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  • Northwestern Minnesota Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America This site is designed to provide resources for the congregational staff, leadership, and members of the ELCA congregations in this Synod. — “Northwestern Minnesota Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in”,
  • Together as a synod we rely on Christ, who has great plans for us in the midst of many Our synod staff is rolling up our sleeves and fixing YOU a homecooked. — “Western North Dakota Synod of the ELCA”,
  • Bishop Jon - 9 min webinar ELCA Redesign from Tammy Sather - SW MN Synod on Vimeo. 2010-2011 Synod Handbook. Forms/Documents. Synod Publications. Take the Health Assessment. — “Home”,
  • Official web site of this confessional Lutheran church body present in the United States and Canada. Directories of churches, schools, web pages, organizations. Text-only option. — “Wisconsin Evangelical Luthran Synod (WELS)”,
  • synod n. A council or an assembly of church officials or churches; an ecclesiastical council. A council or an assembly. — “synod: Definition from ”,
  • A synod (also known as a council) is a council of a church, usually a Christian church, convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application. An ecumenical council is so named because it is a synod of the whole church (or, more. — “Synod - Christianity Knowledge Base”,
  • Synod and council are, therefore, synonymous terms. When the bishops of the whole world are congregated under the presidency of the pope, the synod is denominated ecumenical or general. It is only to such an assembly that it is lawful to apply the term sancta synodus (see GENERAL COUNCILS). — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Synod”,
  • Synod serving Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Newsletter, announcements, calendar, staff directory, list of presbyteries. — “Synod of the Rocky Mountains”,
  • Looking for information on the General Synod? You've come to the right place: Synod. Contacts, meeting information and Minutes. Government. Our. — “General Synod, ARPC”,
  • This synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a collaborative partnership of congregations, institutions, rostered leaders, and lay leaders in the territory of southeastern Iowa. — “Southeastern Iowa Synod”,
  • Click here for the application forms on the Synod's website. The synod's process lodges the responsibility for recommending candidates and their. — “Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - The Synod of the North East”,
  • Israeli Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen is interviewed by a television crew at his hotel in Rome Oct. 6, the day he became the first Jew to address a worldwide Synod of Bishops. Rabbi Cohen asked synod members to speak out against anti-Semitism and attacks on the state of Israel. — “USCCB - Synod of Bishops 2008”,
  • October 31 2010: The Synod Assembly 2010 has concluded. The packet is still available; please follow this LINK to access information and the packet. The Synod's Committee on Cross-Presbytery Ministries, through its task force on Justice,. — “The Synod of Southern California and Hawaii Welcomes You”,
  • General Synod 28 will be in Tampa, FL - July 1-5, 2011. Revisions have been made to the Synod DVD's and video downloads are now available for purchase!. — “General Synod 28 will be in Tampa, FL - July 1-5, 2011”,
  • Presbyterians in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas comprise the Synod of the Sun. This regional office connects 11 presbyteries and 17 Presbyterian institutions. — “Synod of the Sun”,
  • Synod serving Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Staff directory, calendar, presbytery map and contact information. — “Synod of South Atlantic”,
  • Welcome to the Indiana-Kentucky Synod of the ELCA! This "synod" is some 75,000 members of more than 200 congregations and other ministries spread out over a state and a commonwealth who are committed to empowering, equipping and encouraging one another to make Christ known. — “Indiana-Kentucky Synod”,
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Covers the Arrowhead plus parts of north central and east central Minnesota. Photos and profiles of synod staff, bimonthly newsletter (in PDF), links to online congregations. — “Northeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA > Home”,
  • Synod serving northern California, Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. News, events, staff directory, calendar and contact information. — “Synod of the Pacific - Home Page”,
  • Official web site of this confessional Lutheran Church body. News, FAQ. Directories of schools, congregations, church workers, districts, e-mail addresses, and LCMS web sites in Canada and the United States. — “Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod”,
  • A synod (also known as a council) is a council of a church, usually a Christian church, The word synod also refers to the standing council of high-ranking. — “Synod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Synod President Speaks on Haiti Quake In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, LCMS President Gerald B. Kieschnick speaks of LCMS relief efforts and encourages the people of the Synod to give generously.
  • Looking Ahead to Synod on Middle Eastern Christians Hundreds of Church representatives from the Middle East will participate in the synod of bishops. Convened by Pope Benedict XVI, it will study the situation of Christians in the region.
