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  • photography service, service, photo, photography, R2, R2 Photography, perth, australia, melbourne, perth photography, melbourne photography, photo service, wedding photography, potraits, product, pre-wedding, indonesia photographer perth. — “Syahrani Azmi Rahim & Rahmarina Erziati Nizar | our family”,
  • Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. Blogger makes it simple to post text, photos and "Syahrani's Weblog" is where I restore everything (writings, poetries, stories, thoughts, essays, pictures or what so ever) that amazed me during. — “Blogger: User Profile: Syahrani A Rahim, 20th”,
  • Femmy Syahrani. Femmy Syahrani. Get updates (Femmy) Female - Bandung, NA 40143 Indonesia Femmy Syahrani's connections. Femmy Syahrani only shares info with connections. Invite. — “Updates - View an update and leave a comment - Yahoo! Pulse”,
  • Gunawan Indrayanto, Achmad Syahrani, Biotransformasi Asam orto, meta dan para amino benzoat dengan kultur suspensi sel Solanum mammosum dan Solanum laciniatum (RUT VI/1 Gunawan Indrayanto, Achmad Syahrani, Biotransformasi Asam orto, meta dan para amino. — “BLOG ACHMAD SYAHRANI FARMASI UNAIR " Biodata”,
  • Gosip Artis BugiL Cantik Indonesia dan Selebritis BugiL Indonesia yang Paling Panas Syahrani. Syahrani melemparkan kabar baik buat para penikmat jazz Tanah Air. Penyanyi jazz kelahiran Batu, Jawa Timur, ini akan meluncurkan album baru akhir tahun ini. — “Gosip | Artis BugiL Indonesia TerPanas”,
  • Aura Syahrani. Posted by Tycoon Tommy on October 1st, 2010. She has the voice, has the brain, has the look that's why she's popular in her homeland. Anyway, her full name is Sanny Aura Syahrani and Aura' was chosen over Sanny' for it means pure energy emanating from the body'. That makes sense. — “Aura Syahrani”,
  • Asep Ridwan Syahrani. sef2go Bandung, Indonesia. ENGAGEMENT SCORE: 96 "DoGood Headquarters has developed a free browser plug-in called the DoGooder. The. — “Asep Ridwan Syahrani's Profile on MyLikes”,
  • Birth Name : Takashi Adrian Syukur Nick Name : Atta, Joshua, Mahdi, Dzulkarnain Title Name : Al Mahdi Al Muntazhar Al Mahdi means : The Guided One Al Muntazhar means : The Waited One About Me : I'm a Close & Personal.. Deep & Marital Father : Syahrani Syukur MSc. — “Friendster - Al Mahdi Al Muntazhar (Candidate)”,
  • Although ESQIEF Syahrani is known to be a Jazz singer and a jazz musician, in Djarum Super Jakarta International Blues Festival 2010 she will give proof to the public that she has blues in her veins and she will perform her well known numbers in the style of blues. — “ESQIEF Syahrani feat. Donny Suhendra : Jakarta Blues Festival”,
  • KEPALA Dinas Perindustrian, Usaha Kecil Menengah (UKM), Perdagangan, dan Koperasi Kabupaten Ketapang Syahrani mengatakan bahwa di luar pasar yang tidak berizin pemerintah itu adalah pasar di luar tang. — “Pontianak Post Online | Bukan Tangungjawab Mereka”,
  • eet syahrani mp3 or Listen eet syahrani music Mp3 has latest free eet syahrani songs - mp3 Syahrani On DeviantART. MP3 player of choice iTunes Favourite cartoon character Road Runner Personal Quote Alive. — “Download MP3 Syahrani Gratis - Index of mp3 Syahrani”,
  • Fariz RM & Syahrani - Renungan - download at 4shared. Fariz RM & Syahrani - Renungan is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload progressor. Multiple file. — “Fariz RM & Syahrani - Renungan.mp3 - 4 - online”, 4
  • Aura di B4M Trans7, 3Des-2008. Watch Video about aurakasih,sanny,aura by Aurakasih, Sanny, Aura, Syahrani, Empat, Mata, 4mata, Trans7. More From: SannyAuraSyahrani List View Thumbnail. — “Aura Kasih @ Bukan Empat Mata - 1 - Video”,
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  • Indonesia, blog, weblog, syahrani, life, social, thoughts, Indonesian. — “Syahrani's Weblog - "Alive or Just Breathing?"”,
  • Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Fine Jewelry and more See info for all products/services from Syahrani Jewelry. — “Syahrani Jewelry - Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “syahrani on deviantART”,
  • Goodreads Indonesia dibentuk tanggal 7 Juni 2007 oleh Femmy Syahrani dan ditujukan untuk para pembaca buku berbahasa Indonesia yang ingin mendiskusikan buku-buku tersebut dan juga. — “Goodreads Indonesia”,
