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  • Italian Ice (Go Guido, Go) - The Stools The Stools classic from the early 90's, Italian Ice (Go Guido Go)
  • Potty Talk: Constipation, Malabsorbtion, Loose Stools & Transit Time Are you moving your bowels too fast, too slow or just right?? Find out with this simple, yet accurate test used by holistic health practitioners to assess "transit time". Cause no one wants to be stuck in transit. This video clip has been rebroadcast with permission from Sean @ http
  • How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 4: Stool Bases and Finish Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, demonstrates the final steps to building a pub table and stools. In this video, you will learn how to complete the stools and add the finishing touches. To find the detailed instructions and the rest of this video series, visit First, Keith demonstrates how to build the table stool bases. These stools are made up of the seat, four legs, four aprons and four rungs. You will want to cut the legs to length on the miter saw, then lay out and drill 1 inch diameter holes for the long and short rungs. Next, you will cut the aprons. Cut the long and short aprons to shape with a jigsaw. Then add pocket holes at the end and center. Attach all together with pocket hole screws. Finally, cut the dowels for the long and short rungs 1/4 inch longer than the length provided to allow for sanding the rungs flush after assembly. Now it is time for the stool assembly. Attach the long and short aprons to the stool legs with glue and pocket hole screws. Then apply glue around the circumference on the ends of the long and short rungs, and insert them in the holes in the stool legs. Secure the rungs with nails. Lastly, attach the seat assemblies to the stool base assemblies with glue and pocket hole screws. The final steps to this project are adding any finishing touches. You will fill all holes with wood filler and then sand smooth. Prime and paint the leg assemblies. Keith stains the table and seat tops but paints ...
  • Gary's Stupid Stools (2 of 5) Howard 100 just did their 2009 Best Of, and I'd say this is my favorite moment of the year. Gary puts in a home-theater for the Super Bowl, and includes stools and a counter in the back, and Howard berates him for it.
  • Channel 4 - Embarrassing Bodies: Examining Stools Dr Christian invites a group of amateur actors to document their "poo's". He then discusses with them what a healthy poo and an unhealthy poo should look like. Also discussed are ways to keep a healthy digestive system and some popular "poo" myths are dispelled.
  • onetimeblind - The Stool Since the fall of man, weve been in a power struggle with God over control. We surrender to God's will, but when His reality interferes with our daily lives, we jump right back in the drivers seat. This short video will spark discussion over how committed we are to following God's direction in our lives.
  • HuntMore, 360 Stool Why not build the best hunting stool available? Why not build a product that actually does what you need it to when you're out hunting? With over 20 years of ground hunting experience, I;ve brought, tested, and abused almost every "new and improved" hunting stool that comes onto the market. I finally had it with poor cheap product, and as a result, I decided to design a hunting stool worthy of my time and money (and yours). As a product designer in the outdoor industry for over 30 years, I knew we could do better. So I pulled together a diverse group of talented product development people experience which includes 11 years of R&D and product testing for the world leader in office chairs: Herman Miller®, 8 years of product development and engineering, and 5 years working with some of the premier archery companies. With all of this inspiration under out belt, we set out on a journey to change how you sit in the woods or blind. So are you sick of 5 gallon buckets, cheap throw away products and buying a new hunting seat every year? In just a few years of purchasing cheap stools, you could spend twice the cost of a our 360º Stool and be a lot less comfortable. Why not buy just one well designed quality product that will last and that you will enjoy keeping? Invest in your backside, it'll thank you! And I'll thank you, too! Scott Hoffman, Owner/Design WWW.HUNTMORE.BIZ P.616.399.4673 Patent Pending Copyright 2008
  • Learn with Jo-Ann: How to Reupholster Stools & Chairs Without Sewing Karen from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores demonstrates how to reupholster stools & dining room chairs without sewing. She also shares design tips on how to freshen any room with fabric.
  • Embarrassing Bodies - Passing stools and a visit to the specilalist 9 year old Emily, has a problem with her poo, and according to kids it can't get much more embarrassing than that. Emily has to go to the toilet a lot, often suffering from diarrhoea and a swollen and gassy stomach. Dr Pixie examines Emily's stomach, finding a backlog of poo still in her bowel. She sends Emily to see Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Professor Chris Taylor. Emily is sent for an x-ray, which shows a lot of poo in her bowel that needs to be removed, after further blood tests, biopsies and endoscopies, Emily is diagnosed with probable Coeliac disease. This is a common bowel complaint that is caused by an intolerance to gluten, found in wheat, rye and barley. It affects around 1 in 100 people in the UK, and the symptoms are stomach pain, diarrhoea and vomiting. This new series explores the conditions and ailments that leave many of us a little red-faced and aims to de-stigmatise common complaints.