  • A first evaluation of the Synod The Synod is changing gears. After the Synod Fathers speeches during the general congregations, the sessions will now be held in smaller groups, where the fathers will be divided according to language. This allows for a first evaluation and Cardinal Théodore-Adrien Sarr, one of the Synods delegate presidents, presents an insightful view on the Church in Africa.We believe that the Church should still needs to be transformed by God, she should let herself be led to reconciliation by God in order to become a Church that is truly a family. By becoming a familial Church, she will be able to play a catalyzing role in society and truly become the salt of the earth and the light of the world.For the Archbishop of Dakar, this mission is for the entire Church, carried out by all of its members.The bishops and priests as pastors exercise a ministry of communion and reconciliation within the community and this involves the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But it is also a ministry of pastoral accompaniment and formation of the faithful.In his report, Cardinal Turkson recalled that the Synod is not a special United Nations session about Africa. The spiritual aspect of the central issues -- reconciliation, justice, and peace -- was examined at length by the fathers, along with the subject of the Churchs social action. Cardinal Sarr also spoke about the importance that the role of laity and women in Africa had during the discussions.It is through them that the presence of the Church is ...
  • The women at the Synod for Africa Women have much to offer to the Church, women have much to offer to Africa.The equality between men and women is still not a reality for everyone in Africa, as some Synod Fathers have recalled during the debates. As Sister Liliane Sweko pointed out, women, therefore, have their own role to play in the African societies.A family without a woman is a family without life. In the Scriptures, at the beginning of Genesis, God says, It is not good that man should be alone. Moreover, women are also daughters of the Church, women are human beings. We would like the Church to recognize this dignity more and more, because we have a great contribution to give.This contribution is evident in the Synod thanks to the presence of 10 experts and 19 auditors who are women. Among them is a Congolese religious who told us how she welcomed the invitation to the assembly.It is an event that I welcomed with great joy because in my country, Africa, everyone is part of the family, the Church is the family. As a woman and as a religious, I also have a lot to contribute to this family that is our family.Apart from the Synods message and proposals, this religious, who is the general counselor of her congregation, also has insights to some of the specific duties of the African and Universal Churches.We would truly like concrete steps to be taken in order to reach the needs of our people, of our Church in Africa and, why not, the Universal Church, because the Church in Africa has much to offer to the ...
  • Synod Volunteers - Thank You The Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ hosted Synod in Grand Rapids, MI June 26-30. Over 3600 people attended and 350 volunteers helped to make this gathering a success. Here is a short video from the Local Arrangements Committee.
  • Pope Publishes Apostolic Exhortation on 2008 Synod on the Bible It is called Verbum Domini - the Apostolic Exhortation, presented today at the Holy See Press Office, which contains the contents of the 2008 Synod on the Word of God held at the Vatican. In the extensive and thorough text, Benedict XVI recalls the centrality and importance of the Bible in past and present culture. Regarding the life of the Church, liturgy, and the education of children and adults, the Apostolic Exhortation contains several suggestions which emerged from the Synod of Bishops. It calls for the promotion of reading and personal meditation, verifications with the Magisterium, the development of the Lectio Divina, and to make the Word leaven for the renewal of the world. The first part de ...
  • World Over - Middle East Synod and more - Raymond Arroyo w Most Rev. Mansour, et al - 10-28-2010 EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: World Over - Raymond Arroyo - Most Rev. Gregory Mansour, Mother Assumpta Long, Professor Leonard Nelson, Thomas Peters - Headline news of the week, featuring a phone interview with Most Rev. Gregory Mansour - Bishop of the Eparchy of St. Maron in Brooklyn (Maronite) on the recent Middle East Synod that he attended in Rome. Mother Assumpta Long of the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor, MI on her thriving order of nuns and their expansion plans in Washington, DC. Professor Leonard Nelson of Samford University on the new health care legislation and the effect it could have on Catholic Health Care in the US. Thomas Peters, Catholic blogger in Washington, DC on the influence of alternative Catholic media and the way in which the Church and Church news is reported.