  • Watch syahrani shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the syahrani shows from AOL and its partners. — “syahrani - AOL Video”,
  • , Free Download Songs Syahrani, Lyrics Syahrani, Download Mp3 Syahrani, Listen Audio Syahrani, Download Music Syahrani. — “Syahrani - Listen Music Syahrani Download Songs - Lyrics”,

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  • Dutch Lady 10000 Cheers World Record Attempt - Syahrani Bt. Haslim As the official milk sponsor of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, Dutch Lady Malaysia is supporting 4 young athletes in their quest for gold. Join in as we cheer them on, with a world record breaking attempt of 10000 "Go Malaysia Go!" cheers. Submit your cheer video via our Facebook application: and stand a chance to win daily cash prizes! Period: 24th April to 15th May 2012
  • BORNEO the biggest island in indo
  • Biru (Afgan)
  • Si Kakak Happy birthday kakak! mmmmmmmuuuuuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! -gras & gita-
  • SPEAKER FIRST Feat. Eet Sjahranie - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll) SPEAKER FIRST Feat. Eet Sjahranie on MTV STUDIO - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll) by : ACDC
  • Before and After Make up - Plastic Surgery - Indonesian Artist [female]
  • Syahrani sesuatu sesuatu ..sesuatu yang ngk pastiiiii
  • anggun syahrani maulida anggun
  • Syaharani: Spiritual timeout - A First Performance Live In 2012 Jazz singer Syaharani is one performer who is refreshingly unpretentious and down to earth. Currently, she is writing songs and about to launch a new music video with her group, ESQI:EF, and Queenfireworks. She says life is about having more fun and enriching herself spiritually, including on the weekends. As a performer I have a different schedule from others, including on the weekends. But my family and friends still have the weekend to celebrate in their own ways, so I do get to enjoy Saturday and Sunday with them around me. I think it's a common global agreement that the weekend is worth celebrating! The way I spend my weekends has also changed over the last 10 years. I'm more caring about myself, and also the people around me. When I have the chance, I spend my Sunday listening to light music, having some nice discussions with those close to me, going on a picnic or hiking. Last year I went to Desa Adat Cipta Gelar, on the slopes of Mt. Halimun. I haven't thought of my next destination, for it comes to mind just like improvisation in jazz. But I know I will go somewhere. If it's a car-free day, I may go out biking. It's a fun time to share. Or I will choose to be at home, by myself, for what I call my "me" time. I may do some house cleaning, rearranging the interior, which I enjoy doing. I am also putting my body and soul at ease through aromatherapy, having some good red wine and fitting in a bit of writing and reading. I don't really cook well, but my spaghetti is ...
  • God Bless (3-track+bonus) (watch in high quality)
  • Its a beautiful day white bird Live version´s WHITE BIRD. Now with syncro...
  • Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP)- Just The Way You Are Barry Likumahuwa perform "Just the way you are"
  • Syaharani-New York, New York pictures from my trip to New York City, combined with "New York, New York" song by Syaharani
  • COOL Listen from Syahrani....
  • Aura Kasih @ DorceShow, TransTV - 09April,2009 Aura Kasih @ DorceShow, TransTV
  • Three2Rock / EdanE - Rock In '82 my fave guitarist Eet Syahrani with Edane playing "Rock In '82" live at Three2Rock concerr at Rolling Stone Stage Jakarta. 27 Dec '11. ENJOY..! (Richard Mutter)
  • Hot like Fiya live in the Palace,Sheraton Hotel KL May 11 2011 Live performance of Hot like Fiya in Kuala Lumpur. May 11 2011, 30th anniversary of Bob Marley's passing. big up King Lhota for organizing the session & Selectah Torty for the link! large up dipa kalbuadi @ di controls !!! follow twitter : @rasmuhamadri @jamaicansound88 facebook : Ras Muhamad Duta Reggae Indonesia /rasmuhamad DOWNLOAD NEW Ras Muhamad & Daddy T Indonesian Rice "Prosa Tinju Lima Jari" free ! in NEW MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON !!!
