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  • Our Suggested Trips. Looking for an excuse to escape to sunny beaches and sparkling waters? No problem! There are a million and one great reasons to jet away to your dream destination for a villa vacation of a lifetime – here are a few of our favorites to inspire you. Anniversary/Romance. — “Suggested Trips - CaribbeanWay”,
  • Planning your own paddling excursion? Try our suggested routes for a unique flavour of the sound that will challenge and excite the most experienced kayakers. — “Tofino Sea Kayaking Company - Suggested Kayaking Routes”,
  • a obsolete : to seek to influence : seduce b : to call forth : evoke c : to mention or imply as a possibility d : to propose as desirable or fitting e : to offer for consideration or as a hypothesis 2. — “Suggested - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • 3 Days in Kyoto: Suggested Itineraries reviews from Kyoto travelers. Read 3 Days in Kyoto: Suggested Itineraries reviews and ratings on . — “Reviews of 3 Days in Kyoto: Suggested Itineraries, Kyoto”,
  • Morocco tours with private driver. Authentic tours of Morocco include Morocco Sahara trips and camel treks in Erg Chebbi or camel trekking in Erg Chigaga; Morocco desert tours from Marrakech, Marrakech to Fes, Fes, Fes to Marrakech and Suggested Itineraries for Tours in Morocco. — “Suggested Itineraries | Authentic Morocco Tours and Treks”, authentic-
  • Discover the best suggested itineraries for Perth and suggested itineraries for Sydney. Plan your Australia itinerary and your trip down under. — “Suggested Itineraries For Perth, Suggested Itineraries For”,
  • Check out these suggested itineraries for visiting Miami. They'll ensure that you hit on all the things to do in Miami, from golf to shopping. — “HowStuffWorks "Suggested Itineraries for Visiting Miami"”,
  • Suggested Exclusive Castles. We do not publish a brochure, nor do we have a definitive list of all of the properties that we use. In this way, we are completely flexible, and can tailor-make a programme to suit each client's exact needs. These are some of the properties we recommed: Brocket hall. — “Suggested Exclusive Castles”,
  • This page includes links to suggested reading lists for student and adult recreational Also included here is a professional suggested reading list for administrators, teachers, and library media. — “suggestedreadinglists - marthaalewine”,
  • suggested use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with suggested. suggested in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “suggested - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Here are suggested Italian travel itineraries to help you plan your travels in Italy and get the most out of your Italy vacation. — “Suggested Travel Itineraries - Italy”,
  • Suggested Itineraries in Egypt. The itineraries here lay out fairly detailed suggestions about how you can go about making the most of your time in specific zones (Cairo, for. — “Suggested Itineraries in Egypt at Frommer's”,
  • Visit 's San Francisco Suggested Itineraries Page If you're looking for things to do before taking one of the aforementioned night tours, we suggest sauntering through San Francisco's less touristy but just as colorful hoods. — “San Francisco Suggested Itineraries from - Trip”,
  • Outdoor decks have so many uses. They make beautiful additions at home. You can choose from many different types of materials. You can have a pool deck, gazebo deck, spa deck, roofed deck as a few suggestions. — “Suggested Materials For Outdoor Decks”,
  • So I've gathered together some suggested itineraries and a few of my favorite places to visit, which serve as great bases for side trips when you find yourself looking to fill a few extra days in Thailand. Do you have any suggested itineraries since we will only be able to. — “Suggested Itineraries: Thailand | Viator Travel Blog”,
  • Definition of suggested in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of suggested. Pronunciation of suggested. Translations of suggested. suggested synonyms, suggested antonyms. Information about suggested in the free online English dictionary and. — “suggested - definition of suggested by the Free Online”,

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  • Barack Obama in Indianapolis, IN Barack talks about his campaign on April 30, 2008 in Indianapolis.