  • Discussions Begin at Middle East Synod The Synod of Bishops on the Middle East opened this morning at the Vatican. After the opening prayer, Pope Benedict XVI gave a Marian meditation on the meaning of history and the role that faith plays in directing the lives of believers. The Pope urged looking at the Christian interpretation of world history, to follow the values of the Gospel as antidotes to despair and the false idols of wealth and consumerism that corrode our time.After the Pope's reflection, discussions began with the the Secretary-General of the Synod, Archbishop Eterovic, and the general relator, His Beatitude Antonios Naguib, Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copt. They both introduced the work of the next two weeks. The Patriarch ...
  • Pontiff previews African synod: 'A moment of great hope' The Synod of Africa is a moment of great hope for the African continent and for the entire world, because it is necessary in to answer Gods request to bring reconciliation, healing and peace to Christian communities and to all of society.Benedict XVI reiterated this in his brief, final speech in Cameroon, the first stage of his trip to Africa. Retracing moments of the visit that was marked by the delivery of the working document for the next Synod of Bishops, the Pope underlined that the Churchs compassionate and charitable commitment is a sure sign of hope. Benedict XVI also expressed the desire for dialogue and collaboration with Islam.
  • Archbishop of York speaks at General Synod The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu speaks at General Synod, York about his and Rowan Williams' controversial amendment on women bishops. The Archbishops suffered a humiliating defeat with the voting going as follows: bishops - 25 in favour, 15 against. Clergy, 85-90 with five abstentions, laity, 106 - 86 with four abstentions. See in context at and specific link,
  • Synod on Demand: June 4, 2010 The third Synod on Demand webcast covers highlights from the first day of business, including strategic planning and governance.
  • 2008 Synod of Bishops from H2O news: www.h2 October 14, 2008 Bishop Tagle's Intervention (Complete text) - HE Most. Rev. Luis Antonio G. TAGLE, Bishop of Imus (PHILIPPINES) The Synod rightly deals with the disposition of listening. In Scriptures, when people listen to God's Word they experience true life. If they refuse, life ends in tragedy. Listening is a serious matter. The Church must form hearers of the Word. But listening is not transmitted only by teaching but more by a milieu of listening. I propose three approaches for deepening the disposition for listening. 1. Our concern is listening in faith. Faith is a gift of the Spirit, yet it also is an exercise of human freedom. Listening in faith means opening one's heart to God's Word, allowing it to penetrate and transform us, and practicing it. It is equivalent to obedience in faith. Formation in listening is integral faith formation. Formation programs should be designed as formation in holistic listening. 2. Events in our world show the tragic effects of the lack of listening: conflicts in families, gaps between generations and nations, and violence. People are trapped in a milieu of monologues, inattentiveness, noise, intolerance and self-absorption. The Church can provide a milieu of dialogue, respect, mutuality and self-transcendence. 3. God speaks and the Church, as servant lends its voice to the Word. But God does not only speak. God also listens especially to the just, widows, orphans, persecuted, and the poor who have no ...
  • The Synod for Africa opens in a spirit of communion The work sessions of the Synod for Africa began on Monday, October 5th, with the report before the discussion presented by Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Association of Episcopal Conferences of West Africa. As Cardinal Christian Tumi explained, the report was a presentation of the numerous themes that will be addressed during the Synod throughout the next three weeks.The central theme of the Synod is the role that the Catholic Church in Africa must play with regard to the promotion of reconciliation, justice and peace. It is necessary for Christians today in Africa to become signs of peace, reconciliation and justice. The Church has a very important part to play today, and when we say the Church, we mean the Christians in their day-to-day lives. Moments before this presentation, Pope Benedict XVI opened the Synod Assembly with a prayer. Commenting on the hymn Veni Creator, he spoke of the Holy Spirits role in the life of the Church. According to Bishop Thomas Kaboré, one of the 244 Synod Fathers, the Popes meditation highlighted the ecclesial and universal dimension of the Synod. His words were very inspiring in the sense that he explained the meaning and importance of a synod. Personally, this is the first time that I have attended a synod and here I see the bishops from all over Africa It is truly the construction of the Church, we are building up the Church. And it is the Holy Spirit -- it is not [the ideas] we have in our heads -- but the Holy Spirit, who ...
