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  • What is better for a wealthy person according to the sharia: repeating hajj supererogatorily every year or giving the money reserved for it to the poor and the needy? All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessing be upon whom Allah. — “Concerning what is better between repeating hajj and giving”,
  • Synonyms for needlessly, on the free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. overplus, pointlessly, purposelessly, redundantly, supererogatorily, superfluously, tautologously, to little. — “needlessly - synonyms for needlessly by the Free Online”,
  • Supererogatorily definition, going beyond the requirements of duty. See more. — “Supererogatorily | Define Supererogatorily at ”,
  • Anyway, Nephesh've started toward respond to stimuli the likes of him consumes intolerable speciality creative effect, and before aside from erode that supererogatorily, Alterum'm abstaining in with hopes that No other bump redirect my impulses. — “電視生活 " Jkcdembenorma's Weblog”,
  • Assorted writings on animal liberation. them as capable of acting supererogatorily; they cannot act 'beyond the call' of duty, when, as is true in their case, they cannot understand that '. — “Ill-gotten Gains, by Tom Regan”, animal-rights-
  • Failure to act supererogatorily is blameworthy and wrong, but lends itself only to informal criticism rather than to institutionalized sanction. An agent acts supererogatorily if despite the permission to ignore these reasons, decides. — “Supererogation (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • Over a hundred free magic tricks from a classic magic book. Nevertheless, an audience is invariably satisfied when inanimate articles are covered up, and so supererogatorily prevented from performing acts which are not possible to them. — “General Remarks for Performing Magic”,
  • The Late Henry Moss First Love Love by B. H. Barry, in which Ray wipes up the floor with him, and then supererogatorily makes him wipe the same floor with a rag. — “Don't Play It Again”,
  • The tinge concerning the IHR was up to resolve the opportunity that eternal principality would supererogatorily impairment spare as to the unimodular busyness in connection with set aside paly tally wildcat strike in favor of reasons with regard to bacterial disease. — “WHO, cut up III: the ocean changes " Isaacriva's Weblog”,
  • This thesis has been read by each member of the following graduate committee and by. majority vote has been found to be aided geometry, and all three of them for their supererogatorily positive attitudes and. — “i A GEOMETRY-BASED MOTION PLANNER FOR DIRECT MACHINING AND”,
  • supremely, supererogatorily, good though it is that I should. do so. Likewise among bad actions, there are those which. it is otherwise would be only supererogatorily good or morally. indifferent is now obligatory; and his forbidding it. — “Think W inter 2008 † 7”,
  • And today, there is simply no better fishy Philly shebang for your buck. Entrées are no less simply and supererogatorily prepared. Seafood Unlimited's chef, Chris Jones, and its owner, David Einhorn. — “D'Bockol Reviews: Seafood Unlimited”,
  • Words that start with SUPE : Words starting in SUPE supererogatorily. supererogators. supererogatory. superessential. superette. superettes. superevident. superexalt. superexaltation. superexaltations. superexalted. superexalting. superexalts. superexcellence. superexcellences. superexcellent. superexpensive. — “Word supe meaning. Word supe definition. Free crossword”,
  • Check out Raima ®'s Comment Board on MySpace! Post your own comments and view messages from friends. supererogatorily super. Feb 20, 2009 7:56 PM. ouch raima! that was harsh. ill have you know that b MONEY is actually doing pretty well these days! but i appreciate the confidence. — “Raima ®'s Comment Board | – Comments & Messages”,
  • government to act non-coercively and supererogatorily, it would have to perform some morally they were not entitled, I have acted supererogatorily. However, my distribution of gifts, based as. it was on the arbitrary distribution of physical. — “Public Reason Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium Is”,
  • The Coin-vanishing Tumbler magic trick invariably satisfied when inanimate articles are covered up, and so supererogatorily prevented from performing acts which are not possible to them. — “The Coin-vanishing Tumbler - Magic Tricks”,
  • Thus I discovered Heinrich Böll, the great bien-pensant voice of West Germany. the occasion, whether or not Böll is being gratuitously bureaucratic, wantonly tongue-in-cheek, supererogatorily documentary. — “Kurt Andersen ~ Introduction to The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum”,
  • Although the unexpressed will of God might make things supererogatorily good (or bad but not wrong), presumably a command must it is supererogatorily good to please benefactors more than you are obliged to, God's commendation can make. — “Morality and god - ”,
  • You need to have JavaScript enabled to use all of MySpace's features. Click here for help enabling it. supererogatorily super.'s profile is private. Add supererogatorily super. as a friend to view this page. If you are already friends, log in to your account. — “MySpace”,
  • Definition of supererogatory in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of supererogatory. Pronunciation of supererogatory. Translations of supererogatory. supererogatory synonyms, supererogatory antonyms. Information about supererogatory in the free supererogatorily adv. — “supererogatory - definition of supererogatory by the Free”,
  • Moral Uncertainty and Its Consequences Book by Ted Lockhart; 2000. Read Moral Uncertainty and Its Consequences at Questia library. Five Shall I Act Supererogatorily?. — “Moral Uncertainty and Its Consequences”,

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  • “Unincluded characters? That's not oldschool, that's supererogatorily impractical. Logged "I'm so dead they're going to have to bury me twice" - Les Anderson. Vanilla H. Guest. Re: Unincluded”
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  • “Sly Civilian posted on his blog about a post over at Shakesville about the abortion of In a recent Bioethics Forum update, there was a great piece about this topic, too. It's”
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  • “The Forum of Biff > The Forum of Biff > General Discussion > The Biff Chatroom They supererogatorily desiccate hepatovores. Epicoracohumeraler cwm”
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  • “[Archive] DC's Countdown and the Multiverse Returns DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm Majestic came over from the Wildstorm universe to sub for Superman and Captain Atom was stranded in the Wildstorm universe for a while”
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  • “hard to know how to reply, other than to say that such a demand is not among the deliverances of morality for most of us, although we respect those who do so act.–supererogatorily, as most of us see such actions. is one another must read source on this”
    — Talking Philosophy | Moral distance,

  • “Welcome to my new project for the WebYeshiva blog. In my Mission of Orthodoxy project, I shared what a wide will, because of this principle, compromise and act supererogatorily, as the Talmud mentioned in the rules of”
    — The WebYeshiva Blog,

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