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  • Are you looking for a great price on a teisco . Check out these hot auctions featuring teisco. — “teisco Guitar Auctions”,
  • Piecing together all the facts about the Teisco brand is not easy but I intend to keep researching it. I would like to add a special thanks to writer Paul Day for supplying information on the history of Teisco guitars in the UK. — “Teisco”, mark-
  • Teisco (テスコ) was a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments from 1948 until 1969. Teisco (テスコ) was a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments from 1948 until 1969. — “Teisco”,
  • New and used teisco, Musical Instruments on eBay Canada. Find Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Jewellery Watches items at low, discount sale prices!. — “New and used teisco, Musical Instruments, Clothing, Shoes”,
  • Buy teisco, Musical Instruments items on eBay. Find great deals on Electronics, Music items and get what you want now!. — “teisco items - Get great deals on Musical Instruments”,
  • Teisco, also known as Teisco/Del Ray and Checkmate, was famous for making some of the cheapest and cheesiest guitars and amps ever. You could walk into any Woolworth's (they didn't have K-mart back then) and find a gaudy array of the junkiest guitars and amps you'd ever seen. — “Combo Organ Heaven: Teisco”, combo-
  • I fell under the spell of 60's Teisco guitars a few years back, and so the obvious obsession to follow was the Teisco amplifiers. They are way under the radar, and in fact I've only been able to track down a single schematic, and very little in the way of technical info. — “Teisco Amps - History, Photos, Documentation”,
  • While many, from the classic Hofner that Paul McCartney turned a few kids on to, to the Teisco and Black Jack Japanese models, didn't stray far from the violin shape, this Kent takes a few attractive and stylish liberties with the standard template. — “Teisco | ”,
  • Listen to Teisco Del Rey FREE on . Rhapsody lets you explore every style of music without paying per song. Play 25 songs a month for free, or listen to anything and everything in the catalog with a subscription. — “Teisco Del Rey - Rhapsody Music”,
  • Teisco guitars were imported by the truckload into the U.S.A. when you could get a few gallons of gasoline for 1.00 at the pump. Just as Sears does not build bicycles or dishwashers, Teisco and other overseas manufacturers would. — “eBay Guides - Teisco Guitars Stop Overbidding”,
  • Vintage Teisco electric guitars for sale at discount prices. The first solid body electric Teisco was released in the 1950's when electric guitars were coming into fasion. — “Vintage Teisco Electric Guitars”,
  • 1966 Teisco Guitar and Amplifier Catalog with Keyboard Insert - 13 Pages 1968 Teisco Full Line Guitar and Amplifier Catalog (Japanese Text) - 08 Pages. — “ Vintage Guitars - Vintage Japanese Catalogs”,
  • Vintage Teisco Del Rey Tulip ET 200 Electric Guitar. 1 Bid. US $49.99 VINTAGE TEISCO WHAMMY BASE AND STRING GUIDE. 0 Bid. US $.99. 1d 8h 14m. VINTAGE TEISCO WHAMMY. — “Teisco | Guitarists and Guitars U.S. and Worldwide”,
  • Teisco (テスコ) was a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments from 1948 until 1969. The Teisco brand name stands for 'Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company'. — “Teisco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Teisco guitar body made in Japan. 1 Bid. £5.00. 3d 24m. Teisco Audition Del Rey Bridge Pick 3d 6h 25m. Teisco Audition Del Rey Guitar Headstock Badge Logo. 0 Bid. — “Teisco | Guitarists and Guitars UK”,
  • Teisco - - Skateboards and Skate Gear for Sale. — “Teisco - - Skateboards and Skate Gear for Sale”,
  • Teisco was founded in '46 by Hawaiian and Spanish guitarist Atswo Kaneko and electrical engineer Doryu Matsuda. the Teisco guitars he was importing to Teisco del Rey, the brand most. — “Vintage Guitar® magazine : Features :”,
  • A site for lovers of vintage Japanese Teisco guitars. Visit for info on Teisco guitars, owner's stories, photos, links and more!. — “Teisco Twanger's Paradise - home of vintage Teisco guitars”,
  • : Teisco: MP3 Downloads Teisco Del Rey Plays Music for Lovers. 2:37 $0.99. 6. Theme from Lawrence of Arabia. Teisco Del Rey. Teisco Del Rey Plays Music for Lovers. 2:55 $0.99. 7. Werewolf. Teisco Del Rey. Teisco Del Rey Plays Music for Lovers. 2:04 $0.99. 8. Sealed with a Kiss. — “: Teisco: MP3 Downloads”,
