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  • Learn about Spasms on . Find info and videos including: What Are Bladder Spasms? This is a muscle spasm, and it can sometimes occur after a vigorous workout. — “Spasms - ”,
  • Hemifacial spasm is named so because in this condition, facial muscles of only one half of face is affected. There can be many hemifacial spasm causes and all such causes have been described in this piece. Read on Hemifacial Spasm Causes. — “Hemifacial Spasm Causes”,
  • A spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles,[1] or a hollow organ, or a similarly sudden contraction of an orifice. "Hypertonic muscle spasm", also known as hypertonus, means "too much muscle tone", and is unfortunately very common. — “Spasm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of a muscle, and is frequently painful. Other causes of a muscle spasm may be harder to find and treat. — “What is a Muscle Spasm?”,
  • Spasm definition, a sudden, abnormal, involuntary muscular contraction, consisting of a continued muscular contraction See more. — “Spasm | Define Spasm at ”,
  • Spasm symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Spasm (Muscle spasm) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis, research treatments, prevention, and prognosis. — “Spasm - ”,
  • Overview: Broadly, esophageal spasm can be subdivided into 2 distinct entities: (1) diffuse esophageal spasm (DES), in which contractions are uncoordinated, and (2) nutcracker esophagus, in which contractions proceed in a coordinated manner,. — “Esophageal Spasm: eMedicine Gastroenterology”,
  • spasm (plural spasms) A sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, to spasm (third-person singular simple present spasms, present participle spasming,. — “spasm - Wiktionary”,
  • Hemifacial Spasm information sheet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). — “Hemifacial Spasm Information Page: National Institute of”,
  • What is esophageal spasm? Esophageal spasms are irregular, uncoordinated, and sometimes powerful contractions of the esophagus , the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. Normally, contractions of the esophagus are coordinated,. — “Esophageal Spasm”,
  • spasm n. A sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. A sudden burst of energy, activity, or emotion. — “spasm: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Spasm. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Spasm - wikidoc”,
  • A vascular spasm is a sudden, brief tightening of a blood vessel. Vascular spasms and heart attacks may be caused by the use of cocaine. — “Vascular Spasm | ”,
  • SPASM Defined Using a Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Search Engine. — “spasm - Definition of spasm at Dictionary and”,
  • Hemifacial spasm is a neuromuscular disorder characterized by frequent, involuntary muscle contractions (tics or spasms) in the face. It usually affects only one side of the face, but in severe cases, tics may occur on both sides. — “Hemifacial Spasm Overview - Hemifacial Spasm - Neurology Channel”,
  • One important event, which occurs early after an injury, is muscle spasm. Treatment of the spasm is significant in the overall treatment of the problem. This is because after an initial period, if the basic injury is not fixed, the spasm forms muscle knots. — “Muscle Spasm Symptoms Causes and Treatments”,
  • Definition of spasm in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spasm. Pronunciation of spasm. Translations of spasm. spasm synonyms, spasm antonyms. Information about spasm in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. muscle spasm,. — “spasm - definition of spasm by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles,1 or a hollow organ, or a similarly sudden contraction of an orifice. "Hypertonic muscle spasm", also known as hypertonus, means "too much muscle tone", and is unfortunately very common. — “Spasm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow organ, or a similarly sudden contraction of an orifice. A spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow organ, or a similarly sudden contraction of an orifice. — “Spasm”,
  • Online Medical Dictionary and glossary with medical definitions A muscle spasm can be quite painful, with the muscle clenching tightly. — “Spasm definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular”,
  • spasm involuntary rigid muscle contraction, often persistent and often accompanied by pain. It usually has some underlying physical cause such as. — “spasm Facts, information, pictures | ”,

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  • How to Treat Back Spasms Back spasms can be caused by many problems including discs or repetitive motion. Learn how to treat back spasms in this physical therapy video.
  • Peach - Spasm I like it better than the TOOL - Versions. Music and lyrics by Peach. Recorded from the original 7'' single "Spasm / Catfood", 1993 Mad Minute Records, madmin007 Published by Rhythm King Music / Mad Minute Music. Album: "Giving birth to a stone", 1994. Mad Minute Records, madmin09LP.
  • The Spasm by Mississippi Sarah & Daddy Stovepipe 1935 recording - The Spasm by Daddy Stovepipe and Mississippi Sarah
  • NIHILIST SPASM BAND 1982 The NIHILIST SPASM BAND in 1982. I shot this when I was 13 in London Ontario at THE FOREST CITY ART GALLERY when it was located above NOVACKS on King street. The band here are Greg Curnoe, Hugh McIntyre, Murray Favro and guest John Moss. It is strange to watch these guys talking to each other. It's like it was yesterday. Hugh, Greg and even John Moss are gone now. To hear Greg talking about going down the street to the restaurant MARIO'S really brings back memories. MARIO"S is gone now too.
