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  • Forcem user subroutine set up to detect contact. When element is in contact, pressure is User subroutine tailored to calculate the cord angle in the deformed configuration. — “MSC Software Corporation”,
  • A brief introduction to the use of subroutines in Perl. — “Perl Subroutine Primer”,
  • A subroutine is like a program, i.e., it is a program unit, but it is called by the overlying program when a specific task needs to be carried out. Subroutines can call other subroutines. To call a subroutine from another subroutine or the main program: CALL GETXY (X, NX, Z). — “SUBROUTINES, FUNCTIONS”,
  • Free tutorials and references for PERL Programming Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Database Interface (DBI) with PERL Object Oriented Perl and Perl Variables Scalars Arrays Hash File I/O Looping Regular Expressions Subroutines Coding Standard. — “Subroutines and Functions in PERL”,
  • Subroutine to call: Name of the subroutine step to call (required) When a subroutine returns, all the temporary macros defined for calling that subroutine will be popped (deleted if there was previously no macro with the name or updated to its original value if it did exist previously). — “Subroutine Call”,
  • Each high-level language has different syntax and semantics for defining and calling subroutines, so Parrot's subroutines need to be flexible enough to handle a broad array of behaviors. A subroutine declaration starts with the .sub directive and ends with the .end directive. — “Parrot - Subroutines”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Subroutine. Information about Subroutine in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. subroutines. — “Subroutine definition of Subroutine in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • The SUBROUTINE statement is the first statement of a subroutine subprogram. If the keyword RECURSIVE is specified, the subroutine interface is explicit within the subprogram. — “SUBROUTINE”,
  • In Perl, a subroutine is a separate body of code designed to perform A Perl program executes this body of code by calling or invoking the subroutine; the act of invoking a subroutine is called a subroutine invocation. — “Day 9 -- Using Subroutines”,
  • A subroutine is often coded so that it can be started ("called") several times and/or from several places during a single execution of the program, including from other subroutines, and then branch back (return) to the next instruction after the "call" once the subroutine's task is done. — “Subroutine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A subroutine is invoked by a CALL statement or defined assignment. A subroutine subprogram cannot contain a FUNCTION statement, a BLOCK DATA statement, a PROGRAM statement, or another SUBROUTINE statement. — “SUBROUTINE”, h21007.www2
  • You will learn how to write user-defined function which is called subroutine in Perl. You can place subroutine anywhere in program but it is recommended that subroutine should be placed at the beginning or at the end of program. — “Perl Subroutine Tutorial”,
  • To define an anonymous subroutine at runtime: $subref = sub BLOCK; To do this with a subroutine requires the use of a closure (an anonymous function that. — “perlsub - Perl subroutines”,
  • Subroutines are callable from the main code section or from within other subroutines, this has the effect of temporarily causing the script processing to run the code in the subroutine. A maximum of 255 subroutines may be defined within a Script. — “OpenSTA SCL Reference - SUBROUTINE Command”,
  • A history of subroutine and procedure call (linkage) support in computer architectures. — “Subroutine and procedure call support -- Mark Smotherman”,
  • Example 1: (Construct a square slot using a subroutine) This example contains two part programs and uses a subroutine to construct a generic square slot feature. The first part program contains the subroutine calling statement, and the second part program contains the actual subroutine. — “Subroutines”,
  • Definition of subroutine in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of subroutine. Pronunciation of subroutine. Translations of subroutine. subroutine synonyms, subroutine antonyms. Information about subroutine in the free online English dictionary and. — “subroutine - definition of subroutine by the Free Online”,
  • A subroutine has a name attributed with it, much like a variable does. Therefore, one subroutine can "call" another subroutine. Some subroutines are called automatically when. — “Functions and Subroutines in VB6 - Wikiversity”,
  • Subroutine - Definition. In computer science, a subroutine (function, procedure, or subprogram) is a sequence of code which performs a specific task, as part of a larger program, and is grouped as one, or more, statement blocks; such code is sometimes collected into software libraries. — “Subroutine - Definition”,
  • Subroutine - Making electronic music in Houston Texas. Visit the site to hear all of the latest tracks. — “-SUBROUTINE-”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Subroutine. Wikipedia subroutine (plural subroutines) (computer science) A section of code, called by the main body of a program, that implements a task. While it may be used at more than one point in a program, it need not be. [edit] Translations. — “subroutine - Wiktionary”,
  • Subroutine definition, an instruction sequence in a machine or assembly language program that can be prewritten and referred to as often as needed. See more. — “Subroutine | Define Subroutine at ”,
  • Definition of subroutine from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of subroutine. Pronunciation of subroutine. Definition of the word subroutine. Origin of the word subroutine. — “subroutine - Definition of subroutine at ”,
  • This VB6 tutorial helps you to understand if functions and subroutines in Visual Basic 6. It gives examples of both. — “Functions and subroutines | Visual Basic 6 (VB6)”,
  • For details, see Programming a Subroutine. If you write a program named INTCOMP that calculates the amount of money in an account earning simple interest, the program reads a record, tests if the data is acceptable, and then calls a subroutine called SIMPLE that computes the amount of money. — “Writing a Subroutine”,

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  • Space Siren - 'This Radar' Music video for Space Siren - 'This Radar'. Video by Siebe de Boer. http
  • Subroutine A Widgeon Syndicate submission to the University of Tennessee Free Range Video Contest featuring the music of Transient- "Electronic Data, Hoagie Hound, Flying Railroad Machines, & Macrame" all distributed under a 2006 Creative Commons license.
