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  • Consulting advice on how to fight big box retailers from building in your town, from a man who successfully kept Wal-Mart from building in his town. — “Sprawl-Busters”, sprawl-
  • An alternative to sprawl. Sprawl - Dispersed, low-density, single-use (i.e., residential, commercial and institutional land uses This indicates that sprawl can have much larger negative impacts than. — “Online TDM Encyclopedia - Land Use Evaluation”,
  • urban sprawl n. The unplanned, uncontrolled spreading of urban development into areas adjoining the edge of a. — “urban sprawl: Definition from ”,
  • Planning Codes Could Create 'Transit Sprawl' A new group of activists in Los Angeles is warning that recently approved changes to the city's planning code could make it easier for transit-related projects to be approved even if they are not in alignment with neighborhood planning documents. — “Sprawl | Planetizen”,
  • The Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse is a resource center which provides information on sprawl, smart growth and livable communities. — “Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse”,
  • Urban sprawl (also called suburban sprawl and Los Angelization) describes the growth of a metropolita. — “urban sprawl - Article and Reference from ”,
  • Publicly-editable encyclopedia entry supplies examples and arguments for and against sprawl. — “Urban sprawl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of sprawl in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sprawl. Pronunciation of sprawl. Translations of sprawl. sprawl synonyms, sprawl antonyms. Information about sprawl in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. urban sprawl,. — “sprawl - definition of sprawl by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Focusing on consumption and population growth and their roles in urban sprawl and its effect on natural habitat and farmland around U.S. cities. — “Sprawl City”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. See sprawl defined for English-language learners " Examples of SPRAWL. The kids sprawled on the floor to watch TV. She tripped and went sprawling into the table. The city. — “Sprawl - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of sprawl from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sprawl. Pronunciation of sprawl. Definition of the word sprawl. Origin of the word sprawl Haphazard growth or extension outward, especially that resulting from real estate development on the outskirts of a city: urban sprawl. — “sprawl - Definition of sprawl at ”,
  • Sprawl is characterized by several land-use patterns which usually occur in unison: Urban sprawl is a synonym for suburbanization --- the geographical expansion of urban areas at or beyond their fringes. — “Urban sprawl - Wikinfo”,
  • There was no special place for him or his little affairs, and he was forbidden to sprawl on sofas and explain his ideas about the manufacture of this world and his hopes for the future. Sprawling was lazy and wore out sofas, and little boys were not expected to talk. — “sprawl - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to the SPRAWL Fight Short Company official web site. For this reason SPRAWL Shorts are the choice of many world class fighters such as Forrest Griffin, Matt Serra, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick,. — “Sprawl Fight Short Company - Fightwear - MMA Shorts- MMA”, sprawl.tv
  • hat we do: The Challenge to Sprawl Campaign works to fight poorly planned runaway development and promotes smart growth communities that increase transportation choices, reduce air and water pollution, and protect our natural places. Environmental Update Main. Sprawl Overview. — “Sierra Club: Sprawl Campaign”,
  • meaning of "sprawl," drawn from the May 1999 issue of Planning and Zoning News Sprawl: The growth of a metropolitan area through the process of scattered. — “Defining Sprawl and Smart Growth”,
  • Sprawl definition, to be stretched or spread out in an unnatural or ungraceful manner: See more. — “Sprawl | Define Sprawl at ”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Sprawl. Download Sprawl Funk / Ska / Reggae music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Sprawl's blog. — “Sprawl on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Suburban Sprawl - Albuquerque. As part of The Changing Face of America series, NPR's John Nielsen reports from Albuquerque on the real estate development formula that drives the creation of regional shopping malls and suburban sprawl across the country. — “Research Resources”, sprawl-