  • Syaharani - A Whiter Shade of Pale Syaharani is an Indonesia jazz singer, performing in North Sea Jazz festival 2001 and regular actress for Java Jazz Festival.
  • Eet Sjahranie VS Ian Antono @ RS 4th Ann'09
  • Eets a Squier Solo My modded Squier in action....Marshall JMP and USA Keeley Rat
  • Wishing on a Star - Syaharani feat. d'Connexion Light Orchestra Booking David Budidharma (+62 81 852 9996) Lutfi (+62 856 3000 945) email : [email protected]; [email protected]
  • [email protected] Version.flv Freemetips at final road to java jazz festival 2011... We bought two song, this the first song.. Please comment it.. Thank you very much... we always lovin' Jazz N all of the varian genre of music...
  • Akad Nikah Fina Virdiani & Adyan Syahrani Jakarta, 7 Agustus 2009.
  • syahrini bugil memek This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • EdanE - Evolusi guitar covering by Doddy From the first album of Indonesian 90's rock group Edane. One of my favorite instrumental from high school era. Enjoy.., thanks for watching. Cheers - Doddy
  • Banana brains monkey n banana
  • [Ngulik] Guest: Aura Kasih. 21/03/2009 - #1 Ngulik, Transtv
  • The Descent A journey of man into the wild, his destructive nature traced in his footprints pitted against the amoral force of nature. The fire may or may not start but night will come.
  • 61.Love Ali (AS)-Saad bin Abi Waqas kiyon Gali naheen detay thay. Love Mohammad(SAW) wa Aa'le Muhammad(SAW). Love Ahle Bait(AS) Hazrat (Hadrat) Maula e Kainat Mushkil Kusha Imam Ali (AS) is our Imam. According to our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) Hadith "Mann Kunto Maula Fahaza Aliyunn Maula", He is Mola of all Muslims even all of Messengers (RA). Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri delivered speech with strong logical and authentic arguments in 2 parts , more than 11 hours duration, in response of some blasphemous comments of Dr. Israr Ahmad on QTV Islamic Channel of Pakistan against Sayyedena Moula Ali (AS), Abdul Rahman bin Auf (RA) and other beloved companions of Prophet (SAW). Dr. Tahir ul Qadri comments are not his own but according to Quran, Hadith and verified resources of Islamic knowledge. It is an established fact based on Quran and Hadith that Yazid is an eternal dweller of Hell. Yazid will not be forgiven, because he tortured the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He reviled Imam Hussain (AS), whom loved both Allah and His Beloved Prophet (SAW). So, by reviling Imam Hussain (AS), Yazid reviled Allah and the Holy Prophet (SAW). Dr. Moulana Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (www.tahir-ul-) also known as Shaykh ul Islam Sheikh ul Islam / Shaykh-ul-Islam / Sheikh-ul-Islam is a founding chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT or Pakistan Popular Movement) and the patron in chief of Minhaj-ul-Quran International / Minhaj ul Quran NGO and Minhaj Welfare Foundation 365 m Model Town Lahore ...
  • Syahrani Birthday Surprise Part 1 Part 2
  • Yamaha Minus One By Victor
  • Video from My Phone video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Keisha n Om Rani My niece and my husband were playing =]
  • syaharani and topi LOVE
  • AziRFR: @ChansungRFR sesuatu (?) Syahrani (?) Dong xD
  • _intanputriwn: Okee maaciw yak☺♥ "@susy_syahrani: Done intaan:p"@_intanputriwn: @susy_syahrani follback cus""
  • asri_syahrani: RT @KalimatDariHati: Aku terbiasa menjadi aku dan semenjak ada kamu, aku belajar menjadi kita #BookKDH
  • dwianggraeni01: RT @dgerisdy: @PuspitaMeyco @sarah_syahrani @Niken_Meiitha @dwianggraeni01 "@AhSpeakDoang: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta Mention ke temen lo yang Pelupa ?"
  • Syahranii98: @dzuhrisyah Syahrani,Anz Jhs,Belibers,greysonator,Directioners.
  • amalia_Syahrani: @adell_patty neng knp gak bisa di invite?
  • garudaimpian07: aduuhh kplaku pusiing gra" kehujanan pas pulang with Elenio Dilla Syahrani n Relina Ithu Elin
  • syahrani_Cherly: Hahaha , hari ini senanggg
  • ria_syahrani: RT @NoviaFebriYani: Hey cewek-cewek @sonitaayupn @B2L_0610 @AnggaIcha07 @IchaChimote @mira_christyers @Pia_Via_Putri @salasiah78 @ria_syahrani
  • susy_syahrani: Si itu tuh haha"@Tweetnesian: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta kalau denger kata Plagiat jadi inget sama siapa?"