  • Black Dyke Mills Band - Windows Of The World Incredibly awesome piece. Call of the Cossacks.2
  • Fiore's Famous Garlic Sauce Suggested Uses Here are a few suggestions on how to use Fiore's Famous Garlic Sauce. Our website is down please call 215-361-1669 to order tue-fri 11am-4pm thank you
  • APA Dr. Cue Instruction - Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 22: Suggested 9-Ball Breaking Position - Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 22 Suggested 9-Ball Breaking Position - 9-Ball players have a better chance of running out if they can spread the balls on the break and make a ball in the process. Learning this suggested and high percentage angle of entry to the one ball assures the best opportunity for game victory and enjoying this fast paced game even more -- a simple concept with amazing results!!
  • Frankyding's Sonic Drawings [4] Hi everybody! ^^ Old drawings by me. In this video there are drawings of: Sonic the hedgehog (the werehog), Shadow, Maria, Silver, Scourge, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Amy, Sally, Sonia and Manic... Pikachu and Kirby appears too :) I've also put some of my own sonic characters in the video. ENJOY Sonic and related characters are copyright SEGA and Sonic Team! My own charaters are created and drawn by me! However, the style is copyright SEGA! Remember I used to me miepigen1 so that's why it sais that in the end of the video!! Some of my own sonic characters didn't have names before, but now 5 of them has: The blue hedgehog is named Sharp the Hedgehog Suggested by rykmn97 The ghost hedgehog is named Screech Suggested by ZACMATTHEWS100 The ice hedgehog is named Frostbite Suggested by princessSallyAcorn1 The mouse is now called Monya the Mouse Suggested by CustomBio34 The villain hedgehog is called Diabolos Suggested by sclirada Thankyou very much for the good suggestions! ^^
  • Ken Does Minecraft Ep13 - Seed Glacier As Suggested by You! LINKS My Twitter Account which is very active The Web Site for all the Show info KenBurtonShow toolbar, Links to all the stuff we do Our Facebook Group Page For my Facebook Page For the iPhone App For the KEN Gamers Channel Mail: [email protected]
  • The Game-206 {Parental Guidance Suggested} (2/2) Tasha informs Melanie she has one month to find a new place to live; and Melanie makes Derwin think she slept with Malik. Elsewhere, Jason's steroid use causes trouble in the bedroom.
  • Fix You cover (Coldplay)- Jayme Dee I swear Coldplay stalked me this week and then time-traveled back a few years to write about my life with this song as the product. http
  • Suggested weapon balance changes for Black Ops Please go here for a detailed chart and explanation of... everything about what I'm pertaining to in the video: Please, support this video! Spread it around. Treyarch listens to the community. If you want to spread the word to the Treyarch devs (don't spam them or they won't listen, be intelligent about it ) you can send them this video on twitter: Treyarch community manager aka JD_2020's twitter: Treyarch developer aka David Vonderhaar's twitter: If you are a member of the official forums, then you can post discussions about the vid here, or better yet, copy and paste the changes listed below to go along with the vid (again, don't spam, be intelligent and civil): It's hard to balance things with only numbers to work with. Here are my proposed changes in text form (updated on 12-12-10): SMGs: - Switch the recoil numbers of the Uzi and the AK74u, and give the AK74u High penetration. The Uzi will then have a unique recoil among the 30-20 damage SMG's. The 74u would have slightly more recoil than the MP5k, but have the benefit of better attachment choices and better bullet penetration. - Give the PM63, Mac 11 and Kiparis 30 round magazines instead of 20. Up the PM63 and Mac 11's centerspeed to 1600. Leave the Kiparis' centerspeed in tact, as it has high penetration compared to normal low SMG penetration. - Give the Skorpion a 30 round magazine instead of 20. Assault Rifles: - Lower the G11 hipfire ...
