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  • In 1873, Sokaku traveled with his father to the dojo of his father's friend, swordsman Sakakibara Kenkichi. Although Sokaku decided not to become a priest, he visited his mentor many times after that, and under Chikanori's instruction is. — “Aikido history”, fourwindsaikido.50
  • Sokaku Takeda was born on October 10, 1859 in the Takeda mansion in Oike in Aizu, present-day Fukushima Prefecture. In 1875 Sokaku visited him at Shrine in Fukushima to study for entrance to the priesthood, and while he was there received instruction in the arts of oshikiiuchi from Chikanori. — “Sokaku Takeda - Definition”,
  • This first installment focuses on the extremely significant but little understood relationship between Morihei Ueshiba and his teacher, Sokaku Takeda. Let me begin by stating categorically that the major technical influence on the development of aikido is Daito-ryu jujutsu. — “Morihei Ueshiba & Sokaku Takeda”,
  • Sokaku Takeda Biography (8) by Tokimune Takeda. The following article was prepared with the kind assistance of Brian Workman of the USA. The article below is reprinted with the kind permission of Tokimune Takeda Sensei, Headmaster of Daito-ryu Aiki Budo and son of Sokaku Takeda Sensei. — “Sokaku Takeda Biography (8)”,
  • In the Kinko school, the piece "Tsuru No Sugomori" is called "Sokaku Reibo" and this piece is one of the most famous among the Kinko Ryu Honkyoku as is the piece "Shika No Toneh" (The Distant Sound of Deer; A Description of The Late Fall Mountain). — “Sokaku Reibo”,
  • The ancestors of Sokaku Mochizuki have been known throughout history as people with the ability to summon wandering spirits from the netherworld and use them against evil demons who appear in the world of the humans. Sokaku himself has faced the past leader of the Shiranui ninja clan,. — “Fatal Fury/Characters/Sokaku — StrategyWiki, the free”,
  • Takeda Sokaku was born the second son of Takeda Sokichi on October 10, 1859 in the Takeda mansion in Oike in Aizu, present-day Fukushima prefecture. In 1873, Sokaku traveled with his father to the dojo of his father's friend, swordsman Sakakibara Kenkichi. — “Takeda Sokaku, The Reviver of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu”,
  • Home | O'Sensei | Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan | Steven Seagal Shihan | Gozo Shioda Shihan | Sokaku Takeda More >>> O'Sensei • Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan • Steven Seagal Shihan • Gozo Shioda Shihan • Sokaku Takeda. — “O'Sensei”,
  • Takeda Sokaku was born the second son of Takeda Sokichi on 10 October 1859 in the Takeda mansion within the precincts of Aizu Ise Shrine in Oike. Sokaku's stay in Tokyo was cut short by the sudden death of his older brother Sokatsu in 1876. — “Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Headquarters / History / Takeda Sokaku”, daito-
  • For it was here that he began his study of Daitō-ryū aiki-jūjutsu under its reviver Takeda Sokaku. He characterized his early training thus: On one occasion, while staying at Hisada Inn in Engaru, Kitami Province, I met a certain Sokaku Takeda Sensei of the Aizu clan. — “Morihei Ueshiba”,
  • Shasta Abbey's late Abbess, Jiyu Kennett, often said that the long sentences used in Zen would likely annoy American readers. Sokaku said, Even supposing I could express THAT which is beyond, I could not begin to find for you, Reverend Priest, something with this to compare. — “Saint Tendo Sokaku: Forty Eighth Zen Transmission of Light”,
  • Born in the Aizu domain (modern-day Fukushima Prefecture)[2], Sokaku grew up in a time of war (Boshin) and civil strife and was able to witness both first hand while still a young boy. Sokaku's highest ranking students were Hisa Takuma [12] and Masao Tonedate, both high. — “Takeda Sōkaku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Godinu Dana VIP-a 2007 (Uzivo) - Jesen U Mom Sokaku, Volis Li Me :: . — “Godinu Dana VIP-a 2007 (Uzivo) - Jesen U Mom Sokaku, Volis Li”,