  • How Much Is a Teisco Guitar Worth?. Teisco was a brand of musical instruments manufactured in Japan from 1946 until 1969. The company produced beginner electric guitars, adding the Teisco Del Ray brand in 1964. Not well known for. — “How Much Is a Teisco Guitar Worth? | ”,
  • Buy teisco at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “teisco - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Teisco Del Rey music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Teisco Del Rey on Yahoo! Music. — “Teisco Del Rey on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Teisco del Rey Similar Artists: Charlie Musselwhite , Steve Douglas & the Rebel Rousers , David Grisman , The Halibuts , Sandals , Aqua Velvets ,. — “Teisco del Rey: Information from ”,

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  • Teisco Bass 003 jpg
  • Teisco Del Ray EB 210 1968 69 Violin Bass w soft case Good Condition
  • pickups The red finish is beautiful The offset body looks amazing and balances like an extra apendage Good God y all welcome to retro heaven $595 with gigbag photo1 photo2 photo
  • $ 365
  • とりあえず私の持ってるギターの中では一番高いということになります 中古なのにな では順番に見ていきましょう まずはヘッド部分 弦は昨日店で交換して頂いたのでキレイなのは当然ですが このロゴマークとペグ ピックガード 弦ガード に一点の曇りもないというのは
  • silvertone teisco 1435 jpg
  • TEISCO SPB 200 SPECTRUM BASS 完了 オプション ベース弦BSS 2000 ¥2 100 完了
  • member ka06 コウキタ 001 テスコ 不明
  • くはぁ たまんねえ 最高にカッコいい 位置的にジャマといえばジャマですが ボリュームとジャック ボリュームポット ジャック共に2個づつ付いていて かつトーンポットは無いという これもスペクトラム5の特徴 ボリュームは1 3弦
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  • really want to put too much money in it I can t believe how much blank sheets of pickguard is for something other than white or black Any suggestions on what you think would look cool
  • のギターではあるけど それでも15年くらいはたってるはずなのに ペグは別のものと交換したのかも と今思いつきました 次はボディ スプリットPUと1 5の五色のスイッチがこのスペクトラム5の最大の特徴です スイッチの機能については ギターショップ マロ 様に
  • teisco jpg
  • humbucking pickups The red finish is beautiful The offset body looks amazing and balances like an extra apendage Good God y all welcome to retro heaven $595 with gigbag photo1 photo2 photo
  • teiscospectrumclose628 jpg
  • Teisco EP 10T red neck rear jpg Teisco EP 10T red fretboard jpg
  • Teisco Del Rey The Neptones
  • TeiscoDelMotelbody JPG
  • own sound The Gibson minis are really nice sounding They clean up nice and can give you a real nice growl when needed They really respond well to different picking attack techniques
  • Teisco ET 230 K2 L Denne modellen er fra ca 1968 Den hadde også benevnelsen K2 L Det er ingen tvil om at Teisco var i elitedivisjonen når det gjelder modellutvalg
  • 1 10 2WD Firestorm 10T Teisco EP 10T red headstock jpg
  • うぉぉぉぉぉぉ 回路がなんだかサッパリわからねえ スイッチが豊富なのも含めて 回路図を作成するのは無理ですなこりゃ ピックアップ スイッチ部分のザグリはこんな感じ
  • Teisco Las Vegas En av mange grom gitarer fra Teisco Kroppen er på størelse med Gretsch sine store modeller Sjelden sak på merkedet Et blikkfang på podiet
  • Amplificador Teisco Pg 95e oportunidad
  • teisco kropp jpg
  • teisco body back jpg
  • EG NW 1955
  • Teisco Del Ray EB 210 1968 69 Violin Bass w soft case Good Condition
  • The red finish is beautiful The offset body looks amazing and balances like an extra apendage Good God y all welcome to retro heaven $595 with gigbag photo1 photo2 photo
  • teisco65 jpg
  • 5月9日 土 1960年代にデビューしたモデルの 30年後の90年代に再生産された リーシュモデルが綺麗な状態で入荷しました
  • all 110F pics thanks to plasmatron
  • Teisco ET 220 Spectrum Herlig blomsterdekorasjoner på plekterbrett Herlige spectrum pickuper Litt annen lay out på vibsystem Dette ble tatt bruk ca 70
  • TeiscoWithCase jpg
  • Uh wha Guitar kv
  • Teisco KB 2 Sjelden bassgitar fra Teisco Det som gjør Teisco litt unik var at de ikke kopierte USA gitarer basser Og tiden har vist at de laget gode

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  • Vintage Guitar Pickups Teisco goldfoil dearmond guyatone SOLD Dual Pickup Harness (2 Pickups In Metal/Chrome Harness - 1 Goldfoil PU, 1 Standard (Screws) PU). Make/Model: Unconfirmed (apx. Teisco, but this is not confirmed since no name/number is printed on the item - Could possibly be Teisco Del Ray, DeArmond, Guyatone, Kay, Stratotone, Silvertone, Harmony, Supro, National, Valco, Airline, etc.). Goldfoil PU reads 5.82 Ohms, and Standard (Screws) PU reads 4.79 Ohms with Multimeter (* see video).