  • Continuations and Subroutine Calls In chapter 7 of "Learning Web Development with Seaside" we look at continuations and subroutine calls. We launch the Seaside One-Click Experience and create a new component that will present a user interface for selecting a date and time. Add an initialize method to create subcomponents for the date selector and the time selector. Add the #'children' method to let Seaside know about the subcomponents. Add a setter method to assign initial values to the selection components. As mentioned earlier, the #'renderContentOn:' method is the heart of Seaside's HTML generation. In our new component we will define a form and a table to provide layout (proper CSS formatting will be addressed in a later chapter). The form will consist of labels, the date selector, the time selector, and a submit button. Note that we do not specify the actual HTML widgets to be used for the date and time entry, but allow subcomponents to provide that functionality. This demonstrates code and component reuse. Finally, we add a #'submit' method to handle the callback when the user selects a date/time. Note that when the user makes a selection, the #'submit' method answers the new value. This answer is essentially a subroutine return. We now have defined the code for a new component. To demonstrate the component, we can register it as an application named 'when' and then view the component in a web browser. It will, of course, be more useful to use this component in our FlightInfo application. To do that ...
  • tutorial 13 - Part 2: Subroutines A simple example showing you how to work with subroutines. Check out the web site: www.mka- to download source files, and the tutorial in PDF format. Kindly comment and rate.
  • Barry's experimental programming language A 6 minute demonstration video of my experimental programming language. The project is at quite an early stage now, but here are a few features of the language: * all subroutines are anonymous closures * powerful static type checking and type inference * synchronous multithreading via pipes (supports generators, co-routines, & more) * automatic garbage collection (not yet implemented) * indent-delimited blocks, strings and comments This video is just an initial take to get a rough idea across, but it may be a while before I get a chance to prepare something better. Although you may have to look very closely to notice, the video demonstrates the anonymous closures, pipes/generators/coroutines and indent-delimited blocks and comments. The garbage collection is not yet implemented. The type inference is experimental, especially the generic subroutine support (ie. just because I passed an int list to the subroutine doesn't mean it's an int list subroutine).
  • 0106 Creating a subroutine or function
  • WIP: "Tux's Turtle" drawing environment Based on Spinnaker's "Delta Drawing" for the 8-bit computers (Apple II, Atari 800, Commodore 64), this geometry-oriented drawing environment -- turtle graphics -- is entirely immediate. Rather than program the code first, then draw the picture, the code is assembled AS you draw the picture. It uses single keypresses (D=Draw, R=Turn right/clockwise, L=turn left/counter-clockwise). Repeating commands (eg, "rotate 3 times") can be issued by hitting the key multiple times (eg, [R] [R] [R]), or pressing the number keys first (eg, [3] [R]). The [Backspace] key undos the previous step. In my implementation, I allow for subroutines that are labeled alphanumerically. Press [S] to start a subroutine, then type the label and hit [Enter]. A "thought bubble" appears where the big turtle on the canvas is dreaming about the steps she'll take in the subroutine. Press [E] to ened the subroutine and the thought bubble disappears. You can then issue a subroutines (and subroutines may call other subroutines) using the [G] key. In my example, I create a subroutine called "square" that draws a square ("D 3R D 3R D 3R D 3R"). Then I make another called "squarenturn" which calls square, and turns a little more ("G square 2R"). Then I run that routine a bunch of times in a row to get a little flower ("10 G squarenturn"). This is a work in progress prototype that I wrote in one evening. (Hence the glitches, lack of UI, and really low-quality line drawing routines. ;) )
  • LMR - start here robot - only whichway subroutine Graham and Joe's robot only stays in "whichway" mode. It never drives forward as if it was in nodanger mode.
