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  • And by the way, supposively in Vanguard - SOH, I am sure that any npc monsters who do And by the way, supposively in Vanguard - SOH, I am sure that any npc monsters who do. — “Don't come in. - SPAM Forum - General Discussion - ”,
  • Industrial Projects is a company dedicated to serving the needs of merit shop industrial construction workers and construction companies nationwide. Helping you find a job! JOB SUPPOSIVELY GOING TO HAPPEN IN MACINTOSH,AL.?CLOSE TO MOBILE. — “Industrial Projects Report Forum - NEED NUMBERS FOR MY "BIG”,
  • Supposively they hauled this guy inside they promised him a glass of water and 5 quidbut he's all acting crazy and dancing on the music he might've been taki. — “YouTube - A real chav (Darren Banks) from England - ”,
  • supposively (comparative more supposively, superlative most People from other planets have supposively visited Earth in flying saucers. According to. — “supposively - Wiktionary”,
  • Where are the EA monirators that supposively watch over this game? and most people dont even know about it cause when it happens people dont even realize why they supposively "lost connection to the EA Servers" but i've been noticing it quite frequently and i find its very very annoying and just. — “what is with fighting glitch? - NHL® Online - NHL Series: EA”,
  • the way about 50% of the people pronounce "supposedly", with a D, not a V. also can be substituted with "supposebly" supposively. buy supposively mugs, tshirts and magnets. the way about 50% of the people pronounce "supposedly", with a D, not a V. also can be substituted with "supposebly". — “Urban Dictionary: supposively”,
  • Robinho has gotten his wish supposively, as Real has accepted an offer of 35 million euros, although I have Also in the offing is Santi Cazorla of Vilarreal, who supposively would love to come to Madrid. — “A Couple Of Things - - The Offside - Real Madrid Spanish La”,
  • Intel is supposively demoing the speed of the quad-core chips compared to the dual-core, with a focus on target activities such as music and movie downloads. I'm sure Dan will be covering Intel's release at CES next week like a hawk. [via MacNN] Comments (2) Typo on 'supposively' (supposedly). — “Quad-core Intel chips may surface next week - MacUser”,
  • Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos, games, music, movies, television, star sightings and more! Probably bigger idiots than Sarah Palin SUPPOSIVELY is!. — “Sarah Palin's Secrets Leaked! | Extra”,
  • Supposively - Define Supposively at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Supposively. Look it up now!. — “Supposively | Define Supposively at ”,
  • Re: "supposively" and "supposably" for "supposedly" A very common error, sure. I tend to Re: "supposively" and "supposably" for "supposedly" "The crucial element is that the new. — “Eggcorn Forum / "supposively" and "supposably" for "supposedly"”,
  • Discussion about Supposively the scariest movie ever made at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!. — “Supposively the scariest movie ever made”,
  • Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober lyrics : Don't cry to me, if you loved me You would be here with me You want me, come find me Make up your mind Sho this was supposively rumored to be about her past relationship with the lead singer of Seether. — “CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE SOBER Lyrics - EVANESCENCE”,
  • I would think it does, but I did read somewhere that "supposively" it's bad because it doesn't let the Ps3 kick out hot air if you're blowing air inside the ps3.. So i'm not sure man, but u should be ok, aslong as your room isn't that t. — “Re: PS3 Slim Overheat risk? - Forums”,
  • Is supposively a word? Nope! says "No results found for supposively." Maybe it's an incorrect pronunciation of "suppos. — “Is supposively a word? | ChaCha Answers”,
  • Supposively he was in an alcohol related accident which put him in a coma that he He supposively died at a hospital in Canton, Ohio. I tried to look up information on this. — “Death of Ben Savage? - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • Information regarding most confusing English articles containing supposably, supposingly, supposively vs supposedly. — “supposably, supposingly, supposively vs supposedly : Common”,
  • has ben online longer than ANY other scrapbooking store in the world. Come get discount supplies and free layout ideas! Supposively I Love You. — “Discount Scrapbooking Supplies and Free Ideas ()”,
  • SUPPOSABLY, SUPPOSINGLY, SUPPOSIVELY. SUPPOSEDLY "Supposedly" is the Supposably" can be used only when the meaning is "capable of being supposed," and then only in the US. You. — “supposably”,
  • Canadians play the same games U.S. gamers play, watch the same tv shows, listen to the same music, etc .but Canada doesn't have the kind of 'problems' the U.S. supposively has with violent video games. To me, it doesn't sound like it's the the games but some of the people playing them. — “Why doesn't this happen in Canada? | , ISP”,

