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  • The Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew (10th century BC to 135 AD), old Aramaic (10th century BC to 4th century AD) and square Hebrew (3rd century BC to present) scripts. The Mesha Stele bears the earliest known reference (840 BC) to the sacred Hebrew name of God - YHWH. — “Tetragrammaton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Tetragrammaton in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tetragrammaton. Pronunciation of Tetragrammaton. Translations of Tetragrammaton. Tetragrammaton synonyms, Tetragrammaton antonyms. Information about Tetragrammaton in the free. — “Tetragrammaton - definition of Tetragrammaton by the Free”,
  • For other uses, see Tetragrammaton (disambiguation). This article is about the literary manifestations of the name of God in The Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew (10th century BC to 135 AD), old Aramaic (10th century BC to 4th century AD) and square Hebrew (3rd century BC to. — “Tetragrammaton”,
  • The Tetragrammaton as it appears within the Holy Wood album artwork The Tetragrammaton is a Greek word meaning 'the four lettered name' and represents the four lettered name of god; the four Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, which. — “Holy Wood & Antichrist Superstar Symbols - The NACHTKABARETT”,
  • When used in everyday speaking the Tetragrammaton is often replaced by HaShem ("the Name" Also, when the letters of the Tetragrammaton are arranged in a kabbalistic tetractys. — “Yahweh - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Tetragrammaton. I would advise all in general that they would take into serious I shall only show what the Tetragrammaton is said to be in the Zohar,. — “Theosophy Library Online - H.P. Blavatsky - Tetragrammaton”,
  • Many Bible scholars view this as evidence that the Bible writers (and indeed, likely the ancient Hebrew and Israelite people) viewed the Name represented by the Tetragrammaton as very important and commonly used it in their everyday speech and prayers. — “BIGpedia - Tetragrammaton - Encyclopedia and Dictionary Online”,
  • Abbreviated Tetragrammaton. Other Names of God. The quadriliteral name of God, , which is thus referred to in Josephus, in the Church Fathers, in the The term "Tetragrammaton" apparently arose in contradistinction to the divine names. — “ - TETRAGRAMMATON:”,
  • According to Biblica Hebraica and Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the original texts of the Hebrew Scriptures, written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, contain the Tetragrammaton 6,828 times. It is evident that the Tetragrammaton was used very extensively. — “Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick”,
  • "Advancing Principles of The Kingdom of God" Tetragrammaton Theosis Temple, Tetragrammaton Theology Temple University, Honorary Doctor Of Divinity Degree, Religion Degrees, Prayer Requests, Ordination, AOTCAC,. — “Tetragrammaton Theosis Temple”,
  • Tetragrammaton definition, the Hebrew word for God, consisting of the four letters yod, he, vav, and he, transliterated consonantally usually as YHVH, now pronounced a See more. — “Tetragrammaton | Define Tetragrammaton at ”,
  • See also Tetragrammaton on Wikipedia, and our 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica disclaimer. The Jews quite early ceased to pronounce the tetragrammaton, substituting (as the Books of Chronicles and the LXX translation already indicate) the word Lord ('Adonai). — “1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Tetragrammaton - Wikisource”,
  • Because of the lack of vowels, Bible scholars debate how the tetragrammaton "YHWH" was pronounced. Instead, when reading, they substituted the actual tetragrammaton (which is only the consonants of the Divine Name "YHWH" since Hebrew is not usually written with vowels. — “What is YHWH? What is the tetragrammaton?”,
  • Back to Home Page or Contents Page or Judaism or Index. Tetragrammaton. The sacred name of God. In Hebrew "four-letter word" or symbol meaning yod-ye-vau-he (YHWH) and signifying Yahweh. It is pronounced in Hebrew as "Adomai," and written generally as JHYH with variations of JHVH or YHVH. — “Tetragrammaton”,
  • TETRAGRAMMATON. I would advise all in general that they would take into serious consideration the true and genuine ends of I shall only show what the Tetragrammaton is said to be in the Zohar, and as explained to the writer personally by a Hebrew initiated Rabbi, in. — “Theosophy article "Tetragrammaton" by Blavatsky”,
