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  • May those Sudarshanams of Lord Sudarshana BhagavAn protect us always as a Kavacham (shield) homam mantras, sudarshana slokam, sudharsana homam, letter mantra, ashtakam english, sri sudarshan, ashtakam benefits, jaya sudarshana, lakshmi, slogam, sudharshana. — “Sri Sudarshana Ashtakam”,
  • Sudarshana Gender: Feminine Usage: Indian Other Scripts: सुदर्शना (Hindi) Feminine. — “Sudarshana: Information from ”,
  • Please log in to cast your vote for sudarshana. Username. Password. Keep me logged in on this computer. Login. Forgot your password? SUDARSHANA :L. pura__adrenalina said on 12/17/09 8:57 PM. tocan el 26. — “SUDARSHANA - photos from sudarshana - Fotolog”,
  • Sudarshana Lyrics & Albums - Get All Song Lyrics Performed By Sudarshana. — “SUDARSHANA Lyrics”,
  • Sudarshana Homamam The following are some of the reasons for performing the Sudarshana Homam. The Sudarshana Chakram is the mighty weapon of Lord Narayana and has many auspicious attributes associated. — “Sudarshana Homam”,
  • Contains articles on Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, translations of ancient Hindu scriptures, discussion forums, audio lectures, videos, and briefs on Hindu deities. — “IndiaDivine: Daily News on Hinduism, Yoga, Health and Natural”,
  • An iconographic representation of the Sudarshana Chakra may be seen revolving above the index finger of the right hand of Vishnu herewith. The Sudarshana Chakra (Sanskrit: सुदर्शन चक्र) is a pirouetting, disk-like super weapon with 108 serrated edges of Hindu God. — “Sudarshana Chakra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Worshiping Lord Sudarshana through Sudarshana Homam is in practice for thousands of years for acquiring Sudarshana Bhagavan's grace will help devotees in attaining whatever they desire - good health, wealth or prosperity or spiritual salvation. — “Home - Vijayavalli Sudarshana Sewa Satsangam”,
  • Sudarshana Tibetan Medicine " everything is amrita, and everything is poison if used improperly. When understood as medicine by the skillful, not even the name poison will be heard in the three realms. Everything can become medicine for the skillful one who knows how to prepare it. — “Sudarshana Tibetan Medicine”,
  • Sudarshana Japanese Services. — “Sudarshana Japanese Services”,
  • About Us > Bishop's Office > Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar > Greetings from Bishop. I envision a Church of the Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit is igniting, gifting and empowering God's children of all ages, backgrounds, colors, and personalities. — “Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar”,
  • Listen to sudarshana Songs, Albums, watch Videos, view Pictures, find Tour Dates and News on . — “sudarshana on ™”,
  • La Llama Arde En Mi by Sudarshana,. — “La Llama Arde En Mi by Sudarshana”,
  • Sudarshana Homam is a fire ritual performed to alleviate sufferings of any kind. It invokes the energy of Sudarshana, the Disc of Vishnu, to overcome enemies, diseases, and other hostile elements. — “Sudarshana Homam | Sudarshana Homa | Sudarsana Homam”,
  • This Yantra Protects the worshiper and also helps one to attain Prosperity. **All our Yantras have been designed by experts. Thicker high quality [photo block quality] copper sheets are used for making all our Yantras. Gold is used for plating. — “Sudarshana Yantra - 115 mm : Celextel Spiritual Store”,
  • If you want to see SUDARSHANA pictures on mp3, please make contact All Sudarshana Lyrics / music on this site is property of, and may be. — “SUDARSHANA Lyrics”, mp3
  • Sudarshana music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Sudarshana on Yahoo! Music. — “Sudarshana on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Price:$123.00, Sudarshana Homa, Sudarshana sudarshana - chicos no lloran @ verdurada 23-01-05. sudarshana @ verdurada 2005 playing "boys dont cry" by ". — “Sudarshana at Art 4 Krishna”, art4
  • It gives us immense pleasure to invite your participation in all holy services of Sri Sudarsana Seva Samithi. Home | About Us | Photogallery | Contact Us [email protected] Sri Sudarshana Yajna Samithi. — “Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi”,
  • View Sudarshana Lohitha Abhayagunaratne's (Sri Lanka) professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Sudarshana Lohitha Abhayagunaratne discover inside connections to recommended. — “Sudarshana Lohitha Abhayagunaratne - Sri Lanka | LinkedIn”,

