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  • The best amplifier, receiver and CD player won't do you much good, if you don't have good speakers. Speakers are the final step in the stereo process -- the key component that turns electronic data into sound. — “HowStuffWorks "How Speakers Work"”,
  • Speakers for the best prices, guaranteed! $2.95 shipping and product reviews on all Speaker Systems, In Wall/In Ceiling Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, & Indoor/Outdoor products. — “Speakers | : Speaker Systems, In Wall/In Ceiling”,
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  • Buy Bmw speakers from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Check out bizrate for great deals on Car Speakers from Kenwood, Lanzar and Pioneer. — “Bmw speakers Car Speakers at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • Car stereo, home theater, and audio/video shopping. Information on how to buy, understand, and install your components. Speaker System Recommender. A/V Design Group Help. TV Fit Finder. See Weekly Specials & Features. MP3 & Portables. iPods & Portables. — “Crutchfield”,
  • A passionate audiophile might spend well into five figures for speakers, but you don't have to pay a fortune for decent sound. In order to keep a system balanced, buy left and right speakers in pairs rather than individually. — “Speakers from Consumer Reports”,
  • Compare Speakers at mySimon. Find most popular products, and brands, or narrow the selection of products to find what your looking for. — “Speakers at mySimon - Find and Compare Top Speakers Products”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Speakers. Compare prices on Speakers. Find Speakers deals and save. Read reviews and buy Speakers from a wide variety of online merchants. — “Speakers: Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online @ Yahoo! Shopping”,
  • A loudspeaker (or "speaker") is an electroacoustic transducer that converts an electrical signal into sound. The speaker moves in accordance with the variations of an electrical signal and causes sound waves to propagate through a medium such as air or water. — “Loudspeaker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn about different speaker systems that are available. I've been a stereophile subscriber for years and although all speakers sound different there is a set of speakers for any budget and any style. Check out some of hte links below. — “Speakers”,
  • Get high-quality sound in every room. From wireless speakers to iPod and MP3 player docking stations, outdoor speakers to bookshelf models, at you'll find the perfect speakers for listening to music, watching movies and more. — “Speakers: Wireless, Outdoor & Bookshelf Speakers - Best Buy”,
  • Speakers - 6,151 results like the BOSE VCS-30 center/surround speaker Package, Acoustic Research Audiovox AW850 Wall Lantern and Wireless Speaker, Dell AY511 Soundbar With Virtual Surround, Klipsch RF83 Floorstanding Speaker - Black, Yamaha YSP. — “Speakers - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price”,
  • Online shopping for Speakers from a great selection of Home Audio & Theater & more at everyday low prices. — “: Speakers”,
  • Manufacturers of ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, cabinet, and outdoor audio speaker systems. — “Pro Acoustics Speakers”,
  • Shop for Speakers iPods + Audio Electronics Products and Promotions at Target. Find Speakers iPods + Audio Electronics Products and Promotions such as Speakers. — “Speakers : iPods + Audio : Electronics : Target”,
  • Bose stereo speakers incorporate decades of innovation, so you may experience better sound from your stereo and home theater components. Choose from our best home speakers, including home theater, computer, outdoor and stereo speakers. Plus. — “Bose Speakers and Speaker System Component Packages”,
  • Learn about and find speakers and the subwoofer you've been looking for. Use eBay's Speakers and Subwoofers Buying Guide today!. — “eBay Guides - Speakers & Subwoofers Buying Guide”,
  • Find the Speaker or Entertainer you need for your next event at Speakers Online. — “Speakers On-line”,
  • Abt Electronics carries a full range of in ceiling,wireless, outdoor, home audio and home theater surround sound speakers. — “Speakers - Soundbars, Bookshelf, Subwoofers, Outdoor, In-Wall”,
  • Shop online for SONY Speakers. Compare prices on Speakers from stores all over the web, find sale items and more at Pronto Tech. — “SONY Speakers - Pronto Tech”,

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  • Logitech X-540 Surround Sound Speakers Visit tiger.tv for amazing surround sound for your PC! Immerse yourself in the game with the outstanding surround sound of Logitech's X-540 speaker system. Dual driver satellites use patented FDD2™ technology to eliminate the uneven response created by conventional dual driver designs. Matrix mode creates 5.1 surround sound from 2- channel sources. The innovative center channel speaker clips onto the top of most flat-panel LCD monitors. The ported subwoofer features dynamic, real-time equalization that maximizes bass while minimizing distortion. The X-540 also features a convenient control pod with volume and subwoofer level controls, as well as a headphone jack for private listening. Satellite stands rotate for easy wall mounting.