  • The term "Tetragrammaton" apparently arose in contradistinction to the divine names containing respectively twelve and forty-two letters and formed likewise from the letters Y, H, W, H; for only thus is the designation intelligible, since Adonai likewise has four letters in Hebrew. — “Tetragrammaton - BibleWiki”, biblewiki.be
  • This is four Hebrew letters (Yod, He, Waw and He) called the "Tetragrammaton" Sometimes people pronounce the tetragrammaton as "Jehovah". But Jehovah could never be the right pronunciation. — “THE MEANING OF THE TETRAGRAMMATON”,
  • The Tetragrammaton in Paleo-Hebrew (10th century BC to 135 AD), Aramaic (10th century BC to 4th century AD) and modern Hebrew scripts. For criticism see Criticism of Tetragrammaton. The Tetragrammaton (which literally means the four-letter word). — “Tetragrammaton - Wikinfo”,
  • Tetragrammaton ( ) n. The four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH or JHVH, used as a biblical proper name for God. — “Tetragrammaton: Definition from ”,
  • Stained glass windows of Tetragrammaton (9 F) Media in category "Tetragrammaton" The following 199 files are in this category, out of 243 total. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Category:Tetragrammaton" Categories: Jewish symbols | Hebrew writing | God the Father | Monograms. — “Category:Tetragrammaton - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Index for the Legion website for Tetragrammaton on the EU - English - Perento server of Aion with dkp, forums and more!. — “Home : Tetragrammaton - EU - English - Perento - Aion - Guild”,
  • The Tetragrammaton in Phoenician (1100 BC to 300 CE), Aramaic (10th Century BC to 0) and modern Hebrew scripts. According to Biblica Hebraica and Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the original texts of the Hebrew Scriptures, written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, contain the Tetragrammaton 6,828 times. — “Tetragrammaton - Definition”,

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  • mars volta tetragrammaton Meccamputechture cover Piano Look at my new Homepage for Composition Work: www.sim- MP3 DOWNLOAD Available: Some of you wanted the songs as mp3. So who can build up a webpage for it? Pleas dont ask, about Sheets. I dont have the Sheets, i did it by ear thats a mixture of tetragrammaton + Meccamputechture because the chorus of tetra. doesnt sound very well on the piano
  • Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 1, Chpt1A Sister Meg and partner always youthful Angela battle demons.
  • TETRAGRAMMATON (part 1) - The Mars Volta Miles Arntzen performs the first 10 minutes of TMV's "Tetragrammaton," from their album Amputechture. Part 2 to be uploaded soon! This is one continuous performance with some mess-ups and a lot of drumming. You are missed, Jon Theodore. For music and more:
  • Tetragrammaton the mars volta playing tetragrammaton at fresno
  • Tetragrammaton Phil Valentine Series 1 part 1 Reverend Phil Valentine expounds upon the Tetragrammaton (yud hey wav hey) the Hebrew name of Yahweh God. Reverend Valentine teaches on the spiritual significance of the Hebrew alephbets and its Kabbalistic and Metaphysic interpretation in its esoteric science.
  • Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton Pt 1 - Catalyst - 8/7/2006 1st time ever playing this live. All 17 minutes of it.
  • Tetragrammaton Phil Valentine Series 1 part 2 Reverend Phil Valentine expounds upon the Tetragrammaton (yud hey wav hey) the Hebrew name of Yahweh God. Reverend Valentine teaches on the spiritual significance of the Hebrew alephbets and its Kabbalistic and Metaphysic interpretation in its esoteric science
  • Kabbalistic Tetragrammaton & Tetractys The Pythagorean Tetractys and the Kabbalah Tree of Life: 1 +2+3+4 = 10 It's all about a Four-fold Fireball... Music by: Perfect Blind, "No Quarantine", from the Discoveries EP 2008
  • Tetragrammaton cover This is me playing Tetragrammaton by The Mars Volta. The first half of it anyway, I only learned the first 8 minutes. This was a very long time ago and don't even really like it anymore, but I'm keeping it up for the memories, plus the fact that people are still watching it. Thanks, by the way! Disregard the text at the end, my link is now . If you'd like to hear more of me, check out my channel, or listen to my band at !
