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  • Definition of support in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of support. Pronunciation of support. Translations of support. support synonyms, support antonyms. Information about support in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. arch. — “support - definition of support by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Maximize your investment in your information management, storage management, or other EMC solutions with support and training online or from an expert. — “Information Management and Storage Management Support and”,
  • Always wondering how we can help you! (Make sure you are following us if you'd like a response to your DM). — “Support (Support) on Twitter”,
  • Help using Skype - FAQs, user guides, troubleshooter, customer support and assistance with products and features. Includes searchable knowledgebase. — “Help for Skype – user guides, FAQs, customer support”,
  • Offering technical support knowledge base, downloads, and support related news for Apple products. — “Apple Service & Support”,
  • Service & Support Home. Downloads. Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD Product. Phone Support. Drive Compatibility Guide| Reviews| Register your WD Drive| Legacy Drives| Career Opportunities| Investor Relations| Community. — “WD - Service & Support Home”,
  • Start by searching our site below, or browse our list of popular support articles. Did you know that most of the content on Firefox Support was written by volunteers?. — “Firefox Support Home Page”,
  • Technical Support for VeriSign products, including SSL Certificates, digital id, identity protection, domain name services. Installation, backup, revoke assistance. Check order status and manage certificates. Ask our knowledge center for help. — “VeriSign Technical Support - Security (SSL Certificates”,
  • Online technical support for Dell computers and products. Get troubleshooting tips and help for home or business systems, track shipping orders or rebates, or download drivers or software patches for your Dell model. — “Dell Computer Dell Customer Support”,
  • support. My account. Sign out. Why sign in? Sign in to manage your account and access trial downloads, product extensions, community areas, and more. Home. Support. Product help and support JavaScript is disabled. Therefore, the support search is disabled. — “Adobe - Support”,
  • Home > Support. Search by Device. Get information that is specific to Begin typing the product name (e.g. nuvi 250) and select it from the dropdown menu. — “Support”,
  • Get software, product manuals, warranty and replacement information, and technical support for Intel® products. — “Intel® Product Support”,
  • Support definition, to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for. See more. — “Support | Define Support at ”,
  • support ( ) tr.v. , -ported , -porting , -ports . To bear the weight of, especially from below. To hold in position so as to keep from falling,. — “support: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Find links to a variety of support options available for Internet Explorer. Find answers to commonly asked questions about Internet Explorer 6, including information about upgrading, features, and support. — “Internet Explorer 6: Support”,
  • The Apple support homepage is the main portal to help you answer all of your questions about your new Apple hardware and software products, featuring user forums, troubleshooting pages, and tutorials. — “Apple - Support”,
  • Most computer problems, virus infections, and tech support issues can be fixed online! offers the help you need, usually within just a few hours. Don't take your PC to the repair shop! Get the help you need fast, with . — “”,
  • Oracle's award-winning support can confront the full range of technical issues facing your enterprise. With a team of on-site consultants, extensive online assitance, 24x7 phone help and IT management On Demand, Oracle can connect you with the. — “Support | Support Resources | Customer Support | Oracle”,
  • Microsoft offers both self and assisted support for products such as Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and more. Find articles, downloads, and updates online, or contact Microsoft customer service. — “Microsoft Help and Support”,
  • D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for small, medium and large enterprise business networking. The company is an award-winning designer, developer and Copyright © 2010 D-Link Corporation. This site is optimized with Javascript, your browser is currently not supporting any scripts. — “D-Link - World Wide Offices”,
  • Accessing Cisco support and documentation resources. The Cisco Support Community allows you to ask and answer questions in the forums, create your own wiki content, and collaborate. — “Support and Documentation - Cisco Systems”,

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  • Khan's Legend #3 (SR) - Support Taric "Shiny White Stuff" See the Full Series ➜ See the full show! ➜ Rurikhan goes Support Taric and pops white stuff all over his enemies ... - Livestream Follow me There ! http http Music by Farhan! — See If you like this video, click "Like" and Subscribe to our channel to get more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-= ▶ TGN -- Get more views! See http ▶ TGN Times -- Get more news! See ▶ TGN Stratics -- Discover Stratics! See http ▶ Follow us on Twitter! See ▶ Join us on Facebook! See http
  • forever angel / support 81
  • Modern Warfare 3 - Juggernaut Recon - Support Strike Package Main video: Please like and favorite if this video helped you out!
