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  • A subnet is a logical grouping of connected network devices. When a subnet is properly implemented, both the performance and security of networks can be improved. — “Subnet - Subnets in Computer Networking”,
  • Online IP subnet, CIDR/VLSM/supernet and wildcard mask calculators. The IP Subnet Mask Calculator enables subnet network calculations using network class, IP address, subnet mask, subnet bits, mask bits, maximum required IP subnets and maximum required hosts per subnet. — “Online IP Subnet Calculator”, subnet-
  • Calculate Subnet Mask from host ip address tool. Subnet mask: A subnet mask is a mechanism used to split a network into subnetworks; it can be used to reduce the traffic on each subnetwork by. — “IP Subnet Mask Calculator :: Webmaster Tools”, webtools.live2
  • The subnet mask is the network address plus the bits reserved for identifying the subnetwork. It's called a mask because it can be used to identify the subnet to which an IP address belongs by performing a bitwise AND operation on the mask and. — “What is Subnet mask ? what is Subnet Mask ? why is it”,
  • A subnet (short for subnetwork) is an identifiably separate part of an organization's network. Typically, a subnet may represent all the machines at one geographic location, in one building, or on the same local area network (LAN). — “What is subnet? - Definition from ”,
  • Collection of online subnet calculator tools to aid in IPv4 and IPv6 network and subnet calculations, with support for CIDR, wildcard, hexadecimal notations and subnet and supernet support. — “ - Subnet Calculators”,
  • Free TCP/IP Network Calculators. Includes web-based Subnet, Supernet and network / node calculators. — “Network Calculators”,
  • At the bottom there is a quick how-to on calculating subnets. For more information on subnetting, see RFC Number of Subnets - "( )" Refers to the number of effective subnets, since the use of subnet numbers of all 0s or all 1s is highly frowned upon and RFC non-compliant. — “Internet Protocol (IPv4) Subnet Chart”,
  • Under supernetting, the classful subnet masks are extended so that a network address and subnet mask could, for example, specify multiple Class C subnets with one address. For example, If I needed about 1000 addresses, I could supernet 4 Class C networks together:. — “Subnet”, hitech-
  • An IP subnet calculations tutorial. Numerous examples of address calculations. To subnet, the default subnet mask for a network is extended to cover bits of the address that would otherwise be part of the host field. — “IP Subnet Calculations”,
  • subnet ( SUBNET work) A logical division of a local area network, which is created to improve performance and provide security. — “Subnetwork: Information from ”,
  • Through a For IT, By IT editorial filter, Network Computing connects the dots between architectural approach and how technology impacts the business, applications, and network. — “Subnet Addressing - Network Computing”,
  • A subnetwork, or subnet, is a logically visible subdivision of an IP All computers that belong to a subnet are addressed with a common, identical, most. — “Subnetwork - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • SUBNET offers electric utilities solutions that revolutionize the way substations are managed and Makes Substations More Intelligent. — “NERC CIP, Smart Grid, and Intelligent Substation Solutions”,
  • A free, lecture-based course on addressing TCP/IP Networks that includes IP Addresses and Subnetting. Topics include: Binary Math, IP Addressing (IP Address), ARP, Subnet Mask, Subnetting, and CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing). — “Learn to Subnet”,
  • Online Subnet Calculater. Your browser does not support JavaScript (if you are using Netscape 3 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher you may have JavaScript turned off in your network preferences), so you cannot use the Network Calculators. — “Subnet Calculator”,
  • The subnet mask for a particular IP address is actually used by the router to resolve which part of the IP address is providing the network address and which part of the address is providing host address. The basic subnet masks for each class are shown below. — “IP Routing on Subnets”,
  • Subnet how to articles and videos including How to Calculate the Subnet Mask, The Importance of Subnetting, How to Calculate Subnet Range and much more!. — “Subnet - How To Information | ”,
  • With the remaining five host ID bits, each subnet can have up to 32 host addresses, 30 of This allows each subnet so have 2048 host addresses (211), 2046 of which could be. — “IP Addressing and Subnetting for New Users - Cisco Systems”,
  • This page describes the term subnet and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is subnet? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • Subnetting is the process of breaking down an IP network into smaller sub-networks called 'subnets. ' Each subnet is a non-physical description (or ID) for a physical sub-network (usually a switched. — “Subnetting”, tech-

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  • SQL 2008 R2 Cluster Protection to Remote Subnet This video shows how to protect a SQL Cluster (2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2) to a remote subnet that uses a different IP range. Previous videos have demonstrated how to create a multi-site SQL Server 2008 R2 cluster, but the current release of SQL 2008 R2 does not allow clusters to stretch across IP subnets. Double-Take Availability Application Manager can be used to protect an existing SQL Cluster (either a traditional shared disk cluster using Shared Disk or a Double-Take Geocluster using a Replicated Disk) to a second cluster. The second cluster again can be any type of disk - even a single node cluster. This video shows how to configure protection between the two clusters, demonstrates a graceful failover between sites and demonstrates a complete production cluster failure resulting in a failover to the DR cluster. Hyper-V Virtual Machines are used in this video but the same configuration could be used on Physical Servers, ESX Virtual Machines or any other hardware/hypervisor type.
