-Mia-Rose-To-Australia/137311956313483?ref=ts Official Kyte: Professional/Media Contact: [email protected] Well, a request by i8thelastcookie... i also love this song so!! i hope you enjoy!!
  • Unreal: Mongolian Throat Singing *PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TRAVEL VIDEOS* My sister told me that I HAD TO check out Mongolian Throat Singing when I was in Mongolia. I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a strong form of music, an unbelievable use of the vocal chords to create sound vibrations. You could literally feel them in your chest! Mongolia is a vast, empty space - the least densely populated place in the world. And yet this music is so full, deep and rich. It is haunting hearing it boom out into the nothingness. NOTE: Please check out the newer, shorter version of this film here:
  • Justin singing Common Denominator - Justin Bieber Original Justin Drew Bieber singing and performing an original song called Common Denominator from his upcoming debut album. Subscribe and stay tuned to follow the adventures of Justin through this journey. ©Copyright 2008 BabyGirl & Justin Bieber
  • Strange Kid Singing Incredible lip syncing by this weird kid.
  • Jasmine Villegas & Gabi Wilson singing Bleeding Love Jasmine Villegas and Gabi Wilson singing "Bleeding Love" come talk to jasmine direct
  • Me singing ``Unwritten`` by Natasha Bedingfield Love Natasha and love this song it's kind of like my story in a way 'the rest is still unwritten'! http
  • Me Singing "ET" by Katy Perry Hey guys. So..i'm not normally a Katy Perry fan but i actually like this song. it's been requested more than anything for awhile so i'm like WHY NAWWT?! please enjoy , hope yu like it :D BY THE WAY... I'M GOING ON TOUR!!!!!!!! ALL AROUND THE US & some of Canada ! i'm opening for Selena Gomez on her summer tour and I'd LOVE FOR SOME OF YU TO GO! :D that'd be shweet! ROCK ON YU GUYS, ROCK ON. :D
  • Britains Got Talent, Singing Monkey Damon Scott's Funny Monkey (Bubbles) singing one of Michael Jackson's songs.
  • Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets Jimmy Kimmel Live - Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets
  • Kristin Chenoweth singing "Taylor the Latte Boy" Cheno singing "Taylor the Latte Boy"
  • Kid singing Britney Spears scared to death by his mom
  • Singing in the Rain Singing in the Rain original
  • Inuit Throat Singing: Kathy Keknek and Janet Aglukkaq (long) Kathy and Janet's application for the 2008 Arctic Winter Games.
  • Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Diaphragm Learn tips on how to sing with your diaphragm instead of your throat with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip. Expert: Larissa Lam Bio: Larissa Lam has almost 20 years of professional singing experience and has studied under top vocal coaches in LA. She has coached various singers for record labels and musical productions. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • Silent Monks Singing Halleluia Creative high schools students give a great rendition of Halleluia!
  • heath ledger singing "cant take my eyes off you" from the movie "10 things I hate about you" cant take my eyes off you (lyric) You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you. You'd be like Heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much. At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive. You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you. I love you, baby, And if it's quite alright, I need you, baby, To warm a lonely night. I love you, baby. Trust in me when I say: Oh, pretty baby, Don't bring me down, I pray. Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay And let me love you, baby. Let me love you.
  • 11 years old singing like INSANE
  • Husky Dog Sings with iPAD - Better than Bieber! (now on iTunes!) Get LaDiDa: Mishka on iTunes: More LaDiDa Vids: Mishka's Facebook: Mishka's Twitter: Mishka's Channel: T-shirts: Auto-Tune Mishka the Talking Husky Dog!!!!
  • Kara DioGuardi singing terrified Kara DioGuardi & Jason Reeves singing 'terrified' No copyrights infringements intended.
  • Singing on The Beach My mom using an Ipod for the first time closes her eyes and belts out Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love to You" on the Beach unaware of how loud she was singing. Everyone on the beach notices and decides to point and laugh and when my mom opens her eyes she is pretty embarrassed *Video Edit* Some questions I thought I should address -Persianpimp730 which is Me(Arya Aminrazavi) filmed this and owns all the rights to this video. -My mother agreed to let me put this video on Youtube (after she saw it on there) -This video was filmed in Virginia Beach and was not an act. All of this is 100% real and she really had no idea! This video has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC,The Ellen Show,NPR,Radar Magazine, TruTV and many other programs around the world. Please contact Persianpimp730 if your interested in using this video! Check out my other Videos and Subscribe!