  • Compare guitars Teisco May Queen & Fender Deluxe Reverb amp In this module we review a vintage 1960s Teisco May Queen guitar played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. More reviews and lessons at
  • Teisco TG-64 (1966) Teisco TG-64, 1966 made in Japan.
  • Teisco Tulip (1969) vintage elecrtric slide guitar Here's a guitar that my Dad's friend John saved from a garbage can around 1990. It's an icredible sounding guitar! It has that great tone you get from names like Silvertone, Kay, Danelectro, and Harmony Stratotones. This is a Teisco "Tulip" E-100, or E-110 depending on who you ask, made in 1969 in Japan. It has the Kawai lineage which makes me want to play it with a slide like Hound Dog Taylor! I'm using my home-made, wine bottle-neck glass slide and running thru a Fender Stage 100 watt amp no reverb. I just upped the string gauge from 9's to 11's and it made this gutiar sound even better! This song I'm playing I'm calling "Death March Blues" and was inspired by prewar blues and the sound of Marc Ribot, a huge influence on my guitar playing and tone. Oh yeah, there's a little home-made stomp box added for rhythm.
  • Teisco Del Rey, QUALITY AUDIO with ET-200 Tulip Here's my late 1960's Teisco Del Rey ET-200, before new pickups and parts. Hear it with ProTools audio before the upgrades (and then check out the final video to hear a Teisco with P-90 pickups!) Read more about trhe guitar and the video, and see a high quality version at . Backing track "Nothing is Worth Losing That" by Telefon Tel Aviv. Recorded with an SM57, directlyinto the Panasonic DVX 100b XLR inputs.
  • Hollowbody Teisco EP200-B Sample Close miked recording of the acoustic tone of my Teisco.
  • 1960s Teisco/Kawai Hound Dog Taylor Hey, here's my latest guitar, number 22 in the collection. It's similar to the Teisco/Kawai guitars Hound Dog Taylor uses. So I went the slide route and this guitar loves it! Well you can hear it for yourself, great monster slide tone! The guitar has two strat pickups in the bridge and they are hardwired to the output, so thats what you're hearing. I have the originals too and was going to put em back in, but after hearing how good it sounds for slide I may hold off. They don't look out of place either as they are stuffed in the orignal pickups casing. Anyway Enjoy!! And keep in mind I have no idea how to play slide :)
  • Vintage 1969 TEISCO DEL RAY '69 ET-200 Red Tulip w/ tremolo
  • Zoom Q3 - Teisco Lap steel with two slides - Gold foil pickups Loosely based on Stevie Ray Vaughan. Playin' the blues on an old Teisco with two slides. Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, Dave Hole
  • 1966 Teisco Del Rey K2L Another clip, this time its my 66' Teisco Del Rey, through my Teisco made amp. I'm not really playing much of anything just noodling around. Really ballsy sounding guitar, fun to play good ol' dirty rock and roll on. In hind sight I should switched between pickups to show you the different sounds she can get, this is just the neck pickup in "solo" mode as opposed to "rhythm" which only adds to the ballsyness!! Cool guitars, I'm told teisco pickups are hit or miss, some can be very weak, luckilly both of my Teisco made guitars have great sounding pickups!
  • Vintage Swedish 1964 HAGSTROM II Electric Guitar - Teisco Vox Eko Kay Airline I've always been interested in Hagstroms, but I've ever owned until now - and I'm quite impressed - the craftmanship and hardware are all really fantastic - those Van Gent tuners are amazing! As always disregard the poor playing and sound quality - they don't do the guitar justice. For more vintage guitar stuff - go to:
  • RARE Peavey Combo organ ! (Teisco dual manual mystery!) Bob Weigel () and Paul Haugen detail and demonstrate possibly the rarest machine we've encountered to date. Possibly a prototype. The techs at Peavey are completely unaware that any such thing ever existed. Of course this would have been from the very early days of the company. With the knobs that strongly resemble some used on early peavey amps, and the fact that it departs from the cosmetics of other Teisco's (which obviously was the manufacturer), the lack of a schematic diagram inside and only some japanese print on the right of the keyboard frame aside from the peavey label on the back, would tend to lead us to think that this was made by Teisco for Peavey. In their early days I'm sure they probably considered marketing some keyboard products from Teisco and this was a prototype possibly constructed for that purpose. Nobody has seen one. No hits on search engine. Nothing. Yet I have this strange memory of seeing one of these possibly as a child. Something looked familiar about it. I...don't....know.