  • professor ft oskido & dj tira - jezebel ♫ professor ft oskido & dj tira - jezebel
  • Escape (Armor Games) Walkthrough Suggested by jordan456785 Part 2/2 Never will I ever conspire with someone who uses the term "babydoll". Enjoy! Game Link: Pursuit (Prequel to this game): Trapped (Prequel to Pursuit): Facebook Group:
  • Ron Paul OWNZ Giuliani in Debate. Uncut version. Ron Paul goes for content, and substance, Giuliani attempts cheap political applause lines. Check my profile for other good videos. Subscribe!! I'm going to keep them coming. check out my paintings at Here's my online shop where I have all of my paintings for sale. Help me stay chubby by buying one of my paintings today http
  • Pink Floyd Final Cut (9) - The Fletcher Memorial Home The song The Fletcher Memorial Home by Pink Floyd off of their CD The Final Cut. Circa 1983, remastered 2004. I do not own any of this content. Sorry, it's just this picture. Volume increased 20%. Get CD here: Lyrics: Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere And build them a home, a little place of their own. The Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings. And they can appear to themselves every day On closed circuit TV To make sure they're still real. It's the only connection they feel. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Reagan and Haig, Mr. Begin and friend, Mrs. Thatcher, and Paisly, "Hello Maggie!" Mr. Brezhnev and party. "Scusi dov'è il bar?" The ghost of McCarthy, The memories of Nixon. "Who's the bald chap?" "Good-bye!" And now, adding colour, a group of anonymous latin- American meat packing glitterati. Did they expect us to treat them with any respect? They can polish their medals and sharpen their Smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for awhile. Boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead. Safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye With their favorite toys They'll be good girls and boys In the Fletcher Memorial Home for colonial Wasters of life and limb. Is everyone in? Are you having a nice time? Now the final solution can be applied.
  • Give Us This Day: Movement 1 By David Maslanka Suggested By Youtube User: Faschismus A Short Symphony for Wind Ensemble.
  • Don't Talk to Strangers lyrics [Suggested by XxJEffHArdy4lifexX] Don't Talk to Strangers lyrics... Suggest Songs plzz !! :)
  • Vaughn Ward believes Puerto Rico is a foreign country In a debate in Post Falls, Idaho Congressional candidates Vaughn Ward and Raul Labrador were asked the question "Should Puerto Rico become a state?" After Labrador gave his answer, Ward responded. Watch the video to hear his unbelievable statements.
  • Ron Paul on Marque and Reprisal 4/12/09 In his latest C4L video, Dr. Paul discusses a constitutional approach to dealing with security threats.
  • Dinah Washington - What a Difference A Day Made Dinah Washington (August 29, 1924 December 14, 1963) was a blues, R&B and jazz singer. Despite dying at the early age of 39, Washington became one of the most influential vocalists of the twentieth century,. She is a 1986 inductee of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Lyrics: What a difference a day made Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain My yesterday was blue, dear Today I'm part of you, dear My lonely nights are through, dear Since you said you were mine What a difference a day makes There's a rainbow before me Skies above can't be stormy Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss It's heaven when you find romance on your menu What a difference a day made And the difference is you What a difference a day makes There's a rainbow before me Skies above can't be stormy Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss It's heaven when you find romance on your menu What a difference a day made And the difference is you
  • Who really killed Aung San? Vol 5 A recent release of classified documents from British Foreign office regarding the assasination of Aung San has prompted an investigation by BBC. BBC reported that the assasination plot was far more complicated then previously thought. It was suggested that the involvement of high ranking British government officials were hidden by British Foreign office until 1997. BBC traced back some links between Sir Reginald Dorman-Smith (an ex governer of Burma) and U Saw - the convicted assassin.
  • Seal Crazy Music Video
  • Jim Rogers The Dollar is Toilet Paper jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http jimrogers1 http JimRogers1 For More on jim...
  • Having to repeat myself When I first suggested that QQOQQ pose his questions to me in video form, it was because he said that he had debated many "evolutionists" and that none of them could answer his question about how we got matter "from nothing" in the Big Bang. I couldn't believe that no one could answer his question. Now that I have to answer this same question repeated a second time -after reading where a few other people had already explained this to him too, now I know how he can say that no one ever answered him; He simply ignores everything anyone tells him and keeps repeating the same question as if no one said anything.
  • TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi - Radiation Safety Guideline Suggested Temp. Increase 20x Current Limit! No immediate health risk = you're going to get cancer in a few years... This disinformation needs to stop!
  • 2- A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (A Beautiful Mind) music by James Horner
  • Nigerian Internet Scam Disclosure (Part 2) All over the world, a great amount of spam promising millions of dollars are being perpetuated from Lagos and the rest of Nigeria. Here is an Australian investigation into the world of the Nigerian internet scammers. (Part 2)
  • Michael Steele - GOP Will Lose In 2010 Elections Vote TYT everyday through 1/15/10 @ : Read Ana's blog here: Follow us on Twitter: Check Out TYT Interviews
  • Embrace The Cross by Steve Green ParsonRobert @ recommends this wonderful song. Thank God for the Cross of Christ! Where would we be without it! I am crucified with Christ!
  • Ar Tonelico III - EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. with Lyrics This is the hymmnos COSMOFLIPS for Ar Tonelico III. It is sung by KOKIA. It is a very simple song, having very few lines (easy for me). It was one of the songs that first stood out for me. Note: Just to not upset anyone, I chose Omnis and paired it with "End" because they were both at the end of the lines. Sorry if this offends anyone, my logic is very simple. =) Source: Translator: Bane / AoDBane I DID NOT TRANSLATE ANY OF THIS SONG AT ALL. PLEASE SEE SOURCE.
  • The Outlaw Josey Wales Theatrical Trailer "Unforgiven" is a great, great movie, but "Josey Wales" is my favorite western made by Clint. Awesome movie. I can watch it over and over again.
  • Violent Explosion Caused by a Gas Leak Destroys Kenosha Home on January 10, 2011 Roughly at 11:15 PM an unoccupied new house on the southwest corner of 22nd Avenue and 55th Street in Kenosha, Wisconsin was destroyed in a huge blast. A suspected gas leak is believe to be the cause of the violent explosion. Several homes received extensive damage and windows were blown out for blocks. Atlas Gym and Michelle's Auto Sales were also heavily damaged. There are reports of the house explosion being heard as far away as University of Wisconsin Parkside Campus 4 miles away. 911 calls were so plentiful the phone lines were tied up. This video was recorded moments after the explosion on a Flip UltraHD Video Camera. DJHockeyman provided the following link so anyone can listen to a live audio feed to a local scanner which receives the Kenosha Police Department and Kenosha Fire Department broadcast along with Kenosha County Fire Department and EMS, Kenosha County Sheriff, Silver and Twin Lakes Police : This video was included in television broadcasts on WISN: And on WTMJ: www.620
  • Interview [Heroes, ZQ & SR]: Sylinder The Sitcom The last few seconds of this interview with Zachary and Sendhil should make any Mohinder/Sylar fan's day.
  • Good Eats S14E12 - American Classic IX: Pumpkin Pie 1/2 Host Alton Brown delves into the Fall Classic taking it back to Plymouth and forward to the future. Recipes in This Episode * Pumpkin Pie * Pumpkin Puree * Whole Pumpkin Pie Soup (Demonoid can go die in a fire for not allowing for public registration to their site)
  • Do You Remember lyrics [Suggested by mizzmikee26] do you remember by Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul&Lil Jon
  • Liz Cheney Won't Deny Father Suggested Iraq-al Qaeda Ties more at Liz Cheney on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, May 17, 2009
  • Money For War - Cenk Attack on MSNBC Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on his weekly Daily Rant segment on the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC explains the influence of money on the Afghanistan war and GOP obstruction to the START treaty. ______ WASHINGTON (Nov. 16) -- An agreement between the United States and Russia to slash their nuclear arsenals was in danger of collapse Tuesday after an influential Republican senator said it should not be voted on this year. With a terse statement, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., dealt a major setback to President Barack Obama's efforts to improve ties with Russia and to his broader strategy for reducing nuclear arms worldwide. The treaty, known as New START, had been seen as one of Obama's top foreign policy accomplishments. Without the support of Kyl, the leading Republican voice on the treaty, Democrats have little hope of securing at least eight Republican votes, the minimum they would need for ratification in the Senate. His stance, unless reversed, would delay the vote until the newly elected Senate, with an expanded Republican minority, is sworn in next year. Democrats would then need the support of at least 14 Republicans. The White House has been trying to avoid a vote next year, knowing that ratification could slip out of reach in the face of opposition to the treaty from most Republicans and an increasingly partisan political environment. At a minimum, a 2011 vote would probably set the treaty back for months, because Republicans are likely to demand new hearings in ...