  • Making a Hard Drive Speaker I thought hard disk speakers looked cool so I've made one. the hdd which I've used is an old Seagate (631mb capacity - yeah.. Really old.) Don't do this with new/good hdd's because once you open that drive's case, you can't expect to use it as a storage drive anymore. "hard disk speakers" are nothing more than eye candy. they sound pretty crap and you need an amplifier to work it. they're quite easy to make though.. - if you have a dead hdd lying around, might as well play around with it =D
  • ridiculous 24 true bass 10 inch speakers in a Dodge Caravan slamminn n jamminn 2008 car show bass contest raggedy van won the the loudest of the loud.Check out my Cars at
  • Car Speakers Part 1: Coaxial vs. Component Speakers Get yours!: In part 1 of our car speaker informational series, we discuss and review some of the differences between coaxial speakers and component systems. Using the Kicker KS650 coaxial speakers and the Precision Power 356cs component speakers as an example, we give you a closer look at these car audio speakers. Hopefully this will help in learning more about car speakers, as well as choosing your next set of car speakers. Main page:
  • Barcelona Exopolitics Summit Speakers Panel, moderated by Project Camelot, 23 July 2009 - Part 2/2 Barcelona Exopolitics Summit Speakers Panel, moderated by Project Camelot, 23 July 2009 - Part 2/2 Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot introduce and moderate a wide-ranging discussion at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit between many of the conference speakers: from left to right round the table, Paola Harris, Brian O'Leary, Bob Dean, Stephen Bassett, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Nick Pope and Robert Fleischer. This was the very first event at the Barcelona conference - preceding all else that followed. Project Camelot's invitation to Barcelona was specifically to moderate this panel. Steven Greer was also invited to this discussion, but declined to participate. To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at [email protected]
  • [How It's Made] Building a Speaker A simple movie from the Discovery Channel's show titled "How It's Made". This clip reviews the manufacturing process for a speaker. See www.soundground.ca for more good speaker information.
  • 777 Boeing AA Takeoff take off- SPEAKERS ON MAX - LAX to LHR - THE BEST A 1st Class video all the way. Listen to the Trent's rev up (SPEAKERS ON MAX!) as we taxi, hold, take off and then spool down and commence the powerful and long LOOP4 SIDS turn towards London from Los Angeles on a beautiful day. You can see LAX, the beach - Playa Del Rey (no smog!), the turn into the sun over the (few) clouds back over Hermosa Beach and then LA County as we go from west to east towards the Great Lakes and then Greenland and finally to Scotland then England. If you watch carefully during take off, you can see the "AirBUST" A380 aka Flying Junker (Qantas) parked at the satellite terminal because it cannot park at the main terminal. This is one of the best films of a 777 take off. You only get sound (AWESOME ENGINE SOUND) and a view like this from "The Bridge" - that is seat 4J - FIRST CLASS. Also, I dont show you my feet or make you dizzy like other vid's. As we climb, you can hear the Pursar making her announcements as we pass the beach and turn away from the sun and head towards "Blighty". I tried to hold the camera perfectly still for your benefit, but the power was just too much. Still an excellent video. After 10 minutes I started to become tired. So I turned off the camera, pressed recline (to bed position) and took a snooze for a while before my first (of many) scotch and soda's. Please enjoy and post your comments.