  • Teisco Del Rey TEISCO DEL REY: KING OF THE GUITORGAN Featuring Paul "Mr. Moto" Johnson! Many remember Teisco Del Rey as the columnist for Guitar Player magazine for many years. Others remember him from his astounding instrumental albums, where he tackled everything from surf to soul, channeling the spirit of Duane Eddy. Yet others remember him as the only man in the last 3 decades to seriously play the "Guitorgan"! All this and more was revealed in Teisco Del Rey's first-ever Southern California live appearance, with an all- star band featuring Paul Johnson of the Bel-Airs (who came and rocked his song "Mr. Moto" at last year's fest!), Steve Soest from The Torquays, and Pete Curry of the Halibuts and Los Straitjackets!
  • Teisco Vintage Electric - Del Rey? A very cool Teisco electric guitar for sale, straight out of the 60's I believe. Almost entirely original - Only one strap button and the Teisco emblem are missing. The pickups were professionally wax potted and the electronics cleaned with DeOxit 5.
  • Teisco-Style Guitar.m4v Maricopa Guitar Co's. take on a vintage Teisco. Double cutaway, bevel-sided ash body with vintage Horseshoe and Gold Foil pickups. Flamed maple neck and transparent black finish.
  • "Mr. Moto" Paul Johnson & Teisco Del Rey @ Guitar Geek Fest 2008 Paul Johnson of the Belairs with Deke Dickerson and Teisco Del Rey at Guitar Geek Fest 2008 playing "Mr. Moto". Steve Soest is on bass guitar.
  • Selmer "All Pourpose 30" & Teisco "ET-200 Tulip custom" Great vintage tube amp SELMER 2x12" & my custom vintage TEISCO.....Blues Tone at Paco-Home!!!
  • Vintage 1969 TEISCO DEL RAY '69 ET-200 Red Tulip w/ tremolo
  • Vintage Guitars I've Owned:TEISCO Vox KAY Silvertone EKO etc For more of my vintage guitars go to: Here are pictures of some of the vintage (mostly 1960's) electric guitars I have bought and sold on ebay over the past few years. I was going to add a list of each guitar and the brands etc, but that's too much effort. There's Kay, Silvertone, Harmony, Danelectro, Electra, Aria, Teisco, Kent, Kalamazoo, Galanti, Eko, Vox, Crucianelli, Morbidoni, Jolana, Defil, Hofner, Framus, Hagstrom... and plenty more lesser brands. The music is just some songs I have recorded on a few of these guitars at various points. There are over 140 or so guitars, and I'm missing pictures of quite a few more.
  • 1968 TEISCO Checkmate 100 Sound Demo w. Fender Jazzmaster A rare Teisco Checkmate 100 Amp! From `66 or `67. Fantastic clean sound! And great distortion with the Volume. Unique Vibrato! If anybody knows more about this Amp feel free to contact me.
  • Rating guitar Vintage Teisco EV2T electric Fender Deluxe amp In this module next level guitar reviews a vintage 1960s Teisco EV2T electric guitar played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. More reviews and lessons at
  • 1967 Decca / Heit / Teisco Deluxe I just bought a 1967 Decca Deluxe for 50 bucks! my playing was quite bad because it was cold and i wasn't used to short scale, but you get the idea.
  • Early 60s Teisco Melody E100 Variant through Pine Electonic Pepco (Setneck, tone machine!) Ok so here is another video of my old 60s Melody made by Teisco and is a rare variant of their E100, but this one has a set neck, a feature I haven't seen on Teisco branded versions! I call this the best bang for the buck guitar I've ever played. For around $100-200 you can get one of these and IMO they are pretty close to the $1000-$2000 Harmony H44 Stratotone. Body is a little thinner, set neck vs neck through, but still close for the money, has that huge neck pickup tone and fat chunky neck! I own 2 of them and a Stratotone and a Kay made neck trough solidbody, these hold their own. Anyway, I'm playing through my new Pepco Pine Electronics 6V6GT driven tube amp. A little funky lick I've been messing with. ENJOY!!