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  • Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies Reninterpreted - Part 2 Nostradamus wanted us to know about additional Nostradamus prophecies through the past life regression of some of his former students. Supposively, the anti-christ who percipitates the third world war has been prophesied to be already alive. Many other of Nostradamuss' new prophecies are also discussed.
  • Q&A #2: Good diet to lose fat? Diet critique Some might say that 400g of protein is too much and will cause liver damage. The "studies" that supposively show to stress the kidneys have been proven to be incorrect. In fact they are more recent studies showing high protein benefits as well as research showing that high protein diets show no negative effects in healthy people. (Every person in the study was of good health)
  • AoT: 1v1 1900+ ~Armycore In all three map styles, Armycore plays 1v1 Kronos vs Oranos versus random people. As he is well above 2000 (and the best atlantean player of the game), he outmastered his opponents' strategies, even though they were Oranos, which supposively is better. GG by Armycore, more clips of him coming soon.
  • Virgin Mary Appearance in Chicago 4/20/05 I found this video I made a few years ago when the Virgin Mary supposively appeared under the highway on Fullerton Ave in Chicago.
  • RIP James Owen Sullivan (AKA "The Rev")... :( You were and still are one of my favorite drummers of all time. I don't know how they will continue on without you. Your shoes are impossible to completely fill. James Owen Sullivan was found dead in his home on December 28th at roughly 1pm. James, with the stage name "The Rev", supposively died of natural causes at the young age of 28... You will be missed! Most definately my hardest musician death to take in... RIP Jimmmy :,(
  • Japenese Man Busted raising illegal change in McDonalds bag Supposively for Japan!!!! Japenese Man Busted raising illegal change in McDonalds bag supposively for Japan!!!!
  • Me supposively speedhacking.mp4 I was chasing the person doing 561 km/h who surely was speedhacking.Had my recording on and recorded myself showing over 400 kmh topspeed in the end results.Sorry for the poor quality.
  • Denox rants on People Stamping 666 on a 2-Year Old Baby This is just inhuman and supposively they're from a satanic religion, bet it a requirement for all children to have a 666 mark on their left arm, bullcrap! This is from Cuba that it occurred but here are the links of both of these videos, maybe you may not all understand what they say but visually you will know what's going on: Part 1: Part 2: Make a video response so not only the spanish community knows about this but the whole world! That poor child is innocent and they force this mark upon him. News Video Article on this topic, it present even shocking footage of this situation:
  • European Racism in Football There have been Black footballers in Europe since the 1890's they have always had to overcome racism off and on the pitch this clip features Thierry Henri,Marcel Desailly,Kamen,Mark Zorro,Samuel Eto
  • RE: IT'S JUST HAIR RANT (GIRL HERE'S MY 2CENT LOL) Girll this topic is soo aggravating WHY black girls gotta be the ONLY ones on earth who SUPPOSIVELY ONLY WEAR WEAVE...really??? LOL stop being baldhead
  • Question Is this African Shea Butter? In this video I'm asking my subscribers to help me determent if what they see on the video is African Shea Butter.I Purches that shea butter in a supposively african store around my area but is smells very bad and from what I see on other youtube videos it doesn't look like shea butter so I think that I have been scam
  • Islam vs. Song of Solomon & investigateislam Christian Prince goes after the ever too common, poorly constructed Muslim argument against the Song of Solomon It is also too common & poorly constructed arguments like these that you see flooding against Christians - supposively, the Jewish Torah & Christian New Testament are corrupted & should not be trusted which is why Mohammad had to "correct" God's holy & powerful words (do you see the oxymoron here?) . . . yet somehow Muslims can trust in these texts to prove things supporting their Allah or Muhammad - illogical fallacy If you wish to learn more about the truth about Islam without looking into the fogged lenses of liberalism - LegOfAllah2 (Christian Prince) AhmadsQuran3 Aleksis700 Muslims4Jesus usamaway Dangelooo MirroringTruth ------------------------------ Causes forcomments to be deleted and video responses to not be accepted: - Hate speech - Cursing - Trolling - Spamming -------------------------------------- All copyright music, photographs, and videos belong to the owner Usage: - This video contains either music, video and photographic content that is copyrighted and therefore I do not claim ownership - This video is used for a non-profit, non-commercial purpose with complete lack of commercial gain. Effect upon original work's value: - This video does not infringe the copyright owner's ability to commercially exploit the music, videos or ...
