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  • Specific Disease. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Specific Disease. Special Diets for Specific Diseases, Age-Specific Incidence of Alzheimer's Disease, Ground Flaxseed Nutritional F. — “Specific Disease | ”,
  • Definition of specific from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of specific. Pronunciation of specific. Definition of the word specific. Origin of the word specific. — “specific - Definition of specific at ”,
  • Strength training is crucial for improved sports performance but it must consist of more than just lifting weights. Every athlete can benefit from a sport-specific strength training program. — “Strength Training Articles for All Levels of Performance”, sport-fitness-
  • These are generally referred to as culture specific diseases or culture bound syndromes. Kuru is a fatal culture specific disease of the brain and nervous system that was found among the South Foré. — “Medical Anthropology: Culture Specific Diseases”, anthro.palomar.edu
  • Specific music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Specific on Yahoo! Music. — “Specific on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Site Specific Design Build Restoration is a Design Build Firm, General Contractor and a Construction Management Company based in Providence, RI. Site Specific works with LEED professionals, architects and designers seamlessly with a focus on sustainable and green building materials. — “SiteSpecific, Providence, RI”,
  • specific adj. Explicitly set forth; definite. See synonyms at explicit . Relating to, characterizing, or distinguishing a species. — “specific: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of specific in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is specific? Meaning of specific as a legal term. What does specific mean in law?. — “specific legal definition of specific. specific synonyms by”, legal-
  • Specific gravity (which is directly proportional to urine osmolality which measures Any urine having a specific gravity over 1.035 is either contaminated, contains very high. — “Urinalysis”, library.med.utah.edu
  • specific gravity ratio of the weight of a given volume of a substance to the weight of an equal volume of some reference substance, or,. — “specific gravity Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of specific in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of specific. Pronunciation of specific. Translations of specific. specific synonyms, specific antonyms. Information about specific in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “specific - definition of specific by the Free Online”,
  • Specific Media provides advertisers, marketers, and agencies with multiple distribution channels to reach consumers on the Web. — “Client Login - Specific Media”,
  • Fail and Epic Fail Pictures and Videos in one blog. For all those precious fail moments, whip out your camera and see your epic fail picture and videos here. — “oddly specific - Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures”,
  • : specific Pyle - PLCMCAMRY; Toyota Camry Vehicle Specific Infrared Rear View Backup Camera by Pyle. Buy new: $71.99 $36.00. 8 new from $36.00. Get it by Tuesday, Sept. 7 if you order in the next 20 hours and choose one-day shipping. Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. — “: specific”,
  • "rules with specific application"; "demands specific to the job"; "a specific and detailed "specific characters" 6. (adj) specific. being or affecting a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition; used also of stains or dyes used in making microscope slides "quinine is highly specific. — “What does specific mean?”,
  • We found 40 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word specific: specific: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] specific: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of specific - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Specific Mechanical is recognized as a world leader in the craft brewing industry. Whether it's brewhouse equipment, fermenters, bright tanks or complete brewery systems, we put our reputation on every piece of equipment we fabricate, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. — “Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd”,
  • How to Be Specific. "Say what you mean and mean what you say." In any form of communication, whether written, visual or auditory, the ability to get one's point across effectively is paramount. All too often,. — “How to Be Specific | ”,
  • (physics) a value divided by mass (e.g. specific orbital energy) (physics) similarly referring to a value divided by any measure which acts to standardize it (e.g. thrust specific fuel consumption, referring to fuel consumption divided by thrust). — “specific - Wiktionary”,
  • Some experts argue that as many as 10 percent of two-year-olds may have a specific language impairment, but by age three or four, that percentage drops considerably, presumably because some difficulties resolve themselves. The incidence in the general population is estimated at about 1 percent. — “Specific Language Impairment - symptoms, meaning, Definition”,