  • Teisco Del Rey guitar ET 312 for sale on Ebay A Demo of a Teisco Del Rey guitar ET 312 for sale on Ebay modded by the prior owner(s). "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" One A Demo of a Teisco Del Rey guitar ET 312 for sale on Ebay modded by the prior owner(s). "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" One of a kind. Work of art. Garage band. Punk Rock. Stoner ax. (more) (less) Tags: Demo Teisco Del Rey guitar ET 312 ET312 Ebay tiesco grass mota pakalolo weed 420 maryjane stoner funny smoke dope herb
  • Teisco 60f & Roland tr 808 Teisco 60f & Roland tr-808
  • Compare guitars Vintage Teisco TG64 monkey grip ax In this module we review a mid 1960 Teisco TG 64 electric guitar. More lessons and reviews at
  • Teisco ET-300 Demo - "The Shadow of Your Smile" excerpt - 11- 15 - 2009 "Teisco Guitar Demo"! ,Due to recent Discussions on "The Gretsch " about Unique Crappy, but Cool 60's Garage Guitars, I decided to break out my Teisco ET-300! It does need a new set of strings though :) Here's a Demo of my 3 pickup Tesicso Del Ray ET- 300Model that I haven't played for a long time. I duste'er er' off and sprayed the switches, Soon, I will upgrade the strings. Going through my Marshall JCM DSL 2000 Amp.
  • Vintage 1960's ALAMO Fiesta Electric Guitar Teisco Kay Eko Disregard the poor sound quality and playing. Alamo guitars and amps were made in Texas. Nice little electric, sounds great.
  • Vintage 1960's Italian EXCELSIOR Electric Guitar Eko Teisco (Sound may be a little low on this video.) This one is pretty rare. I've only ever seen a few of these pop up on ebay over the years. It's pretty nice quality and comparable to other Italian electrics of the era like Eko, Vox, Crucianelli, Welson, Galanti, Goya, etc. As always disregard the poor playing and sound quality.
  • Rare 1960's DEFIL Archtop Electric Guitar - Teisco Kay Vox Rare (here in the states) 1960's Polish made Defil electric hollowbody. Really poor quality guitar, but it sounds alright. Disregard the poor playing and sound quality (also the guitar being out of tune, this guitar would NOT stay in tune.)
  • Teisco Guitar Boogie The lead guitar music played in this video was recorded with this 1967 Teisco del Rey guitar. C'mon baby, don't you wanna DANCE?!?! The Teisco is a vintage guitar with more history than there are letters in the word "Kenkyujo". The guitars were first made in Japan in the late 1940's by the Aoi Onpa Kenkyujo company. Hawaiian guitarist, Atswo Kaneko, and engineer, Doryu Matsuda, were the masterminds behind this guitar company. Though the brand name Teisco came into use in the 1940's, the guitar company itself, first known as the Aoi Onpa Kenkyujo Company, then later renamed the Nippon Onpa Kogy Company, Ltd., finally became the Teisco Company around 1964. Teisco made amps, mics, and lap steel guitars in its early years. The first standard Teisco guitars had a 3/3 headstock. There is some disagreement between vintage guitar website editors on this, so we'll just say this Teisco may have been lightly influenced by the Gibson. Whether it was or wasn't remains up for debate. At one time all homes had outhouses, and it wasn't until the invention of the toilet that people made bathrooms a certain way. This 3/3 headstock standard of the day is very similar to outhouses in that it was probably one of the only designs even heard of or used at the time. The first solid-body electric Teisco was released in the 1950's when electric guitars were coming into vogue. In the 1960's, which may even be coined Teisco's golden decade, Teisco released the innovative amp-in-a-guitar ...
  • vintage Teisco kl2 guitar compare & fender deluxe reverb amp In this module we review a early 1960s Teisco KL2 electric guitar. Many famous players used Teiscos and their pickups including Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and James Iha of the smashing pumpkins. More lessons at http
  • Vintage 1950's DALLAS TUXEDO Electric Guitar Teisco Vox Kay Now this one is REALLY rare. The Dallas Tuxedo was the FIRST electric guitar made in Britain. The guitar was made out of a single piece of wood (neck through) and has various Vox/Burns/Fenton/Weil parts, (not to mention it had Italian made pots). Unfortunately the guitar in the video was painted red by someone, over the original white body which would have been bound in black and had a "Tuxedo" script logo on the top bout. Disregard the poor playing and sound quality. A Dallas Tuxedo was found in John Lennon's home as well.