  • Then, stepping from the mist of history, as if a man out of place and time, came Sokaku Takeda. Sokaku is thus not regarded as the founder of Daito ryu but rather the "Chuko no so,. — “ - Jujutsu: The Evolving Art Part 3: Unarmed”,
  • Sokaku's Zen-master name, the one he used to sign all his work. Sokaku was one of the Dharma-heirs of Yamamoto Gempo, and he served as abbot of Empuku-ji (near Kyoto) for some years. — “Wall-Gazing Daruma (null) | Daruma | Shambhala Publications”,
  • Download & Keep YouTube videos in MP4 (iPod compatible), 3GP, high-quality FLV, HD 720p & Full-HD 1080p. Just copy the URL & click Go! or use our easy Firefox Add on! Lepa Lukic U sokaku komsija mi zrele sljive bira.w. — “Download & Keep YouTube videos in MP4, high-quality FLV”,
  • RYU AIKI - JUJUTSU SOKAKU TAKEDA sokaku takeda real daito ryu aiki jutsu aikido hidden roots combat sports. permalink:. — “Dailymotion - SOKAKU TAKEDA DAITO RYU AIKI JUJUTSU - a Sports”,
  • Sokaku Takeda is well-known as the principal martial arts instructor of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido. In the first two articles of this series we have tried to place Daito-ryu in historical context and trace Sokaku's formative years. — “Sokaku Takeda and Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu”,
  • Hoshina inscribes in Sokaku's enrollment book on May 12th a poem advising him to focus on teaching jujutsu, as the time of the sword was now over. Sokaku stood off against some 200 gangsters, and though no violence occured, was asked to leave Hokkaido. — “Tsuki Kage Dojo - Aiki Chronology”, tsuki-
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable sokaku gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite sokaku gift from thousands of available products. — “Sokaku T-Shirts, Sokaku Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,

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  • EVO 2007 RB Fatal Fury tournament Terry/Bob vs Cheng/Sokaku This is my favorite match. Both players were great.
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  • FS Random MUGEN #16 - Sokaku vs Ibuki This is MUGEN, google it to find out more. After a long break, I return with a brand new character ^_^ This guy is amazing! Sure, I don't know where he comes from or who he is... but that doesn't mean I don't kick butt with him :D Well, here I take Sokaku by 3ha (the same guy who made Zangeese and Zangyura =p) and fight a powerful ninja, Ibuki by GM. Enjoy the match! :) Stage: Geese Tower BGM: Give Geese a Kiss Once More (Geese's Theme - Maximum Impact 2 Version)
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  • TOZOVAC Predrag Zivkovic JESEN U MOM SOKAKU YouTube
  • Amar Jašarspahić Gile - Jesen u mom sokaku - (Privat 2012) Label and copyright: Grand Production doo Digital distribution: Youtube powered by: Music: lyrics: Arr: Video:
  • Dzenan Loncarevic (uzivo) - Jesen u mom sokaku, Discotheque Studio Nis Nastup Dzenana Loncarevica u diskoteci Studio 12.12.2009.
  • Fatal Fury 3 The Road to Final Victory Terry Bogard & Sokaku Matches a Entire vid consisting of Terry Bogard vs Sokaku Enjoy.
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  • MOTIV band-Jesen u mom sokaku (live)█▬█ █ ▀█▀ .wmv MOTIV band Bitola tel.+38970381044 +38975634118 !!!Join us on facebook!!! Download MP3: www.4
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special OST - TAKU-HATSU-Rock - Sokaku Mochizuki Stage A better theme than his FF3/RB's, but still a bit bland...
  • Yamaguchi Goro: Sokaku Reibo Part 1 A rare video recording of the late Living National Treasure, my teacher, Yamaguchi Goro speaking in an interview and performing Sokaku Reibo (Nesting Cranes).
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  • RB2 Japanese Match - 11/04/06 Laurence vs. Sokaku One of a series of matches from tansaba.s206
  • Sokaku Mochizuki's Theme-Fatal Fury 3/Real Bout Fatal Fury This is one of my other favorites from this game. FF3, IMO, is one of THE most under-rated fighters of all time; it's actually my favorite.
