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  • Tabla Encyclopedia > The Tabla. Learning Tabla. Anatomy of Tabla TABLA TOUR CASE. ILLUMINATION. CURANDERO "ARAS" Looking for Concert Tickets? Looking for. — “Tabla Artist Ty Burhoe - The Table Encyclopedia - Information”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Tabla Ecstasy. Download Tabla Ecstasy Fusion / Classical / Other music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Tabla Ecstasy's blog. — “Tabla Ecstasy on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s”,
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  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Wonderful sound of indian Sitar and tabla meet western musical instrument. — “Videos tagged with Tabla - Metacafe”,
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  • Are puzzle games your type of thing? Try this brain-teasing puzzle game that will surely test your skills!. — “Tabla - Free Online Games (FOG)”,
  • Tabla definition, a small drum or pair of drums of India tuned to different pitches and played with the hands. See more. — “Tabla | Define Tabla at ”,
  • Since the word tabla, may derive from the Arabic tabl (drum) or the Turkish dawal, it is more likely that these cultures introduced the design into Indian culture. Even this is speculation since the earliest depictions the tabla in Indian literature does not occur until the 18th century. — “Tabla”, mid-
  • Definition of tabla in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tabla. Pronunciation of tabla. Translations of tabla. tabla synonyms, tabla antonyms. Information about tabla in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “tabla - definition of tabla by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Chhandayan is sincerely dedicated to serve all aspects of Indian music in every possible way. It was born in 1984 in Calcutta, India. In 1998 it was re-established in the United States of America as a not-for-profit organization. — “Home - Chhandayan is sincerely dedicated to serve all”,
  • Resturant on Madison Avenue in the Flatiron District serving executive chef Floyd Cardoz's signature New Indian cuisine. — “Tabla”,
  • Tabla - Find listings of Tabla, Tabla manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, traders and wholesalers from , , and India. — “Tabla”,
  • Undoubtedly the most striking characteristic of the tabla is the large black spot on each of the playing surfaces. Although the origin of tabla is somewhat obscure, it is generally belived that it evolved from the barrel shaped drum called pakhawaj. — “Tabla, Indian drums”,
  • The premier site for information on the tabla. Includes detailed information about the instrument's history, design, acoustics, composition database with search engine, and chat line. — “TABLAbase”,
  • These beautiful Tabla drums or Tablas are handcrafted in India, the Bayan is available in different versions: brass, nickeled brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and others. Select the most appropriate sound, rope or bolt tuned. — “Tabla drums - Indian Instruments -Tablas”,
  • A typical set of tabla. The tabla (Urdu: تبلہ, Hindi: तबला, tubblaa) (or pronounced "Thabla" in Malayalam) is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and religious music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. — “Tabla - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Tablas, an article about the instruments, with some historical perspectives etc., Professional tablas, Calcutta tablas, Kolkata tablas, tablas from Parampara of Calcutta, the finest tabla maker Parampara. — “Tabla > tabla sets > tablas >tabla main page offering”,
  • The term 'tabla is derived from an Arabic word, tabl, which simply means "drum. The origins of tabla repertoire and technique may be found in all three and in physical structure there are also elements of all three: the smaller pakhawaj head for the dayan, the naqqara kettledrum for the. — “Tabla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rated the best Indian Food restaurant in Orlando! Tabla's authentic Indian cuisine offers a symphony of Indian flavors and spices that are sure to excite both the neophyte and the connoisseur alike. — “Gourmet Indian Food and Catering - Tabla Bar and Grill”,
  • Anubrata Chatterjee (17 F) Media in category "Tabla" The following 42 files are in this category, out of 42 total. Tabla y duggi12.JPG. 273,540 bytes. Tabla y duggi13.JPG. 456,806 bytes. — “Category:Tabla - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • tabla n. A small hand drum of northern India. [Hindi tablā , from Arabic ṭabla , from Aramaic ṭabl , drum, perhaps of Persian origin, akin to Middle. — “tabla: Definition from ”,
  • The Tabla is a pair of drums. Each drum is played by one hand. The Tabla has become the percussion instrument of choice in North India. The Tabla is enjoyed by young and mature musicians, and is fun to play. — “Tabla Indian Drums World Musical Instruments The Tabla is a”,