  • Tree of Life: Emanations of Tetragrammaton [3/4] To learn about the Tree of Life visit my website :
  • Tree of Life: Emanations of Tetragrammaton [1/4] To learn about the Tree of Life visit my website :
  • Tetragrammaton English.wmv Novel "Tetragrammaton" Written by Ángel Ruiz Cediel You can find the book at te website: www.angelruizcediel.es Nibiru Is there really? ... Are they hiding the existence of this planet announced by Zecharia Sitchin and, before him, by the Mayans? ... Is it, perhaps, by 2012 more than a meaningless date? ... Are they, perhaps, the powerful hiding the truth as they prepare to survive the race? ... Synopsis Several judges and lawyers are murdered, not many hours before he was to be the GCJ in full. The investigation of the case that has fallen on the court Andrada, the charge is unnatural to a police inspector who is about to retire. The investigation leads him to conclusions disturbing agent, which does not want or wish to attend the court, forcing more of a political formality that a rigorous pursuit of potential criminals. However, everything suggests the researcher behind the crimes is concealed a powerful organization, perhaps international, which, interestingly, shows a certain inclination to provide clues. They will admit the evidence painstakingly gathered by the inspector, which are increasingly deranged or puzzling, because they push him to lead its research into certain areas seem esoteric. The same tests facing the investigator and the judge, until a fellow of the Scientific informs the inspector that in several scenes of the crimes have found their own functional tests, offenses definitely in the killings. Forced by circumstances to first prove his innocence ...
  • The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (live) - part 1 at the Henry Rollins show
  • FTF Films: Unlocking the Mystery - Tetragrammaton In the past 20 years, Mr. Haramein has directed research teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists. He has founded a non-profit organization, the Resonance Project Foundation, where, as the Director of Research, he continues exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today. The foundation is actively developing a research park on the island of Hawaii where science, sustainability, and green technology come together. The Resonance Project Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the unification of all sciences and philosophies emerging from a complete and applied view of the physics underlying the wheelworks of nature. Our team of scientists study the principles of the Unified Field Theory and its applications. We share the knowledge and implications of our findings through education, scientific publications, and multimedia presentations. has closed down - please visit http instead :)
  • Tetragrammaton - The Mars Volta piano cover DOWNLOAD :
  • Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 1Crime01 Part B Angela and Sister Meg battle demons and evil.
  • Guitar Hero 2 - The Mars Volta "Tetragrammaton" Guide I followed to use custom songs: I didn't see this posted on YouTube yet, so I figured I'd show people it. Pretty easy IMO. I know, the strumming is loud. No, I don't use hammer-ons or Pull-offs. This is a 17 minute song, and I get pretty bored with Guitar Hero, so this was my 1st and only time playing this song. I was never very good to begin with, or never really played GH much, but after a year when I discovered custom songs, I hooked back up my PS2 to play some of them. After I played them, I havent played the game since; not huge on GH, and thus the reason my "skills" don't meet your expectations, hence why you will post whiny, cynical, depressed-rage comments :D It's not to show off skills, it's to show the work that someone poured into making this song, to inspire other people to check it out from him, download it, and play. Kudos to GHKyle @ Scorehero, he made this chart, I simply downloaded it. Oh, and apparently YouTube has a 10 minute limit, so I cut off 7 random minutes here and there of the song.
  • Tetragrammaton (part 1) This is a piece by the Mars Volta. I had to cut it into 2 pieces because it wouldn't fit on in its complete form (how crap is that?). Anyway enjoy the insanity... if you can last long enough...
  • Mars Volta Sept. 1 Tetragrammaton The volta play tetragrammaton at the Forum in Los Angeles!
  • the mars volta - tetragrammaton (live segment) - 08/07/06 the mars volta plays a segment of tetragrammaton, song 6 from the setlist at the catalyst club in santa cruz, ca on 08/07/2006. also track #2 on amputechture.
  • THE MARS VOLTA TETRAGRAMMATON LIVE check for the coming soon 3-hour-dvd.
