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  • Classic TV Encyclopedia. We've gathered TV themes, show synopsis, cast, lyrics and more from five decades of classic television. A trip down memory lane. Ultraman was 200 feet tall, could fly, and used special weapons like a Specium-ray fired from crossed arms. — “TV Tunes Online Television and Cartoon Theme Songs, plus Trivia!”,
  • Buy ultraseven, ON SALE LIST items on eBay. Find a huge selection of JAPANESE TOYS, BLOWOUT SALE SECTION, 1985-Dancougar Beast Machine items and get what you want today. ULTRAMAN TARO 3" figure kaiju taroh specium japan son T. — “ultraseven items - Get great deals on ON SALE LIST, JAPANESE”,
  • When only one minute remains, Ultraman will gain access to two secret powers, the Specium Ray, and the Cutting Halo. Upon using this power, a Specium Ray will fly forward through the air. — “Ultraman: Kaijuu Teikoku no Gyakushuu — StrategyWiki, the”,
  • Specium ray challengeSaw disc challengeEnjoy !. — “YouTube - Ultraman vs Ultraman Jack vs Ultraman Dyna”,
  • Shin Hayata is a member of the Science Patrol, a force that fights evil monsters from outer space. But this team is sometimes not enough, that's when Tahaya has to turn into the giant hero Ultraman. Specium-Ray: Last but not least, one of Ultra-Man's greatest powers, the Specium Ray. — “Ultraman (comic book character)”,
  • Buy The Dudoos - Specium Sommer at the lowest price, guaranteed! $2.95 shipping and product reviews on all products. — “The Dudoos - Specium Sommer | ”,
  • Chock full of excellent guitar riffing and some mad keyboard parts, Specium Sommer is 14 songs of insanely catchy melodic punk that you won't be able to get out of your head! Look for more of THE DUDOOS in the coming months from Sound Pollution. Tell a friend about this item. — “ - The Ultimate Punk Music Store!”,
  • ODA Animal Health and Identification Division Animal Health Laboratory Equine infectious anemia: ELISA or AGID. The ODA Animal Health Lab now uses the ELISA test as its primary test for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). — “ODA Animal Health and Identification Division Animal Health”, pharmacy.state.or.us
  • Myspace Music profile for Heavy1. Download Heavy1 Drum & Bass / / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Heavy1's blog. Heavy1 - Specium ( Vampire Records ) Heavy1 - Drums Muted (Sync:Saphir Recordings / Sync:Saphir LP. Heavy1 - Xiphactinus ( Demand. — “Heavy1 on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Specium Sommer (Sound Pollution) By: Jeb Branin. I love to see genre labels step outside their own box. It usually causes so called "open minded" punks to blow a fuse because they just can't stand it when Take Sound Pollution Records releasing the "Specium Sšmmer" CD by THE DUDOOS for example. — “In Music We Trust - Dudoos, The: Specium Sommer”,
  • Ultraman 15" Specium Laser (Sold Out) Tsuburaya * Please review store policy agreement prior checking out * Item without a "order" button is either temporarily sold out, discontinued or it is a new merchandise that has not arrived yet. Please check back periodically. — “Ultraman 15" Specium Laser (Sold Out)”,
  • He is very weak against Specium substance in Mars and Ultraman's Specium Ray. The red-and-silver hero destroyed Baltan-Seijin with his signature weapon, the Specium Ray. — “Ultraman - Urutoraman - Seijins”,
  • Specium Ray: After absorbing Ultraman's energy, Ace Killer gained the ability to emit a yellow Specium Ray by crossing his arms in a "+" shape. He absorbed Ultraman's Specium Ray, Ultraseven's Emelium Ray, Zoffy's M87 energy, and finally, he took Ultraman Jack's Ultra Bracelet and. — “World of Ultra ~ Urutora No Sekkai”,