  • Me singing Everywhere! Official site: Official Twitter: /miaarose Official Myspace: /miaaroseonline Official Triple J Unearthed: /miarose Official Facebook: /Miaarose Official Australia Facebook: /pages/Bring-Mia-Rose-To -Australia/137311956313483?ref=ts Official Kyte: Professional/Media Contact: [email protected] Hey you! I was goofing around with a friend and I actually liked this video! This song is great! Originally by Michelle Branch, check it out!! Hope you enjoy! Hugs and Kisses Mia
  • Brandy- singing in my bathroom AGAIN!!! "A change is gonna come"
  • Me Singing One Sweet Day Mariah Carey Boyz 2 Men Nick Pitera (Cover) I took videos of me singing the song, and did a split screen duet with myself. Both performances were live.
  • Greyson Chance Singing Fire Me playing "Fire" by Augustana in my apartment in LA! www.greyson-
  • Katy Perry singing Rebecca Black's Friday Katy Perry Singing Rebecca Blacks Friday at her second Melbourne concert on friday the 29th of April 2011
  • With You - Chris Brown Cover - Justin singing Now signed by Island Def Jam records and Usher. First single "One Time" scheduled to be release to iTunes July 7th! Thanks for all the fan support! Wouldn't be here without youtube fans!! Justin Bieber singing a snippet of With You by Chris Brown. Leave a comment and rate if you like it! If you haven't already, please subscribe :) Thank you to all those who have linked this video on their blogs and websites !! I appreciate it soo much. ********************************** Watch this video in high quality Autoplay an 18-minute playlist of my most popular videos Autoplay a 1-hour playlist of all my singing videos To put playlists on your myspace, copy the embed codes on the playlist page ********************************* ** Please dont leave personal info in the comment section **
  • singing hippopotamus this is a sining hippopotamus
  • Me Singing "Grenade" by Bruno Mars Hey guys ! If you'd like to help me in this competition, click here ! (also subscribe to my recommended channels, they're shown when you click this link too) So this is my cover of Grenade by Bruno Mars, i really hope you guys like it; although its NOT my favorite cover i've done, personally...but i hope you guys enjoy it :D
  • White Girl Singing Look At Me Now
  • Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) [HD Widescreen] Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain performed by Gene Kelly HD 720p Widescreen Upscaled and Cropped
  • Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi Me performing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga at Edmond's Sixth Grade Festival. I own no rights to this song. Follow me on Twitter at
  • Us Singing "Halo" by Beyonce! (Cover) Megan & Liz on iTunes! Megan & Liz on Amazon! Facebook: Twitters: Website: Subscribe to our channel YAYYY! We love to burst out singing this song in the car with our friends. (: LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ARE THE BEST FANS EVER! xoxo - Megan & Liz
  • Me Singing "Perfect" by Pink Contest Link if you're interested ^.^ :: Hello ! Btw i apologize! i thought the piano was showing more than it is -_-' but anyway i hope yu enjoy this cover of Perfect by Pink ! :D
  • Greyson Chance Singing Stars My second song that I have written. I have been working on this for a while just could never finish it until now. So, this will probably be one of my last songs to upload until a couple months or so. The story to this song is about a wife who dies of cancer but then she goes to heaven in the "Stars" Then the husband shortly after her. Tell me what you think!
  • Me Singing A Whole New World Disney's Aladdin Nick Pitera (Cover) This song and my EP now available Be nice :) This may have been done in a studio, but it is still a live take...with flaws. me singing a whole new world from Disney's Aladin
  • RachMooreWL: RT @CiCiWonderland: Our dreams have come true because of all of u.. we love singing and making music..thank u for ...
  • cap_burkett08: @TryMe_RemyB tweeting and singing lol
  • wonderland_esa: RT @CiCiWonderland: Our dreams have come true because of all of u.. we love singing and making music..thank u for listening to us and believing in u x
  • HauteJvae: I was just singing and shocked the crap outta myself...that was on point London *slow clap*
  • FinkNimrod: @KittyGalore66 I don't see why the hell my singing voice and his singing voice (@YouTube
  • Aaliyah_297: @TheDappy I just watched being @ndubz again and fell in love with u again! Realised u were singing 'no regrets' in the studio, great song xx
  • KiMmy_AnnMarie: oh my! my stepdad was singing and ma bro jus said 6 o'clock gone eno
  • EAD92_DBC: I'm in a singing mood
  • neotxky: I liked a @YouTube video Me Singing "A Year Without Rain" by Selena Gomez
  • niqgreen: This is the song that doesn't end. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was.
  • onemusicgurl: lomgz christina grimmie opening for selena gomez...if i were selena, i'd give up singing seriously
  • akidnamedlou: I was singing Christmas songs yesterday.. Is that weird?
  • Briana_flyhigh: Singing happy birthday to steven :) my youngboul 8 already :x
  • aloversmusical: I swear my dad's a closet gay. He's singing along to Cats with me..
  • Ana_Delia_: RT @CiCiWonderland: Our dreams have come true because of all of u.. we love singing and making music..thank u for listening to us and believing in u x
  • JustAnt1: RT @sweetshaunieboo: THIS!! U speak truth sir!! RT @JustAnt1: i never heard anyone in the industry or outside the ghetto praise Monica for her singing.