  • TCP/IP and Subnet Masking Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: November 19, 2010 Length of Class: 69 Minutes Tracks Networking Prerequisites Introduction to Networking Purpose of Class This class teaches students about the components and concepts in a TCP/IP network. Chapters TCP/IP Overview (2:32) How TCP/IP Works (16:53) TCP/IP Numbering (43:00) Subnet Masking (48:17) Final Thoughts (64:03) Class Notes 1. TCP/IP Is technically a Protcol Suite IP Routes Traffic Layer 3 OSI Model Network Routable Networks (sub networks) TCP controls transmission between connected systems Layer 4 OSI Model Transport Windowing is the process of sending data from one computer to another in TCP/IP version 4 2. How TCP/IP Works IP Addresses -- Every device on a TCP/IP network needs an individual IP Address DNS (Domain Name Service/Server) resolves Domain names into IP Addreses DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protcol) Servers automatically assign IP information to clients for a specific time period (Lease). Clients try to renew leases at 50% expiration point. Default Gateway (Router) connects networks. If an IP Address cannot be found on the local network the computer tries to use the Default Gateway to find the target. Subnets and Subnet Masking -- Subnets are individual networks. Subnet Masks divide IP Addresses in Subnet Number and Host Number What the Number Mean IP Addresses and Subnet Masks are made of 4 Octets of Bits 128-64-32-16-8-4-2-1 Subnet Masking IP Addresses contain the Subnet ...
  • (HD) How to Subnet Class C Easy! Part 1 of 5 Subnetting, once you understand how it works, is very easy! The process I use allows me to subnet an IP address in no time at all. I hope this video will help you understand subnetting! Chart I use: 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 * * * * * * * * 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 Computer Specs: Running Gv2 (Short for Grill Version 2) AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition 3.0GHz 4GB of DDR2 800MHz 9800GTX+ w/ 1GB DDR3
  • Subnet Exploration Project Part 43 This is the last one (so far).
  • Subnet the Easy and Fast way CCNA ICND CCENT As currently hosted on Cisco's Learning Network CLN, (Under CCNA) This proven method has helped hundreds if not thousands of students over the last 7 years to reduce the time it takes to answer tough questions from 3 minutes to 3 - 15 seconds! This training will take your existing understanding of IP addressing and teach you to program your mind to answer tricky IP addressing related questions found in the ICND1, ICND2, CCNA, BSCI and other Cisco Exams. You may already be able to perform these tasks but can you do it quickly?
  • TCP/IP Lesson: Subnet Mask, ARP and DNS Part 2 Lesson on Subnet Mask, ARP and DNS Part 2
  • How to subnet a network into 7 subnets of varying sizes? part1 In this tutorial, I use VLSM to divide a network into 7 subnets of varying sizes. This is an important skill for the Cisco CCNA.