  • Van Halen - Hot For Teacher Here's the official music video for Van Halen's Hot For Teacher Don't forget to comment rate and subscribe to our videos! Also this video was suggested by a fellow youtuber! Killermonkey5 Thank you and don't forget to suggest for some video's!
  • Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone "Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone" by the almighty Neutral Milk Hotel.
  • Siskel & Ebert Worst of 1996 2of2
  • The Game-206 {Parental Guidance Suggested} (1/2) Tasha informs Melanie she has one month to find a new place to live; and Melanie makes Derwin think she slept with Malik. Elsewhere, Jason's steroid use causes trouble in the bedroom.
  • How To Melt a Bass Drum Head Porthole So, I did a bunch of research on how to cut your own porthole in a bass drum head and was surprised at how little information there was on it. A few people suggested just using a stencil and a sharp blade, a few people suggested just upping the 40 bucks and buying one, and a few people suggested melting a hole. I'm a big fan of ingenuity so i tried the melting method and it worked flawlessly. Thought I would share my findings on how to. If you have any questions, just message me.
  • Donald Trump a Birther, Suggested One Time 14% Tax on Rich --Donald Trump goes into full birther mode. --On the Bonus Show New demand for exorcists, Colombian cocaine submarine, dinosaur petroglyphs made by humans. The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman http 24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP Broadcast on March 31, 2011
  • universe_news: Georgia storm damage now at $50 million: Hudgens also suggested that Georgians, who will be facing tropical stor...
  • PetsLately: Humane society sees influx of surrendered animals -4/7/2011, 10:00 AM: Volunteer Marilyn Marshall suggested indi...
  • MarieWilson19: Could cosmetic dentistry boost self-confidence?: The comments follow research from Mintel, which suggested that ...
  • williejackson: Seth suggested that I get a job to celebrate the one year anniversary of my self-employment (4/16). Unfollowing him IRL.
  • laopina: A woman on the phone suggested me to go to work in a callcenter... That'd definitely enhance the value my MD =_="
  • AddyK_ted: frankly i didnt xpect shaktar will be humiliated like they were last nite they are much better side than what score suggested 5-1 is too bad
  • jjjjjaneho: @popor46 i suggested AIMS ja :)
  • tattyknits: @ambermog what about La La's shawl and Harry? (suggested by @lorarte) x
  • failingtofollow: @inmywindow - It's just been suggested we go and eat here while we're on holiday. You'll like it, it's a tree house!
  • RobynIsLegit: @MissLyssa93 lol :D i only suggested that cuz i needed to go but not anymore. we should all go swimming though!!!
  • tara_roach: #noitalls Gotta love all there un wanted opinions (&& all their never wrong opinions) i suggested they apply for glenn becks job...
  • HowardFan73: @ggirl1010 hey girl, new to Twitter n you showed up on my suggested people to follow.
  • wdthfxup: @emzaitz YES!! On his way to the mall for more sweat pants I assume...I suggested real-people clothes. hahahah def made my morning.
  • CareerAndBizOps: Can the IFSC really ease the pain of domestic banks' job cuts?: Recruitment sources have suggested that the larg...
