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  • Many lip stains look terrible if the lips are rough, because the unevenness of the skin especially shows through when these products are worn, but surfers salve will help to heal chapped lips, making them ready for any lip color you choose. The Top 5 Pro Surfers of All Time. — “Surfers - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Bluey Gray, in fact, wrote to Hawaiian and Californian surfers in an attempt to learn more about current developments in the instruction, Grace Wootton became a proficient and stoked surfer. — “Legendary Surfers”,
  • The online Surf Directory For Surfers, By Surfers - join for free and spread the word about your product or service to surfers globally. — “ - The Web Directory For Surfers”,
  • Surfers Influenced By: The Beach Boys , Dick Dale , The Ventures , Link Wray Performed Songs By: Peter King Genres: Rock Representative Albums: 'Songs. — “Surfers: Information from ”,
  • In tow-in surfing (most often, but not exclusively, associated with big wave surfing), a motorized water vehicle, such as a personal watercraft tows the surfer into the wave front, helping the surfer match a large wave's higher speed, a speed. — “Surfing - Wikipedia”,
  • Shop for Surfers. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Surfers - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Big wave surfers encounter 40-60 foot waves of the north shore of Maui. This is one of the top surfers today playing around in the waves. — “Videos tagged with Surfers - Metacafe”,
  • Surfing spots in Texas mapped out for you, even how to paddle out. How to surf, leash ties, surfboard care tips, beach towns, and more! What Every Surfer Needs – A Christmas List for Surfers. If you have a surfer you're trying to think of gifts to buy for Christmas, here you go. — “Surfing in Texas | Where and How to Surf Texas Gulf Coast Waves”,
  • Surfers use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with Surfers. Surfers in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Summary: More than 100 surfers are waiting to see if their assault on the world record for people on one wave will be made official. — “Surfers - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Surfers - All on eBay, Page 1. — “Surfers - All on eBay, Page 1”,
  • World Pro Surfers gives you direct access to the best surfers in the world. Through exclusive interviews, incredible surfing flicks, blogs, and much more you'll get a unique insight into the incredible lives of the greatest athletes in surfing. — “THE SURFING PROFESSIONALS WEBSITE | WORLD PRO SURFERS”,
  • The official website for Disney's Movie Surfers. Go behind the scenes of the latest Disney Movies with Blaine, Bridger, Hector, Kelsey, Morgan, Karen, Gilland, Dabier, Brooke, Michelle, Jeryn and Tessa. Watch their latest adventures, check out. — “Movie Surfers”,
  • Surfers Church News. Albums. Sri Lanka 2010. What is Surfers Church. Calendar. Media. News Surfers WebMail. All rights reserved Surfers Church Powered by Connect. — “Welcome to Surfers Church Are you ready for an Extreme encounter?”,
  • Volunteer | Typical day at camp | History | In the Media | Guest Book | Isaiah Artwork | FAQ | Contact Us. Our thoughts go out to the Irons family. Andy was a valuable member of the Surfers Healing Family and will be greatly missed. 3rd Annual Holiday Surfboard Auction. — “Surfers Healing”,
  • Open source travel guide to Surfers Paradise, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Surfers Paradise travel guide - Wikitravel”,
  • The Surfer's Journal is reader-supported, made possible by the What Is The Surfer's Journal? A cross between a soft-cover book and magazine, with a cover price of $13.95. — “The Surfer's Journal”,
  • Surfing News Agency, we provide surfers all the news, Contest Reports, Big Wave Events, Airshows, Image Galleries, Shapers, Schools and Camps directories, Surfing magazine, Learning tips. — “Surfing News & Contests, Surf Reports, Surfnews & Forecasts”,
  • Learn about Surfers on . Find info and videos including: How to Be a Couch Surfer, How to Date a Surfer, How to Photograph a Surfer and much more. — “Surfers - ”,
  • Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person (the surfer) rides a board (the surfboard) on the crest of a wave as it carries the surfer towards the shore. Two major subdivisions within stand-up surfing are longboarding and shortboarding,. — “Surfers”,
  • surf- - Surfers surf break in Kwazulu - Natal, current swell observations, tides, weather and Surfers swell maps. — “Surfers Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (Kwazulu - Natal”, surf-
  • Christian Surfers United States exists to see every surfer in the United States impacted by Jesus. — “Welcome to Christian Surfers Newport Beach!”,
  • Official site of the San Antonio shock rockers. — “Butthole Surfers”,

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  • Guinness - Surfer ( extended ) directed by Jonathan Glazer
  • Big Wave Surfing in Teahupoo 11/1/07 - Part 1 of 2 A massive south swell hit Teahupoo on Nov 1, bringing some of the biggest and best waves of the year. Red Bull surfers Jamie O'Brien, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Jamie Sterling, Carlos Burle and Ian Walsh were there to catch some huge pipes.