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  • Sudarshana sri group With...Dayasiri jayasekara live in concert - MILANO - sada pana wage - EDIT BY POOJANIE. Sudarshana sri group With...Dayasiri jayasekara live in concert - MILANO - sada pana wage -
  • Yakshagana ---- Thalamaddale ---- Sudarshana vijaya --- 2 --- wmv Siddakatte Chennappa shetty As Mahavishnu --- Ujire Ashoka bhat As Sudarshana--- Sunnambala Vishweshvara bhat As Mahalakshmi
  • 64th International Human Rights Day Commemorative Seminar- Sudarshana Gunawardana The Platform for Freedom marked the 64th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights today on the 10th of December 2012 via a public seminar at the National Library in Colombo. The objective was to make a meaningful contribution to the protection of human rights and giving human rights the weight and place they deserve in today's context. The event was well attended by members of civil society, the media and political parties. The gathering was addressed by Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe, Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Sudarshana Gunawardana, Dr. Nimalka Fernando, KW Janaranjana and Dr. Vikramabahu Karunaratne.
  • maha sudarshana homam MAHA SUDARSHANA HOMAM
  • Yakshagana --- Thalamaddale --- Sudarshana vijaya --- 6 --- wmv Bhagavatharu Ravichandra kannadikatte --- Raga ; Mohana
  • Sri Sudarshana Mantra (Different) By Krishna. This is different mantra from the Maha Mantra. In lot of sudarshan temples this mantra is recited and the deity and yantra are getting energized. You can add this Mantra in your routine. Lord Sudarshan would remove all kinds of Sins and shows a path to lead a better life. In the war field this mantra is given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna . Sudarshana Homa started in the war field. By doing this homa arjuna decided win the war at any cost. what ever sins which were holding him from reaching his target vanished. As God himself has suggested this Mantra we can also adopt this in our day to day life.
  • Sudarshana Gayatri Mantra - Mantram of Holy Wheel Sudharshana Visit for Lyrics of Sudarshana Gayatri Mantra. Sudarshana Gayathri is a powerful prayer used to invoke Lord Sudharshana the holy wheel which Lord Vishnu uses as his main weapon.
  • Maha Sudarshana Homam4.flv MahaSudarshana Homam(Mantrik ritual in kerala for removal of black magic,evil spirits) 4th Part of MahaSudarshana Homa conducted by Dr Brahmasree Sreejith Nampoothiri and Brahmasree Manoj Nampoothiri at Astro Tantrik Research Centre Pandalam,Kerala,India
  • Sudarshana - Inalcansable Sudarshana
  • wedding sri lanka sudarshana chalani home coming 4 cellcom video narammala .mpg wedding sri lanka sudarshana chalani home coming 4 cellcom video narammala
  • Good Intentions- Sudarshana - Thinking Straight Cover da música Thinking Straight do Youth of Today, Guarulhos - 2002 Good Intentions + Sudarshana
  • SUDARSHANA HOMAM FULL I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
  • Sudarshana Homam Week 1 at MALLADI TEMPLE Jan 22nd is the birthday of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami in Malladi .. Malladi village is 9 km away from Amaravathi of Guntur District. The residents of this village were pious, religiousminded and mild. They used to worship God daily. Once it so happened that Malladi had become the victim of Famine and draught. Not even grass (fodder) was available at that time. In this situation, a few inhabitants of Malladi driven the cattle to graze them near "Tirumalagiri" forest. Once an unknown disease attacked the cattle and then the villages prayed Lord Venkateswara to protect their cattle. As a result, the cattle were saved and also they became healthy. From that day onwards, the inhabitants of Malladi developed faith on Tirumalagiri Venkateswara and started worshipping him every day. At the time of festivals and auspicious days, they used to visit Swami and get blessings; but.... River Krishna which was in between Malladi and Tirumalagiri, had became an obstacle for their free movements. They used to face a number of problems to cross the river. The villages started praying God Almighty with a request to settle down in their village. In response to their humble request, Sri Venkateswara appeared in a Banyan tree existed in the fields of Batthineni Bollaiah which was existing in Malladi village by the side of Amaravati Krosuru Road. Story of Sacred Banyan Tree (Vata Vruksha) Battineni Bollaiah, a great devotee of Shri Rama, used to write name of Rama a number of times. (Rama Koti ...
