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  • We found 10 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word Tabasheer: Quick definitions (Tabasheer) (n.) A concretion in the joints of the bamboo, which consists largely or. — “Tabasheer - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • What is a tabasheer, definition of tabasheer, meaning of tabasheer, tabasheer anagrams, tabasheer synonyms. — “Word tabasheer meaning. Word tabasheer definition. Free”,
  • tabasheer definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “tabasheer - Definition”,
  • For the convenience of customers, we offer the Tabasheer (tian zhu huang) as the quick-dissolving granule made through modern Air ship 50 sachets of Tabasheer (tian zhu huang) in the form of. — “Tabasheer”,
  • Definition of Tabasheer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tabasheer. Pronunciation of Tabasheer. Translations of Tabasheer. Tabasheer synonyms, Tabasheer antonyms. Information about Tabasheer in the free online English dictionary and. — “Tabasheer - definition of Tabasheer by the Free Online”,
  • Tabasheer is a hard, whitish, translucent substance extracted from the joints of bamboo. Consisting chiefly of pure silica, this opal-like herbaceous gem is highly valued in the East for medicinal purposes, and has long been considered a love potion of almost mythical powers. — “Tabasheer”,
  • Detailed selection of bamboo ,Genus : Gigantochloa, Species : Apus Pring Tali, Common Name : Tabasheer Bamboo. — “Bamboo Man Genus : Gigantochloa Species : Apus Pring Tali”, .au
  • Tabasheer. Chinese Name: ÌìóÃ"Æ. Source: It is the tubercie of dried secretion from the stem of diseased or insect pestsinfested perennial evergreen plants Bambusa textiilis Mc-Clure. Or schiz ostachyum Chinese Rendle. of the family Gramineae. — “Tabasheer”, nature-s-
  • Tabasheer Extract. Concretio Silicea Bambusae Extract. Bambusa textilis McClure Extract Tabasheer is the dired masses of secretion in stem of Bambusa textilis McClure or. — “tabasheer extract/concretio silicea bambusae extract/bambusa”,
  • Tabasheer - Meaning and definition Tabasheer • (n.) A concretion in the joints of the bamboo, which consists largely or chiefly of pure silica. It is highly valued in the East Indies as a medicine for the cure of bilious vomitings, bloody flux, piles, and various other diseases. — “Tabasheer - Encyclopedia”,
  • Tab·a·sheer n. [Per. tabāshīr : cf. Skr. tvakkshīrā , tvakshīrā .] A concretion in the joints of the. — “tabasheer: Information from ”,
  • Tabasheer (Hindi-Urdu: तबाशीर or طباشیر) or Banslochan (बंसलोचन, بنسلوچن) is a translucent white substance, composed mainly of silica and water with Tabasheer that has a blueish tint (usually called neel or neelkanth) is considered superior to tabasheer that has the "more plain" yellow or. — “Tabasheer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find detailed product information for Silicate crystals, Bambusa arundinacea , Tabasheer and other products from S.S.HERBALS on . — “Silicate crystals, Bambusa arundinacea , Tabasheer - Detailed”,
  • Chinese Herbs and Photos. Sort and search by pinyin, common, and latin names. Tian Zhu Huang (Siliceous Secretions of Bamboo, Bamboo Sugar, Tabasheer). — “Tian Zhu Huang (Siliceous Secretions of Bamboo, Bamboo Sugar”,
  • Heart Tonic HEART - Cholesterol 10 balls per box, 5g each ball. Manufactured by Foshan Fengliaoxing Pharmaceutical CO. LTD INGREDIENTS: Ginseng Root Amber, Oilbanum, Scorpion, Murrh, Manchurian Wildgeinger Herbs, Tabasheer. — “REN SHEN ZAI ZAO WAN - Heart Tonic - HEART - Cholesterol”,
  • The Indy Cichlid Club is a member run organization created to educate, spread, and support fellow Hobbyists within Central Indiana. by tabasheer 2 weeks ago. — “BAP - Indy Cichlid Club”,
  • Tabasheer definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Tabasheer | Define Tabasheer at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article of tabasheer at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Tabasheer encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • 40 feet flat trailors and more See info for all products/services from tabasheer metal works. — “tabasheer metal works - 40 feet flat trailors”,
  • Tabasheer is the dried sap of bamboo and has long been an aphrodisiac in Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cultures. It looks to be a highly male plant, but it is cooling rather than heating; this combination of male and female and the fact that tabasheer also affects mood suits Mercury. — “Alchemy Works Tabasheer - Herbs for Witchcraft and Magick”, alchemy-
  • MDidea Extracts Professional,Standard Herbal Extract Series.S048.Tabasheer Extracts,Tabashir Extracts Organic Silica.Basic Botanical Info of Bambusa arundinacea and Tabashir,What is Tabashir?What is the Major Use of Silica?How Tabashir Tabasheer. — “Tabasheer or Bamboo Tabashir and Its famous use.Tabasheer”,
  • Dehlvi Remedies - manufacturers and suppliers of Tabasheer Capsules and The manna (a siliceous crystalline secretion found in the culms of the female plants) is antispasmod. — “Dehlvi Remedies- offers Tabasheer Capsules Manufacturers”,
  • Tabasheer is hard, white, translucent substance, extracted from bamboo joints. Tabasheer consists mostly of water and silica and mostly used for medicinal purposes in Asia. Although it is cold in nature and sweet in taste, it considered a love. — “Tabasheer - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Tabasheer is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Kerman, Iran It uses material from the Wikipedia article Tabasheer. Explore Internet service providers of Iran. — “Tabasheer investement opportunites. Tabasheer outlook”,
  • Tabasheer is one of the main substances from bamboo used in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine; it is often It is a powder (= churna) made with tabasheer as the main ingredient, plus small amounts of long pepper,. — “Bamboo as Medicine”,

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  • DonyaFawzy: Dana ektashaft eni ele kont khatebha de, belnsbal hadretek soba3 tabasheer.
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  • TheSmurfy_: "I'm bored" -"Tabasheer wla marker?" Seebak enta, mate3rafsh leh ma3andeesh sou7ab?
  • rawda_sa: @Madaw الأيميل الخاص بي Tabasheer-sa @
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  • “An organic form of Opal, known as Tabasheer or Pearl Opal, is formed in some species of bamboo. Opal occurs massive, botryoidal, fielding on assignment sa music. fdkpfgs on. nimbles on ibalon (bicolano text) Create Blog. Login. Random Blog. Go!”
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  • “Read WHY BAMBOO? HERES WHY by Bamabamboo on MySpace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. DEFORESTATION and increased CO2 emissions thr Tabasheer, the powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo is used internally to treat asthma, coughs and can be used as an aphrodisiac”
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  • “Regarded by many as the ultimate health tonic, chyavanprash has been widely used in India · Bamboo manna (Tabasheer or Bamboo silica) · Blue Egyptian water lily”
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