  • Moon: Thank You For The Support! Unfortunately, earlier today my neighborhood experienced a power outage. This whole world record run took place on my PC (an Xbox is no where near as reliable) and thus it shut off. The last footage recorded was the round 115. I only record segments every 10 rounds because there is not enough room on my hard drive to hold that much. A 2 minute clip is around 2-3 gigs, but it is in 1080p. I've met so many great people during this and I want to give a big thank you to you all who supported me! This only sets the stage for even better content in the future!
  • Start/Select - ESA withdraws SOPA support! Resi 6 multiplayer! Johnny kick starts your week with multiplayer details for Resident Evil 6, and an update on the Stop Online Piracy Act. Watch more Start/Select - Watch more Appetite for Distraction - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter -
  • Modern Warfare 3 - Recon Drone - Support Strike Package Main video: Please like and favorite if this video helped you out!
  • COD MW3 - Should Support Come Back? Lots of lucky moments this game. Is it too early to discuss the next COD? Do you want the support package to come back?
  • Racist Xbox 360 Kinect Support Prank Call - OwnagePranks Download the full prank on iTunes in super high quality! Thanks in advance for your support! :) This call starts off with me calling Xbox Support complaining about my Xbox kinect having issues recognizing me because I'm too dark, but takes an interesting twist shortly afterwards :P Click SHARE and show this to your friends on Facebook/Twitter! Add me to facebook/twitter/myspace! I post on there when I'm doing a live prank show :) Subscribe to my 2nd channel for short pranks & extras! Register on the website and join the growing community on the forums! Sign up for OwnagePranks VIP if you'd like to chat with me and have access to the VIP-exclusive prank library! It is only $2.47 with coupon code '078' [All features listed on the site] http Big thanks for the subtitle help:
  • RTC - Game 108: Assault, Support or Specialist? (ONS1AUGH7 MW3) Game 108: Assault, Support or Specialist? (ONS1AUGH7 MW3) Get CONNECTED here: Get GEAR here: Get EVERYTHING here: A "Road to Commander" for a Call of Duty game is a series of videos documenting the process of "leveling up" from level 1 (Private) to Commander. For Modern Warfare 3, the level for Commander is 80. You guys will be a part of this and see all of the good, the bad, the rage, the laughter and maybe the tears. Every episode will have either live commentary or live team communication. This series would not exist without the passion a lot of you have for this series so continue to like, comment and favorite these videos and I will continue to provide you with the most entertaining content I can. Enjoy, Mike. Music by
  • : Tech Support : Foamy The Squirrel Foamy calls Tech Support (very first Tech Support episode!)