  • 3.0 Eases iOS Freedom And WSJ's iPhone 5 Rumors Are In - iReview More Apple News Here: Watch this week's iReview as we go through the release of 3.0 and how it brings quick, easy and wireless freedom to your iOS device. The Wall Street Journal's credible rumors are in and we go through details on the iPhone 5's possible specs and launch dates. We also go through the recent reports from Digitimes regarding Apple's recent order for 15 million iPhones to be manufactured by Pegatron in September and Apple's recent milestone of 15 Billion Apps downloaded in the App Store. In the Not So Cool section we go through Apple's recent action towards making a thing of the past in a future iOS release, and we also go through more iOS 5 beta 2 bugs and how it has supposively burned the sync cable from a developer recently. Twitter: Facebook:
  • O.Reid- Supposively (Rumors) Block Fluid Ent. The Songwriter (Volume One)
  • League of Legends - Rumble Gameplay Fun champ indeed! Really cool style of play, I honestly dont know if hes OP or UP or balanced... We need to wait a bit longer, he was UP supposively, but nowadays rumbles be getting fed in their lanes because his lane phase is godlike.
  • DKC2 - Bramble Blast Remix ~Please view in HQ~ Sorry for the long wait! My internet phailed last month, and I've bored outta my mind... Anyways, here's a familiar one to those who've played the Donkey Kong Series on the SNES. Sadly, I'm not one of those people, but I loved the remix on Brawl, so I searched on YouTube for the original. No WONDER this song is so popular. So peaceful, yet so dangerous, the level that houses this piece is supposively one of the hardest levels on the game. The music itself, though, should be able to calm any soul. When I heard it, it totally came to me as an underwater piece, but I guess I was wrong. But then again, I remix, so... yeah. I hope I met all of the fans' expectations~ Enjoy! Technique Trax Vol 2. Remix by me. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Nintendo. All Rights Reserved.
  • Supposively my "vlog" video & Adventure + Pics Sorry for the bad video haha hope you guys enjoy the pics:).
  • Jeep Wrangler vs Suzuki Samurai on Daniel Trail Uwharrie 2.5 Low Output Wrangler in 32" Super Swampers and 2" lift. The spot the Wrangler goes up is the tough spot. Supposively the right side is easier. One of the toughest trails there.
  • Sugar Rush Playthrough: Part 1 Part one of a full playthrough of Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph by Disney for web browsers on their official site. Sugar Rush is a Mario Kart-style racing game with a confectionary theme. In the movie, it features many different dessert-themed tracks and items along with an interesting roster gimmick in which the selectable characters change from day to day. The playable version is much more simplified and closer resembles something that woud have come out in 1997 (the year Sugar Rush supposively was released). For a freebie Flash game, it is pretty fun but it is a bit buggy and the AI isn't particularly bright (to the point of being hilariously stupid). In the game, the menu theme is actually the theme for Sugar Rush from the movie, however, I had to replace it (with the menu for Mario Kart Wii) to avoid Youtube from blocking the video.
  • MARLII CHIC crazy AF bouta sing 'supposively' I was about to sing but niggas kept interruptin me!!!! MY VOICE SOUND CRAZY AF
  • CrazyFameMonsters video 3 Briana gets scared supposively briana get scared caus ehannah wants her to be :D
  • IchigoxRukia Tribute !READ HERE PLZZZZ! Hey peoples. If you think i don`t like IchixRuki couple anymore cuz of this tribute of ichigo and rukia "supposively" breaking up, YOU'RE WRONG! I`ma big ichixrukia fan =^.^=V Btw, GO ICHIXRUKI!!!!!*ahem* Anyways, I made this cuz: 1. I was bored 2. I made this so you can make your own decision on the reason they're broken up. Your options are: A. Ichigo killed Rukia because he somehow couldn`t control Zangetsu(hollow) anymore but Rukia thought he betrayed her. (From the pic) B. Ichigo just broke Rukia's heart by leaving her for Orihime (and Rukia could've possibly gone with Renji for all you RenjixRuki fans!) or C. Something else you can think of that I haven`t yet :P Song: My Happy Ending Artist: Avril Lavigne Enjoy!
  • kyle supposively "knocking me out" same as title.
  • supposively i am "sick"
  • Slipped Away:Inuyasha and Kagome: (had to change the audio sorry)!WATCH IN HQ!This is an amv tribute to Inuyasha. I worked really hard on this video. Okay heres the basic story. This video is about how Inuyasha and Kagome are both supposively killed and they miss each other because they didnt meet up with each other in heaven. So they remember they're past moments together to make them feel closer to one another but end up remembering they're awful pasts. And so yeah get the basic of it. Anyway this is a fan-made video....not part of the anime. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching^-^ PS:Plz commment and rate. And also share this video with your friends. I want more people to enjoy my videos. This video is for TokyoChick123's contest NOTE:I DONT OWN ANY OF THE ANIME OR MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO INUYASHA BELONGS TO RUMIKO TAKAHASHI