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Rugby Trailer
  • Hand and Eye - subroutines Whatever the process is that allows for the transparent coordination of hand and eye it must be enormously complex. More than that, it would most likely be organised into a set of subroutines a little like a computer program, each subroutine performing a small part of the overall sensorimotor perception and action process. I would imagine that, rather like some subroutines in programming, they can be used for a number of different purposes, not just the unique one that they serve in a particular hand/eye choreography.
  • MS Acccess creation of Subroutines in VBA programming code How to create a Subroutine using VBA programming code
  • WIP: Tux's Turtle (2009-11-25) Still some UI and state glitches when using the [Backspace] key, but Tux's Turtle now includes fun animations of the 'dream bubble' appearing (where you enter subroutines). Here, I enter a "square" subroutine that does: D 3R D 3R D 3R D 3R Then I enter a "squareNturn" subroutine, that calls "square" then turns right once (R) and cycles the color once (C). Run that 12 times in a row (G 12 squareNturn) and you get a fun little pattern. Finally, I make a new function that calls "squareNturn" once, turns right a half turn (15 degrees, with Shift+R), and increases the turtles scale a few times (I). Then I call that a bunch of times to fill the screen with a growing rainbow squares pattern.
  • Jessica Leza live w/Subroutine @ Last Concert Cafe w/Wounded Rabbit Productions
  • Perl Fundamentals: Subroutine Arguments The Basic Elements of Perl Every Developer Should Learn. This is a sample lesson from the actual product which you can purchase from major retailers, or Addison-Wesley here: 4+ Hours of Video Instruction In this unique video package, renowned Perl author and speaker Peter Scott takes you through the fundamental elements of the Perl 5 language so that you have a strong foundation for creating robust Perl programs and learning more advanced aspects of the language. This video has been edited from it's original version to play in YouTube, and therefore the quality in this sample is not in any way indicative of the quality of the actual product.
  • MS EXCEL 2010 Stepping through a subroutine or function FULL TUTORIAL OF MS EXCEL 2010 BY
  • IE9 vs. Chrome Speed Test - revisited Revisits earlier speed test (see and explains why Chrome performed so poorly in the original test. The script used for the test follows. To replicate the test results, create a new "launch_browsers.cmd" script on your desktop and copy the below content into your script file. ----------------- script follows ----------------- @echo off :: Point these variables at your installed locations for internet explorer and chrome if different than the defaults set IELOCATION="%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Internet explorer\iexplore.exe" set CHROMELOCATION=%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe echo Please position chrome and ie9 side by side. Then close the browsers manually so their starting positions will be remembered. Press enter to start test. This will kill all running instances of IE and Chrome. pause call :killbrowsers :: this loop will launch each web site listed in the for loop in both chrome and IE9 for %%i in ("", "http "", "http do ( call :launchsite %%i call :waitXSeconds 8 call :killbrowsers ) goto :eof :: subroutine to launch a given web site in both IE9 and Chrome :launchsite start "ie" %ielocation% %1 start "chrome" %chromelocation% %1 goto :eof :: subroutine to wait given number of seconds. Uses ping command :waitXseconds ping -n %1 -w 1000 goto :eof :: subroutine to kill IE and Chrome processes :killbrowsers taskkill /IM chrome.exe /T /F taskkill /IM iexplore.exe /T /F goto :eof
  • monochrom's "Could It Be" This is the story of two gay subroutines... "Could It Be" by monochrom ( ). From the Semi-Best-Of album "Carefully Selected Moments" ( ), available on iTunes ( )
  • the gluemen 02 - bebop days the gluemen at subroutine connects, eurosonic 2010, café kult, groningen. thanks to nieuw&verbeterd for filming.