  • How To Stop Leg Cramps And Spasms By Cherokee Billie A muscle cramp or spasm is a sudden, uncontrolled contraction of a muscle. This type of pain is most commonly experienced in the legs, and therefore often called a leg cramp or a "charley horse."
  • Hemifacial Spasm - Mayo Clinic Michael Link, MD, a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon, describes symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for hemifacial spasm. For more information, see
  • Muscle Spasms and Cramps Health Byte Muscle spasms and cramps are often harmless but can accompany serious medical conditions. Learn about spasms and cramps in this medical video.
  • Airged L'amh - Warp Spasm From the album : "The Silver Arm"
  • Spasm - live in Zverovision 09.05.2009 Spasm - Live in Zverovision fest , Kiev 09.05.2009 " Bingo" Club Filmed by Urgehal CANON HG 10 [email protected]
  • Spasm - Loves Me Not (tATu Cover) Artist: Spasm Track: Loves Me Not Album: Paraphilic Elegies Genre: Goregrind Year: 2008
  • Peach - Spasm Artist : Peach Song : Spasm Album : Giving Birth To a Stone
  • *Rare* Spasm - Tool rare tool songs
  • LITTLE WILLIE JOHN Spasms KING Like Joe Tex' "Pneumonia", this is a follow up of his masterpiece "Fever".
  • Meshuggah - Spasm (remastered)
  • Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - She is the sea Directed by Julien Bittner for Bridges Films (p) 2011 naïve http
  • Tool- Spasm Tool doing Peach's Spasm Enjoy
  • The Nihilist Spasm Band on Japanese television 1996 The Nihilist Spasm Band form London, Ontario, Canada appear on "Tamori's The World Of Music" in 1996. The appearence was part of the bands first tour of japan. The band members were Hugh McIntyre, John Boyle, Art Pratten, Bill Exley and John Clement.
  • Dystonia Facial Spasms Examples of facial spasms from man with Blepharospasm, Meige Syndrome, Dystonia
  • Anthony Joseph & the Spasm band live in studio !! 'Dream on Corbeau Montain' live in studio de Meudon near Paris France. You will find it on the band's forthcoming album 'Bird Head Son' to be released in fall 2008. featuring Anthony Joseph : vocals Andrew John : bass Colin Webster : saxophone Adrian Owusu : guitar Paul Zimmerman : congas / djembe Paul Brett : irons / snare / cymbals Craig 'Cigar' Tamlin : small percussions special guest : Joe Bowie on trombone Jean Paul Gonnod : sound engineer Julien : engineer assistant Antoine Rajon : producer Filmed and edited by Martin Meissonnier and 'Campagne Première' crew
  • MESHUGGAH - Spasm [EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE FANVIDEO] VIEW MY CHANNEL FOR MORE FANVIDEOS!!! I do not own any of the material used in this video. This is a dedication to the people who created the original song and movie. etc etc ---------------------------------------- --------------------- Fanvideo #1 My first fanvideo! And it has over 10000 views!! OMFG!!! Are Meshuggah big or something? :O
  • Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band ft Joe Bowie "Conductors of his Mystery" , Rennes, France Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band ft Joe Bowie "Conductors of his Mystery" live at Transmusicales, Rennes, France 6 Dec 2008
  • Cricopharyngeus Spasm: A Troubling Feeling of a Lump in the Throat Dr. Robert Bastian of Bastian Voice Institute explains cricopharyngeus spasm, a problem that causes a troubling sensation of throat constriction or of a foreign body in the throat. Cricopharyngeus spasm is caused by over-contraction of the upper esophageal sphincter, or cricopharyngeus muscle, and causes an annoying, preoccupying, even anxiety-provoking sensation of something stuck in the throat, like a "wad of phlegm." A common description is "There is something in my throat that I can't swallow or spit out." Individuals with this problem often have difficulty getting a clear diagnosis, and may see several physicians and undergo unnecessary and unhelpful tests in their quest for an answer. Sometimes also called "globus sensation," this disorder is described and explained in detail.
