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  • If you're aiming for intensive growth, then gear up your company's systems and controls beforehand Because both Shindler and Trapani think of themselves as "supersalesmen, not financial whizzes," they chose to rely on the advice of Jeffrey M. — “Tuning Up for Growth, Cash Flow Forecast Article - Inc”,
  • Official Lyrics to Vanity Fair by Mr. Bungle at CD Universe. You're not human You're a miracle A preacher with an animal's face Lie the supersalesmen of vanity. — “Lyrics to Vanity Fair by Mr. Bungle at CD Universe”,
  • supersalesmen quotes - Quotes related to 'supersalesmen'. — “SUPERSALESMEN: Quotations related to keyword 'supersalesmen'”,
  • With intense pressure, these supersalesmen bilk families out of their last nickel. Ribisi (THE OTHER SISTER) is the movie's weakest link as he never convincing transforms from wimp to supersalesmen. — “Movie Photos: Boiler Room”,
  • If you are wondering how to sell better , rest assured that it is one of the most asked questions by salesmen all over.Although so different, yet supersalesmen have certain traits in common. The most apparent is this-they are all men of spirit. — “how to sell better”,
  • Realize that selling is a numbers game. Get more no's and you'll get more yes's. - Sidney Friedman When you miss the sale, it is even more important to make a cheerful, friendly, optimist Of course, there are natural super sales men, artists, actors, wealth makers, and other geniuses that are not. — “Sales Training and Coaching - The Why behind the How!”,
  • Following are replies to President Reagan's tax speech by Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. and Representative Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois, chairman of of the United States, and I must agree he is a supersalesmen. — “RESPONSE BY DEMOCRATS TO PRESIDENT - Text - ”,
  • Lowest Price: $2.54 Highest Price: $1,675.00 Average Price: $133.43 -- Iron Man 2 1:64 Scale Car 5-Pack - Series 1 are official Marvel Iron Man 2 die-cast vehicles that have authentic multi-color art. hilarious comic salute to those supersalesmen whose persuasive pitches transform rattling. — “Car W - Stores and Prices”,
  • When it is clearly understood that what supersalesmen of the psychic are selling is really their own value system, or their own vision of what Meanwhile, until the supersalesmen are unmasked, perhaps the best advice on how to deal with them and their "truth" was given by. — “Ellen G. White found guilty of plagiarism (copying)”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. The mayors are also acting as supersalesmen for the Emerald Isle, extolling its beauty, grace, and investment potential. — “An Irish 'truth squad' in US / The Christian Science Monitor”,
  • Clinton reassures the markets by naming Establishment figures to top economic jobs. But the President-elect still plans policies to prime the pump. Bill's Dream Team Of Supersalesmen. — “Bill's Dream Team Of Supersalesmen - TIME”,
  • Salespeople use Maharishi's Meditation to boost sales, gain enlightenment. Invitation to enlightenment by Maharishi. You are already competing against supersalesmen. The unfoldment of the full use of one's mental potential is an exponential one, and therefore, there is no catching up. — “Age of Enlightenment. Invitation to Enlightenment”,
  • Modern health quacks are supersalesmen. They play on fear. They cater to hope. And once they have you, they'll keep you coming back for more. Seldom do their victims realize how often or how skillfully they are cheated. Does the mother who feels good. — “How Quackery Sells”,
  • The most powerful How To Sell Course available anywhere at any price. Learn sales closing techniques and tips at Sales Closing Power! by Bill Bishop. advanced soft-sell closing system based on the collective selling wisdom of some of the Nation's Top Closers, so called Supersalesmen (and women!. — “How To Sell Sales Training Course With Sales Closing Power!”, how-to-
  • MEET THE SAVVY SUPERSALESMEN. By PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOYCE RAVID. February 4, Clinching the initial deal, the supersalesmen say, is only the beginning of a. — “MEET THE SAVVY SUPERSALESMEN - February 4, 1985”,
  • Used Cars A hilarious comic salute to those supersalesmen whose persuasive pitches transform rattling wrecks into 'pre-owned' dream cars. Jack Warden is brillia. — “1980 Used Cars - Movie reviews, trailers, clips and movie stills”,
  • Shop Low Prices on: Used Cars (Widescreen) : Movies A hilarious comic salute to those supersalesmen whose persuasive pitches transform rattling wrecks into "pre-owned" dream cars. — “: Used Cars (Widescreen): Movies”,