  • orlandowire: Suggested questions for the governor during Thursday's ... - http:///a/38_fcc41fdc15
  • AppleiOSupdate: iOS 4.3.2 software update is coming soon! Yes, sources close to BGR have suggested that Apple has developed a new...
  • ThoughtsOfPhen: Helping my sister cook for her school tomorrow. I suggested bread and ketchup but she refused.
  • Luterinho: @GottaLaff | Did u hear of a GOP Rep from KS who suggested to shoot illegal immigrant from a helicopter like pigs?
  • getoffendedBone: @ThatLadyEm Just five of them like the name suggested. What?
  • WorkFromWithin: Another resource I suggested for finding helpful people is LinkedIn Are you on it? If not, why not? It's the most...
  • kamelia_abas: Yeah still have some of them which u suggested times ago RT @wawing_b: I collect those which has the profound effect from my experience.
  • simonpickles: David Cameron has suggested that Britain and the legacy of its empire was responsible for many of the world's hi...
  • LyleSuperBlue: somebody suggested the "patong" attire, sabi ko naman BORRRINNG!
  • JohnTimm: When we've done almost everything and much more than they suggested! I did finally get one additional idea from them...we'll see if it works
  • Stockmarket_Kid: Love the coal trade suggested by recent street upgrades. Coal is direct beneficiary & alternative to oil/gasoline.
  • JFletch83: @evanfletcher That's why I suggested it. :)
  • zach1974randolp: USB 2.0 4gb/2gb/1gb Memory Card Reader for PENTAX K110D SLR Digital Camera: Suggested Applications: Secure Digi...
  • ashleyabodo: Why no questions at rallys @pmharper ? And why no one-on-one debate against @M_Ignatieff which you suggested?
  • AtomicOvermind: @kittylair I did not correct @warrenellis ... I suggested an alternate spelling for comic effect. :)
  • PurpleandPearls: @_LobsterLove_ @nomnom_cupcakes @nothsdotcom I think the only way forward is to buy all colours suggested and test them out against dress!
  • Luterinho: Kansas GOP Rep. Virgil Peck suggested shooting illegal immigrants from a helicopter like pigs |
  • BestDeals4Now: New Brain Cancer Treatment Free of Side Effects: Chemotherapy and radiation were suggested, but the side effects...
  • afterworkinc: Check out "FRIDAY NIGHT RESERVE AT THE SUITE 6224. Dress to Impress. Suggested & Early..." via @eventbrite
  • Hellocreatives: RT @jonathanrands: Day 1 Ideas up for Diesel weathered jeans! http:///#1209372/Blog suggested by @Hellocreatives
  • chngshumin: @alisnabs @littlelone94 @seetheairplanes @belicialaura Just now those who went for dinner suggested Universal studios or Play nation?
  • PuroPincheParri: @Maria_12mz I know babe, bit ruben suggested this one..maybe ill go back to @killer_bereh soon :D
  • PureEssenceLabs: Lists of suggested questions #cancer patients should ask their doctor throughout their journey RT @usoncology:
  • juliehuz: Challenge America is looking for suggested recrecation programs for #MilFamilies Any suggestions for them?
  • Yan2967: My CAD project? Well, Ross has suggested I make the grass area multicoloured. :L
  • upthesaints: @oewebdesign I never suggested otherwise. We dont know what we have going on. Club said no loans yet it turns out we do.
  • xSandy5219x: @SophieRenne Hmm...Yeah, you're def not seeing it lol. I would've suggested you dl it like I do but you wouldn't have the time for that lol.
  • Alice_Boiish: @Chaaappps My CAD project? Well, Ross has suggested I make the grass area multicoloured. :L
  • CosmicKitchen: Suggested lunch item of the day: our Reuben! Some say it's the best in town... try it and let us know what YOU think! #ilm
  • knitty_kat: @Kclarke5 I just realized this AM that I didn't chat with you either. I suggested to Gigs that they join the meet up site for attendance :/
  • FAh63: Got fever loey a ;( but happy waving him 4 the 1st time s'one suggested me 2make his fan 2get more I've never express myself but he knows :)
  • penwhen: @liverbirdpie @CindyBoren He's the one who suggested Henry/FSG buy #LFC in the first place...