  • Foot Spasms After a C6 compete spinal cord injury in 2004 I began having spasms (uncontrollable muscle movements). This usually happens when anything happens below my injury level that would normally hurt or irritate. It is basically exaggerated reflexes. I've been having the almost constantly for close to a year now! I wanted to test out some video editing, so I took my camera and made a quick video of the only movement happening around me. My feet spasming. (Kind of ironic, don't you think?) It's to the point right now where if my feet and legs stop spasming and my body is still I feel sick (like motion sickness) just from the stillness. This video was taken on a pretty good day (not a lot of muscles spasms). They are usually a lot stronger and more of them happen. ***NOTE*** I DO pick my leg up off the footrest (with my arms) the first couple of times it is re-positioned, trying to make the spasms stop, but the last time when my foot moves off the footrest and to the front of it, it was kicking from a spasm.
  • Infantile Spasms (Jayson) Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, and I would be happy to help with whatever info I have! My son Jayson was diagnosed with infantile spasms on 3/1/08. He was 7 months old at the time. He began ACTH injections and Topamax on 3/13/08. He became seizure free on 3/16/08. He continued ACTH injections for 6 weeks, and remained on Topamax. Jayson has now been seizure free for over a year, and was weaned from Topamax in April 2009. I have seen many videos on here of infantile spasms, and thought Jayson's was a great example of these seizures, and thought it might help Moms looking for answers. Remember though that infantile spasms can be MUCH more subtle than Jayson's are here. If any Mom needs someone to talk to or has questions, please feel free to email me. I just want to do anything I can to help raise awareness for infantile spasms, and let other Moms know that there is hope! Jayson is almost 2, is happy, healthy and seizure free.
  • Funny Gaddafi Song & Speech [ All My People] Funny Gaddafi song that features Gaddafi, Castro, Chavez, and Kim Jong IL. They are dancing to a Gaddafi speech in this animated cartoon video.
  • Spasm - Beautiful Human Toilet The first oficial video of our band Spasm. Hope you´ll enjoy it!!!
  • "The Spasm" East River String Band Daddy Stovepipe & Mississ Eden & John's East River String Band (Eden Brower & John Heneghan) play "The Spasm" by Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah with special guests Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops & Pat Conte of the Legendary Otis Brothers.
  • The 6th Great Extinction Spasm National Center for Conservation Science and Policy, Dominick DellaSala. Ashland, Oregon. Produced by
  • Halloween III (1982) / Deadline (1981) / Spasms (1983) - Thorn EMI Teasers Australian teaser trailers for home videos, as released by Thorn EMI in Australia and New Zealand. * Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Starred: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkins Country of Origin: USA DVD: Widely released * Deadline (1981) Director: Mario Azzopardi Starred: Stephen Young, Sharon Masters Country of Origin: Canada DVD: Not apparently released * Spasms (1983 - aka: Death Bite) Director: William Fruet Starred: Peter Fonda, Oliver Reed Country of Origin: Canada DVD: On DVD-R
  • Muscle Spasm For some reason, I was trying out my new digital camera, and I accidentally caught my buddy Kyle have a muscle spasm. Pretty funny if you ask me...
  • Dylan - Spasm released 2000 on Renegade Hardware. also check out Mentasm - Second Phase for more mentasm orgasm : )
  • Nihilist Spasm Band - Destoy the Nations Genre(s): Free Improv Album: No Record Release Date: 1968
  • Spasm live at Fekal Party 2009 Spasm, live at Fekal Party, Praha, 29.08.2009
  • Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bird Head Son From the album "Bird Head Son"
  • Nihilist Spasm Band-#1 in London, Ontario On Feb 4, 2008, legendary noise pioneers, The Nihilist Spasm Band, performed at Pandemic Nightclub. and
  • Scorn - Spasm Artist: Scorn Song: Spasm Album: Vae Solis Year: 1992 Track #: 1 of 13 The first incarnation of British industrial/dub music project Scorn was as a trio on their first album "Vae Solis" released by Earache Records. To say the least, the album was a reunion of three original and core members of the grindcore act Napalm Death: Mick Harris (drums), Nik Bullen (vocals, bass) and Justin K. Broadrick (guitars). This is the only album where Scorn was ever a trio, as well as the only to feature Justin on guitars. Interestingly, the three formed Scorn because they all were tired of the punk scene, as well as didn't like the death metal direction Napalm Death was taking. The three have always shared an interest in industrial music ala Swans, Throbbing Gristle and 60's psychedelia, so they decided to create Scorn (well, Mick and Nik were the official members, Justin was considered a "guest" on the album). This is the only Scorn album that is heavily guitar driven, as well as possess some heavier moments than future Scorn albums. It also is one of the few albums to heavily incorporate movie samples in songs. The album can be best described as a Godflesh meets Coil hybrid, full of droning guitars, reverb/dub style live drums, pitchshifted harsh vocals, and gritty production. Later Scorn releases would be more in the minimalistic industrial/dub vein where Mick Harris would be the only member in the group, whereas Nik would disappear from the music scene in 1994 after the release of the ...
