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  • The Stereology and Microscopy Research Facility (SMRF) is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Currently, stereology has been done with a slow and labor-intensive user attended approach utilizing a microscope and stereology software. — “Confocal Stereology Resource Center”,
  • 10:23 AM Dec 2nd from Echofon. Über die Mitarbeitersektion lassen sich nun die jeweils zugehörigen Reviews Neue Reviews von Austrian Death Machine, Weezer & Owl City auf #weezer #owlcity #fireflies 2:25 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck. — “Stereology (stereology) on Twitter”,
  • Introduces both basic and advanced concepts in the field of stereology. The emphasis is on the use of stereology in biological research, though anyone interested in learning the basic concepts of stereology will find something of interest. — “ : Home”,
  • Stereology is a methodology that provides meaningful quantitative descriptions of the geometry of three-dimensional structures from measurements that The workshop will emphasize modern "design based" stereology, which is characterized by the preparation and probing of tissue in such a manner that. — “”,
  • The University of Western Australia presents an illustrated description of sampling and measurement techniques. Includes exercises in estimating volume and cell density. Stereology tries to recreate or estimate the properties of geometrical objects in space (anything from a fish to a nerve cell,. — “Blue Histology - A Brief Introduction to Stereology”,
  • Indeed, this is the basis of stereology. That is, stereology. represents the set of methods which allow 3D information about the structure to be obtained from 2D images. Stereology of single objects. Most of the use of stereological measurements is to obtain representative measures of 3D structures. — “Practical Stereology”,
  • Stereology (from Greek stereos = solid) was originally defined as "the spatial interpretation of sections" Stereology is a method that utilizes random, systematic sampling to provide unbiased and quantitative data. — “Stereology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Unbiased stereology has been requested for nerve cell counts in neurotoxicology by the United States Food & Drug Administration, and is now being required by many journals as a condition of acceptance for research articles. The book has been in print since 1998 and has more than 850 citations. — “Unbiased Stereology (www.Unbiased-)”, unbiased-
  • Researchers around the globe use stereology to efficiently and effectively gather quantitative data on the cellular level. At the Sixth Course "Morphometry and Stereology in Neurosciences," taking place October 18-22 in Amsterdam, students will use Stereo Investigator to run stereological. — “Stereology " MBF Mindset”,
  • stereology n. The study of three-dimensional properties of objects or matter usually observed two-dimensionally. — “stereology: Definition from ”,
  • Stereology is a "toolbox" of efficient practical methods for obtaining 3 dimensional information (number, length, surface or volume) from measurements made on 2D microscope sections. This page gives a brief introduction to the technology which can be browsed (and printed out) using the links. — “Stereology”,
  • Definition of stereology in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of stereology. Pronunciation of stereology. Translations of stereology. stereology synonyms, stereology antonyms. Information about stereology in the free online English dictionary and. — “stereology - definition of stereology by the Free Online”,
  • Stereology - the science of estimating geometrical quantities such as numbers of objects, length, surface area, and volume. Stereology Informatica provides a basic introduction to this field used in many disciplines. — “Stereology Informatica”,
  • The Stereology Core Facility™ brings the SRC's complete facilities, resources, personnel, and experience to your projects. Designed for novices or bioscientists with prior stereology experience, this training includes formal lectures, hands-on approaches, discussion of tissue preparation,. — “Disector - Stereology Research, Resources, and Education Programs”,
  • A Brief Description of Stereology, with links to courses and more information. "An International Society of Stereology (the science of three-dimensional interpretation of flat images) has. — “StereologyInformatica”,
  • Stereology is a set of techniques for extracting 3D information from 2D images. The optional Stereology module for AIS uses the new, unbiased stereology. — “Application Guide: Stereology”,
  • Stereology is now considered to be of paramount importance for the advancement of neuroscience and biomedical study. In fact, neuroscientists now recognize stereology as the preferred way to estimate numbers of cell populations in brain structures. — “MBF Labs - Stereology”,

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  • VD4 - "Minute 28" The official Video to his first single: "Minute 28". The single is taken off his album "60 Minutes of Silence", an experimental music experience, released on the stereology label. Should be nominated for some video music awards.
  • Quick 4 Minute Tip: Contours and Markers Editing Contours and Markers with Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator for quicker and easier data collection.
  • Stereologer Demo Video showing equipment configuration and software interface of a computerized stereology system (Stereologer by Stereology Resource Center, Inc.).