  • Specific jurisdiction over an out-of-state party, specific to cases that have a substantial connection to the party's in-state activity. Order of specific performance, court order to perform a specific act. Economics, finance, and accounting. — “Specific - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Specific definition, having a special application, bearing, or reference; specifying, explicit, or definite: See more. — “Specific | Define Specific at ”,
  • a : restricted to a particular individual, situation, relation, or effect b : exerting a distinctive influence (as on a body part or a disease) 3 : free from ambiguity : accurate 4 :. — “Specific - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Pronunciation - several sounds/words - English Meeting ESL Lesson This is the pronunciation video that accompanies the Shoutcast 2 English Meeting video lesson. A focused pronunciation lesson for North American English by EnglishMeeting with Dave Sconda. Pronunciation can be fun to learn and with consistent practice, you can be speaking much more clearly. A clear speaker of English has more opportunities and feels confident in life. Have fun practicing! Dave
  • limiting google results and get only specific file type result limiting google results and get only specific file type result live demonstration
  • Amazing Hidden Animations! Like me on Facebook: The illusion of movement with a record player. Watch as hidden animations come alive by using a specific frame rate and shutter speeds of a camera and RPM of a record player. To me this is one of the ultimate illusions. Definition of Illusion: something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. I used a Numark turntable set to 45 RPM and the camera was set to 24 FPS. The shutter speed was set to around 840. With that combination of settings a 30 frame animation would appear to stand still. I used the slider to increase / descrease rpms which caused the images to move foward or backward. The sequence of the guy jumping on the blocks was the most difficult but turned out the best, in my opinion. The images of the guy jumping is me. I recorded myself jumping in the living room then took 30 frames from that footage and traced the images in photoshop and filled with black. Then printed out the 30 images and cut each one out. I used 30 wooden blocks and glued them to a piece of construction paper then taped the images of the jumping guy to the clear sheet and aligned them with the blocks. I also love the pac-man animation. It's so simple but just has such a cool feel to see the mouth opening and closing.
  • Ace Combat Zero - Mission "Zero" Music **THIS SPECIFIC SONG IS READY FOR INSTANT SHARING!!!** Music Name: Zero (Mission 18) **I do not offer Ace Combat X help. I do have Ace Combat 6 hard files ready to share, though.** **If you have requests for any more songs from Ace Combat 4 to Ace Combat 6, I am glad to record them and upload them to Youtube in crystal clear quality. Just leave a message in my INBOX, not here.** Music featured on the last mission (not gauntlet.) There is a cutoff at the end because the song goes on forever in the game. EDIT 1: 10000 Views, wow! Didn't think that'd it get there. Im acutally not posting video game OST's on Youtube, nor accepting requests for them. Until I get equipment to record gameplay, this account is pretty much to rate comment and view crap. EDIT 2: This video has finally hit 100000 views. Thanks guys for the support! Remember to hit suscribe and if you want this song just message me! 11/14/09 This is to increase Search Ranking. Please disregard! Evolution of Dance =) Composed by Keiki Kobayashi (小林啓樹). I think it's obvious that this guy is nice with the beats. He and AC6 sound director, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, each did songs which added up to being about 90% of the music to Ace Combat Zero. The soundtrack is rumored to be almost as big as Ace Combat 5 and will be out on 11/22/07 under King Records. If this song is any indication along with the graphics, this game is gonna be no joke... Invasion of My Butt. Ace Combat 0 Ace Combat 6 Ace Combat 35345349. F16. Music ...
  • Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion and Vaporization Specifict heat and phase changes: Calculating how much heat is needed to convert 200g of ice at -10C to 110 degree steam.
  • Specific Immunity, Antibodies
  • HER biggest - walk on specific clouds - 21.01.2010 www.herbiggest.at
  • Clarity & Purpose By Anthony Robbins A quick video by Tony Robbins with a topic on Clarity and Purpose. This video very motivational and inspiring. I am using the information and material presented to enhance my own goals and plans. I am very positive it will ehlp you also. I just wanted to share the information with you all. You may use this video and info to set specific goals and plans to do whatever you want to do.
  • Can PQASSO be adapted to cover our specific needs?