  • Top five Business IT Support Tips for Looking After your Notebook Best 5 Business IT Support Tips for Taking Care of your Laptop - Request your free Business IT Support Evaluation
  • Modern Warfare 3 - Counter UAV - Support Strike Package Click to return to the main Strike Packages video: (coming soon) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Counter UAV Kill Streak / Point Streak reward Support Strike Package
  • Kattenmatte - Support (Heroes of Newerth) mp3: The lyrics in this song does not necessarily reflect my own opinion. ;) (Note: Cover of Jolene)
  • Eintracht Support SGE vs. Broendby Supporters of SG Eintracht Frankfurt
  • ★ Breaking Down BF3 - Episode 8 Support Class, Ft Fear ! - WAY➚ Breaking Down BF3 Show ► ◄ ➜Breaking Down BF3 Episode 8, Support Class! ft Fear! - WAY➚ Fear continues his series of Breaking Down BF3 and reviews the Support Class in BF3, showcasing; kills, squad support, and demolition! =-=-=-=-= Directors =-=-=-=-= Director's Channel: Director's Twitter: Director's Facebook: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ➜ Click "Like" and "Favorite" if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. Join TGN FPS! http ------------------------------------------------------------ What is WAY➚? How do I get more views on YouTube? ▲ TGN grew from 0-10 million in 5 months and shares how in this handbook! TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud ➜ TGN ➜ Google+ ➜ http ➜ Twitter ➜ Google Groups ➜ Tumblr ➜ YouTube ➜ WAY➚ (We Are YouTube) ➜ ► Battlefield 3▼ In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite US Marines where they will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer actions ranging across diverse locations from around the globe including Paris, Tehran and New York. Developer ➜ DICE Publisher ➜ Electronic Arts Genre ➜ Shooter Release Date ➜ 10/25/2011 Platforms ➜ Xbox 360, PS3, PC
  • 'If Israel bombs Iran, Arab states will support Tehran' Tension around Iran has spiralled. Tehran is carefully avoiding being provoked so as not to vie the US and Israel an excuse for military action. Though activists believe the extra sanctions and economic blockade of Tehran is already an 'act of war'. RT has talked to Brian Becker, the national coordinator of the ANSWER anti-war coalition on the reasons behind the instability in the region. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook
  • The IT crowd - Truest moment about tech support Moss and Roy show what Tech support sometimes acts like. Or more precisely: what end-users seem like to qualified personnel.
  • Pacman Call - Lady wants it disabled from google. Very Funny tech support call of an old lady wanting to get PacMan disabled from her "homepage" because she can't use her computer with it there. Download the audio here - Check out my website as well,
  • PWN'D Support Group The first step is admitting you're a n00b. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • Support Scent TV Commercial
  • DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3) Today's dismounted warfighter can be saddled with more than 100 pounds of gear, resulting in physical strain, fatigue, and degraded performance. To help alleviate the impact of excess weight on troops, DARPA is developing a highly mobile, semi-autonomous four-legged robot, the Legged Squad Support System (LS3). LS3 includes onboard sensors to perceive obstacles in its environment and path-planning capabilities to avoid them. The LS3 platform is designed with the squad in mind and is therefore significantly quieter, faster and has a much higher carrying capacity for longer mission durations than DARPA's earlier mobility technology demonstrator BigDog. The LS3 prototype recently completed its first outdoor assessment, demonstrating mobility by climbing and descending a hill and exercising its perception and autonomous follow-the-leader capabilities.
  • My Long Distance Relationship - Support Group Everyone needs a little help sometime. Eddie Pepitone leads a LDR support group in Sam's dorm room. Will Sam find the strength he needs to make it through the semester? Get more free original videos: tags: cspot long distance relationship college romance love dorm life gf bf support group Eddie pepitone Dan levy
  • IT Support & Outsourcing by Corporate Technologies Corporate Technologies is a technology solution provider committed to maximizing the functionality and efficiency of our customers' networks. With customer service as top priority, we design, implement, and maintain these systems. The solutions we offer use best in class products and draw upon the vast industry experience of Corporate Technologies' associates.
  • Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles Helpdesk support back in the day of the middle age with English subtitles. Original taken from the show "Øystein og jeg" on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)in 2001. With Øystein Backe (helper)and Rune Gokstad (desperate monk). Written by Knut Nærum.
  • I Support You I am sorry for my extended absence. More videos will follow. Michael Landsberg's article:
  • Allies provide support for Libya rebels Qaddafi's forces have retreated after French planes took out some Gaddafi tanks near Benghanzi and rebels captured several armored vehicles on their own. Mandy Clark reports.