  • HannaHoneyBelle: @CreActionMG haha I suggested it cus you sent me that pic a while back nd it was toooooo cute.
  • tonyisdynamic: @ryuumasken You think entry 38 is when the original filming started like someone suggested? It IS unlabeled...
  • AndyFZ1S: Avoidance Exercise Suggested Route through the Speed Measuring Equipment.
  • CatchaDragonfly: @DelphiBurling Marving looks quite satisfied with his afternoons work... Lol!!!! Drinking tea in the Den as suggested x
  • bradenmikael: @JBaraga As Barack Obama recently suggested, perhaps you should consider a trade in then. *eyes roll*
  • ljhudgins: I suggested a Why I need my library podcast. So far, no takers.
  • Andyman_man: @JessieMilf Hi. twitter suggested i follow you, so i thought i'd atleast say!
  • NewYork_ch: @ochocinco No but I have scar tissue I need to have broken down and a doctor suggested a steroid injection.. Have you used Graston?
  • HillsBPatch: YouTube suggested for explaining technology improvements at last night's CNP meeting
  • PaulCurses: @liannejhare oh yeah that's been suggested too :/
  • MirageComplex: RT @_PatWilliams: #MIRAGE tonight is gonna be on Steroids . Early arrival is strongly suggested.
  • KevinJRawlinson: @nickytrup whatever it was, her reply suggested she was quite looking forward to it. She loves a sarnie, that lass!
  • candied_yam: @Elle_Wade a sprint rep suggested I go bk to the 99.99 smh went over Bad like 3 months straight! PISSED! And it was like almost 200
  • zachnfine: RT @davidstripinis: Twitter's suggested follow of Charlie Sheen means alot of you guys follow him.. Stop. Please. do not enocurage him.
  • largetony: @johnd785 No recovery guys involved. A friend suggested I try a new data cable. I did and it worked.
  • rawmeet: @Lessien and as your blog post suggested, the guy has taken his game board and walked away :-) /that was a superb post, btw.
  • BGFN8: I've never heard anything suggested by a #DreamTheater fan (or member) that I didn't like. That's a pretty amazing fact
  • MsTaboo: Since @TenealeImraan suggested we go to Wembley later I've started craving that oh so good but unhealthy food lol cc @vanlouwl
  • phillavelle: @els76uk Yep - I suggested it but wanna keep schtum til I've filmed it
  • mikedebonis: B.Webb: Ellerbe, FEMS' Lon Walls suggested he resign. 'Idea was on 3/26 I'd resign, and on 3/28 I'd be working in priv. sector.' #grayhires
  • BrendaLaFressh: Tony's mom suggested the Samsung w/ Dual View so I don't have to turn the camera around to take a pic of myself. Too bad I'm a pro at that.
  • FKlopott: Webb says Ellerbe and Lon Walls suggested he resign and then later get hired by city later #grayhires
  • obesevegan: Boss just tried to make it seem like I was the only one who suggested a cocaine buffet in the break room.
  • leadmyfeetaway: If I suggested to play quidditch to this kid, he'd cum in his pants.
  • katiemoffat: @misscroissant hi there, someone has suggested you :)
  • abandonship_db: @frankxcarter why not name a few people suggested and let us know the best?
  • CnservativePunk: @nicolejpearce I should really see about it to but it was suggested last night that I not.
  • Sianwelby: @nicholasfrost going well so far! Just practiced all my moves! Suggested trigger fingers, but app. Not appropriate!!
  • AnnisMccourt115: The mouse Walt drew was originally named Mortimor But his wife Lilly didn't like that name so she suggested Mickey and the name stuck
  • vivalatwix: so my mom suggested 2 teabags vs many scoops of coffee. We'll see how this wrks.
