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  • Definition of supersaturation in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is supersaturation? Meaning of supersaturation as a legal term. What does supersaturation mean in law?. — “supersaturation legal definition of supersaturation”, legal-
  • Supersaturation (Demonstration) (Reference: Borislaw Bilash II, George R. Gross & John K. First, prepare the saturated solution by dissolving 50 g of sodium acetate in about 5 mL. — “supersaturation”,
  • While not common in the home aquarium, supersaturation disease can occur in the presence of pump, fountain or filter failure. Gas bubble disease is a result of supersaturation (excess levels) of the water with the gas, nitrogen. — “Supersaturation”,
  • The recent literature indicates that TDG supersaturation. results in little or no gas Generally the biological effects of TDG supersaturation appear to be influenced by the. — “Total Dissolved Gas Supersaturation Biological Effects”,
  • Definition of supersaturation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of supersaturation. Pronunciation of supersaturation. Definition of the word supersaturation. Origin of the word supersaturation. — “supersaturation - Definition of supersaturation at”,
  • Aspects of the topic supersaturation are discussed in the following places at Britannica. This state is called supersaturation. Molecules are more prone to leave the gas than to rejoin it, so they become deposited on the surface of the. — “supersaturation (physics and chemistry) -- Britannica Online”,
  • Supersaturation. Description. A supersaturated solution is treated with a seed crystal. DoChem 058 Supersaturation. The solubility of most solutes in a solvent increases with increasing temperature. By making a. — “DoChem 058 Supersaturation”,
  • On an industrial scale, a large supersaturation driving force is necessary to initiate primary nucleation. until it reaches supersaturation and crystallization begins (Figure. — “Crystallization”,
  • Ice supersaturation is important for understanding condensation in the upper tropo supersaturation with respect to ice, and use the model to understand the impact of su. — “Impact of supersaturation”, atmos-chem-phys-
  • Origin of Life - Supersaturation In particular, finely-ground rocks are continuously added by the processes of erosion - and then any excess of crystallisable material is rapidly removed by crystallisation. — “Origin of Life - Supersaturation”,
  • Supersaturation. Supersaturation is the dissolving of a larger quantity of solute in a solution than would normally be possible. It can occur because surface energy is required to condense a drop from a vapor, and the energy barrier is difficult. — “Supersaturation -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics”,
  • "Fake" latent heat and supersaturation. Set-up. We begin with a flask with a small amount of a solution of sodium acetate trihydrate (Na2C2H3O2 linked Another demonstration of supersaturation. Take a glass (something which you can clearly see through the side) and put some sort of clear or light. — “ATMS 101 Summer 2003”,
  • supersaturation. In chemistry, an unstable system which has a greater concentration of a material in solution than would exist at equilibrium is said to be supersaturated. It is the saturation ratio minus one, or the percent supersaturation is the percent relative humidity minus 100. — “IUPAC Gold Book - supersaturation”,
  • Supersaturation. Wikipedia supersaturation (countable and uncountable; plural supersaturations) (physics) The condition of a solution being more highly concentrated that is normally possible (physics) the condition of a vapour having a higher saturation vapour pressure than is normally possible. — “supersaturation - Wiktionary”,
  • For any growth or nucleation to occur, there must be some supersaturation. For example sucrose has a fairly steep solubility curve so supersaturation can be achieved by cooling. — “粉粒體工程”,
  • The addition of solute phase will immediately relieve supersaturation. Supersaturation is a theoretical term describing a state in which the tension of a dissolved gas is greater. — “supersaturate: Definition from ”,
  • Overview: Supersaturation can occur when a saturated solution is cooled below the saturation temperature. The solution is normally left in a supersaturated state until the pack is needed. — “Science Kits”,
  • Look up supersaturation in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The term supersaturation refers to a solution that contains more of the dissolved material than could be dissolved by the solvent. — “Supersaturation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of supersaturation in the Medical Dictionary. supersaturation explanation. Information about supersaturation in Free online English dictionary. What is supersaturation? Meaning of supersaturation medical term. What does supersaturation. — “supersaturation - definition of supersaturation in the”, medical-
  • Top questions and answers about Supersaturation. Find 46 questions and answers about Supersaturation at Read more. — “Supersaturation - ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Supersaturation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • On the supersaturation and impurity concentration dependence of segregation coefficient in crystals grown from solutions depletion of solvated host molecules at kinks on supersaturation σ. — “On the supersaturation and impurity concentration dependence”,

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  • How to Make INSTANT HOT ICE!!! This video basically shows you how to make "hot ice" or simply, a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate that magically crystallizes when touched with a drop of sodium acetate. This video is not edited and that really happened. This was Gitta Amelia and Elaine Sutanto's winning science fair project. Please try this at home =) Warning: Don't try to drink the solution.