  • Lutheran Church Missouri Synod response to ELCA Rev. Matt Harrison of LCMS World Relief and future President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod gives us his take on the recent decision of the Evangelical Lutheran church in America. Radical Grace Radio Responds Podcast: ELCA decides: Abandon God's Word
  • Pope Benedict XVI opens Synod on African issues During the formal opening ceremony of the Synod on Africa, Pope Benedict XVI referred to Africas culture and spirituality as a spiritual lung to the world. Along with of 294 cardinals and African Bishops, the Pope asked Africans not to allow themselves to fall into the negative aspects of the western world. Benedict XVI There are at least two dangerous diseases that threaten Africa: first a disease already widespread in the West, practical materialism, combined with the relativistic and nihilistic thinking. The second virus Africa must face, according to the Pope, is that of religious fundamentalism, which he said is more dangerous when combined with political and economic interests. The Pope also called on the African Church to help foster a more peaceful world by bringing together different ethnic and religious groups. After the ceremony, Benedict XVI explained the significance of this synod, which will continue until October 25th. Benedict XVI It is important to stress that this is not a study meeting or a meeting. The most important thing for everyone is listening: listening to each other, everybody, listen to what is meant by the Lord. The Pope also took a moment to remember the victims of the Tsunami that pounded Samoa and Tonga, those who suffered from the typhoon in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia along with people shaken by the earthquake in Indonesia. Benedict XVI asked the international community to help all those who are affected. PVB/MC
  • Cardinal Ouellet: Bible "rediscovered" at synod Cardinal Marc Ouellet says that during the Synod of Bishops, the Church, quote, rediscove[ed] the Bible as the book of everyone and for everyone.This was the conclusion reached by the synod's relator-general as he released the final list of 55 propositions for Pope Benedict XVI. The Cardinal thanked the Pope for releasing the unofficial translation of the otherwise private recommendations.The bishops approved all 55 propositions, the contents of which reflected several subjects that had been frequently discussed at the three-week assembly, such as biblical scholarship, the practice of prayerful reading called lectio divina, and Bible translations. Also notable in the list was the endorsement of a formal ministry of lector for women to affirm the existing practice of women readers at liturgies.The Church has again found its foundation, which is the Word of God, declared the Cardinal and Archbishop of Quebec City. His voice sometimes trembling with emotion, Cardinal Ouellet compared the synod to the biblical encounter of Jesus and his followers on the road to Emmaus. We, I believe, have had the experience made by the disciples. Something was bestowed upon us.Archsbishop Laurent Monsengwo of Kinshasa, Congo was also at the press conference. The synod's Secretary General underlined the bishops's unity, concluding that, quote, The Holy Father can draw his [post-synodal Apostolic] Exhortation from this general consensus.
  • Synod today 12-10-2010 سينودس اليوم Short Program about the Synod by Msgr Bechara l Ra3i Tele Lumiere in collaboration with h2onews, daily coverage of the synod for the Middle East from the Vatican
  • Pope announces next Synod in 2012 during the Angelus At mid-day every Sunday it is customary for the Pope to appear at the window of his study to give the Angelus prayer. He was greeted by a large crowd of pilgrims and onlookers in St. Peter's Square. After the prayer he announced the next synod to take place in 2012 with the theme: "new evangelization."
  • General Synod on Rowan Williams and Sharia Vox pop of General Synod members on the Archbishop of Canterbury's controversial remarks on Sharia.
  • Eastern North Dakota Synod Endowment - Long Version The Eastern North Dakota Synod Endowment Fund to sustain rural ministry and enhance quality pastoral leadership is intended to help sustain vital, viable ministry in Eastern North Dakota for years to come. Your gift to the Synod Endowment Fund will support: Scholarship aid for seminarians Pastors' student loan debt repayment Pastors' pension equity contributions Rural internship assistance Leadership development See the shorter version of this video here: For more information, visit
  • General Synod Elections 2010 - Be Part of the Big Picture Watch this five-minute videocast to find out how to stand for election to the Church of England's very own parliament. By committing to 10 days a year for a five-year term, you could make a difference!
  • Synod Advocates Christian Unity and Positive Secularism The Middle East is a patchwork of religions, customs and cultures. Of the 356 million inhabitants, nearly 6% are Christians. In the 17 countries that form the Middle East, Catholics are a small minority making up just over 1% of the total population. Most Christians in this area live in countries whose official religion is Islam. Some members of the synod on Christians in the Middle East have proposed that the international community mobilize against the idea of state religion.