  • Sri Sudarshana Gayatri Mantra Visit for more
  • Lajjawe Be - Joy (Sudarshana) (Official Full HD Video) From Lajjawe Be - Joy (Sudarshana) (Official Full HD Video) Download Original Video Now From Download Link
  • Sudarshana Stotranjali & Other Stotras Mantras and Stotras are the mystical formulae of sound or tune and their repetition has a primary and a greater value than the actual meaning of the ideas in them. They were discovered by our ancestors to invoke powers from the infinite cosmic energy for the welfare of humans to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay on this earth. Sudarsana is the weapon, the Discus (the defence against all enimical forces), supposed to have been presented by Visvakarma to Mahavishnu. Later on, when the Lord Incarnated as Krishna, it descended from the orbit of the Sun as a present from the God Agni and the Lord is said to have wielded this weapon against Indra and also on other occasions in order to extirpate the demonic forces. Prayers to Sudarsan guarantees protection to those who recite it, or hear it and meditate upon it. This Compact Disc begins with Sundarsana Gayatri and continues with Sudarsana Sahasranamam, Sudarsana Shatkam, and Sundarsanashlakam, shodasayudha Stotram, Panchayudha Statram Sudarsana Kavacham, Saulabhya Choodamani Storam, Sundarsana Gadyam and Sudarsana Mangalam. Hearing or meditation of the chanting of these powerful sacred Stotras remove poverty destroy enemies, drive away the evil and enimical forces or obstacles of any kind, fulfill all ambitions, and bestows happiness, good health, prosperity wisdom success in all endeavors and at last the divine beatitude.
  • Sudarshana Homam Recorded on April 8, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
  • wedding sri lanka sudarshana chalani cellcom video narammala 3_01.mpg wedding sri lanka sudarshana chalani cellcom video narammala 3
  • Sri Sudarshana Kavacham Sri Sudarshana Kavacham prasida bhagavan brahman sarvamantrajna narada! saudarsanam tu kavacam pavitram bruhi tatvatah 1 narada uvaca srnusveha dvijasrestha! pavitram paramadbhutam saudarsanam tu kavacham drishta´drishtarthasadhakam 2 kavachasyasya rshibrahma chando´nushtuptatha smritam sudarashanamahavishnurdevata sampracakshate 3 hram bijam shakti ratrokta hrim krom kilakamishyate shirasudarshanah patu lalatam chakranayakah 4 ghranam patu mahadaityaripuravyat drishau mama sahasrarassrutim patu kapolam devavallabhah 5 vishvatma patu me vaktram jihvam vidyamayo harihi kantham patu mahajvalah skandau divyayudheshvarah 6 bhujau me patu vijayi karau kaitabhanashanah satkonamsamstitah patu hridayam dhama mamakam 7 madyam patu mahaviryah trinetro nabhimandalam sarvayudhamayah patu katim shronim mahadyutih 8 somasuryaagninayanah uru patu cha mamakau guhyam patu mahamayo januni tu jagatpatih 9 janghe patu mamajashram ahirbudhnyah supujitah gulphau patu vishuddhatma padau parapuranjayah 10 sakalayudhasampurno nikhilangam sudarshanah ya idam kavacham divyam paramanandadayinam 11 saudarshanamidam yo vai sada suddhah pathennarah tasyarthasiddhirvipula karastha bhavati dhruvam 12 kusmandachandabhutadyah ye cha dushta grahasmritah palayante´ nisham bhitah varmano´sya prabhavatah 13 kushthapasmaragulmadyah vyadhayah karmahetukah nashyante tanmantritam bupanat saptadinavadhi 14 anena mantritam mritsnam tulasimulasamsthitam lalate tilakam kritva mohayet trijagannarah varmano´sya ...
