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  • The Spratlys are part of the three archipelagos of the South China Sea, comprising more Military groups in the Spratlys have engaged in environmentally damaging activities such. — “Spratly Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The government of the day has decided to push the envelope in its territorial dispute with China over the comparatively small region of the Spratlys off. — “The New Philippine Baselines Law And The Spratlys Dispute”,
  • A Transboundary Biosphere Reserve is proposed as an approach to reduce the tension over the Spratlys. The Spratlys are invariably listed among the world's flash-points', but the justification seems more theoretical than real. — “Island Vulnerability, Spratly Islands”,
  • That 2002 declaration called on all claimants to the Spratlys -- including the Philippines and China -- to refrain from any That 2002 declaration called on all claimants to the Spratlys -- including the Philippines and China -- to refrain from any action that could heighten tension, including. — “China defends Spratlys sea patrol”, energy-
  • Philippine defence and military officials have downplayed reports about the deployment of a Chinese patrol ship to the Spratlys. — “RP downplays report on Chinese ship in Spratlys | ABS-CBN”, abs-
  • [ Home ] [ Vietnamese Claims Spratlys ] [ Forum Opening ] [ AnnexationFromBritish ] [ Chinese Navy ] [ Philippines' Proposal ] from Taiwan ] [ Spratlys News ] [ New Constructions ] [ China's Policy ] [ Chinese Forces ] [ Paracels Typhoon ] [ Spratlys Typhoon ] [ Tonkin Gulf ]. — “Vietnamese Claims Spratlys”,
  • Spratly Islands Group of several dozen small islands and reefs, south-central South China Sea . Located about midway between Vietnam and the The Spratlys are part of the three archipelagos of the South China Sea, comprising more than 30,000 islands and reefs and which so complicates. — “Spratly Islands: Information from ”,
  • Spratlys - Spratly Islands, study towards peace and confidence building in South China Sea. — “Spratlys - promoting peace in the South China Sea”,
  • Control of the Spratlys is important since the region is supposed to contain large deposits of oil, gas, hydrocarbon and mineral resources. Japan explored the Spratlys for military reasons during World War II. The British. — “The Spratlys and the Philippine claim - ”,
  • Spratlys. SPRATLYS. Deputy Editor Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses the risk of war in the South China Sea as China and ASEAN once again fall out over the troubled Spratly Islands. To enforce its claim on the Spratlys the Taiwanese military maintain bases on Dongsha and Nansha islands. — “Warships Magazine - WEB SPECIAL - Spratlys”,
  • MIRIAM URGES SPRATLYS PROTEST VS. TAIWAN. Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, urged foreign affairs Sec. Santiago said that the Taiwan visit to the Spratlys will violate the 2002 China-Asean Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea. — “Senadora Miriam Defensor Santiago - the Official Site”, .ph
  • Spratlys history of spratly islands maps of nansha islands China,spratly islands maps,photo gallery news,disputed sovereignty claims. — “Spratlys - Nansha Islands of China: Spratly Islands maps”,
  • Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin aborted landing on the island of Pagasa Tuesday afternoon because of the poor condition of its airstrip, scuttling what was to have been his first official visit as defense chief to the disputed territory in the Spratlys. Read Full Story. — “The Spratlys Issue”,
  • The Spratlys consist of several hundred islands, reefs and sea mountains, with a total The Spratlys occupy the major sea-lanes between East Asia and the. — “Spratlys continue to loom as Asian flashpoint”,
  • "WE DIDN'T see any Chinese warship in the Spratlys (also Kalayaan Islands Group) in our monitoring. The Spratlys are a cluster of islands, shoals, islets, cays and reefs along the South China Sea, said to have rich minerals and oil reserves. — “Spratlys "”,
  • Published in China, Paracels, Spratlys. Even as it expands economic cooperation with its wary Southeast Asian neighbors, China's thirst for energy is compelling it to resurrect territorial claims to resources-rich spots in the region that have lain dormant for years. — “Spratlys | 1913 Intel”, 1913
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. The Spratlys - a collection of islands and reefs - straddle vital shipping lanes in the South China Sea. — “Manila's Plan to Build Lighthouses In Spratlys May Make China”,
  • A Philippine law passed last year that spelt out Manila's claims to parts of the disputed Spratly Islands has had a "negative" effect on relations with China, Beijing's envoy said Tuesday.      The "baselines act" signed by 阿基諾:東盟反對中國宣示南海主權Aquino:ASEAN United against China on Spratlys. — “RP-China ties chill over Spratlys law - ”,

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