  • Tree of Life: Emanations of Tetragrammaton [2/4] To learn about the Tree of Life visit my website :
  • The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Guitar Cover Part 1) This is my take at this song, I don't intend to recreate the solos, only make my guitar enjoyable. Also check out my prog rock influenced band called Main Dish, cheers.
  • Tetragrammaton Cover Me just covering some of my favorite parts of Tetra
  • Tree of Life: Emanations of Tetragrammaton [4/4] To learn about the Tree of Life visit my website : energetic tree of life
  • The Mars Volta -- ♫ Tetragrammaton, part 1 of 2 [album version] Off the album, 'Amputechture.' DISCLAIMER: I don't own the music or the pictures. Rights go to owners.
  • Tetragrammaton Cover (Part 1) Mars Volta Cover The first half of tetra. Not perfect but good enough I say! I haven't started learning the second half yet so don't get too excited, there's a really good tab on ultimate-guitar. Enjoy!
  • Tetragrammaton Phil Valentine Series 1 part 4 Reverend Phil Valentine expounds upon the Tetragrammaton (yud hey wav hey) the Hebrew name of Yahweh God. Reverend Valentine teaches on the spiritual significance of the Hebrew alephbets and its Kabbalistic and Metaphysic interpretation in its esoteric science
  • Astrancer - Tetragrammaton VA - Dimensional Gateway
  • THE MARS VOLTA-aug 28-Tetragrammaton
  • Tetragrammaton, the Oversouls and the Transitioning from the Dark Age to the Golden Age In this video, Brad speaks about his research on watching the Nassim Haramein series as well as a video series that speaks on the nature of the 72 oversouls. Also discussed is our history back to the times of Atlantis and Lemuria in which the dark age itself is a time of learning to teach us how we can evolve back into the status of unlimited beings once we learn the ultimate lessons of love and self-responsibility. Nassim Haramein Playlist: The Angelic Realm & Earth's 72 Oversouls:
  • Tetragrammaton on Acoustic Intro to Tetragrammaton by The Mars Volta played on acoustic guitar.
  • Tetragrammaton Phil Valentine Series 1 part 5 Reverend Phil Valentine expounds upon the Tetragrammaton (yud hey wav hey) the Hebrew name of Yahweh God. Reverend Valentine teaches on the spiritual significance of the Hebrew alephbets and its Kabbalistic and Metaphysic interpretation in its esoteric science
  • The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (live) - part 2 at the Henry Rollins show
  • Rabbi says there is no such thing as God.mov
  • The Tetragrammaton Faction Recrutiment Video for The Tetragrammaton Faction on teh Syntax Server. (I did not make it but my faction did though) NOTE: I do not know what they used to make this video nor the music in it. Sorry.
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p アカンwwww そんなに似てないんやけど、edeNのイントロ聴いてたらシステムロマンスの「夫婦で誓ったムートラの道~~~~さぁ歌ってもらいましょう。765 ALL STARSで『edeN』 」ってセリフがピッタリすぎてヤバイwwwwww
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 明日は朝一でアテなうしてから大阪駅でSMART ICOCAを作ってからアプリコットなうして小鳩亭弐寺部OFF参加。
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  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p ふぉおおおおおおおおお、、やっとALRIGHT*(R)繋がったあああああ。。 これ繋がったら晩御飯食べようとか思いながら3時間ぐらいずっと粘着してたwwww にしても、ええ曲やなぁ~~~。 さて、ご飯食べよ。 http://t.co/oOsN8179
  • ritsu_mio: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p たしかに、あの隣接がやっかいなんですよね…昔苦肉の策で乱かけたら道中にぱーだったので、結局あの隣接を押せるようにならないと…
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p @ritsu_mio 密度的には大差ないけど、華爛漫の方が隣接と16分が多いからなぁ。。それにラストのトリルが押せないとアウトだし、ラストが回復のクッキーの方が楽だな。。そういう意味では中華急行穴はクッキー系だわな。
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p The world is all one !! をDLしてプレイしてみたんだけど、バックの絵が(太鼓の達人のやつ)派手過ぎてプレイしづらいわwwww
  • ritsu_mio: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p 1鍵3連打にだけ注意して見えたまま打ってたら抜けましたw
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p @ritsu_mio おお、こりゃ凄い。ラスト耐えたか。
  • chicco_chun: @tetragrammaton 正解!おいしかったですー!