  • Re: Specium Ray Target Practice " Reply #35 on: April 26,Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 01:44 AM " Guys, like I said in my earlier post I wish everyone to get along and be friends. Clearly ultrafive is upset over this issue and has twice voiced his displeasure about it. — “Specium Ray Target Practice”,
  • The red-and-silver hero destroyed Baltan-Seijin with his signature weapon, the Specium Ray. Ultraman proceeded to destroy the Baltan's spaceship housing the other microscopic creatures, During Baltan Seijin's assault, Powered was charging up the Mega Specium Ray, which destroyed him in one hit. — “Alien Baltan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Specium ray challenge Saw disc challenge Enjoy ! video.aol.com/" target="_top" title="AOL Video">AOL Video SELECT Close. Specium ray challenge Saw disc challenge Enjoy !. — “Ultraman vs Ultraman Jack vs Ultraman Dyna - AOL Video”,
  • 16--b 17-- 18--a 19-- 20--c 21--a 22-- 23--b 24--b 25--a. — “Can someone PLEASE help me with this latin? *conjugation and”,
  • Find and buy ON SALE LIST and JAPANESE TOYS from ultraseven eBay Canada Store. New and used BLOWOUT SALE SECTION, 1985-Dancougar Beast Machine on eBay Canada ULTRAMAN TARO 3" figure kaiju taroh specium japan son T. — “Shop eBay Canada Store - ultraseven:: ON SALE LIST, JAPANESE TOYS”, stores.ebay.ca
  • Rose Magazine - Lady Baltimore Hibiscus Lord Baltimore Hibiscus Old Yella Hibiscus Pink Clouds Hibiscus Plum Crazy Hibiscus Robert Fleming Hibiscus Royal Gems Hibiscus Raspberry Splash Lungwort Bachelors Button Mountain Bluet Gold Bullion It is frequently used as a specium and can be used as a border. — “Rose Magazine - Lady Baltimore Hibiscus Lord Baltimore”,
  • HOME | ABOUT AY&P | AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS | CANADA/INTERNATIONAL/APO FPO | CONTACT US 7"s, CDs, and LPs. 7 Inches. AY&P Releases. CDs. Compilation CDs. Compilation LPs. LPs. Sale 7"s. — “Punk Rock Clothing - Angry, Young and Poor”,
  • Specium Ray - Ultraman crouches slightly forward and crosses his wrists together, with Giga Specium Beam - In the PlayStation 2 video game Ultraman: Fighting Evolution Rebirth. — “Ultraman (Character) - Godzilla Wiki”,

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  • URM (3/4) URM (Tat's Union Rescue Mission with Randy Zellers on guitar, Beau Jarvis on keyboard and Tat Hidano on drums) performing "Soundscape~Untitled (by Zellers)" at the 2011 KNOB Fest, Wichita, Kan. Recorded on Nov. 4, 2011.
  • Ultraman Dyna Episode 1 Part 1: (deleted link) Part 2: Episode 2 Part 1: Part 2: Episode 3 Part 1: Part 2: Episode 4 Part 1: Part 2:
  • BS: The Legend of Link Mugen #49: Giant Ultraman well, it looks like Link is about to get some payback at Ultraman, who nearly distroyed Hyrule castle. Giant Ultraman: damn, is this guy hard. he can make short work out of apocalypse and G-akiha in secends! he loves to slap you around like silly and does corner pinch traps. and plus he often sets up walls and he'll give you all kinds of trouble. his Specium ray deals BIG damage if you are unluckly to survive. I had to make use of Link's air roll and moose whenever it is possible. download: seek.co.jp
  • Heavy1 - Idle Machine Heavy1 - Idle Machine [Rubik Digital] -such a deep Tune by Heavy1 from Japan- download:
  • Ultraman vs Ultraman Jack vs Ultraman Dyna Specium ray challenge Saw disc challenge Enjoy !!!!!!!!