  • 1964 Teisco WG-4L This chunk of Oriental firewood might just be the ultimate electric slide guitar and here's why: it can get both JB Hutto AND Hound Dog Taylor sounds - 'nuff said. Actually the range of sounds (from various flavors of Fender-with-severe-nasal-congestion to the complete Black&Decker power tools catalog, and everything in between) this Rodan of the guitar world can produce is truly astounding, but it would require a 30 minute video to properly demonstrate them all...but when it comes to open-tuned electric slide guitar (see, I leave Earl Hooker and Robert Nighthawk in their own category of greatness) this contender for "most dubious headstock shape" will cover Airline-era Hutto, the Hound, and various permutations of Elmore.
  • Teisco Del Ray plays a Guitorgan at Guitar Geek Fest 2008 TEISCO DEL REY plays The Guitorgan at Guitar Geek Fest 2008. This was Teisco Del Rey's first-ever Southern California live appearance, with an all- star band featuring Paul Johnson of the Bel-Airs, Deke Dickerson, Steve Soest from The Torquays, and Pete Curry of the Halibuts and Los Straitjackets.
  • Blues guitar nooding late 60 Teisco EP-7 repaired. DADF#AD tuning, one take very hurried. Blues guitar loop, fender 52 reissue telecaster with bardens for rhythm, slide lead teisco EP-7 in DADF#AD capoed on second fret with john pierce acoustic electric srings Dunlop jazz 3 red pick and fingers and custom brass beveled slide. Boss RC 20 looping station, Fulltone fuzz, Goerge L's cable, Crate 50 watt 3X10 amp. Just some random noodling with a 22 dollar pawn shop teisco I repaired and set up for slide. was just too shy to post myself playing it but recorded the loop twice just for fun. Man, 60's Teiscos are sweet slide guitars. I just wanted to showcase the tone of the 60's teisco EP guitar.
  • More TEISCO DEL REY - ET-200 with stock pickups. Here's another clip of the Del Rey ET-200 "Tulip". This is just some wankin' with the stock pickups, after wax-potting them. This guitar is VERY hard to play, but it sounds pretty cool - very gritty. Also very noisy. Check out my other videos to hear it with a reproduction tailpiece and P-90 style pickups. Recorded into ProTools via the DVX100b XLR inputs with a Sure SM57. More info at
  • "Motherless Child" with Wafa Ghorbal - Teisco Del Rey with P-90 Pickups Here's the third and final video of the Teisco Del Rey ET-200. This uses a video clip of Tunisian singer Wafa Ghorbal for vocals - Ms. Ghorbal has been contacted and graciously given me permission to use her clip in this video. This was shot after replacing the original tailpiece and adding two surface-mount P90 pickups. I arranged the entire song using the ET-200 for all the guitar parts. Drums are Strike (in ProTools), bass is an old Fender P90 bass, and for vocals I used a clip of Tunisian jazz singer Wafa Ghorbal. Guitar was played through a Peavey Classic 30 with a 1970's era JBL K120 speaker, and mic'd directly into the XLR input of a DVX100b. After editing the video, the audio was exported to ProTools and mixed with the bass and drums. Learn more about how to make a video like this at
  • 60's Vintage Teisco E-100 Electric Guitar
  • iNe_N_teisco: 札幌でLUNA SEAライブか・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: 髪型場違いすぎていたたまれない
  • paulburns16: This fab 60s Teisco guitar I picked up for just £10, What a beautiful bargain, And it plays like a dream !
  • iNe_N_teisco: 寒すぎてヤバい
  • iNe_N_teisco: LIFESHOP推し
  • iNe_N_teisco: おはようございまーす
  • FatVonFree: gonna head to Nashville Fretworks and drop some guitars off today....need a bridge for the Teisco, and a new nut for the '72 SG Bass
  • BUSTA_101: 今夜はteisco!!
  • MusicDealFinder: Danelectro-eko-teisco Short Scale Custom Electric 6 String Baritone Guitar: Starting price: $385.50
  • MusicDealFinder: for sale Danelectro-eko-teisco Short Scale Custom Electric 6 String Baritone Guitar: Starting price: $385.50
  • iNe_N_teisco: LIFESHOP「I DON'T SEE」: @youtubeさんから VoのJunさん声かっこよすぎて惚れる 結構キャッチーな曲です 俺は好きですがね
  • iNe_N_teisco: 小西さん歌上手すぎ惚れた
  • iNe_N_teisco: しずえちゃん主役の同人誌はそろそろ出ても良い頃合いだと思う
  • iNe_N_teisco: あ・・・髪の毛・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: 小西さんすげーなぁ・・・ 結果出せてるってのはマジで憧れる どっかの誰かさんみたいに口先だけじゃないからなあ
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yusuke755 @tetumaxtuku えっ
  • yusuke755: @tetumaxtuku @ine_n_teisco えっ⁉
  • iNe_N_teisco: @glgldoooon おめでとう!