  • Macworld Conference Community and Speaker Care Kit - I'm speaking at this year's Macworld in a few days. Conference coordinators saw it fit to give all speakers this care package, which I thought I'd unpack on video for posterity. Don't be too jealous - I'm giving some of this stuff away to you geeks!
  • How to set an active speaker( speaker with a built in amp) in this video i show you how to set your active speaker/ system. Remember to turn the mixer on first , then any fx, eq, then the speaker. To turn off, turn vol down on active speaker and switch off, then switch off fx's ect then mixer. Some active speakers will have a light and as this flashes it is showing you have a signal, as this light gets brighter the signal is getting stronger, and if the light is on all the time this indecates that the speaker is at it's maximum power . speaker used is the KAM Soundforce12A
  • How to Break Glass with your Speakers In this episode of household hacker, we show you how to shatter a simple wine glass using your normal, everyday speakers. You will need some audio editing software, a wine glass, and some time. Besides that, check us out online at . Music by reasoner:
  • XMI X-Mini Max II Portable Speakers Review If you need a pair of portable speakers that really pack a punch, you need to check out the XMI X-Mini Max II. Manufacturer website: www.x- Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: Or on the website:
  • Rev Up Your Vintage Speakers, Econowave Style How to add high quality treble to your old vintage speakers with the Zilch designed DIY crossover kit.
  • LG Portable Stereo Speakers Review Follow me on Twitter: My Website... SwagBucks!... http Check out Accessory Geeks: This is a review of the "LG Portable Stereo Speakers". The speakers work with most audio devices like iPod and iPhone. For a full written review head over to http Where to get yours...
  • Barcelona Exopolitics Summit Speakers Panel, moderated by Project Camelot, 23 July 2009 - Part 1/2 Barcelona Exopolitics Summit Speakers Panel, moderated by Project Camelot, 23 July 2009 - Part 1/2 Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot introduce and moderate a wide-ranging discussion at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit between many of the conference speakers: from left to right round the table, Paola Harris, Brian O'Leary, Bob Dean, Stephen Bassett, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Nick Pope and Robert Fleischer. This was the very first event at the Barcelona conference - preceding all else that followed. Project Camelot's invitation to Barcelona was specifically to moderate this panel. Steven Greer was also invited to this discussion, but declined to participate. To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at [email protected]
  • Behringer MS40 Monitor Speakers I little look at some cheaper (but good) monitor speakers. Its the Behringer MS40
  • MythBusters - Homemade Hi-Def Speakers New episodes return Wednesday, Oct. 7th @ 9pm E/P on Discovery! Check out exclusive footage straight from the MythBusters' own video cameras: Can you really make hi-def speakers from paper plates and foil like the YT videos suggest? Watch the original YouTube video here: Connect with us on Facebook:
  • Soulja Boy - Speakers Going Hammer [HD] REQUEST THIS SONG ON YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATOIN ASAP!!!!! #SpeakersGoingHammer The DeAndre Way in stores November 30, 2010 - Buy "The DeAndre Way" album here! t.co - Buy The DeAndre Way [Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Combo] here! t.co
  • Improved Hard-Drive Speakers An attempt to improve upon the idea of using hard-drives as speakers. If you don't know what a hard-drive speaker is, you can find out more from ( ), but the short version is that the arm of the drive is re-wired to vibrate like a miniture speaker. All sound you hear in this video is coming from the hard-drive, not a "real" speaker. The songs are, in the order played, Level Up by Zealous One, The Moon and the Prince from Katamari Damacy, and Mario Takes a Walk by Jesse Cook.