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  • Louie Hayes - The 21st Century Wheeler/Dealer Billy Mays meet Louie Hayes - The 21st Century Wheeler/Dealer Television pitchman tv personality and supersalesman
  • Deal of the Century (Theatrical Trailer) Chevy Chase and his partners are arms dealers. They sell second-rate weapons to Third World nations. But they're not out to stick it to anyone. Fast-talking Eddie Muntz is a supersalesman. He sells weapons - little ones to kick off a riot and big ones that can trigger a world war. He won't sell just to anybody, only to folks with suitcases full of money. Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver and Gregory Hines star in Deal of the Century, a devilish satire of the international arms trade from writer Paul Brickman (Risky Business) and director William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist). In the absurdist tradition of "Dr. Strangelove" and "Wag the Dog", it's an uproarious look at an industry selling big bangs for big bucks - and shouldering big responsibility for the current sorry state of global relations. If your laughter is a little nervous, you're beginning to get the point. MPAA Rated PG for language and some violence. Visual effects by Dream Quest Images. Produced & released by Warner Bros. Pictures, an TimeWarner company.
  • Kevin Ayers Supersalesman First acquaintance with the Wizards of Twiddly in London in 1994
  • MotorMuse - Super Salesman
  • Granola Guys Road Trip The Granola Guys, aka Jason & Jason, hit the road for three months in The FEED Machine, first stop, Plano Texas. Producer/Cameraman/Editor Ed Danko follows the adventures of the two top Super Models, now top Super Salesmen, as they drive across America bringing FEED Granola to a Costco store near you!
  • Dearth of A Salesman. (Steve Coogan) Gareth Cheeseman's mind is a bomb, nothing can stand in his way, in the corporate jungle he is truly "a tiger". With only three days of the Microsell '95 conference to clinch the deal that will elevate him to the 'Diamond Club' of Supersalesman, hard-selling Gareth will do anything to pull the big one. Written by Graham Lineman and Arthur Matthews with additional material from Steve Coogan and Henry Normal, originally transmitted 24/11/95. STARRING STEVE COOGAN.
  • Acura Of Riverside Commercial One of a series of commercials featuring two super salesmen... this one dealing with a surly customer, Mr. Cooper.
  • James "Flower" Corbin James Corbin supersalesman imitating a flower
  • Supersalesman_SMB One of my favourite Kevin Ayers songs played by the band he used to perform with for 5 years ('99-'04). Location: at the Boogiewoogie, Belgium - Nov '09
  • Woody Woodpecker - Misguided Missile Woody Woodpecker - Misguided Missile. Captions have been added.

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  • “SupermanI drive my car to supermarket,The way I take is superhigh,A superlot is where I park it,And Super Suds are what I buy.Supersalesmen sell me tonic -Super-Tone-O, for Relief.The planes I ride are supersonic.In trains, I like the Super Chief The MOG Blog”
    — John Updike Dies At 76,

  • “Any and all disclaimers you may see on this forum used by members more experienced and/or smarter than I, are Because your friends are probably supersalesmen, and I could not sell space heaters to freezing eskimos if I tried”
    — Working for the USPTO,

  • “First, I should introduce myself as this is my first post on this forum. had been milked by three supersalesmen who took enormous commissions on foreign”
    — The Overvalwagen Forum: Mysterious automatic cannon,

  • “A blog from Commonweal Magazine's editors and contributors, including Paul Baumann, Lawrence S. Cunningham, David Gibson, Cathleen Kaveny, Joseph A. Komonchak, J. Peter Nixon, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, and others”
    — dotCommonweal " Blog Archive " Best theology programs?,

  • “Modern health quacks are supersalesmen. They play on fear. They cater to hope. And once Health Care Blog. The Well-Timed Period. WhiteCoat Rants. WSJ Health Blog. RSS subscription”
    — How Quackery Sells " Medicine and Man,

  • “Cult Education Forum. Home. Archive. Cult News. Search. Getting Help. Mind Control. Contact The supersalesmen snakes Robbins surrounds himself with know that he is a scammer, but”
    — Cult Education Forum :: Large Group Awareness Training,

  • “Il Blog di Barnabah: Vie to Tell. Anche tu puoi creare un blog gratis su Libero Blog. Organic food dupe Uncurled furniture outdoor furniture supersalesmen”
    — Hollywood Players - Vie to Tell,

  • “A Columbia Board of Education candidate challenging two incumbents said yesterday there was not enough "community consensus" about the design and location of the district's proposed third major high school off St. Charles Road”
    — School site a forum focus | The Columbia Daily Tribune,

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