  • ADCIS Products : Stereology Module - Frame Counting ImageScope (Aperio) Stereology Toolkit (ADCIS) developed with François Baclesse Cancer Center (Caen, Normandy, France) - Frame Counting Demonstration
  • Dr. James Hogg Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Laureate 2010 Born in Winnipeg, Dr. James Hoggs brilliant career and uniquely-blended background in pathology, pulmonary physiology and molecular biology has leveraged over 40 years of seminal contributions to the world's understanding of lung disease. An outstanding researcher, teacher, lecturer and colleague, Dr. Hogg has arguably had a greater influence on the medical community's knowledge of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma than any other individual worldwide. During his Ph.D. program at McGill University in the 1960s, Dr. Hogg was thoroughly trained in lung morphometry, stereology, respiratory physiology and pathophysiology. He later expanded his experimental toolkit by learning the principles of molecular biology and high resolution lung imaging giving him an unrivaled set of skills and a remarkable ability to understand the relationship between lung structure and function. Throughout his career, Dr. Hoggs research has remained focused on the mechanisms and anatomical sites of obstructive lung disease. His first publication in 1968 presented a revolutionary idea that the focus in COPD should not be on the large airways but rather on the smaller ones. Numerous groundbreaking studies followed both his and those of other investigators that verified the accuracy of Dr. Hoggs original hypothesis and advanced our knowledge of how the lung works in health and disease, including the pathophysiology of asthma and the harmful effects of smoking and pollution. In 1977 ...
  • Quick 1.5 Minute Tip: Resize Cursor and Change Tracing Thickness Quick video on resizing the cursor and changing the tracing thickness in Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator.
  • STEREOLOGER™ State-of-the-art design-based stereology software program, for both Macintosh and PC computers.
  • ADCIS Products : Stereology Module - Point Counting ImageScope (Aperio) Stereology Toolkit (ADCIS) developed with François Baclesse Cancer Center (Caen, Normandy, France) - Point Counting Demonstration
  • 3D neuron modeling This 3D image was reconstructed from a stack of 210 CLSM images, then modeled based on the principles of quantitative stereology. This is a pyramidal cell from CA1 of 90-d old mouse of Alzheimer's disease with the onset of neuropathology.
  • RuufansuOctpz: Unbiased Stereology: Three-Dimensional Measurement in Microscopy:
  • XaldinGoroom: Stereology and Morphometry in Electron Microscopy: Some Problems and Solutions (Ultrastructural Pathology Publi...
  • MirukuCindyzb: Combinatorial Integral Geometry: With Applications to Mathematical Stereology (Probability & Mathematical Stati...
  • SakisakaJoukoap: Guide to Practical Stereology (Karger Continuing Education Ser Vol 1):
  • TsumireEngepg: Stereology and Morphometry in Electron Microscopy: Some Problems and Solutions (Ultrastructural Pathology Publi...
  • Glycosmedia: Stereology of the placenta in type 1 and type 2 diabetes (Placenta)
  • VikesuMikivs: Local Stereology (Advanced Series on Statistical Science and Applied Probability):
  • MDLinx: Stereology of the placenta in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: Placenta #endo
  • KanameAmaejl: Stereology and Morphometry in Electron Microscopy: Some Problems and Solutions (Ultrastructural Pathology Publi...

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  • “Get help studying or researching neuroanaotmy and neural networks Introduce the theory & practice of modern stereology as applied to neural structure”
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  • “Interesting news from Aperio and a partner (ADCIS) introducing stereology techniques with whole slide imaging. The ability to visualize what is normally a 2-dimensional morphology-based slide as a 3-D structure offers possibilities for enhanced”
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  • “gubra. Customer login Blog Publications. Navigation. Categories. gubra News. Methods. Stereology. Publications. gubra publication list Newest comments on the blog. mads commented on Niels Vrang appointed as Adjunct Professor”
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  • “Recent blog posts. USNCCM-11 Minisymposium on Mechanics of Materials from Nano to Macro /wiki/Stereology. Most active research in stereology is done in medical”
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  • “Customer Reviews and Descriptions of Kindle Books Here, methods are outlined, amply illustrated and put forward in the form of exercises making it a pleasure even for the novice reader to get an understanding of what stereology is and what it is for”
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  • “1-day Spring Stereology ShortCourses. New Orleans, Louisiana - March Browse News | Discussion Forum: stereology-resource-center. Post Comment. Topic. Topic”
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