  • Backlit Keyboard & Speakers on the New Aluminum Macbook Website: www.jon4 Follow me on Twitter Inside My Mind:
  • Keller Williams - "Freaker By The Speaker After performing to a packed audience at New York City's Irving Plaza in the fall of 2003, and ending the show at 4:00AM, Keller got a bite to eat and headed over to Hard Rock Café to shoot some performances and interviews to a closed set at 6:00AM (Thanks Keller!) Keller showcases his fan-favorite, "Freaker By The Speaker." Check out more Keller Williams videos here: intheband.tv
  • M-Audio BX5a Deluxe Active Speakers New active 5inch studio monitors evaluated by
  • Buff1 - Beat The Speakers Up Buff1's debut video and first single from his sophomore solo album "There's Only One", dropping Fall 2008. Directed by David Lehre Produced by Vaughan T. of The Lab Techs
  • Chill Pill Mobile Speakers , Thanks for introoduuceing me to the Chill Pill. Heres the link for more info guys: These little tiny speakers are so Fab, I'm ordering myself another set for Amys Dell PC set up. She loves mine.
  • Car Audio : How to Install Car Speakers Yourself When installing car speakers, you should look at your mounting points and remove any electrical connections before taking out the factory speakers. Learn about mounting new car speakers with help from a car audio specialist in this free video on installing car speakers. Expert: Josh Barber Bio: Josh Barber is the owner of Top Tints, which has been in business for over four years. Filmmaker: Nathan Moffett
  • Days Difference - Speakers w/lyrics Speakers by Days Difference Buy Their Album on Itunes or get at / Go! Go Now! xoxo /daysdifference
  • Weekend Project: Styrofoam Plate Speaker Make a decent sounding speaker from a disposable styrofoam plate. EZ and cheap project with surprising results!
  • Days Difference - Speakers Music video by Days Difference performing Speakers. (C) 2010 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • How to Create a High-Def speaker for under a buck. A big thank you to everyone who voted to get the Mythbusters to have Household Hacker on their show! Their "video response" was the best one we have received yet, and we even got some nifty Mythbuster T-shirts! Hooray! We would like to thank you guys for checking out our stuff and we've come along way in a little over than a year on this site. Be sure to check out some of our more recent videos which you may find are slightly more helpful! Shirts Website: Live + Chat www.ustream.tv *This is a parody video for fun. Hope you enjoy!*Disclaimer: As with this experiment and all other HouseHold Hacker videos. We cannot be held responsible for damage or mistakes made if attempting the experiments. These projects are for demonstration purposes only and should not be attempted at home.
  • 15 Speakers compared Celestion vs EV vs Eminence vs JBL vs Jensen vs Tone Tubby This is a comparison for ear education. We compare a Celestion Vintage 30, G12-H30, K100, M70, Seventy 80, Gold Tone, Greenback, G12T-75, Jensen Alnico 12, JBL M222, EVM12L, Tone Tubby 40/40, Tone Tubby San Rafael 25, Eminence Tonker and Eminence Swamp Thang. All speakers were used with a Rivera Venus 6 and Gibson Les Paul.
  • Woofer Speaker Installation Tips : Woofer Speaker Loading Load a woofer speaker box with eve clamping distribution. Learn how to load a woofer speaker box with tips from a car stereo specialist in this free video on woofer installation. Expert: Larry Lundy Bio: Larry Lundy is the general manager of Cartunz motor sports chain located in western Washington. Filmmaker: randy primm
  • Plasma Speaker / Singing Arc - Early Modulated Prototype Please watch my other videos of this... Here is an early crude prototype of a powerful plasma arc speaker / tweeter. This has now been superseeded by an efficient microcontroller based system. Supply voltage in this design is 50V DC - HV output is approx 60KV - Be sure to subscribe, to receive future video updates on this project & others :)
  • Soulra - Solar Power iPhone Speaker Review & Giveaway Buy it: bit.ly or bit.ly The Soulra is a solar powered and rechargeable speaker dock for the iPhone and iPod. How to enter the giveaway: 1. Subscribe on YouTube - 2. Follow me on Twitter - 3. Click this link and update your Twitter status - bit.ly 4. Leave a comment on this video with your Twitter username. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on December 2nd! It doesn't matter your location or age, anyone can enter. Subscribe to my other channels: The songs in this video are "Don't Unplug Me" by ALL CAPS and "I Hate Mario Kart Wii" by "Alex Day" used with permission of where you can buy the CD!
