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  • Suboptimizing the New NHL Uniforms? by Mark Graban on September 25, 2007 · 4 comments With Lean, we are always trying to avoid suboptimizing systems. — “Suboptimizing the New NHL Uniforms? — Lean Blog”,
  • Should the OK button come before or after the Cancel button? Following platform conventions is more important than suboptimizing an individual dialog box. — “OK-Cancel or Cancel-OK?: EServer Technical Communication Library”,
  • Definition of Scalado with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. robert_herrick, curette, suboptimizing, vasoconstriction, conferral,. — “Scalado: Definition with Scalado Pictures and Photos”,
  • behavioral approach "approach to leadership that tries to identify behaviors that differentiate effective leaders from nonleaders; uses rules of thumb, suboptimizing, and satisficing in making decisions " suboptimizing knowingly accepting less than the best possible outcome to avoid unintended. — “Glossary”,
  • This article discusses the problem of plateaued, or suboptimizing behavior, by owner-managers of smaller companies. While it may appear that owner-managers have every reason to enjoy their professions and maximize the value of their businesses,. — “Family Business Review - Family Firm Institute (FFI) - The”,
  • 800 lb. gorilla you can't ignore, The from Electric Perspectives provided by Find Articles at BNET If each manager makes one suboptimizing decision per year that is worth an average $25,000 to the income statement, and supervisors and other. — “800 lb. gorilla you can't ignore, The | Electric Perspectives”,
  • SSRN-Suboptimizing the Total Return on Mortgages: Are Borrowers Allowed to Pay Their Own Property Taxes by Richard Bernardi. — “SSRN-Suboptimizing the Total Return on Mortgages: Are”,
  • All about the Haines Centre for Strategic Management and it's services. Focusing on maximizing the parts leads to suboptimizing the whole. Understand Systems Holistically in Their Environment—Systems, and organizations as. — “Properties of Systems - Be Strategic”,
  • Breaking stovepipes and addressing the suboptimizing of investments requires a new way of thinking about the problem. Breaking stovepipes and addressing the suboptimizing of investments requires a new way of. — “Imperatives Driving Security Convergence”,
  • Optimizing the outcome for a subsystem will in general not optimize the outcome for the system as a whole. This intrinsic difficulty may degenerate into the The suboptimizing decision (no catalyser) is inconsistent with the globally optimizing one (everybody a catalyser). — “The problem of suboptimization”,
  • Following platform conventions is more important than suboptimizing an individual dialog box. Following platform conventions is more important than suboptimizing an individual dialog box. — “Usability In The News”,
  • RD411's philosophy is simple – the more successful each individual dietitian is, the more successful the profession is as a whole. The danger of suboptimizing a process without considering the whole value is another concern. — “Six Sigma and Health Care: The Basics”,
  • As most of the Seth companies in Pakistan like "Shafi group of Companies" are owned and managed by family members. According to Boston Consulting Group this approach is inherently suboptimizing for the corporation as whole. — “Importance of BCG for Seth companies in Pakistan”,
  • Tough times call for tough measures. Layoffs and cutbacks are rampant. Even if your IT budget is relatively stable, you will probably be asked to do more with less. There's a danger that you could be suboptimizing for the long term, but if you're concerned that your company might not be here. — “16 Ways IT Can Do Less with Less ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. suboptimizing. — “Merriam-Webster Online”, merriam-
  • International news and culture produced by experts and eyewitnesses offering reliable multimedia content, context and conversation about the trending issues of the day. Read relevant and timely accounts to join the digital dialogue. Deficient government policy results in companies suboptimizing. — “ | The News is NowPublic”,
  • suboptimizing - definition of suboptimizing from : Knowingly accepting less than the best possible outcome or output, in order to avoid unintended adverse effects of trying harder. — “suboptimizing definition”,
  • The bookmark for HCI and human factors professionals, usability engineers, interaction designers & information architects Following platform conventions is more important than suboptimizing an individual dialog box. — “OK–Cancel or Cancel–OK? & OK and Cancel Buttons- What's the”,

