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  • A Non-DAK modelling subject for me! Sd.Kfz.251 D/9 "Stummel" 251/9 - Schützenpanzerwagen (7.5cm KwK37) Type D. Equipped with a 75 mm L/24 low velocity gun, nicknamed "Stummel" (English is translated as "stump" or a tree stump which is the balance of tree above ground after 'felling' or cutting and the. — “A Non-DAK modelling subject for me! Sd.Kfz.251 D/9 "Stummel"”,
  • Reference, Nuts & Bolts Vol.21, Kanonenwagen Sd.Kfz.251/9 "Stummel" Contains 90 B & W photos, 120 color photos, 12 sets of color plates, six pages of 1/35th-scale line drawings, one page of Tech Manual line drawings, six tables, two organization charts, kitography and bibliography. — “Time on Target - Reviews by Frank De Sisto: Reference, Nuts”,
  • Although 1/72 is not my usual choice of scale, I could not resist this one when it was offered for review as the Stummel is one of my favourite wheeled vehicles. Inside the box are four sprues of well-moulded styrene, a set of decals and good quality instructions. — “Sd Kfz 233 Review by Andrew Judson (Roden 1/72)”,
  • Equipped with a 75 mm L/24 low velocity gun, nicknamed "Stummel" in the 5th (Heavy) Company, 11th SS Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion, 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland. Sporock drove his Stummel into their midst and began to engage them, eventually making 11 kills. — “Casper Sporck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The most popular shape for the porcelain pipe bowl is the so-called stummel, or in German Holländisches Modell, an elongated oval bowl with on the base a knob shaped heel and a short stem. The plain shape of the stummel was the ideal base for the development of porcelain painting. — “ - porcelain pipes”,
  • I like to work pipes through in small batches using one of two different methods--the more traditional method, where I drill with the stummel chucked in the lathe before shaping, and the shape first method, where I shape first, and then drill freehand after the initial shaping. — “Stummels: Drill first, shape second”,
  • Hasegawa 1/72 Sd.Kfz 251/9 Stummel # MT46 Hasegawa 1/72 Sd.Kfz 251/9 Stummel # MT46. This product was added to our catalog on . ** Overseas customers should note that paints can only be shipped by surface mail. — “Hasegawa 1/72 Sd.Kfz 251/9 Stummel # MT46”,
  • Stummel. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 4 July 2009, at 10:46. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “Stummel - Wiktionary”,
  • English Translation for Stummel - German-English Dictionary. — “ | Stummel | English Dictionary”,
  • Buy MC Motoparts, Aftermarkert Mirrors Set items on eBay. Find a huge selection of Fuel Cap, Ducait, Suzuki items and get what you want today. Schwarz Stummel LENKER 53mm Fork DUCATI APRILIA RSV4. — “MC Motoparts items - Get great deals on Aftermarkert Mirrors”,
  • It was stressed for a phenomenal +12 and -9 G, and had a very high rate of roll, and could achieve 450 kmh in a dive. Many future Luftwaffe pilots had their first experience of aerobatic flying in these gliders. — “Stummel Habicht by Mark Davies (CMR 1/72)”,
  • The stainless steel tube serves the dual purpose of perfectly aligning the hole in the bamboo with the hole in the stummel, and serves to make the joint between the bamboo and stummel very strong. Often times, a vulcanite transition piece is nice between the bamboo and stummel. — “Bamboo Shanks - Pipedia”,
  • Freestyler Stummel vs. Beatbox Fitzmann konri53 | December 02, 2007. Freestyler Stummel vs. Beatbox Fitzmann. konri53 | December 02, 2007. Freestyler Stummel vs. Beatbox Fitzmann. Category: Film & Animation. Tags:. — “YouTube - Eisfeld Halle53 Freestyle Stummel Fitzmann”,
  • list of plastic scale model kits of ground military vehicles|transport manufactured by RODEN. Following items are among them:British armoured car (Pattern 1920 modified w/sand tyres) (Roden802),IS-3 Stalin (RODEN701),Opel Blitz (Kfz.305, 233 'Stummel'. — “RODEN-list of plastic scale model kits of ground military”, military.scale-model-
  • This vehicle has been neglected by model manufacturers for a long time. Now we have 2 different kits of it: the earlier Sd.Kfz. 250/1 "NEU" (or NEW) and the latest kit of the 250/8 "STUMMEL" (means STUMP or STUB because of it's short-barreled weapon. — “Dragon's Sd.Kfz. 250/8 'Stummel'”,
  • Store. Options. Search for posts by Stummel. Boards. mailing list. links. downloads. Contests Stummel. Profile. Bio. Recent Posts. Shared Favourites. Member Since. 12/15/2009 7:04:44 PM. — “”,
  • Home " Architecture " Construction " Extension to Georgian House by Henning Stummel Architects Henning Stummel Architects designed a modern extension architecture of the house that placed all the bathroom facilities into their own structure. — “Extension to Georgian House by Henning Stummel Architects”,
  • 'Online' Catalogue: Czech Master Resin Models - Highly-Detailed Aviation Model Manufacturer. 1/72nd and 1/144th scales — “CMR Models - Stummel Habicht Glider: Model Review by Mark J”,
  • Roden ROD-706 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 233 STUMMEL German WW2 Eight-Wheeled Armored Car on . Model kits, Military Books and Magazines - the choice of the whole internet. — “Roden ROD-706 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 233 STUMMEL German WW2 Eight”,
  • It was soon named affectionately among the troops as Stummel (stump) because of the guns short length. The Stummel' in Flames of War. You can have Stummels as a weapons choice in your Gepanzerte. — “Hobby”,
  • mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf D (Sd.Kfz.251/9 Stummel) Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf D. Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf D. Sd. Schützenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.251/9 (7.5cm) Stummel. leichte Schützenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.250/1 (Neu) leichte Schützenpanzerwagen Sd. — “mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf D (Sd.Kfz.251/9”,
  • Pipe Making->Stummel Work->Drilling on a Lathe. Drilling on a lathe is an odd experience the first time you do it or see it done. It works quite well, and has a few advantages that make me prefer drilling a stummel this way over drilling with a press. There are two main advantages to drilling on a. — “Tyler Lane Pipes”,
  • London Architect Henning Stummel. Award winning London Architect, winning Grand Designs Best Conversion 2009. — “Cotswolds Barn Conversion | London Architects, Award winning”,