  • Newbern Alabama gorilla siting There is supposively a gorilla in Newbern... Oh goodness!
  • GLENN BECK TO DEBUNK SANDY HOOK GLENN BECK IS ALSO A HATCHET MAN FOR THE NWO!!! Glenn Beck is about to feed us the 'corporate' version of the Sandy Hook massacre. (Supposively this will happen tonight on one of the corporate brainwash channels.) NV Governor 2014 Candidate David Lory VanderBeek gives instead the true version of the Sandy Hook mass shooting incident. David VanderBeek for GOVERNOR!!! Today everyone in the media seems to be using their 1st Amendment freedom of speech to attack their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I find that intriguing, because there would be no 1st Amendment without the 2nd Amendment. It was the force of the arms of common citizens fighting the government that made the 1st Amendment possible. I'm going to use my 1st Amendment freedom of speech to defend and preserve my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. There would be no America without the 2nd Amendment. How many people have died from mass shootings in the US in the last two years? Tucson, AZ (6), Batman (12), Sikh Temple (7), Sandy Hook (27). That's 52 people. How many people have died in the last two years from prescription drugs? 200000. How many people have died in hospitals in the last two years from medical errors? 390000. Are we going to fundamentally change our form of government for these 390000? or the 52? Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag- Bad Actors Used to Take Away the Second Amendment Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Cover-Up STAGED HOAX- SANDY ...
  • Dog in Nintendogs supposively being hurt A dog video of nintendogs
  • I STOLE SUPPOSIVELY STOLE A NAME FROM A RANDOM! IMPOSTER idc he sent me a message after i told him its my birth name AND HE SAID that he was playing
  • Let's Play Final Fantasy V - 27 - A purple chocobo that is supposively black We escape crescent island by getting a chocobo that is black but looks purple.
  • My Supposively First Video. Pking!! [Runescape] This WAS supposed to be my first video uploaded. Never got to it. :[ Anyway. This is my pker "britan lmfao" Add meh if you want to you'll have to send me private message inorder to be on my friends list. also i'll fight anyone my level so pm me if you wanna fight :] Twitter:
  • Jack supposively taking Daddy's picture yeah ...
  • I Supposively Lagged All These Times..? lol gay arabs
  • Selena What happend on March 31 RARE ( Thanks To akarenrc for giving me the translation to this video) HERE IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Narrator: It was Friday march 31, 1995. Selena left her home at 9am; she had an appointment at 10am with her father and brother at the Q Production studios to record her new album. But Selena drove to this hotel, where Yolanda Saldivar was waiting for her to supposively give her the proper paperwork that proved Yolanda was stealing from Selena while managing her boutiques and fan club. Yolanda was accused of stealing just a few days before. It was 11 am at Q productions, but no one was surprised by Selenas tardiness. But at the hotel, in this room, Yolanda and Selena were arguing. At 11:50, the unimaginable happened. Paul Rivera, the detective of the case, returns to the place of the tragedy, 10 years later. Man: Selena was standing there, Yolanda here. We think that when Selena was trying to give her the ring back, Yolanda pulled out her gun. Selena turned to walk out, and from about this distance, Yolanda shot at Selena. Shooting just one shot, right here. The bullet, flew in that direction, we never found it. The door was spattered with blood. Selena ran in that direction. 392 feet. The woman asks, And she opened the door? The man replies, She opened the door, walked in and collapsed right here. Narrator: While Selena collapsed, bleeding to death, her father and brother at Q productions had returned there from lunch. And a tragic telephone call informed them she had been ...
  • This guy is supposively doin' a piano cover for '' Set Fire to the Rain'' YEAH! OK? this guy is totally fakin' right?
  • Old Video (Supposively Uploade about a month ago) This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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  • “Hi, I just spent $120, got my hard drive wipe clean. Got home tonight with a "like new" computer, running windows xp. First thing I did I've been reading this forum, supposively you can right click on them and press merge?, but when I right click it does nothing”
    — Ran ccleaner, now computers fkd up - Piriform Community Forums,