  • Breast Feeding Guide : Baby Stool While Breastfeeding Learn tips and information on the types of stool your baby will have while breast feeding through the first month in this free video clip. Expert: Asma Hanif Bio: Asma Hanif has been practicing medicine since 1978 and she is also a guest professor. Asma Hanif owns her own private practice in the Gwynn Oak area of Maryland providing medical education. Filmmaker: Antar Hanif
  • I'm On a Stool ft. Lil Maple (I'm On a Boat Parody) ** LYRICS BELOW An "Original" piece written by Teel, Lil Maple and myself. The beat taken was taken from "I'm On a Boat". We just decided to have fun with another music video before the summer ended. Enjoy LYRICS I'm On a Stool ft. Lil Maple Oh shizzel gizzen garf... get your chopsticks ready its about to be china town Every body in the place take a seat But keep on your pants because thatd be gross Lil mape and c spice lets go Im on a stool, I'm on a stool Exuse me I have to pee cause im sittin on a stool I'm on a stool, I'm on a stool Six legs on the regs cause im sittin on a stool Im on a stool seafood lover don't you creep on me Straigt sittin on a stool eatin raw sushi Rockin dual arm floaties lounging in my pool No support for my boes cause im on a stool Take a little trip Get some chicken strips got my size large drink a sierra mist I got my KFC and my twinkie winkies I'm throwin down lucha libre you straight wrestling pinkies Im ridin on my razor, poppin wheelies and caps Im grindin on some cars cappin dogs and cats But this aint x-games, its just some kids on crack But don't forget that stool homie im bringing it back Im on a stool scissor I got some drool scissor Just got attacked in the back by an iguana lizard Better wrestle him down before im barbed like Irwin Slap him around, homie I choke him with a curtain TENGO UN GRAN FIDEOS IN MIS PANTELONES!! (I have a giant noodle in my pants) Destroyin trees to make stools tree hugger Chainsaw and my axe tree hugger ...
  • Transformable Ottoman / Stools Five stools that transform into one ottoman. For more space saving furniture ideas:
  • onetimeblind - THE STOOL - christian drama Kat struggles with giving up complete control to Jesus in this onetimeblind sketch recorded in 2007 at the Knoxville International Youth Convention.
  • How to Build a Bar Stool Scott (former craftsman for Rustic Style, now owner of San Juan Carpentry) shows you how to build a log bar stool. If you'd like to purchase a bar stool or gander at other pieces we build, find us on Facebook! Or email us at [email protected]
  • Dottie Jack - Two Separate Bar Stools With Every Heartbeat
  • Deer Hunting Seats/Ground Hunting Stools http We make hunting seats for hunting deer, turkeys, dove, duck, etc. If you enjoy being close to the action and hunting on the ground, check out the Niff-T-Seat.
  • Steganography Learn how to use Steganographic tools to hide text documents in pictures and sound files.
  • Swinburne University - Stool Design Project 2nd Year Design Students at Swinburne Uni were each given a sheet of Xanita's lightweight X-Board Kraft board, weighing 7 times less than MDF, and had to design a stool for a short-term event. Stools would be disposed of as waste paper post-event. Unlike cheap cardboard, X-Board Kraft has a unique high-crush strength honeycomb core with strong kraft liners sandwiched to both sides, presenting unique challenges to students working mostly with kraft knives as opposed to CNC machinery. Notwithstanding this, the students generated some amazing designs and enjoyed working full scale with no formaldehyde dust in the workshop!
  • Soft Stools on a Raw Food Diet Q&A about Soft Stools on a Raw Food Diet
  • Bar Stools or Counter Stools - How to Choose www.home-and- - Many people make a mistake when choosing Bar or Counter Stools because they don't know the correct size. This video guide will help you understand the difference.