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  • Lieberg Pipes of ETSY The John Wayne Pipe Custom Its hard to describe the Detail and Communication and overall Commitment that LIEBERG Pipes, put fourth into Creating this one of A Kind Custom. The pipe was Packaged so Well with also a Certificate of Being the First Signed Lieberg Pipe, along with The Great Pipe Pouch with Stem compartment and a Hand full of Pipe Cleaners!! Every Step of the Way I was informed and Consulted on the Pipe, and Felt very Comfortable and Assured This would be the Great Pipe it is Today! So Here it is The "Duke" John Wayne pipe!! LIEBERG ETSY Desciption- Freehand styled creation came into shape like an old west cowboy hat, rough around the edges with burl skin at both ends; the design was intentional, to bring out an essence of the one, the only, the man...John Wayne. Made from a plateau block of Briarwood, the distinct grain is mostly vertical and straight, like a tall John Wayne hat. To add to the personality, no stain was applied, completely virgin, keeping the shade light to contrast with the skin on bowl and stem. Buffed endlessly with more coats of Carnauba wax than you can count on fingers and toes, plus the amber colored lucite stem was buffed with several coats of tripoli wax. Great shine all over, smooth draw, comfortable to grip, great pipe for your "holster". Bonus--this is the first Numbered Lieberg Pipe, L1 engraved on bottom of bowl. Measurements: Stem 2 3/4", Stummel 3 1/4", Total length of pipe 6". Tobacco Chamber 3/4", depth 2". Tobacco Chamber Walls 5/16" to 1/2". Bowl ...
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  • Cruel Intentions - Getting away with murder And i've done it again.Another MV from me. My 3rd one , this time with Cruel Intenions , i hope you enjoy!
  • Some finished primitive clay pipes... The first one (the one I'm smoking) is the one with the cracked bowl and stem put together with JB Weld.. The second one (cries) is repaired at the junction between the stummel and bowl. The third and forth ones came out fine with nothing more then reinforcement around the mortise/stummel area. Next batch is on the way.
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  • Pörri Orava, jakso 1 - Lähtö kylästä 1/2 Pörri Orava animesarja vuodelta 1979. Suomeksi dubannut Dubberman. Bannertail: The Story of Gray Squirrel (シートン動物記 りすのバナー, Shīton Dōbutsuki Risu no Banā?) is an anime series made by Nippon Animation in 1979. It is based on the 1922 book Bannertail: The Story of Gray Squirrel by Ernest Thompson Seton. It ran for a total of 26 episodes[1] and told the story of Puschel, a young orphaned squirrel raised by a kindly mother cat, and his adventures in the forest. It is best known by its German version, entitled Puschel das Eichhorn. Characters * Puschel (Tsukase Noriko) is the protagonist of the series, a young squirrel who wears a bell around his neck. Orphaned as a baby, he was taken in and raised by a cat. A fire in the first episode separates him from his adopted mother and he flees to the forest where he befriends the wild squirrels and learns to survive. His feline upbringing means he is braver and tougher than other squirrels. Rather than flee from predators he will often attack them head on, especially to save his friends. * Sue (Yokozawa Keiko) is a young female squirrel with a flower in her hair. She is attracted to Puschel due to his innocence and more than any of the others she is helpful in teaching him how to survive in the wild. The two eventually marry and have children in the series' final episode. * Graubart (Ikeda Kazuomi) is Sue's grandfather and the oldest and wisest of the squirrels. He presides over festivals and ceremonies and makes all of ...