  • On the threshold of the African Synod The first African Synod, convoked by John Paul II in 1994 with the theme Church as Family of God has clarified the African churchs present needs: justice, peace, and reconciliation. These are the key words of the second synods theme, which will be held this October in the Vatican. Just a few days before the second synod, Jean-Baptiste Sourou, a journalist for Vatican Radio, evaluates these 15 years of the Church as a Family. The journalist attests to how the Church in Africa has been transformed by the first synods theme, which focused on familial values in Africa. The 1994 synod is really producing concrete fruits that are tangible. Local churches truly want to become families of God -- a family of God that is in the heart of society, in the heart of social situations, [a family] that wants to be leaven and to bring the Good News of Jesus to every aspect of society. The second synod is oriented towards the African Churchs response to the current concerns of its sons and daughters. Peace, reconciliation, and justice define the continents new processes of economic development and spiritual growth. Therefore, the church in Africa can only be a church that works for reconciliation, for peace, and for justice in society. To work for justice, peace, and reconciliation means to truly work towards development.The genuine value of the Gospel is thus engraved in the heart of this evaluation with respect to the Africas cultural values of the family, which currently tend to ...
  • Archbishop's Synod address part 2 - The Lambeth Conference February 11th 2008: London: 2nd part of Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams' address to the Church of England's ruling body, the General Synod. Dr Williams briefs the Synod on his hopes for the 2008 Lambeth Conference
  • Church Wedding - Russian Orthodox Church - Synod - New York Russian Orthodox Church Wedding
  • Church Leaders Voice Their Expectations for the Synod What happens in Rome from 10 to 24 October will be an historic ecclesial moment and a unique opportunity for the Catholic Church of the Middle East. It's therefore also important for the small Christian community in the Holy Land. A renewed vitality is expected from the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops. Those are the wishes and hopes of the Patriarchs, Bishops, and priests who will lead the Synod through all the challenges, difficulties and expectations of the "little flock" who lives in the Land of Christ.Archbishop Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: "We have a great big heart. A heart that breathes with the lungs of the Universal Church."Melkite Archbishop Elias Chacour of Galilee, "I believe that the Synod is a grace, a gift of God. It will be good, it'll be strong, it will be a moment of reflection and prayer. And I am sure that our bishops are ready with all humility to receive the Holy Spirit, for a new era in the Church. "Melkite Bishop Youssef Jules Zreyi, Patriarchal Vicar, Jerusalem: "It will be a time of prayer, first of all. And also a time of meeting of communion and unity. "Bishop Raphael Minassian, Patriarchal Exarch, Armenian Church of Jerusalem and Amman. "The expectations are not for the Armenian Church, so much as for the Catholic Church in the Middle East. What we lack and what we must insist more for is, for me, the communion. "Archbishop Michael Sabbah, Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem: "It's a moment we've ...
  • Benedict XVI: at the Synod, we spoke as pastors The term Church - Family of God is no longer just a concept or an idea: it is a living experience of these weeks. We really were the Family of God are gathered here. The theme itself was not an easy challenge, with two dangers. With the help of the Lord, we have done a good job. This theme: reconciliation, justice and peace certainly implies a strong political dimension but it is clear that reconciliation, justice and peace are not possible without a profound purification of the heart, without a renewal of thought, a metanoia - without the new creation that must come from the encounter with God. While this spiritual dimension is deep and basic, the political dimension is very real as w ...
  • Pastor RRCunville - Synod Mawten (Sermon in Khasi) / Part - 1 Pastor RRCunville, one of the Senior Pastors of KJP Assembly preaching the Words of God at one of the Synod held at Mawtem
  • Nebraska Synod Vision Trips: Tanzania These images are assorted pictures from Nebraska Synod Vision Trips to Tanzania. These trips flow from the relationship the Nebraska Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America shares with the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. These trips enable travelers to experience the gifts and witness of the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. // created at
  • Synod Choir - Indona - Mizo Artist : Synod Choir Song : Indona Year : 2008
  • General Synod 27 Wrap-Up Video uccvideos Highlights from General Synod 27 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Mizoram Synod Choir Pathian Hmel
  • RCA General Synod 2009: Meet the Staff A quick look at the Reformed Church in America (RCA) General Synod of 2009 at Hope College in Holland, MI, focusing on the work that is done by the some of the staff people who work with communications, technology, and the logistics of the meeting.