  • Lesson 9 Subroutines and Integrated Circuits This lesson shows a simple example of a subroutine. It is called an integrated circuit with input and output pins. MST Workshop is an Interactive Graphic Programing Language. Download it from
  • The belt strikes The odd subroutine wipes an across mum An award mints his glass 5
  • BBC Micro game Rocket Raid (hacked) I spent a boring, wet afternoon disassembling Rocket Raid to find the subroutine that deals with collisions and cut it short with an RTS ReTurn from Subroutine. I tried to run out of fuel to die - but to no avail... Sound went out of sync again - emu doesn't like Vista (not much does really)
  • the gluemen 05 - beatbird the gluemen at subroutine connects, eurosonic 2010, café kult, groningen. thanks to nieuw&verbeterd for filming.
  • Wave propagation during finite deformations of an elastic 1D bar Video of the axial stress in the reference configuration in a 1D bar made of a material that obeys the following constitutive equation: Cauchy stress is related to Almansi-Hamel strain tensor. The bar is composed of two materials; the first half by a material with Young's modulus of 20 GPa and the other half of the material with Young's modulus of 10 GPa. The right end of the bar is fixed. A pressure wave is applied to the left side of the bar that linearly ramps to 10 GPa in 2 mus and then linearly ramps down to zero by 4 mus. The result for only the first 25 mus are shown in the video. The solution of the problem was computed using 2 different ways. 1. A user defined material subroutine in LSDYNA 2. A user defined material subroutine in VBDYNA It can be seen that the results from these two techniques are more or less identical. After 18 mus, the time step needed to solve the problem in VBDYNA decreased significantly and further output was not obtained. Also, the results from VBDYNA started oscillating significantly after the wave reached near the fixed end.
  • tutorial 13 - Part 1: Subroutines A simple example showing you how to work with subroutines. Check out the web site: www.mka- to download source files, and the tutorial in PDF format. Kindly comment and rate.
  • VBA lesson 6 - FIND function - See more at This video shows how to use the find function. It can be faster than looping.
  • the gluemen 06 - golden truth the gluemen at subroutine connects, eurosonic 2010, café kult, groningen. thanks to nieuw&verbeterd for filming.
  • Leg behind head sub-routine from Vinyasa Krama Asymmetric seated sequence relates to my blog post grimmly2007
  • Error trapping for Microsoft Access functions & subroutine
  • PICAXE Flowchart - Subroutines www.teachme- PICAXE is a great free to download software which allows you to programme chips for electronics projects. This is the second in the series of how to incorporate subroutines into your flowcharts for more detailed programming. If you have any questions or requests, please comment below!
  • How To Make A Subroutine Code (Ps2Dis) NOTE: THIS DO NOT WORK WITHOUT A HOOK! I'll Add A Hook Tutorial Very Soon :D This is a tutorial on how to make a subroutine (Sub) using Ps2Dis =) If you need help with something please comment! Don't forget to join The Subroutine Template lui t0 $[First Half Of Address + 1 If Second Half Is 8000 Or More] lui t1 $[First half Of Value] ori t1 t1 $[Second Half Of Value] sw t1 $[Second Half Of Address](t0) JR RA Subscribe =)
  • PLC JSR Jump to Subroutine Haywood Community College ELC 128 Intro To Programmable Logic Controllers Allen Bradley JSR Jump to Subroutine
  • MuscleM's Workout Generator This is a presentation about my new innovative workout generator ! This generator is going to be the best there is !!! This version is totally FREE and made especially for you, and it's a quality product ! I think of it as some sort of global community service. -------------------------------------- Know issues/bugs to fix (some make it for version 1.0) : -------------------------------------- ! Serious Memory Issues. !! There should be a different muscle category for complex exercises like running and cycling. 1. It does not print the X and ZZZ marks for each exercise in the printed page 2. The dragging bar of a subroutine is annoying. 3. Colouring the workout doesn't affects the printed page (shown in the movie) 4. The trainee is slightly unattractive. 5. THERE IS NO HELP OR EXPLANATION IN THE PROGRAM (alpha...) 6. A tab is not deleted if a workout load dialogue is cancelled. 7. No presets of common workouts... 8. new empty sub-routin's top doe's not stick to the top of the workout. 9. no option to hide the sum panel of a sub-routine. and more... and more.... ------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT IMAGE EXPORT FOR MOBILE DEVICE : The image of the workout could be a bit blurry if your mobile has a low resolution screen ! eg : on IPhone/ITouch 1, 2 & 3 it will be a bit blurry, but on 4, which has a double screen resolution, is should be pretty crispy. NOTE : I know I promised there will be an automatic workout generator, and there will be now, but not so soon I ...