  • _ayeklee: @kbmm09 i just cant decide if i want the shift or not bc the sprint guy Suggested the reg one. he said its so much better!
  • fattyfoodie: Server at Wayfare Tavern was ignorant of Celiac Sprue and suggested I "just take the toast off" my tartare
  • sergemuzic: RT @Prisci_D not all our parents suggested college---and that's y i'm not talking to ALL. Cuz not ALL making less than me either right?
  • HOOPmag: The Nets Times Square billboard and some suggested alternatives: http:///h26mr4 #knicks #nets
  • Prisci_D: RT @sergemuzic: ya'll going to college for what? To make half what I make? smh I follow my OWN dreams=not all our parents suggested college
  • ellienewstead: someone on my timeline just suggested a @onedirection bra?... interesting.
  • howett: @seuj I like. A tweet-up as I suggested before!
  • wikileaksreport: #wikileaks usa daily news usa news today local news: Wikileaks founder appeal ...: Mr Assange has suggested the ...
  • TheDrewRobbins: Joined a book club at work. 1st book we're reading is "thick" and "appealing". I then suggested we name the club "That's What She Read"
  • CarolVerity: @Trace_berr 7.30 Covent Garden - I suggested Chez Gerard (your mate!) we can start off there in the bar and th… (cont)
  • tuppencenfl: ‘A Couple Weeks’ for Lockout Decision: Minnesota Judge Susan Nelson suggested that the NFL Players Association a...
  • ChicagoBernie: RT @KatiePiper_: thanks for the advice in tracking down my ipad, will try the things you have suggested x
  • DefendoLibertas: @dmataconis I think the House should pass a 1 week extension without any riders but include pentagon funding as @krauthammer suggested.
  • lightfoot256: @notch Jeff from #SO suggested this as a way to keep productive; always break when you're doing something fun and you'll want to go back!

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  • “All of the staff at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center are dedicated to educating our patients and prospective patients about all aspects of tubal ligation reversal. We welcome your ideas and want to address your questions and concerns about tubal”
    — Blog Topics Suggested by Patients, tubal-

  • “The Career Blog updates you on recent changes to the site, offers helpful career advice and makes you aware of some great Internet resources I come across that will help your career long term”
    — The Career Blog, find-your-dream-

  • “Suggested Forum - Patent Searching”
    Suggested Forum - Patent Searching,

  • “You are ready to begin blogging, and if you think people don't want to know what you had for lunch, you are right and get the gold star. Here then are 52 suggested blog topics that will get you through the first year without ever mentioning”
    — A Year of Blog Topics for Artists - No Reason to Hold Back,

  • “Share and discover what's happening right now, anywhere in the world. Twitter Blog. Suggested Users. 802154881732750311. Wednesday, March 25, 2009. About a month or so ago we noticed a certain percentage of new users were signing up and then not following anyone”
    — Twitter Blog: Suggested Users,

  • “Recently I saw Chris Brogan's blog post entitled 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write. When people ask about the topic of my blog, I sometimes say (with a little fay wave of my”
    — 55 More Blog Posts I Hope You Write,

  • “Feels like I have mono (though I could just be really bored), a major snowstorm is beginning to take shape outside, and I have nothing particularly”
    Suggested Blog Reading For the Snowed-in and Extremely Bored,

  • “Community > Forums > Site Help > New Forum Topics > new suggested forum. There is a strong dialog about marketing in the Wedding Forum”
    — new suggested forum . . . - Site Help Forum,

  • “”
    — Customer Feedback for Meebo,

  • “Andrew Hay | Suggested Blog Reading | 07 22nd, 2010| Forensic 4cast Episode 31 – They try to send me off to DC but I say R-M-O Andrew Hay | Suggested Blog Reading | 06 24th, 2010| Anton Chuvakin Blog – "Security Warrior": How Do I Get”
    — Andrew Hay " Suggested Blog Reading,

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