  • The Queen's General Synod speech Her Majesty speaks at the Inauguration ceremony of the ninth General Synod of the Church of England. Read a transcript of the speech:
  • 5-Syriac church Synod 2009, Hasyo Hazail, Abdullahad Gallo shabo, Hanna Aydin, Zakka Iwaz Belgien,
  • Archbishop Gregory: Synod will help bridge cultural gap betw Hes the Archbishop of Atlanta Georgia but Wilton Gregory is also the main representative from the United States at the Synod of Bishops for Africa. He is one of the 47 from outside of Africa who was personally invited by Pope Benedict XVI. This is his third time attending a synod. Archbishop Wilton Gregory Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA In each of the synods I have been part of you do come away strengthened by the communication that goes on. In this synod he says much of the dialogue is about the growth of the church in Africa, the Aids pandemic, the political instability of the continent along with the presence of multi-national corporations in the region. Archbishop Wilton Gregory Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA Occasionally those corporation do not respect the right of states dont always practice the best environmental approaches to access those resource. All topics which he says affects his archdiocese in Atlnanta. In fact, he while in Rome, he continues to communicate with his diocese online through a blog. A diocese with a large African population. Archbishop Wilton Gregory Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA People who are new arrivals from Nigeria, Kenya, Togo, Kativah, Gambia, we have a very diverse African community within the archdiocese and this will help me appreciate better their heritage their histories and the land from which they came, the heritage they bring to the archdiocese. Because he admits Americans dont know half of Africas story. Archbishop Wilton Gregory ...
  • Synod for Africa focused on reconciliation, justice and peace Failure is not in Africas future. A future that is in its hands, and yet to be written. This message marked the end of three intense weeks in which 244 members of the Synod of Africa have taken part in to take a close look at the issues revolving the Church in the continent. The 57 interim conclusions of the Second Synod of Bishops for Africa are spelled in a document 7 chapters long. In them-lie the continents main issues from religious and spiritual standpoints. While the document is not considered political the findings revolve around reconciliation, justice and peace. Members of Synod conclude the only way for justice and peace is through forgiveness. Joseph Kwaku AFRIFAH AGYFKUM Ghana The need of pardon and also the need for reconciliation because without pardon its going to be very difficult to reconself another person. There are many people who have been offended, many people who have suffered discrimination and many people who have been serious troubles. With the objective of peace in mind, the Synod proposes building an organization that favors the dialogue between the different ethnic groups. The synod also calls on national governments to support the development of a UN treaty on arms trafficking to curb the global trade. Another issue is poverty which millions of Africans are facing. The synod has called on governments to end corruption and for dioceses be supportive. Joachim Kouraleyo Tarounga Bishop of Maondou (Chad) We seek reconciliation, justice and peace ...
  • RCA General Synod 2007 Opening Worship The set up, story weather, arrival of delegates, and opening worship of the 201st General Synod of the Reformed Church in America.
  • Deep River at the UCC General Synod 2007 Violinist Rachel Barton Pine performs Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Deep River arranged by American violinist Maud Powell (1867-1920) with pianist Matthew Hagle at the General Synod celebrating the 50th anniversary of the United Church of Christ, June 23, 2007. Rachel's 2007 CD "American Virtuosa: Tribute to Maud Powell" features this piece, other arrangements by Maud Powell, and works dedicated to her by American composers.
  • Synod: May believers in Christ be salt and light in Africa Africa needs believers in Christ who are agents of peace and reconciliation, who are salt and light before injustice and the violation of human rights.This is what Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson, relator general of the Synod of Bishops highlighted during his presentation of the report before the discussion at the First General Congregation of the Synod of Bishops.At this Synod, he said, the earth and the world for which Catholics on the continent and its islands must be salt and light, as servants of reconciliation, justice and peace, are Africa of our day. [] It is there that Jesus Christ -- after revealing Himself through Scriptures as our reconciliation, justice and peace -- now calls an ...
  • ACNA's Bishop Don Harvey at General Synod in London, Feb 09 Bishop Don Harvey talks about his hopes for a conservative province in North AmericaSee this film in its context:
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  • Spookchick: Wow! Synod Scene May 2-8, 2011 : : Ghost stories that have changed the ...
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  • UpstateNYSynod: #UNYS #ELCA News Michael Girlinghouse elected bishop of ELCA Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
  • ELCAnews: Michael Girlinghouse elected bishop of ELCA Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod #ELCA
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  • oanswers: Did the early church accept Rome's claims to primacy (for instance, the Synod of Rome)? Read our answer at
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  • revjoelle: @grammercie Is there anyone else at EMI on Twitter? If not, as an exec in this Synod, I am officially depressed.