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  • Tabla, Turntables, & Invented Instruments Every student at Eagle Rock shares two characteristics: they do not expect to graduate from high school and they want to make a change in their lives. Many of the students come from violent background and communities. A critical intervention is required for them to make a transformation in their lives. For the past three years, a unique course entitled "Tablas + Turntables: Redefining Sound & Re-Imagining Instruments" designed by Robin Sukhadia and Walter Kitundu, has been offered to the students. The class is a unique journey into tabla rhythms of south Asia combined with turntablism and instrument building. Students emerge from the class with a deeper sensitivity and tolerance towards the culture and traditions of another part of the world. The teamwork, self-expression, and focused drumming required to succeed in the class have a direct impact on elevating each student's self confidence and self compassion. When asked what is the impact of the class on Eagle Rock students, Admissions Associate L' Tanya Perkins states, "...Listening to ragas in the morning, touching the tablas, understanding the sacred rituals behind playing and building musical instruments teaches sensitivity and calms our students down so they can face the negativity that our society depicts, the violent communities they come from. This class teaches positivity while conveying the beauty of a culture. This class gives the students an outlet to transform negative energy into something positive..." The ...
  • Tabla Lesson 6 by Venkat Tabla Lesson 6 for beginers Kehrwa - Dha Ge Ge Tin Na Ke Gi Na
  • Ravi Shankar, Alla Rakha - Tabla Solo in Jhaptal french subtitle - sous-titres en français
  • Zakir Hussain Tabla & Taal Demonstration - Part 1 of 4 Over the past 5 months I have spiritually profited from the enormous generosity of the youtube community by posting tabla, indian classical, & ghazals compositions. This video is my first contribution as a "thank you" to everyone who took the time to post and share their precious videos. Today the title "Ustad" is being applied to almost anyone who can do something better than the reviewer. In the true sense of the word, Zakir Hussain is the exemplification of an "Ustad" because he's not only mechanically crisp and well-balanced on both drums, but uses the tabla as an extension of his mind to compliment the current mood to stir & stun audiences. Some have better clarity, some have faster hands, but indeed there are only a handful of tabla players that can hold the stage with Zakir and match his "mitaas" or sweetness. He's truly in a class by himself. In this piece, you will see Zakir's comical and fun-loving personality as well as his mastery of the tabla and Indian sangeet in general. In the world of taal, he's what you would call the "total package". Hope you enjoy the video. It's all in Hindi though. More information about this video can be found at this address:
  • Tabla Lesson 2 by Venkat Tabla Lesson 2 for beginers only Dadra - Dha Dhin Na : Na Tin Na
  • Amazing Tabla wicked tabla by a sikh tabla player. check the tabla skills amazing! i didnt even know i had a tabla like this! lol i got quite a few! such a beautiful instrument! you can hear the quality! lol :)
  • Oriental dancer- Bellydance, tabla solo Aisha live at CID 20th World Congress, Athens
  • Tabla Queen Anuradha Pal Zakir Hussain's disciple- Young maestro performs Tabla solo
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain Tabla Solo His hands do all the talking. In concert with Pt Ravi Shankar.
  • Tabla Tuning Lesson Tabla Lesson 12 Tabla Tuning - For beginners only
  • SITAR & TABLA Manasamitra Concert 14th September 2008 at The Yorkshire Scupture Park, Bretton, UK. For copies of this video contact [email protected] For more details and details of future Indian concerts in and around Yorkshire, UK, check
  • Tabla lesson 3 by Venkat Tabla lesson 3 for beginers Dadra - Dha TiRi KiTa : Na TiRi KiTa
  • Tabla Girl Power: Rimpa Shiv Rimpa Shiv - Tabla Solo Copyright Sense World Music 2006 Some years ago, Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain was asked to comment on a tape recording of a young Rimpa Shiv. He said: "he is about 18 years, plays very well and must not give up." She was 9 years old at the time. The maestro finally saw her perform live when she was 11 and went over and kissed her hands, giving her many tips from diet to playing better. Rimpa Shiv, who has been blowing away audiences all over the world with her amazing playing, lives and breathes tabla and her solos possess a control, artistry, speed and power. Prepare to be mesmerized by a pair of nimble fingers that weave intricate rhymic patterns
  • Learn To Play Tabla Watch this video to know the basics on how to play the sitar. Click on to watch more educational videos.