  • Lo_HicksBtch: Music cleanses the soul . :-) && when I die , I hope I hear Jesus singing me something sweeeeet <3
  • SianScattergood: @westendproducer I absolutely adore your tweets.... Especially the I am what I am singing bill sykes..... Dear!
  • Kellytopia: @ParallaxShift Also, muses are singing. Just in case you wanted to know ;)
  • i_YARA: keep singing & dancing in ur big fake imaginary room located concert until u drop dead. P.S tickets sold ! Gd night ppl
  • EdwardPonton: RT @MizzihRee: Here come @EdwardPonton and his singing ass.. I see why his roommate didnt like him and he was n the gospel choir
  • lokyin24: Suddenly heard Scandal's Tomomi singing and I was like WOW? so cute!
  • AustinMahoneFTW: Make a singing/rapping collab channel on YouTube.(: http:///oep5o
  • Inchiegirl: I LOVE that my 3 yr old is walking around singing Step by Step!
  • jessica8594: RT @CiCiWonderland: Our dreams have come true because of all of u.. we love singing and making music..thank u for listening to us and believing in u x
  • chandelion: A good (singing) voice is comprised of two things: skill & emotion. You can't have an outstanding voice without both.
  • boomshakalaika: Everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3, 4 Five will make you get down now!
  • Ry_Gardner: RT @KooLAsz_HuLBerT: @CorEyDonTFwY up in here singing sounded stupid as a bit...
  • Inca_Blu: Big Up Kara Dioguardi ; she is the judge of some unknown singing competition DWL !
  • JJ_Hairston: RT @iMalliBoiMuzic: Currently watching my bro @JJ_Hairston and my YP fam on #JCTV singing my song Lord you are an Awesome Ruler!!
  • corixoreo: I think we're stuck singing these same old songs over these airwaves.
  • sharifablahh: @ayesha_salam exactly she has a beautiful talent it's not like she's singing crude songs or anything
  • ZeeHammoud: @hilalchouman the same would happen here in Egypt.How come they're not singing about "7ob 3ameeq" & " Shouf shu Sadri 7eloo" Stuff.says them
  • vivjones10: @Derren_Litten I'll have sweet dreams of Elvis singing to me......mmmm!
  • JMac_angie_Kc: RT @itsajmacthing: Who blasts jesses music and uses their hairbrush as a microphone and jam out like your singing to him? Haha. #itsajmacthing
  • katiekatetweets: Take That were AMAZING. Absolutely top night - incredible. Throat sore from singing & legs sore from dancing. Perfect.
  • xXKellieBellXx: I'm singing Rania in my kitchen xDDDDDD and my whole family is here!
  • EdwardPonton: RT @MizzihRee: I hate when a song is on and @EdwardPonton starts singing a different one like really... lol
  • srkfan4lifeMish: awww the child singing 'a bit of Dil Ki Tanhai Ko' from Chahat #NDTV #Greenathon
  • lonestarjody: @JackIngram singing the anthem. Gotta be a good night!!
  • BECKKSz: RT @SaySylviaa: #thatawkwardmoment when you don't know the song everyone is singing along to..
  • _kristaleigh: #Brianunderdale knows and is singing every pearl jam song. #sogreat
  • TweetMeistar: *now singing* say my name say my name :D RT @Rh3me: I'm upset to the point that I don't know what to say.
  • tripped0utkidd: RT @dougbenson: Letting singing siblings compete as one on THE VOICE is stupid. The show should be called THE STUPID. #DougLovesTV
  • IAmJoshMcFresh: omg . @BellaaWallace & @BrandonGoood could be like Jay-Z & Beyonce , with rapping and singing and what not
  • emmablinky: some one is singing about going mad for a couple grams on forth one, and @rihanna gets her lyrics blurred out!
  • DaMan68: @Syleena_Johnson that wiz khalifah girl I want you to know is smooth as hell. Lupe fiasco is singing the hook I believe.
  • RanaElkharadly: That awkward moment when you're singing alone in ur car and u make eye contact with a stranger
  • Kindall_D: Cant stop singing :) or smiling
  • sweetshaunieboo: THIS!! U speak truth sir!! RT @JustAnt1: i never heard anyone in the industry or outside the ghetto praise Monica for her singing.
  • QueenJennette: @DanWarp Dan what do you think of Sam singing a song from the iCarly @Jennettemccurdy !? PLEASE! :)
  • AndiieAugury: I don't think singing hardocre can make you lose your voice, just maybe at the begining you'll have some difficulties.
  • AwesomeKaiserOk: RT @RodneyAtkins: Singing with Darius Rucker tomorrow!