  • Dave's True Story - Spasm Guitarist/composer Dave Cantor writes the songs, Kelly Flint sings them, Jeff Eyrich plays bass, and Rich Zukor plays drums - the result is a unique blend of Jazzy Pop. Videotaped at THE LIVING ROOM by Anthony Pepitone. http
  • RCT3 - Spasm - B&M Invert - POV WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY!!! I believe this is my best work to date. Camera wise, editing wise, and coaster wise. This is a B&M invert, and like I said, my best to date. I enjoyed every minute of this project and I will put this ride up for download, and most likely a HD video download. I don't think Youtube does it justice. To see more of this ride visit the thread on Atari:
  • Tool & Melvins - Spasm Tool no Indio, California 10-10-1999 com King buzzo dos Melvins a tocarem Spasm dos Peach a banda onde Justin Chancellor tocou antes de ir para os Tool. Tool @Indio, California 10-10-1999 with King buzzo from the Melvins playing spasm by Peach the band that Justin Chancellor was before he went to Tool. Letras/Lyrics: (Estas sao as letras originais mas os tool nao cantam igual). (This is the original lyrics but tool don´t sing the same way). My mind, out of my mind, In my mind's eye. You've got mirrors in front of your eyes, You can't see truth for self-obsession, Compromise, why don't you live your life, Are you so scared you'll be forgotten? As you stare into the sun, Are you scared you'll be forgotten? As you stare into the water. In time you will arrive with a clear mind, You'll be sure you're not afraid of a freefall. Words can't say all the things that you feel, No faith that they'll outlive you anyway, Down and out but no one's writing a book, Altruistic or just trying to shine bright? Are you scared you'll be forgotten? As you stare into the sun, As you stare into the water.
  • Sleep Disorder in Baby? Spasm? Rls? Leg Cramps, Can't sleep UPDATE: He has since seen many, MANY doctors, all of which are very intrigued by his symptoms but all of them have been stumped by his condition. We are sent from specialist to specialist, We are told there is clearly something going on, he is now 2 1/2 and was diagnosed with RLS (restless leg syndrome... youngest in the world apparently) and started on medications for it. They appear to do nothing at all, so the doctor isnt sure if its the right diagnosis. A Pediatric Neurologist started him on a low dose muscle relaxer at night only and suddenly he is a different kid at night (stil a late night child but once asleep he will stay asleep) he is the same in the day but we can deal with the non-stop moving during awake hours. He is generally happy but has a lot of frustration from speech His speech is delayed he only has about 10 words to date, doctors believe it may be related to the movement disorder (still undiagnosed) we are currently working on it and seeing some improvement This is typical how he is when he wakes in the middle of the night, he is alseep if you look at him but clearly in pain. We massage his legs or use pressure seems to help slightly, on bad nights it doesnt help at all. We have tried Tylenol/Motrin at bedtime and there is no difference. My son is 8 months old now, and has been a terrible sleeper since he was born, seemed very uncomfortable in his own body, he was hospitalized when he was a few weeks old and they figured out he had GERD reflux which ...
  • Michael Lowenstern: Spasm Michael Lowenstern performs "Spasm" at The Flea in New York City, April, 2003
  • Suns of the Tundra (formerly Peach) - Spasm (live) Now here's a vid of the Suns and a dude with a sombrero performing Spasm at Download '06. Enjoy.

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  • “alprost wrote:When exercise HURTS individuals, this is likely to be caused primarily by MECHANICAL factors due to pelvic floor muscle spasm. I may move this discussion to the Muscle Spasm forum”
    — Prostatitis - CPPS - Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS/IC) • View,

  • “Share The Spasm Button Insert the image of The Spasm into your own Webpage, Myspace page, or Blog. Directions:(Copy and Paste the HTML code from the windows below to insert the corresponding”
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  • “VACUUM SPASM BLOG Dec 2008. BLOGGER: charles s bravo. LOCATION: scottish borders. BAND: VACUUM SPASM BLOG May 08. April (6) KONO MICHI BLOG April 2008. THE”

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  • “muscle spasm medicine, while the expansion has rapidly to be additionally used, previous census others want grown architect to the confidence in patients where”
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  • “Most comprehensive music blog aggregator - search and browse hundreds of thousands of music posts and music videos shirts | blog | facebook | twitter | likio | help | forum. Blog: lower end spasm”
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  • “Spasms can be very uncomfortable especially because they come when least expected and tend to last for days together. A spasm is not restricted to any one area”
    Spasm - What is a Muscle Spasm? - How To Treat A Spasm, natural-

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