  • Tabla Beat Science - Mengedenga Talamanam Sound Clash
  • Belly dance tabla Alla Kushnir (Leila) City festival in Nikolaev, Ukraine 2006
  • Tabla Lesson 1 by Venkat Tabla Lesson for beginers only
  • tabla sarangi shabaaz hussian leading the way. The nagma rage is Raga Charukeshi
  • Zakir Hussain lecture and demonstration of tabla Old recording on the japanese tv.
  • Jai Shankar's Tabla Performance Jai Shankar also known as the Shankar of Norway is one of the few Talented persons who is both a doctor & a musician. Here is one of the Clips where he shows his Talent in music.
  • Tabla Lesson Basics Tabla Lesson Basics : for beginners. Ta Tee Tin : Dha Dhee Dhin
  • AttaUllah Khan With Happy Tabla Player Attaullah Khan With Happy Tabla Player Tabla Player is Salamat Ali he is the cousin of famous Pakistani singer Shaukat Ali **************************************** **** Atta Ullah Khan was Born on August 19, 1951, ESAKHELVI was given the family name Atta Ullah Khan Niazi. He was brought up in Esakhel. He got his basic education and done matric from Esakhel. For higher education he got admission in Faisalabad and done intermediate from there. Then he got his Graduate degree from Mianwali. After coming to the music profession the first radio program he signed with Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur in 1972. The same year he done his first stage show in Mianwali. Then he performed in his first TV Program at Nilam Ghar, Karachi in 1973. After his success in homeland he won hearts of his fans in England in 1980 in his first foreign concert. His first film as a singer was Siren in Punjabi. While Dil Lagi was his first film as actor. Atta has a number of films on his record, he appeared in three (3) movies as main character or a Hero and sung for about eight (8) movies. Esakhelvi sings in 5 different languages including Saraiki, Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto and Sindhi. His first professional cassette was recorded by RGH Faisalabad in 1978.
  • Tabla lesson 5 by Venkat Tabla lesson 5 for beginers Dha DhiNa GiNa, Na DhiNa GiNa
  • KARSH KALE plays "MILAN" LIVE with Ajay Prasanna, Gaurav Raina and more Shalom Peace Festival 06
  • Tabla Lesson 7 by Venkat Tabla Lesson 7 only for beginers
  • Tabla lesson 4 by Venkat Tabla lesson 4 for beginers Dadra - Dha Dhin Na Na Tin Na : Dha Tiri KiTa Na TiRi KiTa
  • Rohan Singh Bhogal - Tabla Solo Tabla Solo in 11 beat cycle. Concert in Edmonton, Canada. For more information check out
  • Tabla Beat Science - Triangular Objects Artist: Tabla Beat Science Album: Tala Matrix Style: Dub, Drum & Bass, Tribal Release: 2000 Downloading Link:
  • Tabla Ensemble Tabla Ensemble at Calcutta
  • Best Tabla player of the World ( Pt. Abhijit Banerjee ) Pandit Abhijit Banerjee Tabla
  • Tabla Lesson 9 by Venkat Tabla Lesson 9 for beginers only
  • Palmistry - Tabla Beat Science
  • AACM Children's Tabla Class Swapan Chaudhuri teaching a children's tabla class at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, CA, April 2008.
  • music_torrents: Ustad Zakir Hussain - Tabla:The Zakir Hussain Way (2008): Ustad Zakir Hussain - Tabla:The Zakir Hussain Way (200...
  • Maxi_Cardozo: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Tabla de Surf Pukas con led´s
  • ashleethan: Tabla player Fazal Qureshi on music, nature and why Puneis the cultural ...: Three musicians immersed themselves...
  • Ilovamusic: Tabla player Fazal Qureshi on music, nature and why Puneis the cultural ...: His solo sojourns have been punctuated with performances...
  • cultureremixed: Listening to tabla beats while fixing a floor. Music non stop.