  • Sudarshana Maha Mantra by Krishna Sri Sudarshna Maha Mantra helps to take charge of enemies and to relieve from unexplainable sufferings and worries. In the pathway of success it helps the devotee to achieve what he wishes. Un identified illness and the problem in official and personal life is cured. Ekadashi, Dwadasi and pournami thithis , Wednesday and Saturday are considered favourable to perform sudarshna homa or japas
  • Yakshagana --- Thalamaddale --- Sudarshana vijaya --- 4 --- wmv Bhagavatharu Ravichandra kannadikatte --- Siddakatte Chennappa shetty As Mahavishnu --- Jabbarsamo As Rakshasa
  • Sacred Chants of India - Sudarshana Gayatri Sanskrit is the language of Satya Yuga as it is based on the true and perfect relationship between sound and sense. That is why hymns created in Sanskrit by sages and seers give various beneficial results to those who worshipped not only as the sustainer as part of the Trinity, but as the Supreme Being, are culled to shower the choicest blessing on devotees. This album, offered by traditional Sanskrit scholars with perfect diction, begins with a hymn to the Lord who takes ten major incarnations to come to the succour of mankind. It is followed by authoritative chants to Sri Krishna, the supreme avater who declares that he will look after the well-being of devotees who surrender to Him. This is followed by Raghuveera Gadyam, a powerful tribute to Sri Rama, God as perfect Man, composed by savant Vedanta Desika and recitation of the mantra of Rama. A rare hymn to Vamana, the Vishnu avatar who grew up to be Trivikrama, the Lord who strode the three worlds in three steps, and gave liberation to Bali by crushing his ego is another powerful chant, potent prayers to Narasimha (the man lion avater), Sudarshana, the Lord's discuss and symbol of His might, Hayagreeva (the horse-headed aspect of Vishnu who is a repository of art and knowledge), and Balaji (the vouchsafer of boons in the kali Yuga) follow. This album brings the benign grace of the all-pervading Vishnu.
  • Sri Sudarshana Lakshmi Sahasranamam Sudarshana is a powerful and popular weapon of the divine wielded often by Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, in order to put an end to evils as and when they appear on earth. Though Sudarshana is a weapon it is deified and worshipped as god in order to attain his grace to have a smooth life without any obstacles. Sri Lakshmi is the bestower of riches and the overall prosperity! Prayer to her makes the devotees, enjoy all the pleasure of life!
  • sudarshana-homam.wmv
  • Sudarshana homa pooja preparations watch the Sudarshana homa pooja preparations
  • Sudarshana - Simple y natural Sudarshana - Simple y natural en Grooveland, Gerli.
  • Sudarshana Vijaya
  • Sudarshana Mantra - Unni Krishnan Sunarsana Mantra is held high for its unfailing efficacy. It summons the weapons discus (the defence against all inimical forces), supposed to have been presented by Visvakarama to Mahavishnu. Later on, when the lord incarnated as Krishna, it descended from the orbit of the Sun as a present from the God Agni and the Lord is said to have wielded this weapon against Indra and on other occasions in order to extirpate the demonic forces. "Om Sahasrara Hum Phat". This short and a very powerful mantra of six syllables, seeks the power from sudarsana which guarantees protection to those who pronounce it, or hear it and meditate upon it. Hearing of the repetition of this mystical and sacred Mantra Drives away the evil inimical forces or obstacles of any kind and bestows good health, prosperity, success in life, wisdom and at last the divine beatitude. Goddess Mahaluckshmi is the bestower of mega luck and riches, Her Mantra is "om srim hrim srim Kamala Kamalalaye prasida prasida, sakala saubhagyam dehi om srim hrim srim om Mahalakshmyai namah". The meditation and recitation of this powerful Mantra, removes poverty, destroys enemies, bestows happiness, fulfills all ambitions, and gives success in all endeavors.