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone Corn starch is a shear thickening non-Newtonian fluid meaning that it becomes more viscous when it is disturbed. When it's hit repeatedly by something like a speaker cone it forms weird tendrils. The video was shot at 30 fps and the speaker cone was vibrating at 30 Hz which is why there is no blur. This is the original video with the actual sound of the speaker.
  • Keynote Speaker: Terry Fator - Presented by SPEAK Inc. Terry Fator, World Class Impersonator, Comedian, Singer and Ventriloquist, is a seasoned professional, who entertains all over the Country. He was named one of the top 5 "Male Entertainers of the Year" for 2006 by American Entertainment Magazine. Terry has a unique talent of making his main character Walter T. Airdale sing like national Country stars including Neal McCoy, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Sr., and Tim McGraw to name a few. One of his characters is the "World's Worst Elvis Impersonator" who never can remember the words to his own songs, but can actually sing "Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks and he sounds exactly like him. In addition to being a Master Ventriloquist and making his puppets do singing impressions without moving his lips, Terry also has an amazing singing voice which includes over 30 singing impersonations like: Roy Orbison, Elton John, Bee Gees, Elvis, Richard Marx, Tracey Chapman, Louie Armstrong, and even Kermit the Frog, plus the infamous Michael Jackson complete with all of the dance moves. His show always involves audience participation and the highlight of his performance is when he turns a male audience member into Cher and then sings a duet as Sonny and Cher, which will have your audience rolling in the aisles. Having performed for over 15 years, Terry has shared the stage with top performers like Reba McEntire, The Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Neal McCoy, and Styx plus has performed for some of the largest Corporations ...
  • David Banner - Speaker ft. Akon, Snoop Dogg, & Lil Wayne New David Banner video featuring Akon, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg David Banner new album, The Greatest Story Ever Told.
  • How To Install Car Speakers w/ Passive CrossOvers Mid Drivers & Tweeters - Stereo System Tutorial Please Rate :) Hello Everyone! Just a little video showing how to install passive crossovers in your current car stereo system, amps or, no amps :) Enjoy the music? Subscribe For More Info On This Original Music! Step 1: Purchase Speaker Components Set - Boston Acoustic Pro60 SE - *As Shown* Step 2: Remove Door Panels Step 3: Remove Stock Speakers Step 4: Find CrossOver Mounting Location Step 5: Run Input Wire From HeadUnit, or Amplifier To Cross Over. Step 6: Run Mid Driver Wiring To CrossOver Step 7: Run Tweeter Wires To CrossOver Step 8: Connect Respective Speakers Accordingly Step 9: Attach Door Panels Step 10: JAM OUT! EXO~
  • Fs3 Sub Speaker best Excursion Prototypes Checkout our New Video for Information ***Fs3 Technology now Available**** Stay tuned for Promising Audio Manufactures///////
  • Advise on what Speakers to get. PA, DJ, BAND, ACT Advise on what Speakers to get kit used in video was KAM KXR2000 POWER AMP, KXD50 CROSSOVER, VORTEX 15 SPEAKER, Intimidation PI-110 none powerd 10" speaker, GEMINI GX-1001 Powerd speaker and small Pearl-5 powerd moniotor --------------------------------- Nothing in this tutorial is provided as legal advice. It is provided for information purposes only
  • The Moon - Blow the Speakers
  • EBSEntrepreneur: EVENT VIDEO: For those who missed our Take-Off Tuesday Event here is the edited video with our executive speakers... http://fb.me/vNEvwT43
  • im__soAMAZING: iLove the Speakers Goin Hammer by @DudeimKChamp Shouts out to all the pancake eaters lmao http://bit.ly/l2Jqom
  • beatmafiaFIRE: I wanna figure out the dubstep wobble technique right now...but my ears are ringing from them loud ass speakers at the club
  • PlasticSpoon_: My speakers get far too excited when I'm about to plug in the cable - static attack ! #warning !