  • How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 2: Table Top and Assembly Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, demonstrates the next steps to building a pub table. In this video, learn how to build the table top and how to assemble the table together. If you missed the first video on how to build table legs, go to /ShopClass. To build the table top, first scribe and miter cut the edging to fit the perimeter of the tabletop. Note that the edging parts are ripped from a 1 x 6. Next, attach the edging to the table top with glue and nails. Now you will create the 4 aprons for the pub table. Cut the aprons to shape and then position them flush with the top and outside faces of the leg assemblies. Attach with glue and pocket hole screws. Finally, attach the table top to the base assembly with glue and pocket hole screws. To learn how to build the table stool seats and to find detailed instructions, visit
  • Contemporary Modern Barstools Counter Stool, Stools - Designer Showcase ! Watch and hear what our Designer & CEO Jeffrey Mastrobuono has to say about this item! View this and more Freedom From the Ordinary contemporary and modern furniture and accessories at View all of our Freedom From the Ordinary barstools and counterstools at
  • Extreme Stool Sitting We gave SportHocker a try, and we sucked.
  • Chinese Lady AKBK - Life On Stools TV interview with a chinese AKBK amputee lady who uses stools to move around. Watch as she walks down the street and shows us her house.
  • How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 1: Table Legs Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, demonstrates the first steps to building a pub table and stools. In this video, you will learn how to create the legs for the pub table. Each pub table leg is made of 4 beveled edge pieces that fit together into a box. To begin, add 1/2 inch to the length dimension for each leg board, and cut the parts to length. This will allow for squaring and cutting after the boards are glued together. After cutting to length, adjust the table saw to 45 degrees and rip the bevel along both long edges of the board. Now, you can try to fit all 4 pieces together by hand, but there is an easier way to do it. Lay three evenly spaced pieces of packing tape (12 inches each) with the sticky side up on your workbench. Then, place the first leg board perpendicular to tape. Press down. Follow by placing the second leg board next to the first board so the beveled edges butt up to each other. Repeat for the third and fourth boards. Then, apply glue to the beveled edges of the leg boards and roll the boards to form a square. While you are waiting for the glue to dry, you can begin working on your other 3 table legs and cutting the foot pieces for the legs. After the glue is dry, you can remove the tape. Don't worry if there are any gaps, as you will fill this with wood filler later on. Now you can square up the table legs on the miter saw. Finish up the table legs by adding the foot pieces with glue and nails. To find the detailed instructions ...
  • How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 3: Stool Seats Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, demonstrates the third step to building a pub table and stools. In this video, you will learn how to create the contoured stool seats. There are a lot of ways to create a curved stool seat, but this way is simple, even though it's a bit time consuming. These seats are made of 25 pieces of wood that give a nice layered look. Start by cutting the pieces with the miter and table saw. Then take one piece, measuring and marking the curve. Next, cut out the curve with the jigsaw. This is your template. Now you can use the template to trace the curve on the rest of the wood pieces. Use a band saw or a jig saw to cut the remaining pieces. Once all are cut, line them up. Apply glue to the faces and clamp them together carefully. Set them aside and let them dry overnight. Once the seat is dry, use sanders to smooth out the curve. You can repeat these steps to build the other three seats. To learn how to finish your pub table & stools and to find the detailed instructions for this project, visit
  • Nutrition & Vitamins : What Is a Healthy Stool? Healthy stool should be brown in color, similar to the shade of cardboard, should be 4 to 8 inches long and should be relatively smooth. Do periodic checks of your stool to monitor any health issues withhealthy advice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition. Expert: Christine Marquette Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Drum trio on stools Very cool 3-man drum act
  • What Exactly Are Normal Stools?
  • How to use S-Tools to hide files inside pictures Shows how to use freeware S-Tools utility to hide and reveal files inside pictures. More info on
  • Amputee Stools DAK CCTV.wmv Amputee DAK lady demonstrating that uniquely Asian art of Stool Walking. Best I have ever seen
  • Guffman stool stool song
  • Doll Table & stools How-to doll table and stools Follow us on Facebook:
  • Bar Stool Manufacturer Richardson Seating Bar stool manufacturer Richardson Seating is featured on Chicago Works. Richardson Seating domestically manufactures commercial furniture, residential furniture, and logo bar stools. Richardson Seating specializes in diner chairs, swivel club chairs, bar stools,...