  • yumthought: @Shankar_Live yes...also had d pic tht maitri had with u & him & d abstract tabla and hand painting pic she made for zakir ji 16th feb 2011.
  • JoliePagaille: @osama_sadek cause this face msh byzhr 3'er ama 7d bytl3o mni :) pple think tht am habla w mskoni tabla when am not #Nyhahaha
  • meggyunited: Payton MacDonald – Works for Tabla and Percussion (2007)
  • JazzCase: Nayan Ghosh & Prabhu Edouard, excellent on sitar and tabla in concert . Slideshow; http:///4fsnqtn #Classical Music
  • maphe: Sí! <3 RT @thirdeyehush: Photo: esta seria la tabla de @maphe thisislongboarding: http:///xkm1onr8uo
  • BrianCerecera: I just became the mayor of La Tabla on @foursquare! http://4/9zOLtl
  • audiorecon: #revolutionmusic http:///album/manifesto #avantrock #triphop #drums #bass #tabla #samples #voice #bushyears
  • youngtimoney: @Marianrodg emm well no. I have to work! Some1 has t put dinnear ar an tabla!
  • yerrrrrrrr: Video: it may be a little bit cliche in the tabla or indian classical world to throw a ustad alla rakha and... http:///xn71onl1m9
  • suchitasampath: instruments i wish i knew how to play: saxophone, trumpet, veena, tabla, nadaswaram, guitar, piano. #heavysigh
  • enteritCanada: Win a Restaurant Tabla Gift Card (QC only) #cashgiftcards
  • ninjajpbob: I favorited a YouTube video -- The Tabla Guy
  • rlord182: And I thought drums just went 'boom' RT @clivesimpkins if drum thongs not correctly tightened result is thud rather than Indian tabla 'ping'
  • stiriziare: 1848 Inedit video patinoar trasformat intr
  • clivesimpkins: @rlord182 if drum thongs not correctly tightened, result is thuds rather than Indian tabla 'pings'. Blerrie awful. #OutofTuneDrums
  • locavoregon: I just bought tickets for Tabla Chef Anthony Cafiero's Portland Food Adventure to Spain and Portland!! #BPT
  • katnyberg: "Go where the story is- don’t take a blank tabla rasa and try to create something"@vincentlaforet #creativeLIVE
  • ctrl_News: NSO review: Tabla meets West as 'India' concert strikes a crossover convergence #news #Entertainment -
  • reenamerchant: I'm at Toronto Tabla Ensemble (355 College St. West, Brunswick Ave., Toronto) http://4/eyIm4h
  • VaradhKrish: "@aaroo4: Zakir hussain(tabla),Srinivas(mandolin) and Valayapatti..(Thavil) at Thiruvayyaru.. Beautiful..#music"<-----yes was wonderful
  • HooliganRedBull: Off to ping pong class, then tabla class, then Andrew tea's birthday party, then a classical Indian music concert, and dinner at sumbudy...
  • 14prakash: srijan-2011,javed ali,hard kour,the tabla troop performances were rocking
  • not2fall: RT @campodog: Tabla Rock Cafe, Torrox tonight from 9pm. With NOT TO FALL
  • campodog: Tabla Rock Cafe, Torrox tonight from 9pm. With NOT TO FALL
  • savelander: Win $50 Restaurant Tabla Gift Certificate (QUEBEC only): enter once to win 1 of 2 $50 Restaurant Tabla Gift Cert...
  • 4DaOcean: Primer KickFlip! en una Tabla de Surf en San Clemente..! First Pulled Kickflip for Volcom Contest via @youtube
  • facesbysarah: I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Quoted in Tabla! Newspaper"
  • sheriboyle68: Download The Unforgiving Tabla Sound Clip and Quote: ... Traveling, Tribal, International, Hi Energy, Tender, Ge...
  • cocc3017: Ustad Zakir Hussain - Tabla:The Zakir Hussain Way (2008)
  • AvaxHome_rss: Ustad Zakir Hussain - Tabla:The Zakir Hussain Way (2008)
  • ladonnarobbin11: Download The Unforgiving Tabla Sound Clip and Quote: ... Traveling, Tribal, International, Hi Energy, Tender, Ge...