  • URM (1/4) URM (Tat's Union Rescue Mission with Randy Zellers on guitar, Beau Jarvis on keyboard and Tat Hidano on drums) performing "Specium Beam (by Hidano)" at the 2011 KNOB Fest, Wichita, Kan. Recorded on Nov. 4, 2011. The version with better audio quality (recorded by Torin Anderson): youtu.be
  • specium kira
  • specium(1)
  • AspergerGamer64 plays Ultraman Kaijuu Teikoku no Gyakushuu loosely translated as "Ultraman: Counterattack of the Monster Empire" is a side scrolling platformer developed for the Famicom Disk System and published by Bandai at the start of 1987. This game is the first Famicom game dealing with Ultraman. Ultraman 2 was a sequel developed as a simulation game, and Ultraman Club: Chikyuu Dakkan Sakusen was developed as an RPG utilizing the "chibi" or super-deformed style of artwork for the characters. The player controls Hayate, a member of the Science Special Search Party, which protects the earth from invasions of large hostile aliens. He must run across each stage, defeating enemies with his ray gun. He must also collect energy orbs to fill a meter on the screen. When it is full, he can transform himself into the powerful Ultraman. Energy balls can appear under a variety of circumstance, such as beating an enemy or shooting points in space. Just like in the show, you can only be Ultraman for 3 minutes, and you can chop or kick the boss monsters. When only one minute remains, Ultraman will gain access to two secret powers, the Specium Ray, and the Cutting Halo. Once the boss monster is defeated, the stage is cleared. If all 11 stages are cleared and the player continues, the game will change the character to Dan Moroboshi who can transform into Ultra Seven. Although Ultra Seven's capabilities are the same as Ultraman's, the defensive power of the enemies will be higher. There are two versions of this game, one which was distributed ...
  • Robonut as Ultraman Robonut is a robot with memory loss in search of it's true identity. original gif version gif animation by: Tori Dang toribirdnosu.blog.shinobi.jp original Ultraman theme song:
  • G-Fest XIX Bin Furuya Shows his Color Timer and uses his Specium Beam AWESOMENESS
  • Ultra Act Ultraman Renewal Version and Brother's Mantle Review Ultra Act Ultraman Renewal Version and Brother's Mantle! Ultraman is a fantastic entry and huge improvement in the Ultra Act Line. Ultraman has a fantastic sculpt, fantastic paint applications, fantastic accessories and fantastic articulation! This figure is definitely very nice, very neat, very cool, and ICONIC. I absolutely recommend this figure to everyone. The Ultra Act Brother's Mantle is a fantastic accessorize that truly completes Ultraman. The Brother's Mantle has a fantastic sculpt, fantastic paint applications, and nice wide range of articulation! Both items are fantastic! I can not recommend enough how much everyone needs this figure!!! Thank You Very Much for Watching Stay Tuned for more Figure Reviews! +++Like, Comment, & Subscribe+++ To fix an leg joint issue your figure may have check out the link below:
  • Heavy1 - Specium A forthcoming tune from Heavy1. Enjoy
  • Emerium Beam! My stick figure Ultraseven fires his emerium beam. Ultraseven is my favorite Ultra. I used Pencil, an open source free animation program for Mac.
  • Christmas with Ultramen This is the second video I made with Photostory. It's pretty crude. I did this for a school project. The music was composed with Finale Notepad. I don't know how to compose music, so the music is very bad. But, I hope you'd enjoy the story.
  • Natsu Camp 2008 - takkun specium-kousen!! videozinho pro Tasuku Tsukada! yay!
  • ultraman zero theme song I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
  • URM (2/4) URM (Tat's Union Rescue Mission with Randy Zellers on guitar, Beau Jarvis on keyboard and Tat Hidano on drums) performing "Desideratum (by Zellers)" at the 2011 KNOB Fest, Wichita, Kan. Recorded on Nov. 4, 2011. The version with better audio quality (recorded by Torin Anderson): youtu.be
  • Robotic Distal Pancreatectomy Robotic distal pancreatectomy using DaVinci robotic system. The video shows how current technology allows to perform minimally invasive pancreatic surgery. The operation is performed through 5 tiny incisions and a very large specimen is retrieved via small incision typically below the "bikini line" leaving almost no visible scars.
  • Bandai TDP U-Killersaurus Toy Review "Divine Beast" U-Killersaurus With special guest reviewer deadzilla619. We forgot to go over his history: History Part 1: In the 1980s, the ever plotting Yapool sent a new chouju of his, called the U-Killersaurus, to dispose of Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, and Ace. The battle began on the moon, with the four Ultras dodging everything U-Killersaurus threw at them. Grappling with the beast proved futile, as it's strength was enough to hold off two Ultras at once. When the four Bros. tried to use their beams on the chouju, it flew towards Earth. The heros tried to stop U-Killersaurus, only to be met by a barrage of his organic missiles. Avoiding those, the Bros. prepared to launch their beams again, when Ultraman halted them; firing their beams so close to the Earth could harm the citizens. After grappling with U-Killersaurus' extendable claws, it was then that the four of them did the only thing they could do without harming Earth: imprison U-Killersaurus in a dimensional prison with it's creator, Yapool. After crippling U-Killersaurus by blasting off his limbs, Jack and Ace combined thier Specium and Metallium Rays to send U-Killersaurus plummeting into the Earth. The Bros. arrived at the scene, and, using the Final Cross Shield, the four Bros. sealed U-Killersaurus and Yapool into the bay they had landed in. For twenty years it would remain sealed, until Aliens Temperor, Zarab, Guts, and Nackle would try to free the creature. History Part 2: After being revived by Alien ...
