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  • Tips and advice on Lawn Sprigging. Sprigs are young rooted shoots ,  pieces of stolon with leaves and roots attached. Lawns of subtropical gr. How-to article on Lawn Sprigging. — “Lawn Sprigging”, .au
  • Sprigging. Contact Us Today For All Your Grassing Needs. South Florida We are perfectly located for export of grass to the Bahamas and the rest of the world. Government regulations - packaging. — “South Florida Grassing Home Page”,
  • Encyclopedia article about sprigging. Information about sprigging in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “sprigging definition of sprigging in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • If desirable grasses exist, kill newly emerged crabgrass with MSMA or DSMA and seed or sprig 14 days after application. Sprigs should not be installed unless they can be kept moist for at. — “G6770 Bermudagrass for Athletic Fields | University of”, extension.missouri.edu
  • Sprigging Service: Bermuda & perennial peanut (agricultural varieties only) - 20 ac Sprigs available for sale: sold by bushel on sliding scale depending on volume. — “Premium Hay Producers, Perennial Peanut Sod, & Sprigging”,
  • Sprigging bermudagrass is an expensive investment, but, if done correctly, it will quickly pay for itself. — “Consider These Things Before Sprigging Bermudagrass This Spring”,
  • Tulsa Turf grows several varieties of turfgrasses and offers sprigging services The sprigging rates for Golf Course fairways range from 350 to 500 bushels per acre. — “Tulsa Turf: Sprigging and Sodding of several turf grass”,
  • Serving eastern North Carolina, providing a variety of bermuda grasses, including coastal, ozark (certified), tifton 44, tifton 85 (certified), and midland 99 (certified). — “Douglas Heath Grass Sprigging - Over 20,000 Acres of Planting”,
  • Conservation District Equipment and Services, Conservation Districts S through W Custom Sprigging (No fertilizer or soil prep) Includes equipment, sprigs, and labor. — “Oklahoma Conservation Commission - Conservation District”, ok.gov
  • Sprigging is the most practical method of establishment for large areas such as golf courses and athletic fields. There are 2 methods of Sprigging; No Till Rowplanting, which is used when doing conversions or to repair winterkill. — “Oakland Plantation Turf Farm - Sprigging / Rowplanting”,
  • Instructions on how to sprig a lawn with Bermuda or Zoysia grass. — “Sprigging a Lawn with Bermuda or Zoysia”,
  • Deby and Bruce Locklear at BB & K Farms Sprigging Services offer NC Certified Hybrid Bermuda Grasses: Goodwell, Ozark, Midland 99, Tifton 85, Tifton 44 and Coastal. — “BB&K Farms Sprigging Services”,
  • Sprigging or sodding is the only way hybrid varieties such as 419 Bermuda can be planted. Florida Carter's SOD FARM can provide 419 Bermuda Grass sprigs as well as extremely drought resistant improved Coastal Bermuda Grass sprigs for applications that do not have irrigation. ©MMV All Rights. — “Sprigging”,
  • Aspects of the topic sprigging are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Aspects of the topic "sprigging" are discussed in the following places at Britannica. — “sprigging (pottery) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of sprigging from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sprigging. Pronunciation of sprigging. Definition of the word sprigging. Origin of the word sprigging. — “sprigging - Definition of sprigging at ”,
  • One of the fastest and most economical methods to establish a hybrid bermudagrass turf area is with sprigs. Mechanical– Sprigs are mechanically placed into a furrow on 6 inch. — “H Bar H Turf Farm...doing our part to make the world a little”,
  • Landscaping Service, athletic field maintenance in south Louisiana, sprigging, sodding, application, herbicide, fertilizer, football fields, turf, grass, Lafayette, Louisiana, licensed commercial applicator, licensed landscape horticulturist. — “Home”, completelawn.biz
  • Sprigging is a method of plant propagation whereby cuttings of stolons or rhizomes are planted instead of seed onto the soil surface or into furrows or small holes.[1] This method is common for establishing Cynodon (Bermuda Grass) and Zoysia (Zoysiagrass). — “Sprigging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Does anybody know how Josiah does (did) the sprigging on the blue How do you fasten down white sprigs on a totally different > colored background, without smearing along the line of jointure or > otherwise compromising the color of either the sprig or the base pot?. — “clayart - thread 'sprigging a la wedgwood - how?'”,
  • Bermuda Grass Sprigging by Beaty Farms/Ray Beaty serving Southwestern Georgia and North Florida since 1974. Ray Beaty - Coolidge, Georgia. Alicia, Russell, Perennial Peanuts, Tift 85, Tift 78, Tift 44. — “Grass SpriggingBeaty Farms Serving SW Georgia-North Florida”,
  • Farrar Sod Farm provides quality turf sod and sprigs for gold courses, athletic fields, lawns, and commercial properties. — “Farrar Sod Farm - Baskerville Virginia - Bermuda, Fescue”,
  • Definition of sprigging in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sprigging. Pronunciation of sprigging. Translations of sprigging. sprigging synonyms, sprigging antonyms. Information about sprigging in the free online English dictionary and. — “sprigging - definition of sprigging by the Free Online”,