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  • USSELCA: USS Currents will be published in the next week. Find out what is going on in the synod this month!
  • SellyMarieFans1: @biebs_lover4eva oh yeah. Like, we r Missouri synod or something.
  • TVBoyMeetsWorld: What amazes me the most about my experiences of Old World Orthodoxy is that countries as diverse and far apart as...
  • cast71289: @RevDaVitaDay I was excited that you were are keynote this year! Most energy I have seen in a keynote in a long time I will see you at Synod
  • onbbcparliament: 00:20 General Synod: The Archbishop of York's address to the Church of England Synod, from 8 February.
  • SheRevSEA: @maryannmcdana Holy cow!!! Congratulations!!! I got behind this wknd b/c I'm at synod mtg w/ baby in tow. No running during sabbath for me.
  • semnsynod: 2011 "Communicators" Meeting schedule now ready! via #constantcontact
  • ocaorg: OCA News: Holy Synod meets in Chicago http:///news/2525
  • baldheadbruce: In GR at the RCA Great Lakes Synod learning from Bob Bouwer and Dave Weemhof - GREAT STUFF
  • ELCAnews: #ELCA Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod elects new bishop, the Rev. Michael K. Girlinghouse, Norman, Okla. He assumes office July 1.
  • jasonpet1: @lundp Did I see correctly that you are a delegate for synod convention this year?
  • semnsynod: Here is important information for those participating at this weekend's Synod Assembly.
  • chemnitzaz1: Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed: Three Synod Presidents Will Attend Book Debut, Lut...
  • semnsynod: Synod Assembly Information via #constantcontact
  • SheRevSEA: Synod Lakes & Prairies paper ballot to decide about going from 3 to 2 mtgs per year. #onlypersontweetingnoneedforhashtag
  • clgentry: Looking forward to the Quick Start Coaching event at Village Pres today sponsored by the Synod of stuff makes me happy
  • unitedlangdon: All this week Pastor Bob will be lifting up the ministries of the Eastern North Dakota Synod and the ELCA on the...
  • ServiceProjects: Service Projects at General Synod begin at home. Check out details online. http:///synod/service-projects.html
  • ELCAdemdsynod: DE-MD Synod - 40 Days of Prayer - Day Nine via #constantcontact
  • drewh: Have arrived in Sydney for a meeting with other synod children and youth workers. Be back in Melbourne Saturday night. #ucayouth
  • gavindrake: @GrahamRichards @RichardFWatson The Trinity wouldn't dare interfere on matters which are reserved to sole authority of the General Synod ;-)
  • aneeta_hbti: Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod v. FCC
  • nadabegan: The lutheran church - missouri synod - #the #lutheran #church #- #missouri #synod #-
  • SheRevSEA: @introvertedone @pabecker For me it was the comparison of Twitter feed and PC(USA) pastors sitting next to me in dorm of synod mtg.
  • keybarkley: RT @ARStager: Bin Laden killed in Pakistan in a duel with the Moderator of the Pakistani ARP Synod.
  • Schnekloth: An Essay by the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod (ELCA) Bishop Elect: Biblical Foundations for Synodical Ministry Rev. Mi...
  • SheRevSEA: @mbmccandless Sitting in lobby at synod meeting. Much more diverse than my twitter feed.
  • wyclif: RT @ARStager: Bin Laden killed in Pakistan in a duel with the Moderator of the Pakistani ARP Synod.
  • airjomax21: @Rumor99. I didn't know the roman catholics had any, but I guess I am more informed and yes MONTH synod it is rare to my understanding
  • ARStager: Bin Laden killed in Pakistan in a duel with the Moderator of the Pakistani ARP Synod.
  • airjomax21: @Rumor99. Yep it was but I thought there were "some" in the Missouri synod
  • lorynnsteeley: Synod was sooo fun <3
  • SheRevSEA: Took me til Wk 7 of #c25k to miss a run due to schedule conflicts. Napping kids and synod mtg took away run 3. Will make up Tues #runrevrun
  • WildlyDramatic: RT @presbyleader: The Middle Governing Body Commission wants to hear from you! Especially if you're a synod or presbytery leader....