  • Eudialyte, Canada
  • CGRundertow ULTRAMAN: TOWARD THE FUTURE for Super NES Video Game Review Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Ultraman, a giant monster fighting game developed and published in 1991 by Bandai for the SNES. When the world is threatened by a series of monsters, each tens of stories tall, you don't call the army, you don't call the Ghostbusters, you don't call the Men in Black. You call... THIS GUY IN SPANDEX. You punch, kick, and Specium Beam your way through nine kaiju... and unfortunately, that's about it. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Ultraman for the SNES and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ. Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at and
  • Ultra-Act Ultraman Review There's a review from a while, and what else is it! The ULTRA-ACT ULTRAMAN!! Notice how I say "Ultra-Act," NOT Revoltech, Ultra-Act for all the morons who made me delete my unboxing video...
  • Ultraman Fighting Evolution Psx (2) .......
  • Ultraman ZERO (Specium Beam) No copyrights intended. Uploaded for AWESOME entertainment only!
  • Trio practice 2: Specium Beam Our run-through of a song by Tat Hidano. Randy is sick, both literally and playing-wise.
  • URM (4/4) URM (Tat's Union Rescue Mission with Randy Zellers on guitar, Beau Jarvis on keyboard and Tat Hidano on drums) performing "Ultraman Taro's Conflict (by Hidano)" at the 2011 KNOB Fest, Wichita, Kan. Recorded on Nov. 4, 2011. The version with better audio quality (recorded by Torin Anderson): youtu.be
  • Maison Ikkoku E44
  • URM Specium Beam by Tat Hidano Randy Zellers-guitar Beau Jarvis-keyboard Tat Hidano-drums
  • Hoshi no You ni...[Vietsub] "Hoshi no You ni..." MV, vietsub by TokuVN. This is our first MV sub ever so there are some mistakes in the process. However, we did our best and felt that this version was the best of the bunch. We hope to receive constructive comments to make some improvement in our next project. Thank you. We own no right to this video. All copy's right belongs to Rhythmedia.
  • Specium face Samuel Ng at the bus stop
  • Gameplay - Ultraman SNES A gameplay movie featuring Ultraman on Super Famicom (SNES). This game sucks and if someone knows how to finnish the enemy I would like to know because I´ve tried a hundred times and I still don´t know what to do! Fun Fact: In the first Wario Ware there is a minigame simillar to Ultraman featuring Mario and Bowser.
  • specium(2)
  • Storium Kousen Disclaimer: This clip belongs to Tsuburaya Productions. I do not own it and uploaded this video only to help explain what Storium Kousen is. No copyright infringement is intended.
  • Effects Why I did it?! Motion: me Camera: me Effects: Kira Kira Shader Auto Luminous Burner Cave Canon Barrier Digital Ripple Hologram xxshadowkat666 Dist Line Graze Pe Bom Pe Charge Line Specium Beam
  • Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan Link of episodes coming soon..
  • Seijyu Sentai Gingaman Episode 1 -
  • Trio practice: Specium Beam Our run-through of another song by Tat Hidano.