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  • Davidson Farming - Macho Bermuda Grass David Davidson speaks about the success of the Medina Program on his turf farm.
  • Quail Hollow GC Celebration 2 Started planting job
  • Quail Hollow Celebration planting Sprigging machine planting Celebration
  • Rhizome,Sprig Sprigger and Side Load Harvester SBE.mpg Rhizome, sprig planter and harvester for harvesting and planting Bermuda grass, miscanthus, turf grasses such as zoyzia, St. Augustine, Sea Shore Paspalum, Tifton bermuda This Sprig planter can be used to plant No-Till and Conventional.
  • Celebration Bermudagrass Sportsfield Sprigging A Mt. Pleasant, SC Parks and Rec facility gets sprigged with Celebration Bermudagrass. It will be ready for play in 60 days.
  • Sod to Sprigs Sprigging apparatus SprigMaster II 7 Row Sprigging apparatus to convert sod to sprigs and plant in 6" row spacing. processes slabs, big rolls and minnie rolls. 40 to 60 hp tractor with dual hydralics and pto drive. Contact Jesse at or cell ph 229-886-3347
  • SPORTS TURF Green Acres Turf Farm() is harvesting CELEBRATION BERMUDA sod in big rolls when possible in order to reduce labor require for harvest and installation.
  • Broadcast Fairway Sprigger SprigMaster Pro Jr 4' Small Sprigger with a big punch for sprigging go green jobs such as sports fields, golf courses, sod farms, turf farms and industrial sites. Spring loaded and swivel coulters on 2" spacing. High speed roll back feeder system. Fits in container for overseas shipping. Contact jesse At or cell ph 229-886-3347
  • ArtWay Tools Shaped Frames Make some amazing beads, buttons and pendants quick and easy! Using the Shaped Frames by ArtWay Tools, you can knock out lots of beads, buttons or pendants that are the same size and shape. Use the coring tools for fast and easy button holes! Go To: http://beadframes.html
  • Broadcast (Fairway) Sprigging machine (apparatus) Apparatus is a sprigging machine used to sprig fairways, sports fields, sod farms, turf farms, hay fields and pastures. incorporates sprigs on 2" spacings. unique spring loaded and swivel coulters for smooth operation and speed. High capacity feed system for more time sprigging rather than filling up. Common sprigs sprigged are Bermuda, St. Augustine, Paspalum, Zoysia and Bella blue Grass.
  • TIFSPORT BERMUDAGRASS -THE INSIDE STORY Discover the advantages of TifSport Bermudagrass for golf courses, sports fields and home lawns.
  • Demonstration of Giant Miscanthus Equipment Farmers around the world and in Georgia are very hopeful about the future of Giant Miscanthus. Producers are excited about the potential for the tall grass to be used as an alternative energy crop. Now, one company hopes to support the industry with equipment to help farmers grow the crop on a large scale. The Monitor's Mark Wildman has the story.
  • Tidal Turf Green Install - Backyard Putting Green This is a video of a backyard putting green we installed. The back quarter of the green, and a spot in the center, is really scalped down to the dirt in some areas because we did not have the bedknife and height of cut properly adjusted. The green was seeded with KingPin Creeping Bentgrass in the Fall of 2009. The substrate for the green was a combination of peat moss, black dirt, and sand. The substrate base (thickness/depth) is roughly 4". We did not follow USGA requirements or suggestions when we built this green with regard to drainage, which, admittedly, we probably should have... we did this as a test, for a basic, modified push-up style green. We cut the green with a Jacobsen 422 (early 90's mower). Although an older mower, it does a really nice job once it is dialed-in. The model of the greens mower is 62244. We got a heck of a deal on 4 of these mowers, and we just couldn't pass up the offering. The modified push-up style green is a very cost effective method of installing a green, eventhough it is not USGA spec. The green will serve the backyard golfer well over the course of the years with proper maintenance. We will update over the course of the seasons. Thanks for watching.
  • Turning Sod into Sprigs This video shows a machine harvesting sod, then dicing it up to be used as sprigs. The sprigs can be planted in the ground and grow in a lawn or sportsfield at a much cheaper cost than sodding alone. The grass being cut is Bella Bluegrass. For more information on Bella, visit .
  • Putting Green backyard Sprigging And Grow In Backyard Putting Green Grow in real grass start to finish six weeks tiffdwarf bermudagrass planting date 6-07-08