  • susy_syahrani: Over"@AhSpeakDoang: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta CewekItuGakSukaCowokYang ....."
  • dgerisdy: @PuspitaMeyco @sarah_syahrani @Niken_Meiitha @dwianggraeni01 "@AhSpeakDoang: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta Mention ke temen lo yang Pelupa ?"
  • susy_syahrani: RT @hagahfz: Galau? Masih jaman? Hah ??
  • susy_syahrani: RT @AuliaNadifa: Test :-)
  • susy_syahrani: Enggak:')"@AhSpeakDoang: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta MasihNgarepSamaMantan ??"
  • susy_syahrani: Bukan"@Tweetnesian: #AlfamarioPrayForJakarta hape kamu 3G bukan?"
  • susy_syahrani: New avatar:D
  • susy_syahrani: RT @fimiicatur: Tft kawan-kawan, makasih jg kue nya tdi :* @intanputriwn @nabil_uzy28 @Belleeesya @susy_syahrani @SucySilvia love you soooooo.....much:*{}♥♥
  • susy_syahrani: Done intaan:p"@_intanputriwn: @susy_syahrani follback cus"
  • fujidindoon: Iya gitu kang knp pas nikahnya aku ga di undang ☹"@UjangKepo: itu mah neng syahrani istri kang ujang :p RT @fujidindoon Sesuatu "@UjangKep
  • susy_syahrani: RT @Gitandyta21: SelamatMorning kesayangan:*({}) Have a nice day yah:* @fitri_Ramram @Ayu_Lrs @viviandrian83 @susy_syahrani ☺♥
  • susy_syahrani: RT @nabil_uzy28: (ˆ▿ˆʃƪ) @susy_syahrani "@notesSAHABAT: #13KenanganDiSekolah DiKelas Duduk sama ..."
  • susy_syahrani: RT @Belleeesya: RT♥ @nabil_uzy28: @Belleeesya , @intanputriwn , @fimiicatur , @susy_syahrani , @SucySilvia "@ZeeKepo: #Face2FaceEvent 5TemanTerbaikGuee
  • UjangKepo: itu mah neng syahrani istri kang ujang :p RT @fujidindoon Sesuatu "@UjangKepo: Ketika rumah bang haji roma irama kebanjiran, beliau berkata
  • Newdmusiccafe: sore sobat,mlm ni pda kmna ni?,dri pda bingung mending nongkrong smbil dgrin live music @Newdmusiccafe alama Jl. AW.Syahrani Komp.VilaTamara
  • amalia_Syahrani: ___sabar___
  • amalia_Syahrani: RT @Salshaashielaa: Yang masi idup REETWET coba._. Wakakak! Ga REETWET gaidup:b
  • NoviaFebriYani: Hey cewek-cewek @sonitaayupn @B2L_0610 @AnggaIcha07 @IchaChimote @mira_christyers @Pia_Via_Putri @salasiah78 @ria_syahrani
  • afina_syahrani: Anehh deh
  • afina_syahrani: Keep calm!
  • atcs_samarinda: 16.47 simpang sempaja: antrian kend.panjang, yg lain normal. arus lalin ramai lancar
  • mand_style: With @yosa_bunny and SyahRani at ayam goreng Ardhita —
  • IRWNHMD: @nadilahalizah di perumnas.Jl awahab syahrani rt62 no16.pkknya arah mau ke somber.Sblmnya ada plng "panti asuhan aisyah"sblumnya itsdh rmhku
  • tiara_syahrani: Ilysm.
  • Eka_Nandita: Byee pak syahrani .. you're is the best .. :*
  • anjiii_: @DeeNice_06 @jazzy_syaharani @ESQIEF - Alhamdulillah aman. Get better soon Mbak Syahrani.