  • Learn to Subnet the Easy Way Subnetting Video www.subnetting-
  • Static Routing: Routing Between 11 Subnets - Part 2 Static Routing: Static Routing Table Configuration for 11 Subnets of a class C network.
  • Subnetting in 6 easy steps - part 1 How to do TCP/IP Subnetting in your head. Just remember 6 questions. -- Part 1 Part 2 -
  • Subnet Mask Basic explanation of what subnet mask are and how they work.
  • Subnet Cafe (Arxaia Korinthos) Panhgyri Agiwn Anargyrwn me party...pou allou? Sto Subnet Cafe fysika!!!
  • Subnet Exploration Project Part 1 Submachine Network Exploration Project is NOT a game...but it still needs a video.
  • Variable Length Subnet Masking Part 1
  • Subnetting - Finding the Subnets - part3 - A lecture on subnetting, calculating the subnets, and the magic number
  • Subnet a network and provide additional subnets In this tutorial, I go through the process of subnetting a network into multiple subnets according to a network diagram and the question's requirements.
  • IP Subnet Calculator
  • Static Routing: Routing Between 11 Subnets - Part 1 Static Routing: Routing Between 11 Subnets of a class C network. Configuring static routing table entries.
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  • FREE IP Subnet Calculator A very handy subnet calculator for you to use.
  • Variable Length Subnet Masks This HOW2 shows how to create an efficient IP Addressing scheme for a given set of requirements.
  • Configuring the correct mask for OSPF loopbacks Humphrey Cheung Southern California RouterGods Meetup Group
  • Learn How To Subnet for CCNA Exam In this video I show you a couple examples of subnetting that is applicable to the Cisco ICND1 and CCNA Exam.
  • classB subnet answer taocircle asked about class B subnetting. I dont have much time so I did a quick and dirty answer for the question he asked. After watching what I did Ive determined that this is a pretty crappy explanation in my opinion, and so I may just go and do some decent general subnetting explanation videos eventually but for now heres what you got. hope it helps taocircle.
  • TCP/IP Lesson: Subnet Mask, ARP and DNS Part 1 Lesson on Subnet Mask, ARP and DNS Part 1
  • What is the subnet? Easy Solution - Solving a "What is the slash subnet?" problem.
  • CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 1.4 - Subnet Masks - Part 1 See our entire index of CompTIA Network+ videos at - IP subnetting is an important skill for any network professional. In this video, we'll introduce you to the process of IP subnetting and show you how to calculate your subnet and broadcast addresses from your workstation's IP address and subnet mask.
  • (HD) How to Subnet Class C Easy! Part 3 of 5 Subnetting, once you understand how it works, is very easy! The process I use allows me to subnet an IP address in no time at all. I hope this video will help you understand subnetting! Chart I use: 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 * * * * * * * * 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 Computer Specs: Running Gv2 (Short for Grill Version 2) AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition 3.0GHz 4GB of DDR2 800MHz 9800GTX+ w/ 1GB DDR3
  • Create 8 equal subnets and find the hosts in 3rd subnet question A typical subnetting multiple choice question in which you need to find the correct host addresses in the 3rd subnet, but first you must divide the network into 8 equal subnets. Cisco CCNA
  • Topology #28 Subnets Subnets and cluster points of nets
  • CCNA CIDR subnet review This is designed as a quick review for people that already have at least a general understanding of IP addresses, addressing, and subnetting. This was done a while ago by request to help someone who asked about it. Hope it helps a few more out. If you're confused, ask away... as usual.
  • Solve a VLSM subnet problem - Cisco CCNA A tutorial on solving a missing VLSM subnet problem in the Cisco CCNA
  • CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 1.4 - Subnet Masks - Part 2 See our entire index of CompTIA Network+ videos at - Properly architecting an entire network usually involves a great deal of planning and IP subnetting calculations. In this video, you'll learn how to use subnet masks to divide a network into smaller IP subnets.
  • Find the Subnet Question Made Easy -part4 - How to answer a subnetting question for the Cisco CCNA using the Magic Number -
  • How to subnet a network into 7 subnets of varying sizes? part2 In this tutorial, I use VLSM to divide a network into 7 subnets of varying sizes. This is an important skill for the Cisco CCNA.