  • Triple Uchuu Keiji Remix (The Garider) Done by : UltraSpeciumKick220 All Right Reserved
  • specium: Ayase Haruka http://t.co/ZUKfwwzy
  • specium: NHK大河ドラマ『八重の桜』が今夜から始まるのを記念するのと、お年玉を兼ねて(笑)贈ります♪ http://t.co/k4ZnA1x1
  • Specium_beam: ニトリ説明会3時間!?ハッハッハッハ
  • specium: 長良川鉄道♪ のどかです(^o^) http://t.co/Ua3pSlcx
  • specium: 2012年のキャラクターオブザイヤー(年度代表キャラクター)は「なめこ」さんに輝きました。 はたして2013年はどんなキャラクターに栄冠が輝くでしょうかね? http://t.co/Lhmb6gl3
  • kazunt: デイリー kazunt's heaven is out! http://t.co/gfVzD7kc ▸ Top stories today via @COQDO @specium
  • specium: 今年最初の注目キャラはテディかなぁ♪ http://t.co/3SfLYYBr
  • Specium_beam: ワインのコルクがあれば是非俺に下さい
  • Kanesue: I just ousted @specium as the mayor of 岐阜中警察署 駅前交番 on @foursquare! http://t.co/V82hsvBI
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/7OlGzRCx
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/qeWXZTHD
  • specium: I'm at 赤池駅 (Akaike Sta.) (郡上市, 岐阜県) http://t.co/yGcmvs2J
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/VRHAkDII
  • specium: 今年は電子書籍が大きく動き出す年になりそうですね http://t.co/DW9e1Hbg
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/5q4NcjYx
  • specium: 今朝は13:00過ぎに目が覚めました!もう「今朝」とは言いませんなぁ(苦笑) 今日は何日で何曜日なのかよくわからん状態です(^◇^;) え〜っと、ワタシは誰だっけ?(爆)
  • Specium_beam: @takag50slpstdcs 特に決まっていないのでは?遅くても1月中かなあ
  • Specium_beam: ぐわらきーん
  • specium: ついこの間のできごとのようだが、やっぱ去年のことでしたかw http://t.co/ICrMsTJ8
  • specium: カタイこと書いてますが(苦笑)、イイ気分転換になりました! やっぱ、猥雑な雰囲気って大好きです♪ http://t.co/S5p7Lko0
  • specium: カタイこと言ってますが(苦笑)、イイ気分転換になりました! 猥雑な雰囲気って大好きです♪ http://t.co/2Qxgqq9e
  • specium: 外部から刺激を受けるコトって、必要だと思ってます。 http://t.co/chNEI5tV
  • Specium_beam: ヒロだ!これ絶対水嶋ヒロだ!おばあちゃんは言っていた!
  • Specium_beam: ヒロなのか?TVでも水嶋ヒロなのか!?
  • Specium_beam: 今から「緑の巨人」を観る。でもドラえもんではない。
  • izukappa: デイリー 伊豆河童のつぶやき is out! http://t.co/bLfSRRbC ▸ Top stories today via @specium @varivari @KipperWorld
  • noviaaovi: Specium Kohsen
  • specium: あけましておめでとうございます! 今年もスバラシイ一年になるよう邁進させていただきますので、よろしくお願いいたします。 http://t.co/8FYV3GLr
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  • specium: あけましておめでとうございます! 今年も、よろしくお願いします。 http://t.co/1NbNS61n
  • Specium_beam: あけましておめでとうございます。あれこれ考えさせられる年になりますが、今年もよろしくお願いします。
  • ukjerez: SPECTRUMがSPECIUM(スペシウム)光線の仲間に思える人いませんか?
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/JSYx6Z6c
  • Specium_beam: RT @punie_chan: 紅白に嵐が!相葉ちゃんが!!
  • Specium_beam: 兄貴が、家に帰ってくる…。
  • Finger_of_Death: @lagunaslayer Hmm, incantations. I know one - Trans-Specium Alteratia Salientus!
  • Specium_beam: 酒を買う旅へ
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/yGoQW1O8
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/lpkjAgVq
  • specium: 新しい写真をFacebookに投稿しました http://t.co/dIUW0oWy

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  • “Remember the car usage in tokusatsu movies and series? Most tokusatsu heroes have the most expensive and most up to date cars of that moment, but not Ultraman. Ultraman can fly, so he has no need for some super fast car with the latest technical”
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  • “Ultimate Tournament of Ultimate Destiny of Everything Ever! can use a Specium Ray (as shown below), along with other moves like the Ultra Slash, where he forms a ring with the specium he generates and”
    — Ultimate Tournament of Ultimate Destiny of Everything Ever!,

  • “All graphics, photo images and text are property of Ruby Lane etc. Copyright 2009 dozen super powers among which are a Specium Ray (a particle/light-ray capable of killing”
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