  • Crafts, Old Traditions, Sprigging & Lacemaking in Donegal Short video from 1999 about old traditions in the South West Donegal area filmed by students of the community FAS scheme in Dunkineely.
  • Tiff Bermuda Grass Dallas Fort Worth Texas Tiff Bermuda Grass Dallas Fort Worth Texas for sale. Pallets of Grass for Sale. Install Bermuda Grass all over DFW Dallas Fort Worth North Richland Hills Haslet Keller Watuaga.
  • Lost Lakes Sprigging- New.wmv
  • Quail Hollow GC renovation Tee sprigging with celebration 18 days from planting
  • Lost Lakes GC Hobe Sound, Florida - Spriging with Certified Tifeagle Sprigs DST Sports Turf has began the spriging process of the club house chipping green & the maintainace green. Hand planting the Tifeagle on to the playing surface, then cutting the sprigs in two ways with a tracktor drivin sprigging unit.
  • Viera East Golf Club - 6 weeks into grow-in stage
  • Sod to Sprigs SprigMaster II 7' Sprigger Slabs of sod to sprigs made easy using the SprigMaster II 7'. This is a fairway( Broadcast) type sprigger. It has spring loaded an swivel coulters on 2" centers. Hold two pallets of sod and can process bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, Zoyzia and paspalum. Rates can be changed by changing the sprokets. 90 to 100 hp tractor required. Also has a roller for packing the ground around the sprigs.
  • Harvesting Sprigs Harvesting Sprigs of Celebration Bermudagrass from Green acres Turf Farm in South Carolina to plant a sports field in Georgia.
  • 6 - Building Bonifay - May 2011 In this segment of our continuing updates on the construction process of the Bonifay Golf Course here in The Villages, golf course designer Ken Ezell of CEC Golf Design Group discusses the process of sprigging the golf course and getting it ready for grass to grow.
  • Sprigging - Not Just for Ceramics! Using the technique derived from the ceramics world, Wilma shows you how to sprig your way to some cool projects!
  • Spriggers Choice Rhizome Harvester and Lift Plow 12302010.wmv 60" wide Lift Plow and 60" wide side load Rhizome Harvester by Spriggers Choice, Inc.
  • Viera East Golf Course- Srigging of the Greens with Emerald Dwarf From farm to greens, this is the sprigging process.
  • Matt Grimmitt Slipware Pottery Sprigging a bottle 05.02.2011 As requested here is a short clip of how I go about applying clay sprigs to a pot.
  • Chilean National Stadium, field renovation (English) Marcela Munoz visits the Chilean National Stadium during an extensive field renovation and sprigging operation, 2010.
  • Arizona Hydroseed LLC seed_llc-b629481 When you are looking to transform your yard start with the pros at Arizona Hydroseed LLC. Our specialists provide services to commercial sites that are too inaccessible for more conventional methods. We offer our clients a more affordable option instead of laying sod or turf to complete your property's appearance.
  • Quail Hollow GC Celebration 4 Hand sprigging golf tee with Celebration Bermudagrass Luis F Soto Cell 941-809-5550
  • Bermuda Grass Sprigging Bermuda King 6 Row John Deere 6430
  • SMR Sprigging.wmv
  • Puma 210 Sprigging
  • Bermuda Planting - No Till Drill Low-res video looking mainly for feedback on content, ie, is this a good example of a no-till drill? Are there things we need not show are there good examples we need to emphasize, etc. This is a no till drill planting Bermuda. Originally the area was full of weeds because it was a feeding area for cattle - there were too many weeds, so it was killed with glyphosate and is now being planted with Bermuda, will again be seeded with Fescue in the fall.
  • Bella Bluegrass Sprigging This video demonstrates how the new vegetative bluegrass Bella is initially planted out on a sod producers field. This particular video was shot at Graff's Turf Farms in Ft. Morgan, Colorado.
  • SprigMaster II 4' & 52" Sod To Sprigs Sprigging machine that uses sod to make sprigs and plant on the go. Uses large round rolls, slabs, and minnie rolls.
  • Greens Renovation Update Week 2 Greens sprigging this week, various other cultural practices
  • Sod to Sprigs Minimum till sprigging First Products Aggrivator used in front of the Sod to Sprigs sprigger to create a seed bed for the sprigs. Published with First Products, Inc. approval. Great for repairing sod fields, sports fields, golf courses etc. Swivel and spring loaded coulters on 2" spaceing.
  • angryvase: SPRIGGING & LACE MAKING WOMEN Post Card IRELAND 1905-15 http://weav.rs/joSQOZ