  • Stephan Koplowitz: TaskForce UK Chapter 9 (site-specific dance) Stephan Koplowitz: TaskForce UK "Liquid Landscapes" Chapter 9 Director/Choreographer/Producer: Stephan Koplowitz Videographer: Gorav Kalyan Editor: Ki Jin Kim This is the last chapter of nine short documentary videos that chronicle the creative process and artists who made up the site-specific touring dance company Stephan Koplowitz: TaskForce during their month long residency in Plymouth, UK in June, 2009. This last chapter highlights the eight dancers in the company and a special improvisation dance concert performed at the Barbican Theater in Plymouth as part of their performances series "Liquid Landscapes". TASKFORCE: REMIXED Barbican Theatre, Plymouth Friday 26 June 2009 8.00pm Featuring performances by: TASKFORCE COMPANY Philine Janssens, Rosalind Noctor, Ezekiel Oliveira, Megan Saunders, Caitlin Smith, Kylie Sudds, Alexandria Yalj, Kevin Williamson For more information: /taskforce and
  • Sheep in the big City - In the Baa-ginning 1/3 I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PREVIEWED MATERIAL. THIS VIDEO IS UPLOADED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. IF YB AD, YOU ARE FREE TO WATCH (Youtube-Admission) Sheep decides to leave farmer Brown in pursuit of a happy life in th Big City. Little ddoes he know that from now on he is being chased by a secret military organization
  • Band Of Horses - The General Specific Easy Street Records, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, October 08, 2007. Another NWT Recording Easy Street Records hosts a record release performance by Band Of Horses celebrating the release of their second album, Cease To Begin.
  • Partial Hand Amputee Showing Off his Activity-Specific Prostheses & Passive Cosmetic Restoration Since Scott Haskins injured his hand almost two years ago in a plywood mill, he's been working his way back to a normal, active life. Several unique partial hand prosthetic options have made it a lot easier for him to do chores around the house, and to enjoy hunting and fishing again.
  • How to set SMART goals Learn how to set powerful, actionable goals for your organization.
  • Destination Non-Specific - Colin Mutchler .......... mix to got beauty ..like inspire certain feelings to great song..:) Destination Nonspecific by Colin Mutchler 1998 English with Canadian, French conversation, Mexican realization it was a peaceful slow hot day, "I like this way" I thought as I'm winding back thinking sleeping until the man with pack changes the pace form tired to relaxed italian relation, tobacco and hash destination not specific forgot the map not with it ask a man please point us to the river we crossed and back, drank a beer situate ourselves among young without fear we are here in Sevilla, amongst the spanish tios and tias de puta madre i go with the flow the flow takes me try to say no denial breaks me go with the flow the flow takes me try to say no, denial breaks me denial breaks me denial breaks my concentration to this life
  • Yoga Be My Friend - Cass Naumann gives an introduction to yoga. Cass is a singer, songwriter, model and actress. Cass has years of experience as a fitness instructor teaching yoga, kick boxing, pilates. In this video Cass talks about the benefits of yoga and yoga medication. You can visit Cass' website at This video was produced by psychetruth
  • The General Specific - Band of Horses Off of their album, Cease to Begin. I didn't write, perform or record this and I own no rights.
  • Band of Horses - The General Specific LIVE (Manchester Academy 1 Feb 2011) Footage from Band of Horses show in Manchester at the Manchester Academy. The General Specific Tuesday 1st February 2011
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns Video Discussion (Preview coverage, Specific Levels, and much more!) The GameXplain crew is trying something new this week. A video podcast dedicated only to Donkey Kong Country returns! We discuss how well Retro handled the series' reigns, if the game's better than previous Donkey Kong Countries, how the co-op stacks up to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and much, much more.
  • NBC 9/11/01 - 2nd Plane Collides PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: 1. I no longer have these videos saved for personal download, sorry. 2. I have posted these videos as a testament to the events of 9-11-01. I understand that people have differing opinions as to government involvment, etc. I personally read all the posts to my videos. I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE HATEFUL/DISCRIMINATORY posts. Such postings will be deleted. 3. Posts of advertisements will be deleted and the user will be blocked. 4. Discussion is one thing. Arguing is another. If you want to argue your opinion, use a chat room. Not my videos. Watch my videos and remember, thousands of people died that day. There is no reason to spit on their graves. If such conduct continues I will remove the feature to allow posting to my videos.
  • Specific - Tell Me [HQ] Bought this awsome tune from mp3 Feel free to do the same to support Specific! Enjoy!