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  • Yasmineiam: Listen to 60 speakers in 60 seconds each as they predict "The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media" - http://bit.ly/flnQks #IslamNewMedia
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  • johnco: @stoop_uk I have a Meridian 101 and a Quad 303. They're to be rebuilt and plugged into the system upstairs. It may be time for new speakers.
  • articlepure: New post: The Things That Make Great Motivational Keynote S http:///the-things-that-make-great-motivational-keynote-speakers/
  • mobolaji5081: I want to follow some motivational speakers! Any suggestion
  • isosinsir: Its kinda easy when you listen to the G'd up sound/Pioneer speakers bumpin as I smoke on the pound #1994
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  • ECBCC: want to enrich your knowledge? Come to ECBCC May 30 & listen to our influential creative yet educating speakers. visit our FB page too :)
  • Dr_Seducer: @dineoranaka . enjoyin the ALCATEL1 touch i won on yo drive show. bt i wasnt given its speakers
  • imatak522: @ami_oxox Are oral communication classes conducted by native speakers or by Japanese teachers of Englihs?
  • cullend: Sometimes I really wish I could go back to my old house, in my old room, sit at my old desk, with my old computer, monitors and speakers.
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  • YHPO: First community meetup and #TEDxDarwin speakers shared the main points of their talk at the Ski Club.
  • HotelierIndia: AHIC speakers split on outlook: Campbell Gray says sector 'very negative', Worsley says it's 'bullish' http://bit.ly/mwonDJ
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  • archiecoates: RT @stpeters_church: 2 different speakers today. @stevetennantyes at the Ten on "Do what you can do", and non-tweeter Hannah Gardner-Cripps at the Six on "Worry"
  • TheMeltDownKid: No wonder my speakers are going crazy! My phone is searching..AGAIN! -.-
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  • DouglassAcklen4: China has more English speakers than the United States.
  • stpeters_church: 2 different speakers today. @stevetennantyes at the Ten on "Do what you can do", and non-tweeter Hannah Gardner-Cripps at the Six on "Worry"
  • RegiDiamond: #thatminiheartattack when your speakers are on full blast and you play music ..#holycrap
  • billyblessie: @blakeshelton hammered #youcankissmycountryass cranking out of the speakers!!
  • moxey25: The speakers were epic! They have changed me. Such an affect, life is great!! No one can pull me down!
  • trabajolondres: German or Spanish Speakers Required ... http://el32.com/aju8m
  • misskushington: lmaooo..sabrinaa sed her ears wer ringin .. .wen she came home because the speakers was bout to bust her ear her ear drum ..#weak !!!!
  • LADiiFREAKK: ahh i cant hear lmao my ears are ringing from dancing right bye the speakers lol.
  • 01iveyou: Lol, the pap van with speakers are distracting me. I went to window to see the van and realized I have better things to do haha
  • _bawsee: loved through speakers, hated socially.
  • anthonypants: one of my speakers appears to be dead :(
  • jcmerch: New Samsung HTS 2.1CH SPEAKERS BLU-RAY HT-BD7200/XAA http://t.co/s122RGa via @AddThis
  • jcmerch: New Samsung HTS 2.1CH SPEAKERS BLU-RAY HT-BD7200/XAA #YARDSELLR http:///RQqw
  • HappyLaune: Please stop parking your weird car with its weird annoying speakers near our house.
  • JackiePowah: RT @ThatJasmineSlut: #bieberfact justin's last blackberry phone broke because cum got caught in the speakers.
  • SmilesNick: And this link has a nice PDF to make toys out of trash http://bit.ly/iXIn2e
  • MEE_not_you: @dexicore Hahaha! yay! =D I like this. I'll stick it to one of the drawings of the speakers. =D
  • BnessYesMEness: #thatminiheartattack when you're shocked out of a good ass sleep by your girlfriend blaring doo doo brown through loud speakers at 3am
  • videosmkting: New Blog Post: Myron Golden Public Speakers Training http://videosmarketing.tv/myron-golden-public-speakers-training

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