  • NikaDaMILF: My kids are in here making up songs, Monte is rapping and mimi is singing!! They keep saying "remix whatttttt" LOL
  • MyNameLilDarryl: @DontDoMeHoe_ that just made me start singing that Rick James song bout weed called Mary Jane in my head lol
  • julidarino: @justinbieber good singing,i love it canada
  • RollWith_DEE: dht niqqa need to stick to singing
  • zackeryquack: @TrainDriverJim @johnno360 The Green fairy get John singing again
  • SimBHuE: Wait is YC there? Why u singing next mans track? O_o
  • Adsonmaximiano: I'll take these storms away Start a brand new story I'll make it through each day Singing death or glory ♪
  • XSantana_LopezX: @SammyEvans_GLEE *she laughs when you start beatboxing, then continues singing*
  • PrettyKorinaa_: Seansz Singing ' Take A Bow ' by Rihanna To Me xDD♥
  • QueenJennette: @DanWarp Dan what do you think of Sam singing a song from the iCarly @Jennettemccurdy !? PLEASE! :D
  • i_Rock_Lashae: - they wanna get on my case about me not talking . but they still ignoring me .... singing .
  • Corissa_Babe: So Im singing Happy Birthday to #oomf ... Hope they like it!! ^_^
  • aaronaconrad: Worship team is singing "Forever Reign" on #CPLive. Love this song. Amazing worship song.
  • reguli: She's not running she's just walking a little slow, She's not crying she's just singing a little low.... - RLJ
  • 2_ADDIctive: *singing* Wanna love you girl, wanna love you girl ...or should I say shiii
  • whozthatXIAH: "What was also laughable was that Su was singing intensely at some point with the Micky ears on XD Nothing stops THE VEINS OF the KIM JUNSU"
  • samantha_ferris: RT @TheRandomWords: The awkward moment you find your self singing out loud with headphones in and everyone is watching you.
  • karakazoo: My son keeps me well entertained. He's now in the bath .........singing soprano......Hahahahhaha!!!! #IHOW
  • Revolutionarrie: Hi parents with kids sitting next 2 Me in the bar. Tell ur kids no singing. Kthxby
  • kailaluvsyouu: And Wacka is singing Racks becaaaauuuseeee..? #SummerJam
  • QueenJennette: @DanWarp Dan what do you think of Sam singing a song from the iCarly @Jennettemccurdy !? PLEASE!
  • SponseredByPINK: why this nigga singing racks -_- its not even his song
  • Dgldn1: When I'm in the car singing to myself it sounds heckuv good! Why doesn't it sound that good when others are around?
  • lovely2B_asyina: *singing* On the Road Again..... Lol here we go again With @Terrestelle and Tells :)
  • CollegeGirlERiN: ok NEVER mind about Beyonce singing Motivation my followers said Kelly cant have anything
  • sebaalhomeadan: @JonasBrothers @joejonas my dad loved #seenomore he started singing it when my phone rang..he looked at me saying: he is gooooood :p
  • CarlieRainbow3: singing speechless on skype with @Loveme77774 <3
  • MonsterAloud: The album booklet says "nothing on these streets to explode" in the last verse of Marry The Night. Maybe I should start singing it like that
  • Amor_Latina96: My dad keeps singing with this weird look on his face haha
  • chloebyrneWL: RT @CiCiWonderland: Our dreams have come true because of all of u.. we love singing and making music..thank u for listening to us and believing in u x
  • fourstringfilms: RT @brewsterprod: Check out Plymouth South High School physics teacher Dave Yaeger singing at the graduation yesterday!!
  • Ladie_Jazzo: Me singing + dancing = My big brother highly annoyed :) LOL
  • jondorn1: RT @brewsterprod: Check out Plymouth South High School physics teacher Dave Yaeger singing at the graduation yesterday!!
  • Chabo7890: @dizzydinero she's singing lmfao!
  • marie_timelow2: @ghj985 well one was Cinderella and I was the fairy godmother. Then the other one was the Anansi stories. It was alittle area of singing
  • FAITHoverFEAR_: That new McDonald's commercial where they was slam duckin those nuggets and singing that rap song just pissed me off! Smdh
  • fdescds92: RT @imothanaYemen: The scene Sanaa's Change square today is extraordinary!! Non-stop singing, chanting and dancing since Saleh left Yemen. #Saudi #GCC
  • iEPIC_FAiL: I liked a @YouTube video Me Singing "Perfect" by Pink
  • McNastys_Back: i sound good singing man down. lol #rns
  • mollywalkerr: RT @SaySylviaa: #thatawkwardmoment when you don't know the song everyone is singing along to..
  • Iheartjoej95: RT @SeddieWiki: iParty With Victorious new pic of the iCarly gang singing: http:///558yz2
  • fmdlemos: fans of Melbourne Victory FC will be singing the praises of the manager following the Finals Series win. #FMH2011

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