  • Paul Ryan talks taxes & spending with MSNBC's Chris Matthews $4.8 trillion in specific spending cuts in the House Republicans' Budget Alternative: www.house.gov $1.3 trillion in specific spending cuts offered by House Budget Committee Republicans: www.house.gov A plan to pay off our crushing burden of debt, reform our tax code to promote growth and job creation, and reform our entitlement programs to save these programs: Democrats' plans to get a grip on the explosion of government spending, balance the budget (or simply offer a budget), promote economic growth and private sector job creation: ???
  • Taleb Says Focus on Specific Trades in Selloff Misguided May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Nassim Taleb, a professor at New York University and author of "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable," talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker about the May 6 stock market selloff and his investment strategy. Taleb also discusses the drivers for the financial crisis, the US economy and the performance of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • 24 Simplified Tai Chi (back view) Demonstration Wu Amin (back view)
  • My Princess This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Golden Girls (S3) - "Letter to Gorbachev" pt.2/3 part two
  • Runners specific warm up/workout A runners specific dynamic warm up and workout routine brought to you by McFarland Training.
  • The First Official Interactive Unboxing Of The Nokia N8 -- Brenda Brenda Unboxing the Blue Nokia N8
  • indirect taxation a look at how unit, specific and ad valorem taxation affects price and quantity and why the relative elasticities of demand and supply impact the distribution of the incidence of the tax
  • The General by Dispatch with lyrics & all sounds Disclaimer: All music was used with permission from its publishers. Song: The General by Dispatch. Rate it even if you hate it! Album is Bang Bang Lyrics: There was a decorated General with a heart of gold That likened him to all the stories he told Of past battles won and lost and legends of old A seasoned veteran in his own time On the battlefield he gained respectable fame With many metals of bravery and stripes to his name He grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face And always urged his men on But on the eve of great battle with the infantry in dream The old general tossed in his sleep and wrestled with its meaning He awoke from the night just to tell what he had seen And walked slowly out of his tent All the men held tall with their chests in the air With the courage in their blood and a fire in their stare And it was a gray morning and they all wondered how they would fare Till the old general told them to go home Chorus: He said, I have seen the others and I have discovered that this fight is not worth fighting And I've have seen their mothers and I will no other to follow me where I'm going So, take your shower, shine your shoes You got no time to lose You are young men you must be living Take your shower, shine your shoes Well, you got no time to lose You are young men you must be living Go now you are forgiven But the men stood fast with their guns on their shoulders Not knowing what to do with the contradicting orders The general said he ...
  • 124 Now EVERY-ONE can communicate interdimensionally Im going to give you some specific guidelines of how to communicate interdimensionally. For some human beings, it will be simple, quick, instantaneous; for other human beings, the process of communicating interdimensionally will be a process. Though, I suggest the steps I suggest here in this video interview to be taken by each and every single human being who would enjoy communicating with interdimensional beings to assist and support you in your individual process of stopping the mind. Understand, all interdimensional beings are one and equal and that is to stop the mind and assist you in stopping the mind and supporting you in stopping the mind. Thus, the interdimensional communication is for us to be able to assist you and support you to transcend the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions faster and quicker, so that were able to experience, manifest and express the birthing of life from the physical and manifesting Heaven as Earth, to prepare the way for children to come. The children to come might even one day be you, returning to a world -- what world would you have designed and created for yourself to experience yourself within? So, our aim is the manifestation of Oneness and Equality in all of existence, where all exists within and as Oneness and Equality of Life. Now, the steps are as follows: First, I would suggest youre alone in your room, preferably your bedroom, lie down in your bed, on your back, your arms at your side; and then, you focus on your ...