  • stiriziare: 1276 Inedit video patinoar trasformat intr
  • malayal: RT @profsubramanian: Tabla meets West as 'India' concert strikes a crossover convergence. Zakir Husain, Hariharan and Shankar Mahad… (cont)
  • taniakatan: RT @wtfcancer: Excited for the event tmro at 2pm with @bportraitprjct and @taniakatan at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Bklyn. http:///
  • profsubramanian: Tabla meets West as 'India' concert strikes a crossover convergence. Zakir Husain, Hariharan and Shankar Mahad… (cont)
  • _Dheepa: @bhogleharsha your article 'the pitch factor' on spore's Tabla paper this week was simply awesome! Deeply felt and articulately put! Enjoyed
  • MJ_Aslander: Music in the Garden - Gurpreet Singh (Indian Tabla performance) Sun 6 Mar 5-6pm, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts
  • discodiscodance: 聴いてる "Magnetic" Tabla Beat Science 『Talamanam Soundclash, further Adventures in Hypercussion (Disc 2)』 #NowPlaying
  • discodiscodance: 聴いてる "As always" Tabla Beat Science 『Talamanam Soundclash, further Adventures in Hypercussion (Disc 1)』 #NowPlaying
  • dee5hi: Check this video out -- Aida (Solo Tabla) via @youtube
  • ianchia: @kristianjackson @elissamilne @musicteachstuff Only if you think of pure western notation. Gamelan or tabla or african drumming isn't that.
  • bigfatphoenix: @vishal_c Lionel Richie looks like Tabla Balu
  • rajmalikdc: Zakir Hussain w/ National Symphony Orchestra at Kennedy Center In DC Fri night at India Festival. Rockin the tabla! Thx @rebeccasm for tix.
  • hrithikdattani: RT @talvinsingh: Amazing Drum Solo Check this video out -- Ravi Shankar, Alla Rakha - Tabla Solo in Jhaptal via @youtube
  • hrithikdattani: RT @talvinsingh: Check this video out -- Tabla Flow via @youtube
  • Junior_Guzman: Check out this SlideShare presentation : TABLA DE SIMBOLOS
  • cultureremixed: Picked up a cd of tabla beats because it listed Karsh Kale on the jacket. Sounds nice.
  • manu8070: Wah Taj!! Zakir hussain. He left tabla for sometime as he had bad shoulder pains n was hospitalized in America. Good to see him back :)
  • manu8070: Watching DD channel...Zakir hussain going awesome with his tabla. Its like a war between a mrudangam man n the (cont)
  • Kirstboyd: INDIA at the Kennedy Center - you should catch some of it. freakin' awesome concert tonight with Zakir Hussain (playing tabla) and the NSO.
  • noracoon: Another mind-blowingly delicious dinner at Tabla. Love their food. Carrot & goat cheese salad, truffle butter/parmesan pasta, duck confit.
  • chanduji: What a fusionous morning! Mandolin Srinivas along with Ustaad on Tabla and Valayapatti on Thavil, from Thiyagaraja aaradhana on doordarshan!
  • bellonemesis: Wanna jam wit musicians who can play the tabla, flute, sitar, the bass n electric guitar and some mad drums... I swear id sing my heart out.
  • Roger_Ang: RT @Juniior_Reyes: @Roger_Ang #FF Es full pana el care tabla. xD
  • Juniior_Reyes: @Roger_Ang #FF Es full pana el care tabla. xD
  • ammonification: I liked a YouTube video -- The Tabla Guy
  • geo_tonio: i made this account just last night because i was pissed. we're drinking and ur twitting. para tabla na twit twit twit na lang!
  • hari: Looking forward to zakhir hussain @kencen. 1st half was shmancy orchestra- Now comes the tabla. #maxindia
  • freakingoutday: @candelacheers ...hay tabla. @freakingoutday where are youuuuuu? (JÁ, SÍ, SE ME POTENCIÓ LA LOCURA)
  • viggo_andersen: Play Tabla Drums, Digeridoo and Sitar on your - Guitar - Viggo Andersen's Posterous Blog –
  • HarmoNYom: SATURDAY MARCH 5, 7:30PM. Vocal concert with RAJESH PARANJPE - vocal Dibyarka Chatterjee - tabla and Madhu Vora -...