  • Supersaturation
  • Video Blog Entry 006 - Trail Tricks - Supersaturation Ever wish you could bring along more energy drink on a hike, but without the extra weight? By implementing a little bit of high school chemistry, this video will tell you how to condense the amount of energy-giving ingredients in five energy drinks down into the volume of one.
  • STS: Supersaturation Lab Demo by Mr. N Student teacher from OISE, Mr. N, conducts a cool experiment on supersaturation. WARNING!!! Please do NOT try this at home! If doing this in a lab always consult with a SCIENCE teacher prior to trying this experiment.
  • Ollie's Supersaturation Solution Demonstration (Sodiumacetate) cool chemistry demo building a stalagmite
  • Temperature of "Hot Ice" Sodium Acetate What is the Temperature of "Hot Ice" Sodium Acetate? We answer this question by measuring it with a digital thermocouple. The result is that Hot Ice actually gets warmer as it freezes. This is because the freezing process in sodium acetate is exothermic, it generates heat. So it gets warmer when you initiate the freezing. And keeps generating heat until it's completely solid. This property is exploited in reusable heat packs. Our website at:
  • Make Sodium Acetate "Hot Ice" with vinegar and baking soda (pt1) This video is now obsolete, we have a MUCH better one at: How to Make "Hot Ice" Sodium Acetate with vinegar and baking soda With just two simple ingredients you can make sodium acetate! FOREWARNING: This reaction pretty hard to get exactly right, don't be discouraged if it fails the first time. Thoroughly read the comments and this description to avoid problems. Finally, if it still doesn't work, message me and i'll try to help. Just get 1 liter of clear vinegar and add in 4 to 5 table spoons of baking soda. Then boil the mixture down to 100mL to 150mL. A more accurate way of finding how much you need to boil can be found in our latest video: It should still smell like vinegar. If it does not, add an equal amount of vinegar and boil it back down. Smelling again for the vinegar. Keep adding and boiling until it does smell like vinegar. Put it into a jar while it is still hot and cover it. Let it cool down to room temperature and then you can do all those "hot ice" vids you see! If it turns yellow or brown, that's ok. But don't boil it too far or it will burn. If you have a weigh scale, its MUCH better to accurately weigh your baking soda depending on the percentage of vinegar. Use the following masses per 1 liter of vinegar: 4% vinegar use 56g of baking soda 5% vinegar use 70g of baking soda 6% vinegar use 84g of baking soda 7% vinegar use 98g of baking soda 8% vinegar use 112g of baking soda Gram scales are very easy to buy online and on ...
  • Fun with Sodium Acetate An experiment performed in my chemistry class with a solution of Sodium Acetate. Mr. Allen was nice enough to let us record this. Opening Song: White Destiny
  • Super Saturation Jazz Dance Sheryl's School of Dance Dance USA Nationals - Bahamas Senior Division winners "Super Saturation" The sound skips and is ahead at times.
  • (2005) "Laboratory Measurements in Patients with Cystinuria" - Part 1/4 An overview of urine testing for cystinuric patients from the 2005 ICF Cystinuria Symposium. In part 1, Dr. John Asplin outlines the most essential urinary measurements and the reasons why they are important. In addition, Dr. Asplin introduces the topic of problems with traditional urine testing for cystine. Disclaimer: The information contained in this video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for personalized medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of any opinions or other information within the content of this video. Viewing the information presented in this video does not create a physician-patient relationship. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Neither the individual participants pictured nor the International Cystinuria Foundation (and all other organizations represented in this video) are liable or responsible for the interpretations and actions of the viewer. Copyright International Cystinuria Foundation. Content within this video is considered to be the property of the credited individual unless otherwise cited or later published.
  • Lab color for super saturation: Photoshop retouching: Get some really intense super rich color by giving Lab Color mode a spin! Easy and healthy too.
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate Solution (Fast Crystalization) Sodium Citrate was heated to melting, and a small amount of water was added. Solution remains in liquid form until perturbed. A small crystal can be added to begin reaction, or in this case, simpling removing the stopper off of the flask! The reaction is exothermic.
  • Chemical stalagmite Crystallization of supersaturated sodium acetate solution can be initiated in contact with a seed crystal.
  • Super-Saturation: How to on Rock Candy this video show the process called super-saturation and how it is involved with making rock candy.
  • Super Saturation - Honors Chemistry A somewhat short demonstration on what may happen with a super-saturated solution.All credit for the demonstration goes to Mr. Williams, my Honors Chemistry teacher. I recorded and posted this video with his approval, and will take it down should he request to do so. In addition, all people who appear in the video have given their approvial to appear as such.