  • How to Subnet - HD Tutorial
  • How to calculate a TCPIP IPv4 subnet mask Computer training for calculating a TCPIP IPv4 subnet mask.
  • Find your Own IP Adress, Subnet Mask, and Gateway key in less than 10 seconds! Link to awesome animation program!!! (Free) ██▓▒░ SUBSCRIBE ░▒▓██ 1. Go to the "start" Menu. 2. Click "Run" on the bottom right hand corner of the start menu. 3. A diologue box will pop up type in "CMD" in all Capitals a Comand Promt should pop up 4. In this Type "ipconfig" one word no Capitals. 5. VIOLA there you have it! Rate 5 stars if this video helped you, comment and subscribe.
  • (HD) How to Subnet Class C Easy! Part 2 of 5 Subnetting, once you understand how it works, is very easy! The process I use allows me to subnet an IP address in no time at all. I hope this video will help you understand subnetting! Chart I use: 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 * * * * * * * * 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 Computer Specs: Running Gv2 (Short for Grill Version 2) AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition 3.0GHz 4GB of DDR2 800MHz 9800GTX+ w/ 1GB DDR3
  • ZacharyShow: Clever CNSA Jokes and Lines #255: Where can I find a Subnet Mask for Halloween?
  • THATCampTheory: RT @jean_bauer: @andrewlison giving an excellent breakdown of IP addresses and subnet masks. #thatcamptheory
  • jean_bauer: @andrewlison giving an excellent breakdown of IP addresses and subnet masks. #thatcamptheory
  • stargould: #tcglossary: IP Subnet Mask...distinguishes network from node. thanks @andrewlison
  • elotroalex: I finally understand the darn subnet mask! Thnx @andrewgould #thatcamp #theory
  • stargould: [email protected] talking IP Subnet Masking #subterfuge #thatcamp and the projector fails! Computer fighting back? Add this to #fail session!
  • elotroalex: [email protected] from Mac addresses to TCP/IP and subnet masks... oh the rabbit hole #thatcamp #theory
  • openstackwatch: quantum [NEW]: add test for create subnet with unspecific gateway and fully allocation pool (Alex Xu)
  • JasonGWhite: @TekSavvyCSR Power cylecled again. Same result. No route off my subnet. Looking forward to the next power cycle with same results.
  • openstackwatch: quantum [ABANDONED]: fix unittest create_subnet_with_none_gateway_fully_allocated (Alex Xu)
  • openstackwatch: quantum [NEW]: fix unittest create_subnet_with_none_gateway_fully_allocated (Alex Xu)
  • 0ver_: Just realized subnet login works on older seasons. Goodbye productivity. Sighting FW0809 again, so strong
  • UserAnswer: #ask... #answer
  • MaranMykal: Why did I have to forget how to subnet? #annoyingashell
  • hn_interview: A standard AV system per computer, the whole network hidden behind a rather complex subnet array with firewall...
  • revolutionwifi: @tdennehy @KeithRParsons One big subnet, aw yeah, aw yeah! (Sorry, bad Red Hot Chilli Peppers reference)
  • joblogs83: Finally got around to fixing home network - had incorrect subnet mask. D'oh!
  • Subnet_Zero: RT @tapbots: Netbot for iPhone 1.0.1 is now available. Improves cross posting, adds user search and more.
  • newson_cisco: #Cisco, others chilling the Huawei cold shoulder? (Subnet Blog): Are Cisco, Juniper and other U.S. telecom fir...
  • Subnet_Zero: RT @jkottke: England + Scotland + Wales = Great Britain. GB + Northern Ireland = United Kingdom. UK + Ireland + assorted islands = British Isles.
  • newson_cisco: Defense Secretary Warns of Cyber Pearl Harbor (Subnet Blog): Yesterday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave a d...