  • tetragrammaton: @chicco_chun これは鎌倉パスタやないか! 美味そう。
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  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 今の1048式なら憂ちゃん&りっちゃんとスコアやクリアでいい勝負が出来る気がする。 ブルーミンが未知数だけど、とりあえず六段は受かると思うww
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p satfinal(A) 1048式固定で対称固定時代に出したガチスコアを上回った。 ☆10より上は無理ゲーだけど、☆9までならやっと対称固定時代に追いついた感じ。。 ここまで来るのに1ヶ月かかったな。 http://t.co/io7eMfoa
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p シャイニーフェスタのedeNって曲はTERRAの曲と言うよりもAKIRA YAMAOKA風に聴こえる。。次点でTatsh風かなww
  • RabhiPax: Of this is the Ben Ben Stone Made The Plates are in Similitude with the Breast Plate of Aaron #Tetragrammaton Metallic Plates:$200/20-30MIN
  • lylazoe: RT @piO420: Badass The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Live) http://t.co/rtiPQmWY @elregimenmusic @j_alderete @eurekabutcher @freemoralagents @themarsvolta
  • iAmAliveLikeIAM: DSCN6048.MOV THE TETRAGRAMMATON OF THE GOD Of Moses Revealed Is: YHZYH: http://t.co/NpCwL6JM via @youtube [YAH HA] Means: [I AM]
  • tetragrammaton: @ritsu_mio 放課後ライブみたいな感じの音ゲー。1本につき20曲ぐらい入ってる。 ボタンは二つしか使わないんだけど、それでもかなりガチな難易度で、長く楽しめそう。明日のオフに持っていくわ。
  • ElRegimenMusic: RT @piO420: Badass The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Live) http://t.co/rtiPQmWY @elregimenmusic @j_alderete @eurekabutcher @freemoralagents @themarsvolta
  • melihyildirim26: @HayatnKendisi yalnız anılla biz de farksız yaşıyoruz lan Tetragrammaton'dakilerden. onu farkettim. biraz hissetme suçu işlememiz lazım :D
  • junior27machado: I love my gig!!! #Tutankamon #Tetragrammaton #Tantra
  • piO420: Badass The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Live) http://t.co/rtiPQmWY @elregimenmusic @j_alderete @eurekabutcher @freemoralagents @themarsvolta
  • smashmusica: The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Yahoo! Live Sets): http://t.co/rItgbFXx @cfgerlach @metalbembaX @ubiaga @kikesoy unos musicos q te cagas!!
  • Doparse: He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube (http://t.co/6lxCzwb4 - The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton).
  • chicco_chun: @Ajyaly @kosaka_kou @haruna0403 @Rooster841 @YAKENA205 @tetragrammaton @takyuuu_ @nonac28 ありがとうございますヾ(▦'╰╯`▦)ノ゙
  • tetragrammaton: @chicco_chun おお、誕生日か。 おめでと~!
  • ALxPlaying: @revenantkioku @stevemanly http://t.co/Tmtje1Ks ???
  • deafmutism: これほしい。Spider's Web / 蜘蛛の巣(黒) - TETRAGRAMMTON Online Shop http://t.co/kZ2b0wAH
  • chihayasushi: @tetragrammaton 挑戦状発行申請承りました(`・ω・) CNを両側で挟む譜面の時は、片方はCNしてる手の小指でフォローするのよw
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  • chihayasushi: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p おーい磯野!一緒にDON'T WAKEなんちゃららやろうぜ!