  • Stanley Pranin's lecture on "Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda" Stanley Pranin presents a 28-minute lecture titled "Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda." He explores the complex relationship between these two martial arts geniuses, and explains how Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu techniques form the basis for most of the techniques of modern aikido. Among the topics covered are the following: - Background on Sokaku Takeda - Meeting of Morihei and Sokaku in Hokkaido - Morihei's study of Daito-ryu under Sokaku - Sokaku's 1922 visit to Ayabe to teach in Morihei's dojo - Morihei's licensing as an certified instructor of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu - Morihei's connection with Sokaku after becoming a professional martial arts instructor - Strain in relationship between Morihei and Sokaku over money issues - Morihei distances himself from contact with Sokaku and Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, and founds his own art called "Aikido" - Technical influence of Daito-ryu on modern Aikido - Resources for study and training in Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Go here for more info:
  • rade lopata - jesen u mom sokaku MACVAHAOS
  • RB FF S / RB FF 2 - Taku-Hatsu-Rock (Sokaku Mochizuki Theme) OST
  • Yamaguchi Goro: Sokaku Reibo This is a rare video of my late Shakuhachi teacher/living National Treasure Yamaguchi Goro performing a shortened version of the Kinko Honkyoku piece "Sokaku Reibo" (Nesting Cranes)
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury (1995) Sokaku Ending [NEOGEO] Real Bout Fatal Fury (リアルバウト餓狼伝説 Real Bout Garō Densetsu?, "Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf") is a 1995 fighting game released by SNK for the Neo-Geo arcade and home platforms. It is the fifth installment in the Fatal Fury series, following Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory. Ports of Real Bout were released for the Neo-Geo CD, PlayStation (in Japan and the PAL region)[1] and the Sega Saturn (which requires SNK's 1MB RAM cartridge for the system). The game was later included in Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2, a compilation released for the PlayStation 2. Real Bout changes the play controls from the previous Fatal Fury games, reducing the number of attack buttons from four to three: a standard Punch and Kick button, a "Strong Attack" button which can be either a stronger punch or kick attack, depending on the character. The game retains the three-plane "oversway" system from Fatal Fury 3, which features a main lane for fighting, with foreground and background planes used to avoid attacks or leap towards the opponent. A dedicated button is now used to make an "oversway" (or change plane) towards the background or foreground. Real Bout introduces a Power Gauge, which fills up as the player performs normal or special techniques against their opponent or defend themselves, similar to many super move gauges featured in other fighting games. The Power Gauge allows players to perform one of three types of Special Techniques, depending of the level of the ...
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: Sokaku's Infinite Combo This is a video i made of how to do sokaku's infinite, to do it you just press B, C to do his chain combo then tap the A button then press upright C, (B, C upleft C if on the opposite side of the screen), after that just repeat the process again and there you got your self an infinite combo (Note: can only be done in the corner).
  • Aleksandar Popović - Jesen u mom sokaku - (Live) - ZG 2012_2013 - 06.10.2012. EM 4 Label and copyright: Grand Production doo. Digital distribution: Youtube powered by: Music: lyrics: Arr: .
  • Fatal Fury 3 Arranged Taku-hatsu Sokaku i hope you enjoy
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury (Arcade)-Sokaku Mochizuka Playthrough 2/3
  • Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac - Jesen u mom sokaku The best old serbian hits ! - www.serbian- - Old Serbian hits forever remain in our hearts.
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury (Arcade)-Sokaku Mochizuka Playthrough 1/3
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  • Sherife Sherifi - te sokaku im
  • Nicole030301: RT @JKT48Fansbase: #HarukaFact Konser peringatan 135tahun harian Yomiuri Shimbun AKB 104 Senbatsu Member Sokaku Matsuri.
  • MilicStevan: Jesen u mom sokaku.mp3
  • selumartin: @Sokaku estoy de acuerdo. Pero la aplicación no lo permite
  • Sokaku: @selumartin pues creo que deberías diferenciar entre un tuit y un retuit que no es lo mismo. Buena iniciativa, suerte y ánimo
  • Leksandor: Dobro jutro #prvasmena Svilen konac Jesen u mom sokaku: via @youtube
  • gustiikrnwn: RT @JKT48Fansbase: #HarukaFact Konser peringatan 135tahun harian Yomiuri Shimbun AKB 104 Senbatsu Member Sokaku Matsuri.