  • sry_momogy: @Ervhin_syahrani folback ceng
  • miss_aurell: Hei buat syahrani happy birthday yg ke 12th kali!._.nkodonyak nyusul
  • andirosmala: Insyallah kakRT @ayuayoeAA: iya lala RT @andirosmala: Rmh skt umum yg AW syahrani tukah kak ? RT (cont)
  • GandjOutlaw: Sono sep, tos lami teu pendak RT @coxparlin: Ngarep ente mah RT @GandjOutlaw: Sanes nadia vega yak RT @coxparlin: Syahrani *cetar*
  • coxparlin: Ngarep ente mah RT @GandjOutlaw: Sanes nadia vega yak RT @coxparlin: Syahrani *cetar* RT @GandjOutlaw: Saha boga lakon na RT @coxparlin:
  • GandjOutlaw: Sanes nadia vega yak RT @coxparlin: Syahrani *cetar* RT @GandjOutlaw: Saha boga lakon na RT @coxparlin: Geus tadi eta mah RT @GandjOutlaw:
  • coxparlin: Syahrani *cetar* RT @GandjOutlaw: Saha boga lakon na RT @coxparlin: Geus tadi eta mah RT @GandjOutlaw: Sugan teh nnton FTV RT @coxparlin:
  • ayuayoeAA: iya lala RT @andirosmala: Rmh skt umum yg AW syahrani tukah kak ? RT @ayuayoeAA: @andirosmala lama (cont)
  • andirosmala: Rmh skt umum yg AW syahrani tukah kak ? RT @ayuayoeAA: @andirosmala lama la kka paling bentar aja. (cont)
  • fahmiannisaa: kupluk syahrani bakal jd trend fashion slama musim hujan ini RT @IR_rahayu: kupluk sakti anti banjir cetar membahana
  • AbisthaFazaNI: Partyyyy @jenny_syahrani @trixie_zie @salfiniaa @syadza_sekar @via_seviana @najela_destia @regietalista sheillaa and aqilaaa.
  • AbisthaFazaNI: YoaaRT"@Syadza_Sekar:Party w/ @Via_seviana @Jenny_Syahrani @salfiniaa @AbisthaFazaNI @trixie_zie @Najela_Destia @RegieTalista @husnunkarina"
  • Syadza_Sekar: Party w/ @Via_seviana @Jenny_Syahrani @salfiniaa @AbisthaFazaNI @trixie_zie @Najela_Destia @RegieTalista @husnunkarina
  • amalia_Syahrani: @ashillazhrtiara kak ...
  • Nadilla_DN: @s_syahrani syifa,, follback yaa
  • amalia_Syahrani: Kembalikan bbku :'(
  • amalia_Syahrani: Aku begini adanya..... Ku hormati keputusanmu....
  • adela_syahrani: @Real_Liam_Payne please followback me
  • adela_syahrani: @NiallOfficial please followback me...
  • Syahrani_22: Today stats: one new unfollower via
  • eka_syahrani: Ya ampun banjir di mana-mana kebanyakan masyarakat yg membuang sampah di suangai
  • nanda_syahrani: RT @TweetRAMALAN: LEO, Asmara: Hari ini cukup indah dan dapat Anda menikmati dengannya. Ajaklah si dia rekreasi agar suasananya tidak terkesan monoton.
  • isansipesulap: Selamat tinggal pak syahrani :'( :'( :'(
  • rzqyprmtaislami: RT @dindooots: Pelepasan pak syahrani :')
  • Bu_Lsyit: RT @dindooots: Pelepasan pak syahrani :')
  • Vkyns: RT @dindooots: Pelepasan pak syahrani :')
  • dindooots: Pelepasan pak syahrani :')
  • dindooots: RT @crisopi_tiana: Perpisaahan pak syahrani.. (Kepsek)
  • dindooots: RT @NurAsmalia: pelepasan pak syahrani doang uuuuuuuuuu
  • noniekas: Amin "@RaniSetiani13 Noni udh mirip bgt tuh ama syahrini:D "@noniekas: syahrani "@RaniSetiani13 Membahanaaaa
  • NurAsmalia: pelepasan pak syahrani doang uuuuuuuuuu
  • amalia_Syahrani:
  • oktarani4: @Najwa_Rf Okta Rajib Syahrani
  • crisopi_tiana: Perpisaahan pak syahrani.. (Kepsek)
  • lock_shop: @amalia_Syahrani hey follow kita yuk☺kita lagi ngadain kuis hadiah wedges, kalung, gelang. More? Cek favorite♥ 100% ga nipu☺
  • amalia_Syahrani: RT @delmeimei: Gaada yg peduli (ʃ˘̩̩̩o˘̩ƪ)
  • amalia_Syahrani: Nemu pin bb si dia::::::
  • amalia_Syahrani: RT @AlvaroMaldini1: Dukung coboy jr yaaa di ampuh award
  • amalia_Syahrani: RT @AlvaroMaldini1: Thnks buat comate yang bisa. Ngertiin gw buat yang ga bisa ngerti tolong di mengerti
  • amalia_Syahrani: @adellasteel sip neng
  • amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty siip
  • amalia_Syahrani: @adellasteel folback neng :)
  • Adell_Patty: Uddah tuh :) kalo mw mentionan :) di twit satu lgi yah :) @adellasteel hehee"@amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty siip neng haha"
  • amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty siip neng haha
  • Adell_Patty: Ohehehe :D oke di massages ya aku kirimin neng :D "@amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty hehehe kk minta pin bbnya dong"
  • amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty hehehe kk minta pin bbnya dong
  • wawasanherbal: @sarah_syahrani mau tambah tinggi 3-10 cm dlm 1-2 bln?klsium NHCP solusinya! terbukti!cek favorit!:)info BB 3219E22F,088801353279
  • Adell_Patty: @amalia_Syahrani sama" :) yang lbih cantik :) ini udah bngun lagi ;) :D
  • Amara_44: @syahrani_faza ge ngga
  • desyakurnia1: Bonjour [email protected]@melonelf @[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]@ria_syahrani☺♥
  • MuscovyDuck_: Eet syahrani RT @soal_BAND: klo denger @official_edane jadi inget apa hayo? #soalBAND
  • slsbl_chch21: @justinenr_ @caan33 @syahrani_faza @srhannd @Amara_44 @cibygaby emg pasar raya ada apa aja asi-_-
  • ibnu_syahrani: tepar di dewi sartika(cawang)
  • amibuks: @derindah hahahaaa syahrani banget :)) Dokter nya dia yang biasa buat konsul itu di RS itu der, makanya dia operasi disitu.
  • amalia_Syahrani: Ayo semuanya ketik DA (spasi)AC3kirim ke 6288 yang banya oke tarif 2200
  • fnr4567: @idham_shidokun Coba ke Ody Game, JL. A. Wahab Syahrani, samping SMK Muhammadiyah #ServicePSP
  • slsbl_chch21: @syahrani_faza @srhannd @justinenr_ @Amara_44 @caan33 @cibygaby jdinya di pim nih?ga nntn?photobox doang??
  • f_syahrani: Iyem RT @akun_KEPO: Rihana adalah penyanyi terkenal yang memiliki nama panggilan _________
  • amalia_Syahrani: @iqbaale_Lights ni beneran iqbaale folback dong bal
  • amalia_Syahrani: @adell_patty owner yang canti hehehe makasih owner owner belum tidur?
  • Adell_Patty: Udah cantik :) makasih yah !!"@amalia_Syahrani: @Adell_Patty folback ya owner"
  • fimiicatur: Tft kawan-kawan, makasih jg kue nya tdi :* @intanputriwn @nabil_uzy28 @Belleeesya @susy_syahrani @SucySilvia love you soooooo.....much:*{}♥♥
  • f_syahrani: Angkot RT @akun_KEPO: Perhatian: dilarang membawa ________ dari luar kedalam ruangan teather Bioskop.

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  • “Blog. October 13th, 2008 - A departure - in Indonesia. To my friends in Indonesia, both new From left to right, the amazing Asma Nadia, Lia Octavia and Femmy Syahrani”
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  • “Ied Mubarak 1429H - Syahrani's Weblog - "alive Or Just Breathing?" - date posted: 03 Oct 2008, 07:27 - Salam with takbir and tahmid for too moderate thoughts for too liberal thoughts for too progressive thoughts”
    — Ied Mubarak 1429H - Syahrani's Weblog - "alive Or Just Breathing?", blog-

  • “BLOG ACHMAD SYAHRANI FARMASI UNAIR. Juni 5, 2008. Biodata. Diarsipkan di bawah: Gunawan Indrayanto, Achmad Syahrani, Biotransformasi Asam orto, meta”

  • “baru hari ini liat + denger duet syahrani-anang,.. :hihihi: teringat jaman SD dulu pas liat duet KD-anang di © 2010 Multiply · English · About · Blog · Terms · Privacy · Corporate · Advertise · Translate · API · Contact”
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  • “Oscar Night Producer's Blog: Si Gil Cates, Produser acara Oscar 2005, aja ngeblog Hare gene gak ngeblog? Ih, ke laut aja deh!”
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