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  • currently subeconomic (subeconomic resources). The. term "geologic reserve" has been applied by others between subeconomic and other occurrences is. limited by the concept of current or potential feasibility. of economic production,. — “Mineral Commodity Summaries 2008--Appendixes”,
  • Sept. 22-25, 2002, Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v. 26, p. 485-490. Edmiston, R.C. and Benoit, W.R., 1984, Characteristics of basin and range geothermal systems with fluid temperatures of 150° to 200° C: Geothermal Title: Location of Economic or Subeconomic Geothermal Systems in Nevada. — “Location of Economic or Subeconomic Geothermal Systems in Nevada”,
  • The criteria for thickness of coal and for overburden have been selected so that the reserve base includes some currently subeconomic coal. Some measured, indicated, and inferred resources are subeconomic because they are too thin to mine or are buried too deeply to be mined by. — “Circular 891 - Coal Resource Classification System”,
  • Show: All matches, Common words and phrases only, Common words only a mi motora. 3. subeastlant. 4. subeconomic resources. 5. subeconomy. 6. subedar. 7. subedar. — “Words that match the pattern "sube*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • 'Subeconomic': Refers to those resources which do not meet the criteria of economic; Subeconomic Resources include paramarginal and submarginal categories. (iii) Subeconomic Resources are largely from historic company reports. — “National Classification System for Identified Mineral”,
  • 37 Bcf of demonstrated subeconomic resources. The identified resources also include 150 um in inferred subeconomic resources. The demonstrated helium resources contained on Federal. lands are approximately 155 Bcf,. — “2001”,
  • It may encompass those parts of the resources that have a reasonable potential for becoming economically available within planning horizons beyond those that assume proven technology and current economics. some of those that are currently subeconomic (subeconomic resources). — “reserve base”,
  • On the other hand many previously subeconomic resources have now become economic ore and On the other hand many previously subeconomic resources have now become economic ore and. — “User:Egoli/sandboxpeakcopper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Acronym Finder: SDR stands for Subeconomic Demonstrated Resources (Australian mining). — “SDR - Subeconomic Demonstrated Resources (Australian mining)”,
  • Vena Resources Inc. is pleased to announce underground confirmation drilling in the historical Azulcocha Zinc mine continues to show positive results in a series of holes between levels 0 and -40:. — “Vena Resources Intersects High-Grade Zinc plus Gold Zone in”,
  • Home " Gold & Precious Metals Stocks " Gold Price GA_googleFillSlot_sa("Search_195x45_Dropdown" subeconomic ore into profitable Reserves and potentially profitable Reserve Base; and (c) miners have spent over $40 billion exploring and locating new ore bodies. — “Gold Supply Potentially Gigantic: In and Above Ground Gold”,
  • Three underperforming, or subeconomic, sector education and training authorities (Setas) have been axed as part of the long-awaited restructuring exercise, while others are to be realigned and restructured in line with South Africa's emerging. — “New growth path imperatives form basis for Seta overhaul”,
  • The insect pest complex affecting alfalfa includes a variety of insect species of which one or more may become abundant enough to warrant the plant bugs, and the alfalfa blotch leafminer are maintained at subeconomic levels of activity by biological control agents, but outbreaks do occur. — “Insect Pest Management on Alfalfa, FC-ENT-0031-00”,
  • "After assessing the commerciality of the entire operating well stock together with the economics department, we compile a list of subeconomic wells and decide whether to perform well interventions or to shut in wells for subsequent suspension or abandonment", says Popov. — “TNK-BP Cuts Subeconomic Wells by 25% at Sorochinskneft”, tnk-
  • This report deviates from previous reports in defining helium reserves. It includes only the estimated helium contained in fields and formations from This includes 131 Bcf of demonstrated reserves, 132 Bcf of demonstrated marginal reserves, and 37 Bcf of demonstrated subeconomic resources. — “"Helium Resources of the United States - 2003" by B. D. Gage”,
  • Interred subeconomic silver resources of 14,000 short tons (st), averaging 6.38 oz (troy)/st, and inferred subeconomic gold An inferred subeconomic gold resource of about 400 st averages 0.075. — “Gold Silver Barium Deposits Mohave County ARIZONA on”,
  • Geologic observations suggest two stages of hydrothermal activity at a number of presently subeconomic iron oxide copper-gold systems in the Olympic Dam district, eastern Gawler craton. They contain high-, and moderate- to low-temperature Fe oxide-rich hydrothermal alteration. — “Fluid Evolution and Origins of Iron Oxide Cu-Au Prospects in”,
  • TNK-BP Cuts Subeconomic Wells by 25 Percent at Sorochinskneft The number of subeconomic wells at fields operated by Sorochinskneft (part of Orenburgneft, a TNK-BP subsidiary) was trimmed 25 percent in March, TNK-BP reported in a news release. Arkadiy Popov, the head of Sorochinskneft's. — “TNK-BP Cuts Subeconomic Wells by 25 Percent at Sorochinskneft”,
  • Subeconomic definition, pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and commodities. See more. — “Subeconomic | Define Subeconomic at ”,
  • Troodos mountain range, Cyprus : A mountain range stretching across most of the western side of Cyprus. Several chromite occurrences and mines are located around Mount Olympus, the highest peak of the Troodos mountain range. A occurrences (most of them subeconomic) have been mapped by Greenbaum. — “Troodos mountain range, Cyprus”,

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  • Senate Session 2011-03-17 (17:13:44-18:28:06)
  • Rural KwaZulu-Natal school Kinects the dots in world-first teaching trial In a world-first, a study testing the benefits of integrating interactive hands-free gaming systems into primary school classrooms is being conducted in South Africa. The game-changing study is being run in partnership with Microsoft in the remote district of Vryheid in rural KwaZulu-Natal, at a small school that services sub-economic elementary learners.

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  • “ reserves and a discretionary percentage of subeconomic resources." USGS calculated global gold Reserves and subeconomic ore into profitable Reserves and potentially profitable Reserve Base; and (c) miners have spent”
    — Why Gold is Too High at $1350 (Part II) " Super Stock Screener,

  • “BLDGBLOG ("building blog") is written by Geoff Manaugh in Los Angeles, publishers, editors, friends, or colleagues, with whom this blog is not affiliated”
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  • “marginally economic (marginal reserves), and some of those that are currently subeconomic (subeconomic resources) WTO, Public Forum 2008: Markets for Raw Materials and Energy – What Role for the WTO?”
    — Unclassified TAD/TC/WP(2009)27/FINAL,

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  • “Comments on Solar Blog. Comment on "Solar Products and Representatives" composite-/materials-forum.htm" >forum on integrated knowledge</a”
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  • “Insect Blog 8-16-10. Weather- Temperatures remain high 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit and Tennessee Valley fields have subeconomic levels of bean leaf beetles”
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  • “David Strahan is an award-winning investigative journalist and documentary film-maker who specializes in popularizing some of the most difficult and important stories in business and science”
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