  • MaelaniNurF: RT @JKT48Fansbase: #HarukaFact Konser peringatan 135tahun harian Yomiuri Shimbun AKB 104 Senbatsu Member Sokaku Matsuri.
  • JKT48Fansbase: #HarukaFact Konser peringatan 135tahun harian Yomiuri Shimbun AKB 104 Senbatsu Member Sokaku Matsuri.
  • ivana_necatea: RT @Panta_Cijanid: Jesen u mom sokaku,gde god krenem stanem u kaku.
  • Panta_Cijanid: Jesen u mom sokaku,gde god krenem stanem u kaku.
  • Nikola88vk: Predrag Zivkovic TOZOVAC - Jesen U Mom Sokaku
  • selumartin: @Sokaku Hola. No es un blog es un periódico q se crea automáticamente con tuits de mi TL
  • Sokaku: @selumartin Hola Jose Luis ,se agradece que me saques en tu blog pero la noticia no es mía solo la retuitee
  • Sokaku: @carlosbardem Cojonudo tu hermano en Skyfall ,de verdad CO,JO,NU,DO. Felicitale!!
  • selumartin: ¡El Diario de Selumartin está disponible! ▸ Historias del día por @Sokaku @salvajimeno @Santonesa
  • anjarsetyorini: Lha kiro" undangane wis tekan mahmu rung toz , nak urung tekan aku tak omong Aa ariel RT"@adityaagusw: Santai mbak sokaku tekone gandeng lu
  • adityaagusw: Santai mbak sokaku tekone gandeng luna maya mbak hha "@anjarsetyorini: Ora iki aku sadar kok toz . Teko lho sesok neng pernikahanku
  • rimtuti: Jesen u mom sokaku.
  • NikolaKiselj: Jesen u mom sokaku...
  • Sokaku: @lorco @MrErreka por aquí na de solete y puente para el que gaste dias. Pero al lío!!!!x)
  • Sokaku: Hamburguesaca y luego Skyfall con mi amor. Una cita esperada
  • lorco: @MrErreka @sokaku soleteeeee!! Viernacooo!!! AL LIOOO!!
  • MrErreka: @Sokaku @lorco aquí no hay puente. No celebran el día de los muertos, pero es VIERNEEEEEEEESSS!!
  • Sokaku: RT @Pleguezuelo: El cortijo de Mariano. Manual de altos cargos para no pagar multas de tráfico #Fuenlabrada
  • GerbesZoran: @MajaMrnustik @IvanaCanak @DuMarNS Napravite(mo) ešto kao playing for change - svako u svom sokaku :) ?
  • Sokaku: Hu Ha!!! a ayudar al Chimo
  • Sokaku: Me bajé por un tweet este temazo de el Gran Chimo Bayo!!
  • Sokaku: RT @alfonsoeromero: 68 de los 245 asesores del presidente no tienen el graduado escolar vía @20m
  • Sokaku: RT @aberron: Si estamos gobernados por mediocres, a lo mejor es que los demás no somos tan brillantes.
  • Sokaku: Ayyy lo buñuelicos!! que ricos los buñuelicos!!
  • Sokaku: RT @maxpradera: Que venga un tecnócrata. Ya. Mil veces preferible un Monti español que esta cuadrilla de fanáticos con peineta, crucifijo y mantilla.
  • Sokaku: Ostras! Una camiseta y un dock para coche gratis con #elandroidelibreWaze
  • Sokaku: "Katiusca", bonico palabro. Katiussssssssscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • masni_dabo: Gripa u mom sokaku mp3.
  • Sokaku: Nos días!! quién dijo puente?? @lorco @MrErreka AAAAAAAAAAMOSSS QUE ES LO QUE ES!!!!!
  • homerhsimpson: Dobro jutro ljudi! Prolece u mom sokaku! Lep dan vam zelim!
  • Sokaku: @buesryu ceon el sábado
  • Mux7F: Jesen u mom sokaku.
