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  • Index to Carolyn Ray's eclectic assortment of activities, including philosophical consulting (Ph.D. 99, Indiana University), La Jolla landscape consulting, linux perl web programming and instruction. My SuperSaturated family of sites contain over 30 megabytes of text, and lots of pictures too. — “Carolyn is SuperSaturated”,
  • Supersaturated Imperial Green (No. 5974) Supersaturated Magenta (No.5975) Supersaturated Supersaturated Yellow Ochre (No.5982) Supersaturated Raw Sienna (No.5983) Supersaturated. — “MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET”,
  • Supersaturated definition, to increase the concentration of (a solution) beyond saturation; saturate abnormally. See more. — “Supersaturated | Define Supersaturated at ”,
  • Definition of SUPERSATURATED : containing an amount of a substance greater than that required for saturation as a result of having been cooled from a higher temperature to a temperature below that at which saturation occurs. — “Supersaturated - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of supersaturated in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is supersaturated? Meaning of supersaturated as a legal term. What does supersaturated mean in law?. — “supersaturated legal definition of supersaturated”, legal-
  • Temperature Effect on Solubility and Supersaturated Solutions Because the solution contains more dissolved solute than is predicted by the solubility limit, we say the solution is supersaturated. — “Supersaturated”,
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/supersaturated" Categories: English words prefixed with super- | English adjectives | English uncomparable adjectives | Chemistry | Physics | Requests for translation table cleanup | English simple past forms | English past participles. — “supersaturated - Wiktionary”,
  • Distinguish unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated solutions. Yes, due to what can be attributed to a kinetic factor, a solution may stay supersaturated for a long time. — “Solutions”,
  • Prepare a Supersaturated Solution. Tie the paper clip to one end of the string, and the pencil to the other Once the solution is supersaturated, stop adding salt. Next, you'll put it all together -- and find out what to do with that string and the paper. — “SDNHM: Grow Your Own Crystals”,
  • Top questions and answers about Supersaturated. Find 44 questions and answers about Supersaturated at Read more. — “Supersaturated - ”,
  • Visit for breaking news in Kansas City, MO from KMBC. Updated Kansas City headlines, weather, and sports. Local Kansas City TV news and more from ABC TV's local affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri, KMBC - Kansas City's Channel 9. — “Kansas City News, Kansas City, Missouri News, Weather, and”,
  • Definition of supersaturated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of supersaturated. Pronunciation of supersaturated. Translations of supersaturated. supersaturated synonyms, supersaturated antonyms. Information about supersaturated in the free. — “supersaturated - definition of supersaturated by the Free”,
  • Video about crystallization of a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Important remark that this kind of crystallization is very exothermic.Easy to do. — “YouTube - supersaturated”,
  • thought i'd try a high saturation/high contrast colour pic for a change :P (but i kept the eye in there so it wouldn't be too much of a change LOL). — “super saturated... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Such solutions are said to be supersaturated. They can be prepared by changing the Supersaturated solutions are prepared or result when some condition. — “supersaturate: Definition from ”,
  • Oversized cloud chambers from reveal tracks from cosmic rays and natural radioactivity. Convenient options for classroom, lecture hall, museum, outreach and industrial demonstrations. ©2008 Supersaturated Environments, A Division of Reflection Imaging, Inc. — “CLOUD CHAMBERS FROM SUPERSATURATED ENVIRONMENTS”,
  • Supersaturated solutions are prepared or result when some condition of a saturated solution is changed, for example temperature, volume (as by evaporation), or pressure. At atmospheric pressure, the carbon dioxide gas escapes very slowly from the supersaturated liquid. — “Supersaturation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Supersaturated Solution - Did you ever sneak an extra spoonful of sugar into your Kool-Aid as a kid but got caught when Mom saw the undissolved sugar at the bottom of the glass? If you had only known how to make a supersaturated solution, Mom. — “Supersaturated Solution at Steve Spangler Science”,
  • supersaturated™ [email protected], Google™ Talk. Extended Gallery. Photography | Art | Design | Music | People. Jul 05. Gary Breckheimer (Photography) Cris Craymer (Romance) (Fashion Photography) Nino Muñoz (Photography) Comments (View) Frédéric Pinet. Comments (View). — “supersaturated™”,
  • Sign in to SuperSaturated. Username. Password. Remember Me. Forgot Your Password? If you've We will reset it to a new password, and send the new one to you. — “SuperSaturated ::”,
  • By making a saturated solution at an elevated temperature and then permitting the solution to cool, a supersaturated solution may form. By making a saturated solution at an elevated temperature and then permitting the solution to cool, a supersaturated solution may form. — “DoChem 058 Supersaturation”,

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  • Crystallization of supersaturated sodium thiosulfate Crystallization of supersaturated sodium thiosulfate solution is initiated by the addition of the seed crystal.