  • Make Sodium acetate at home by using vinegar and baking soda In this video, i will show you, how to make sodium acetate - CH3COONa, by using vinegar - CH3COOH and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) - NaHCO3. Just pour 1 liter of vinegar to the pan, pour 100g of baking soda. The reaction is : CH3COOH + NaHCO3 = CH3COONa + H2O + CO2. Now you have sodium acetate, but you can´t use it for fun with HOT ICE, because it contains too much water. You must boil down about 850 ml or 900 ml of solution. When the solution is boiled down, you can see some crystals of sodium acetate. Get it to the cool and have fun with sodium acetate. You can also reuse it, just pour some vinegar into it and boil it down. Thank you for watching another ChemExperimentalist original video. Please, subscribe, rate and comment. FOLLOW AND TWEET ME ON TWITTER: ASK ME A QUESTIONS HERE: [email protected]
  • Supersaturated Solution.wmv Supersaturated solution of NaC2H3O2 knocked out of solution
  • Chefs ACAC: Fudge and Supersaturation Chefs ACAC Pilot Episode
  • Product Introduction This is an introduction to HotSnapZ reusable hand warmers and heating pads. Based on the chemistry of a super-saturated salt(sodium acetate)/water mixture, HotSnapZ simply work as a "Heat Battery"! Reaction is reversible and allow the product to be reactivated by heating sufficiently via boiling water or new microwave reactivation technique. Visit for more detailed information.
  • Super Saturation ~ Michelle's Digital Touch Up Right now the world of photographers is being overwhelmed by contrasty super saturated images. This is a matter of fashion and personal taste so I am here to show you how to create your own over saturated high contrasty masterpieces.... for more 'casts
  • Supersaturation-AMV I made this because I was bored,but I love it! ^-^ Um,I think I could've made the ending better though. ^-^""
  • Super Saturation - Sodium Acetate Title says it all. 'Freezing' instantly!
  • More Super-Saturation Stuff Didn't work so well
  • Sodium Acetate Demo Mr. Keller, Chemistry Teacher, demonstrates the rapid crystallization of sodium acetate. This chemical, a common vinegary-smelling ingredient in salt & vinegar chips, has a fascinating ability to form a super-saturated solution. In a super-saturated solution the amount of solute dissolved exceeds the amount normally soluble at a given temperature. When such a solution meets a seed crystal or a rough surface it crystallizes almost instantly. This is very cool to watch. It also releases enough heat for this chemical to be used in instant heat packs. Sometimes it is called hot ice. For the chemists out there: sodium acetate is the sodium salt of acetic acid. Acetic acid, as you may well know, is also known as ordinary vinegar. Neutralize acetic acid to a phenolphthalein endpoint with sodium hydroxide and voila! sodium acetate.
  • Crystallization of supersaturated sodium thiosulfate Crystallization of supersaturated sodium thiosulfate solution is initiated by the addition of the seed crystal.
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate
  • Supersaturated Solution Demo HChem: A supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Seed crystal is added to take solution from supersaturated to saturated state in just a few seconds
  • The Colleen and Emily Show! - Super Saturation Lynds put a bunch of old clips together to make a "dance" sort of thing to the song "Super Saturation"...if you like this comment and we will make more like this one :)
  • Supersaturation This other piece I did was on digital with the help of Ian and Damon. I got the idea from a commentary or interview (I don't remember which) with Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He said that for most of his films, he would paint his actor's faces white so that he could super-saturate the other colors around them. We powdered Ian's face with white chalk and then in post, cranked up the saturation levels to see the effects. You can see the difference with the two screens. The screen on the left is the altered image, while the one on the right has been left as is. Notice Damon's face on the left one. He looks really orange.
  • Protein Crystallization Protein Crystallization. Concept: Supersaturate solution long enough to nucleate one crystal, then lower supersaturation to prevent further nucleation and allow one crystal to grow slowly. Protein: lysozyme. Well diameter: 400 microns. Temperature quench profile: Initial temperature while filling: 20C. Nucleation temperature: 4C for 30mins. Growth temperature: 16C. Oil: FC-43, Surfactant: 12% Tridecafluoro-1-Octanol, Aqueous: Lysozyme 75 mg/ml, 0.05M NaAc, pH 4.5 0.5M NaCl
  • Supersaturated Sodium Acetate (Slow Crystalization) A single seed crystal was added to the saturated sodium Acetate solution while at 30C. Omnidirectional needle-like crystals radiated outward from the seed on contact at the solution's surface.
  • supersaturated chemistry lab pouring solution into beaker turns liquid into solid
  • V-Dubb 'SUPERsaturation' Vincent LW, Better known as " V-Dubb",' ''Supersaturation", 'To Sudden Death' ' is what I would consider a 'battle-rap' style of flow. Everything else explains itself within your own mind...keep it coming.........--MIXtape 1 on 1-- "vdubb"
  • Wcaty chemistry super saturation Sodium acetate trihydrate
  • How To Make A Borax Snowflake (Using Supersaturated Solutions) This is a video that we made for our Chemistry 1212 class. It is a simple chemistry experiment that can be done at home with the kids or in the classroom with students. Enjoy!