  • Drive By - Train Cover ft. Géanne This is my first cover with my BESTBESTBESTBESTBBEST friend in the world ((:
  • Underworld Evolution - Forsaken When i was bored i had an idea for a new Vid :P
  • Company of Heroes Europe in Ruins 2011 Visit the mod at Eirr is a persitency modification for COH *note* skin pack was used* Music: Two Steps From Hell - After the Fall
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  • Custom LEGO Military Chopper, Willy's Jeep and Scout Car "Stummel" by Brick Brigade A custom LEGO review of Military Chopper, Willy's Jeep and Scout Car "Stummel" by the Brick Brigade. This is great looking military and war stuff for WW2, German soldier minifigures and vehicles.
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  • WWII German Half Tracks (for Panzer Command) German WWII Half Tracks made by Spellir for a computer game called "Panzer Command". ----------- The German Half Tracks ~CONTENTS : 19 new Halb ketten! And mostly new custom crews. _Body types_ -"251 early" (AB) [A and B were the same except for viewport evolution.] -"251" stock (which is actually ausf C without camo) -"251 C_late" (with camo) -"251_D" (late war; the most numerous SPW made) _Gunned etc Versions_ ...Duplicated on each of the above four body types. _Also the guns and shields change to sub variants where appropriate!!_ 04 ... Kompanie kraft towing (early company command [see below]) 05 ... Engineer leader/ equipment carrier. And mit sPzBuK41 later. 07 PiWg ... Engineer's bridge variant, squad carrier. And mit sPzBuK41 later. 09 Stummel (KwK L/24 75mm Kurz [short]) ... Kompanie Kommando (2.5 gun types) 10 PaK36 ... Zug Kommando [Platoon command] (2 gun types; four shield types) 22 PaK40 ... PzJg Btn's _OR_ Pz Gren Komp's PaK Wg. (late war aux SP ATG [self propelled anti tank gun].) IMO standouts are 09 (the kwk37 early types) and Piwgs (and tools on the early hulls ;-)). --- A 6/39 B 3/40 C 1/41 (14.5mm armoured nose plate) [!!earlier date seen!!!] D 9/43 (09 came first) The earliest SPWs were the/1, the /10 [zug Kom] and the /4 which towed a 75IG or PaK40, 105IG or PaK38. The 04 was replaced out right by the 09 which did the same kompanie kommander's IG job better. The 05 was first of dedicated Pionier, coming a little later than the /10 and 04. The 09 ...
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  • M4H00583.MP4 First stummel shaped, second stummel drilled. Airways touch with a 2mm bore on the first try.
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  • Tenchu - Blood Brothers Another AMV from me, this time with Tenchu my favorite PS1/2 game ever! I hope you enjoy I have made it today when i was bored...
  • Four Completed Briar PIpes this weekend - finally will sell a few All of these pipes are sold. Well I had a relaxing and productive weekend making pipes. I completed four pipes and have another 3 in the roughed out stage which I show in the video. These are quality pipes made by hand and using Delrin rod for the tenon to provide a great stem to pipe fit and add strength. Some of the pipes have minor briar flaws which I point out. These pipe will last a lifetime if take care of but see my note at the bottom on carbonizing your new pipe and be sure to run a pipe cleaner down your pipe to dry it out after each bowl. I also highly recommend letting your pipe site for at least 24 hour between smokes to help it last a lifetime. Flikr: The pipes: 1st is a rusticated black pipe in a style similar to a Dublin.. but different. It's a pretty light weigh pipe with a 3/4" tobacco chamber. For a tenon (connection from the stem to the wood pipe) I used Delrin which I think is superior to machining the vulcanite stem to make the tenon. This pipe does have a few slight briar imperfections on the top rim and on the rusticated side hear the stem. This will not cause any problems and is barely noticable. See video and pictures for reference. 