  • Sudarshana Homa Sudarshana Homa at Prasanna Devale's house.
  • Sudarshana Homa 1 Sudarshana Homa at Sri Yathiraja Mutt, Bangalore on 28.09.2009
  • Sudarshana - Sacrificio Sudarshana - Sacrificio . en Grooveland , Gerli.
  • Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam
  • Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam at Malladi Temple
  • Yakshagana ---- Thalamaddale ---- Sudarshana Vijaya --- 1 --- wmv On 2.9.2012 --- At Neerchal Kasargod Kerala ---- Bhagavatharu Sathyanarayana punichithaya --- Siddakatte Chennappa shetty As Mahavishnu --- Vishweshvara bhat Sunnambala As Mahalakshmi --- Ashoka bhat ujire As Sudarshana
  • Sudarshana Homam News in SITI CABLE Sudarshana Homam at Malladi Venkateswara Swami Temple. News in SITI CABLE
  • sudarshana - chicos no lloran @ verdurada 23-01-05 sudarshana @ verdurada 2005 playing "boys dont cry" by "the cure"
  • Sudarshana VPS
  • tarku: Aguante Sudarshana puto
  • SilSetsFire: El EP 'La Roue De Fortune' de Sudarshana es pura magia.
  • LeoDiGrezia: Arrancamos con Hole, después hubo Sudarshana, Reconcile y Otra Salida. Llegué al trabajo y puse Smiths para musicalizar la oficina
  • Adrilmadariaga: #CancionesQueSonPerfectas Mas allá de las palabras. Sudarshana
  • Adrilmadariaga: #CancionesQueSonPerfectas Silencios. Sudarshana
  • Punnti: Encontrar un CD de Sudarshana en un negocio de CD usados. #Nostalgia
  • veganrecs: Tenemos promo de Remeras de Sudarshana + CD Reviviendo La Emocion edicion Vegan042 a $100
  • coinsurances: Sri Sudarshana Ashtakam
  • foraribyqy: Then at last it must be the Queen Sudarshana who is.
  • qefyxenavi: Sudarshana from the servitude and degradation to which she is.
  • tapypezokef: The report of Sudarshana's.
  • lycihosohit: Sudarshana from the servitude and degradation to which she is.
  • tizukawi: The Queen Sudarshana's mansions are in the .
  • dinofezovy: Smiled a bit and said, "Emperor, the Queen Sudarshana sends your.
  • pyridegecox: QUEEN SUDARSHANA.
  • some_earth: RT @catchvijju: #YouAreABangaloreanIf weather happens to be your Sudarshana Chakra while debating about which is the best place to live in India!
  • catchvijju: #YouAreABangaloreanIf weather happens to be your Sudarshana Chakra while debating about which is the best place to live in India!
  • LePlantx: Si escucha a Sudarshana, vale la pena.
  • LePlantx: Como una estrella en el cielo, inalcanzable te veo. #Sudarshana.
  • JulianMUrrego: Si escucha Sudarshana, me merece.
  • faydra_deon: Free #eBook: 80AD - The Sudarshana (Book 4) by Aiki Flinthart
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  • cristobalfarias: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Shaila (37), Da-Skate (30) & Sudarshana (25)
  • _qfoimano: vou ouvir sudarshana pq faz uns anos que eu não ouço o_o
  • BipinThanky: RT @GujaratHistory: 2200 years ago princess Sudarshana of Shri Lanka built a grand Jain temple ' Shakunika Vihar ' at Bharuch Gujarat
  • Bazinga_alCubo: mmm , sudarshana a esta hora hace bien

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  • “Hindu Spiritual and Religion Blog Exploring Hinduism, the Sanatana Dharma Vishnu then used his Sudarshana Chakra to cut the body of Sati and it fell in 51 places on earth and these places came to be known as Shaktipeetahs”
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