  • The Lord Is A Monkey Butthole Surfers Music video by L.Uelmen Made at home with vintage footage and old beta footage of mine.
  • Butthole Surfers - Dracula From Houston Butthole Surfers - Dracula From Houston Theme Song From Dude Wheres My Mount No Copyright Infringement Is Intended In This Video
  • Talib Kweli feat. Rakim - Subway Surfing Talib Kweli feat. Rakim - Subway Surfing, a song from the "Confidential" Mixtape, in my opinion: great one!!!
  • Lady Sniff- Butthole Surfers Lady Sniff by the Butthole Surfers from their album "Phsycic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac"
  • The Butthole Surfers - Pepper (Uncensored) The Butthole Surfers - Pepper(Uncensored) PS i didn't quite the Chorus
  • Laird Hamilton - The greatest big wave surfer to have lived? Laird Hamilton compilation from the film 'Laird'. Edited by benwaddams. Song is 'Isolate' by 'Bender' For more info:
  • Bondi Beach Gets Flipped! Towel Surfing - Flip Video Flash Mob .au Bondi Beach, home to some of the worlds greatest surfers, became home to a new surfing phenomenon today when Towel Surfing was born! Over 200 people joined in synchronous dance on their towels to the music of Australian music icon Ben Lee in a perfectly choreographed routine that amazed onlookers. It started with one, lone individual, who walked through the crowd of sunbathers and surfers and placed his boombox on the sand in the middle of the crowded beach and pressed play. What followed was a contagion of rhythm and dance as one by one other beachgoers joined in began surfing on their towels. They kicked their feet, paddled with their hands and bobbed up and down checking for waves all while remaining on their towels, dry on the pristine sand of Bondi Beach.
  • Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night Lyrics Im Flying (x22) All night long my body burned the sheets were wet and cold the lights were on my eyes were gone any second lose control the pounding on my window is just the pounding in my head I wonder who was in my room last night, who the hell was in my bed? Ahhh! There must have been a body there I swear I felt some flesh it took a little time but I figured they were mine there were fingers goin down my chest my mouth went through the ceiling and my body fell through the floor I couldn't find the key cause there was no one I could see and someone had moved the door Ahhh! The cops the priest the crisis line, And no one really had a clue no one could tell who abducted me, Or exactly what I should do my throat was dry and my hopes were high, but nothing really ever got said Who was in my room last night, who the hell was in my bed? AHHH!
  • Sea lions surfing! BBC wildlife Sea Lions populated the Galapagos Islands in their thousands. Visit the creche and witness the adults surfing the waves with some amazing underwater footage. From the BBC
  • Guiness - Surfer Legendary Guiness Ad
  • The World's First Surfing Mice - The Radical Rodents You will not believe your eyes !!! Hello we are the Radical Rodents, the coolest and hippest mice in the world. We are all mad keen surfers and as far as we know are the only rodents in the world that surf, which would make us the world's smallest surfers. Our names are Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry & Curly and we have been surfing for over 3 years. We love living here up in sunny Queensland because we get to surf most of the year as the water is warm and the weather is mild. Also there are lots of stinking rich folk with massive boats that deliver the waves which we long to ride. We mainly surf in rivers and estuarys as we are only very tiny, but as you will see we get some very nice waves indeed and on the weekends when the boats are out it is very consistent. To all you brave mice out there at home who think this sounds like a groovy idea, please do not try this. We are trained proffessionals and have endured a lengthy process learning how to swim and how to balance on a board. All the team is in our last season of surfing as we are all getting old and as mice we live for approx 3-4 years. We have already started showing some of our offspring the ropes and Bunsen's son Junior has already caught a few and will be joining the team soon. The new generation are as keen as mustard and we all look forward to seeing them take over the reins so we can retire. Anyway sit back and enjoy the clip, i think you will be pleasently suprised at our talent, you will be sure to get the ...