2nd pipe is probably my favorite to date. It's a billiard style with a smooth top, smooth top band, rusticated bowl and a smooth spot on the stummel to show off the grain. This is a nice long pipe with a large 7/8" bowl. Delrin tenon used on this pipe as well. 3rd pipe: Poker nose warmer. This is a short ...
  • SF POY 2011 Roughing In The Pipe After drilling and lathe shaping the stummel, I trim some of the block to avoid an excess of dust generation, then shape it on my belt grinder. For some pipes, this is the tool of choice for roughing in a pipe because it's very easy to make the straight lines that are needed on a straight pipe. For others, the shaping wheel is best.
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  • Wehrmacht - Stummel [Sampolit Film] 7. episode from the technical serial about the weapons of the Wehrmacht. As part of the experimentation, in 1942 at the Büssing-NAG plant, the 75 mm gun was mounted on one of the regular SdKfz 231. Though the dimensions of this gun were insignificant, it was still too big for the armored body of the SdKfz 231, therefore its design had to be modified. A new body for the heavy armored artillery support vehicle SdKfz 233, as the Stummel, was built. Construction was undertaken using parts from its predecessors. The turret was completely demounted, and most of the equipment unrelated to artillery supports, were removed. After all these measures, the crew decreased from 4 to 3 persons due to the lack of free space inside the armored body. The Stummel proved to be a serious weapon. The major threat for these vehicles came from ground attack aircraft - the big opening on the top of their armored bodies was very vulnerable to bombs or strafing. Despite the small quantity of SdKfz 233 built, they were actively used in every theater of conflict, from 1942 until the final days of the war. After the SdKfz 233 had proved the concept of artillery support by armored cars the work on developing the SdKfz 234/3 began straight away. This machine replaced similar machines of the SdKfz 233 type. In October the first prototype SdKfz 234/3 was delivered to the range of the armored-technics concern Ariss. As with the Sd. Kfz. 233 Stummel, the superstructure and top armor plate were dismantled ...
  • : Johs at the Disk Sander Johs goes from a stummel turned on the lathe to a fully rough shaped pipe in exactly two minutes.
  • Shopping for Columbine I went to bought sour cram :)
  • Flieger's first pipe carving project. Part I This is part 1 in my 2-part pipe carving series.
  • Old Toby - The Different Pieces and Parts of a Tobacco Pipe This video lists the different parts of a Tobacco Pipe. Make sure you visit for one of the worlds only, free, radio shows about Pipes and Tobaccos! The parts shown are 1. Bow Heel 2. Tobacco Chamber 3. Mortis 4. Shank Face 5. Rim Face 6. Bowl 7. Shank 8. Stummel 9. Foot 10. Stem 11. Bit 12. Stem Face 13 Tenon
  • QuinlanMolina: >>>Cheap Compare prices 1936 Print Arthur Gerlach Pipe Tobacco Smoking Lathe Wood Tools...
  • QuinlanMolina: >>>Cheap Compare prices 1936 Print Arthur Gerlach Pipe Tobacco Smoking Lathe Wood Tools...