  • CvrkiZvrk: RT @Gandi68: Predrag Zivkovic TOZOVAC - Jesen U Mom Sokaku: via @youtube
  • Gandi68: Predrag Zivkovic TOZOVAC - Jesen U Mom Sokaku: via @youtube
  • Boda_666: Bas sam mislio da ostavim samo ove koji me prate...sli Tozovac zapeva ...jesen u mom sokaku !!!
  • PESnicK: Nedostaju mi Kurve u Mom soKaku.....
  • buesryu: @Sokaku Tres ukemis de Kata guroma desde lo alto y listo
  • Sokaku: Joder últimamente mi dieta anda descuidada, me acabo de zampar la leche de buñuelos, voy a acabar ceporro. SIESTA TIME!!! pa bajarlo y eso
  • Volim_da_Psujem: Realno, lepo je vreme, nije hladno, pravi jesen u mom sokaku !
  • Blistava: Jesen u mom sokaku :-)
  • TopicJovana: Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac - Jesen u mom sokaku
  • Stefan_2142: RT @Anchii94: sendii u mom sokaku.mp3
  • VesovicM29: jesen u mom sokaku,lisce pada na sve strane.
  • OjeinOffline: @Bludnicka jebem u mom sokaku! :D
  • saskolinoo: RT @Anchii94: sendii u mom sokaku.mp3
  • Anchii94: sendii u mom sokaku.mp3
  • Sokaku: Muero en la cama entre toses,mocoseos,estornudos y dolor de cabeza. Lo dicho , ciao bicho
  • Mister___NO: e jesam snimio svaka mi cast Tozovac - Jesen u mom sokaku (uzivo Sava Centar): via @youtube
  • Sokaku: Pero hay que acordarse de los que ya no están aquí porque tarde o temprano todos estaremos allí!!! Feliz fiesta!!!
  • Sokaku: Halloween,día de difuntos,de todos los santos. Que mas da!!, hay que celebrar que estamos aquí y no allí
  • Sokaku: RT @antifachas: Las mentiras del PP en vídeo
  • Sokaku: RT @subversivos_: Ni nos domaron, ni nos doblaron, ni nos van a domesticar Gran Wyoming @Anonymous_Link @ARMAKdeODELOT @muditoRajoy #15M
  • Sokaku: @lagamez Pasará poco tiempo para que empiecen a aparecer mediums contando quien era. segurito,segurito XD
  • Sokaku: RT @juantorreslopez: Los resultados del gobierno de Cospedal ¡y sigue tan campante!
  • azra_weee: Jesen u mom sokaku
  • Sokaku: @buesryu tiene piel de acero, es un super heroe hombre!!
  • buesryu: @buesryu @Sokaku solo escribirte el ultimo tuit me dolio a mi y todo
  • buesryu: @Sokaku no se puede que una tasser en ciertas partes..... que malo que soy
  • Sokaku: @buesryu No se puede es un super heroe, tiene super poderes, lo se.
  • buesryu: @Sokaku lo mejor eso y pasar de intentar luxarle directamente he ir mas a saco..
  • Sokaku: @buesryu si jajaja
  • buesryu: @Sokaku pues como querer hacerle una luxacion de dedos..... para hacerle dado tienes que cortarle los dedos
  • Sokaku: @buesryu es un crack!!, en vivo cuando se echa los dedos para atras impresiona que no veas
  • buesryu: @Sokaku me hace daño solo viendolo
  • Sokaku: mejor aún !!ahora con nombres
  • Sokaku: @JorgeGil86 A Miguel???? que hombretón eres!!! jajaja
  • JorgeGil86: @Sokaku lo fecundo!!
  • Sokaku: Jamas veréis tamaña flexibilidad en las manos. Mi compi es un super heroe #jodeteBoomer
  • zerinaz: #jesen u mom sokaku...
  • Sokaku: RT @AlbertoSotillos: Es bueno saber que los madrileños pagarán un Euro por receta para que Adelson no tenga que pagar impuestos por su mega casino. Solidaridad.