  • The Silver Surfer ep1 pt1 Episode 1 of the Silver Surfer TAS "The Origin of the Silver Surfer pt1" Rate and leave comments.
  • Silver Surfer Music (NES) - Background Game Music I Track 4 / 9 (Complete Soundtrack) BGM I / Stage 1 System: Nintendo Entertainment System Developer: Software Creations Publisher: Arcadia Systems (US) Composers: Tim Follin, Geoff Follin Year: 1990 Tracklist: 1 - Title Screen 2 - Summoned by Galactus 3 - World Selected 4 - BGM I 5 - BGM II 6 - Section Completed 7 - Device Completed 8 - Game Over 9 - Hi Score This is the infamous 'NSF Track 1' or 'Level 1' music to Silver Surfer, composed by the Follin Brothers. This is a track that has gained much popularity in more recent years, as people rediscover how brilliant and over-the-top the music is, and how far it pushes the sound limitations of the NES. Hope you enjoy! Visit track 1 from this selection for a download link.
  • Butthole Surfers Song Pepper Full Version Artist: Butthole Surfers Song: Pepper
  • Kelly Slater Band, The Surfers Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Peter King playing in their band.
  • Butthole Surfers - The Shame of Life (UNCUT) every other copy of this video on the web has the radio edit version of the song playing. i just re-upped it how it's supposed to be with the uncut song.
  • Product Testing Institute - Surfers If you give a surfer dude a smartphone, will it make him smart? Depends on the smartphone. Dude, get this totally awesome smartphone exclusively at AT&T Like the song that the Surfers found? It's called "The Sailor Song" by the Gadsdens. You can hear more of their stuff on Facebook! Win an XperiaTM X10:
  • Official: Bondi Beach Gets Flipped! Towel Surfing - Flip Video Flash Mob .au Bondi Beach, home to some of the worlds greatest surfers, became home to a new surfing phenomenon today when Towel Surfing was born! Over 200 people joined in synchronous dance on their towels to the music of Australian music icon Ben Lee in a perfectly choreographed routine that amazed onlookers. It started with one, lone individual, who walked through the crowd of sunbathers and surfers and placed his boombox on the sand in the middle of the crowded beach and pressed play. What followed was a contagion of rhythm and dance as one by one other beachgoers joined in began surfing on their towels. They kicked their feet, paddled with their hands and bobbed up and down checking for waves all while remaining on their towels, dry on the pristine sand of Bondi Beach.
  • SURFER: John John Florence Surf culture is extremely diverse today, with surfers everywhere seeking out and finding new ways to enjoy the lifestyle. In this episdode of FiNS, we profile 13 year old Hawaiian phenom John John Florence. FUEL TV**
  • Extreme Trainsurfer Preformed by a German known as "the trainrider". Before he died from leukemia, he enjoyed the last year of his life by surfing on trains. Included Germany's fastest Highspeed train ICE with a top speed of 330 km/h(!) No one did that before. Never to be forgotten RIP Music: 1) Enya - Caribbean Blue 2) Roxette - Wish I Could Fly 3) Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  • Raw Video: Big Wave Surfers Compete in Hawaii 24 year-old American Greg Long wrote his name into surfing history on Tuesday when he won the eighth edition of 'The Eddie', a big-wave competition off the Hawaiian island of Oahu which only takes place when wave heights average over 20 feet. (Dec. 9)
  • Butthole Surfers - Interview in bed (part 1) Hilarious interview with the Butthole Surfers backstage.
  • "Surfer, Dude" Official Trailer Now on DVD and Blu-Ray, Brah!
  • Kuntz - Butthole Surfers song: kuntz band: butthole surfers album: locust abortion technician
  • HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer! - South Pacific - BBC Two About the programme: HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel - the first shots of their kind ever recorded.
  • The Surfers - Windsurfing (1979). The Surfers - Windsurfin
  • crazy surfer what a BIG wave!!!