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  • “Reference, Nuts & Bolts Vol.21, Kanonenwagen Sd.Kfz.251/9 "Stummel" Contains 90 B & W photos, 120 color photos, 12 sets of color plates, six pages of 1/35th-scale line drawings, one page of Tech Manual line”
    — Time on Target - Reviews by Frank De Sisto: Reference, Nuts,

  • “Shisha Foren Community - Dein Shisha Forum Hurra Hurra, der Reviewbereich ist wieder da. 7. Stummel. 772. 27.01.2010 14:41. by Dark-Cody. Teamzuwachs und Update: Änderung! 15. Stummel. 1,233. 16.01.2010 16:16. by p0rn0 al f0rn0. Frohes neues Jahr. 5. Stummel. 685. 03.01.2010 12:55”
    — Shisha Foren Community | Ankündigungen,

  • “Shisha & Wasserpfeifen Forum - Wir sind das weltweit größte Shisha-Forum - welches bei allen Fragen zum Thema Shisha (auch als Wasserpfeifen bekannt) helfen kann”
    — Profile of "Stummel" - Members - Shisha & Wasserpfeifen Forum, shisha-

  • “In addition to showing you what's on the bench this week, I thought I'd take a series of pics showing the major steps in the process. I like to work pipes through in small batches using one of two different methods--the more traditional method,”
    — Three Freehands--Volcano, Eggy Apple, and Horn,

  • “The #1 Battlefield Evolution miniatures game community fan-site. News, fan forums, gallery, game strategies, contests, terrain & minis. IIRC it was already discussed at length here and the MGP forum. HE is represented by the LZ value. And yes, it was (after serious testing) toned down”
    — :: View topic - Released: German Vehicle,

  • “by cherry-forum (Oct 21st 2010, 7:19am) Übergang Stummel-Außenflügel. by thomundcherry by cherry-forum (Jun 30th 2010, 10:58am) 5. 155. by Hermsen (Sep 14th 2010, 3:21pm) New”
    — Wings , Elevator & Vertical Fin - CHERRY BX-2 Forum, cherry-

  • “A Non-DAK modelling subject for me! Sd.Kfz.251 D/9 "Stummel" Hoped I would not be in trouble with my friend Panzerserra for posting in his section of forum”
    — A Non-DAK modelling subject for me! Sd.Kfz.251 D/9 "Stummel",

  • “Last time I saw it his cats were living in it! Stummel. View Member Profile. Sunday 27th July 2008 - 9:41pm. Post #8. Status: Forum User. Posts: 41. Joined: March 2006. From: 50km to Nurburgring :) Drives: Polo 6n Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — Club Polo,

  • “I cleaned my Savinelli churchwarden following what must of the pipe smokers say it is a good routine cleaning process. I overnighted my bowl with gra”
    — Stem tight fit after cleaning - Pipe Smokers Forum,

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