  • dgfallon: @craig_mayers @JarianGibson @jonspallone Is it blade chassis? look at putting PVS on same subnet as XA & keep traffic int to chassis+10G
  • SonosSupport: @cs192 The phone needs to be connected to the same subnet/network as the Sonos components. Is that changing when portable wifi is on?^JM
  • TechieNet: An outtage occured with our subnet. Network is back up, we're checking on what happened. Total downtime, 38mins
  • nickhacks: RT @PaulWhitton: @nickhacks yep tried it out here. Scanned one machine and took out 3 others on the same v6 subnet!
  • TheBeamish: IT people - can I VNC into my windows machine from my mac (same subnet) if the windows box has to then establish a vpn into work?
  • PaulWhitton: @nickhacks yep tried it out here. Scanned one machine and took out 3 others on the same v6 subnet!
  • beatbeneath: 1. How to spell "subnet" 2. How to count to eight. 3. How to turn on a router
  • debiting: Jerri Clelland liked SQL Server 2012 Multi-Subnet Cluster: One major challenge here is the network configuration…
  • jimerickso: got an asus RT-N66U router. flashed TomatoUSB on to it. set up ipv6 tunnel and now running a subnet for my laptops. dual stack rules.
  • WhyRobbie: @Blank_Bear just revision. Find subnet Id all that.
  • DrBetrayalMD: learning some cool things in networking. I could subnet your bunghole on demand.
  • FreddieFloyd: @paullovinicius All gone again. Now i need the settings for network: IP address , subnet mask, gateway, dns preferred and dns alternate
  • bigtwizz87: I wonder how many people can actually subnet? Unfortunately Im one of em...... #nerdlife lol
  • DrummerMj: Wish i knew of this app smtym back!!digital mwaks!Check out ipv4 Subnet Calculator on Google Play!
  • OccupyAtlanta: @Le_Researcher but it could help someone who wanted to. I'm mostly concerned that I am in a subnet not connected out fully. #OccupyAtlanta
  • windowsnoob: [windows-noob] collection querie after IP subnet: Hi! Help create a query to select the subnet. I use the follow...
  • _davidvsgoliath: Learning about subnet masks and subnetting in Networking involves a ton of numbers. It can get confusing -.-
  • jhelbodestyne: Variable Length Subnet Mask, Router Configuration = Boom!! Goodluck ♺♺♺ #finalexam
  • SkinnyOwns: Subnet Mask might as well just be written in hieroglyphics, or mandarin.
  • tbe_loki: Advertise a subnet route with #radvd #IPv6 please help or retweet
  • 16Maarten: new router in my room. speed is less than when I used internet sharing on my Mac, but at least my iMac and iPhone are on the same subnet
  • ejreynolds: @JoeSatDell So 16 ACLs effectively means 16 servers max in an HA cluster. (unless I just restrict by subnet, which I'm doing now)
  • p_rathmayr: @_subnet @linzerschnitte no prob!
  • p_rathmayr: @linzerschnitte @_subnet challenge accepted
  • TTT_________TTT: Pengertian IP address, DNS, Gateway, Subnet Mask, Broadcast dan Network lewat @wordpressdotcom
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  • tbe_loki: Advertise a subnet route with radvd #ipv6 gurus, please help ;) #followerpower
  • _subnet: thx f. feedback! RT @diesocialisten: Our take on the new Open Graph policy re. Auto-Sharing & Auth Referrals: :)
  • _subnet: RT @Shpock: Yippie, we got the @Shpock twitter name! :) :) :)
  • MohamedShajid1: How many subnets and hosts per subnet can you get from the network 4096 subnets and 4094 hosts - How did u gt that?
  • LukeD: @KeefJudge you'd have to phrase it as a range of values. Subnet notation?
  • _subnet: Facebook announced some major changes in Open Graph-policy yesterday - blog-post coming up at stay tuned!
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  • ausretrogamer: Teaching a network architect about subnet masks ! Um no, we won’t be using /8 !