  • Word 2007: Page numbers starting from a specific page Guide to page numbers and sections in Word 2007. You want the page numbering to start on a specific page with number 1. For example, a document with one title page, a second page for the Abstract and a third page for the Table of Content (ToC). The introduction starts on the fourth page, and that is where you want numbers, starting at 1. The trick is to insert a section break. Each section can have its unique design, including its own page numbering system. By default, sections are linked to each other. This is something that we have to change. I will show you how to do that. The first step is to put the blinking cursor at the beginning of the fourth page. Then, click the Page layout TAB, select insert section and make sure it is the next page-option. By doing this, you have created two separate section, that you can work with. Then, to insert a page number in the second section, make sure you place the blinking cursor somewhere in section two. Then click the Insert Tab, select Insert page number. (In this example, I will put those numbers in the bottom, centre.) Now it is time to break the link. Because the two sections that we created are linked to each other, the page numbering is not correct at the moment. Click once on the link button, to break that link. While you are still in the second section of your document, re-format the page numbering for this section. You do that by clicking on the Insert TAB, selecting Format page numbers. Make sure it says Start with ...
  • Speed up your PC and optimize other Windows specific taks (Sysinternals) The SYSInternals system suite is a bundle of different kinds of freeware software applications that can be easily used to tweak certain aspects of your PC/Windows experience, so that you can do your daily tasks in a faster or more efficient matter. The part of the bundle which I show here is called SYSInternals Autoruns, which is an application used to switch on and off different kinds of Windows startup applications. If you used this app correctly, you can greatly speedup your system startup, and free up memory as well!
  • The Sound of Prosperity Audio CD I found a number of planetary vibratory frequencies that correspond to the energy of a particular planet. Each of these frequencies have ancient and long standing associations with the planets. The problem is, how does one generate these specific frequencies, filter them of negative effects, and record them without repetitive sampling error. The very real possibility of the planets creating physical effects is the bread and butter of astrology. They have claimed for a very long time that various parts of anatomy and even illnesses were associated with various parts of the solar system. So various specific illnesses, body parts would correspond in a sympathetic way to what was happening with the planets in our celestial environment. Many disease conditions have been treatable via herbs associated with specific astrological energies. If herbs have some form of this vibrational planetary energy in them, what would happen if we introduce this pure sound wave into the body? Enter therapeutic planetary energy. These recordings are the result of years of study. I have discovered a way to isolate the specific frequencies associated with the various planets that exist around us. I have also discovered a way to filter the planetary energies for their positive effects and record them in a smooth, pleasant manner devoid of repetitive recording noise or error. I have been using these energies for a year. Their effects are nothing short of phenomenal. Over the next few weeks, we will ...
  • Holiday Gift Guide - Shopping tips for all budgets All stores except MAC, Sephora, Body Shop, and maybe Lush ship worldwide - please see their country specific websites to find out if they ship to where you live. I cannot answer questions regarding shipping of any store mentioned. Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Smashbox palette, Lash Stash Sampler, Stila Lip Glaze Collection all from Sephora stores or: Handmade Makeup brush rolls: (Various sellers, search for "brush roll" or "cosmetic roll") Lipsmackers: Most drugstores / pharmacies in North America Body Shop Body Butters: www.thebodyshop- (they have country specific websites too) Crown Brushes: MAC Cosmetics: MAC Counters at Nordstrom or Macy's, freestanding stores, or online through country-specific websites Lush Cosmetics: NYX Cosmetics: (USA only) http Ben Nye Grande Lumiere palette: Generic makeup palettes from China: stores.ebay.ch stores.ebay.ch Brush Guard: ------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to my 2nd channel:
  • Cracked TV - 6 Oddly Specific (And Extensive) Online Collections of WTF Episode #24
  • HATE U - Mariah Carey
  • How to: Downgrade my iPod/iPhone to specific firmware In this video I am going to show you how to downgrade your firmware/ipsw. 1. Download your wanted firmware (4.0) from any site 2. Save to desktop 3. Open itunes 4. Press SHIFT and RESTORE at the same time 5. Window will open, pick your downloaded firmware (4.0) 6. Job well done. !!!SUBSCRIBE!!! When I get 100 subscribers I will put all your names in a drawing whoever wins gets something BIG!!