  • DejanNedovic: Predrag Zivkovic TOZOVAC - Jesen U Mom Sokaku: via @youtube
  • Sokaku: RT @Pevelasco: No es solo el euro por receta. Madrid privatizará todos los servicios no sanitarios en toda la red de hospitales
  • Sokaku: Niños no os paréis esta tarde noche delante de ninguna farmacia o saldréis sin un euro menos
  • Sokaku: Gracias al euro aún tengo menos dudas de donde estaré el 14N
  • Sokaku: RT @jdelacueva: Es obsceno conocer al mismo tiempo la noticia de 1 euro por receta y que a Eurovegas se lo bonifican los impuestos
  • Sokaku: @maxpradera no he encontrado aún un votante del PP que no saliera de estúpidos argumentos como:"la derecha maneja el dinero"etc..
  • Sokaku: RT @maxpradera: En 2011, la gente votó al PP como quien vota en Gran Hermano. No se eligió a Rajoy, se expulsó de la Casa a ZP. La Democracia Irresponsable.
  • Sokaku: Niños esta noche si se os aparece Rajoy, agarrar las chuches no sea que os la module
  • Sokaku: Si me encuentro un fantasma por la calle, le preguntaré de que partido político viene.
  • Sokaku: RT @agarzon: La comunidad de Madrid ha anunciado que implantará el repago en las recetas. Más empobrecimiento para la ciudadanía… senda griega.
  • Sokaku: Que buenos recuerdos me trae el conxuro da bruxas queimada . Mi abuelo recuerdo que la hacía. #Remember
  • Sokaku: Hoy me leeré el tenorio, cenaré unas castañas,de beber una queimada y de postre unos buñuelos. Luego pediré truco o trato #RiquezaCultural
  • Sokaku: RT @silviapadronll: Los Investigadores se van de España mientras traemos casinos. El PP aprueba en solitario la exención fiscal a Adelson -
  • Sokaku: RT @GLlamazares: Vuelve el cinismo de ínfima calidad: Repite que los presupuestos son los más sociales de la democracia. La burla y el escarnio político.
  • Sokaku: RT @cayo_lara: La virgen de Fátima revela otro secreto: vía libre para los despidos masivos en la Administración. No son brotes verdes, son de cólera.
  • danihuge: @Sokaku @SuperTeamDev :)
  • Sokaku: Ostias que mierda : . arggg ,Micky Yo soy tu padre!! arggg #No,noLaJodimos
  • Sokaku: RT @juanluiscano: Va tan poco Rajoy por el Congreso que le ha dicho un diputado a otro"De qué me suena esa cara?" "Coño,es el presi" "No,pero además de eso"
  • Sokaku: @danihuge @SuperTeamDev Aggggqueroso!! que eres un argqueroso!! tengo que volver a poner la mia desde cero porque me va fatal :(
  • Sokaku: RT @cescept: Una molécula que obliga a las células cancerígenas a suicidarse. El Comercio via @elcomerciodigit
  • Sokaku: Venga vamos
  • Sokaku: Arrasando oiga, arrasando #DisfrutenDeLoVotado
  • Sokaku: Y más oiga más #DisfrutenDeLoVotado
  • Sokaku: Me reafirmo #DisfrutenDeLoVotado

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  • “Most aikido historians claim that Morihei Ueshiba trained for a short time with Sokaku Takeda in Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu. own writing shows that he studied Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu under Sokaku Takeda from March 5 1915 to April 7 1931”
    — Budo and Kobudo - Andy Prevost,

  • “The Aikido Health Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the aikido- Web site. Tune in and Subscribe Here”
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  • “Sokaku Takeda later became a teacher of Ueshiba Morihei, who created on the basis of Aiki Formation of a warrior Takeda Sokaku. Takeda Sokaku born October 10, 1858 in the province”
    — AikiJutsu " mayoacademy blog,

  • “Recommended reading: "Sokaku Takeda in Osaka" by Tokimune Takeda. The article below has Here I would like to record the relationship between Sokaku Takeda and the city of Osaka”
    — Recommended reading: "Sokaku Takeda in Osaka" by Tokimune Takeda,

  • “SOKAKU's BLOG. http:///5937040/ Copy. Add to favorites my blog. Latest Comments. N/A. My Stickers. N/A. My Guestbook. No messages”
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  • “Nome: SokakuCriador: 3haJogo: EditadoDownload: http:///3ha/Tamanho: 2.07 mbInformações Adicionais: --/--Fotos:”
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