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  • Great Expectations (05 of 12) Subtitles available. Audio courtesy of LibriVox. Read by Mark F. Smith. CLICK HERE for MORE VIDEOS!
  • thesis thinking Planning out the last chapter in my thesis. I am doing a thesis which contains published articles and an introduction/conclusion. As my thesis thus far has been sprawly (to say the least), I have had to give a lot of thought on HOW this last article would fit - even though I really wanted to go a different way with the data. This video is me thinking through it.
  • Blase kitteh is so over it His Lordship relaxes on The Sprawly Couch Of Joy.
  • A Guide to Lavender : Growing Lavender To grow lavender, provide full sun, plenty of water and lots of room to grow. Start growing lavender with tips from a lavender farmer in this free video on growing herbs. Expert: Sarah Bader Contact: Bio: Sarah Bader started Lavender at Stonegate, a lavender farm, with a love of lavender and a lot of determination. Filmmaker: Demand Media
  • Social Networks and Community (Re)Engineering: Creating Health Through Information and Policy [email protected] Series (more info below) Social Networks and Community (Re)Engineering: Creating Health Through Information and Policy April 15, 2011 Presented by Dr. Peter Meunnig. As health costs skyrocket, life expectancy in the United States is in a relative decline. Three decades ago, the United States was in the top ten countries with respect to life expectancy, and health costs were in line with other nations. Today, the United States has fallen to 49th place with respect to life expectancy, but its health costs are now more than double that of the next most expensive nation, Switzerland. Dr. Muennig will discuss some of the cutting-edge approaches to improving the health of Americans. At the forefront of public health policy is the idea that people's health behaviors can be shaped by a confluence of their physical and social environments. For example, a bike lane does much more than reduce barriers to biking to work. It normalizes the notion that exercise is desirable and beneficial. Public health departments have long attempted to facilitate these social norms by targeting advertisements to thought leaders, much the same way that Apple targeted hipsters in making the relatively more expensive iPod the socially acceptable standard for owning an MP3 player. However, governments not only hold the power to advertise and educate, but also physically change the communities that people live in. Exercise campaigns can be coupled with parks, bike lanes, and public transit ...
  • MMA Fight Shorts - MMA Fight Shorts - Sprawl - TapouT Your #1 site for MMA Fight Shorts, MMA Gear , MMA Training Equipment, MMA Shirts, MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, MMA Training Pads, MMA Clothing and MMA Fighter Gear!
  • 'Teasing Georgia' rose about 5 weeks after being pillarized onto rebar This is one of my very few roses on the Fortuniana rootstock. As Michael Marriott at David Austin Roses told me, it was very hesitant to bloom the first couple years, which I attributed in part to brutal drought and my very scant watering. By this spring it had gotten sprawly and gangly and I ALMOST gave it a hard cut back as a shrub. But instead, thankfully, I pounded a 10 foot length of rebar into the ground behind it, and used speaker wire and appliance cords to forcibly train the very stiff canes to the rebar as a "pillar rose". At first it looked forced and awkward, but after a good feeding and a few deep waterings it leafed out and sent new shoots out that helped to visually soften it. I am delighted that after a first modest but pleasing bloom flush a few weeks ago, it is now burgeoning with buds! The scent is modest "sweet Tea" vs. "Old Rose".
  • Kat_Xander: @Psk113050 Oh yi...like here. All spread out. I'm hoping to be in a less sprawly place soon. Waiting is hell.
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  • LiamABlack: @graceskII luckily not but it is nippy. and sprawly. and shockingly run down.
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  • MerinElizabeth: @sprawly I didn't think he was all that shy at all. I mean in sure in some aspects he is. But, he did not want to trade hats with me.
  • MerinElizabeth: @sprawly I waited a long time after the show

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  • “NARCO BLOG: Did Mexican Army Allows Joaquin 'El 'Humble' Harry handed charity award Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown”
    — How cities grow – these days up is in - Topix,

  • “Denver is sprawly in places except for the big chunk of the city that isn't, such as the Riverfront Park Blog. Urban Eye Blog. Websites. ”
    — Denver Living Streets " DenverInfill Blog,

  • “Kelowna's a bit concrete and sprawly. Some good climbing too, if Forum Help. Website Help. Exits. road.cc. ST on Twitter. ST on Facebook. ST on Vimeo”
    — Kelowna, what's it like? " Singletrack Forum,

  • “metro LA denser than metro New York? In addition to what Torie said (LA truly is starting to become more like a city rather than an amalgamation of suburbs), the suburbs in the LA area aren't as sprawly as in NYC or in any other metro area outside of California and the west in general”
    — metro LA denser than metro New York?,

  • “Dan Greenspan's blog & web site - photos, travelogues, occasional musings Volcanoes ring the area and provide a fantastic backdrop to everyday scenery, even in the "sprawly" parts of town”
    — Dan Greenspan's Blog " A quick trip to Flagstaff, AZ, spleen-

  • “Barnaby Page's SCREENS.tv Digital Signage Blog The Strategy Institute's European Digital Signage Strategies Forum runs 4-5 May – that is, the day before the Expo and then the first day of the show itself”
    — Barnaby Page's SCREENS.tv Digital Signage Blog, screens.tv

  • “Doug Dawgz Blog Is Three. This blog began on July 15, 2006, with the post Getting Started and it is now three years old. Other than a required change of uniforms (above) The second article is about space and answers this question in great detail: "How did Oklahoma City ever get this sprawly-big?”
    — Doug Dawgz Blog: Doug Dawgz Blog Is Three,

  • “Calis Beach Forum. General Calis Beach Questions & Information. Calis Beach review on I was talking about the sprawly parts lol. kevin3. The only Hobnobs I associate with are chocolate covered ones,dunked, (and”
    — Calis Beach and Fethiye Discussion Forums - Calis Beach, calis-

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