  • iNe_N_teisco: @tetumaxtuku えっ?
  • iNe_N_teisco: @tetumaxtuku 今賢者タイムなんで
  • iNe_N_teisco: ひたすら眠い
  • iNe_N_teisco: @tetumaxtuku マジですか 検討します
  • iNe_N_teisco: 土曜日の朝っぱらからわざわざ早起きして電車なんか乗っちゃったりしてマジで俺何やってんだろ バイトヤだよー 二年に上がったらA勤に変えてもらいたい いや今すぐにでも変えてほしいくらいだけど
  • iNe_N_teisco: @betuaka_unk 本を買うと置き場所に困るからなあ 欲しいけど
  • iNe_N_teisco: 雨上がり宮迫が手術成功したらしい ので寝る
  • iNe_N_teisco: @betuaka_unk ggって読んだ これは・・・かなり・・・ いいわ・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: @betuaka_unk NTRとかどこの層に需要があるのか理解できない・・・ メモりました 見つけたら読んでみるww
  • iNe_N_teisco: 就活(絶望)
  • iNe_N_teisco: @betuaka_unk ビッチ系とか陵辱系はなんだか読んでて心痛くなってくるから読まないんだよなあ てかHisasiのビッチ系って読んだことないかも
  • iNe_N_teisco: ・・・寝るか_(:3」∠)_
  • iNe_N_teisco: @betuaka_unk それ俺も思った 一年くらい前からちょくちょく見てた気が・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: @glgldoooon 残り500メートルだから次で絶対終わる! 泣かないように頑張れよww
  • glgldoooon: @iNe_N_teisco 長いよー・・・(′・ω・`)え、まじか。でもあれ読むたびに泣いてるからしょうがないよ!
  • iNe_N_teisco: @glgldoooon 2ヶ月後に期待してくださいww あとどうぶつの国は多分君読んだら泣くと思う
  • glgldoooon: @iNe_N_teisco 嘘だろ・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: @glgldoooon まだ終わらないよ(^q^)
  • Vintageguitars1: Vintage 60’s Japan Tele-star Short Scale Bass Guitar W/case Mij Teisco: Vintage 60’s Japan Tele-star Short Scale...
  • glgldoooon: @iNe_N_teisco インターハイが終わったのかだけはお聴きしたい…(′・ω・`)!
  • iNe_N_teisco: @glgldoooon うぇーいwwwwww
  • glgldoooon: @iNe_N_teisco 日曜はそれ持ってお家集合ね!
  • iNe_N_teisco: 弱虫ペダルとどうぶつの国新刊購入したので帰宅
  • iNe_N_teisco: StompLabを試奏した結果 歪み中心のペダルだった・・・ パラメータも詳しく弄れないし空間系ほぼないし・・・ まぁVOXであの価格帯で普通のマルチみたく弄れたら神だっただろうよ 音は普通に良かったんだけどねー・・・ 歪みはあるからいいやー
  • gakkidowest: TEISCO ギター ピストルヘッド テスコ ビザール▽7A36-4 #jugem_blog
  • 4_W4LL: Got a new/old guitar! It's a 1969 (or older) Teisco E-110 also known as the "tulip" for it's shape. It has a
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns 電車揺れてたけどまさかそんなに揺れてたとは
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco 車が揺れるレベル
  • iNe_N_teisco: え?地震そんなにでかかったか?
  • iNe_N_teisco: @morita_swift うっす
  • iNe_N_teisco: てか今日調べたらワンチャン無さげだった てかあそこは無理wwww だって色々良い意味でおかしいしwwww 行けたら奇跡ですわな
  • iNe_N_teisco: 今日はStomp Labの試奏をしたいのでさっさと帰る 気に入ったら購入検討する エフェクトを同時に幾つ掛けられるのか、あとは空間系の出来がキモになるかな 歪みはサチュレーターを使えばいいからそんな重視はしてない、けどどうせなら良い具合の歪みがあればいいなぁ
  • iNe_N_teisco: @HystericBarbiei ガラケーwwww
  • HystericBarbiei: @iNe_N_teisco パズドラはいいよ
  • iNe_N_teisco: 肥田ちゃんが完璧にパズドラ厨に成り下がった
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco 「(」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns にゃ〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!(/・ω・)/
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco う~~~~~~!!!!!!