  • dheemaas: Tetragrammaton - The Mars Volta'
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p シャイニーフェスタでもチャージノートに苦戦する底辺DJがここに←
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  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 他は……、BABY LOVE、CAN'T STOP FALLIN'IN LOVE、Dr.LOVE、High School Love、INJECTION OF LOVE、Medicine of love、Power of Love、Punch Love 仮面
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  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p しかしながら「この日は仕事」とか言って奢ってくれなさそう←
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 1年に1度のビッグチャンス到来。 スシさんが主役になる日!!← http://t.co/8H8dfyBc
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  • youiku655: まっくらだお(o_O)b (live at http://t.co/jUQk7BLK)
  • rpbrigadoon007: N yet, the "Divine Name" *(the tetragrammaton) was in nearly 7,000 places !! (In the ORIGINAL Hebrew n Greek text) Very, interesting. Wen i
  • iAmAliveLikeIAM: DSCN6047.MOV The True Negev Tetragrammaton Of THE #1GOD Of Moses. *Rest...: http://t.co/suyU0gzV via @youtube [YAH HA ZAH YAH HA ZAH ALLAH
  • azusa_ui: @ritsu_mio @chihayasushi @tetragrammaton @totokityn_prpr 私は土日は仕事なので、皆さんの都合よさげな日曜日がいいかと思います~
  • ritsu_mio: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p こちらは直前でゴタつかなければ日曜日が最有力ですー。
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 日曜日の小鳩亭弐寺部オフの日は天気悪そうだな。。 何故か既に日曜日決行のつもりになってますがww
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 【本日のケソP】 シャイニーフェスタをプレイ⇒ PSP充電中にCS弐寺⇒シャイニーフェスタをプレイ⇒ PSP充電中にCS弐寺⇒シャイニーフェスタをプレイ⇒ PSP充電中にCS弐寺⇒ 廃人乙
  • AtlGarza: Tetragrammaton - The Mars Volta. Sólo eso, 16 minutos sensuales.
  • eddiemoita: @anavargaas eu ainda prefiro Cassandra Geminni. meu fav depois do Deloused é o Bedlam e dps o Amputechture. Tetragrammaton é mtmtmt foda *-*
  • tetragrammaton: @ritsu_mio これ、オールスクラッチのオプション切るの忘れてただけだよ、きっと←
  • tetragrammaton: シャイニーフェスタ、簡単なモードで数曲プレイしてみたけど、他の音ゲーに比べて判定は結構甘めに作ってあるな。。 とりあえず100%出たので寝る。 http://t.co/suN75iUB
  • tetragrammaton: 「ケンケンP」って入力したのだが微妙に「ケソケソP」に見える。。 これは「ケソさん」呼称の公式認定フラグ← http://t.co/agu4OPwv
  • namix00: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p 確かにwww AAAはおなごの方がモチベーションが上がるよな←
  • oniku_p: @tetragrammaton 既に情報を仕入れたあとだったか!流石だぜぇ!!あとはミンゴスのライブと被らないことを祈るばかりですwそうですよ!行かないと!!楽しみだなぁw
  • tetragrammaton: @namix00 @nanoha_p これが士郎じゃなくて天土リザルトだったらもっと本気出してたのだがなww←
  • namix00: @tetragrammaton @nanoha_p 最近とんと士朗のリザルトを見なくなりました←
  • tetragrammaton: @oniku_p 残念ながらそのライブ情報は既に仕入れてある! さっき@ちゃんねるで知ったばかりだがな、フゥーハハハ←  ……と書いて思い出したけど、春になったらラボメン皆で映画を観に行かないとな!
  • oniku_p: @tetragrammaton 忘れずにバックステージパスで冬のライブも申し込みですよ!プロデューサーさん!