  • GMAN SQUAD - Initiation Many have once asked or atleast pondered the question: "How do I join the Gman Squad" So we have put together a video of one of our initiations in progress and here is a look at what it takes to become a GMAN! Special Special Speacial Thanks To STEV for playing around in the background while Xanatos talked. For the regular episodes of the Gman Squad Visit:
  • Bleach 124 2/2 [Subbed] The other day, I was watching these specific uploaded videos and wondered where it went. The original description said something like "ADD such and such TO INCREASE THE QUALITY. I DO NOT OWN BLEACH NOR DID I SUB IT" something along those lines. Where did they go??? I donwnloaded a few of his videos. Also the title of the video is EXACTLY how he titled it. Please leave an answer in the comments if you know why his videos are gone. THNX
  • tahDeetz: RT @heytammybruce: This is what I had hoped for, specific statements on the proper use of force which can be considered a Palin Doctrine. Very good. #gameon
  • _meggiesaur: ONE Specific Girl Rt @GoofyGotSwag_: Retweet! @LaVitaNEELA Smh i hate when girls put on so much cover-up , their face doesn't match the ...
  • danthebarbarian: RT @heytammybruce: This is what I had hoped for, specific statements on the proper use of force which can be considered a Palin Doctrine. Very good. #gameon
  • ultimateadora: [!] There's no specific release date of Miss A's full album yet, but we'll keep you guys updated!
  • aferg25: RT @ctvnewschannel: Results from across Canada or from a specific riding now available: http://ow.ly/4LIF1 #elxn41 #tweettheresults
  • LJZumpano: RT @heytammybruce: This is what I had hoped for, specific statements on the proper use of force which can be considered a Palin Doctrine. Very good. #gameon
  • txlatinchic: RT @heytammybruce: This is what I had hoped for, specific statements on the proper use of force which can be considered a Palin Doctrine. Very good. #gameon
  • 88REN88: @richardonlyone hahahaha yup have let u guys knw wats going on bt he said it was food bt nt specific
  • baselogic: RT @blogsoftheworldaccess: and general intellect. If (and if only once) he could research the specific detail... http://bit.ly/iGbrlT pc
  • heytammybruce: This is what I had hoped for, specific statements on the proper use of force which can be considered a Palin Doctrine. Very good. #gameon
  • tuppycarnie: RT @CTVNationalNews: Results from across Canada or from a specific riding now available: http://ow.ly/4LIAA #elxn41 #tweettheresults
  • 1ofAKindFr3ako: I'm going to Europe in June Amsterdam to specific
  • madan: @RickVanover i think domains of failure can be used for a line process specific to infrastructure rather than a BU / department.
  • Bangtrebleknitr: @Stitchpunk I taught myself by rote for each specific song. So it's all word for word, which is not how deaf ppl speak
  • HazeOnTheTrack: @one66soul LOL you gotta be specific SUN
  • StephSillery: @corythefoust more specific he said "ride the bologna pony" wayyy too far. Haha
  • ctvnews: Results from across Canada or from a specific riding now available: http://ow.ly/4LIF2 #elxn41 #tweettheresults
  • ctvnewschannel: Results from across Canada or from a specific riding now available: http://ow.ly/4LIF1 #elxn41 #tweettheresults
  • CTVNationalNews: Results from across Canada or from a specific riding now available: http://ow.ly/4LIAA #elxn41 #tweettheresults
  • FxAddicts: Our forums are moderated for all subscribers that need help and require specific questions answered. http://
  • jawh0928: @waltbabyluv83 I rlly hope u r addressing someone specific...#crazy lol!
  • mktgqueen1: Spending your days looking for Twitter followers who are interested in your specific niche. Automate the process: http://tiny.ly/UG3
  • MKTRED: RT @jonymacke: Targeting Specific Followers on Twitter... http://tiny.ly/GP3t
  • CoCoElite: @theWind_Mariah nothin specific
  • KerriYounts7628: The main Gaming category is for all Gaming related articles that do not fall into a specific subcategory below
  • NdianPersuasion: @callmeSOSA_YBFS because emotions does not have a specific time it just happens
  • PFach_Forever: @briannamusgrove lol well i gave him something to make him remember so yeah. he only follows specific ppl
  • Callieta: Oh to be specific...---> 8:00PM SERVER TIME <---
  • clemnewtonbrown: @rjmtrust agree, good to have delivered specific funding for glbti mental health
  • sssylcardenas: Love when listening to specific songs and they can bring back such memories #reminiscing
  • tedtimes: @WilsonTech1 does that specific tweet have anything to do with me? Lol
  • JayeDershell14: Thankful for this specific someone. It's hard to find someone who will deal with you and your BS;I love you!