  • iNe_N_teisco: この時間帯駅に全く人いねーな
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns うううううおおぉぉあああああああああああぁぁぁぁぁ\( 'ω')/
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco おおおおおああああああああああっっっっっっっっs!!!!!!!!
  • iNe_N_teisco: 一限は行かぬ
  • iNe_N_teisco: RT @yassanns: てへへ。僕はかまってちゃん。てへへ。
  • iNe_N_teisco: RT @yassanns: 電車なう。今日の僕はかまってちゃん(*^ω^*)えへ
  • HystericBarbiei: @iNe_N_teisco こんな時間にあほか
  • iNe_N_teisco: アーモンドチョコ食いだしたら止まらなくなった うめぇ
  • shimo_ran: 人肌恋しいこの季節。いつでも思うのは君のこと。どこに売ってるのTeisco EP 200B
  • iNe_N_teisco: RT @akisu_K: 漫画描こうぜ
  • iNe_N_teisco: 明日の一限は行かなくてもいいんだっけか
  • iNe_N_teisco: @kentauehara お高い・・・(´・ω・`)
  • iNe_N_teisco: 寿司食いてえ 海鮮丼でもいい
  • iNe_N_teisco: ちょっと休憩 もーすこししたら戻る
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns (゚д゚)
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco いね・・・く・・・ぅん・・・///
  • iNe_N_teisco: 陽が落ちると風が寒い
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns せやな(意味深)
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco めのほよう
  • 1arrsay: RT @EastwoodAirline: One of our all-time faves, Teisco Spectrum 5, click here to learn more:
  • iNe_N_teisco: 図書室で仮眠とってた まだ眠いけどバイト先向かうかー・・・
  • iNe_N_teisco: @yassanns なんや
  • yassanns: @iNe_N_teisco あぁぁっ???
  • iNe_N_teisco: 異性とお話出来ない系男子
  • buscaml: @OswaldoPuchy @Munkynativo @leepac73 @Fromthaend Vintage Teisco Et-460 De Los 60's BsF4500.0 Cabimas #Usado #adML
  • Fromthaend: @leepac73 @munkynativo @oswaldopuchy erga esta bicha debe venir con tabla de surf y todo xD
  • iNe_N_teisco: 本日もギリギリです ・・・何かを忘れている気がする
  • iNe_N_teisco: てかもう寝よう
  • iNe_N_teisco: ハット裏でスネア2拍毎・・・ やっぱこれだとどうしてもポップな感じになるなあ
  • iNe_N_teisco: 今日ロックイン行ったらStomp Labがあったから見てみたんだけどアレおもちゃだわどっからどうみても・・・ コンパクトすぎてペダル付きは完璧におもちゃと化してる でもペダル無しはちょっと欲しいから試しに買ってみようかなー・・・
  • _SoRaPuRa_: @iNe_N_teisco まぁ時間はまだあるしゆっくりやりたいようにやりますわwww
  • iNe_N_teisco: @_SoRaPuRa_ お前社会舐めすぎだろwwwwwwww まぁやりたいようにやればいいと思うわwwwwwwwww
  • _SoRaPuRa_: @iNe_N_teisco あーね、でもまだ言うて10代だし、大学とか行ってる奴もいるしかわんねぇーだろww
  • iNe_N_teisco: @tetumaxtuku だだだだだだだだだだだ大丈夫ですすすすすすすすす
  • iNe_N_teisco: @_SoRaPuRa_ いや・・・保険以外にも厚生年金とかあるだろ? バイトじゃ福利厚生しっかりしてないし 今から地道に転職活動始めた方がいいんじゃねーの?
  • _SoRaPuRa_: @iNe_N_teisco 保険とかどうってことないだろwwコンビニだぞ?ww親の保険関係の仕事だしそのへんは大丈夫
  • iNe_N_teisco: うおおおおおおおおおおおおおおもういやああああああああああああああ
  • iNe_N_teisco: はい死亡フラグ立ちましたああああああああああああああああああ
  • iNe_N_teisco: @_SoRaPuRa_ 保険とかどうすんだよwwww まぁお疲れ
  • _SoRaPuRa_: @iNe_N_teisco いやww普通に会社を行くみたいな感じで入ってれば給料多くもらえるかもwwあと見積とかも手伝うバイトも教えて貰えそうだし!
  • iNe_N_teisco: @_SoRaPuRa_ バイトじゃ結構辛くね? 転職すんの?
  • _SoRaPuRa_: @iNe_N_teisco あの会社は合わなかったし、給料もすくなかったからいいかなぁってww
  • iNe_N_teisco: @_SoRaPuRa_ お前マジで何やっとるん・・・

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