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 今作、、数えてみたら既にAAAを30回以上出してるわ! 当初は「光らないよ~」とか言ってた割にはよく頑張ってる方かな。。 トランメダルの為に頑張ってAAA狙いまくったしな。
  • tetragrammaton: SHINY FESTA買ってきた!! んだけど、新作アニメを収録したDVDが見当たらないのだが……って思ってたら、そうか、UMDに収録されてるのか。 素でその発想は無かったわ← 情弱P乙。。
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 帰宅なう~。ようやくLEGEND CROSSフォルダに突撃してきた!とりあえず5曲共N譜面をプレイ。全部☆5程度なので1048式でプレイしてみたけど、初見フルコンAAA安定ってぐらい叩けた。流石に簡単すぎた← http://t.co/YlDPOcA3
  • monte_thepython: "Hallelujah and praise the Tetragrammaton."-Woody #OT #ThisIsOCC
  • totokityn_prpr: @ritsu_mio @chihayasushi @azusa_ui @tetragrammaton 今週の土曜、日曜なら空いてますよぅ(´・ω・/
  • chihayasushi: @ritsu_mio @azusa_ui @tetragrammaton @totokityn_prpr あたいは日曜しか空かないのぜ(´;ω;`)
  • swatt_team: So TMV go on hiatus & learning of this I instantly want to listen to all their material again. Tetragrammaton is immense. #nostalgiainaction
  • tetragrammaton: @nanoha_p 今週の仕事全部おわた。 さて、ゲーセン行くべ。。 ついでにシャイニーフェスタ売ってたら買ってくる。
  • tetragrammaton: @ritsu_mio 土曜か日曜ならS乱フルコン安定。 月火水はフェーイ。
  • ritsu_mio: @chihayasushi @azusa_ui @tetragrammaton @totokityn_prpr【ゆるぼ】今週土曜〜来週水曜の5連休中に京都にいこうかと思います。いつ行けば皆さんの都合がよろしいでしょうか?
  • RabhiPax: #Tetragrammaton is the #Will to control between the will to Receive and Bestow. #Kabbalah #Madonna
  • TimothyWenger: every time I read the word Tetragrammaton, I automatically think of Transformers #GodsNameisDisquised #NathanSawatzkyDyck
  • Rakiu_desu: @Enishi_Narutaru http://t.co/UVz8ejOE
  • cgmehime: RT @rei_saionji: 好評続行中! テトラグラマトンのスペシャルメニュー『北條の辛口水晶占い&西洋占星術』そして『西園寺の痛い人生相談』#TETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD
  • RabhiPax: #Tetragrammaton should FALL right about NOW!!! @DeepakChopra
  • dunkatlarge: Could rabbis be considered Tetragrammaton clerics? #equilibrium #gunkata #torahkata
  • iamashiwel: @Moody2times Then you agree that Jehovah is not God's real name but a pronouncement or spelling of the Tetragrammaton YHVH?
  • Marigold_garden: RT @rei_saionji: 好評続行中! テトラグラマトンのスペシャルメニュー『北條の辛口水晶占い&西洋占星術』そして『西園寺の痛い人生相談』#TETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD
  • rei_saionji: 好評続行中! テトラグラマトンのスペシャルメニュー『北條の辛口水晶占い&西洋占星術』そして『西園寺の痛い人生相談』#TETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD
  • thomdinsdale: 16 minutes 42 seconds of greased prog masonry! - The Mars Volta: Tetragrammaton http://t.co/5I2yvYod
  • webSYNradio: Chie Mukai + Tetragrammaton, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo - Morceau en écoute sur l' anthologie 2 des soirées Test... http://t.co/nwqAt5g3 #fukushima
  • gravatocopio: "I got only but a million blemishes to tell you all about." #Tetragrammaton
  • saintpattysday: "Tetragrammaton"- Theological definition or Star Trek character? #theology #startrek
  • bagaskhrisna: Juan Alderete! ♫ Tetragrammaton by The Mars Volta — http://t.co/yvp7v8Vn
  • cgmehime: RT @rei_saionji: TETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD 弊店の新しいテーマ決定いたしました\(^o^)/
  • tetragrammaton: デラの某作曲家からツイートふぁぼられてた。何か嬉しいなww
  • rei_saionji: ホラー映画がフィクションに思えない今日この頃… 世の中はやっぱりゾンビ映画と同じ!だからテトラグラマトンはゾンビと戦う(←厨三的)てな訳でTETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD
  • MapleAnglican: RT @scottagunn: I wish Christians didn't pronounce the Tetragrammaton. So there.
  • pauladler: “@scottagunn: I wish Christians didn't pronounce the Tetragrammaton. So there.” here here
  • scottagunn: I wish Christians didn't pronounce the Tetragrammaton. So there.
  • rei_saionji: TETRAGRAMMATON AGAINST THE WORLD 弊店の新しいテーマ決定いたしました\(^o^)/
  • SandrisSirants: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/MsTeJQlq The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton (Yahoo! Live Sets)

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