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  • US Military Future 1: BOGsters, Bombers, BattleGroups, Bribery or Bankruptcy? BOGsters... Legendary Reporter Dan Rather explores the future direction of the US military by first noting that the US Army is highly successful at Nation-State Wars (NSWs) if they are linear--but has had troubles if the wars are non-linear as is often the case with a Sub-National Conflict (SNC). He travels to view SNC war games taking place at Fort Irwin, California's National Training Center (NTC) talking with road-bound, Stryker wheeled truck excuse-monger-for-career-advancement, BG Dana Pittard (tracked armor officer who should know better) before interviewing retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor (Parts 3, 4 and 5) and actually going to Iraq at the end of Part 5 to find the real truth about the current COunter-INsurgency (COIN) mentality being used to expand military bureaucracies while bankrupting the nation on needless occupations. He asks the hard questions if sub-optimizing the entire US Army to do SNCs is a prudent course and if the boots-on-the-groundster (BOGster) flood-the-area-with-foreign-American light infantry narcissist/victims quantitative tactic is even militarily sound from a qualitative perspective--if this only infuriates the local civilians who see that we have over-stayed our welcome? Full transcript of the show is on the web site below:
  • Future of War 2000: US Army Needs M113 Gavin Light Tracks--not Stryker Trucks, Part 4 of 6 Traveling to West Point, FRONTLINE hears out the warnings of professor Fred Kagan that America cannot afford to be ill-prepared for war as befell the Europeans in the face of the Germans since there will be no one to rescue us from our madness if we chose stupid force structures and designs. The sound policy that America be able to win two major nation-state wars is being ignored in favor of sub-optimizing the entire Army to poorly do sub-national conflict (SNC) occupation racketeering for cash $$$ so we are headed for major disasters like the British/French did in the 19230s/30s: The warnings of this documentary ring true today: Americas Army needs an air-delivered, rapidly deployable, CAVALRY in high-technology, M113 Gavin and M8 Buford/Thunderbolt light tanks/APCs to prevail in SNCs as part of a specialized corps: As well as lead the way with 3D maneuver for the medium M2 Bradley infantry-carrying and heavy M1 Abrams gun-carrying tanks executing 2D maneuver in nation-state wars (NSWs). The question is will it take a fatal disaster of a Stryker truck brigade being wiped out (like their 1943 Kasserine Pass and 1950 Task Force Smith ancestors) at the hands of a capable foe like Hezbo or Iranian ATGM gunners backed by land mines blocking all available roads/trails and artillery to burst and ignite air-filled, rubber tires to end the Stryker wheeled cop madness? You cannot say the Army and DoD was not warned and offered better ...
  • markotaipale: @lynn_mckee It's surprising how orgs are measuring/suboptimizing their silos, one case I was involved with: slide46

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  • “ALS TDI forum is a free portal that is dedicated to exchange information about ALS, scientific advances in ALS, and treatments for ALS. reasons why I have repeatedly pointed out that ALSTDI may be suboptimizing on one among its potentially greatest assets; A distributed Web community”
    — AICAR 4 Fast 2 Slow Twitch - The Molecular Cause of ALS,

  • “There's a raging – and quite interesting – debate taking place in a LinkedIn forum I participate in on the relationship between PR and marketing. I've found it inconsistent is by "suboptimizing" your brand by focusing on the parts, rather than the”
    — June " 2009 " Strategic Communications,

  • “Discussion Forum > Great 'system' for procrastination. I am very disappointed, and The idea of splitting up the list only ends in suboptimizing”
    — Great 'system' for procrastination - Discussion Forum - Get,

  • “Robert Benmosche (the CEO) is suboptimizing an obviously broken system that played an Past Blog Posts. November 2010 (7) October 2010 (14) September 2010 (11) August 2010 (17)”
    — AIG: It Just Got Worse | Tripp Babbitt's Blog,

  • “Some time ago, I wrote on my old blog that the iPad and Kindle would probably happily to flog Agile transformation by suboptimizing development teams within an inherently”
    — Recursivity,

  • “Some (occasionally dyspeptic) thoughts about private equity & venture capital from a (frequently dyspeptic) investor in PE & VC funds is a big concern right now, as I worry that GPs may be suboptimizing exits, but if there's an A train waiting at Jay Street, it probably makes”
    — Super LP (): November 2010,

  • “Unfortunately, this too often falls prey to penny-wise-pound-foolish decisions that micro-optimize costs while suboptimizing the overall value stream. Optimizing one person's job with a system that creates more work for a number I've been following the blog and have enjoyed it. I loved this post”
    — Wide Awake Developers: Why Do Enterprise Applications Suck?,

  • “Find answers to all your darkroom-related questions in the digital darkroom forum only at . You can't optimize for one without suboptimizing for another”
    — Calibrating = Sub-optimizing for the web :( - ,

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