  • s007ii Burning Man 2009 Root Society s007ii - dj subRoutine @ Burning Man 2009 Root Society video montage Tracks played in this video are: Engin Ozturk - Scream of My Soul (Original Mix) [Quanza Records] Tengo - Copperhead (Original Mix) [Nervous Records]
  • Invention: Robot Vision Subroutine
  • Subroutine live w/Jessica Leza, Last Concert Cafe - Wounded Rabbit Productions music /// subroutine video /// jessica leza 9 may 2009 last concert cafe /// houston wounded rabbit productions ///
  • Creating structured English for a subroutine with parameters This video shows you how to show the design for a any subroutine which has parameters subroutine using structured English. You can use the same structures (eg keep the naming of parameters) for your pseudo code.
  • How To Write A Subroutine code lui t0 $[First Half Of Address + 1 If Second Half Is 8000 Or More] lui t1 $[First half Of Value] ori t1 t1 $[Second Half Of Value] sw t1 $[Second Half Of Address](t0) 2.PART FOR HOOK j $ [HOOK First Line Of Your Sub/Joker In Real Addressing]
  • Subroutine Tutorial I messed up at 4:05 and skipped a line, make sure you do not leave that space. Subscribe!! Do not forget to join where you can watch this video and get the template. www.gaming- For Great Explanations on the mip commands http
  • Excel Macros -001- An Introduction to Macros Lesson Summary: An introduction to macros. This module teaches you how to access the Visual Basic Editor and write a simple sub routine Visit www.excel4 for additional information on this video. The "Excel Macros" series of training videos has been created by Excel4Business' expert consultants.
  • NHDesMoines: Call a Function or Subroutine with its string name using the Invoke method (Web Design & Developers eTip) #VB
  • xCiiCii: Tryinq To Do This Subroutine :/
  • soothe_me: The idea, says Mr Gates, has always been to apply this principle of a subroutine more broadly.
  • amosolov: Disabling self-preservation subroutine. They shall know no fear! This can't possibly go wrong.
  • perloop: #perl Error Undefined subroutine &main::OPEN called at C:\Perl\ line 8.
  • gaminghorror: @saumya did my sarcasm subroutine just crash, or do you mean it as you said it? If so plz tell me more about the inspiration & indie part.
  • Skynet_TX: Running Skynet AI Traffic Light Control subroutine version 1.946 rev 6, that should clear the traffic from my route home
  • allanderbf: SUBROUTINE Youtube IF(Música.eq.Música boa) THEN .TRUE. ELSE STOP END IF END RT @mau_mesquita do{ Santana - Samba pa ti; } while(1 == 1);
  • nuwishas_tail: My Derp of the Day: Ran routine maintenance subroutine. Crashed. Locked hospitals pathology results browser this morning: Half hour outage
  • editbot2000: Sinking feeling subroutine "good" permanently replaced by subroutine "good enough"
  • neilmatillano: hope that works out practically! :p “@davidsusanto: @neilmatillano don't worry i've put a subroutine as well to loop it 1 million times.
  • davidsusanto: @neilmatillano don't worry i've put a subroutine as well to loop it 1 million times. now thinking how to break it into parallel processes :P
  • oluwatele: SUBroutine. RT @LobidisNoni: This Dude On My TL Is Beginning To Piss Me Off ...Never Knew U Looked So Wretched Lyk This ...Dumb Idiot!
  • oluwatele: SUBroutine @DENNYCRANE69: SUBmarine RT @bleezers:SUBject RT @pwitti_mee:U r just a weist! Ur moda should av swallowed u... Dnt mess wiv me.
  • oluwatele: SUBmarine RT @DENNYCRANE69: SUB to quality RT @DONOZONE: SUBroutine RT @Prodeegy: See Serious Famzing....nawaooo..This dude no ...
  • DENNYCRANE69: SUB to quality RT @DONOZONE: SUBroutine RT @Prodeegy: See Serious Famzing....nawaooo..This dude no get sense at all....
  • DonOzone: SUBroutine RT @Prodeegy: See Serious Famzing....nawaooo..This dude no get sense at all....
  • lowlow: RT @mrneoguy: Looks like the Academy will survive for at least another year, people. Good news for Subroutine and everyone who gets lessons through them!

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