  • Supersaturated sodium acetate 3
  • Supersaturated Solution Demo HChem: A supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Seed crystal is added to take solution from supersaturated to saturated state in just a few seconds
  • supersaturated chemistry lab pouring solution into beaker turns liquid into solid
  • Super Saturation - Honors Chemistry A somewhat short demonstration on what may happen with a super-saturated solution.All credit for the demonstration goes to Mr. Williams, my Honors Chemistry teacher. I recorded and posted this video with his approval, and will take it down should he request to do so. In addition, all people who appear in the video have given their approvial to appear as such.
  • Elementary Productions: Supersaturated solution A supersaturated solution is made with Sodium Acetate, and its properties are demonstrated
  • Crystallization of a Supersaturated Solution of Sodium Acetate Aqueous supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Upon encountering a nucleation site (impurity), the sodium acetate will crystallize immediately.
  • Supersaturated Solutions An extra credit video for Chemistry I. Discusses Supersaturated solutions and how to make "Hot Ice" Music: DFTBA A Song About an Angler Fish Luck of My life all songs by Hank Green available from DFTBA records:
  • Supersaturated Solutions I do a science experiment concerning supersaturated solutions and seed crystals. Music: Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd Courtesy of Universal Music Group
  • Fun with Sodium Acetate School Science Experiment - Check it Out!
  • Creating a Supersaturated Solution Henry Nagle explains how he plans to make a supersaturated solution of Sodium Acetate.
  • Supersaturated - SUNDAZE 2 with ned taylor Taking things further. Ned and videographer DiNG spread the grit and urban feel deeper into the series of kite videos for the 'Nedwig'. ned drifting for 30secs and then hitting up 'location 2' for a looping session of mayhem. supersaturated are running a draw mid december free entry to all members of the fan page... so fan us to enter... DiNG would like to thank everyone involved/tagged especially MC Ls who wrote 'locked on me' especially for the video.
  • Supersaturated Solution class participation Dr. Adam van Wynsberghe allows one of his Chemistry 104 students to duplicate the experiment demonstrated earlier, in which a supersaturated solution of Sodium Acetate was poured on a seed crystal, causing instant precipitation.
  • "HOT ICE": SODIUM ACETATE 99.9% First Attempt First attempt at making "HOT ICE" aka; supersaturation.. I think I got the ratio wrong a bit, as it seems to move REALLY slowly.. video is not in "slow mo", it's pretty 'cool' stuff though! It Also seems to not get REALLY hard like ICE (in other attempts), just gets kinda sloshy.. but still forms. Enjoy.
  • Supersaturated SUNDAZE pt. 1 British 2010 kitesurfing champion, Ned Taylor, and extreme sports maker DiNG sommissioned by Supersaturated boardwear go out to get urban and gritty for a 3 part series. taking in 4000 miles of british roads, 3 secret spots, 2 strippers and 1 cop... this is what they got up to before the funds ran out!!
  • Rapid Crystallization (Supersaturated Solution Demo) A seed crystal is dropped into an unstable supersaturatedsolution of sodium acetate NaC2H3O2 and it completelycrystallized in front of your eyes. This chemistry more... demonstration is prepared by heating 700 grams of sodiumacetate in 50mL of water in a flask until all the soliddissolves. The solution is then cooled back to roomtemperature. Drop a seed crystal and see the very coolresults.
  • Lab color for super saturation: Photoshop retouching: Get some really intense super rich color by giving Lab Color mode a spin! Easy and healthy too.
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate (Slow Crystalization) A single seed crystal was added to the saturated sodium Acetate solution while at 30C. Omnidirectional needle-like crystals radiated outward from the seed on contact at the solution's surface.
  • Super Saturated Potassium Iodine (Part 2 of 2) Herbalist shows you how to make SSKI
  • Super Saturated! John Poirrier, Jenae Dykes, Amanda Poole, Lauren Upton -How does temperature affect the rate of dissolving salt into water?
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate
  • Supersaturated solution Übersättigte Lösung In this experiment Professor Najdoski dissolves 6 g of sodium acetate in 1 mL of water by heating. The solution is transfered into a 3-mL barrel pipette. Its thin stem is closed by welding. URL (english): /najdosKristE.html URL (german): /najdosKristD.html
  • 4.8 Enthalpy of Phase Change: Crystallization of Supersaturated Sodium Acetate Lecture Theatre Demonstrations from the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney (Chemonstrations)
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate Solution (Fast Crystalization) Sodium Citrate was heated to melting, and a small amount of water was added. Solution remains in liquid form until perturbed. A small crystal can be added to begin reaction, or in this case, simpling removing the stopper off of the flask! The reaction is exothermic.