  • An Introduction To Bar Stools gives help and advice on choosing the right bar stool and kitchen stools for your home. Telling you how gas lifts work, the size & height of stool you need, types of finishes available as well as the different materials used in bar stool seats. Atlantic Shopping Is one of the Uk's largest stockists of stools and one of their team talk you through the options available when choosing your stools.
  • TOOL SHOP DUDES GARAGE / CRAFTSMAN SHOP STOOLS Just a Short Video of my garage and these Super Cool "Craftsman Stools" I picked up at Sears one day, didn't like how they looked , so , I repainted them in Red and added some Vintage 1940's Pin up art to the backs of em' made em' look not so boring , fairly comfortable Stools tho ! Ya, can get em' at Sears order em' on line or go to the store and order them out of the Sears Craftsman Catalog !! Great to have in your Garage or Shop or Aircraft Hanger ! Till Next Time - See Ya You Tubers ,,, The Tool Shop Dude
  • How to Build a Pub Table and Stools: Introduction Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, introduces his next project: building a pub table and stools. While this type of furniture was only originally found in restaurants and pubs, you can now build a stylish pub table for your own home. Watch the complete series for step-by-step instructions: Part 1 - Table Legs Part 2 - Table Top and Assembly Part 3 - Stool Seats Part 4 - Stool Bases and Finish Also, to find drawings and written instructions for this particular project, visit
  • Chainsaw sculpture: making a stool from a log This video shows you how to use a chainsaw to make a one-piece stool from a log, no nails, screws glue or joints required. It also doubles as a small saw bench! I can't claim to have invented this myself though, I learned it while doing chainsaw and tree felling training with David Rossney of Esus Forestry. Be warned, this guzzles fuel - I can get two stools made from one tank. It's also good to start with a sharp chain, as there's a lot of cutting to do. Obviously I need to say here that you shouldn't be using a chainsaw unless you've had some training, either from an official trainer or a forestry expert you happen to know. Also, you should have all the protective equipment - chainsaw trousers and boots, gloves, helmet, visor and ear defenders. Watch a timelapse video of making a stool here: Have fun making stools!
  • Howard Stern - Gary Stool Debate Begins Origin of the home theater battle
  • BrissaOrdonez: RT @shortgirlprblem: Having step stools all over the house.. #shortgirlproblems
  • tankithoong: @kellygoh I don't think so since its only NOW been noticed. I think jFrakes is just really tall and chairs are all stools to him haha
  • lemonslaundry: Cushioned bench at the island instead of stools
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  • StratfordStaar: From Stools And Bouquets To Thrones And Crows ♛ ♥ #OLLG
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  • juliesandhalla: RT @cacctuss: what has four… dogs…chairs…tables…four legged stools….an octopus that was in an accident….me with 2 extra legs……
  • MDSmiths: 7pc Counter Height Dining...
  • cacctuss: what has four… dogs…chairs…tables…four legged stools….an octopus that was in an accident….me with 2 extra legs……
  • uhurufurnitureO: Another Shipment of Stools - $15 each:
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  • Lawson_isBossin: I'm a man. Haha I swear I'm not turning emo. I blame stools...
  • taycarpenter_: RT @lauradora14: I'm too short for bar stools #thestruggle
  • amazinggarage: And the Matching Bar Stools.. KNOLL Bertoia.. (SOLD)
  • lauradora14: I'm too short for bar stools #thestruggle
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  • MelissaaLouise_: These stools are so uncomfortable. My back hurts. My ass hurts. My toes are cold. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I want to go home.
  • DathanGambill: RT @SethMacFarlane: Late #FF - @AmandaSeyfried -- bringing extra stools to the saloon
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  • nancy: Just 3 wks old. Great addition!! atmo, wine, beer amazing! Brutal bar stools. #coolsf #sf (@ 20 Spot)
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  • _ZANDA_: I like stools
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  • kaitlynlopez96: RT @TSwiftOnTour: Post concert depression. Even the b stage stools are sad! #REDColumbus
  • MidModMen: FA BENNE! ITALIAN BAR STOOLS BY ARPA We gathered a little more info about these lightweight, modern bar stools in...
  • Ktrain11: @SethMacFarlane If anyone else had tweeted this I would have thought bar stools before I saw the pic. But because it was you, I thought poo
  • infinityimage: Viewing room table and stools at the studio finished!!!
  • AmandaRHCP13: RT @SethMacFarlane: Late #FF - @AmandaSeyfried -- bringing extra stools to the saloon
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