  • hamfritta: @VinLew @michaelmurfy try a different subnet, a VLAN, or hosting a DNS server within the VM
  • RWWWB: @endarken @AnonSikko @asshurtmacfags @AnonForecast @Kilgoar @JackalAnon The first council convened on WarNet (subnet of FidoNet) in 1985
  • Ohiscot7: As they appear place those in my private drives. Non nuclear proliferation subnet €>£>£<€£
  • newson_cisco: #Cisco ONE is on track (Subnet Blog): Cisco is about the enter field trials with its onePK programmability fram...
  • IanTLS: @Orcon So they have. But you didn't debit the free UFB on the credit note so you owe us $40 now? Also you need to charge us for that subnet
  • FedoraNetworks: @Fortinet Hey, do the Forti-AP's need to be on the same subnet/network as their controller, or can they be controlled over a VPN?
  • rogerlund: hmm can't seem to auto detect the sp's on the vnx. same subnet, even tried a 4 porrt switch #emc #vnx
  • chrobb: It's a sad day at the GlobalNOC. Our subnet is getting renumbered and all the static IPs I had with hair band names will be retired from DNS
  • rcmaniac25: @spstarr you're given subnet You need to divide this into 4 separate subnets with 10, 28, 6, and 76 hosts respectively... Go
  • spstarr: Grocery shopping today not much else, technical interviews on tap for this Friday and couple next week. Hope nobody asks me subnet math :D
  • matthew_tarr: New guest vlan, bigger subnet, external splah page, 7.0 to 7.2 upgrade to lose https cert error and per user bandwidth contracts.
  • mc_teo: @UPC_HelpsYou_IE hi, we have a business account and static ip address. Where can I get the ip, subnet mask & def. gateway to setup a router?
  • newson_cisco: Huawei, ZTE ban is questionable, given its impact (Subnet Blog): A congressional committee recently published t...
  • zinedlabs: @nightlyone still better than receiving traffic for your whole subnet. just happened. hetzner continues to fail big.
  • votetagsinfo: Introduction to Subnet ip Address: Subnet IP Address has always aroused curiosity among a lot…
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  • jauhimusik: Coba buka di google translate“@O_Poenk: I.p. Subnet mask. default gateaway, preference dns server ges di cek kabeh.. clear ..RT @jauhimusik:
  • mattdwen: @hoccusfoccus @SamjameZ Kinda. Using the IP works. But so does pinging the hostname. No DNS running on that subnet, all in hosts. Weird...
  • mattdwen: @hoccusfoccus Works from one subnet, but not the other. Two totally different NICs. Ping and everything else is good. Firewall disabled.
  • _subnet: all my (free) google apps accounts are missing the Secure transport (TLS) compliance-section - is that normal?
  • phoenixit: For smart grid to flourish, infrastructure must be in place...
  • _subnet: @jollife airbnb booked!
  • dcbahr: does anyone know why an ipad ios 6 won't accept internal static ip? keeps giving dhcp in 169 subnet and not saving internal static ip. help!
  • remquade: The Mask - IPv4 & IPv6 by Cylineasoft One of the better subnet calls for IOS
  • 8lzmHallie: as long as Estain123 CSS-SUBNET
  • TheRealSumatyme: Teach me how to subnet teach me teach me how to subnet
  • vendoragnostic: @routerguy though I'll be honest I typically move one network to different subnet
  • AlvienLerianza: IP address, subnet Mask, Net-ID -.-
  • dave_rel1k: @Brav0Hax @purehate_ the local subnet.. Got DA pretty quick after that.. Thanks again.. Awesome tool :) the dump hashes is sweet remotely
  • mikedls: @TheActualSteve we are having issue with our DHCP server, its a subnet issue and yes PC and Mac.
  • _subnet: RT @playfm: YAY! another Petabyte of HardDisc space just arrived at the office - we're looking forward to tons of new uploads :)
  • licktech: Just opened-up the other subnet of internal IPs because we hit the wall. Glad we thought of it over the Summer! #SFLWHS
  • eldipa_fajar: bah RT @youtophie: Dear LAN subnet ethernet network layers etc , do not come into my dreams puhlease :/
  • youtophie: Dear LAN subnet ethernet network layers etc , do not come into my dreams puhlease :/

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