  • Support Football and Soccer in the Philippines Support Football and Soccer in the Philippines Support manila school events event asia asian game games exercise Football and Soccer in the Philippines sport sports foot ball filipino philippine pinoy street futbul futkal fifa world cup olympics education high college elementary summer liga league season basket basketball manny pacquiao pacman boxer boxing entertainment promote young husband azkal askal azkals international federation association south africa brazil brasil europe latin america argentina champion
  • IT Support Support Guy - Hobby Try VMware View 5: Has anyone looked you in the eye and said, "You need a hobby." See how IT Support Support Guy can help you find one you're comfortable with. And if you don't like it, how about another one. And another. And another. And another. Can't get enough of IT Support Support Guy's charm? Visit Want him to tweet sweet supports into your browser? Follow @SupportingIT
  • Man In Jail for Child Support On Kid That Isn't His Watch more at
  • Middle Ages Tech Support To see an interview with one of the makers click here: The Book caused much mayhem and problems for middle age tech support as do our modern day counterparts.
  • PHP Programming Tech Support (FUNNY, but PG-13 - NSFW) College kid wants help with a PHP script for a class, but hasn't taken the time to learn a thing. He's totally clueless, and thinks he deserves to have someone else do his work for him.
  • Introducing the book (repost) Aka Medieval Helpdesk. This video makes fun of moderns newbie computer users by illustrating - in a way fully understandable to them - how silly some of their questions are by creating a similar problem in the Middle Ages. It's from a show called Øystein & Meg (Øystein & I) produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting television channel (NRK) in 2001. The spoken language is Norwegian. It's written by Knut Nærum and performed by Øystein Bache and Rune Gokstad. NEWS: NRK have uploaded an official version of this video themselves - with more accurate Eng subtitles. It is located at
  • Chris Rock supports Ron Paul 2012?? If Chris Rock ever sees this video, I hope he can have the courage to come out in support of Ron Paul - the only man running for president who will not only free people unconstitutionally incarcerated by federal drug laws but END the ENTIRE federal policy known as the 'War on Drugs' and return such decisions (banning or legalizing drugs) to each separate state. --- --- http Also featured in this video: an excerpt from Makaveli, 2Pac, Tupac Amaru Shakur's 'Changes' and a quote from his song 'Words of Wisdom' off the 2PACALYPSE NOW album. Video made in 2011 in support of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign. The Revolution is alive and well!!!
  • American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!! SUPPORT OF TAKING AMERICA BACK!!! (StopTheRobbery2) Listen to and SUPPORT those American Veterans that are now AWAKE and MAD AS HELL!! Original maker of this video is
  • Support Dir. Borkur Sigthorsson / Iceland / 2008 A dying man in an intensive care unit decides to take his fate into his own hands. The Director: The Producers: ___
  • Dell Tech Support Call Guy who doesn't know how to turn off his mom's laptop calls Dell tech support and freaks out. I am the tech support agent on the call.
  • iPhone support in Ubuntu 10.04 beta1 Everybody is excited now about the product launch of the iPad but I guess it's time to put it away and take a look at iPhone support in the upcoming release of Ubuntu (10.04, Lucid Lynx). The first few minutes are containing footage from a fresh install. After that I compiled the latest version (1.0.0) of libimobiledevice what makes it all possible whit some other software. I suggest you to watch the video in HD. For Ubuntu head to: If you're looking for more information or building instructions The music PS: My iPhone is not jailbroken since there is no option for that with 3.1.3 firmware.
  • tech support old video - just to show it to frends
  • nvtmigunz: @OutrageousDevi http:///_Higher_Learning.m175044.html support good music
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  • President: Christian Science Monitor: Obama visits Afghanistan to thank troops, rally support back home.
  • mobileattack: RT @BGR: Beezz becomes first Window Phone 7 Twitter client with push notification support
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  • CyG_News: CBS poll: Majority support House-passed tax cut plan
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