  • Instant Hot Ice Stuff waiting overnight for ice this is much quicker! Copyright & ShootingEggs Production Edited + Enhanced By Missingsoul2007 Note: If you are going to try this experiment, Please do not drink or eat the ice. Im not sure of the side effects but i would highly recommend not. Also please stop messaging me about how to obtain the chemicals. Thank you.
  • super saturated sodium acetate.wmv Adding a crystal to a super saturated solution creates a chain reaction growing a crystal and giving off large amounts of heat.
  • Chemistry Music Video 24: For Those About To Dissolve We Solute You This song explains "like dissolves like", solubility, saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated solutions, how to use a solubility curve graph and how the freezing and boiling point of a solution is dependent on concentration. All music and lyrics copyright 2009 by Mark Rosengarten. All rights reserved. Lyrics: A salt dissolved in water in a beaker today The ions broke apart in the usual way The molecules of water kept the ions apart A salt solution formed, but thats only the start! Homogenous! The same throughout! Homogenous! The same throughout! Solvents that are polar can dissolve solutes That are polar or ionic, that is really cute Water and nonpolar solutes just wont mix But a nonpolar solvent like benzene can fix! Like dissolves like! Polar and polar! Like dissolves like! Nonpolar and nonpolar! When all the solvent molecules used up And are stuck to the solute ions in your cup Solutions saturated, it is full for sure Solubilitys been reached for that temperature Saturation! On the line! Saturation! On the line! If theres still some water molecules unstuck Then more solute can dissolve, HEY! Youre in luck! Solution is unsaturated, cant you see You havent yet reached the solubility Unsaturated! Put more in! Unsaturated! Put more in! If you put more solute in than can be dissolved Then a supersaturation situations evolved! The excess falls out as a precipitate Or the solute is unstable, sodium acetate! Supersaturation! Precipitate! Supersaturation! Precipitate! A salt ...
  • Crystallization of a Supersatured Solution of Sodium Acetate A seed crystal is dropped into a homemade supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. The solution is brown due to organic impurities in the vinegar.
  • "HOT ICE": SODIUM ACETATE 99.9% First Attempt First attempt at making "HOT ICE" aka; supersaturation.. I think I got the ratio wrong a bit, as it seems to move REALLY slowly.. video is not in "slow mo", it's pretty 'cool' stuff though! It Also seems to not get REALLY hard like ICE (in other attempts), just gets kinda sloshy.. but still forms. Enjoy.
  • Crystallization of sodium acetate This is a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate in water. It's in metastable state, which means a slight disturbance of medium leads to nucleation and rapid formation of crystals.
  • Crystallization of Supersaturated Sodium Acetate There is no audio for this video. It is a series of still pictures. A solution of sodium acetate in water is in a flask. A few small crystals of sodium acetate are placed on the top of the laboratory bench. The solution from the flask is poured over the crystals. As the solution contacts the crystals, its color changes from clear to white very rapidly and it crystallizes into a solid mound of material that builds up into a fairly tall vertical structure. For more information visit:
  • tech_newscast: Technology News - : Calibration Free Supersaturation For Crystallization #TechnologyNews
  • DrYobbo: @lesmurraySBS Yeah agreed, but we are reaching supersaturation with el Clasicos at the moment.
  • AlperGRead: A 6-year global climatology of occurrence of upper-tropospheric ice supersaturation inferred…
  • GrantHarkonen: @rhansen27 prelab 1 i got you have to stir the mixture to prevent supersaturation... i didnt get 2 yet though

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  • “Protein crystallization Blog for protein crystallographers interested in increasing their Protein Crystallization Hits (Optimization) The setup is rather well controlled and was used to map the supersaturation curves for Lysozyme (I know ) in the presence and absence of the ultrasonication stress”
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  • “ science forums and latest news discussions radii 0.5 μm when the supersaturation reaches 0.15%. Droplets continue to be activated as the supersaturation is raised to 1%. Solve for critical radius corresponding to a supersaturation of 1%. Also solve for the temperature”
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  • “Hi all, this is something i have never seen to be a problem in an aquarium in many years of keeping fish, but i have seen it in salmonid hatcheries,”
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  • “Contrails form in ice supersaturation regions in the sky, where the relative humidity is of contrails are heavier than you might think–Read #AGU09 blog @”
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  • “Guest Blog. Supersaturation leads to melting in silicon, even as its temperature falls. By John Matson Aug 9, 2010 01:30 PM 10 The guest blog is a forum for such opinions. The views expressed belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by”
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