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  • “" See you in the spring". These were the final words as our golf course superintendent Bill Love left after his last October 2009 visit. Why? During big issue now is weather as it is getting very late for sodding without risking winter grass kill and the sprigging season ended in mid August”
    — See You in the Spring! – Bill Love | Carolina Colours,

  • “thoughts on sprigging Forum Member. Offline. Posts: 33. sprigging " Reply #4 on: August 22, 2008, 09:21:29 PM " I do not have much experience hydrosprigging but did have some soccer fields near me dry sprigged and then kept under almost constant water with large commrcial irrigation heads”
    — thoughts on sprigging,

  • “Sprigging a small pinch pot. We went into the glaze area and looked at the glazes that are Sprigging is a traditional surface decoration and it just takes a little practice to get”
    — Glynnis Lessing " Handbuilding Week 4,

  • “Welcome to the Pottery Forum! We have fun discussing clay in general, problems, projects, and more. Join the conversation, and sign up for the Pottery newsletter as well! In addition to the User Agreement and Guidelines, please remember”
    — What projects would you like to see? - Pottery,

  • “We invite you to visit our Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery Center blog for up-to-date information about our practice serving Savanna, Georgia, the Coastal Empire, and surrounding communities”
    — Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery Center Blog,

  • “ Bull Session is a Cattle Forum for swapping information and asking and answering questions about breed, health problems, beginners questions and jokes about cattle and horses. Sprigging requires extensive site preparation and a 20-foot long machine—a "sprigger”
    — 's Bull Session :: SPRING HAS SPRUNG,

  • “A community and marketplace for art, craft and all handmade products This is a combination of adding small bits of clay to a bead (sprigging) and a bit of piercing, too. I have been working steadily on this (on the left) and these (pictured below) in my spare time for about the last two weeks”
    — lov.li : Natalie Pappas's Blog, lov.li

  • “Sod or seeding/sprigging are the choices a golf course owner has when cannot be matched for many years when compared to seeding/sprigging”
    — IntelliTurf - Artificial Turf and Putting Greens " Blog,

  • “Terra-Sorb® Medium Hydrogel is a high-quality, long-lasting acrylamide copolymer gel that absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases it prior to seeding, sodding or sprigging. Apply by shaker, drop spreader or hand, then rake or rototill into the top 4 inches of soil”
    — Terra-Sorb® SOIL AMENDING | Garden Harvest Supply,

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