  • shahhossain: TED for technology, eucation and design. Hmmmm? But we see tabla, drums, singers, comedy, cartoonist and etc... Very straight forward.
  • eitoz: Tabla in da house
  • Nicolebrea: **too :p RT @camcsays: +1 RT @NicoleBrea: I've been wondering that to... RT @palomarguez: Me pregunto que diablos es "manga tu tabla"
  • wtfcancer: Excited for the event tmro at 2pm with @bportraitprjct and @taniakatan at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Bklyn. http:///
  • Nicolebrea: I've been wondering that to... RT @palomarguez: Me pregunto que diablos es "manga tu tabla"
  • slow_lane: @scott_ad Sweet. I'm pretty swamped this weekend, I could meet you at Spintz (near tabla) before your dinner for a shot and a beer(?)
  • bryanernest: Posted a new song exclusively for our fans: "Kaisa Tera Pyaar Hai - Guitar-tabla Jam"
  • bryanernest: Posted a new song exclusively for our fans: "Kaisa Tera Pyaar Hai - Guitar-tabla Jam"
  • AbbasHasanMusic: tabla and bunjee jumping "@ArmeenaRK:Superglue and lace @AbbasHasanMusic @ArmeenaRK sandpaper and cigarettes"
  • MsWizKid: @iamprachita Yeah! I know tabla very well! Passed 3 exams when I was a kid.. :)
  • khyatty: @MsWizKid I wud recommend dat u continue wid Tabla ! @MsWizKid U play really good so y nt be d master in it !!
  • MsWizKid: Guitar class really soon :) But Playing Tabla will be my favourite :)
  • stwta: Houston local radio played zihal-e-miskin OST Ghulami. brought back many nights of us playing mej-tabla &hands went to tap the steering
  • armstrong26c: @floydcardoz Do you know when it will be on? Hope you open another restaurant soon: we loved Tabla so much!
  • gaolink: Payton MacDonald – Works for Tabla and Percussion (2007): Payton MacDonald – Works for Tabla and Percussion (200...
  • viayfarming: Just back from a live show on yhe tabla by allah rakkha,s son faizal qureshi. Proud of our heritage. Org by a nature awareness group.
  • Chrism929: Oh, to have been there! Tabla meets West as 'India' concert strikes a crossover convergence via @washingtonpost
  • sohini_6: @Carissa_Naidoo Dnt frgt whn u vl come to India u vl teach me tabla:):) @shreyaghoshal
  • Carissa_Naidoo: @shreyaghoshal Off to my tabla lesson my legend..Will tweet you when I get back home..Take care..Mwah..Love You! :)
  • erwienhimawan: Antara sub bass + tabla + Kick sidechine nya susah (¯―¯٥)....
  • Fibucca: Here was a table of technical comparisons between iPad 2, Xoom and RIM Motorola Playbook...
  • marcolillou_: Currently Browsing:
  • yumthought: @Shankar_Live coming 2 see the concert tonight..m maitri's sis..who gave tht beautiful tabla's abstract paining to zakir ji in bbay on 16th!
  • Stolib: @tetsujustin thanks for help for @tastybitz . Was gonna say Vij's in Vancouver has a casual concept. Floyd Cardoz of tabla might go casual
  • KellyVenters: NSO review: Tabla meets West as ‘India’ concert strikes a crossover convergence
  • Samantha_Tilly: NSO review: Tabla meets West as ‘India’ concert strikes a crossover convergence: The National Symphony Orchestra...
  • Margybargy: Now getting Recuerdo del Alhambra with hardly any effort... also sitar and tabla combo...
  • yamir748: @marleneegry... we traime tu tabla porfa... :)
  • bassist_koyu: Video uploaded; tabla/ikebana/bass live at Bukhara (Roppongi). http:///watch?v=veSQi33Gpc4
  • sourabhgoho: Form Fill up done for the final exams! Now will go to a superb concert of "The Princess of Tabla" -Rimpa Siva, at Rabindra Sadan, 7pm onwrds

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