  • tarp surfing visit exclusive homer henard and nic lamb scoring mega slabs somewhere up north. Check out our fan page http and Hey if you think your video is good enough go here to submit and maybe you will be on here
  • SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfing- Maui Hawaii Ivan van Vuuren (Owner of COREBAN SUP GEAR & Premier Hawaii), during the making of new Stand Up paddle surfing movie- Available at Song: Surf Song by: Bag Of
  • Surfing Dolphins @ Jeffreys Bay- BBC Dolphins: Deep Thinkers Surfing dolphins clip from the 2003 BBC "Wildlife on One" episode Dolphins: Deep Thinkers, narrated by David Attenborough. The educational clip narrates that the maintenance of social bonds in complex animal societies such as dolphins and humans may be the explanation for why both dolphins and humans exhibit "play" behaviors into adulthood and full maturity. Footage is from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. AFAIK this special was never broadcast in the United States. Check out the BBC's website often for the full video, as press reports have indicated they will put all their full programs online. This video continues with the next part here:
  • Arctic Surf Film Five world-class surfers. Thirty-two days. One destination: the Arctic Circle. How far would you go to find a wave no one has ever ridden?
  • Surfer films Great White sharks just feet away Spotting a shark is usually most surfers' cue to get out of the water, but not the unusual Chuck Patterson who gets within inches. . Follow us on twitter at .
  • Butthole Surfers - Pepper Pepper music video
  • SURFERS RIDE GIANT WAVES AROUND THE WORL-BILLABONG XXL While surfers in the Northern Hemisphere await the arrival of El Niño-fueled big winter waves, there has been no shortage of massive swells around the world in the last six months. Just last week, Shipstern Bluff -- a notoriously shallow wave off the southern tip of Tasmania, Australia -- produced some of the most spectacular rides of the year and triggered numerous entries into the BILLABONG XXL GLOBAL BIG WAVE AWARDS. Spawned by a massive storm in the Southern Ocean, the huge swell was challenged by a group of big wave chargers including Aussies MARTI PARADISIS and KARL ATKINS, who used jet powered watercraft to tow into the towering walls of water. Visiting surfer JAMES HICK -- who hails from the unlikely hometown of Jersey, England -- accomplished some of the day's most heart-stopping rides. The devilish Tasmanian surf session also featured its share of spectacular wipeouts. Despite the bone-jarring impacts, there were no serious injuries. Several successfully completed waves are now candidates for the BILLABONG XXL RIDE OF THE YEAR AWARD and its US$50000 first prize. The tenth annual BILLABONG XXL AWARDS take place in California next April and honor the biggest and best rides of the previous twelve months, anywhere in the world, based on the photographic evidence. Other top rides to date include a huge paddle-in wave by GREG LONG at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. LONG, from San Clemente, California, is no stranger to the XXL stage, having won the 2009 Ride of the Year ...

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  • “Well todays entry i'm gonna get Sue to fill out as it was her day as you will find out. High fives to Kay, Chris and Leah for keeping it a surprise. Went to Seaworld today down by Surfers Paradise”
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  • “Thursday, June 17th, 2010. Blog. By 6ixty Foot Productions. No Comments Stanton Cardiel on Storm Surfers hunt the locals in NZ. David on The Fourth Storm Surfer”
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  • “Read Dead Sea Surfers Reviewed by Rue Morgue Magazine by Dead Sea Surfers on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. Hi everyone,It looks”
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  • “Use no more than 255 characters There's always so much going on around town and I'll be filling you in on what's happening so you can enjoy Surfers at its best. You can use this blog to ask me questions – anything you like – and talk about who and what you saw out on the town”
    Surfers Paradise,

  • “GlobalSurfers surfing forum and message board and be nice to your fellow surfers! What's online. Surf spots :3006. Surf pictures: 3921. Surf videos: 846. Forum posts:38226. Surf forecasts:1087. Surf message board. 1Replies 25 Nov. Portugal”
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  • “Razor Reef Surfers Blog. Current Articles | RSS Feed. The Surf is Never Local surfers say the sandbags need to be adjusted to make this a great surfing spot”
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  • “Technology failing disabled net surfers: forum. November 18, 2009. Technology should be Speaking at the Internet Governance Forum in the Egyptian resort of”
    — Technology failing disabled net surfers: forum, .au

  • “It's safe to say that a good majority of surfers and skimboarders, beginners to intermediate are still not quite sure which type get better grips on their drum sticks but quickly became popular with surfers as a great wax for their boards”
    — Green Surfers Eco-Blog,

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