  • AyyDeeNany: “@fRedDyB0ii: @AyyDeeNany pretty muuch anything u want it to mean Lol, no specific meaning :)”-- o no pues wow..
  • CFHuttonSpeaks: @JuJuMama do u mean u r taking thru the concept or u have a specific plan that coordinates with this?
  • KamaainaInOC: Just heard on radio "If you see something 'unusual' in Los Angeles, call 1-800-A-THREAT." They really need to be more specific...
  • Lickmy_Frosting: Just block out specific details . No need to tell someone unless they directly ask . #rns
  • CodysCrowd: @zebralove143 haha. my friend elise can't say specific. she says pacific
  • HaileyClark26: Governor: No Credible Information of a Specific Threat to New Jersey: Chris Christie and Homeland Security Advis... http://bit.ly/iREokq
  • Larainevn06: #social media The page should be on topic, regardless of specific words
  • fRedDyB0ii: @AyyDeeNany pretty muuch anything u want it to mean Lol, no specific meaning :)
  • johnbohnenkamp: What's the point of the NBA announcing awards on a specific day when the announcement gets leaked a day or two before?
  • hanke: @JEG2 http://cscs.umich.edu/~crshalizi/Dawkins/viruses-of-the-mind.html followed by http://amzn.to/l5qrm2, to be more specific. Cheers :)
  • lokololo13: Its not one specific thing that's ruining my week.. Its EVERYTHING back to back to back to back.. #BOUTdatTIME
  • blogsoftheworld: access and general intellect. If (and if only once) he could research the specific details... http://reduce.li/qm293v #algorithm
  • MKTRedLatiRus: RT @jonymacke: Targeting Specific Followers on Twitter... http://tiny.ly/GP3t
  • lucille888: RT @lieueitak: Foreman's gonna go to Cuddy and say that House is acting different. She'll be like, "Be more specific." Foreman (cont) http://tl.gd/a7kauh
  • _mercedesjhane: @lovely_von820 of course!! Anything specific?
  • Itsmakingmemad: Police forces that refuse to abide by immigration law as it applies to specific groups, should lose Federal Funding, and be open to lawsuits
  • Fe_NomenalWoman: Specific Interventions, Applications and Ethics exam tomorrow SMH.....Its not looking good guys!
  • MohawkNoah: @quinniefabray__ // Of course. But, do you have any specific storyline ?
  • cyjjangyo: @sunset_lies @niel_bbyong @kyjjangyo Kekekeke that specific day you make them is also the day that I will come to your house LOLOL.
  • mdsteele47: @asve I think ERIC is indeed the answer but only if it's recent, '07 or later. If you're after something specific I can try to find it....
  • FilmLoverAarthi: Busy with homework! Only talkin to specific people right now! Those people know who they are!
  • suckitTalbo: The show and actual Recess, to be specific.
  • HouseEbooks: Discover specific range of motion exercises to reach overhead again
  • jbluvamargo: @itsRyanButler be specific sry
  • cutestkidever: RT @typeamom: @RobynsWorld great question! Attendees REALLY help if they fill out post-con survey, be specific and honest about likes/nots #speakchat
  • SergiouslyAFC: @SerenaGooner10 @samirhill @iamgoonerlocks @ahmedgooner everyone has their own personal likin bt dont think it can be said one specific type
  • typeamom: @RobynsWorld great question! Attendees REALLY help if they fill out post-con survey, be specific and honest about likes/nots #speakchat
  • mrshannon2575: @snow_fleezy ok.... That was kinda vague and I'm kinda slow. Lol. B more specific
  • Dave_Diner0: @ace_franc nah bro be more specific, pick A team to win it...and I got LA
  • not_ratched: Anyone use both Android and iPhone on AT&T? Wondering if dropped calls are iPhone- or AT&T-specific.
  • uncultured: @quinonez Media can do it for specific time zones - if they don't air it nationally. Tweets are banned since it's international & national.