  • Supersaturated Solution of Sodium Acetate Supersaturated solutions of Sodium acetate in water can immediately solidify when introduced to an impurity (nucleation site) or vibrational shock.
  • Precipitation of Na-acetate from a supersaturated solution Approx. 200ml of a supersaturated sodium acetate (NaAc) solution precipitating. (Exothermic reaction. A very nice experiment for warming up cold hands in the nordic winter)
  • Supersaturated solution of Sodium Acetate Classroom Experiment with Sodium Acetate
  • Super-Saturated Solution We added one grain, and watch as liquid turns to solid... I love chem experiments after the AP test
  • Ollie's Supersaturation Solution Demonstration (Sodiumacetate) cool chemistry demo building a stalagmite
  • Dave Ibby Kitesurfing Wales - Saturday Supersaturated Dave Takes us through the Wild Winter of a wave session in Wales for DiNG's week kitesurfing series. Saturday is a focus on all things wave riding in the UK with this and Will Bennet being the first to start the series off.
  • High speed crystallization of a Supersaturated Sodium Acetate solution In this video I drop a few small sodium acetate crystals into a test tube filled with a supersaturated sodium acetate solution. We filmed this with a high-speed camera for our high school senior final "profile project'. As the crystals are dropped into the solution you can see the solution begin to solidify instantly. The sodium and acetate ions in the solution begin to attach onto the crystal structure of the solid sodium acetate crystals. There is a light placed under the tube which gives a more detailed view of what's going on.
  • super saturated solution chemistry my teacher milam showing us what happens with a super saturated solution
  • Super Saturated Potassium Iodine (Part 1 of 2) Herbalist shows you how to make SSKI
  • Wcaty chemistry super saturation Sodium acetate trihydrate
  • How To Make A Borax Snowflake (Using Supersaturated Solutions) This is a video that we made for our Chemistry 1212 class. It is a simple chemistry experiment that can be done at home with the kids or in the classroom with students. Enjoy!
  • Crystallization of Supersaturated Sodium Acetate There is no audio for this video. It is a series of still pictures. A solution of sodium acetate in water is in a flask. A few small crystals of sodium acetate are placed on the top of the laboratory bench. The solution from the flask is poured over the crystals. As the solution contacts the crystals, its color changes from clear to white very rapidly and it crystallizes into a solid mound of material that builds up into a fairly tall vertical structure. For more information visit:
  • Supersaturated Solution Crystalization Dr. Adam van Wynsberghe, UW Madison, pours a supersaturated Sodium Acetate solution onto a single crystal of the solid. This crystal, known as the seed, creates a template for the precipitation of the supersaturated solution.
  • Supersaturated Solution Part 1 Yet more fun antics in the lab.
  • Super Saturated "look at that solid"
  • thirtytwobit. - Da Notorious Bit [CND004-A] + Super Saturated Dance Party 2010 [CND004-B] The fourth Chip'n'Damned Records release is by thirtytwobit. It's made of two EPs of incredible 8bit Breakcore Mashup, from commercial Dance to Pop music and R'n'B. Go to to download it for free!
  • High speed crystallization of a Supersaturated Sodium Acetate solution In this video I pour a supersaturated sodium-acetate solution onto a petri dish. We filmed this with a high-speed camera for our high school senior final "profile project'. You can see a detailed view of the nucleation sites on the petri dish. I have also uploaded high-speed footage of other setups involving the crystallization of this specific solution.
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  • “First, you will be creating a supersaturated solution by heating a saturated sugar solution and allowing it to cool. butterflies - tons of fascinating posts in @NatGeoChannel's Great Migrations blog carnival: - posted on Nov 05,”
    Supersaturated | BEYONDbones,

  • “Nice home chemistry how-to . Hot Ice refers to a chemistry demonstration involving a supersaturated solution of Sodium Acetate which, when disturbed, will appear to freeze into "ice" as the cold solution turns from a liquid into a solid in”
    — Make: Online : How to make "hot ice",

  • “Social forum / Concept of Supersaturated Solution. Concept of Supersaturated Solution. by Gautam Saha - Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 08:27 PM. All of the following animations were made using the software Opus Pro made by a British Company called Digital Workshop”
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  • “Subject: Flash calculations (two supersaturated fluids) I want to undertake flash deposition resulting from the mixing of two supersaturated fluids from X=0 to X=1?”
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  • “Ding and Ned Taylor Define themselves in Supersaturated Sandaze part 2. http:///watch?v=xbT-rD1QbsU”
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  • “supersaturated™ [email protected], Google™ Talk. Extended Gallery Self Portrait, Alejandra Guerrero (Blog) Comments (View) blog comments powered by Disqus”
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