  • “A new way to Twitter Monday, 04 October 2010 21:03 | Are you a Twit who's jonesing to Tweet, but your cellphone is dead and you're no where near a That Company Blog E-mail Subscription. Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved. That Company | Advertising Agency | PPC | SEO | Call Tracking”
    — A new way to Twitter | That Company,

  • “Forum discussion: Now, mind you, this is coming from a red blooded American Canadians play the same games U.S. gamers play, watch the same tv same tv shows, listen to the same music, etc .but Canada doesn't have the kind of 'problems' the U.S. supposively has with violent video games”
    — Why doesn't this happen in Canada? | , ISP,

  • “Discussion forum for the Samsung SCH-A790 / SCH-A795 / IP-A790. Plus user reviews, specs, features, photos, merchants, and accessories. The phone is selling the "public" on June 7th, supposively. This is what my rep told me, and he is almost always correct. He also told me about a month ago about the”
    — Samsung SCH-A790 / SCH-A795 / IP-A790 Forum (Phone Scoop),

  • “Profile Blog # The others seems to be a little bit better b/c "supposively" one person be a little bit better b/c \"supposively\" one person filming himself”
    — Man vs Wild,

  • “Re: "supposively" and "supposably" for "supposedly" "The crucial element is that the new Offline. Pages: 1. Forum index " Contribute! " "supposively" and "supposably" for "”
    — Eggcorn Forum / "supposively" and "supposably" for "supposedly",

  • “I just received round light purple LN pills that are suppose to be adderall 15mg. They came loose with no information. From Mexico but the person I”
    — light purple round pill LN "Adderall supposively - ,

  • “Industrial Projects is a company dedicated to serving the needs of merit shop industrial construction workers and construction companies nationwide. Helping you find a job!”
    — Industrial Projects Report Forum - NEED NUMBERS FOR MY "BIG,

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