  • SheRevSEA: Tired baby but she won't fall asleep so she's rolling around on the floor at the back of the synod meeting. #TheologicalOffspring
  • jdilday: @Schnekloth thanks for the tweets from synod assembly. Interesting and informative. Welcome home!
  • Evangelize_City: Selling a 1893 edition of Luther's Small Catechism to raise funds for upcoming mission trip to NY..
  • elcaretweetable: congratulations to bishop-elect michael girlinghouse - elected bishop in oklahoma-arkansas synod of #ELCA
  • elcaretweetable: wondering why the elca news service hasn't announced the election of bishop michael girlinghouse in oklahoma-arkansas synod yet.
  • presbyleader: The Middle Governing Body Commission wants to hear from you! Especially if you're a synod or presbytery leader....
  • SheRevSEA: Opening worship of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies.
  • ConchoQueen: #LCMS #Lutherans pls give 2 our Synod's #tornadorelief: Checks (noting "Tornado Disaster Relief" n (cont)
  • Ashantirn82: The Creation of an Ethnic Identity: Being Swedish American in the Augustana Synod, 1860-1917:
  • abcarticle: Power, Politics, and the Missouri Synod: A Conflict That Changed American Christianity: Power, Politics, and the...
  • Ohblimey: @timdifford did you miss the synod?
  • Mad_Pieman: I wonder who is the top Methodist tweeter - non clergy has to be meeeeeeeeee! That right I am now the president of the synod
  • clnar: Pr. Micheal Girlinghouse elected bishop of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod of the #ELCA. #aoksa11
  • Schnekloth: Resolution: A Call to Celebrate and Support Lutheran Campus Ministry in the A-OK Synod passed: #AOKsynod Yea!
  • campusfact: Want to find Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod schools? - http:///lutheran-church-missouri-synod-schools #education
  • HowToMakeBeats: RT @kevindeen - Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Worship - Children Making Music: Children Making Music DVD inspires the young... h...
  • HowToMakeBeats: RT @songwritingman - Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Worship - Children Making Music: Children Making Music DVD inspires the young...
  • kevindeen: Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Worship - Children Making Music: Children Making Music DVD inspires the young...
  • songwritingman: Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Worship - Children Making Music: Children Making Music DVD inspires the young...
  • ww_education: Bishop. I am pastor of Benim Avraham Church, of the Christian Church, Synod of St. Timothy, (Primitive Christ...
  • NEWFRIENDSEEKER: the General Synod even though politicians in the House of Commons - who have no rights whatever - rejected it.
  • ELCAdemdsynod: DE-MD Synod - 40 Days of Prayer - Day Eight via #constantcontact
  • anglicanyouth: Seems like they might be doing fresh expressions in Polynesia. 34th Synod begins w/ 2 days of workshops on everything mission-shaped.
  • vwordsandmusic: @TrueblueSean Fair's fair, TBS. I'm no fan of the MCB, but they're a cross-sectional group; like the General Synod; like the Jewish Deputies
  • leoroberts: Morning, tweeps. I'm leading worship at Chorley URC this morning - one of the most musically accomplished congregations in NW Synod :)
  • ClsicRokr089: @SweetLadyJess o wow... I'm Missouri Synod Evangelical Lutheran X3
  • NISynod: Walking Together - Northern Illinois Synod E-News 4-30-11 - http:///dCDLk
  • SilverNakamura: At Youth Synod 2011, having a blast
  • CCCathballarat: Choral Evensong & Benediction 5 PM today - Stanford in Bb, Anthem: 'The Strife is O'er ' - Wine and Nibbles follow in the Synod Hall.
  • stdunstan: Choral Evensong & Benediction 5 PM today - Stanford in Bb, Anthem: 'The Strife is O'er ' - Wine and Nibbles follow in the Synod Hall.
  • VLMCAMPS: Thanks John Nunes, for speaking at nemn synod assembly!
  • Schnekloth: RT @thelutheran: @Schnekloth I've started a hashtag for the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Assembly. Would you be so kind as to use it as you tweet? #AOKsynod
  • Lavonagd26: The Public General Acts and General Synod Measures 1997:
  • ianmcconnell: After much roundabout discussion, the Alaska synod has voted that we still give a crap about biodiversity and the environment. #AKsynod11
  • UCJCI: Pictures from #CELEBRATION OF #LIFE AND #WITNESS - 50 Years of #Ministry - 37th Synod

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