  • legitDUSTINWILL: http:///watch?v=rcEzpzpK1pU&feature=related I think this song brings back specific memories for a lot of people. lol
  • motivatedmarket: RT @jonymacke Targeting Specific Followers on Twitter... http://tiny.ly/GP3t
  • b_radley: Real-time twitter chat relevant to specific parties #infographic http://ow.ly/i/b4aV #elxn41 #cdnpoli #fed2011 via @m2o
  • M2O: Real-time twitter chat relevant to specific parties #infographic http://ow.ly/i/b4aV #elxn41 #cdnpoli #fed2011 via @m2o
  • brittanynsalmon: @BrianMegilligan bahahaha... That's why I stated a specific spa... :)
  • blackberryos6: Flash Cookie Lawsuit Against Specific Media Dismissed « Near Field ...
  • PeachZARMANii: @georgebkadave b more specific lol
  • BlakePrebishVZT: This article gives specific instructions on how to implement a winning strategy with penny stocks. If you want t... http://bit.ly/moT5IA
  • RakeshSethi1: Chemotherapy Diet: Reduce Side Effects During and After with specific foods selection menu... Please follow at... http://j.mp/hNhaQd
  • RichmondDoc: @a_singledrop I don't think that's it...specific one I referenced was mentioned at the meeting, but I think hasn't yet been published.
  • Spac3pup: @ZorkNecrofear I didn't look at the specific scholarships, but it was listed under "married" so I went off on a big tangent of dumb jokes.
  • eizusdoow: @philsnews Maybe only on the internet, through a specific link so we don't have to be inundated with it. Wishful thinking...
  • jonymacke: Targeting Specific Followers on Twitter... http://tiny.ly/GP3t
  • MissyinMd: #gmadance I like this new judge. Very specific and sincere
  • whisperandmoan: @adammcquaid be specific!!!!!!! God has a sick sense of humor!
  • individual_68: @Redrufuschick *ponders* I could go for that, and 3 minutes is very specific, I like it
  • _doubleSushiii: @_doubleSushiii didn't she have a more specific breakdown
  • joelnorth: @HollyS_ I didn't follow till this election .. can't say anything specific for another 10 min, illegal
  • WinniSchneider: Lawsuit against FDA a success! Court rules censorship of two specific health claims unconstitutional http:///6fdjls4
  • dizm: RT @dcgrigsby: Love StackOverflow but sometimes want to learn a concept, not solve a specific problem. SO dominates Google, pushing conceptual items down.
  • Kai_Strife: @anavatazes Nah, specific heat of water will keep it from heating to boiling for a while longer
  • neologate: He calls them "zip top bags" because deity forbid we use a specific brand name on TV.
  • Megabby: RT @lieueitak: Foreman's gonna go to Cuddy and say that House is acting different. She'll be like, "Be more specific." Foreman (cont) http://tl.gd/a7kauh
  • yakityyakblah: @TheSpoonyOne You have to fight a specific way, once you do it's not hard.
  • AboutInsects: @gardenshoeson Sure thing. If you have any specific questions, feel free to DM me anytime with email address for longer chat. #gardenchat
  • Lovely_Truee: @legacy3kg its alrightt. and its nobody specific everyone hears from everyone
  • only1_madinah: @Lovely_Nikeba Lol the key was made for a specific door...fits just right
  • Suhanagupta1: federal income taxes Free Useful Guide: federal income taxes Free Useful Guide Finding specific information abou... http://bit.ly/irI7bU
  • stuartberberich: RT @b4thetrailer: the new MTV comedy pilot in filming Tuesday afternoon in Chicago near Wells Street. Check back in for specific info in the morning
  • Zo_Wayy114: @YouMadNow0_o dn't havd anythngg in specific
  • oh2flyaway: Trying to teach very specific, personal principles to a broad group... #J6students
  • JimmyKip: Hmmm. Can google calendar automatically accept meeting invites from my work email & put the meeting in a specific (work) calendar?
  • karenfield: Integrated Device Technologies wins Application Specific Products category at EDN Innovation awards!
  • that_NASH: SMH. This application is so specific I don't remember what my typing speed is.

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